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STARGATE TO THE COSMOS ~ the quest of the future. 

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Ascension Age 2012 & beyond is the time to officially adopt the name of the second level, which is outside of this universe. We are awakened now to the possibility that there are others who have always been outside our macrocosm we call the omniverse. Stargate to the Cosmos of the Ascension Age.

The Ascension Age is the Golden Age ofCosmology and of Communication that We are ET as in extraterrestrials of various hybrids kind and share the body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experiences together as one humanoid species as bi-peddles.

Art, culture, education, science, technology, folklife, or history.

Co-creations and solutions on this planet of 12

Universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse…


There are those who have always been as the alpha males and omega females of the humanoid kind as creators. The one name that has been used in Atlantis in the past came from the world that existed prior even earlier than that of Lemuria that of which humanoids call MU.  The Alpha males and Omega females were those who our ancestors called deities as God and Goddesses. The future we will now accept is all in our minds of the past, present and present-future!

Extraterrestrial hybrid part in our own DNA encoding allows us to know that there is always a reason for Ascension Center Enlightenment as essence. Immortal thoughts and behaviors while we are here in a physical form will assist us all in the future.

There will be a time when many of us on this planet will begin to share out pathways outside of this universe and it is time we lay the groundwork for the various directions that will expand outward from this one point of origin we now call earth.

There are few whom I can open up to with a straight stream of consciousness and I must say that there are only a few. It has never been a normal pattern for me to open up and write to another direct. I believe that it was Dirk who had the good intentions for the good of this planet that allowed for others such as you and me to meet in a level of surreal virtual reality. This may be all that many of us will be allowed to share in this lifetime on this planet. This should be understood by all our planets churches of the continuous flow of energy in the future.

We each are a shard of the larger picture that our human physical sentient intelligent being species refers to as the Omniverse from whatever spiritual school of disciplines or manmade religions that may be familiar with in their upbringing. We shall all still be kindred spirits regardless of what religious culture or location we were born into on this planet and encouraging others to open up to the various world religions and their likes and dislikes as differences will be the best way to ask all who share this space in this place to realize that there are as many ways to believe, think, and become, in a world as there are separate units, vessels, containers of information in our created world.

We are correct in believing and knowing that life of the immortals is of a spiritual romantic nature of which the world of love abounds. It is the love of our humankind that has kept us alive, well, and coming to this planet repeatedly throughout time. This is a learning plane of life and abundance and those who come are to find their way through this life of transition.

We are all in a transitional phase and at the eve of the portal that will be offered to all who come here that we presently call life after death in this lifetime on earth. There are words that will become cemented in time that will attach to our energy, as it will be known in cyberspace that will be called the immortal web of our humanoid species in this place we call earth. Those of us who travel with the Time Lords will be remembered only as the Ascended Masters in time.

We who have come from the future to share the past will remedy that which has been taken to heart as the prior truth and yet was disguised and mislead many souls down pathways that could have been avoided. It is with great blessings that we are afforded our guides, sages, seers, teachers, and are allowed to be students of learning of the ancient mystery schools and ancient paths, which can guide us back to the power in our spiritual magick that allows us to become as the immortals, who created the entire omniverse.

We can then begin sharing how one can obtain the portals in time to go from one into the other as immortals once passing from the only awareness that many now allow themselves in time.

There will be those who shall assist us in adapting to the seven areas of this macrocosm awareness, which will, exists among our ancient ancestors and will return now as it was written.

LUCID DREAM STATE – The Other Dimension

We of the old traditions, who enjoy the wisdom of the ancient past, and who celebrate the present, will learn to prepare the future generations to come to earth with the written words as the power in knowledge used and not only the wisdom of our ancient ancestors. We can learn while we dream in the other dimension some call the 13th dimension and time here is the 12th reality or dimension.

We who are the scribes of the future share in the blessings and energies that are inspired by all the great ones of the immortals. It is with great fortitude and the breath of life that we are allowed to be here and to know of each other’s whereabouts on this planet. I have been allowed to see outside the Omniverse while visiting in the future by way of Sirius and Andromeda in what we now call lucid dreams. I am wondering if you also learn from lucid dreams. I wonder how many of our colleagues are taught in their dream state with a direct connection to their own creators.

The future must begin sharing that all beings be prepared to share in taking on the world class of all those who are poverty-stricken. This means that to remain as spiritual powers of the enigma of souls we will have to become recognized as part of the ancient powers that were to be heralded into the new information age as the Ascension Age 2012 & beyond.

Please join us who are the Lightworkers and Truthseekers.  We shall fulfill the prophecies of the ancients with the seven rings of awareness of the space with the future in the various levels and ages. The ancients share that which we shall govern in our future. Please assist me in sharing the various levels as those of ancient Atlantis as the universe, multiverse (polyverse), metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse…


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What makes an organization a nonprofit is that:


its mission is to undertake activities whose goal is not primarily for profit

no person owns shares of the corporation or interests in its property

the property and income of the nonprofit corporation are never distributed to any owners, but are recycled back into the nonprofit corporation’s public benefit mission and activities.



A nonprofit organization is, in a way, owned by the public. It belongs to no private person and no one person controls the organization.


The assets of a nonprofit are irrevocably dedicated to the charitable, educational, literary, scientific, or religious purposes of the organization.


The cash, equipment, and other property of a nonprofit cannot be given to anyone or used for anyone’s private benefit without fair market compensation to the nonprofit organization.


In fact, a nonprofit’s property is permanently dedicated to exempt purposes. When and if the organization dissolves, any remaining assets after debts and liabilities are satisfied, must go to another nonrofit organization…not to members of the former nonprofit or other private individual.




Control of a nonprofit is exercised by a governing board of directors or trustees. The responsibility of that board is to see that the organization fulfills its purpose. Board members do not act as individuals, but must act as a group.


No one can be guaranteed permanent tenure on a board, and the board can, if necessary, fire an executive or remove board members.


This means that no one, not even the founder of the organization, can control a nonprofit. In some states, such as California, there are rules governing the pay of directors of a nonprofit. Most boards of directors are not compensated, except for expenses such as travel to and from board meetings.




Nonprofit organizations are accountable to the public and must file annual information returns with the federal and state governments. The federal form that nonprofits must file is IRS Form 990. On it the nonprofit must report information regarding its finances, including the salaries of the five highest paid non-officer employees. IRS Form 990 must be made available to the public. Most nonprofits have them available at their headquarters and on the web. The tax forms are also easily obtained through certain websites such as


At the state level, nonprofits are usually overseen by the State’s Attorney General’s Office. That office usually has the power to take a nonprofit corporation to court to make sure it complies with the law.


Ancient Mystery Schools Expansion of Ascension Age 2012 &BEyond

We are re-writing that which is written for a reason. IT does not serve us any longer. We are changing constantly.

We must all participate in the constant flow of the flux which is change! We can count on CHANGE so we must get use to the WHOLE BRAIN PATTERNS of that which we now share in cyberspace.


Here is where we are expanding our thoughts to address the past thread which each of us are creating on our own. We are each a thread in a newly weaved pattern in the spiritual quilt of enlightenment. Love and Light TJ



We received many texts prior to our coming to this planet. This we share is what we compare our lives too in order to find the prose and poetry in all that we do. Take this as information that is to be shared with those who desire to join the ACO. TJ.

The Stage has been set in the Game of Life and we while here on earth are the players. We all have a body~mind~spirit sharing the Birth~life~death Experience with all life forms on earth in our biological existence.

 The Sumerian version of the history of our people as a tribe in this story predates the biblical account by several hundred years.

Rather than opting for either extreme of complete dependence or no contact whatever, it is best to see the Genesis narratives as freely using the metaphors and symbolism drawn from a common cultural pool to assert their own theology about God (see speaking the Language of Canaan).

The version presented here is a combination of several translations but is substantially based on the translation of E. A. Speiser in Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament, 3rd edition, edited by James Pritchard (Princeton, 1969), with modifications based on various other translations (for example, the translation of L. W. King, The Seven Tablets of Creation, London 1902). The translation of these texts is not exact. In some cases, badly damaged tablets make reading the text difficult. Some translators leave the gaps, while others attempt to reconstruct the text based on what remains. In other cases, there are differing interpretations of the meaning of words or the reading of the cuneiform itself. Many translations of the tablets try to capture the sense of the text rather than a literal translation. That is the approach taken here. In this version, many of the names of the gods are left untranslated.

Tablet I


The stage is set for the story. The various gods represent aspects of the physical world. Apsu is the god of fresh water and thus male fertility. Tiamat, wife of Apsu, is the goddess of the sea and thus chaos and threat. Tiamat gives birth to Anshar and Kishar, gods who represented the boundary between the earth and sky (the horizon). To Anshar and Kishar is born Anu, god of sky, who in turn bears Ea. These “sons of the gods” make so much commotion and are so ill-behaved that Apsu decides to destroy them. When Ea learns of the plan, he kills Apsu and with his wife Damkina establishes their dwelling above his body. Damkina then gives birth to Marduk, the god of spring symbolized both by the light of the sun and the lightning in storm and rain. He was also the patron god of the city of Babylon. Meanwhile Tiamat is enraged at the murder of her husband Apsu, and vows revenge. She creates eleven monsters to help her carry out her vengeance. Tiamat takes a new husband, Kingu, in place of the slain Apsu and puts him in charge of her newly assembled army.

When on high the heaven had not been named,

Firm ground below had not been called by name,

When primordial Apsu, their begetter,

And Mummu-Tiamat, she who bore them all,

Their waters mingled as a single body,

No reed hut had sprung forth, no marshland had appeared,

None of the gods had been brought into being,

And none bore a name, and no destinies determined–

Then it was that the gods were formed in the midst of heaven.

Lahmu and Lahamu were brought forth, by name they were called. (10)

Before they had grown in age and stature,

Anshar and Kishar were formed, surpassing the others.

Long were the days, then there came forth…..

Anu was their heir, of his fathers the rival;

Yes, Anshar’s first-born, Anu, was his equal.

Anu begot in his image Nudimmud.

This Nudimmud was of his fathers the master;

Of broad wisdom, understanding, mighty in strength,

Mightier by far than his grandfather, Anshar.

He had no rival among the gods, his brothers. (20)

Thus were established and were… the great gods.

They disturbed Tiamat as they surged back and forth,

Yes, they troubled the mood of Tiamat

By their hilarity in the Abode of Heaven.

Apsu could not lessen their clamor

And Tiamat was speechless at their ways.

Their doings were loathsome unto . . . .

Their way was evil; they were overbearing.

Then Apsu, the begetter of the great gods,

Cried out, addressing Mummu, his minister: (30)

“O Mummu, my vizier, who rejoices my spirit,

Come here and let us go to Tiamat!”

They went and sat down before Tiamat,

Exchanging counsel about the gods, their first-born.

Apsu, opening his mouth,

Said to resplendent Tiamat:

“Their ways are truly loathsome to me.

By day I find no relief, nor repose by night.

I will destroy, I will wreck their ways,

That quiet may be restored. Let us have rest!” (40)

As soon as Tiamat heard this,

She was furious and called out to her husband.

She cried out aggrieved, as she raged all alone,

She uttered a curse, and unto Apsu she spoke:

“What? Should we destroy that which we have built?

Their ways indeed are most troublesome, but let us attend kindly!”

Then Mummu answered, giving counsel to Apsu;

Ill-wishing and ungracious was Mummu’s advice:

“Do destroy, my father, the mutinous ways.

Then you will have relief by day and rest by night!” (50)

When Apsu heard this, his face grew radiant

Because of the evil he planned against the gods, his sons.

As for Mummu, he embraced him by the neck

As that one sat down on his knees to kiss him.

Now whatever they had plotted between them,

Was repeated unto the gods, their first-born.

When the gods heard this, they were astir,

Then lapsed into silence and remained speechless.

Surpassing in wisdom, accomplished, resourceful,

Ea, the all-wise, saw through their scheme. (60)

A master design against it he devised and set up,

Made artful his spell against it, surpassing and holy.

He recited it and made it subsist in the deep,

As he poured sleep upon him. Sound asleep he laid.

When he had made Apsu prone, drenched with sleep,

Mummu, the adviser, was powerless to stir.

He loosened his band, tore off his tiara,

Removed his halo and put it on himself.

Having fettered Apsu, he slew him.

Mummu he bound and left behind lock. (70)


Having thus established his dwelling upon Apsu,

He laid hold of Mummu, holding him by the nose-rope.

After Ea had vanquished and trodden down his foes,

Had secured his triumph over his enemies,

In his sacred chamber in profound peace had rested,

He named it “Apsu,” for shrines he assigned it.

In that same place his cult hut he founded.

Ea and Damkina, his wife, dwelled there in splendor.


[The Birth of Marduk]


In the chamber of fates, the abode of destinies,

A god was engendered, most able and wisest of gods. (80)

In the heart of Apsu was Marduk created,

In the heart of holy Apsu was Marduk created.

He who begot him was Ea, his father;

She who bore him was Damkina, his mother.

The breast of goddesses he did suck.

The nurse that nursed him filled him with awesomeness.

Alluring was his figure, sparkling the lift of his eyes.

Lordly was his gait, commanding from of old.

When Ea saw him, the father who begot him,

He exulted and glowed, his heart filled with gladness. (90)

He rendered him perfect and endowed him with a double godhead.

Greatly exalted was he above them, exceeding throughout.

Perfect were his members beyond comprehension,

Unsuited for understanding, difficult to perceive.

Four were his eyes, four were his ears;

When he moved his lips, fire blazed forth.

Large were all four hearing organs,

And the eyes, in like number, scanned all things.

He was the loftiest of the gods, surpassing was his stature;

His members were enormous, he was exceeding tall. (100)

“My little son, my little son!”

My son, the Sun! Sun of the heavens!”

Clothed with the halo of ten gods, he was strong to the utmost,

As their awesome flashes were heaped upon him.

Anu brought forth and begot the fourfold wind

Consigning to its power the leader of the host.

He fashioned . . . , stationed the whirlwind,

He produced streams to disturb Tiamat.

The gods, given no rest, suffer in the storm.

Their hearts having plotted evil, (110)

To Tiamat, their mother, said:

“When they slew Apsu, your consort,

You did not aid him but remained still.

When he created the dread fourfold wind,

Your vitals were diluted and so we can have no rest.

Let Apsu, your consort, be in your mind

And Mummu, who has been vanquished! You are left alone!

. . . You pace about distraught,

. . . without cease. You do not love us!

. . . our eyes are pinched, (120)

. . . without cease. Let us have rest!

. . . to battle. Avenge them!

. . . and render them as the wind!”

When Tiamat heard these words, she was pleased:

” . . . you have given. Let us make monsters,

. . . and the gods in the midst . . . .

. . . let us do battle and against the gods . . . !”

They banded themselves together and marched at the side of Tiamat.

Enraged, they plot without cease night and day,

They are set for combat, growling, raging, (130)

They form a council to prepare for the fight.

Mother Hubur, she who fashions all things,

Added matchless weapons, bore monster-serpents,

Sharp of tooth, unsparing of fang.

With venom for blood she has filled their bodies.

Roaring dragons she has clothed with terror,

Has crowned them with haloes, making them like gods,

Whoever beheld them, terror overcame him,

And that, with their bodies reared up, none might turn them back.

She set up the Viper, the Dragon, and the monster Lahamu, (140)

The Great-Lion, the Mad-Dog, and the Scorpion-Man,

Mighty lion-demons, the Dragon-Fly, the Centaur–

Bearing weapons that do not spare, fearless in battle.

Her decrees were firm, they were beyond resisting.

All together eleven of this kind she brought forth.

From among the gods, her first-born, who formed her Assembly,

She elevated Kingu, made him chief among them.

The leading of the ranks, command of the Assembly,

The raising of weapons for the encounter, advancing to combat,

To direct the battle, to control the fight, (150)

These she entrusted to his hand as she seated him in the Council:

“I have cast for you the spell, exalting you in the Assembly of the gods.

To counsel all the gods I have given you full power.

Truly, you are supreme, you are my only consort!

Your utterance shall prevail over all the Anunnaki!”

She gave him the Tablet of Destinies, fastened on his breast:

“As for you, your command shall be unchangeable, your word shall endure!”

As soon as Kingu was elevated, possessed of the rank of Anu,

they decreed the fate for the gods, his sons:

“Your word shall make the first subside, (160)


Shall humble the `Power-Weapon,’ so potent in its sweep!”


Tablet II


Tiamat represents the forces of disorder and chaos in the world. In the cycle of seasons, Tiamat is winter and barrenness. In the second tablet, to avenge the murder of her husband Tiamat prepares to unleash on the other gods the destructive forces that she has assembled. Ea learns of her plan and attempts to confront Tiamat. While the tablet is damaged, it is apparent that Ea fails to stop Tiamat. Then Anu attempts to challenge her but fails as well. The gods become afraid that no one will be able to stop Taimat’s vengeful rampage.

When Tiamat had thus lent import to her handiwork,

She prepared for battle against the gods, her offspring.

To avenge Apsu, Tiamat planned evil.

That she was girding for battle was divulged to Ea.

As soon as Ea heard of this matter,

He lapsed into dark silence and sat still.

The days went by, and his anger subsided,

He went to Anshar, his fore father.

When he came before his grandfather, Anshar,

He repeated all that Tiamat had plotted to him: (10)

“My father, Tiamat, she who bore us, detests us.

She has set up the Assembly and is furious with rage.

All the gods have rallied to her;

Even those whom you brought forth march at her side.

They throng and march at the side of Tiamat,

Enraged, they plot without cease night and day.

They are set for combat, growling, raging,

They have formed a council to prepare for the fight.

Mother Hubur, she who fashions all things,

Has added matchless weapons, has born monster-serpents, (20)

Sharp of tooth, unsparing of fang.

With venom for blood she has filled their bodies.

Roaring dragons she has clothed with terror,

Has crowned them with haloes, making them like gods,

So that he who beholds them is overcome by terror,

Their bodies rear up and none can withstand their attack.

She has set up the Viper, the Dragon, and the Sphinx,

The Great-Lion, the Mad-Dog, and the Scorpion-Man,

Mighty lion-demons, the Dragon-Fly, the Centaur–

Bearing weapons that spare not, fearless in battle. (30)


Her decrees are firm, they are beyond resisting.

All together eleven of this kind she has brought forth.

From among the gods, her first-born, who formed her Assembly,

She has elevated Kingu, has made him chief among them.

The leading of the ranks, command of the Assembly,

The raising of weapons for the encounter, advancing to combat,

To direct the battle, to control the fight,

She entrusted these to his hands as she seated him in the Council:

‘I have cast the spell for you, exalting you in the Assembly of the gods.

To counsel all the gods I have given you full power. (40)


Truly, you are supreme, you are my only consort!

Your utterance shall prevail over all the Anunnaki!’

She has given him the Tablet of Destinies, fastened on his breast:

‘As for you, your command shall be unchangeable, your word shall endure!’

As soon as Kingu was elevated, possessed of the rank of Anu,

They decreed the fate for the gods, her sons:

‘Your word shall make the fire subside,

Shall humble the “Power-Weapon,” so potent in its sweep!’

When Anshar heard that Tiamat was sorely troubled,

He struck his loins and bit his lips. (50)

[The following lines are corrupted because the tablet is damaged here; there are various proposals for how to reconstruct them]


His heart was gloomy, his mood restless.

He covered his mouth to stifle his outcry:

. . . battle.

. . .you . . .

Lo, you killed Mummu and Apsu.

Now, kill Kingu, who marches before her.

. . . wisdom.”

Nudimmud, the. . . of the gods, . . . .

              [A break in the tablet loses about 12 lines here.]

He addressed a word to Anu, his son:

” . . . mighty hero,

Whose strength is outstanding, his onslaught cannot be withstood.

Go and stand before Tiamat,

That her mood be calmed, that her heart may be merciful.

If she will not listen to your word,

Then tell her our word, that she might be calmed.”

When he heard the command of his father, Anshar,

He made straight for her way, following the road to her. (80)

But when Anu was near enough to see the plan of Tiamat,

He was not able to face her and he turned back.

[He came abjectly to his father,] Anshar.

. . . he addressed him:


[The following 20 lines are badly damaged; there are various reconstructions of this section]


“My hand suffices not for me to subdue you.”

Anshar was speechless as he stared at the ground,

Hair on edge, shaking his head at Ea.

All the Anunnaki gathered at that place;

Their lips closed tight, they sat in silence.

“No god,” they thought “can go to battle and, (90)

                    Facing Tiamat, escape with his life.”

. . .Anshar . . .

. . .he said to . . .

. . .an avenger . . .

. . .the hero!”

. . .in his place of seclusion.

. . .he spoke to him:

. . .your father,

For you are my son who comforts his heart.

When facing Anshar, approach as though in combat; (100)


Stand up as you speak; seeing you, he will grow restful.”

The lord rejoiced at the word of his father;

He approached and stood before Anshar.

When Anshar saw him, his heart filled with joy.

He kissed his lips and his fear departed from him

“Anshar, be not muted; open wide thy lips.

I will go and attain thy heart’s desire.

Anshar, be not muted; open wide your lips.

I will go and attain your heart’s desire!

What male is it who has pressed his fight against you? (110)

. . .Tiamat, a woman, that flies at you with weapons!

. . . be glad and rejoice;

You shall soon tread upon the neck of Tiamat!

. . . be glad and rejoice;

You shall soon tread upon the neck of Tiamat!”

“My son, you who knows all wisdom,

Calm Tiamat with your holy spell.

On the storm-chariot proceed with all speed.

For your blood shall not be spilled; you will return again.”

The lord rejoiced at the word of his father. (120)

His heart exulting, he said to his father:

“Creator of the gods, destiny of the great gods,

If I indeed, as your avenger,

Conquer Tiamat and give you life,

Set up the Assembly; proclaim my destiny to be supreme!

When jointly in Ubshukinna you have sat down rejoicing,

Let my word, instead of you, determine the fates.

What I may bring into being shall be unalterable;

The command of my lips shall be neither recalled nor changed.”


Tablet III


Anshar’s minister Gaga is dispatched to the other gods to report the activities of Tiamat and to tell them of Marduk’s willingness to face her. Much of this tablet is poetic repetition of previous conversations.

Anshar opened his mouth and

Addressed a word to Gaga, his minister:

“O Gaga, my vizier, who gladdens my spirit,

I will dispatch you to Lahmu and Lahamu.

. . . you are adept;

. . . produce you before me!

. . . let all the gods,

Let them hold converse, sit down to a banquet,

Let them eat bread, let them mix wine,

For Marduk, their avenger, let them fix the decrees. (10)

Be on your way, Gaga, take the stand before them,

And that which I shall tell you repeat to them:

‘Anshar, your son, has sent me here,

Charging me to give voice to the dictates of his heart,

He says that Tiamat, she who bore us, detests us.

She has set up the Assembly and is furious with rage.

All the gods have rallied to her;

Even those whom you brought forth march at her side.

They throng and march at the side of Tiamat.

Enraged, they plot without cease night and day. (20)

They are set for combat, growling, raging,

They have formed a council to prepare for the fight.

Mother Hubur, she who fashions all things,

Has added matchless weapons, has born monster-serpents,

Sharp of tooth, unsparing of fang.

With venom for blood she has filled their bodies.

Roaring dragons she has clothed with terror,

Has crowned them with haloes, making them like gods,

So that he who beholds them is overcome by terror,

Their bodies rear up and none can withstand their attack. (30)

She has set up the Viper, the Dragon, and the monster Lahamu,

The Great-Lion, the Mad-Dog, and the Scorpion-Man,

Mighty lion-demons, the Dragon-Fly, the Centaur–

Bearing weapons that spare not, fearless in battle.

Her decrees are firm, none can. resist them;

After this fashion eleven of this kind she has brought forth.

From among the gods, her first-born, who formed her Assembly,

She has elevated Kingu, has made him chief among them.

The leading of the ranks, command of the Assembly,

The raising of weapons for the encounter, advancing to combat, (40)

To direct the battle, to control the fight,

These to his hands she entrusted as she seated him in the Council:

“I have cast the spell for you, exalting you in the Assembly of the gods.

To counsel all the gods I have given you full power.

truly, you are supreme, you are my only consort!

Your utterance shall prevail over all the Anunnaki!”

She has given him the Tablet of Destinies, fastened on his breast:

“As for you, your command shall be unchangeable, your word shall endure!”

As soon as Kingu was elevated, possessed of the rank of Anu,

For the gods, her sons, they decreed the fate: (50)

“Your word shall make the fire subside,

Shall humble the “Power-Weapon,” so potent in its sweep!”

I sent forth Anu; he could not face her.

Nudimmud was afraid and turned back.

But Marduk came forth, the wisest of gods, your son,

His heart having prompted him to set out to face Tiamat.

He opened his mouth, saying unto me:

“If I indeed, as your avenger,

Am to vanquish Tiamat and save your lives,

Set up the Assembly, proclaim supreme my destiny! (60)

When jointly in Ubshukinna you have sat down rejoicing,

Let my word, instead of you, determine the fates.

Unalterable shall be what I may bring into being;

Neither recalled nor changed shall be the command of my lips!”

Now hasten here and promptly fix for him your decrees,

That he may go forth to face your mighty foe!’”

Gaga departed, proceeding on his way.

Before Lahmu and Lahamu, the gods, his fathers,

He made obeisance, kissing the ground at their feet.

He bowed low as he took his place to address them: (70)

“It was Anshar, your son, who has sent me here,

Charging me to give voice to the dictates of his heart,

He sya that Tiamat, she who bore us, detests us.

She has set up the Assembly and is furious with rage.

All the gods have rallied to her,

Even those whom you brought forth march at her side.

They’re banded together and march at the side of Tiamat.

Enraged, they plot without cease night and day.

They are set for combat, growling, raging,

They have formed a council to prepare for the fight. (80)

Mother Hubur, she who fashions all things,

Has added matchless weapons, has born monster-serpents,

Sharp of tooth, unsparing of fang.

With venom for blood she has filled their bodies,

Roaring dragons she has clothed with terror,

Has crowned them with haloes, making them like gods,

So that he who beholds them terror overcomes him,

Their bodies rear up and none can withstand their attack.

She has set up vipers, dragons, and the monster Lahamu,

Great-lions, mad-dogs, and scorpion-men, (90)

Mighty lion-demons, dragon-flies, and centaurs–

Bearing weapons that spare not, fearless in battle.

Firm are decrees, past withstanding are they.

After this fashion eleven of this kind she has brought forth.

From among the gods, her first-born, who formed her Assembly,

She has elevated Kingu, has made him chief among them.

The leading of the ranks, command of the Assembly,

The raising of weapons for the encounter, advancing to combat,

To direct the battle, to control the fight,

These to his hands she has entrusted as she seated him in the Council: (100)

“I have cast the spell for you, exalting you in the Assembly of the gods.

To counsel all the gods I have given you full power.

Truly, you are supreme, you are my only consort!

Your utterance shall prevail over all the Anunnaki!”

She has given him the Tablet of Destinies, fastened on his breast:

“As for you, your command shall be unchangeable, your word shall endure!”

As soon as Kingu was elevated, possessed of the rank of Anu,

For the gods, her sons, they decreed the fate:

“Your word shall make the fire subside,

Shall humble the “Power-Weapon,” so potent in its sweep!”(110)

I sent forth Anu; he could not face her.

Nudimmud was afraid and turned back.

But Marduk came forth, the wisest of gods, your son,

His heart having prompted him to set out to face Tiamat.

He opened his mouth, saying unto me:

“If I indeed, as your avenger,

Am to vanquish Tiamat and save your lives,

Set up the Assembly, proclaim supreme my destiny!

When in Ubshukinna jointly you sit down rejoicing,

Let my word, instead of you, determine the fates. (120)


Unalterable shall be what I may bring into being;

Neither recalled nor changed shall be the command of my lips!”

Now hasten here and promptly fix for him your decrees,

That he may go forth to face your mighty foe!”

When Lahmu and Lahamu heard this, they cried out aloud,

All the Igigi wailed in distress:

‘How strange that they should have made this decision!

We cannot fathom the doings of Tiamat!’

They made ready to leave on their journey,

All the great gods who decree the fates. (130)

They entered before Anshar, filling Ubshukinna.

They kissed one another in the Assembly.

They held converse as they sat down to the banquet.

They ate bread, they mixed wine.

They wetted their drinking-tubes with sweet intoxicant.

As they drank the strong drink, their bodies swelled.

They became very languid as their spirits rose.

For Marduk, their avenger, they fixed the decrees.


Tablet IV


The council of the god’s tests Marduk’s powers by having him make a garment disappears and then reappears. After passing the test, the council enthrones Marduk as high king and commissions him to fight Tiamat. With the authority and power of the council, Marduk assembles his weapons, the four winds as well as the seven winds of destruction. He rides in his chariot of clouds with the weapons of the storm to confront Tiamat. After entangling her in a net, Marduk unleashes the Evil Wind to inflate Tiamat. When she is incapacitated by the wind, Marduk kills her with an arrow through her heart and takes captive the other gods and monsters who were her allies. He also captured her husband Kingu. After smashing Tiamat’s head with a club, Marduk divided her corpse, using half to create the earth and the other half to create the sky complete with bars to keep the chaotic waters from escaping. The tablet ends with Marduk establishing dwelling places for his allies.


They erected for him a princely throne.

Facing his fathers, he sat down, presiding.

“You are the most honored of the great gods,

Your decree is unrivaled, your command is Anu.

You, Marduk, are the most honored of the great gods,

Your decree is unrivaled, your word is Anu.

From this day your pronouncement shall be unchangeable.

To raise or bring low–these shall be in your hand.

Your utterance shall be true; your command shall be unimpeachable.

No one among the gods shall transgress your bounds! (10)

Adornment being wanted for the seats of the gods,

Let the place of their shrines ever be in your place.

O Marduk, you are indeed our avenger.

We have granted you kingship over the universe entire.

When you sit in Assembly your word shall be supreme.

Your weapons shall not fail; they shall smash your foes!

O lord, spare the life of him who trusts you,

But pour out the life of the god who seized evil.”

Having placed in their midst a garment,

They addressed themselves to Marduk, their first-born: (20)

“May thy fate, O lord, be supreme among the gods?

Say but to wreck or create; it shall be.

Open your mouth: the garment will vanish!

Speak again, and the garment shall be whole!”

At the word of his mouth the garment vanished.

He spoke again, and the garment was restored.

When the gods, his fathers, saw the fruit of his word,

Joyfully they did homage: “Marduk is king!”

They conferred on him scepter, throne, and vestment;

They gave him matchless weapons that ward off the foes: (30)

“Go and cut off the life of Tiamat.

May the winds bear her blood to places undisclosed?”

Bel’s destiny thus fixed, the gods, his fathers,

Caused him to go the way of success and attainment.

He constructed a bow, marked it as his weapon,

Attached thereto the arrow, fixed its bow-cord.

He raised the mace, made his right hand grasp it;

Bow and quiver he hung at his side.

In front of him he set the lightning,

With a blazing flame he filled his body. (40)


He then made a net to enfold Tiamat therein.

The four winds he stationed that nothing of her might escape,

The South Wind, the North Wind, the East Wind, the West Wind.

Close to his side he held the net, the gift of his father, Anu.

He brought forth Imhullu “the Evil Wind,” the Whirl-wind, the Hurricane,

The Fourfold Wind, the Sevenfold Wind, the Cyclone, the Matchless Wind;

Then he sent forth the winds he had brought forth, the seven of them.

To stir up the inside of Tiamat they rose up behind him.

Then the lord raised up the flood-storm, his mighty weapon.

He mounted the storm-chariot irresistible and terrifying. (50)

He harnessed and yoked to it a team-of-four,

The Killer, the Relentless, the Trampler, the Swift.

Their lips were parted, their teeth bore poison.

They were tireless and skilled in destruction.

On his right he posted the Smiter, fearsome in battle,

On the left the Combat, which repels all the zealous.

For a cloak he was wrapped in an armor of terror;

With his fearsome halo his head was turbaned.

The lord went forth and followed his course,

Towards the raging Tiamat he set his face. (60)

                    In his lips he held a spell;

A plant to put out poison was grasped in his hand.

Then they milled about him, the gods milled about him,

The gods, his fathers, milled about him, the gods milled about him.

The lord approached to scan the inside of Tiamat,

And of Kingu, her consort, the scheme to perceive.

As he looks on, he loses his way,

His will is distracted and his doings are confused.

And when the gods, his helpers, who marched at his side,

Saw the valiant hero, their vision became blurred. (70)

Tiamat emitted a cry, without turning her neck,

Framing savage defiance in her lips:

“You are too important for the lord of the gods to rise up against you!

Is it in their place that they have gathered, or in your place?”

Thereupon the lord, having raised the flood-storm, his mighty weapon,

To enraged Tiamat he sent word as follows:

“Why are you risen, haughtily exalted,

You have charged your own heart to stir up conflict, . . . sons reject their own fathers,

While you, who have born them, have foresworn love! (80)

You have appointed Kingu as your consort,

Conferring upon him the rank of Anu, not rightfully his.

Against Anshar, king of the gods, you seek evil;

Against the gods, my fathers, you have confirmed your wickedness.

Though your forces are drawn up, your weapons girded on,

Stand up, that I and you might meet in single combat!”

When Tiamat heard this,

She was like one possessed; she took leave of her senses.

In fury Tiamat cried out aloud.

To the roots her legs shook both together. (90)

She recites a charm, keeps casting her spell,

While the gods of battle sharpen their weapons.

Then Tiamat and Marduk joined issue, wisest of gods.

They strove in single combat, locked in battle.

The lord spread out his net to enfold her,

The Evil Wind, which followed behind, he let loose in her face.

When Tiamat opened her mouth to consume him,

He drove in the Evil Wind while as yet she had not shut her lips

As the terrible winds filled her belly,

Her body was distended and her mouth was wide open. (100)

                   He released the arrow, it tore her belly,

It cut through her insides, splitting the heart.

Having thus subdued her, he extinguished her life.

He cast down her carcass to stand upon it.

After he had slain Tiamat, the leader,

Her band was shattered, her troupe broken up;

And the gods, her helpers who marched at her side,

Trembling with terror, turned their backs about,

In order to save and preserve their lives.

Tightly encircled, they could not escape. (110)

He made them captives and he smashed their weapons.

Thrown into the net, they found themselves ensnared;

Placed in cells, they were filled with wailing;

Bearing his wrath, they were held imprisoned.

And the eleven creatures which she had charged with awe,

The whole band of demons that marched on her right,

He cast into fetters, their hands he bound.

For all their resistance, he trampled them underfoot.

And Kingu, who had been made chief among them,

He bound and accounted him to Uggae. (120)


He took from him the Tablet of Destinies, not rightfully his,

Sealed them with a seal and fastened them on his breast.

When he had vanquished and subdued his adversaries,

Had . . . the vainglorious foe,

Had wholly established Anshar’s triumph over the foe,

Had achieved Nudimmud’s desire, valiant Marduk

Strengthened his hold on the vanquished gods,

And turned back to Tiamat whom he had bound.

The lord trod on the legs of Tiamat,

With his unsparing mace he crushed her skull. (130)

When the arteries of her blood he had severed,

The North Wind bore it to places undisclosed.

On seeing this, his fathers were joyful and jubilant,

They brought gifts of homage to him.

Then the lord paused to view her dead body,

That he might divide the form and do artful works.

He split her like a shellfish into two parts:

Half of her he set up as a covering for heaven,

Pulled down the bar and posted guards.

He bade them to allow not her waters to escape. (140)


Tablet V


Marduk builds dwelling places for the other gods. As they take their place, they establish the days and months and seasons of the year. Since this is a myth about the natural world, the “stations” that Marduk establishes for the gods correspond to the celestial luminaries that figured in Babylonian astrology. The phases (horns) of the Moon determine the cycles of the months. From the spittle of Tiamat Marduk creates rain for the earth. The city of Babylon is established as the audience room of King Marduk.


He constructed stations for the great gods,

Fixing their astral likenesses as the stars of the Zodiac.

He determined the year and into sections he divided it;

He set up three constellations for each of the twelve months.

After defining the days of the year by means of heavenly figures,

He founded the station of the pole star [Nebiru] to determine their bounds,

That none might err or go astray.

Alongside it he set up the stations of Enlil and Ea.

Having opened up the gates on both sides,

He strengthened the locks to the left and the right. (10)


In her belly he established the zenith.

The Moon he caused to shine, entrusting the night to him.

He appointed him a creature of the night to signify the days,

And marked off every month, without cease, by means of his crown.

At the month’s very start, rising over the land,

You shall have luminous horns to signify six days,

On the seventh day reaching a half-crown.

So shall the fifteen-day period be like one another-two halves for each month.

When the sun overtakes you at the base of heaven,

Diminish your crown and retrogress in light. (20)

At the time of disappearance approach the course of the sun,

And on the thirtieth you shall again stand in opposition to the sun.

I have appointed a sign, follow its path,

. . . approach and give judgement.”

[Lines 25-44 are badly damaged and untranslatable. Apparently after Marduk created the moon he then created the sun (Shamash).]

After he had appointed the days to Shamash, (45)

And had established the precincts of night and day,

Taking the spittle of Tiamat

Marduk created . . .

He formed the clouds and filled them with water.

The raising of winds, the bringing of rain and cold, (50)

Making the mist smoke, piling up . . .

These he planned himself, took into his own hand.

Putting her head into position he formed thereon the mountains,

Opening the deep which was in flood,

He caused to flow from her eyes the Euphrates and Tigris,

Stopping her nostrils he left . . . ,

He formed from her breasts the lofty mountains,

Therein he drilled springs for the wells to carry off the water.

Twisting her tail he bound it to Durmah,

. . . Apsu at his foot, (60)

. . . her crotch, she was fastened to the heavens,

Thus he covered the heavens and established the earth.

. . . in the midst of Tiamat he made flow,

. . . his net he completely let out,

So he created heaven and earth . . . ,

. . . their bounds . . . established.

When he had designed his rules and fashioned his ordinances,

He founded the shrines and handed them over to Ea.

The Tablet of Destinies which he had taken from Kingu he carried,

He brought it as the first gift of greeting, he gave it to Anu. (70)

The gods who had done battle and been scattered,

He led bound into the presence of his fathers.

Now the eleven creatures which Tiamat had made . . . ,

Whose weapons he had shattered, which he had tied to his foot:

Of these he made statues and set them up at the Gate of Apsu saying:

“Let it be a token that this may never be forgotten!”

When the gods saw this they were exceedingly glad,

Lahmu, Lahamu, and all of his fathers

Crossed over to him, and Anshar, the king, made manifest his greeting,

Anu, Enlil, and Ea presented to him gifts. (80)

With a gift Damkina, his mother, made him joyous,

She sent offerings, his face brightened.

To Usmi who brought her gift to a secret place

He entrusted the chancellorship of Apsu and the stewardship of the shrines.

Being assembled, all the Igigi bowed down,

While everyone of the Anunnaki kissed his feet,

. . . their assembly to do obeisance,

They stood before him, bowed and said: “He is the king!”

After the gods, his fathers, were satiated with his charms. (89)


[Lines 90-106 are too badly damaged for translation. Apparently it describes Marduk on his throne with his weapons.]


Ea and Damkina . . . , (107)

They opened their mouths to speak to the great gods, the Igigi:

“Formerly Marduk was merely our beloved son,

Now he is your king, proclaim his title!” (110)

A second speech they made, they all spoke:

“His name shall be Lugaldimmerankia, trust in him!”

When they had given the sovereignty to Marduk,

They declared for him a formula of good fortune and success:

“Henceforth you will be the patron of our sanctuaries,

Whatever you command we will do.”

Marduk opened his mouth to speak,

To say a word to the gods, his fathers:

“Above the Apsu where you have resided,

The counterpart of Esharra which I have built over you, (120)

Below I have hardened the ground for a building site,

I will build a house, it will be my luxurious abode.

I will found therein its temple,

I will appoint its inner rooms, I will establish my sovereignty.

When you come up from the Apsu for assembly,

You will spend the night in it, it is there to receive all of you.

When you descend from heaven for assembly,

You will spend the night in it, it is there to receive all of you.

I will call its name Babylon which means the houses of the great gods,

I shall build it with the skill of craftsmen.” (130)

When the gods, his fathers, heard this speech of his,

They put the following question to Marduk, their firstborn:

“Over all that your hands have created,

Who will have your authority?

Over the ground which your hands have created,

Who will have your power?

Babylon, which you have given a fine name,

Therein establish our abode forever!

. . . , let them bring our daily ration,

. . . Ours . . . , (140)

Let no one usurp our tasks which we previously performed,

Therein . . . its labor . . ……”

Marduk rejoiced when he heard this and

He answered those gods, who had questioned him,

He that slew Tiamat showed them light,

He opened his mouth, his speech was noble:

“. . . Them . . .,

. . . Will be entrusted to you.”

The gods bowed down before him, they spoke to him,

They said to Lugaldimmerankia: (150)

“Formerly the lord was merely our beloved son,

Now he is our king, proclaim his title!

He whose pure incantation gave us life,

He is the lord of splendor, mace, and sceptre.

Ea who knows the skill of all crafts,

Let him prepare the plans, we will be the workers.”


Tablet VI


Marduk decides to create human beings, but needs blood and bone from which to fashion them. Ea advises that only one of the gods should die to provide the materials for creation, the one who was guilty of plotting evil against the gods. Marduk inquires of the assembly of the gods about who incited Tiamat’s rebellion, and was told that it was her husband Kingu. Ea kills Kingu and uses his blood to fashion mankind so they can perform menial tasks for the gods. To honor Marduk, the gods construct a house for him in Babylon. After its completion, Marduk gives a great feast for the gods in his new house who all praise Marduk for his greatness in subduing Tiamat. The first group of the fifty throne names of Marduk are recited.

             When Marduk heard the words of the gods,

His heart prompted him to fashion artful works.

Opening his mouth, he addressed Ea

To impart the plan he had conceived in his heart:

“I will take blood and fashion bone.

I will establish a savage, ‘man’ shall be his name.

truly, savage-man I will create.

He shall be charged with the service of the gods

That they might be at ease!

The ways of the gods I will artfully alter. (10)

Though alike revered, into two groups they shall be divided.”

Ea answered him, speaking a word to him,

Giving him another plan for the relief of the gods:

“Let but one of their brothers be handed over;

He alone shall perish that mankind may be fashioned.

Let the great gods be here in Assembly,

Let the guilty be handed over that they may endure.”

Marduk summoned the great gods to Assembly;

Presiding graciously, he issued instructions.

To his utterance the gods pay heed.

The king addressed a word to the Anunnaki: (20)


“If your former statement was true,

Now declare the truth on oath by me!

Who was it that contrived the uprising,

And made Tiamat rebel, and joined battle?

Let him be handed over who contrived the uprising.

His guilt I will make him bear. You shall dwell in peace!”

The Igigi, the great gods, replied to him,

To Lugaldimmerankia, counselor of the gods, their lord:

“It was Kingu who contrived the uprising,

And made Tiamat rebel, and joined battle.” (30)

They bound him, holding him before Ea.

They imposed on him his punishment and severed his blood vessels.

Out of his blood they fashioned mankind.

He imposed on him the service and let free the gods.

After Ea, the wise, had created mankind,

Had imposed upon them the service of the gods–

That work was beyond comprehension;

As artfully planned by Marduk, did Nudimmud create it–

Marduk, the king of the gods divided

All the great gods [Anunnaki] above and below. (40)

He assigned them to Anu to guard his instructions.

Three hundred in the heavens he stationed as a guard.

In like manner the ways of the earth he defined.

In heaven and on earth six hundred thus he settled.

After he had ordered all the instructions,

To the Anunnaki of heaven and earth had allotted their portions,

The Anunnaki opened their mouths

And said to Marduk, their lord:

“Now, O lord, you who have caused our deliverance,

What shall be our homage to you? (50)

Let us build a shrine whose name shall be called

‘Lo, a chamber for our nightly rest’; let us repose in it!

Let us build a throne, a recess for his abode!

On the day that we arrive we shall repose in it.”

When Marduk heard this,

Brightly glowed his features, like the day:

“Construct Babylon, whose building you have requested,

Let its brickwork be fashioned. You shall name it `The Sanctuary.'”

The Anunnaki applied the implement;

For one whole year they molded bricks. (60)

When the second year arrived,

They raised high the head of Esagila equaling Apsu.

Having built a stage-tower as high as Apsu,

They set up in it an abode for Marduk, Enlil, and Ea

In their presence he was seated in grandeur.

To the base of Esharra its horns look down.

After they had achieved the building of Esagila,

All the Anunnaki erected their shrines.

The three hundred Igigi . . . . . . all of them gathered,

The lord being on the lofty dais which they had built as his abode, (70)

The gods, his fathers, at his banquet he seated:

“This is Babylon, the place that is your home!

Make merry in its precincts, occupy its broad places.”

The great gods took their seats,

They set up festive drink, sat down to a banquet.

After they had made merry within it,

In Esagila, the splendid, had performed their rites,

The norms had been fixed and all their portents,

All the gods apportioned the stations of heaven and earth.

The fifty great gods took their seats. (80)


The seven gods of destiny set up the three hundred in heaven.


Enlil raised the bow, his weapon, and laid it before them.

The gods, his fathers, saw the net he had made.

When they beheld the bow, how skillful its shape,

His fathers praised the work he had wrought.

Raising it, Anu spoke up in the Assembly of the gods,

As he kissed the bow: “This is my daughter!”

He named the names of the bow as follows:

“Longwood is the first, the second is Accurate;

Its third name is Bow-Star, in heaven I have made it shine.” (90)

He fixed its position with the gods its brothers.

After Anu had decreed the fate of the bow,

And had placed the lofty royal throne before the gods,

Anu placed it in the Assembly of the gods.

When the great gods had assembled,

They extolled the destiny of Marduk, they bowed down,

They pronounced among themselves a curse,

Swearing by water and oil to place life in jeopardy.

When they had granted him the exercise of kingship of the gods,

When they had given him dominion over the gods of heaven and underworld, (100)


Anshar pronounced supreme his name, Asarluhi, saying:

“Let us do obeisance at the mention of his name,

To his utterance let the gods give heed,

Let his command be supreme above and below!

Most exalted be the Son, our avenger;

Let his sovereignty be surpassing, having no rival.

May he shepherd the black-headed ones, his creatures.

To the end of days, without forgetting, let them acclaim his ways.

May he establish for his fathers the great food-offerings; (110)

Their support they shall furnish, shall tend their sanctuaries.

May he cause incense to be smelled, . . . their spells,

Make a likeness on earth of what he has wrought in heaven.

May he order the black-headed to revere him,

May the subjects ever bear in mind to speak of their god,

And may they at his word pay heed to the goddess.

May food-offerings be borne for their gods and goddesses.

Without fail let them support their gods!

Their lands let them improve, build their shrines,

Let the black-headed wait on their gods. (120)

As for us, by however many names we pronounce, he is our god!

Let us then proclaim his fifty names:

`He whose ways are glorious, whose deeds are likewise,

Marduk, as Anu, his father, called him from his birth;

Who provides grazing and drinking places, enriches their stalls,

Who with the flood-storm, his weapon, vanquished the detractors,

And who the gods, his fathers, rescued from distress.

Truly, the Son of the Sun, most radiant of gods is he.

In his brilliant light may they walk forever!

On the people he brought forth, endowed with life, (130)


The service of the gods he imposed that these may have ease.

Creation, destruction, deliverance, grace–

Shall be by his command. They shall look up to him!

Marukka truly is the god, creator of all,

Who gladdens the heart of the Anunnaki, appeases the Igigi.

Marutukku truly is the refuge of his land, city, and people.

Unto him shall the people give praise forever.

Barashakushu stood up and took hold of its reins;

Wide is his heart, warm his sympathy.

Lugaldimmerankia is his name which we proclaimed in our Assembly. (140)

His commands we have exalted above the gods, his fathers.

Truly, he is lord of all the gods of heaven and underworld,

The king at whose discipline the gods above and below are in mourning.”

Nari-Lugaldimmerankia is the name of him

Whom we have called the monitor of the gods;

Who in heaven and on earth founds for us retreats in trouble,

And who allots stations to the Igigi and Anunnaki.

At his name the gods shall tremble and quake in retreat.

Asaruludu is that name of his

Which Anu, his father, proclaimed for him.

He is truly the light of the gods, the mighty leader,

Who, as the protecting deities of god and land, (150)


In fierce single combat saved our retreats in distress.

Asaruludu, secondly, they have named Namtillaku,

The god who maintains life,

Who restored the lost gods, as though his own creation;

The lord who revives the dead gods by his pure incantation,

Who destroys the wayward foes. Let us praise his prowess!

Asaruludu, whose name was thirdly called Namru,

The shining god who illumines our ways.

Three each of his names have Anshar, Lahmu, and Lahamu proclaimed;

Unto the gods, their sons, they did utter them:


“We have proclaimed three each of his names. (160)

Like us, do you utter his names!”

Joyfully the gods heeded their command,

As in Ubshukinna they exchanged counsels:

“Of the heroic son, our avenger,

Of our supporter we will exalt the name!”

They sat down in their Assembly to fashion destinies,

All of them uttering his names in the sanctuary.


Tablet VII


Continuation of praise of Marduk as chief of Babylon and head of the Babylonian pantheon because of his role in creation. The rest of Marduk’s fifty throne names declaring his dominion are recited. Final blessings on Marduk and instructions to the people to remember and recite Marduk’s deeds.


Asaru [Marduk], bestower of cultivation, who established water levels;

Creator of grain and herbs, who causes vegetation to sprout.

Asarualim, who is honored in the place of counsel, who excels in counsel;

To whom the gods hope, not being possessed of fear.

Asarualimnunna, the gracious, light of the father, his begetter,

Who directs the decrees of Anu, Enlil, Ea and Ninigiku.

He is their provider who assigns their portions,

Whose horned cap is plenty, multiplying . . . .

Tutu is he, who created then anew.

Let him purify their shrines that they may have ease. (10)


Let him devise the spell that the gods may be at rest.

Should they rise in anger, let them turn back.

Truly, he is supreme in the Assembly of the gods;

No one among the gods is his equal.

Tutu is Ziukkinna, life of the host of the gods,

Who established for the gods the holy heavens;

Who keeps a hold on their ways, determines their courses;

He shall not be forgotten by the beclouded. Let them

Remember his deeds!

Tutu they thirdly called Ziku, who brings purification,

god of the favoring breeze, the Lord of hearing and mercy;” (20)

Who produces riches and treasures, establishes abundance;

Who has turned all our wants to plenty;

Whose favoring breeze we felt in sore distress.

Let them speak, let them exalt, let them sing his praises!

Tutu, fourthly, let the people magnify as Agaku,

The lord of the holy charm, who revives the dead;

Who had mercy on the vanquished gods,

Who removed the yoke imposed on the gods, his enemies,

And who, to redeem them, created mankind;

The merciful, in whose power it lies to grant life. (30)

May his deeds endure, not to be forgotten

In the mouth of the black-headed, whom his hands have created.

Tutu, fifthly, is Tuku, whose holy spell their mouths shall murmur;

Who with his holy charm has uprooted all the evil ones.

Shazu, who knows the heart of the gods,

Who examines the inside;

From whom the evildoer cannot escape;

Who sets up the Assembly of the gods, gladdens their hearts;

Who subdues the insubmissive; their wide-spread protection;

Who directs justice, roots out crooked talk,

Who wrong and right in his place keeps apart. (40)


Shazu may they, secondly, exalt as Zisi,

Who silences the insurgent;

Who banishes consternation from the body of the gods, his fathers.

Shazu is, thirdly, Suhrim, who with the weapon roots out all enemies,

Who frustrates their plans, scatters them to the winds;

Who blots out all the wicked ones who tremble before him.

Let the gods exult in Assembly!

Shazu is, fourthly, Suhgurim, who insures a hearing for the gods, his fathers,

Creator of the gods, his fathers,

Who roots out the enemies, destroys their progeny;

Who frustrates their doings, leaving nothing of them.

May his name be evoked and spoken in the land! (50)


Shazu, fifthly, they shall praise as Zahrim, the lold of the living,

Who destroys all adversaries, all the disobedient; pursues the evil;

Who all the fugitive gods brought home to their shrines.

May this his name endure!

To Shazu, moreover, they shall, sixthly, render all honor as Zahgurim,

Who all the foes destroyed as though in battle.

Enbilulu, the lord who makes them flourish, is he;

The mighty one who named them, who instituted roast-offerings ;

Whoever regulates for the land the grazing and watering places;

Who opened the wells, apportioning waters of abundance. (60)


Enbilulu, secondly, they shall glorify as Epadun,

The lord who sprinkles the field,

Irrigator of heaven and earth, who establishes seed-rows,

Who forms fine plow land in the steppe,

Dam and ditch regulates, who delimits the furrow;

Enbilulu, thirdly, they shall praise as Enbilulugugal,

The irrigator of the plantations of the gods;

Lord of abundance, opulence, and of ample crops,

Who provides wealth, enriches all dwellings,

Who furnishes millet, causes barley to appear.

Enbilulu is Hegal, who heaps up abundance for the people’s consumption;

Who causes rich rains over the wide earth, provides vegetation.

Sirsir, who heaped up a mountain over her, Tiamat, (70)


Who the corpse of Tiamat carried off with his weapon;

Who directs the land–their faithful shepherd;

Whose hair is a grain field, his horned cap furrows;

Who the wide-spreading Sea vaults in his wrath,

Crossing her like a bridge at the place of single combat.

Sirsir, secondly, they named Malah–and so forth–

Tiamat is his vessel and he the rider.

Gil, who stores up grain heaps–massive mounds–

Who brings forth barley and millet, furnishes the seed of the land.

Gilma, who makes lasting the lofty abode of the gods, Creator of security, (80)


The hoop that holds the barrel together, who presents good things.

Agilma, the exalted one, who tears off the crown from the wrong position,

Who creates the clouds above the waters, makes enduring aloft.

Zulum, who designates the fields for the gods, allots the creation,

Who grants portions and food-offerings, tends the shrines.

Mummu, Creator of heaven and earth, who directs. . . .

The god who sanctifies heaven and earth is, secondly, Zulummar,

Whom no other among the gods can match in strength.

Gishnumunab, Creator of all people, who made the world regions,

Destroyer of the gods of Tiamat; who made men out of their substance. (90)


Lugalabdubur, the king who frustrated the work of Tiamat,rooted out her weapons;

Whose foundation is firm in front and in the rear.

Pagalguenna, the foremost of all the lords, whose strength is outstanding;

Who is pre-eminent in the royal abode, most exalted of the gods.

Lugaldurmah, the King of the band of the gods, lord of rulers,

Who is pre-eminent in the abode of the gods, most exalted of the gods.

Aranunna, counselor of Ea, creator of the gods, his fathers,

Whose princely ways no god whatever can equal.

Dumuduku, whose pure dwelling is renewed in Duku;

Dumuduku, without whom Lugalkuduga makes no decision. (100)


Lugallanna, the king whose strength is outstanding among the gods,

The lord, strength of Anu, who became supreme at the call of Anshar.

Lugalugga, who carried off all of them amidst the struggle,

Who all wisdom encompasses, broad in perception.

Irkingu, who carried off Kingu in the thick of the battle,

Who conveys guidance for all, establishes rulership.

Kinma, who directs all the gods, the giver of counsel,

At whose name the gods quake in fear, as at the storm.

Esizkur shall sit aloft in the house of prayer;

May the gods bring their presents before him, (110)

That from him they may receive their assignments;

None can without him create artful works.

Four black-headed ones are among his creatures;

Aside from him no god knows the answer as to their days.

Gibil, who maintains the sharp point of the weapon,

Who creates artful works in the battle with Tiamat;

Who has broad wisdom, is accomplished in insight,

Whose mind is so vast that the gods, all of them, cannot fathom it.

Addu be his name, the whole sky may he cover.

May his beneficent roar ever hover over the earth; (120)


May he, as Mummu, diminish the clouds;

Below, may he furnish sustenance for the people

Asharu, who, as is his name, guided the gods of destiny;

All of the people are truly in his charge.

Nebiru shall hold the crossings of heaven and earth,

So that the gods cannot cross above and below, they must wait upon him.

Nebiru is the star which in the skies is brilliant.

May he hold the Beginning and the Future, may they pay homage unto him,

Saying: “He who forced his way through the midst of Tiamat without resting,

Let Nebiru be his name, who controls its midst. (130)


May they uphold the course of the stars of heaven;

May he shepherd all the gods like sheep.

May he vanquish Tiamat; may her life be strait and short!

Into the future of mankind, when days have grown old,

May she recede without cease and stay away forever.

Because he created the spaces and fashioned the firm ground,

Father Enlil called his name “Lord Of The Lands.”’

When all the names which the Igigi proclaimed,

Ea had heard, his spirit rejoiced, Thus:

“He whose names his fathers have glorified,

He is indeed even as I; his name shall be Ea. (140)


All my combined rites he shall administer;

All my instructions he shall carry out!”

With the title “Fifty” the great gods

Proclaimed him whose names are fifty and made his way supreme.




Let them be kept in mind and let the leader explain them.

Let the wise and the knowing discuss them together.

Let the father recite them and impart to his son.

Let the ears of shepherd and herdsman be opened.

Let him rejoice in Marduk, the Enlil of the gods,

That his land may be fertile and that he may prosper. (150)


Firm in his order, his command unalterable,

The utterance of his mouth no god shall change.

When he looks he does not turn away his neck;

When he is angry, no god can withstand his wrath.

His heart is unfathomable, his purpose is broad,

Sinner and transgressor may come before him.

He wrote down and thereby preserved it for the future.

The dwelling of Marduk which the gods, the Igigi, had made,

. . . let them speak. (160)


. . . the song of Marduk,

Who vanquished Tiamat and achieved the kingship.

Issues in the Church and Christian Ministry


These resources are offered as a ministry of CRI/Voice, Institute with no access charge or subscription fees. How You Can Help . . .


Woman’s Right to Preach the Gospel

A classic article by Catherine Booth, cofounder of the Salvation Army, defending the right and responsibility of women to be involved in ministry in the church.


Women’s Speaking Justified, Proved, and Allowed by the Scriptures

An article by Margaret Fell Fox, co-founder of the Society of Friends (Quakers), defending the right and responsibility of women to speak and teach in the Church. Edited into modern English.

Women and the Call of God

Reflections from a woman minister on the calling of God to women and the biblical basis for women in ministry.

Neo-fundamentalism: An Essay on Being Who We Are

An essay on the influence of basically Calvinistic fundamentalist and neo-fundamentalist agendas in Wesleyan churches, using the example of Focus on the Family’s attack on the TNIV gender inclusive Bible translation; includes a brief definition of neo-fundamentalism.


Change and Conservatism

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God Is Dead: False Images of God

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Divine-Human Synergism in Ministry

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The Triumph of Arminianism (and its dangers)

Comparison of the basic perspectives of Arminianism and classic Calvinism, concluding that most modern-day churches that cling to Calvinism in doctrine are actually Arminian-Wesleyan in practice, as well as noting the need for balance between the extremes of either position.


The Third Generation: Nehemiah and the Question of Identity

A reflective article addressing the tendency of religious traditions to drift from their original purpose and vision as they move further away from their origins; based on Nehemiah 13, in which the crisis of identity and survival facing the post exilic community became the stimulus for some rather strong action by Nehemiah.


Renewing the Pioneer Spirit, M. V. (Bud) Scutt

A theological foundation from the Wesleyan tradition for the evangelistic mission of the Church.  Dr. M. V. Scutt served as the District Superintendent, Southwest Indiana District Church of the Nazarene, until his retirement in 1999.  This is his 1995 Annual Report to the District Assembly.


Prophets Today?

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Faith and Identity: A Reformation Meditation

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The Image of God and Sexuality

Brief thoughts on Purity Balls and Integrity Balls and what they imply about gender relationships, suggesting a more biblical approach.


Theology Topics


Included here are various topics that relate to theological issues, especially ministry and Christian growth in the context of the Church. Also included are historical documents of the Church, including many of the classic creeds and confessions of the Church, as well as contemporary Articles of Faith and position statements.


Theological Issues


Two Views of Theology

Short essay contrasting theology seen as absolute truth and theology understood as testimony conditioned by time and place.


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The Triumph of Arminianism (and its dangers)

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Christian Security

Examination of the Christian doctrine of security, contrasting the two extremes of unconditional security and eternal insecurity, concluding with a middle position that emphasizes God’s grace in mutual relationship.

God’s Foreknowledge, Predestination, and Human Freedom 

A discussion of the logical and biblical problems with the idea of predestination and the absolute foreknowledge of God, with a proposal for an incarnational model of God rather than a metaphysical one.

God’s Immutability: A Proof Text?

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The Death of Jesus: Historically Contingent or Divinely Ordained?

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The “Pre-existence of the Son” and the Old Testament

The concept of the ‘pre-existence of the Son’ in systematic theology in relation to the historical dimension of the biblical witness to God, highlighting the differences in method and goals of systematic theology and biblical interpretation.


The Modern Inerrancy Debate

A discussion of the roots of the debates about biblical inerrancy, their impact on the church, the relation to various theories of inspirations, and inerrancy in relation to Faith Statements about Scripture.


Word and Table: Reflections on a Theology of Worship

An examination of the theological basis for the renewed emphasis on “word and table” as the structure for Christian worship in some historically low church traditions.


Humanism in Scripture and Culture: Recovering a Balance

Short article distinguishing humanism from secularism and atheism, concluding that some of the biblical perspective is humanistic, but is sacral humanism in which all of life is placed under God, which calls for a careful balance in how the term “humanism” is used pejoratively.


The Problem of Natural Evil

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Theology and the Church

Faith and Identity: A Reformation Meditation

An essay on the Protestant Principle of “Faith Alone” traced through Habakkuk, Paul, Martin Luther, and John Wesley, concluding that genuine Faith is faithfulness in commitment to God despite circumstances and religious ideas about God.

Relational Holiness: An Integrative Paradigm for Our Time

A brief survey of the inadequacy of traditional ways of expressing the doctrine of entire sanctification, proposing that the relational concept of love of both God and others provides an overarching and inclusive model.

The Holiness Movement: Dead or Alive?

A frankly negative evaluation of the current state of the holiness movement in traditional holiness churches, concluding with a positive outlook for the future of the holiness message and the rise of a new emphasis on holiness.

The Third Generation: Nehemiah and the Question of Identity

A reflective article based on Nehemiah 13 addressing the tendency of religious traditions to drift from their original purpose and vision as they move further away from their origins; suggestions for maintaining religious identity.


Divine-Human Synergism in Ministry

A biblically based reflective essay dealing with the mission of the Church and implications for ministry and education in the church in light of that mission.  Note:  If printed, this will take 25-30 pages.

Renewing the Pioneer Spirit, M. V. (Bud) Scutt

Dr. M. V. Scutt is now retired, but served as the District Superintendent, Southwest Indiana District Church of the Nazarene.  This is his 1995 Annual Report to the District Assembly in which he lays a theological foundation from the Wesleyan tradition for the evangelistic mission of the Church.


Born Again Christians?

Examination of the popular idea of “born Again” used by some evangelicals, its biblical background, and what the biblical and traditional concept of “new birth” means.


God Is Dead: False Images of God

Some people have a false view of God as vindictive and judgmental, when in fact God is presented in the Bible as gracious, loving, and forgiving.


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Christian Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms

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Women and Theology

A collection of biblical studies, theological reflections, and general articles that address primarily the topic of women in ministry, as well as other topics related to women in the Church.


Online Resources and Bibliography for Women in Ministry

Links to online articles dealing with the general topic of women in ministry.

Historical Theology

Selected writings from the history of the church that address significant or relevant issues facing the church today. Since there are many sites on the web that contain the full text of many historical writings, those presented here will normally be limited to short excerpts that have particular relevance to ongoing discussions in the various forums, are not easily available elsewhere, or are presented in digested or edited form to make them more readable.

                                   John Wesley’s Sermon “Catholic Spirit” in modern English

John Wesley on Differences of Opinion Among Christians

The Question, “What Is an Arminian?” Answered by a Lover of Free Grace (John Wesley)

John Calvin on Infant Baptism

C. S. Lewis on Inerrancy, Inspiration, and Historicity

Women’s Speaking Justified, Proved, and Allowed by the Scriptures (Margaret Fell Fox)

Female Ministry; or, Woman’s Right to Preach the Gospel (Catherine Booth)

The Heritage of Holiness (Holiness Heritage Series)

A series of articles examining the concern with the idea of holiness of heart and life in the history of the church.


The Holiness Manifesto     


Energygrid Introduction


Original Preface by Doreal


Original Introduction by Doreal

Tablet I

The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

Tablet II

The Halls of Amenti

Tablet III

The Key of Wisdom

Tablet IV

The Space Born

Tablet V

The Dweller of Unal

Tablet VI

The Key of Magic

Tablet VII

The Seven Lords

Tablet VIII

The Key of Mysteries

Tablet IX

The Key of Freedom of Space

Tablet X

The Key of Time

Tablet XI

The Key of Above and Below

Tablet XII

The Law of Cause and Effect

The Key of Prophecy

Tablet XIII

The Keys of Life and Death

Tablet XIV



Tablet XV


Secret of Secrets

TABLET I – The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

I, Thoth, the Atlantean, master of mysteries, keeper of records, mighty king, magician, living from generation to generation, being about to pass into the Halls of Amenti, set down for the guidance of those that are to come after, these records of the mighty wisdom of Great Atlantis.


In the great city of Keor on the island of Undal in a time for past, I began this incarnation. Not as the little men of the present age did the mighty ones of Atlantis live and die, but rather from aeon to aeon did they renew their life in the Halls of Amenti where the river of life flows eternally onward.


A hundred times ten have I descended the dark way that led into light, and as many times have I ascended from the darkness into the light, my strength and power renewed.


Now for a time I descend, and the men of Khem shall know me no more. But in a time yet unborn will I rise again, mighty and potent, requiring an accounting of those left behind me. Then beware, O men of Khem, if ye have falsely betrayed my teaching, for I shall cast ye down from your high estate into the darkness of the caves from whence ye came. Betray not my secrets to the men of the North or the men of the South lest my curse fall upon ye. Remember and heed my words, for surely will I return again and require of thee that which ye guard. Aye, even from beyond time and from beyond death will I return, rewarding or punishing as ye have requited your trust. Great were my people in the ancient days, great beyond the conception of the little people now around me; knowing the wisdom of old, seeking far within the heart of infinity knowledge that belonged to Earth’s youth. Wise were we with the wisdom of the Children of Light who dwelt among us. Strong were we with the power drawn from the eternal fire. And of all these, greatest among the children of men was my father, Thotme, keeper of the great temple, link between the Children of Light who dwelt within the temple and the races of men who inhabited the ten islands. Mouthpiece, after the three, of the Dweller of Unal, speaking to the Kings with the voice that must be obeyed.


Grew I there from a child into manhood, being taught by my father the elder mysteries, until in time there grew within the fire of wisdom, until it burst into a consuming flame. Naught desired I but the attainment of wisdom. Until on a great day the command came from the Dweller of the Temple that I be brought before him. Few there were among the children of men who had looked upon that mighty face and lived, for not as the sons of men are the Children of Light when they are not incarnate in a physical body.


Chosen was I from the sons of men, taught by the Dweller so that his purposes might be fulfilled, purposes yet unborn in the womb of time. Long ages I dwelt in the Temple, learning ever and yet ever more wisdom, until I, too, approached the light emitted from the great fire. Taught me he, the path to Amenti, the underworld where the great king sits upon his throne of might. Deep I bowed in homage before the Lords of Life and the Lords of Death, receiving as my gift the key of Life. Free was I of the Halls of Amenti, bound not by death to the circle of life. Far to the stars I journeyed until space and time became as naught. Then having drunk deep of the cup of wisdom, I looked into thehearts of men and there found I greatermysteries and was glad.For only in the Search for Truthcould my Soul be stilledand the flame within be quenched.


Down through the ages I lived, seeing those around me taste of the cup of death and return again in the light of life. Gradually from the Kingdoms of Atlantis passed waves of consciousness that had been one with me, only to be replaced by spawn of a lower star.


In obedience to the law, the word of the Master grew into flower. Downward into darkness turned the thoughts of the Atlanteans, until at last in his wrath arose from his Agwanti, the Dweller, (this word has no English equivalent; it means a state of detachment) speaking The Word, calling the power. Deep in Earth’s heart, the sons of Amenti heard, and hearing, directed the changing of the flower of fire that burns eternally, changing and shifting, using the Logos, until that great fire changed its direction.


Over the world then broke the great waters, drowning and sinking, changing Earth’s balance until only the Temple of Light was left standing on the great mountain on Undal still rising out of the water; some there were who were living, saved from the rush of the fountains.


Called to me then the Master, saying: “Gather ye together my people. Take them by the arts ye have learned of far across the waters, until ye reach the land of the hairy barbarians, dwelling in caves of the desert. Follow there the plan that ye know of.”


Gathered I then my people and entered the great ship of the Master. Upward we rose into the morning. Dark beneath us lay the Temple. Suddenly over it rose the waters. Vanished from Earth, until the time appointed, was the great Temple.


Fast we fled toward the sun of the morning, until beneath us lay the land of the children of Khem. Raging, they came with cudgels and spears lifted in anger seeking to slay and utterly destroy the Sons of Atlantis. Then raised I my staff and directed a ray of vibration, striking them still in their tracks as fragments of stone of the mountain. Then spoke I to them in words calm and peaceful, telling them of the might of Atlantis, saying we were children of the Sun and its messengers. Cowed I them by my display of magic-science, until at my feet they groveled, when I released them.


Long dwelt we in the land of Khem, long and yet long again. Until obeying the commands of the Master, who while sleeping yet lives eternally, I sent from me the Sons of Atlantis, sent them in many directions, that from the womb of time wisdom might rise again in her children.


Long time dwelt I in the land of Khem, doing great works by the wisdom within me. Upward grew into the light of knowledge the children of Khem, watered by the rains of my wisdom. Blasted I then a path to Amenti so that I might retain my powers, living from age to age a Sun of Atlantis, keeping the wisdom, preserving the records.


Great grew the sons of Khem, conquering the people around them, growing slowly upwards in Soul force. Now for a time I go from among them into the dark halls of Amenti, deep in the halls of the Earth, before the Lords of the Powers, face to face once again with the Dweller.


Raised I high over the entrance, a doorway, a gateway leading down to Amenti. Few there would be with courage to dare it, few pass the portal to dark Amenti. Raised over the passage, I, a mighty pyramid, using the power that overcomes Earth force (gravity). Deep and yet deeper placed I a force-house or chamber; from it carved I a circular passage reaching almost to the great summit. There in the apex, set I the crystal, sending the ray into the “Time-Space”, drawing the force from out of the ether, concentrating upon the gateway to Amenti. (See The Great Pyramid by Doreal.)


Other chambers I built and left vacant to all seeming, yet hidden within them are the keys to Amenti. He who in courage would dare the dark realms, let him be purified first by long fasting. Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber. Then to reveal I to him the great mysteries. Soon shall he follow to where I shall meet him, even in the darkness of Earth shall I meet him, I, Thoth, Lord of Wisdom, meet him and hold him and dwell with him always.


Built I the Great Pyramid, patterned after the pyramid of earth force, burning eternally so that it, too, might remain through the ages. In it, I built my knowledge of “Magic-Science” so that it might be here when again I return from Amenti. Aye, while I sleep in the Halls of Amenti, my Soul roaming free will incarnate, dwell among men in this form or another. (Hermes, thrice-born.)


Emissary on Earth am I of the Dweller, fulfilling his commands so man might be lifted. Now return I to the Halls of Amenti, leaving behind me some of my wisdom. Preserve ye and keep ye the command of the Dweller: Lift ever upwards your eyes toward the light. Surely in time, ye are one with the Master, surely by right ye are one with the Master, surely by right ye are one with the All.

       Now I depart from ye. Know my commandments, keep them and be them, and I will be with you, helping and guiding you into the Light.

Now before me opens the portal. Go I down in the darkness of night.

The emerald Tablets of Thoth are said to be one of the oldest and most important mystical and spiritual works around. They are said to be traced back to European alchemists in the 13th Century, but are believed to have originally been inspired by Thoth (Hermes) who lived around 1900 BC, and was said to have been the builder of The Great Pyramid.

This translation and interpretation is by the mysterious Dr. Doreal in 1925, who was the founder of The Brotherhood of the White Temple in Colorado.

There is no “proof” that these tablets are ancient, or even ever existed in tablet form. The best way to deal with the information is to read it yourself and to see if it speaks to your soul. If it does, it can be a profound transformational tool, which is what it was originally written for.

TABLET II – The Halls of Amenti


Deep in the Earth’s heart lie the Halls of Amenti, far ‘neath the islands of sunken Atlantis, Halls of the Dead and halls of the living, bathed in the fire of the infinite ALL.


Far in a past time, lost in the space time, the Children of Light looked down on the world. See the children of men in their bondage, bound by the force that came from beyond. Knew they that only by freedom from bondage could man ever rise from the Earth to the Sun. Down they descended and created bodies, taking the semblance of men as their own. The masters of everything said after their forming: “We are they who were formed from the space-dust, partaking of life from the infinite ALL; living in the world as children of men, like and yet unlike the children of men.”


Then for a dwelling place, far ‘neath the earth crust, blasted great spaces they by their power, spaces apart from the children of men. Surrounded them by forces and power, shielded from harm they the Halls of the Dead.


Side by side then, placed they other spaces, filled them with Life and with Light from above. Builded they then the Halls of Amenti, that they might dwell eternally there living with life to eternity’s end.

Thirty and two were there of the children, sons of Light who had come among men, seeking to free from the bondage of darkness those who were bound by the force from beyond.

Deep in the Halls of Life grew a flower, flaming, expanding, driving backward the night. Placed in the center, a ray of great potence, Life giving, Light giving, filling with power all who came near it. Placed they around it thrones, two and thirty, places for each of the Children of Light, placed so that they were bathed in the radiance, filled with the Life from the eternal Light. There time after time placed they their first created bodies so that they might be filled with the Spirit of Life. One hundred years out of each thousand must the Life-giving Light flame forth on their bodies. Quickening, awakening the Spirit of Life.


There in the circle from aeon to aeon, sit the Great Masters, living a life not known among men. There in the Halls of Life they lie sleeping; free flows their Soul through the bodies of men. Time after time, while their bodies lie sleeping, incarnate they in the bodies of men. Teaching and guiding onward and upward, out of the darkness into the Light. There in the Hall of Life, filled with their wisdom, known not to the races of man, living forever ‘neath the cold fire of life, sit the Children of Light. Times there are when they awaken, come from the depths to be lights among men, infinite they among finite.


He who by progress has grown from the darkness, lifted himself from the night into light, free is he made of the Halls of Amenti, free of the Flower of Light and of Life. Guided he then, by wisdom and knowledge, passes from man, to the Master of Life. There he may dwell as one with the Masters, free from the bonds of the darkness of night.


Seated within the flower of radiance sit seven Lords from the Space-Time above us, helping and guiding through infinite Wisdom, the pathway through time of the children of men. Mighty and strange, they, veiled with their power, silent, all-knowing, drawing the Life force, different yet one with the children of men. Aye, different, and yet one with the Children of Light.


Custodians and watchers of the force of man’s bondage, ready to loose when the light has been reached. First and most mighty, sits the Veiled Presence, Lord of Lords, the infinite Nine, over the others from each Cosmic cycle, weighing and watching the progress of men.


Under HE, sit the Lords of the Cycles; Three, Four, Five, and Six, Seven, Eight, each with his mission, each with his power, guiding, directing the destiny of man. There sit they, mighty and potent, free of all time and space. Not of this world they, yet akin to it, Elder Brothers they, of the children of men. Judging and weighing, they with their wisdom, watching the progress Light among men.


There before them was I led by the Dweller, watched him blend with ONE from above. Then from HE came forth a voice saying: “Great art thou, Thoth, among children of men. Free henceforth of the Halls of Amenti, Master of Life among children of men. Taste not of death except as thou will it, drink thou of Life to Eternity’s end. Henceforth forever is Life, thine for the taking. Henceforth is Death at the call of thy hand. Dwell here or leave here when thou desireth, free is Amenti to the Sun of man. Take thou up Life in what form thou desireth, Child of the Light that has grown among men. Choose thou thy work, for all souls must labor, never be free from the pathway of Light. One step thou has gained on the long pathway upward, infinite now is the mountain of Light. Each step thou taketh but heightens the mountain; all of thy progress but lengthens the goal. Approach ye ever the infinite Wisdom, ever before thee recedes the goal. Free are ye made now of the Halls of Amenti to walk hand in hand with the Lords of the world, one in one purpose, working together, bringers of Light to the children of men.”


Then from his throne came one of the Masters, taking my hand and leading me onward, through all the Halls of the deep hidden land. Led he me through the Halls of Amenti, showing the mysteries that are known not to man. Through the dark passage, downward he led me into the Hall where sits the dark Death. Vast as space lay the great Hall before me, walled by darkness but yet filled with Light.


Before me arose a great throne of darkness, veiled on it seated a figure of night. Darker than darkness sat the great figure, dark with a darkness not of the night. Before it then paused the Master, speaking The Word that brings about Life, saying: “Oh, master of darkness, guide of the way from Life unto Life, before thee I bring a Sun of the morning. Touch him not ever with the power of night. Call not his flame to the darkness of night. Know him, and see him, one of our brothers, lifted from darkness into the Light. Release thou his flame from its bondage, free let it flame through the darkness of night.”


Raised then the hand of the figure, forth came a flame that grew clear and bright. Rolled back swiftly the curtain of darkness, unveiled the Hall from the darkness of night. Then grew in the great space before me, flame after flame, from the veil of the night. Uncounted millions leaped they before me, some flaming forth as flowers of fire. Others there were that shed a dim radiance, glowing but faintly from out of the night. Some there were that faded swiftly; others that grew from a small spark of light. Each surrounded by its dim veil of darkness, yet flaming with the light that could never be quenched. Coming and going like fireflies in springtime, filled they the space with Light and with Life.


Then spoke a voice, mighty and solemn, saying: “These are lights that are souls among men, growing and fading, existing forever, changing yet living, through death into life. When they have bloomed into flower, reached the zenith of growth in their life, swiftly then send I my veil of darkness, shrouding and changing to new forms of life. Steadily upward throughout the ages, growing, expanding into yet greater flame, lighting the darkness with yet greater power, quenched yet unquenched by the veil of the night. So grows the soul of man ever upward, quenched yet unquenched by the darkness of night.


I, Death, come, and yet I remain not, for life eternal exists in the All; only an obstacle, I in the pathway, quick to be conquered by the infinite light. Awaken, O flame that burns ever inward, flame forth and conquer the veil of the night.”


Then in the midst of the flames in the darkness grew there one that drove forth the night, flaming, expanding, ever brighter, until at last was nothing but Light. Then spoke my guide, the voice of the master: “See your own soul as it grows in the light, free now forever from the Lord of the night.”


Forward he led me through many great spaces filled with the mysteries of the Children of Light; mysteries that man may never yet know of until he, too, is a Sun of the Light. Backward then HE led me into the Light of the Hall of the Light. Knelt I then before the great Masters, Lords of ALL from the cycles above.


Spoke HE then with words of great power saying: “Thou has been made free of the Halls of Amenti. Choose thou thy work among the children of men.”


Then spoke I: “O, great master, let me be a teacher of men, leading them onward and upward until they too, are lights among men; freed from the veil of the night that surrounds them, flaming with light that shall shine among men.”


Spoke to me then the voice: “Go, as ye will. So be it decreed. Master are ye of your destiny, free to take or reject at will. Take ye the power, take ye the wisdom. Shine as a light among the children of men.”


Upward then, led me the Dweller. Dwelt I again among children of men, teaching and showing some of my wisdom; Sun of the Light, a fire among men.


Now again I tread the path downward, seeking the light in the darkness of night. Hold ye and keep ye, preserve my record, guide shall it be to the children of men.

TABLET III – The Key of Wisdom


I, Thoth, the Atlantean, give of my wisdom, give of my knowledge, give of my power. Freely I give to the children of men. Give that they, too, might have wisdom to shine through the world from the veil of the night. Wisdom is power and power is wisdom, one with each other, perfecting the whole.


Be thou not proud, O man, in thy wisdom. Discourse with the ignorant as well as the wise. If one comes to thee full of knowledge, listen and heed, for wisdom is all.


Keep thou not silent when evil is spoken for Truth like the sunlight shines above all.


He who over-steppeth the Law shall be punished, for only through Law comes the freedom of men.


Follow thine heart during thy lifetime. Do thou more than is commanded of thee.


When thou has gained riches, follow thou thine heart, for all these are of no avail if thine heart be weary. Diminish thou not the time of following thine heart. It is abhorred of the soul.


They that are guided go not astray, but they that are lost cannot find a straight path. If thou go among men, make for thyself, Love, the beginning and end of the heart.


If one cometh unto thee for council, let him speak freely, that the thing for which he hath come to thee may be done. If he hesitates to open his heart to thee, it is because thou, the judge, doeth the wrong.


Repeat thou not extravagant speech, neither listen thou to it, for it is the utterance of one not in equilibrium. Speak thou not of it, so that he before thee may know wisdom.


Silence is of great profit. An abundance of speech profiteth nothing.


Exalt not thine heart above the children of men, lest it be brought lower than the dust.


If thou be great among men, be honored for knowledge and gentleness.


If thou seeketh to know the nature of a friend, ask not his companion, but pass a time alone with him. Debate with him, testing his heart by his words and his bearing.


That which goeth into the store-house must come forth, and the things that are thine must be shared with a friend.


Knowledge is regarded by the fool as ignorance, and the things that are profitable are to him hurtful. He liveth in death. It is therefore his food.


The wise man lets his heart overflow but keeps silent his mouth.


O man, list to the voice of wisdom; list to the voice of light. Mysteries there are in the Cosmos that unveiled fill the world with their light. Let he who would be free from the bonds of darkness first divine the material from the immaterial, the fire from the earth; for know ye that as earth descends to earth, so also fire ascends unto fire and becomes one with fire. He who knows the fire that is within himself shall ascend unto the eternal fire and dwell in it eternally. Fire, the inner fire, is the most potent of all force, for it overcometh all things and penetrates to all things of the Earth.


Man supports himself only on that which resists. So Earth must resist man else he existeth not.


All eyes do not see with the same vision, for to one an object appears of one form and color and to a different eye of another. So also the infinite fire, changing from color to color, is never the same from day to day.


Thus, speak I, Thoth, of my wisdom, for man is a fire burning bright through the night; never is quenched in the veil of the darkness, never is quenched by the veil of the night.


Hark ye, O man, and list to this wisdom: where do name and form cease? Only in consciousness, invisible, an infinite force of radiance bright. The forms that ye create by brightening thy vision are truly effects that follow thy cause.


Man is a star bound to a body, until in the end, he is freed through his strife. Only struggle and toiling thy utmost shall the star within thee bloom out in new life. He who knows the commencement of all things, free is his star from the realms of night.



Remember, O man, that all which exists is only another form of that which exists not. Everything that has being is passing into yet other being and thou thyself are not an exception.


Consider the Law, for all is Law. Seek not that which is not of the Law, for such exists only in the illusions of the senses.


Wisdom cometh to all her children even as they cometh unto wisdom.


All through the ages, the light has been hidden. Awake, O man, and be wise.


Deep in the mysteries of life have I traveled, seeking and searching for that which is hidden. List ye, O man, and be wise.


Far ‘neath the earth crust, in the Halls of Amenti, mysteries I saw that are hidden from men.


Oft have I journeyed the deep hidden passage, looked on the Light that is Life among men. There ‘neath the Flowers of Life ever living, searched I the hearts and the secrets of men. Found I that man is but living in darkness, light of the great fire is hidden within.


Before the Lords of hidden Amenti learned I the wisdom I give unto men. Masters are they of the great Secret Wisdom, brought from the future of infinity’s end. Seven are they, the Lords of Amenti, overlords they of the Children of Morning, Suns of the Cycles, Masters of Wisdom. Formed are not they as the children of men? Three, Four, Five and Six, Seven, Eight, Nine are the titles of the Masters of men.


Far from the future, formless yet forming, came they as teachers for the children of men. Live they forever, yet not of the living, bound not to life and yet free from death. Rule they forever with infinite wisdom, bound yet not bound to the dark Halls of Death. Life they have in them, yet life that is not life, free from all are the Lords of the ALL.


Forth from them came forth the Logos, instruments they of the power o’er all. Vast is their countenance, yet hidden in smallness, formed by a forming, known yet unknown.


Three holds the key of all hidden magic, creator he of the Halls of the Dead; sending forth power, shrouding with darkness, binding the souls of the children of men; sending the darkness, binding the soul force; director of negative to the children of men.


Four is he who looses the power. Lord, he, of Life to the children of men.


Light is his body, flame is his countenance; freer of souls to the children of men.


Five is the master, the Lord of all magic-Key to The Word that resounds among men.


Six is the Lord of Light, the hidden pathway, part of the souls of the children of men.


Seven is he who is Lord of the vastness, master of Space and the key of the Times.


Eight is he who orders the progress; weighs and balances the journey of men.


Nine is the father, vast he of countenance, forming and changing from out of the formless. Meditate on the symbols I give thee. Keys are they, though hidden from men.


Reach ever upward, O Soul of the morning. Turn thy thoughts upward to Light and to Life. Find in the keys of the numbers I bring thee, light on the pathway from life unto life.


Seek ye with wisdom. Turn thy thoughts inward. Close not thy mind to the Flower of Light.


Place in thy body a thought-formed picture. Think of the numbers that lead thee to Life.


Clear is the pathway to he who has wisdom. Open the door to the Kingdom of Light.


Pour forth thy flame as a Sun of the morning. Shut out the darkness and live in the day.


Take thee, O man! As part of thy being, the Seven who are but are not as they seem. Opened, O man! Have I my wisdom. Follow the path in the way I have led.


Masters of Wisdom, Sun of the Morning Light and Life to the children of men. TABLET IV – The Space Born


List ye, O man, to the voice of wisdom, list to the voice of Thoth, the Atlantean. Freely I give to thee of my wisdom gathered from the time and space of this cycle; master of mysteries, Sun of the morning, Thoth the teacher of men, is of ALL.


Long time ago, I in my childhood, lay ‘neath the stars on long-buried Atlantis, dreaming of mysteries far above men. Then in my heart grew there a great longing to conquer the pathway that led to the stars. Year after year, I sought after wisdom, seeking new knowledge, following the way, until at last my Soul, in great travail, broke from its bondage and bounded away. Free was I from the bondage of earth-men. Free from the body, I flashed through the night. Unlocked at last for me was the star-space. Free was I from the bondage of night. Now to the end of space sought I wisdom, far beyond knowledge of finite man.


Far into space, my Soul traveled freely into infinity’s circle of light. Strange, beyond knowledge, were some of the planets, great and gigantic, beyond dreams of men. Yet found I Law, in all of its beauty, working through and among them as here among men. Flashed forth my soul through infinity’s beauty, far through space I flew with my thoughts.


Rested I there on a planet of beauty. Strains of harmony filled all the air. Shapes there were, moving in Order, great and majestic as stars in the night; mounting in harmony, ordered equilibrium, symbols of the Cosmic, like unto Law.


Many the stars I passed in my journey, many the races of men on their worlds; some reaching high as stars of the morning, some falling low in the blackness of night. Each and all of them struggling upward, gaining the heights and plumbing the depths, moving at times in realms of brightness, living through darkness, gaining the Light.


Know, O man, that Light is thine heritage. Know that darkness is only a veil. Sealed in thine heart is brightness eternal, waiting the moment of freedom to conquer, waiting to rend the veil of the night.


Some I found who had conquered the ether. Free of space were they while yet they were men. Using the force that is the foundation of ALL things, far in space constructed they a planet, drawn by the force that flows through the ALL; condensing, coalescing the ether into forms that grew as they willed. Outstripping in science, they, all of the races, mighty in wisdom, sons of the stars.


Long time I paused, watching their wisdom. Saw them create from out of the ether cities gigantic of rose and gold. Formed forth from the primal element, base of all matter, the ether far flung.


Far in the past, they had conquered the ether, freed themselves from the bondage of toil; formed in their mind only a picture and swiftly created, it grew.


Forth then, my soul sped, throughout the Cosmos, seeing ever, new things and old; learning that man is truly space-born, a Sun of the Sun, a child of the stars.


Know ye, O man, whatever form ye inhabit, surely it is one with the stars. Thy bodies are nothing but planets revolving around their central suns. When ye have gained the light of all wisdom, free shall ye be to shine in the ether-one of the Suns that light outer darkness-one of the space-born grown into Light. Just as the stars in time lose their brilliance, light passing from them into the great source, so, O man, thy soul passes onward, leaving behind the darkness of night.


Formed forth ye, from the primal ether, filled with the brilliance that flows from the source, bound by the ether coalesced around, yet ever it flames until at last it is free. Lift up your flame from out of the darkness, fly from they night and ye shall be free.


Traveled I through the space-time, knowing my soul at last was set free, knowing that now might I pursue wisdom. Until at last, I passed to a plane, hidden from knowledge, known not to wisdom, extension beyond all that we know. Now, O man, when I had this knowing, happy my soul grew, for now I was free. Listen, ye space-born, list to my wisdom: know ye not that ye, too, will be free.


List ye again, O man, to my wisdom, that hearing, ye too, might live and be free. Not of the earth are ye-earthy, but child of the Infinite Cosmic Light.


Now, to ye, I give knowledge, freedom to walk in the path I have trod, showing ye truly how by my striving, I trod the path that leads to the stars.


Hark ye, O man, and know of thy bondage, know how to free thyself from the toils. Out of the darkness shall ye rise upward, one with the Light and one with the stars. Follow ye ever the path of wisdom. Only by this can ye rise from below. Ever man’s destiny leads him onward into the Curves of Infinity’s ALL.


Know ye, O man, that all space is ordered. Only by Order are ye One with the ALL. Order and balance are the Law of the Cosmos. Follow and ye shall be One with the ALL.


He who would follow the pathway of wisdom, open must be to the Flower of Life, extending his consciousness out of the darkness, flowing through time and space in the ALL.


Deep in the silence, first ye must linger until at last ye are free from desire, free from the longing to speak in the silence. Conquer by silence, the bondage of words. Abstaining from eating until ye have conquered desire for food, that is bondage of soul.


Then lie ye down in the darkness. Close ye your eyes from the rays of the Light.


Center thy soul-force in the place of thine consciousness, shaking it free from the bonds of the night. Place in thy mind-place the image thou desireth. Picture the place thou desireth to see. Vibrate back and forth with thy power. Loosen the soul from out of its night. Fiercely must thou shake with all of thy power until at last thy soul shall be free.


Mighty beyond words is the flame of the Cosmic, hanging in planes, unknown to man; mighty and balanced, moving in Order, music of harmonies, far beyond man. Speaking with music, singing with color, flame from the beginning of Eternity’s ALL. Spark of the flame art thou, O my children, burning with color and living with music. List to the voice and thou shalt be free. Consciousness free is fused with the Cosmic, One with the Order and Law of the ALL.


Knew ye not man, that out of the darkness, Light shall flame forth, a symbol of ALL.


Pray ye this prayer for attaining of wisdom. Pray for the coming of Light to the ALL. “Mighty Spirit of Light that shines through the Cosmos, draw my flame closer in harmony to thee. Lift up my fire from out of the darkness, magnet of fire that is One with the ALL. Lift up my soul, thou mighty and potent. Child of the Light, turn not away. Draw me in power to melt in thy furnace; One with all things and all things in One, fire of the life-strain and One with the Brain.”


When ye have freed thy soul from its bondage, know that for ye the darkness is gone. Ever through space ye may seek wisdom, bound not by fetters forged in flesh.


Onward and upward into the morning, free flash, O Soul, to the realms of Light. Move thou in Order, move thou in Harmony, freely shalt move with the Children of Light.


Seek ye and know ye, my Key of Wisdom. Thus, O man, ye shall surely be free. TABLET V – The Dweller of Unal


Oft dream I of buried Atlantis, lost in the ages that have passed into night. Aeon on aeon thou existed in beauty, a shining through the darkness of night.


Mighty in power, ruling the earth-born, Lord of the Earth in Atlantis’ day. King of the nations, master of wisdom, Light through Suntal, Keeper of the Way, dwelt in his Temple, the Master of Unal, Light of the Earth in Atlantis’ day.


Master, He, from a cycle beyond us, living in bodies as one among men. Not as the earth-born, He from beyond us, Sun of a cycle, advanced beyond men.


Know ye, O man, that Horlet the Master, was never one with the children of men. Far in the past time when Atlantis first grew as a power, appeared there one with the Key of Wisdom, showing the way of Light to all.


Showed he to all men the path of attainment, way of the Light that flows among men. Mastering darkness, leading the Man-Soul, upward to heights that were One with the Light.


Divided the Kingdoms, He into sections. Ten were they, ruled by children of men. Upon another, built He a Temple, built but not by the children of men.


Out of the Ether called He its substance, moulded and formed by the power of Ytolan into the forms He built with His mind. Mile upon mile it covered the island, space upon space it grew in its might. Black, yet not black, but dark like the space-time, deep in its heart the Essence of Light. Swiftly the Temple grew into being, moulded an shaped by the Word of the Dweller, called from the formless into a form.


Builded He then, within it, great chambers, filled them from forms called forth from the Ether, filled them with wisdom called forth by His mind.


Formless was He within his Temple, yet was He formed in the image of man. Dwelling among them yet not of them, strange and far different was He from the children of men.


Chose He then from among the people, Three who became his gateway. Chose He the Three from the Highest to become his links with Atlantis. Messengers they, who carried his councel, to the kings of the children of men.


Brought He forth others and taught them wisdom; teachers, they, to the children of men. Placed He them on the island of Undal to stand as teachers of Light to men.


Each of those who were thus chosen, taught must he be for years five and ten. Only thus could he have understanding to being Light to the children of men. Thus there came into being the Temple, a dwelling place for the Master of man.


I, Thoth, have ever sought wisdom, searching in darkness and searching in Light. Long in my youth I traveled the pathway, seeking ever new knowledge to gain. Until after much striving, one of the Three, to me brought the Light. Brought He to me the commands of the Dweller, called me from darkness into the Light. Brought He me, before the Dweller, deep in the Temple before the great Fire.


There on the great throne, beheld I, the Dweller, clothed with the Light and flashing with fire. Down I knelt before that great wisdom, feeling the Light flowing through me in waves. Heard I then the voice of the Dweller: “O darkness, come into the Light. Long have ye sought the pathway to the Light. Each soul on earth that loosens its fetters shall soon be made free from the bondage of night. Forth from the darkness have ye arisen, closer approached the Light of your goal. Here ye shall dwell as one of my children, keeper of records gathered by wisdom, instrument thou of the Light from beyond. Ready be thou made to do what is needed, perserver of wisdom though the ages of darkness that shall come fast on the children of men. Live thee here and drink of all wisdom. Secrets and mysteries unto thee shall unveil.”


Then answered I, the Master of Cycles, saying: “O Light, that descended to men, give thou to me of thy wisdom that I might be a teacher of men. Give thou of thy Light that I may be free.”


Spoke then to me again, the Master: “Age after age shall ye live through your wisdom. Aye, when o’er Atlantis the ocean waves roll, holding the Light, though hidden in darkness, ready to come when e’er thou shalt call. Go thee now and learn greater wisdom. Grow thou through Light to Infinity’s ALL.”


Long then dwelt I in the Temple of the Dweller until at last I was One with the Light. Followed I then the path to the star planes, followed I then the pathway to Light. Deep into Earth’s heart I followed the pathway, learning the secrets, below as above; learning the pathway to the Halls of Amenti; learning the Law that balances the world. To earth’s hidden chambers pierced I by my wisdom, deep through the Earth’s crust, into the pathway, hidden for ages from the children of men. Unveiled before me, ever more wisdom until I reached a new knowledge: found that all is part of an ALL, great and yet greater than all that we know. Searched I Infinity’s heart through the ages. Deep and yet deeper, more mysteries I found.


Now, as I look back through the ages, know I that wisdom is boundless, ever grown greater throughout the ages, One with Infinity’s greater than all.


Light there was in ancient Atlantis. Yes, darkness, too, was hidden in all. Fell from the Light into the darkness, some who had risen to heights among men. Proud they became because of their knowledge, proud were they of their place among men. Deep delved they into the forbidden, opened the gateway that led to below. Sought they to gain ever more knowledge but seeking to bring it up from below.


He who descends below must have balance, else he is bound by lack of our Light. Opened, they then, by their knowledge, pathways forbidden to man.


But, in His Temple, all-seeing, the Dweller, lay in his Agwanti, which through Atlantis His soul roamed free. Saw He the Atlanteans, by their magic, opening the gateway that would bring to Earth a great woe. Fast fled His soul then, back to His body. Up He arose from His Agwanti. Called He the Three mighty messengers. Gave the commands that shattered the world.


Deep ‘neath Earth’s crust to the Halls of Amenti, swiftly descended the Dweller. Called He then on the powers of the Seven Lords wielded; changed the Earth’s balance. Down sank Atlantis beneath the dark waves.


Shattered the gateway that had been opened; shattered the doorway that led down below. All of the islands were shattered except Unal, and part of the island of the sons of the Dweller. Preserved He them to be the teachers, Lights on the path for those to come after, Lights for the lesser children of man.


Called He then, I Thoth, before him, gave me commands for all I should do, saying: “Take thou, O Thoth, all of your wisdom. Take all your records. Take all your magic. Go thou forth preserving the records until in time Light grows among men. Light shalt thou be all through the ages, hidden yet found by enlightened men. Over all Earth, give WE ye power, free thou to give or take it away. Gather thou now the sons of Atlantis. Take them and flee to the people of the rock caves. Fly to the land of the Children of Khem.”


Then gathered I the sons of Atlantis. Into the spaceship I brought all my records, brought the records of sunken Atlantis. Gathered I all of my powers, instruments many of mighty magic.


Up then we rose on wings of the morning. High we arose above the Temple, leaving behind the three and Dweller, deep in the Halls ‘neath the Temple. Down ‘neath the waves sank the great Temple, closing the pathway to the Lords of the Cycles. Yet ever to him who has knowing, open shall be the path to Amenti.


Fast fled we then on the wings of the morning, fled to the land of the children of Khem. There by my power, I conquered and ruled them. Raised I to Light, the children of Khem.


Deep ‘neath the rocks, I buried my spaceship, waiting the time when man might be free. Over the spaceship, erected a marker in the form of a lion yet like unto man. There ‘neath the image rests yet my spaceship, forth to be brought when need shall arise.


Know ye, O man, that far in the future invaders shall come from out of the deep. Then awake, ye who have wisdom. Bring forth my ship and conquer with ease.


Deep ‘neath the image lies my secret. Search and find in the pyramid I built. Each to the other is the Keystone; each the gateway that leads into Life. Follow the Key I leave behind me. Seek and the doorway to Life shall be thine. Seek thou in my pyramid, deep in the passage that ends in a wall. Use thou the Key of the Seven, and open to thee the pathway will fall.


Now unto thee I have given my wisdom. Now unto thee I have given my way. Follow the pathway. Solve thou my secrets. Unto thee I have shown the way. TABLET VI – The Key of Magic


Hark ye, O man, to the wisdom of magic. Hark to the knowledge of powers forgotten. Long, long ago in the days of the first man, warfare began between darkness and light. Men, then as now, were filled with both darkness and light; and while in some darkness held sway, in others light filled the soul.


Aye, age old is this warfare, the eternal struggle between darkness and light. Fiercely is it fought all through the ages, using strange powers hidden to man.


Adepts have there been filled with the blackness, struggling always against the light; but others there are who, filled with brightness, have ever conquered the darkness of night. Where e’er ye may be in all ages and planes, surely ye shall know of the battle with night. Long ages ago, the Suns of the Morning, descending, found the world filled with night. There in that past time began the struggle, the age old battle of darkness and Light.


Many in that time were so filled with darkness that only feebly flamed the light from the night.


Some there were, masters of darkness, who sought to fill all with their darkness; sought to draw others into their night. Fiercely withstood they, the masters of brightness; fiercely fought they from the darkness of night. Sought they ever to tighten the fetters, the chains that bind man to the darkness of night. Used they always the dark magic, brought into man by the power of darkness; magic that enshrouded man’s soul with darkness.


Banded together in as order, Brothers of Darkness, they through the ages, antagonists they to the children of men. Walked they always secret and hidden, found yet not found by the children of men. Forever they walked and worked in darkness, hiding from the light in the darkness of night. Silently, secretly, use they their power, enslaving and binding the souls of men.


Unseen they come and unseen they go. Man in his ignorance calls Them from below.


Dark is the way the Dark Brothers travel, dark with a darkness not of the night, traveling o’er Earth they walk through man’s dreams. Power have they gained from the darkness around them to call other dwellers from out of their plane in ways that are dark and unseen by man. Into man’s mind-space reach the Dark Brothers. Around it, they close the veil of their night. There through its lifetime that soul dwells in bondage, bound by the fetters of the Veil of the night. Mighty are they in the forbidden knowledge, forbidden because it is one with the night.


Hark ye, O man, and list to my warning: be ye free from the bondage of night. Surrender not your soul to the Brothers of Darkness. Keep thy face ever turned toward the Light. Know ye not, O man, that your sorrow only has come through the Veil of the night? Aye, man, heed ye my warning: strive ever upward, turn your soul toward the Light. For well know they that those who have traveled far towards the Sun on their pathway of Light have great and yet greater power to bind with darkness the children of Light. List ye, O man, to he who comes to you. But weigh in the balance if his words be of Light. For many there are who walk in Dark Brightness and yet are not the children of Light. Easy it is to follow their pathway, easy to follow the path that they lead. But yes, O man, heed ye my warning: Light comes only to him who strives. Hard is the pathway that leads to the Wisdom, hard is the pathway that leads to the Light. Many shall ye find, the stones in your pathway; many the mountains to climb toward the Light. Yet know ye, O man, to him that o’ercometh, free will he be of the pathway of Light. Follow ye not the Dark Brothers ever. Always be ye a child of the Light. For know ye, O man, in the end Light must conquer and darkness and night be banished from Light.


Listen, O man, and heed ye this wisdom; even as darkness, so is the Light.


When darkness is banished and all Veils are rendered, out there shall flash from the darkness, the Light.


Even as exist among men the Dark Brothers, so there exists the Brothers of Light. Antagonists they of the Brothers of Darkness, seeking to free men from the night. Powers have they, mighty and potent. Knowing the Law, the planets obey. Work they ever in harmony and order, freeing the man-soul from its bondage of night. Secret and hidden, walk they also. Known not are they to the children of men. Yet know that ever they walk with thee, showing the Way to the children of men. Ever have They fought the Dark Brothers, conquered and conquering time without end. Yet always Light shall in the end be master, driving away the darkness of night.


Aye, man, know ye this knowing: always beside thee walk the Children of Light.


Masters they of the Sun power, ever unseen yet the guardians of men. Open to all is their pathway, open to he who will walk in the Light. Free are They of Dark Amenti, free of the Halls where Life regins supreme. Suns are they and Lords of the morning, Children of Light to shine among men. Like man are they and yet are unlike. Never divided were they in the past. One have they been in Oneness eternal, throughout all space since the beginning of time. Up did they come in Oneness with the All One, up from the first-space, formed and unformed.


Given to man have they secrets that shall guard and protect him from all harm. He who would travel the path of a master, free must he be from the bondage of night. Conquer must he the formless and shapeless; conquer must he the phantom of fear. Knowing, must he gain of all the secrets, travel the pathway that leads through the darkness, yet ever before him keep the light of his goal. Obstacles great shall he meet in the pathway, yet press on to the Light of the Sun.


Hear ye, O man, the Sun is the symbol of the Light that shines at the end of thy road. Now to thee give I the secrets: how to meet the dark power, meet and conquer the fear from the night. Only by knowing can ye conquer; only by knowing can ye have Light.



Now I give unto thee the knowledge, known to the Masters; the knowing that conquers all the dark fears. Use this, the wisdom I give thee. Master thou shalt be of the Brothers of Night.


When unto thee there comes a feeling, drawing thee nearer to the dark gate, examine thine heart and find if the feeling thou hast has come from within. If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts, banish them forth from place in thy mind. Send through thy body a wave of vibration, irregular first and regular second, repeating time after time until free. Start the Wave Force in thy Brain Center. Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot.


But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened, be sure that a force is directed to thee. Only by knowing can thou overcome it. Only by wisdom can thou hope to be free. Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is power. Attain and ye shall have power o’er all.



Seek ye first a place bound with darkness. Place ye a circle around about thee. Stand erect in the midst of the circle. Use thou this formula, and thou shalt be free. Raise thou thine hands to the dark space above thee. Close thou thine eyes and draw in the Light. Call to the Spirit of Light through the Space-Time, using these words and thou shalt be free: “Fill thou my body with Spirit of Light. Come from the Flower that shines through the darkness. Come from the Halls where the Seven Lords rule. Name them by name, I, the Seven: Three, Four, Five and Six, Seven, Eight-Nine. By their names I call them to aid me, free me and save me from the darkness of night: Untanas, Quertas, Chietal, and Goyana, Huertal, Semveta-Ardal. By their names I implore thee, free me from darkness and fill me with Light.”


Know ye, O man, that when ye have done this, ye shall be free from the fetters that bind ye, cast off the bondage of the Brothers of Night. See ye not that the names have the power to free by vibration the fetters that bind? Use them at need to free thou thine brother so the he, too, may come forth from the night.


Thou, O man, art thy brother’s helper. Let him not lie in the bondage of night.


Now unto thee, give I my magic. Take it and dwell on the pathway of Light.


Light unto thee, Life unto thee, Sun may thou be on the cycle above. TABLET VII – The Seven Lords


Hark ye, O man, and list to my Voice. Open thy mind-space and drink of my wisdom. Dark is the pathway of Life that ye travel. Many the pitfalls that lie in thy way. Seek ye ever to gain greater wisdom. Attain and it shall be light on thy way.


Open thy Soul, O man, to the Cosmic and let it flow in as one with thy Soul. Light is eternal and darkness is fleeting. Seek ye ever, O man, for the Light. Know ye that ever as Light fills thy being, darkness for thee shall soon disappear.


Open thy soul to the Brothers of Brightness. Let them enter and fill thee with Light. Lift up thine eyes to the Light of the Cosmos. Keep thou ever thy face to the goal. Only by gaining the light of all wisdom, art thou one with the Infinite goal. Seek ye ever the Oneness eternal. Seek ye ever the Light of the goal.


Light is infinite and Light is finite, separate only by darkness in man. Seek ye to rend the Veil of the Darkness. Bring thou together the Light into One.


Hear ye, O man, list to my Voice singing the song of Light and of Life. Throughout all space, Light is prevalent, encompassing ALL with its banners of flame. Seek ye forever in the Veil of the Darkness, somewhere ye shall surely find Light. Hidden and buried, lost to man’s knowledge, deep in the finite the Infinite exists. Lost, but existing, flowing through all things, living in ALL is the Infinite Brain. In all space, there is only One wisdom. Though seeming divided, it is One in the One. All that exists comes forth from the Light, and the Light comes forth from the ALL.


Everything created is based upon Order: Law rules the space where the Infinite dwells. Forth from equilibrium came the great cycles, moving in harmony toward Infinity’s end.


Know ye, O man, that far in the space-time, Infinity itself shall pass into change. Here ye and list to the Voice of Wisdom: Know that ALL is of ALL evermore. Know that through time thou may pursue wisdom and find ever more light on the way. Aye, thou shalt find that ever receding, thy goal shall elude thee from day unto day.


Long time ago, in the Halls of Amenti, I, Thoth, stood before the Lords of the cycles. Mighty, They in their aspects of power; mighty, They in the wisdom unveiled.


Led by the Dweller, first did I see them. But afterwards free was I of their presence, free to enter their conclave at will. Oft did I journey down the dark pathway unto the Hall where the Light ever glows.


Learned I of the Masters of cycles, wisdom brought from the cycles above us, knowledge brought from Infinity’s All. Many the questions I asked of the Lords of the cycles. Great was the wisdom they gave unto me. Now unto thee I give of this wisdom, drawn from the flame of Infinity’s fire.


Deep in the Dark Halls sit the Seven, units of consciousness from cycles above. Manifest They in this cycle as guide of man to the knowledge of All. Seven are they, mighty in power, speaking these words through me to men. Time after time, stood I before them listening to words that came not with sound.


Once said They unto me: “O man, wouldst thou gain wisdom? Seek for it in the heart of the flame. Wouldst thou gain knowledge of power? Seek ye it in the heart of the flame. Wouldst be one with the heart of the flame? Seek then within thine own hidden flame.”


Many the times spoke They to me, teaching me wisdom not of the world; showing me ever new paths to brightness; teaching me wisdom brought from above. Giving knowledge of operation, learning of Law, the order of ALL.


Spoke to me again, the Seven, saying: “From far beyond time are We come, O man. Traveled We from beyond the Space-Time, aye, from the place of Infinity’s end. When ye and all of thy brethren were formless, formed forth were We from the order of ALL. Not as men are We though once We, too, were as men. Out of the Great Void were We formed forth in order and by Law. For know ye that that which is formed truly is formless, having form only to thine eyes.”

And again, unto me spoke the Seven, saying: “Child of the Light, O Thoth, art thou, free to travel the bright path upward until at the last All Ones become One.


Forth were We formed after our order: Three, Four, Five and Six, Seven, Eight-Nine. Know ye that these are the number of cycles that We descend from unto man. Each having here a duty to fulfill; each having here a force to control. Yet are We, One, with the Soul of our cycle. Yet are We, too, seeking a goal. Far beyond man’s conception, Infinity extends into a greater than All. There, in a time that is yet not a time, we shall ALL become ONE with a greater than ALL. Time and space are moving in circles. Know ye their law, and ye, too, shall be free. Aye, free shall ye be to move through the cycles-pass the guardians that dwell at the door.” hen to me spoke He of Nine, saying: “Aeons and aeons have I existed, knowing not Life, and tasting not death. For know ye, O man, that far in the future, life and death shall be one with the All. Each so perfected by balancing the other that neither exists in the Oneness of All. In men of this cycle, the life force is rampant, but life in its growth becomes one with the All. Here, I manifest in this your cycle, but yet am I there in your future of time. Yet to me, time exists not, for in my world time exists not, for formless are We. Life have We not but yet have existence, fuller and greater and freer than thee.


Man is a flame bound to a mountain, but We in our cycle shall ever be free. Know ye, O man, that when ye have progressed into the cycles that lengthen above, life itself will pass to the darkness and only the essence of Soul shall remain.”


Then to me spoke the Lord of the Eight saying: “All that ye know is but part of little. Not as yet have ye touched on the Great. Far out in space where Light reigns supreme, came I into the Light. Formed was I also but not as ye are.


Body of Light was my formless form formed. Know I not Life and know I not Death, yet master am I of all that exists. Seek ye to find the path through the barriers. Travel the road that leads to the Light.”


Spoke again to me the Nine saying: “Seek ye to find the path to beyond. Not impossible is it to grow to a consciousness above. For when Two have become One and One has become the All, know ye the barrier has lifted, and ye are made free of the road. Grow thou from form to the formless. Free may thou be of the road.”


Thus, through ages I listened, learning the way to the All. Now lift I my thought to the All-Thing. List ye and hear when it calls. “O Light, all pervading, One with All and All with One, flow thou to me through the channel. Enter thou so that I may be free. Make me One with the All-Soul, shining from the blackness of night. Free let me be of all space-time, free from the Veil of the night. I, a child of the Light, command: Free from the darkness to be.”


Formless am I to the Light-Soul, formless yet shining with Light. Know I the bonds of the darkness must shatter and fall before light.


Now give I this wisdom. Free may ye be, O man, living in light and in brightness. Turn not thy face from the Light. Thy soul dwells in realms of brightness. Ye are a child of the Light.


Turn thy thoughts inward not outward. Find thou the Light-Soul within. Know that thou are the Master. All else is brought from within. Grow thou to realms of brightness. Hold thou thy thought on the Light. Know thou are one with the Cosmos, a flame and a Child of the Light.


Now to thee give I warning: Let not thy thought turn away. Know that the brightness flows through thy body for aye. Turn not to the Dark-Brightness that comes from the Brothers of Black. But keep thine eyes ever lifted, thy soul in tune with the Light.


Take ye this wisdom and heed it. List to my Voice and obey. Follow the pathway to brightness, and thou shalt be One with the way.

TABLET VIII – The Key of Mysteries


Unto thee, O man, have I given my knowledge. Unto thee have I given of Light. Hear ye now and receive my wisdom brought from space planes above and beyond.


Not as man am I for free have I become of dimensions and planes. In each, take I on a new body. In each, I change in my form. Know I now that the formless is all there is of form.


Great is the wisdom of the Seven. Mighty are they from beyond. Manifest They through their power, filled by force from beyond.


Here ye these words of wisdom. Hear ye and make them thine own. Find in them the formless. Find ye the key to beyond. Mystery is but hidden knowledge. Know and ye shall unveil. Find the deep buried wisdom and be master of darkness and Light.


Deep are the mysteries around thee, hidden the secrets of Old. Search through the Keys of my Wisdom. Surely shall ye find the way. The gateway to power is secret, but he who attains shall receive. Look to the Light! O my brother. Open and ye shall receive. Press on through the valley of darkness. Overcome the dweller of the night. Keep ever thine eyes to the Light-Plane, and thou shalt be One with the Light.


Man is in process of changing to forms that are not of this world. Grows he in time to the formless, a plane on the cycle above. Know ye, ye must become formless before ye are one with the Light.


List ye, O man, to my voice, telling of the pathways to Light, showing the way of attainment when ye shall be One with the Light. Search ye the mysteries of Earth’s heart. Learn of the Law that exists, holding the stars in their balance by the force of the primordial mist. Seek ye the flame of the Earth’s Life. Bathe in the glare of its flame. Follow the three-cornered pathway until thou, too, art a flame.


Speak thou in words without voice to those who dwell down below. Enter the blue-litten Temple and bathe in the fire of all life.


Know, O man, thou art complex, a being of earth and of fire. Let thy flame shine out brightly. Be thou only the fire.


Wisdom is hidden in darkness. When lit by the flame of the Soul, find thou the wisdom and be Light-Born, a Sun of the Light without form. Seek thee ever more wisdom. Find it in the heart of the flame. Know that only by striving can Light pour into thy brain. Now have I spoken with wisdom. List to my Voice and obey. Tear open the Veils of the darkness. Shine a Light on the Way.


Speak I of Ancient Atlantis, speak of the days of the Kingdom of Shadows, speak of the coming of the children of shadows. Out of the great deep were they called by the wisdom of earth-men, called for the purpose of gaining great power.


Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness, using dark magic, calling up beings from the great deep below us. Forth came they into this cycle. Formless were they of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of earth-men. Only through blood could they have formed being. Only through man could they live in the world.


In ages past were they conquered by the Masters, driven below to the place whence they came. But some there were who remained, hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man. Lived they in Atlantis as shadows, but at times they appeared among men. Aye, when the blood was offered, forth came they to dwell among men.


In the form of man moved they amongst us, but only to sight where they as are men. Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted but appearing to man as men among men. Crept they into the Councils, taking forms that were like unto men. Slaying by their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o’er man. Only by magic could they be discovered. Only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they from the kingdom of shadows to destroy man and rule in his place.


But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic, able to lift the Veil from the face of the serpent, able to send him back to his place. Came they to man and taught him the secret, the Word that only a man can pronounce. Swift then they lifted the Veil from the serpent and cast him forth from place among men.


Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth in a place that is open at times to the world. Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites have been said. Again as time passes onward shall they take the semblance of men.


Called may they be by the master who knows the white or the black, but only the white master may control and bind them while in the flesh.


Seek not the kingdom of shadows, for evil will surely appear. For only the master of brightness shall conquer the shadow of fear.


Know ye, O my brother, that fear is an obstacle great. Be master of all in the brightness, the shadow will soon disappear. Hear ye and heed my wisdom, the voice of Light is clear. Seek not the valley of shadow, and Light only will appear.


List ye, O man, to the depth of my wisdom. Speak I of knowledge hidden from man. Far have I been on my journey though Space-Time, even to the end of the space of this cycle. Found I there the great barrier, holding man from leaving this cycle. Aye, glimpsed the Hounds of the Barrier, laying in wait for he who would pass them. In that space where time exists not, faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles. Move they only through angles. Free are they not of the curved dimensions.

Strange and terrible are the Hounds of the Barrier. Follow they consciousness to the limits of space. Think not to escape by entering your body, for follow they fast the Soul through angles. Only the circle will give ye protection, safe from the claws of the Dweller in Angles.

Once, in a time past, I approached the great Barrier, and saw on the shores where time exists not, the formless forms of the Hounds of the Barrier. Aye, hiding in the mist beyond time I found them; and They, scenting me afar off, raised themselves and gave the great bell cry that can be heard from cycle to cycle and moved through space toward my Soul.


Fled I then fast before them, back from time’s unthinkable end. But ever after me pursued they, moving in strange angles not known to man. Aye, on the gray shore of Time-Space’s end found I the Hounds of the Barrier, ravening for the Soul who attempts the beyond.


Fled I through circles back to my body. Fled, and fast after me they followed. Aye, after me the devourers followed, seeking through angles to devour my Soul.


Aye, know ye man, that the Soul who dares the Barrier may be held in bondage by the Hounds from beyond time, held till this cycle is all completed and left behind when the consciousness leaves.


Entered I my body. Created the circles that know not angles, created the form that from my form was formed. Made my body into a circle and lost the pursuers in the circles of time. But, even yet, when free from my body, cautious ever must I be not to move through angles, else my Soul might never be free.


Know ye, the Hounds of the Barrier move only through angles and never through curves of space. Only by moving through curves can ye escape them, for in angles they will pursue thee. O man, heed ye my warning; Seek not to break open the gate to beyond. Few there are who have succeeded in passing the Barrier to the greater Light that shines beyond. For know ye, ever the dwellers, seek such Souls to hold in their thrall.


Listen, O man, and heed ye my warning; seek ye to move not in angles but curves. And if while free from thy body, thou hearest the sound like the bay of a hound ringing clear and bell-like through thy being, flee back to thy body through circles, penetrate not the mist before.


When thou hast entered the form thou hast dwelt in, use thou the cross and the circle combined. Open thy mouth and use thou thy Voice. Utter the Word and thou shalt be free. Only the one who of Light has the fullest can hope to pass by the guards of the way. And then must he move through strange curves and angles that are formed in direction not known to man.


List ye, O man, and heed ye my warning: attempt not to pass the guards in the way. Rather should ye seek to gain of thine own Light and make thyself ready to pass on the way.


Light is thine ultimate end, O my brother. Seek and find ever the Light on thy way.

TABLET IX – The Key of Freedom of Space


List ye, O man, hear ye my voice, teaching of Wisdom and Light in this cycle; teaching ye how to banish the darkness, teaching ye how to bring Light in thy life.


Seek ye, O man, to find the great pathway that leads to eternal Life as a Sun. Draw ye away from the veil of the darkness. Seek to become a Light in the world. Make of thyself a vessel for Light, a focus for the Sun of this space.


Lift thou thine eyes to the Cosmos. Lift thou thine eyes to the Light. Speak in the words of the Dweller, the chant that calls down the Light. Sing thou the song of freedom. Sing thou the song of the Soul. Create the high vibration that will make thee One with the Whole. Blend all thyself with the Cosmos. Grow into One with the Light. Be thou a channel of order, a pathway of Law to the world.


Thy Light, O man, is the great Light, shining through the shadow of flesh. Free must thou rise from the darkness before thou art One with the Light.


Shadows of darkness surround thee. Life fills thee with its flow. But know, O man, thou must arise and forth from thy body go far to the planes that surround thee and yet are One with thee, too.


Look all around thee, O man. See thine own light reflected. Aye, even in the darkness around thee, thine own Light pours forth through the veil.


Seek thou for wisdom always. Let not thine body betray. Keep in the path of the Light wave. Shun thou the darkened way. Know thee that wisdom is lasting, existing since the All-Soul began, creating harmony from chaos by the Law that exists in the Way. List ye, O man, to the teaching of wisdom. List to the voice that speaks of the past-time. Aye, I shall tell thee knowledge forgotten, tell ye of wisdom hidden in past-time, lost in the mist of darkness around me.


Know ye, man, ye are the ultimate of all things. Only the knowledge of this is forgotten, lost when man was cast into bondage, bound and fettered by the chains of the darkness.


Long, long ago, I cast off my body. Wandered I free through the vastness of ether, circled the angles that hold man in bondage. Know ye, O man, ye are only a spirit. The body is nothing. The Soul is All. Let not your body be a fetter. Cast off the darkness and travel in Light. Cast off your body, O man, and be free, truly a Light that is One with the Light.


When ye are free from the fetters of darkness and travel in space as a Sun of the Light, then ye shall know that space is not boundless but truly bounded by angles and curves. Know ye, O man, that all that exists is only an aspect of greater things yet to come. Matter is fluid and flows like a stream, constantly changing from one thing to another.


All through the ages has knowledge existed; never been changed, though buried in darkness; never been lost, though forgotten by man.

Know ye that throughout the space that ye dwell in are others as great as your own, interlaced through the heart of your matter yet separate in space of their own.


Once in a time long forgotten, I, Thoth, opened the doorway, penetrated into other spaces and learned of the secrets concealed. Deep in the essence of matter are many mysteries concealed.

Nine are the interlocked dimensions, and Nine are the cycles of space. Nine are the diffusions of consciousness, and Nine are the worlds within worlds. Aye, Nine are the Lords and the cycles that come from above and below.


Space is filled with concealed ones, for space is divided by time. Seek ye the key to the time-space, and ye shall unlock the gate. Know ye that throughout the time-space consciousness surely exists. Though from our knowledge it is hidden, yet still it forever exists.


The key to worlds within thee are found only within. For man is the gateway of mystery and the key that is One within One.


Seek ye within the circle. Use the Word I shall give. Open the gateway within thee, and sure thou, too, shalt live. Man, ye think that ye liveth, but know it is life within death. For as sure as ye are bound to your body, for you no life exists. Only the Soul is space-free, has life that is really a life. All else is only a bondage, a fetter from which to be free.


Think not that man is earth-born, though come from the earth he may be. Man is a light-born spirit. But, without knowing, he can never be free. Darkness fetters the Soul. Only the one who is seeking may ever hope to be free. Shadows around thee are falling. Darkness fills all the spaces. Shine forth, O Light of the man-soul. Fill thou the darkness of space. Ye are a Sun of the Great Light. Remember and ye shall be free. Stay not thou in the shadows. Spring forth from the darkness of night. Light, let thy Soul be, O Sun-Born, filled with glory of Light, freed from the bonds of darkness, a Soul that is One with the Light.


Thou art the key to all wisdom. Within thee is all time and space. Live not in bondage to darkness. Free thou thy Light-form from night.


“Great Light that fills all the Cosmos, flow thou fully to man. Make of his body a light-torch that shall never be quenched among men.”


Long in the past, sought I wisdom, knowledge not known to man. Far to the past I traveled into the space where time began. Sought I ever new knowledge to add to the wisdom I know. Yet only, I found, did the future hold the key to the wisdom I sought.


Down to the Halls of Amenti I journeyed, the greater knowledge to seek. Asked of the Lords of the Cycles, the way to the wisdom I sought. Asked the Lords this question: “Where is the source of ALL?” Answered, in tones that were mighty, the voice of the Lord of the Nine: “Free thou thy Soul from thy body and come forth with me to the Light.”


Forth I came from my body, a glittering flame in the night. Stood I before the Lords, bathed in the fire of Life. Seized was I then by a force, great beyond knowledge of man. Cast was I to the Abyss through spaces unknown to man.


Saw I moulding of Order from the chaos and angles of night. Saw I the Light spring from Order and heard the voice of the Light. Saw I the flame of the Abyss, casting forth Order and Light. Saw Order spring out of chaos. Saw Light giving forth Life.


Then heard I the voice: “Hear thou and understand. The flame is the source of all things, containing all things in potentiality. The Order that sent forth light is the Word and from the Word comes Life and the existence of all.” And again spoke the voice saying: “The Life in thee is the Word. Find thou the Life within thee, and have powers to use of the Word.”


Long I watched the Light-flame, pouring forth from the Essence of Fire, realizing that Life is but Order and that man is one with the fire.


Back I came to my body. Stood again with the Nine, listened to the voice of the Cycles, vibrate with powers they spoke: “Know ye, O Thoth, that Life is but the Word of the Fire. The Life force ye seek before thee is but the Word in the World as a fire. Seek ye the path to the Word and powers shall surely be thine.”


Then asked I of the Nine: “O Lord, show me the path. Give me the path to the wisdom. Show me the way to the Word.” Answered, me then, the Lord of the Nine: “Through Order, ye shall find the way. Saw ye not that the Word came from Chaos? Saw ye not that Light came from Fire? Look in thy life for disorder. Balance and order thy life. Quell all the Chaos of emotions and thou shalt have order in Life. Order brought forth from Chaos will bring thee the Word of the Source, will give thee the power of Cycles, and make of thy Soul a force that free will extend through the ages, a perfected Sun from the Source.”


Listened I to the voice and deep sank the words in my heart. For ever have I sought for order that I might draw on the word. Know ye that he who attains it must ever in Order be. For use of the Word through disorder has never and can never be.


Take ye these words, O man. As part of thy life, let them be. Seek thee to conquer disorder, and One with the Word thou shalt be.


Put forth thy effort in gaining Light on the pathway of Life. Seek to be One with the Sun-State. Seek to be solely the Light. Hold thou thy thought on the Oneness of Light with the body of man. Know that all is Order from Chaos born into Light.

Table X – The Key of Time


List ye, O man. Take of my wisdom. Learn of the deep hidden mysteries of space. Learn of the Thought that grew in the abyss, bringing Order and Harmony in space.


Know ye, O man, that all that exists has being only because of the Law. Know ye the Law and ye shall be free, never be bound by the fetters of night.


Far, through strange spaces, have I journeyed into the depth of the abyss of time, learning strange and yet stranger mysteries, until in the end all was revealed. Know ye that mystery is only mystery when it is knowledge unknown to man. When you have plumbed the heart of all mystery, knowledge and wisdom will surely be thine.


Seek ye and learn that Time is the secret whereby ye may be free of this space.


Long have I, Thoth, sought wisdom; aye, and shall seek to eternity’s end for know I that ever before receding shall move the goal I seek to attain. Even the Lords of the Cycles know that not yet have They reached the goal, for with all of their wisdom, they know that Truth ever grows.


Once, in a past time, I spoke to the Dweller. Asked of the mystery of time and space. Asked him the question that surged in my being, saying: “O Master, what is time?”


Then to me spoke He, the Master: “Know ye, O Thoth, in the beginning there was void and nothingness: a timeless, spaceless, nothingness. And into the nothingness came a thought, purposeful, all-pervading, and It filled the Void. There existed no matter, only force, a movement, a vortex of vibration of the purposeful thought that filled the Void.”


And I questioned the Master, saying: “Was this thought eternal?” And answered me the Dweller, saying: “In the beginning, there was eternal thought, and for thought to be eternal, time must exist. So into the all-pervading thought grew the Law of Time. Aye, time which exists through all space, floating in a smooth, rhythmic movement that is eternally in a state of fixation. Time changes not, but all things change in time. For time is the force that holds events separate, each in its proper place. Time is not in motion, but ye move through time as your consciousness moves from one event to another. Aye, by time ye exist, all in all, an eternal One existence. Know ye that even though in time ye are separate, yet still are One in all times existent.” Ceased then the voice of the Dweller, and departed I to ponder on time. For knew I that in these words lay wisdom and a way to explore the mysteries of time.


Oft did I ponder the words of the Dweller. Then sought I to solve the mystery of time. Found I that time moves through strange angles. Yet only by curves could I hope to attain the key that would give me access to the time-space. Found I that only by moving upward and yet again by moving to right-ward could I be free from the time of this movement.


Forth I came from out of my body, moved in the movements that changed me in time. Strange were the sights I saw in my journeys, many the mysteries that opened to view. Aye, saw I man’s beginning, learned from the past that nothing is new.


Seek ye, O man, to learn the pathway that leads through the spaces that are formed forth in time.


Forget not, O man, with all of thy seeking that Light is the goal ye shall seek to attain. Search ye ever for Light on thy pathway and ever for thee the goal shall endure. Let not thine heart turn ever to darkness. Light let thine Soul be, a sun on the way. Know ye that in the eternal brightness, ye shall ever find thy Soul hid in the Light, never fettered by bondage to darkness, ever it shines forth a Sun of the Light.


Aye, know, though hidden in darkness, your Soul, a spark of the true flame, exists. Be ye One with the greatest of all Lights. Find at the Source, the End of thy goal.


Light is life, for without the great Light nothing can ever exist. Know ye, that in all formed matter, the heart of Light always exists. Aye, even though bound in the darkness, inherent Light always exists.


Once I stood in the Halls of Amenti and heard the voice of the Lords of Amenti, saying in tones that rang through the silence, words of power, mighty and potent. Chanted they the song of the cycles, the words that opened the path to beyond. Aye, I saw the great path opened and looked for an instant into the beyond. Saw I the movements of the cycles, vast as the thought of the Source could convey.


Knew I then that even Infinity is moving on to some unthinkable end. Saw I that the Cosmos is Order and part of a movement that extends to all space, a part of an Order of Orders, constantly moving in a harmony of space. Saw I the wheeling of cycles like vast circles across the sky. Knew I then that all that has being is growing to meet yet other being in a far-off grouping of space and of time. Knew I then that in Words are power to open the planes that are hidden from man. Aye, that even in Words lies hidden the key that will open above and below.


Hark ye now, man, this word I leave with thee. Use it and ye shall find power in its sound. Say ye, the word: “Zin-Uru” and power ye shall find. Yet must ye understand that man is of Light and Light is of man.


List ye, O man, and hear a mystery stranger than all that lies ‘neath the Sun. Know ye, O man, that all space is filled by worlds within worlds; aye, one within the other yet separate by Law.


Once in my search for deep buried wisdom, I opened the door that bars Them from man. Called I from other planes of being, one who was fairer than the daughters of men. Aye, I called her from out of the spaces to shine as a Light in the world of men.

Used I the drum of the Serpent. Wore I the robe of the purple and gold. Placed on my head, I, the crown of Silver. Around me the circle of cinnabar shone. Raised I my arms and cried the invocation that opens the path to the planes beyond, cried to the Lords of the Signs in their houses: “Lords of the two horizons, watchers of the treble gates, stand ye One at the right and One at the left as the Star rises to his throne and rules over his sign. Aye, thou dark prince of Arulu, open the gates of the dim, hidden land and release her whom ye keep imprisoned.


Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, dark Lords and Shining Ones, and by their secret names, names which I know and can pronounce, hear ye and obey my will.”


Lit I then with flame my circle and called Her in the space-planes beyond. “Daughter of Light return from Arulu. Seven times and seven times have I passed through the fire. Food have I not eaten. Water have I not drunk. I call thee from Arulu, from the realm of Ekershegal, I summon thee, Lady of Light.”


Then before me rose the dark figures; aye, the figures of the Lords of Arulu. Parted they before me and forth came the Lady of Light. Free was she now from the Lords of the night, free to live in the Light of the earth Sun, free to live as a child of Light.


Here ye and listen, O my children. Magic is knowledge and only is Law. Be not afraid of the power within thee for it follows Law as the stars in the sky.


Know ye that to he without knowledge, wisdom is magic and not of the Law. But know ye that ever ye by your knowledge can approach closer to a place in the Sun.


List ye, my children, follow my teaching. Be ye ever seeker of Light. Shine in the world of men all around thee, a Light on the path that shall shine among men.


Follow ye and learn of my magic. Know that all force is thine if thou wilt. Fear not the path that leads thee to knowledge, but rather shun ye the dark road.


Light is thine, O man, for the taking. Cast off the fetters and thou shalt be free. Know ye that thy Soul is living in bondage fettered by fear that holds ye in thrall. Open thy eyes and see the great Sun-Light. Be not afraid for all is thine own. Fear is the Lord of dark Arulu to he who has never faced the dark fear. Aye, know that fear has existence created by those who are bound by their fears.


Shake off thy bondage, O children, and walk in the Light of the glorious day. Never turn thy thoughts to the darkness and surely ye shall be One with the Light.


Man is only what he believeth, a brother of darkness or a child of the Light. Come thou into the Light my Children. Walk in the pathway that leads to the Sun.


Hark ye now and list to the wisdom. Use thou the word I have given unto thee. Use it and surely thou shalt find power and wisdom and Light to walk in the way. Seek thee and find the key I have given and ever shalt thou be a Child of the Light. TABLET XI – The Key of Above and Below


Hear ye and list ye, O children of Khem, to the words that I give that shall bring ye to the Light. Ye know, O men, that I knew your fathers, aye, your fathers in a time long ago. Deathless have I been through all the ages, living among ye since your knowledge began. Leading ye upward to the Light of the Great Soul have I ever striven, drawing ye from out of the darkness of night.


Know ye, O people amongst whom I walk, that I, Thoth, have all of the knowledge and all of the wisdom known to man since the ancient days. Keeper have I been of the secrets of the great race, holder of the key that leads into life. Bringer up have I been to ye, O my children, even from the darkness of the Ancient of Days. List ye now to the words of my wisdom. List ye now to the message I bring. Hear ye now the words I give thee, and ye shall be raised from the darkness to Light.


Far in the past, when first I came to thee, found I thee in caves of rocks. Lifted I thee by my power and wisdom until thou didst shine as men among men. Aye, found I thee without any knowing. Only a little were ye raised beyond beasts. Fanned I ever the spark of thy consciousness until at last ye flamed as men.


Now shall I speak to thee knowledge ancient beyond the thought of thy race. Know ye that we of the Great Race had and have knowledge that is more than man’s. Wisdom we gained from the star-born races, wisdom and knowledge far beyond man’s. Down to us had descended the masters of wisdom as far beyond us as I am from thee. List ye now while I give ye wisdom. Use it and free thou shalt be. Know ye that in the pyramid I builded are the Keys that shall show ye the Way into life. Aye, draw ye a line from the great image I builded, to the apex of the pyramid, built as a gateway. Draw ye another opposite in the same angle and direction. Dig ye and find that which I have hidden. There shall ye find the underground entrance to the secrets hidden before ye were men.


Tell ye I now of the mystery of cycles that move in movements that are strange to the finite, for infinite are they beyond knowledge of man. Know ye that there are nine of the cycles; aye, nine above and fourteen below, moving in harmony to the place of joining that shall exist in the future of time. Know ye that the Lords of the Cycles are units of consciousness sent from the others to unify This with the All. Highest are They of the consciousness of all the Cycles, working in harmony with the Law. Know They that in time all will be perfected, having none above and none below, but all One in a perfected Infinity, a harmony of all in the Oneness of All.


Deep ‘neath Earth’s surface in the Halls of Amenti sit the Seven, the Lords of the Cycles, aye, and another, the Lord from below. Yet know thee that in Infinity there is neither above nor below. But ever there is and ever shall be Oneness of All when all is complete. Oft have I stood before the Lords of the All. Oft at the fount of their wisdom have drunken and filled both my body and Soul with their Light.

Spake they to me and told me of cycles and the Law that gives them the means to exist. Aye, spake to me the Lord of the Nine saying: “O, Thoth, great are ye among Earth’s children, but mysteries exist of which ye know not. Ye know that ye came from a space-time below this and know ye shall travel to a space-time beyond. But little ye know of the mysteries within them, little ye know of the wisdom beyond. Know ye that ye as a whole in this consciousness are only a cell in the process of growth.

The consciousness below thee is ever-expanding in different ways from those known to thee. Aye, it, though in space-time below thee, is ever growing in ways that are different from those that were part of the ways of thine own. For know that it grows as a result of thy growth but not in the same way that thou didst grow. The growth that thou had and have in the present have brought into being a cause and effect. No consciousness follows the path of those before it, else all would be repetition and vain. Each consciousness in the cycle it exists in follows its own path to the ultimate goal. Each plays its part in the Plan of the Cosmos. Each plays its part in the ultimate end. The farther the cycle, the greater its knowledge and ability to blend the Law of the whole.


Know ye, that ye in the cycles below us are working the minor parts of the Law, while we of the cycle that extends to Infinity take of the striving and build greater Law.

Each has his own part to play in the cycles. Each has his work to complete in his way. The cycle below thee is yet not below thee but only formed for a need that exists. For know ye that the fountain of wisdom that sends forth the cycles is eternally seeking new powers to gain. Ye know that knowledge is gained only by practice, and wisdom comes forth only from knowledge, and thus are the cycles created by Law. Means are they for the gaining of knowledge for the Plane of Law that is the Source of the All. The cycle below is not truly below but only different in space and in time. The consciousness there is working and testing lesser things than those ye are. And know, just as ye are working on greater, so above ye are those who are also working as ye are on yet other laws. The difference that exists between the cycles is only in ability to work with the Law. We, who have being in cycles beyond thee, are those who first came forth from the Source and have in the passage through time-space gained ability to use Laws of the Greater that are far beyond the conception of man. Nothing there is that is really below thee but only a different operation of Law. Look thee above or look thee below, the same shall ye find. For all is but part of the Oneness that is at the Source of the Law. The consciousness below thee is part thine own as we are a part of thine.


Ye, as a child had not the knowledge that came to ye when ye became a man. Compare ye the cycles to man in his journey from birth unto death, and see in the cycle below thee the child with the knowledge he has; and see ye yourself as the child grown older, advancing in knowledge as time passes on. See ye, We, also, the child grown to manhood with the knowledge and wisdom that came with the years. So also, O Thoth, are the cycles of consciousness, children in different stages of growth, yet all from the one Source, the Wisdom, and all to the Wisdom returning again.”

Ceased then He from speaking and sat in the silence that comes to the Lords. Then again spake He unto me, saying: “O Thoth, long have We sat in Amenti, guarding the flame of life in the Halls. Yet know, we are still part of our Cycles with our Vision reaching unto them and beyond. Aye, know we that of all, nothing else matters excepting the growth we can gain with our Soul. Know we the flesh is fleeting. The things men count great are nothing to us. The things we seek are not of the body but are only the perfected state of the Soul. When ye as men can learn that nothing but progress of Soul can count in the end, then truly ye are free from all bondage, free to work in a harmony of Law.

Know, O man, ye should aim at perfection, for only thus can ye attain to the goal. Though ye should know that nothing is perfect, yet it should be thy aim and thy goal.” Ceased again the voice of the Nine, and into my consciousness the words had sunk. Now, seek I ever more wisdom that I may be perfect in Law with the All.


Soon go I down to the Halls of Amenti to live ‘neath the cold flower of life. Ye whom I have taught shall nevermore see me. Yet live I forever in the wisdom I taught.


All that man is is because of his wisdom. All that he shall be is the result of his cause. List ye, now to my voice and become greater than common man. Lift thine eyes upward, let Light fill thy being, be thou ever Children of Light. Only by effort shall ye grow upward to the plane where Light is the All of the All. Be ye the master of all that surrounds thee. Never be mastered by the effects of thy life. Create then ever more perfect causes and in time shalt thou be a Sun of the Light.


Free, let thine soul soar ever upward, free from the bondage and fetters of night. Lift thine eyes to the Sun in the sky-space. For thee, let it be a symbol of life. Know that thou art the Greater Light, perfect in thine own sphere, when thou art free. Look not ever into the blackness. Lift up thine eyes to the space above. Free let thine Light flame upward and shalt thou be a Child of the Light. TABLET XII – The Law of Cause and Effect

The Key of Prophecy


List ye, O man, to the words of my wisdom, list to the voice of Thoth, the Atlantean. Conquered have I the Law of the time-space. Knowledge have I gained of the future of time. Know I that man in his movement through space-time shall ever be ONE with the ALL.


Know ye, O man, that all of the future is an open book to him who can read. All effect shall bring forth its causes as all effects grew from the first cause. Know ye the future is not fixed or stable but varies as cause brings forth an effect. Look in the cause thou shalt bring into being, and surely thou shalt see that all is effect.


In the great beginning, there grew the First Cause that brought into being all that exists. Thou, thyself, art the effect of causation and in turn are the cause of yet other effects.


So, O man, be sure the effects that ye bring forth are ever causes of more perfect effects. Know ye the future is never in fixation but follows man’s free will as it moves through the movements of time-space toward the goal where a new time begins. Man can only read the future through the causes that bring the effects. Seek ye within the causation and surely ye shall find the effects.


List ye, O man, while I speak of the future, speak of the effect that follows the cause. Know ye that man in his journey light-ward is ever seeking escape from the night. Aye, from the blackness of night that surrounds him, like the shadows that surround the stars in the sky and like the stars in the sky-space, he, too, shall shine from the shadows of night. Ever his destiny shall lead him onward until he is ONE with the Light. Aye, though his way lies midst the shadows, ever before him glows the Great Light.


Dark thou the way be yet shall he conquer the shadows that flow around him like night.


Far in the future, I see men as Light-born, free from the darkness that fetters the Soul, living in Light without the bonds of the darkness to cover the Light that is Light of their Soul. Know ye, O man, before ye attain this that many the dark shadows shall fall on your Light striving to quench with the shadows of darkness the Light of the Soul that strives to be free.


Great is the struggle between Light and darkness, age old and yet ever new. Yet, know in a time, far in the future, Light shall be All and darkness shall fall.


List ye, O man, to my words of wisdom. Prepare and ye shall not bind your Light. Man has risen and man has fallen as ever new waves of consciousness flow from the great abyss below us toward the Sun of their goal.


Ye, my children, have risen from a state that was little above the beast, until now of all men ye are greatest. Yet before thee were others greater than thee. Yet tell I thee as before thee others have fallen, so also shall ye come to an end. And upon the land where ye dwell now, barbarians shall dwell and in turn rise to Light. Forgotten shall be the ancient-wisdom, yet ever shall live though hidden from men.

Aye, in the land thou callest Khem, races shall rise and races shall fall. Forgotten shalt thou be of the children of men. Yet thou shalt have moved to a star-space beyond this leaving behind this place where thou hast dwelt.

The Soul of man moves ever onward, bound not be any one star. But ever moving to the great goal before him where he is dissolved in the Light of the All. Know ye that ye shall ever go onward, moved by the Law of cause and effect until in the end both become One.


Aye, man, after ye have gone, others shall move in the places ye lived. Knowledge and wisdom shall all be forgotten, and only a memory of Gods shall survive. As I to thee am a God by my knowledge, so ye, too, shall be Gods of the future because of your knowledge far above theirs. Yet know ye that all through the ages, man shall have access to Law when he will.

Ages to comes shall see revival of wisdom to those who shall inherit thy place on this star. They shall, in turn, comes into wisdom and learn to banish the darkness by Light. Yet greatly must they strive through the ages to bring unto themselves the freedom of Light. Many who are bound in darkness shall strive to hold others from Light. Then shall there come unto man the great warfare that shall make the Earth tremble and shake in its course. Aye, then shall the Dark Brothers open the warfare between Light and the night.


When man again shall conquer the ocean and fly in the air on wings like the birds; when he has learned to harness the lightning, then shall the time of warfare begin. Great shall the battle be twixt the forces, great the warfare of darkness and Light. Nation shall rise against nation using the dark forces to shatter the Earth. Weapons of force shall wipe out the Earth-men until half of the races of men shall be gone. Then shall come forth the Sons of the Morning and give their edict to the children of men, saying: “O men, cease from thy striving against they brother. Only thus can ye come to the Light. Cease from thy unbelief, O my brother, and follow the path and know ye are right.”

Then shall men cease from their striving, brother against brother and father against son. Then shall the ancient home of my people rise from its place ‘neath the dark ocean waves. Then shall the Age of Lights be unfolded with all men seeking the Light of the goal. Then shall the Brothers of Light rule the people. Banished shall be the darkness of night. Aye, the children of men shall progress onward and upward to the great goal. Children of Light shall they become. Flame of the flame shall their Souls ever be. Knowledge and wisdom shall be man’s in the great age for he shall approach the eternal flame, the SOURCE of all wisdom, the place of beginning, that is yet ONE with the end of all things. Aye, in a time that is yet unborn, all shall be ONE and ONE shall be All. Man, a perfect flame of this Cosmos, shall move forward to a place in the stars. Aye, shall move even from out of this space-time into another beyond the stars.


Long have ye listened to me, O my children, long have ye listened to the wisdom of Thoth. Now I depart from ye into the darkness. Now go I to the HALLS of AMENTI, there to dwell in the future [when] Light shall come again to man. Yet, know ye, my Spirit shall ever be with thee, guiding thy feet in the pathway of Light.


Guard ye the secrets I leave with thee, are surely my spirit will guard thee through life. Keep thine eyes ever on the pathway to wisdom. Keep the Light as thy goal evermore. Fetter not thy Soul in bondage of darkness; free let it wing in its flight to the stars.


Now I depart thee to dwell in Amenti. Be thou my children in this life and the next. The time will come when ye, too, shall be deathless, living from age to age a Light among men.


Guard ye the entrance to the HALLS of AMENTI. Guard ye the secrets I have hidden among ye. Let not the wisdom be cast to barbarians. Secret shall thou keep it for those who seek Light. Now depart I. Receive thou my blessing. Take thou my way and follow the Light.


Blend thou thy Soul in the Great Essence. ONE with the Great Light let thy consciousness be. Call thou on my when thou dost need me. Use my name three times in a row: CHEQUETET, ARELICH, VOMALITES. 

























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Original Introduction by Doreal

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The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

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The Halls of Amenti

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The Key of Wisdom

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The Space Born

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The Dweller of Unal

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The Key of Magic

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The Seven Lords

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The Key of Mysteries

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The Key of Freedom of Space

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The Key of Time

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The Key of Above and Below

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The Law of Cause and Effect

The Key of Prophecy

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The Keys of Life and Death

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Secret of Secrets


The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

by Thoth the Atlantean

(Translated and Interpreted by Dr. Doreal)

TABLET XIII – The Keys to Life and Death

List ye, O man, hear ye the wisdom. Hear ye the Word that shall fill thee with Life. Hear ye the Word that shall banish the darkness. Hear ye the voice that shall banish the night.

Mystery and wisdom have I brought to my children; knowledge and power descended from old. Know ye not that all shall be opened when ye shall find the oneness of all? One shall ye be with the Masters of Mystery, Conquerors of Death and Masters of Life. Aye, ye shall learn of the flower of Amenti the blossom of life that shines in the Halls. In Spirit shall ye reach that Halls of Amenti and bring back the wisdom that liveth in Light. Know ye the gateway to power is secret. Know ye the gateway to life is through death. Aye, through death but not as ye know death, but a death that is life and is fire and is Light.


Desireth thou to know the deep, hidden secret? Look in thy heart where the knowledge is bound. Know that in thee the secret is hidden, the source of all life and the source of all death.

List ye, O man, while I tell the secret, reveal unto thee the secret of old.

Deep in Earth’s heart lies the flower, the source of the Spirit that binds all in its form. For know ye that the Earth is living in body as thou art alive in thine own formed form. The Flower of Life is as thine own place of Spirit and streams through the Earth as thine flows through thy form; giving of life to the Earth and its children, renewing the Spirit from form unto form. This is the Spirit that is form of thy body, shaping and moulding into its form.

Know ye, O man, that thy form is dual, balanced in polarity while formed in its form. Know that when fast on thee Death approaches, it is only because thy balance is shaken. It is only because one pole has been lost.


Know that thy body when in perfect balance may never be touched by the finger of Death. Aye, even accident may only approach when the balance is gone. When ye are in a balanced equilibrium, ye shall live on in time and not taste of Death. Know that thou art the balanced completion, existing because of thy balance of poles. As, in thee, one pole is drawn downward, fast from thee goes the balance of life. Then unto thee cold Death approaches, and change must come to thine unbalanced life.

Know that the secret of life in Amenti is the secret of restoring the balance of poles. All that exists has form and is living because of the Spirit of life in its poles.

See ye not that in Earth’s heart is the balance of all things that exist and have being on its face? The source of thy Spirit is drawn from Earth’s heart, for in thy form thou are one with the Earth.

When thou hast learned to hold thine own balance, then shalt thou draw on the balance of Earth. Exist then shalt thou while Earth is existing, changing in form, only when Earth, too, shalt change: Tasting not of death, but one with this planet, holding thy form till all pass away.

List ye, O man, drink of my wisdom. Learn ye the secret that is Master of Time. Learn ye how those ye call Masters are able to remember the lives of the past. Great is the secret yet easy to master, giving to thee the mastery of time. When upon thee death fast approaches, fear not but know ye are master of Death. Relax thy body, resist not with tension. Place in thy heart the flame of thy Soul. Swiftly then sweep it to the seat of the triangle. Hold for a moment, then move to the goal. This, thy goal, is the place between thine eyebrows, the place where the memory of life must hold sway. Hold thou thy flame here in thy brain-seat until the fingers of Death grasp thy Soul. Then as thou pass through the state of transition, surely the memories of life shall pass, too. Then shalt the past be as one with the present. Then shall the memory of all be retained. Free shalt thou be from all retrogression. The things of the past shall live in today.


Man, ye have heard the voice of my wisdom. Follow and ye shall live through the ages as I. TABLET XIV – Atlantis (Supplementary)


List ye, O Man, to the deep hidden wisdom, lost to the world since the time of the Dwellers, lost and forgotten by men of this age.


Know ye this Earth is but a portal, guarded by powers unknown to man. Yet, the Dark Lords hide the entrance that leads to the Heaven-born land. Know ye, the way to the sphere of Arulu is guarded by barriers opened only to Light-born man.


Upon Earth, I am the holder of the keys to the gates of the Sacred Land. Command I, by the powers beyond me, to leave the keys to the world of man. Before I depart, I give ye the Secrets of how ye may rise from the bondage of darkness, cast off the fetters of flesh that have bound ye, rise from the darkness into the Light. Know ye, the soul must be cleansed of its darkness, ere ye may enter the portals of Light. Thus, I established among ye the Mysteries so that the Secrets may always be found. Aye, though man may fall into darkness, always the Light will shine as a guide. Hidden in darkness, veiled in symbols, always the way to the portal will be found. Man in the future will deny the mysteries but always the way the seeker will find. Now I command ye to maintain my secrets, giving only to those ye have tested, so that the pure may not be corrupted, so that the power of Truth may prevail. List ye now to the unveiling of Mystery. List to the symbols of Mystery I give. Make of it a religion for only thus will its essence remain.


Regions there are two between this life and the Great One, traveled by the Souls who depart from this Earth; Duat, the home of the powers of illusion; Sekhet Hetspet, the House of the Gods. Osiris, the symbol of the guard of the portal, who turns back the souls of unworthy men. Beyond lies the sphere of the heaven-born powers, Arulu, the land where the Great Ones have passed. There, when my work among men has been finished, will I join the Great Ones of my Ancient home.


Seven are the mansions of the house of the Mighty; Three guards the portal of each house from the darkness; Fifteen the ways that lead to Duat. Twelve are the houses of the Lords of Illusion, facing four ways, each of them different. Forty and Two are the great powers, judging the Dead who seek for the portal. Four are the Sons of Horus, Two are the Guards of East and West-Isis, the mother who pleads for her children, Queen of the moon, reflecting the Sun. Ba is the essence, living forever. Ka is the Shadow that man knows as life. Ba cometh not until Ka is incarnate. These are mysteries to preserve through the ages. Keys are they of life and of Death. Hear ye now the mystery of mysteries: learn of the circle beginningless and endless, the form of He who is One and in all. Listen and hear it, go forth and apply it, thus will ye travel the way that I go. Mystery in Mystery, yet clear to the Light-born, the Secret of all I now will reveal. I will declare a secret to the initiated, but let the door be wholly shut against the profane.

Three is the mystery, come from the great one. Hear, and Light on thee will dawn.

In the primeval, dwell three unities. Other than these, none can exist. These are the equilibrium, source of creation: one God, one Truth, one point of freedom.


Three come forth from the three of the balance: all life, all good, all power.


Three are the qualities of God in his Light-home: Infinite power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Love.

Three are the powers given to the Masters: To transmute evil, assist good, use discrimination.


Three are the things inevitable for God to perform: Manifest power, wisdom and love.


Three are the powers creating all things: Divine Love possessed of perfect knowledge, Divine Wisdom knowing all possible means, Divine Power possessed by the joint will of Divine Love and Wisdom.


Three are the circles (states) of existence: The circle of Light where dwells nothing but God, and only God can traverse it; the circle of Chaos where all things by nature arise from death; the Circle of awareness where all things spring from life.


All things animate are of three states of existence: chaos or death, liberty in humanity and felicity of Heaven.


Three necessities control all things: beginning in the Great Deep, the circle of chaos, plenitude in Heaven.


Three are the paths of the Soul: Man, Liberty, Light.

Three are the hindrances: lack of endeavor to obtain knowledge; non-attachment to god; attachment to evil. In man, the three are manifest. Three are the Kings of power within. Three are the chambers of the mysteries, found yet not found in the body of man.


Hear ye now of he who is liberated, freed from the bondage of life into Light. Knowing the source of all worlds shall be open. Aye, even the Gates of Arulu shall not be barred. Yet heed, O man, who wouldst enter heaven. If ye be not worthy, better it be to fall into the fire. Know ye the celestials pass through the pure flame. At every revolution of the heavens, they bathe in the fountains of Light.


List ye, O man, to this mystery: Long in the past before ye were man-born, I dwelled in Ancient Atlantis. There in the Temple, I drank of the Wisdom, poured as a fountain of Light from the Dweller. Give the key to ascend to the Presence of Light in the Great world. Stood I before the Holy One enthroned in the flower of fire. Veiled was he by the lightnings of darkness, else my Soul by the Glory have been shattered.

Forth from the feet of his Throne like the diamond, rolled forth four rivers of flame from his footstool, rolled through the channels of clouds to the Man-world. Filled was the hall with Spirits of Heaven. Wonder of wonders was the Starry palace. Above the sky, like a rainbow of Fire and Sunlight, were formed the spirits. Sang they the glories of the Holy One. Then from the midst of the Fire came a voice: “Behold the Glory of the first Cause.” I beheld that Light, high above all darkness, reflected in my own being. I attained, as it were, to the God of all Gods, the Spirit-Sun, the Sovereign of the Sun spheres.


Again came the Voice: “There is one, even the First, who hath no beginning, who hath no end; who hath made all things, who govern all, who is good, who is just, who illumines, who sustains.”


Then from the throne, there poured a great radiance, surrounding and lifting my soul by its power. Swiftly I moved through the spaces of Heaven, shown was I the mystery of mysteries, shown the Secret heart of the cosmos. Carried was I to the land of Arulu, stood before the Lords in their Houses. Opened they the Doorway so I might glimpse the primeval chaos. Shuddered my soul to the vision of horror, shrank back my soul from the ocean of darkness. Then saw I the need for the barriers, saw the need for the Lords of Arulu. Only they with their Infinite balance could stand in the way of the inpouring chaos. Only they could guard God’s creation.


Then did I pass ’round the circle of eight. Saw all the souls who had conquered the darkness. Saw the splendor of Light where they dwelled.


Longed I to take my place in their circle, but longed I also for the way I had chosen, when I stood in the Halls of Amenti and made my choice to the work I would do.


Passed I from the Halls of Arulu down to the earth space where my body lay. Arose I from the earth where I rested. Stood I before the Dweller. Gave my pledge to renounce my Great right until my work on Earth was completed, until the Age of darkness be past.

List ye, O man, to the words I shall give ye. In them shall ye find the Essence of Life. Before I return to the Halls of Amenti, taught shall ye be the Secrets of Secrets, how ye, too, may arise to the Light. Preserve them and guard them, hide them in symbols, so the profane will laugh and renounce. In every land, form ye the mysteries. Make the way hard for the seeker to tread. Thus will the weak and the wavering be rejected. Thus will the secrets be hidden and guarded, held till the time when the wheel shall be turned. Through the dark ages, waiting and watching, my Spirit shall remain in the deep hidden land. When one has passed all the trials of the outer, summon ye me by the Key that ye hold. Then will I, the Initiator, answer, come from the Halls of the Gods in Amenti. Then will I receive the initiate, give him the words of power.


Hark ye, remember, these words of warning: bring not to me one lacking in wisdom, impure in heart or weak in his purpose. Else I will withdraw from ye your power to summon me from the place of my sleeping.


Go forth and conquer the element of darkness. Exalt in thy nature thine essence of Light.


Now go ye forth and summon thy brothers so that I may impart the wisdom to light thy path when my presence is gone. Come to the chamber beneath my temple. Eat not food until three days are past. There will I give thee the essence of wisdom so that with power ye may shine amongst men. There will I give unto thee the secrets so that ye, to, may rise to the Heavens-God-men in Truth as in essence ye be. Depart now and leave me while I summon those ye know of but as yet know not. TABLET XV – Secret of Secrets (Supplementary)


Now ye assemble, my children, waiting to hear the Secret of Secrets which shall give ye power to unfold the God-man, give ye the way to Eternal life. Plainly shall I speak of the Unveiled Mysteries. No dark sayings shall I give unto thee. Open thine ears now, my children. Hear and obey the words that I give.


First I shall speak of the fetters of darkness which bind ye in chains to the sphere of the Earth.


Darkness and light are both of one nature, different only in seeming, for each arose from the source of all. Darkness is disorder. Light is Order. Darkness transmuted is light of the Light. This, my children, your purpose in being; transmutation of darkness to light.


Hear ye now of the mystery of nature, the relations of life to the Earth where it dwells. Know ye, ye are threefold in nature, physical, astral and mental in one. Three are the qualities of each of the natures; nine in all, as above, so below.


In the physical are these channels, the blood which moves in vortical motion, reacting on the heart to continue its beating. Magnetism which moves through the nerve paths, carrier of energies to all cells and tissues. Akasa which flows through channels, subtle yet physical, completing the channels. Each of the three attuned with each other, each affecting the life of the body. Form they the skeletal framework through which the subtle ether flows. In their mastery lies the Secret of Life in the body. Relinquished only by will of the adept, when his purpose in living is done.


Three are the natures of the Astral, mediator is between above and below; not of the physical, not of the Spiritual, but able to move above and below.


Three are the natures of Mind, carrier it of the Will of the Great One. Arbitrator of Cause and Effect in thy life. Thus is formed the threefold being, directed from above by the power of four. Above and beyond man’s threefold nature lies the realm of the Spiritual Self. Four is it in qualities, shining in each of the planes of existence, but thirteen in one, the mystical number. Based on the qualities of man are the Brothers: each shall direct the unfoldment of being, each shall channels be of the Great One.

On Earth, man is in bondage, bound by space and time to the earth plane. Encircling each planet, a wave of vibration, binds him to his plane of unfoldment. Yet within man is the Key to releasement, within man may freedom be found.

When ye have released the self from the body, rise to the outermost bounds of your earth-plane. Speak ye the word Dor-E-Lil-La. Then for a time your Light will be lifted, free may ye pass the barriers of space. For a time of half of the sun (six hours), free may ye pass the barriers of earth-plane, see and know those who are beyond thee. Yea, to the highest worlds may ye pass. See your own possible heights of unfoldment, know all earthly futures of Soul.


Bound are ye in your body, but by the power ye may be free. This is the Secret whereby bondage shall be replaced by freedom for thee.


Calm let thy mind be. At rest be thy body: Conscious only of freedom from flesh. Center thy being on the goal of thy longing. Think over and over that thou wouldst be free. Think of this word-La-Um-I-L-Gan-over and over in thy mind let it sound. Drift with the sound to the place of thy longing. Free from the bondage of flesh by thy will.


Hear ye while I give the greatest of secrets: how ye may enter the Halls of Amenti, enter the place of the immortals as I did, stand before the Lords in their places.


Lie ye down in rest of thy body. Calm thy mind so no thought disturbs thee. Pure must ye be in mind and in purpose, else only failure will come unto thee. Vision Amenti as I have told in my Tablets. Long with fullness of heart to be there. Stand before the Lords in thy mind’s eye. Pronounce the words of power I give (mentally); Mekut-El-Shab-El Hale-Sur-Ben-El-Zabrut Zin-Efrim-Quar-El. Relax thy mind and thy body. Then be sure your soul will be called.


Now give I the Key to Shamballa, the place where my Brothers live in the darkness: Darkness but filled with Light of the Sun-Darkness of Earth, but Light of the Spirit, guides for ye when my day is done.


Leave thou thy body as I have taught thee. Pass to the barriers of the deep, hidden place. Stand before the gates and their guardians. Command thy entrance by these words: “I am the Light. In me is no darkness. Free am I of the bondage of night. Open thou the way of the Twelve and the One, so I may pass to the realm of wisdom.” When they refuse thee, as surely they will, command them to open by these words of power: “I am the Light. For me are no barriers. Open, I command, by the Secret of Secrets-Edom-El-Ahim-Sabbert-Zur Adom.” Then if thy words have been “Truth” of the highest, open for thee the barriers will fall.


Now, I leave thee, my children. Down, yet up, to the Halls shall I go. Win ye the way to me, my children. Truly my brothers shall ye become.


Thus finish I my writings. Keys let them be to those who come after. But only to those who seek my wisdom, for only for these am I the Key and the Way



1943-1968 TIMELINE ~ Figure out the Philadelphia~Rainbow~Montauk~Pegasus~Monarch~MKULTRA what they have involved in the various timelines dealing in the Cross between the 40 year time line.  1947 + 50 = 1997. +2012=15 years?

40 years to this date –What date was the Philadelphia Experiment with the USS Eldridge allegedly performed and how did that open a time warp?

December 7, 1941 – Japan surprise attack on Pearl Harbor –

1943 – USS ELDRIDGE-Philadelphia Experiment

1945 – U.S. A-bombs Japan –

1947 – Marshall Plan –

1948 – 1954 – Communism quashed in US –

1955 – Blacks boycott buses in Montgomery –

1955 – Supreme Court orders school desegregation –

1955 – AFL and CIO merge –

– 1946- Phillipines given independence –

1947 – Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, ROSWELL

Crash of 1 spacecraft imploded, the other was taken intact into the White Sands, Los Alamos, Underground Mountain BASE

captured from Japan, administered by U.S. –

1950- Guam Territory organized

– 1942 – 1945 – Navaho Windtalkers –

1954 – 1962 – Congress terminates more than 60 tribes as political units

1959 – Alaska admitted –

1959 – Hawaii admitted

1940 – Ernest Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls – 1943 – Jean-Paul Sartre Being and Nothingness – 1945 – Roberto Rosselini’s neorealist Open City –

1949 – Abstract-Expressionism breaks out in NYC – 1954 – Television thrives; radio switches to music – 1957 – Jack Kerouac On the Road –

1959 – Jean-Luc Godard’s


1933 – 1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Democrat from New York


1945 – 1949 Harry Truman Democ.

1949 – 1953 Harry S. Truman Democrat from


1953 – 1961 Dwight D. Eisenhower Republican from



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Ascended master

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Annie Besant · Abner Doubleday

Geoffrey Hodson  · Archibald Keightley

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Theosophical Society

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Order of the Star in the East

In the Ascended Master Teachings, Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations.

Both “Mahatmas” and “Ascended Master” are terms used in the Ascended Master Teachings. Ascended Master is based on the Theosophical concept of the Mahatma or Master of the Ancient Wisdom. However, “Mahatmas” and “Ascended Masters” are believed by some to differ in certain respects.

The Ascended Master Teachings refer to the Sixth Initiation as Ascension. According to the Ascended Master Teachings, a “Master” (or “Spiritual Master”) is a human being who has taken the Fifth Initiation and is thereby capable of dwelling on the 5th dimension. An “Ascended Master” is a human being who has taken the Sixth Initiation and is thereby capable of dwelling on the 6th dimension. An “Ascended Master” is a human being who has regained full union with his “Mighty I AM Presence.” When a human being has regained full union with his “Mighty I AM Presence,” that state of full union is referred to as “Ascension.” Technically, a human being “ascends” when he takes the Sixth Initiation, and not before then.

A “Chohan (Lord) of a “Ray” is an Ascended Master who has been placed in charge of one of the 12 “Rays” (until recently, 7 Rays were generally known, and 5 Rays were “secret”), due to having an extraordinary natural spiritual affinity for that Ray. A “Ray” is a concentrated stream of spiritual energy emanating, ultimately, from the Godhead. Each “Ray” is the embodiment/expression of one of the 12 great God-Qualities, such as Divine Will, Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, etc. The “Chohans (Lords) of the Rays” thus constitute a special grouping of Ascended Masters (Sixth Level Initiates).

Those who have taken the Seventh Initiation hold the Senior Administrative Posts in the Great White Brotherhood on Earth. These senior administrative posts are divided into 3 departments: The Department of the Manu, the Department of the Planetary Christ, and the Department of the Mahachohan. “

A “Lord of the World” is a human being (or a being of some lifewave other than the human lifewave) who has taken the Ninth Initiation. The Ninth Initiation is the highest Initiation possible on a 3rd-dimensional planet such as Earth. Until very recently, Sanat Kumara (a “Lord of the Flame” originally from the higher-dimensional levels of the planet Venus) was the being who held the spiritual office of “Lord of the World” on planet Earth.

The term “Ascended Master” was first used in the book Unveiled Mysteries  (1934) by Guy Ballard (1878-1939). Ballard was the founder of the first “Ascended Master Teaching” in modern times, known as The “I AM” Activity (in full: The “I AM” Religious Activity of the Saint Germain Foundation ).

 The concept of “Ascended Masters” was further popularized by authors such as Baird T. Spalding during the 1930s, and by organizations like The Bridge to Freedom (founded 1951) (known in the 1980s as The New Age Church of the Christ, and later as The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom), The Summit Lighthouse (founded 1958), and various other organizations such as the White Eagle Lodge (1936).

SOURCE OF Contents (Wikipedia Open Source Free online) 

Students of Ascended Master Teachings organizations also known as Ascended Master Activities believe that the Presence of Life.

God — individualizes as “Mighty I AM Presences,” which then incarnate in lower-dimensional subtle and gross bodies throughout the created universes. They believe that their Teachings have been given to humanity by the Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters are believed to be individuals who have lived in physical bodies, acquired the Wisdom and Mastery needed to become Immortal and Free of the cycles of “re-embodiment” and karma, and have attained their “Ascension” (the Sixth Initiation). They consider the Ascension to be the complete permanent union of the raised and purified outer self with their Mighty “I AM” Presence – that True Identity that is the unique Individualization of Almighty God residing in each person. This knowledge is believed to have previously been taught for millions of years only within “Ascended Master Retreats” and “Mystery Schools”. It is believed by adherents of the Ascended Master Teachings that this wisdom was partially released by the Theosophical Society beginning in 1875, by C.W. Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey, and began to have more detailed public release in the 1930s by the Ascended Masters through Guy Ballard in the I AM Activity.

 However, Theosophists maintain the concept of Ascended Masters are a corruption of the original Theosophical concept of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. The term Ascended Master was first introduced in 1934 by Guy Ballard with the publication of Unveiled Mysteries, a book which he said was dictated to him by the Ascended Master St. Germain.

 Other Ascended Master Teachings are contained in The Bridge to Freedom (1951), Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s The Summit Lighthouse (1958) (reorganized as the Church Universal and Triumphant in 1975), The Temple of The Presence (1995),

 The Hearts Center (2002), the I AM University (2004), and various other organizations such as the White Eagle Lodge (1936) and the Aquarian Christine Church Universal, Inc. (2006).

Beliefs about Ascended Masters


Originally presented by Helena P. Blavatsky in the 1870s, the idea of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom or Mahatmas was adopted by people who at some point had had a connection with the Theosophical movement, such as Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, and Manly P. Hall. Later on many other organizations, especially in the United States, developed the concept of Ascended Masters, which departs from the theosophical one in several aspects.

It is believed that Ascended Masters are individuals who were formerly embodied on the Earth and learned the lessons of life during their incarnations. They gained mastery over the limitations of the matter planes, balanced at least 51% of negative karma, and fulfilled their Dharma (divine plan). An Ascended Master, in such an understanding, has become God-like and a source of unconditional “Divine Love” to all life, and through the Ascension has united with his or her own “God Self,” the “I AM Presence.”

It is further claimed by various groups and teachers that the Ascended Masters serve as the teachers of mankind from the realms of Spirit, and that all people will eventually attain their Ascension and move forward in spiritual evolution beyond this planet. According to these teachings, they remain attentive to the spiritual needs of humanity, and act to inspire and motivate its spiritual growth. In many traditions and organizations, they are considered part of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, and members of the Great Brotherhood of Light, also known as the Great White Lodge, Great White Brotherhood, or Universal White Brotherhood (per Peter Deunov).[12]

According to Alice Bailey and Benjamin Creme there are sixty Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, defined as beings who have reached the Fifth Level of Initiation or above, with Djwhal Khul in a pivotal role as the master who telepathically dictated the many esoteric teachings in Baileys’ books. Elizabeth Clare Prophet revealed, by taking “dictations” from them, the names of many dozens of additional Ascended Masters that were previously unknown.

The concept of recognizing the spiritual self, one’s own psychological and karma battles and how to overcome them, and eventual Ascension of all humanity is covered in James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy and its sequels, The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision and The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight. These books, while controversial, are recent popularizations of the concept of Ascension.

In Ascended Master teachings there is also mention of Serapis Bey, a being who was incarnated as a high priest in one of the “Temples of the Sacred Fire” on Atlantis, and who migrated to Egypt at the time of the destruction of Atlantis.[13] It is also believed that he was incarnated as the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III (who constructed the Temple of Luxor to the god Amon)[14] and also as Leonidas, the King of Sparta,[15] who was killed in 480 BC defending the pass of Thermopylae against the invasion of Greece by Emperor Xerxes I of the Persian Empire. According to teachings of Agni Yoga,[16] Serapis Bey purports to be, in past lives, the Roman king Numa Pompilius, and the philosophers Confucius, Plato and Seneca the Younger (Lucius Annaeus Seneca). He is referred to in the book Supermundane as The Thinker.

[edit]Universal All-Pervading Presence of Life

Students of the Ascended Master Teachings believe that there is One God, the “Universal All-Pervading Presence of Life”, “The One”, Who is the Source of all Love, Light, and Love in existence, and that all forms of existence and consciousness emanate from this “Allness of God” – “The One”. The Voice of the I AM states “All Life is One” [17] and that there is “One Substance, One Energy, One Power, One Intelligence” as the Source of all consciousness and creation.[18] This Divine Being and Mind is considered to be above and distinct from all creation (in the sense of classical theism), transcending all creation yet interpenetrating all existence. Belief in this one god stresses the essential unity of the spiritual and material components of the universe. God creates through Individualized Identities that have distinct Self-Consciousness and that make up the Spiritual Hierarchy of Creation, yet remain connected through the flow of the “River of Life” and “Lifestream” to the one undivided god — the all in all — the Good — the Source from which all Life, Light, and Love come. There is always an uninterrupted Oneness that is maintained with the ALLNESS of God. From the ONE GOD all other realities, including Hierarchy, humanity and the material universe, are the result of a process of emanation.

[edit]The Individualized “I AM” Presence

Adherents of the Ascended Master Teachings believe that each person is an incarnation of an “Individualized Presence” of the “Most High Living God” — the “Mighty I AM Presence” — as part of humans’ very nature and being. God (as Life and Love) manifests in the 7 octaves of the created universe through individual Divine Identities. As embodied individuals, we are the outer expression of that God Self in form. It is our unique and immortal True Identity, yet always sharing in the Allness of the ONE GOD.


The founder of the Theosophical Society, Madame H. P. Blavatsky, in the late 19th century brought attention to the idea of secret initiatory knowledge, by claiming her ideas were based on traditions taught to her by a group of highly enlightened yogis which she called the Mahatmas or Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. These Mahatmas, she claimed, were physical beings living in the Himalayas, usually understood as Tibet:

… they are living men, born as we are born, and doomed to die like every mortal. We call them “masters” because they are our teachers; and because from them we have derived all the Theosophical truths … They are men of great learning, whom we call Initiates, and still greater holiness of life. After Madame Blavatsky’s death in 1891, the concept of the Mahatmas was developed by her successors in the Theosophical Society leadership, Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater, who described them in great detail and added Jesus and Maitreya. In Leadbeater’s book, The Masters and the Path (1925), the Masters are presented as human beings full of wisdom and compassion, albeit still limited by human bodies, which they choose to retain in order to keep in touch with humanity and help in its evolution.

Later organizations that used many of the teachings of Theosophy for their own purposes, developed concept of Ascended Masters which bears some important differences with the Theosophical one.

Other beliefs about Ascended Masters

Belief in the Brotherhood and the Masters is an essential part of the beliefs of various organizations that have continued and expanded the concepts released in the original Saint Germain instruction in the 1930s through The “I AM” Activity.

 Examples of those believed by the ones proposing these teachings to be Ascended Masters would be the Master Jesus, Confucius, Gautama Buddha, Mary the Mother of Jesus, St. Paul of Tarsus (aka Hilarion), Melchizedek, Archangel Michael, Metatron, Pope John Paul II, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain and Kuthumi, as well as dozens of others.

 Unveiled Mysteries records:

Truly the Great Ascended Masters are Gods. It is no wonder in the mythology of the ancients that their activities have been brought down to us in the guise of myth and fable. They wield Tremendous God Power at all times because they hold with unwavering determination to the Great God Presence and hence all Power is given unto them for they are All-Perfection.

When Jesus said, ‘All these things I have done, ye shall do and even greater things shall ye do,’ he knew whereof he spoke,” continued Saint Germain. “He came forth to reveal the Conscious Dominion and Mastery that it is possible for every human being to attain and express while still here on Earth.[citation needed]



Main article: Master Jesus

Jesus is one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom in Theosophy and is one of the Ascended master (also collectively called the Great White Brotherhood; with white being in reference to the light) in the Ascended Master Teachings, a group of religions based on Theosophy. The Master Jesus is regarded by Theosophists, was regarded by Alice Bailey and was later regarded by students of the “Ascended Master Teachings” as the Master of the Sixth Ray.

It is believed by Ascended Master Teachings organizations that the Master Jesus was “Chohan of the Sixth Ray” until December 31, 1959, when, according to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Lady Master Nada fully took on that Office in the Spiritual Hierarchy. According to Prophet, Jesus became World Teacher, along with Kuthumi, on January 1, 1956, succeeding Maitreya, who took the Office of “Planetary Buddha” and “Cosmic Christ”. This belief is not accepted by adherents of traditional Theosophy and the followers of Alice A. Bailey and Benjamin Creme – they believe that the Master Jesus is still the Chohan of the Sixth Ray and that Maitreya is still the World Teacher.

According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the Prophet of the Church Universal and Triumphant, the largest Ascended Master Teachings religion, the Master Jesus incarnated twice as the Emperor of Atlantis, once in 33,050 BC and again in 15,000 BC.

 He did this in order to aid the white magicians in the war of the white magicians and the black magicians that was going on in Atlantis at that time.

According to Alice A. Bailey, the Master Jesus was previously incarnated as Joshua, the Hebrew military leader in the 13th century BC, and Joshua the High Priest in the sixth century BC.

According to the Ascended Master Teachings, Jesus was also incarnated as Joseph of the Coat of many colors in the 17th century BC/16th century BC (approximately between 1650 BC and 1550 BC), as well as King David (who lived c. 1037 BC until around 970 BC), and Elisha in the 9th century BC.

Do “Initiation” and “Ascension” (the Sixth Initiation) differ from “Salvation” by Christ?

The subject of Initiation, as discussed in this article, seems to be (in many ways) a different matter than the series of events in the Judeo-Christian tradition known as the “Christ Event.” More specifically, it appears that what Christian theologians refer to as “salvation” (by Jesus Christ) is not the same spiritual process or spiritual attainment as “Ascension” (the Sixth Initiation), even though Jesus himself was reported to have ascended near the close of his spiritual mission on Earth.

According to the esoteric tradition, the “Christ Event” – and, more specifically, the “salvation” of mankind by Jesus Christ – was/is a set of spiritual events which, mysteriously, are occurring “simultaneously with” and/or “parallel to” the process of spiritual initiation in general. The “Christ Event” (which began about 2000 years ago, and certain aspects of which will be continuing into the far-distant future) involved the “descent” of a spiritual being known as the “Cosmic Christ Spirit” down through various dimensions of the universe, until it finally “incarnated” in a human being (Jesus of Nazareth) on planet Earth. In the Christian esoteric tradition, the Cosmic Christ Spirit is also known as the “Word” (Logos).

 In Hinduism, this same divine being is called Vishvakarman or Vishvakarma, and is described as being the “Principal Universal Architect” and the “Lord of Creation.” When the Cosmic Christ Spirit “incarnated” on Earth, it united with the man Jesus of Nazareth and utilized him as its physical human aspect, physical human expression, or physical human terminus. The esoteric tradition holds that at the time of his baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist, Jesus of Nazareth was partially “incorporated” into the Cosmic Christ Spirit, and thus actually became a functional part or functional aspect of the Cosmic Christ Spirit itself – at least temporarily (for about 3 years).

From the above account, careful students of the esoteric tradition will realize that what happened to Jesus during his baptism was neither Jesus attaining union with his own Holy Christ Self, nor Jesus attaining union with his own Mighty “I AM” Presence. Rather, what actually happened was very similar to a “soul transfer” or “walk-in” event: the higher subtle bodies of Jesus left his physical body, and were replaced by a series of subtle bodies which had been assembled by, and were under the direct control of, the Cosmic Christ Spirit. Many of these subtle bodies had been temporarily donated to (and were temporarily incorporated into) the Cosmic Christ Spirit by a wide variety of highly-evolved spiritual beings – specifically for this purpose. What occurred to Jesus of Nazareth during his baptism is thus a fundamental aspect or fundamental part of the Great Mystery of the Incarnation of Christ!

This view of the nature of Christ was first made public by the Gnostic writer Cerinthus (fl. 98-117 AD), and it was a view which became known as Cerinthianism in the history of Christianity. Other early Christians – among whom were Theodotus of Byzantium (fl. 190-200 AD), Paul of Samosata (200-275 AD), and Lucian of Antioch (c.240-312 AD) – held to a Christological doctrine known as Adoptionism or Dynamic Monarchianism, which was very similar to Cerinthian Christology. In modern times, the Christian initiate/clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) also held Christological views very similar to those of Cerinthus. As a result of his painstaking clairvoyant research into the life of Jesus, Steiner was able to determine – by direct clairvoyant (multidimensional) observation of Jesus in the Akashic Records – that Cerinthus had the correct understanding of the nature of Christ. Steiner explained many of the spiritual/metaphysical intricacies involved in the “incarnation” of Christ on Earth, in detail, in his great spiritual classic The Gospel of St. Luke (1909).

Other beings, beside Jesus, who were similarly partially “incorporated” into the Cosmic Christ Spirit (except they were “incorporated” on various dimensional levels higher than the 3rd-dimensional, physical level) in the process of its descent to and “incarnation” on Earth, included the Solar Christ Spirit (as differentiated from the Cosmic Christ Spirit – the Solar Christ Spirit resides in the higher-dimensional levels of the Sun of our solar system), Sananda Kumara (one of the “Seven Holy Kumaras” or “Lords of the Flame” living in the higher-dimensional realms on the planet Venus – he is a brother of Sanat Kumara), and the bodhisattva Maitreya (the being next in line, after Gautama Buddha, to attain buddhahood on Earth, sometime in the future). This was the real/authentic bodhisattva Maitreya, not the imposter/false Maitreya (whose real name is Rahmat Ahmad, or Rahmat Ahmad Apostikane, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) currently being endorsed/promoted by Benjamin Creme.

According to the esoteric tradition, mankind as a whole was “saved” by this very mysterious spiritual process entailing the “incarnation,” “crucifixion,” “resurrection,” and “ascension” of the Cosmic Christ Spirit on Earth. Also, the “salvation” of mankind by the Cosmic Christ Spirit is an ongoing spiritual process which is occurring – simultaneously – with the general process of spiritual initiation. However, according to the esoteric spiritual tradition, the “salvation” of mankind by the Cosmic Christ Spirit actually is a cosmic spiritual process which is somehow occurring on a “more profound” and “more fundamental” level of spiritual reality than the simultaneous and parallel process of general spiritual initiation. Rudolf Steiner, in his writings, referred to this seemingly paradoxical and inexplicable situation as the “mystery of Golgotha.” This ongoing cosmic spiritual process of the “salvation” of man by the Cosmic Christ Spirit is indeed a very great mystery which, to date, has never been adequately understood or explained.

Sanat Kumara

According to the post-1900 publications of Theosophy (specifically, the writings of Charles W. Leadbeater, Alice A. Bailey, and Benjamin Creme, as well as the Ascended Master Teachings of Guy Ballard, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Geraldine Innocente, Joshua David Stone, and other Ascended Master Teachings teachers), Sanat Kumara is an “advanced being” of the Ninth Initiation (the highest Initiation possible on planet Earth) who is regarded as the Lord or Regent of Earth and of humanity, and the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who dwells in Shamballah, a city said by Theosophists and those adherent to the Ascended Master Teachings to be a floating city the on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert.

It is believed by these authors that he is the founder of the Great White Brotherhood, which is composed of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom (Fifth Initiation), Ascended Masters (Sixth Initiation), Chohans and Bodhisattvas (Seventh Initiation), Buddhas (Eighth Initiation), and highly spiritually-evolved volunteers from other worlds, who have all joined together to advance spiritual evolution on Earth.

Sanat Kumara was mentioned briefly by the theosophist Helena Blavatsky.

 She claimed he belonged to a group of beings, the “Lords of the Flame”, whom Christian tradition have misunderstood as Lucifer and the fallen angels. Sanat Kumara gained greater prominence when her follower Charles W. Leadbeater wrote that Sanat Kumara was the “King” or Lord of the World, and the head of the Great White Brotherhood of Mahatmas who had revealed the principles of theosophy. Later theosophists such as Alice Bailey and Elizabeth Clare Prophet have embellished the story with further details. He is usually depicted as having the appearance of a 16-year-old boy.

Comparison of Masters of Wisdom and Ascended Masters


There is considerable difference between the concept of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom in Theosophy (as described by Blavatsky, Olcott, Sinnett, and others) and the current concept of Ascended Masters, developed by Guy Ballard and Elizabeth Clare Prophet fifty-five years after the Theosophical Society was founded.

They added more than 200 new “Ascended Masters” that they claimed to receive dictations from in addition to receiving dictations from the original Masters of the Ancient Wisdom of Theosophy.

The Ascended Masters, as their name suggests, are supposed to be Masters who have experienced the miracle of ascension, as it is said Jesus did. The original teaching, channeled by Guy Ballard, was that a new Ascended Master would not die but would take the body up with him. This teaching of ascension is in direct opposition to the Theosophical teachings. Mahatma K.H. refers to the idea disparagingly in one of his letters to Sinnett:

There was but one hysterical woman alleged to have been present at the pretended ascension, and … the phenomenon has never been corroborated by repetition.

Mme. Blavatsky also rejects ascension as a fact, calling it “an allegory as old as the world.”

 In the Theosophical view, the Masters of Wisdom retain their physical bodies.

The Masters of the Wisdom are not like the Ascended ones, who are said to become Godlike, all-powerful beings beyond the laws of nature. In their teachings, the Theosophical Masters even denied that such beings exist. Mahatma K.H. wrote:

If we had the powers of the imaginary Personal God, and the universal and immutable laws were but toys to play with, then indeed might we have created conditions that would have turned this earth into an Arcadia for lofty souls.

In their letters, the Mahatmas constantly talk about the “immutable laws” of the universe, and that they can help humanity only within the limits of these laws.

Proponents of the Ascended Masters sometimes attempt to account for these discrepancies by claiming that when the Theosophical Society (TS) was founded most of the Theosophical Mahatmas were still “unascended Masters.” This leaves room to detach the Ascended Masters from the limitations. However, the Mahatma K.H. wrote: “We are not infallible, all-foreseeing ‘Mahatmas’ at every hour of the day.” As he explained: “An adept—the highest as the lowest—is one only during the exercise of his occult powers.”

 In fact, according to the Theosophical teachings, the higher the adept, the less we are likely to hear from him:

The more spiritual the Adept becomes, the less can he meddle with mundane, gross affairs and the more he has to confine himself to a spiritual work … The very high Adepts, therefore, do help humanity, but only spiritually: they are constitutionally incapable of meddling with worldly affairs.

In the Theosophical view the Masters do not pay attention to personal desires. Theosophy teaches that the psychological ego is false, that the idea that we are this body, emotions, and mind is a mistake of perception and the source of sorrow. It says that real happiness comes only as an unsought by-product of reducing rather than increasing our attachment and identification with the personal. Blavatsky wrote that “Occultism is not . . . the pursuit of happiness as man understands the word; for the first step is sacrifice, the second renunciation.”  K.H. agreed with this when he wrote: “We—the criticized and misunderstood Brothers—we seek to bring men to sacrifice their personality—a passing flash—for the welfare of the whole humanity.”

 During the early times of the Theosophical Society, some members, misunderstanding the nature of the Mahatmas, would bring HPB some personal requests to ask of them. In a letter Blavatsky explained:

The Masters would not stoop for one moment to give a thought to individual, private matters relating but to one or even ten persons, their welfare, woes and blisses in this world of Maya [illusion], to nothing except questions of really universal importance. It is all you Theosophists who have dragged down in your minds the ideals of our Masters; you who have unconsciously and with the best of intentions and full sincerity of good purpose, desecrated Them, by thinking for one moment, and believing that They would trouble Themselves with your business matters, sons to be born, daughters to be married, houses to be built, …

This kind of interest is a very marked feature of the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters Teachings teach ways to attract material or emotional possessions to a person’s life, and also how to dissolve unpleasant karma, a conception that the Theosophical Mahatmas emphatically opposed. For example, K.H. wrote: “Bear in mind that the slightest cause produced, however unconsciously, and with whatever motive, cannot be unmade, or its effects crossed in their progress—by millions of gods, demons, and men combined.”

 In fact, the Ascended Masters are portrayed as cosmic fathers who will take care of their followers’ problems. In contrast, Mahatma M. said: “We are leaders but not child-nurses.”


Maitreya or Lord Maitreya is described in Theosophical literature of the late 19th-century and subsequent periods as an advanced spiritual entity and high-ranking member of a hidden Spiritual Hierarchy, the so-called Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. According to Theosophical doctrine, one of the Hierarchy’s functions is to oversee the evolution of Humankind; in accord with this function Maitreya is said to hold the so-called Office of the World Teacher. Theosophical texts posit that the purpose of this Office is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge about the true constitution and workings of Existence. Humanity is thereby assisted on its presumed cyclical, but ever progressive, evolutionary path. Reputedly, one way the knowledge transfer is accomplished is by Maitreya occasionally manifesting or incarnating in the physical realm; the manifested entity then assumes the role of World Teacher of Humankind.

The Theosophical concept of Maitreya has many similarities to the earlier Maitreya doctrine in Buddhism. However, they differ in important aspects, and developed differently.

The Theosophical Maitreya has been assimilated or appropriated by a variety of quasi-theosophical and non-theosophical New Age and Esoteric groups and movements. These have added, and advanced, their own interpretations and commentary on the subject.

 Development of the concept

The first mention of Maitreya in a Theosophical context occurs in the 1883 work Esoteric Buddhism by Alfred Percy Sinnett (1840–1921), an early Theosophical writer. The concepts described by Sinnett were amended, elaborated on, and greatly expanded in The Secret Doctrine, a book originally published 1888. The work was the magnum opus of Helena Blavatsky, one of the physical founders of the Theosophical Society and of contemporary Theosophy. In it, the messianic Maitreya is linked to both Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions. In the same work Blavatsky was to assert that there have been, and will be, multiple messianic (or messianic-like) instances in human history. These successive appearances of “emissaries of Truth” are according to the Blavatsky writings part of the unceasing oversight of Earth and of its inhabitants by a physically hidden Spiritual Hierarchy, called Masters of the Ancient Wisdom.



Initiation is a concept in Theosophy that there are nine levels of spiritual development that beings who live on Earth can progress upward through. Within these levels, there are four basic levels of spiritual development that human beings on Earth progress through as they reincarnate, although evil acts may cause bad karma which may cause one to temporarily regress. It is believed that when souls have advanced to the fourth level of initiation, they have reached enlightenment and have no further need to reincarnate. At the fifth level of initiation and beyond, souls have the opportunity to become members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This concept was developed by both C.W. Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey beginning in the 1920s.

According to C.W. Leadbeater, Initiation is a process by which “we try to develop ourselves not that we may become great and wise, but that we may have the power and knowledge to work for humanity to the best effect.”

 According to Alice A. Bailey, Initiation is the “process of undergoing an expansion toward higher levels of consciousness”

 It is believed by Theosophists that all souls that have reached the fourth level of initiation and evolved beyond the necessity to reincarnate that do not elect to become pratyeka buddhas and go directly into Spiritual Hierarchy governing nirvana gradually evolve upward through all of these six higher levels of consciousness over thousands or millions of years, and later over billions or trillions of years, other higher levels yet beyond.

The concept of Initiation is also recognized in the Ascended Master Teachings, a group of religions based on Theosophy. In the Ascended Master Teachings, the Sixth Initiation is referred to as Ascension. The first six initiations were named by Charles W. Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey after the six most important events in the life of Jesus.

The Great White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood, in belief systems akin to Theosophical and New Age, are said to be supernatural beings of great power who spread spiritual teachings through selected humans.

 The members of the Brotherhood may be known as the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom or the Ascended masters.

 Various people have said they have received messages from these beings, including most notably Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Theosophy), Aleister Crowley (Thelema), Alice A. Bailey (New Group of World Servers), Guy Ballard (“I AM” Activity), Geraldine Innocente (The Bridge to Freedom), Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Church Universal and Triumphant) and Benjamin Creme (Share International).

The Masters are collectively called the “Great White Brotherhood” by various theosophists and esotericists. The use of the term “white” refers to their advanced spirituality (in other words, that they have a white colored aura) and has nothing to do with race. Blavatsky described many of the Masters as ethnically Tibetan or Indian (Hindu), not European. She did, however, describe them as being from all cultures and races, such as the “Greek gentleman” known as Hilarion.

Belief in the Brotherhood and the Masters is an essential part of the syncretistic teachings of various organizations that have taken the Theosophical philosophical concepts and added their own elements. Examples of those believed to be Ascended Masters by these organizations are: Jesus, Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Confucius, Lord Lanto (Confucius’ historical mentor), Mary (mother of Jesus), Lady Master Nada, Enoch, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, and Kuthumi, to name but a few. It is believed that all of these put aside any differences they might have had in their Earthly careers, and unite instead to advance the spiritual well-being of humanity.


Within “The I AM Activity” (founded by Guy Warren Ballard in the early 1930s), contact and cooperation with the Ascended Masters became a central part of each member’s life. Through the Ballards as “Messengers”, the Ascended Masters were believed to have regularly communicated with the students of “The I AM Activity.” Those Addresses (known as “Dictations”) were delivered before gatherings of members in Conclaves held throughout the United States of America, and published in the monthly periodical The Voice of The “I AM”, and some were collected and reprinted in the “green books” of The Saint Germain Series. In all, 3,834 Dictations from the Masters were received through Guy and Edna Ballard. Other “Ascended Master Activities” believed that the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Elohim, and Archangels continued to present a program for both individual development and spiritual transformation in the world.

 They believe that further instruction from the Ascended Masters and the rest of the Spiritual Hierarchy continued through new Dispensations with new Messengers, such as The Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse, and The Temple of The Presence.

The Aquarian Church

The Aquarian Christine Church Universal, Inc. (ACCU) is a denomination founded in 2006 based on The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ transcribed from the Akashic Records by Levi H. Dowling. The Aquarian Christine Church actively promotes Ascended Master Teachings and shares many beliefs in common with the I AM Movement, White Eagle Lodge and New Thought and Theosophical groups. The book “Initiations of the Aquarian Masters: The Theosophy of the Aquarian Gospel” by ACCU founder Rev. Dr. Jacob L. Watson, expounds on the church’s teachings which draw heavily from the writings of A.D.K. Luk (pen-name of Alice Beulah Schutz) (April 10, 1905 – Jan. 14, 1994), the Saint Germain Series published by the Saint Germain Press (The Saint Germain Foundation), and especially from “The Lost Years of Jesus” compiled by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and published by The Summit Lighthouse.

Skeptical view

René Guénon wrote a detailed critique of Theosophy titled Theosophy: history of a pseudo-religion (1921). In the book Guenon claimed that Blavatsky had acquired all her knowledge naturally from other books not from any supernatural masters. Guenon points out that Blavatsky spent a long time visiting a library at New York where she had easy access to the works of Jacob Boehme, Eliphas Levi, the Kabbala and other Hermetic treatises. Guenon also wrote that Blavatsky had borrowed passages taken from a translation of extracts from the Kanjur and Tanjur published in 1836 in the twentieth volume of the Asiatic Researchers of Calcutta by Sándor Kőrösi Csoma, an eccentric orientalist.

K. Paul Johnson suggests in his book The Masters Revealed: Madam Blavatsky and Myth of the Great White Brotherhood that the Masters that Madam Blavatsky claimed she had personally met are idealizations of certain people she had met during her lifetime.

Also see the article “Talking to the Dead and Other Amusements” by Paul Zweig New York Times October 5, 1980, which maintains that Madame Blavatsky’s revelations were fraudulent.

Robert Todd Carroll in his book The skeptic’s dictionary (2003) wrote that Blavatsky used trickery into deceiving others into thinking she had paranormal powers. Carroll wrote that Blavatsky had faked a materialization of a tea cup and saucer as well as written the messages from her masters herself.

See also




Initiation (Theosophy)







Secret chiefs





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Churchwood’s interpretations of the Nacaal Glyphs

The Nacaal language is a fictional language system which was first suggested by Mayan scholar Augustus Le Plongeon. H.P. Lovecraft used the Nacaal language in a number of his stories, most notably Out of Aeons.


The Naacal language and its script were used by the early human inhabitants of the continent of Mu over 173,000 years ago. The letters are slightly similar in appearance to certain mesoamerican language systems. Some scholars have suggested that occasional similarities between Naacal and Mayan script are not coincidental. The occultist Harley Warren was supposedly an expert in deciphering and reading Naacal script.



The most notable examples are the Zanthu Tablets stored in the vaults of the Sanborne Institute for Pacific Studies and Captain Abner Exekiel Hoag’s original palm leaf version of the Ponape Scripture. The Cabot Museum in Boston held a peculiar scroll which may be written in Naacal though it has vanished from the public eye after the 1932 scandal.

The Unaussprechlichen Kulten contains a key to deciphering Nacaal script and a rudimentary dictionary of Naacal phrases. Colonel James Churchward planned to release a monograph on prehuman languages called the Nacaal Key but it is unknown if it was ever published.

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Augustus Le Plongeon

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Augustus Le Plongeon

A Photograph by Alice Dixon Le Plongeon exist online

Born May 4, 1825


Died December 13, 1908 (aged 83)

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Occupation       antiquarian and amateur archaeologist

Nationality       United Kingdom

Subjects    Maya civilization, Atlantis

Augustus Le Plongeon (May 4, 1825 – December 13, 1908) was a photographer and antiquarian who studied the pre-Columbian ruins of America, particularly those of the Maya civilization on the northern Yucatán Peninsula. While his writings contain many eccentric notions that were discredited by later researchers, Le Plongeon left a lasting legacy in his photographs documenting the ancient ruins. He should also be regarded as one of the earliest proponents of Mayanism.

Le Plongeon wrote a lengthy history of Maya culture, going so far as to propose a theory that Maya had been in touch with the lost continent of Atlantis and were ancestral to Ancient Egypt, a theory which has since been discredited by the scientific community. Le Plongeon, a Freemason, was also convinced that the roots of Freemasonry were to be found in the ancient Maya culture. However, as a pioneer in producing photographic records of Maya sites and inscriptions, Le Plongeon’s works retain at least a curio value to later researchers and his photographs preserve the appearance of many sites and objects that have been subsequently damaged or destroyed.

Le Plongeon was born on the island of Jersey on May 4, 1826.

 At 19, he sailed to South America and shipwrecked off the coast of Chile. While there he settled in Valparaiso and taught mathematics, drawing, and languages at a local college. In 1849 he sailed to San Francisco during the California gold rush to work as a surveyor, and also apprenticed to become a doctor of medicine. One of his accomplishments as a surveyor included drawing a plan for the layout of the town of Marysville, California in the Central Valley in 1851.

He moved to England and studied photography with William Fox Talbot in 1851. He returned to San Francisco in 1855 to open a daguerreotype portrait studio on Clay Street. In 1862, he traveled to Lima, Peru and opened another photography studio and an “electro-hydropathic” medical clinic based on an early form of alternative medicine.

Travels in Peru

Le Plongeon pioneered the use of photography as a tool for his studies. He began using the wet collodion glass-plate negative process he used for studio portraits to record his explorations. He traveled extensively all over Peru for eight years visiting and photographing the ancient ruins, including making photographs for E. G. Squier’s expedition.

In 1870, he left Peru and traveled back once again to San Francisco where he gave a number of illustrated lectures at the California Academy of Sciences on Peruvian archaeology and the causes of earthquakes. His travels then continued on to New York, and by 1871 he was at the British Museum in London studying Mesoamerican manuscripts. His reading of the works of the French scholar Charles Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg culminated in a stirring belief that civilization had its origins in the New World.

Alice Dixon Le Plongeon

While in London he met Alice Dixon, the woman with whom he would collaborate for the rest of his life.

 Alice, born in London in 1851, had been well educated, and also had been taught the art of photography by her father Henry Dixon – a man who was recognized in the late nineteenth century for his contribution to the development of panchromatic photography, and for his photos of London architecture taken for the Society for Preserving the Relics of Old London.

Alice returned with Augustus to New York, where the couple married.

Travels in Yucatán

In 1873, the Le Plongeons traveled to Yucatán, and remained there almost continuously until 1885 in search of cultural connections between the Maya and Ancient Egypt. Le Plongeon was inspired by the work of his contemporary Heinrich Schliemann and the discovery of ancient Troy, a location that had been described in the epic poems of Homer. Brasseur de Bourbourg had suggested links between the ancient Maya and Atlantis and Le Plongeon felt that descriptions of Atlantis by Plato also provided a key to finding places described in ancient myths and legends.

The Le Plongeons used photography to record the ruins. Their photographic work was methodical and systematic, and they took hundreds of 3-D photos. They documented entire Maya buildings such as the “Governor’s Palace” at Uxmal in overlapping photos by placing the camera on a tall tripod or scaffold to correct for perspective, and then processed the plates in the unlit rooms of Maya buildings. In addition to entire facades of buildings, they also photographed small artifacts, and architectural details such as bas-reliefs, Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions, and sculptures.



Chac Mool statue from the Chichen Itza site

At Chichen Itza they excavated a curiously-formed statue or altar figurine, coining the name “Chaacmol” (later “Chac Mool” or chacmool) for it, from a structure known as the “Platform of the Eagles and Jaguars”. Although their alleged derivation of the name is known now to have had no association with figures of this type, the name has remained in general use among later archaeologists. This statue would later be used as a demonstration of Toltec influences at the site, with other examples found at the Toltec’s capital, Tula. They also documented their excavation of the Platform of Venus with photos as well as plan and cross-section drawings, and visited and photographed other Maya sites such as Izamal, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Cancún, and Ake, and traveled to Belize (British Honduras).

Le Plongeon is also known for his attempted translation of the Troano Codex.The “translation” was viewed with much skepticism at the time, and is considered by all modern authorities to be completely mistaken, based on little more than Le Plongeon’s own imagination. He claimed that one section detailed the destruction of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Theories and later career

By the 1880s, while most Mayanists accepted that the Maya civilization postdated Ancient Egypt, Le Plongeon stood by his theories. He cited his years of fieldwork and studies of archival sources, and challenged those he considered “armchair” archaeologists to debate the issues. But as evidence mounted against cultural diffusion, Le Plongeon became marginalized and his theories falling further outside of the growing mainstream of Maya archaeology.

Le Plongeon insisted that the symbols of Freemasonry could be traced to the ancient Maya, and that this ancient knowledge had come to ancient Egypt from the ancient Maya by way of Atlantis. He and Alice constructed an imaginative “history”, with the Maya sites in Yucatán being the cradle of civilization, with civilization then traveling east first to Atlantis and later to Ancient Egypt. The Le Plongeons named kings and queens of these dynasties, and said that various artworks were portraits of such ancient royalty (such as the famous Chacmool, which the couple excavated at Chichén Itzá). The Le Plongeons reconstructed a detailed but fanciful story of Queen Moo and Prince Coh (also known as “Chac Mool”) in which Prince Coh’s death resulted in the erection of monuments in his honor (surprisingly similar to the commemoration of Prince Albert by Queen Victoria).

Le Plongeon wrote that some sites identified as part of the Maya civilization were not Maya at all. For example, he attributed the construction of Palenque to people from Polynesia. He also believed that the ancient Maya understood the use of the electric telegraph.

While most of Le Plongeon’s contemporaries dismissed his theories, individuals such as Ignatius Donnelly and Helena Blavatsky drew upon Le Plongeon’s research for their own theories.

He was never fully recognized for his work in the Yucatán, but the hundreds of photos he and Alice took still remain an important contribution to American archaeology. Augustus spent the remainder of his life in Brooklyn, New York, writing about the connections between Maya and Egypt and defending himself against detractors. Augustus le Plongeon died in Brooklyn in 1908 at the age of eighty-three; Alice followed in 1910 at the age of fifty-nine.

Le Plongeon’s theories, an early form of alternative history, survive today in certain New Age beliefs that are derived from occult knowledge and Theosophy.

Published works

A collection of the works of the Le Plongeons currently resides at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles. The archive contains original records covering their travels from the 1860s through the early 1900s, including diaries, unpublished scholarly manuscripts and notes, correspondence, and extensive photographic documentation of ancient architecture and sculpture, city views, and ethnographic studies.


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Desmond, LG (2011). ‘A Critique of the Wikipedia Augustus Le Plongeon article’ at

Augustus and Alice Dixon Le Plongeon papers, 1763-1937, bulk 1860-1910. Research Library at the Getty Research Institute. Los Angeles, California. The collection documents the archaeological excavations, fieldwork, research, and writings of Augustus and Alice Dixon Le Plongeon, the first persons to systematically excavate and photograph the Maya sites of Chichén Itzá and Uxmal. The couple’s pioneering work in documenting Maya sites and inscriptions with photography, which in many cases recorded sites and objects that have subsequently been damaged or lost, was overshadowed in their own lifetimes by their theories of Maya cultural diffusion, and in particular by their insistence that the Maya founded ancient Egypt. The Le Plongeons’ work, and evidence of their wide-ranging interests is found in unpublished manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, drawings, plans, and photographs. The collection also contains the papers of Maude and Henry Field Blackwell, who inherited the literary estate of the Le Plongeons.

Dr. Le Plongeon’s 3D Photography

Biography from Minnesota State University

ArcheoPlanet: Augustus Le Plongeon, Alice Dixon, and the history of archaeology

Le Plongeon photographs of Uxmal.


We share this for those who desire to know our basic culture. We share the Ascension Center Organization as our Faith Based Organization for 2012 & Beyond to enter in the Ascension Age. TJ.



TABLET I – The History of Thoth, The Atlantean


I, Thoth, the Atlantean, master of mysteries, keeper of records, mighty king, magician, living from generation to generation, being about to pass into the Halls of Amenti, set down for the guidance of those that are to come after, these records of the mighty wisdom of Great Atlantis.


In the great city of Keor on the island of Undal in a time far past, I began this incarnation. Not as the little men of the present age did the mighty ones of Atlantis live and die, but rather from aeon to aeon did they renew their life in the Halls of Amenti where the river of life flows eternally onward.


A hundred times ten have I descended the dark way that led into light, and as many times have I ascended from the darkness into the light, my strength and power renewed.


Now for a time I descend, and the men of Khem shall know me no more. But in a time yet unborn will I rise again, mighty and potent, requiring an accounting of those left behind me. Then beware, O men of Khem, if ye have falsely betrayed my teaching, for I shall cast ye down from your high estate into the darkness of the caves from whence ye came. Betray not my secrets to the men of the North or the men of the South lest my curse fall upon ye. Remember and heed my words, for surely will I return again and require of thee that which ye guard. Aye, even from beyond time and from beyond death will I return, rewarding or punishing as ye have requited your trust. Great were my people in the ancient days, great beyond the conception of the little people now around me; knowing the wisdom of old, seeking far within the heart of infinity knowledge that belonged to Earth’s youth. Wise were we with the wisdom of the Children of Light who dwelt among us. Strong were we with the power drawn from the eternal fire. And of all these, greatest among the children of men was my father, Thotme, keeper of the great temple, link between the Children of Light who dwelt within the temple and the races of men who inhabited the ten islands. Mouthpiece, after the three, of the Dweller of Unal, speaking to the Kings with the voice that must be obeyed.


Grew I there from a child into manhood, being taught by my father the elder mysteries, until in time there grew within the fire of wisdom, until it burst into a consuming flame. Naught desired I but the attainment of wisdom. Until on a great day the command came from the Dweller of the Temple that I be brought before him. Few there were among the children of men who had looked upon that mighty face and lived, for not as the sons of men are the Children of Light when they are not incarnate in a physical body.


Chosen was I from the sons of men, taught by the Dweller so that his purposes might be fulfilled, purposes yet unborn in the womb of time. Long ages I dwelt in the Temple, learning ever and yet ever more wisdom, until I, too, approached the light emitted from the great fire. Taught me he, the path to Amenti, the underworld where the great king sits upon his throne of might. Deep I bowed in homage before the Lords of Life and the Lords of Death, receiving as my gift the key of Life. Free was I of the Halls of Amenti, bound not by death to the circle of life. Far to the stars I journeyed until space and time became as naught. Then having drunk deep of the cup of wisdom, I looked into thehearts of men and there found I greatermysteries and was glad.For only in the Search for Truthcould my Soul be stilledand the flame within be quenched.


Down through the ages I lived, seeing those around me taste of the cup of death and return again in the light of life. Gradually from the Kingdoms of Atlantis passed waves of consciousness that had been one with me, only to be replaced by spawn of a lower star.


In obedience to the law, the word of the Master grew into flower. Downward into darkness turned the thoughts of the Atlanteans, until at last in his wrath arose from his Agwanti, the Dweller, (this word has no English equivalent; it means a state of detachment) speaking The Word, calling the power. Deep in Earth’s heart, the sons of Amenti heard, and hearing, directed the changing of the flower of fire that burns eternally, changing and shifting, using the Logos, until that great fire changed its direction.


Over the world then broke the great waters, drowning and sinking, changing Earth’s balance until only the Temple of Light was left standing on the great mountain on Undal still rising out of the water; some there were who were living, saved from the rush of the fountains.


Called to me then the Master, saying: “Gather ye together my people. Take them by the arts ye have learned of far across the waters, until ye reach the land of the hairy barbarians, dwelling in caves of the desert. Follow there the plan that ye know of.”


Gathered I then my people and entered the great ship of the Master. Upward we rose into the morning. Dark beneath us lay the Temple. Suddenly over it rose the waters. Vanished from Earth, until the time appointed, was the great Temple.


Fast we fled toward the sun of the morning, until beneath us lay the land of the children of Khem. Raging, they came with cudgels and spears lifted in anger seeking to slay and utterly destroy the Sons of Atlantis. Then raised I my staff and directed a ray of vibration, striking them still in their tracks as fragments of stone of the mountain. Then spoke I to them in words calm and peaceful, telling them of the might of Atlantis, saying we were children of the Sun and its messengers. Cowed I them by my display of magic-science, until at my feet they groveled, when I released them.


Long dwelt we in the land of Khem, long and yet long again. Until obeying the commands of the Master, who while sleeping yet lives eternally, I sent from me the Sons of Atlantis, sent them in many directions, that from the womb of time wisdom might rise again in her children.


Long time dwelt I in the land of Khem, doing great works by the wisdom within me. Upward grew into the light of knowledge the children of Khem, watered by the rains of my wisdom. Blasted I then a path to Amenti so that I might retain my powers, living from age to age a Sun of Atlantis, keeping the wisdom, preserving the records.


Great grew the sons of Khem, conquering the people around them, growing slowly upwards in Soul force. Now for a time I go from among them into the dark halls of Amenti, deep in the halls of the Earth, before the Lords of the Powers, face to face once again with the Dweller.


Raised I high over the entrance, a doorway, a gateway leading down to Amenti. Few there would be with courage to dare it, few pass the portal to dark Amenti. Raised over the passage, I, a mighty pyramid, using the power that overcomes Earth force (gravity). Deep and yet deeper placed I a force-house or chamber; from it carved I a circular passage reaching almost to the great summit. There in the apex, set I the crystal, sending the ray into the “Time-Space”, drawing the force from out of the ether, concentrating upon the gateway to Amenti. (See The Great Pyramid by Doreal.)


Other chambers I built and left vacant to all seeming, yet hidden within them are the keys to Amenti. He who in courage would dare the dark realms, let him be purified first by long fasting. Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber. Then to reveal I to him the great mysteries. Soon shall he follow to where I shall meet him, even in the darkness of Earth shall I meet him, I, Thoth, Lord of Wisdom, meet him and hold him and dwell with him always.


Built I the Great Pyramid, patterned after the pyramid of earth force, burning eternally so that it, too, might remain through the ages. In it, I built my knowledge of “Magic-Science” so that it might be here when again I return from Amenti. Aye, while I sleep in the Halls of Amenti, my Soul roaming free will incarnate, dwell among men in this form or another. (Hermes, thrice-born.)


Emissary on Earth am I of the Dweller, fulfilling his commands so man might be lifted. Now return I to the Halls of Amenti, leaving behind me some of my wisdom. Preserve ye and keep ye the command of the Dweller: Lift ever upwards your eyes toward the light. Surely in time, ye are one with the Master, surely by right ye are one with the Master, surely by right ye are one with the All.


Now I depart from ye. Know my commandments, keep them and be them, and I will be with you, helping and guiding you into the Light.


Now before me opens the portal. Go I down in the darkness of night.


It is time to embrace the Ascension Age of 2012 NOW!

We will now look at all the topics and categories for the future in cyberspace for the Community Online Practicing Skills of COPS of the Mystics, Oracles, Prophets, Psychics, Sages, Seers, Shaman, Scientists, Engineers, Artists, Co-Creators, Educators, Teachers, Life Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Social Networkers, Webmasters, and all those who are the Lightworker Messengers and Truthseekers. There is only one religion and that it “TRUTH”. We go with the Love and Light in our hearts, minds, spirits, as our body and unit. We are they who are the whole in the sight of the truth as one body in the Cosmic Christ Consciousness with honor and dignity of morals and ethics taught to preserve humanity as the world on which we share as Gaia. We are the custodians and the Keepers of this planet. We are sentient intelligent beings as humanoids of the Extraterrestrials. The Beginning of the ET UFO Story “TAKEN UP” on UFO Digest

What is the Ascension Center, ET Spirit, and TJ Morris all about?

Who are those who share friendship with TJ and Dirk on UFO Digest?

There is a history and method to the future we are sharing. Some of us have chosen to keep up with what we call a life with TJ in a series of articles called “TAKEN UP!”.

Who is the writer, author, storyteller of the “TAKEN UP” series for UFO Digest? Some people on the planet already know and others are just finding out. Those who have been reading UFO Digest since August, 2007 four years ago already know. The articles shared in the past were simply leading up to the date of 11-11-11 at 11:11.

“TAKEN UP” In the Beginning of ET UFO Community

was The Word and Computers! TJ

WHY UFO Digest in the Supernatural & Paranormal Realms?

We who are regular contributors as both readers and writers of UFO have formed a close relationship as colleagues in the ET UFO Community. We can trace the world of words that entail both ET and UFO back to this one website with a history of eleven years online on the web.

The WEB in CYBERSPACE has become the palace of the hereafter for all those who desire to live in a VIRTUAL REALITY world of energy. We who are those who add to this formal Web in Cyberspace have clustered here among others with same or similar interests in main UFOS of which the title shows, as well as, in the supernatural and paranormal realms of words in this world. A realm is a royal domain, a kingdom, a sphere, province or domain according to Random House Webster’s Dictionary fourth edition. I also have some updated dictionaries that are small and easy to read and reach while I am typing. I am one of those readers and writers known as a contributing colleague of UFO Digest.


We have come to be known as an eclectic sort which has all been drawn too this website for one reason or the other. Mainly because we desired to share our spirit and belief systems in words meaning that our King Peter Dirk Vander Ploeg of this realm called UFO Digest would publish our words as our own creative works.


We are they that choose to believe in our energy inside our own minds that we claim to choose the right words to share with others as the writers of UFO Digest. Due to the way of the world in cyberspace online we call the WEB in space, we have all learned that we can become Owners, Publishers, Webhosts, Administrators, Editors, Authors, Contributors, or Subscribers. There are other choices but from the words that I can see based on the most used web host publishing terms in the cyberspace world of the internet these are the choices we are presently given.


When I first began writing on a computer I was actually in the United States Navy as a civilian General Service Investigator and also a U.S. Navy Active Duty Reservist. I was working at the Great Lakes Naval Training Base in Great Lakes, Illinois, USA. I lived in U.S. Naval Housing and can recall my first real computer was a Kaypro which was a grey and blue box which were navy colors. The front of the box would unlatch to let down the keyboard while I could view a small screen that I could see as part of the box. We didn’t have a separate tower. It was a cross between a personal computer I now use at home and a laptop of the day.


The year was 1985 and I worked and lived there until I moved and was reassigned to Honolulu, Hawaii the first of 1988. I stayed in Hawaii 1988 through 1994 when I was transferred to Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas for a new challenge as an Investigator and was on the road. I never thought at that time that I would use a computer again but the world had changed. Everyone was using computers by 1995 with the release of Windows ‘95. I then became an over the road commercial truck driver so that I could meet again the man of my dreams and I mean literally. The man I am now married too who had off world encounters with the same beings that I was familiar with.


This story is part of who I am and how I live now. We both had a wonderful adventurous life traveling the world with Uncle Sam’s blessings. We both worked for the military and for the attorneys who were employed on the military bases. The legal beagles of the U.S. military always seemed to have cases we were assigned too and some became famous in the intelligence community. It was destiny that we were too meet. That is a long story that can be told in my husband’s books of which he writes about all the “Spy Games” of the Cold War. I personally choose intentionally to forget all my cases other than the Agent Orange and PCB and Oil Rig cases. But that is another long story that probably will never be told because it is in my past and they were my chosen career. I am leaving all that behind. I will add that I became an investigator while I was in college. It was all I seemed to be interested in which was criminal justice and law enforcement. Later I took English and Forensics which while working as a Private Investigator, Arson Investigator, and later a Legal Investigator I learned the ins and outs dealing with insurance cases and government cases. I grew up watching the field of forensics change and become a major part of our lives not only in reality but in fiction on television shows and in movies. I now realize that I chose a very interesting and romantic lifestyle.


But along the way, I also was interested in the metaphysical world which I became enchanted with while visiting the Aquarian Age Bookstore near Rice University in Houston, Texas where I went to High School. I must have read every book that was on those shelves and for almost two years that was all I seemed to do was read books. I then decided I wanted to become an ordained minister for the universe and had an epiphany while attending the golden pyramid church in Houston that was then called a Unity Church but has since been changed. I had professed my choice to assist the world having been called by God although I was a woman. I announced my choice to a full congregation and went to the front of the church to have the visiting minister bless me and his wife stood next to him in astonishment. It was a time when we all sang in worship and praise in a “We are the World” time on earth. We were all sure we could change the world to be a better place and that was in 1984 before I joined the military in 1985. I wanted to work in clergy but due to my extensive background in investigations as a Private and Legal Investigator I was placed in the intelligence field with a second choice for A School in the medical field because I said I liked Biology to the one young man who controlled my future in the military. The way that other beings can assist us on earth with the stroke of a pen or computer keyboard on this planet still amazes me. I was happy to be serving my country in uniform and so I was happy to become a part of something much bigger than working for myself or attorneys in this world. It was a way to serve others and I could share my life with others around the world in other various ways which I did.


I not only was able to share my computer skills with others in the military but my investigative skills and my medical training. All three parts of me allowed me to receive leadership training and I was always assigned directly to the Commanding Officer of all the bases where I worked. I was happy when I reached the level of personnel and information security working with the office of personnel management and then I went out to share the world as a entrepreneur and became a Chief Executive Officer of a new corporation which I began. It was great times to learn how to share the working world. All my interests in life were shared while I learned to serve others. I attended training seminars and learned to work with other entrepreneurs and professionals. I am thankful to have been allowed such a wonderful life while working with so many professional beings who wanted to better themselves.


I am now a writer, and life coach to those who choose me as a friend first, and a mentor second. I now work with various ages of people around the world and occasionally am a speaker or organizer when needed.


Now, I have a hobby and past-time which deals in the supernatural paranormal world of writing. I was always interested in the paranormal but didn’t know it was called that. I began my life of a mystical metaphysical nature on this planet based on the life I lead from the time I was born. I was visited by others who could visit at odd times at night but as a child I was trained with holograms projected into my room when I was alone. I can understand that now that I am almost sixty years old and have had time to learn and reflect my life as that which is not of the normal kind.


For the past four years I have written for Dirk on UFO Digest along with other writers as contributors. We all share either a UFO, supernatural, or paranormal story or two each week. Some are only occasional writers and we are adding new writers occasionally. Many of us write for other websites and ezines or magazines. We are all part of the world that is still considered alternative however, thanks to our collaboration with various authors and producers we have learned to share more with more and that means growth and change for the entire world.


Whether one has time to devote to only themselves these days and/or their family does not seem to enter our minds as writers for UFO Digest for we are they that choose to believe in the future of the Ascension Age of change for this world. One thread of revelation that seems to continue among us writers of UFO Digest is the fact that we enjoy mysteries and the mystical magical mystery tour of life as explorers, Truthseekers, and Lightworkers. We are the ones that someday will be written about as we become those who initiated the world’s work in the era of change prior to the date of 12-21-12 which is the official date of change for the entire planet according to the ancient calendars.


We bring our creations to the forefront of others who read our stories that all deal in art, culture, education, science, technology, and folklife. We are also many of us of various belief systems and religions. Some are Christians, Protestants and Catholics, while others are of Jewish descent and some even of the Islamic Faith. We share with the Pagans and Atheists of this world and those who don’t believe in anything other than science. Some of us are philosophers by training as Ph.d’s as doctors of philosophy and others are strictly arm chair philosophers learning from our own experiences in life.


We blend in well with the rest of the world as we join in the global brain was the evolution of the mass mind including topics from the 20th century Big Bang Theory and Divine Creation Theory to that of the new Ascension Age of Enlightenment of the 21st century. There are those who shall enter a time when the divine providence of all creation will finally become a conscious part of all of us being that science actually was formed out of philosophy as etymology is traced along with our history on earth.


It is time we know more, and do more to define our new cultural age of information that some of us all realize is about the shift and uplift of our own consciousness as humankind. Therefore, those of us who have time to think and ponder that which makes this world a working world as one planet among the many of this galaxy know that we are all simply one microcosm in the larger macrocosm.


We are all humanoid citizens in the entire scheme of life in the larger picture. This picture we can now share as the universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse. We are all going to be challenged to look outside of our own lives, our own planet, galaxy, and universe to become awakened and aware of the vastness of the levels and dimensions that are inside the entire macrocosm we call the entire Omniverse.


I am glad I came to this planet and shared a life that was as natural and normal as any other human being all the time knowing that I had another life in another galaxy called Andromeda. Stay tuned for the future history and stories in the “TAKEN UP” series. TJ



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From Mu To Thule And the Inner Earth

A Journey Into the Theoretical Past

by Gerry Forster

In this article, I ask the reader to accompany me upon an intriguing journey through the dimly-remembered, faintly-recorded archaic world of our ancient ancestors. We shall be guided by some of those great imaginative visionaries who tirelessly endeavored to fill in some of the blank pages of the legendary past history of this mysterious world of ours. Much of what had virtually faded away into pure myth has been steadily fleshed-out again down the centuries by Greek and Roman scholars like Plato, Herodatus and Tacitus; intrepid explorer-archaeologists like James Churchward, Percy H. Fawcett, and Heinrich Schliemann, and mystic-explorers like Nicholas Roerich and Theodore Illion. Theosophists and philosophers like Helena Blavatsky, W. Scott-Elliot and Rudolph Steiner, and even gifted seers like Edgar Cayce, have also played their part.

Nor should we overlook the input of such authorities on Thule and the Aryan race as Julius Evola and Joscelyn Godwin, or researchers into hidden underground and inner earth empires such as Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Saint-Yves and even the Nazi historian, Miguel Serrano. Polar explorers like Sir George Wilkins, Fridjof Nansen and Richard E. Byrd also have their input to make on matters Borealic. Nor is the inspired fiction of famed writers Verne, Poe and Rice Burroughs overlooked for its useful contribution in fanning the flames of imagination that have revitalized this almost forgotten part of the world’s history.

A great deal has been recorded and written about such great empires and nations as ancient Egypt, Greece, Troy, Rome, Assyria, Persia and even India, Tibet and China, but here I seek to remind the reader of the more esoteric and archaic empires of Mu, Atlantis, Osiria, Hyperborea, and Agharta. The ancient empires from which these later and better-known ones were originally born! Thus our partly-proven, partly-theoretical journey begins with the tropical paradise of ancient Mu and takes us via a tortuous route to the polar paradise of Hyperborean Thule, and thence to the Interior World which lies hidden just beyond!

Let us then set forth on our travels through the mists of time with open minds and the readiness to acquire whatever wisdom and knowledge our individual minds are willing to accept as we go!

The Lost Continent Of Mu

In 1868, Colonel James Churchward, who was then a serving officer in the British Army in India, befriended the high priest of an Indian temple, who showed him several sets of ancient, inscribed clay tablets which had lain concealed in the temple vaults for many centuries, unread and neglected by most of the temple priests down the ages.

With the aid of his new-found friend, Churchward learned how to decipher the ancient Naacal tablet inscriptions. As Churchward translated them, and grasped the vast fund of information they contained, he realized that he had stumbled upon the amazing history of a long-lost continent which had been the first great civilization on the Earth. They told of a huge civilization that had arisen, flourished and decayed long before any of those known to modern scholars! It was the great continent of Mu, the Motherland of all the races of the Earth!

For long years, Churchward followed the trail of this mysterious new civilization to the far ends of the earth, piecing together the many parts of a vast jigsaw. Then, as he steadily acquired more and more pieces of information and carefully fitted them into place, a marvelous picture began to form. A stunning picture of a vast, lost Pacific continent and its original inhabitants gradually came together. The final result of Churchward’s immense labor was his amazing book: “The Lost Continent of Mu”.

Sadly, after its first publication in 1926, Churchward’s book attracted a lot of ridicule and criticism from the archaeological scholars of his day, and very few of them took his findings and theories seriously. It was regarded more as wild fiction than a serious scientific study. But today, fortunately, we live in a less narrow-minded society, and many such monumental works as Churchward’s are being taken considerably more seriously, as outmoded old dogmas are being overturned by the new findings of more enlightened scientific researchers. Of course, that isn’t to say that we need necessarily subscribe entirely to his idea of Mu being one huge mid-Pacific continent, since, like the idea of Atlantis being a huge mid-Atlantic continent, it can’t be supported by the findings of modern submarine exploration and geological investigation.

However, from my own study of bathymetric maps and charts of the Pacific ocean floor, there does seem to be reasonable geological support for there having once been a number of large and long islands forming a series of ridges across the Pacific, which could have become submerged through tectonic activity into the ocean floor of the Pacific. It is known to be a highly unstable region, surrounded by the so-called “Ring of Fire” of volcanoes, and earthquake-prone regions where tectonic plates rub against each other, and the Pacific ocean-bed is dotted with chains of sea-mounts, many of which are volcanic, as well as deep cracks and rifts known as “trenches”. Also, Churchward’s concept of underground “Gas-Chambers” collapsing or imploding in upon themselves after losing their supporting internal gas pressure sounds entirely feasible to me.

It’s not unreasonable, therefore, to place a certain degree of credence in Churchward’s assertion that there has been a great amount of rising and sinking in such an unstable sea-bed, and that, in the fairly recent geological past, many of the current island-chains could have stood much higher above sea-level, to form continuous mountainous ridges stretching across a good deal of the western half, if not two-thirds, of the Pacific. As mentioned, I’ve taken the trouble (as any reader should) to closely study the latest depictions of the Pacific Ocean bed as it would appear without water, and I find that there is certainly an entirely plausible case to be made for the various island-chains having once actually been continuous, above-water ridges of dry land stretching for anything between a thousand miles to two thousand miles in length! The Midway and Hawaiian Island group in the North Pacific, that form the undersea Hawaiian Ridge, is a typical example of what I mean. They would have formed a connection to the Line Island Ridge via the Mid-Pacific Ridge, and thus down to other ridges of contiguous island-chains in the South Pacific.

Following this line of thought, one can easily see how there could very well have been an interconnected, or easily-reached group of land-ridges, extending all the way from Japan and the East Indies, right across to Pitcairn Island, or even Easter Island, in the south, the Marquesas nearer the equator, and Hawaii itself in the north. Nor should we ignore the submerged South Eastern Pacific Plateau in this consideration, which runs almost north-north-east, toward the west coast of Central America, in the midst of which we find Easter Island. From there, it’s only a distance of under two thousand miles or so to the Peruvian coastline. This would have been a comfortable sail for such an empire of seafarers as the people of Mu must surely have been, according to Churchward’s theory!

However, apart from this leaning of Churchward toward the need for a huge super-continent to occupy a good half of the Pacific Ocean area, I personally find his general basic theory quite intriguing, especially since it fits in well with so many other strange anomalies regarding the origins and movements of various ancient peoples — including both the Atlanteans and the Naacal Ramans, besides the three principal races of humanity. Perhaps if Churchward had only had access to the knowledge we now possess of the geology and topography of the ocean floors, his “continent” proposition would have been appropriately modified, and might have met with a far better reception than it did from the scholars of his day. However, having hopefully helped his premise become a little more realistic and feasible, I should now define some of the points of interest in his “Mu” concept.

Why Did Churchward Search for Mu?

As we saw previously, the whole thing was triggered off by the old high priest of the Indian college temple, which was obviously a remnant off-shoot of the Holy Brotherhood of the ancient Naacals. Had he not spoken about this amazing 50,000 year old civilization with its 64 million inhabitants to Churchward, Mu might well have completely disappeared from human memory long ago. Instead, having befriended Churchward, and found him to be a seeker of esoteric knowledge, the old high priest eventually allowed Churchward access to the precious tablets which had been lovingly preserved mostly intact for nearly fifty millennia.

If it hadn’t been a time of great famine in India in 1868, and had Churchward not been assisting in famine relief (courtesy of the British Army), the two would never have met, and the story would never have come to light. Such are the curious twists of fortune and circumstance which direct our destinies! As I said at the outset, once Churchward saw the ancient tablets, he was well and truly hooked, and “Mu” became the driving obsession of his life thereafter. He felt totally compelled to unearth the proof of this amazing story, or die in the attempt!


For two full years, he studied with the old priest, learning how to decipher the bas-relief characters upon the clay tablets, that had been written either in Burma or actually in Mu itself by ancient Naacal priestly scholars. The tablets he studied were, in fact, only a few fragments of what had once been a vast collection, and these had been rescued from one of the old seven Rishi cities which were the centres of learning in the old Rama Empire in ancient India! After many months of intense study of the tablets (including having to repair many that had been broken in packing or transit) Churchward eventually began to crack the code. His efforts were justified when he discovered that they described in detail the creation of the Earth and of the appearance of Man — in the land of Mu! When he realized the enormous significance of his discovery “In the elucidation of that eternal problem” (the origin of mankind and his races), Churchward set off to Burma, armed with introductory letters from the Indian priests, in the fond hope of finding more of the tablets. Sadly, he was rebuffed by the Buddhist priests there, who told him to go back to India and “Ask those thieves who stole them to show them to you!”

Undaunted however, he decided to make a study of the writings of all the ancient civilizations of the old world, to compare them with the legends he had discovered about Mu from the clay tablets. And this he did, only to discover that they were all preceded by the Civilization of Mu.

During his studies, he learned that the “Lost Continent” had extended from north of Hawaii southward as far as Fiji and Easter Island, “and was undoubtedly the original (earthly) habitat of man”. He learned that “this beautiful land of smiling plenty” had produced “the people that colonized the Earth”, and that it had been “obliterated by terrific earthquakes and submersion 12,000 years ago, and had vanished in a vortex of fire and water”! Subsequently, he traced the same story to India, where colonists from Mu had settled: “from India into Egypt; from Egypt to the temple of Sanai, where Moses copied it; and from Moses to the faulty translations of Ezra, 800 years later. The plausibility of this will be apparent even to those who have not studied the subject carefully, when they see the close resemblance between the story of the creation as we know it and the tradition that originated in Mu”.

Sadly, space will not permit me to recount here all that Churchward, aided by his priestly mentor, deciphered from the tablets. I can only suggest that the interested reader get the book for himself from the local public library, if he desires to see all Churchward’s rather bewilderingly detailed accounts and his profuse accompanying illustrations. I must confine myself to his general theory and the story he culled from the tablets. Sufficient be it to say that the first two tablets proved to be the key that unlocked the secrets of all the rest. Certainly, according to Churchward, the first tablets gave a creative story that is very similar indeed to that set forth in the Hebrew Book of Genesis, up to the making of man “after our own fashion, and let us endow him with powers to rule this earth”.

This rather jars against the Hebrew version with regard to the creation of Adam, as does the final creative verse, “Then Narayana, the Seven Headed Intellect, the Creator of all things throughout the universe, created man, and placed within his body a living imperishable spirit, and man became like Narayana in intellectual power. Then was creation complete”. Since Churchward was allegedly a devout Christian, I can hardly conceive of him attempting to forge a fraudulent version and sell his own soul for the sake of notoriety! Unfortunately, this rather sinister-looking “Seven-Headed Intellect” (which is depicted in his book as a giant cobra with seven rather nasty-looking heads) sounds uncomfortably similar to the Seven-Headed “Beast” that comes out of the sea, in the Biblical Book of Revelation, even though that entity from Hell is depicted as a seven-headed leopard-like creature).

There were seven creative commands, which indicated seven periods of time, but were not measured by any specific number of years, or “days” as in the Bible story of Creation. According to Churchward, the account simply stated that the creation took seven periods of time — not six days as in the Biblical legend. He goes on to add that legends of the Creation are prevalent among many peoples throughout the world, and in all instances he found much of the material identical. The only conclusion Churchward could draw was that they were all of a common origin, and had their genesis in Mu!

Churchward then sets about proving the actual existence of Mu. Firstly via the Naacal tablets, then he mentions records written in Maya, Egypt and India, which recount the destruction of Mu: “when the earth’s crust was broken up by earthquakes and then sank into a fiery abyss. Then the waters of the Pacific rolled in over her, leaving only water where a mighty civilization had existed”.

Secondly, he points out that there is ample confirmation of Mu in other ancient manuscripts, like the Hindu Ramanyana epic mentioned earlier, as told by Narraté, the high priest of the Rishi Temple at Ayhodya. At one point, mention is made of the Naacals “coming to Burma from the land of their birth in the East” — which is the direction of the Pacific. Mention is also made of Mu in the Troano Manuscript, an ancient Mayan book, written in Yucatan, and now in the British Museum. It refers to The Land of Mu using the same symbols as were found in Egypt, India and Burma. Yet another Mayan book as old as the Troano Manuscript — The Codex Cortesianus also mentions Mu as does a Tibetan book in Lhasa, and as also do scores of other ancient records from Egypt, Greece, Central America, Mexico and even the Anasazi cliff-inscriptions in the southern USA!

Thirdly, there are many existing ruins on the South Sea islands, such as Easter Island, Mangiaia, Tonga, Ponape and the Marianas Islands, which seem to hark back to the time of Mu. Whilst at Uxmal, in Yucatan, there is an inscription upon an ancient ruined temple which commemorates “The Lands of The West, whence we came” — and a pyramid southwest of Mexico City was built, according to its inscriptions, in memory of the destruction of these “Lands of The West”.

Fourthly, Churchward found that there was a universality of certain ancient symbols and customs which were to be found in various ancient lands such as Egypt, Burma, India, Japan, China, the South Sea Islands, Central and South America, as well as among the aboriginal tribes of North America. They were so identical that it seemed certain that they all came from only one source — Mu!


Churchward’s Description of Mu

From all the diverse sources at his disposal, Chuchward was able to form a picture of his great Muvian “continent”. He described it as “a vast stretch of rolling country, extending from north of Hawaii, down towards the south. A line between Easter Island and the Fijis formed its southern boundary. It was over 5,000 miles from east to west, and over 3,000 miles from north to south. The continent consisted of three* areas of land, divided from each other by narrow channels or seas.” (*Which seems to fit in with my own suggestion of the land of Mu actually being a series of ridges, separated by stretches of ocean, rather than one complete and solid continental mass.) He then goes on to describe Mu as it was, according to the various records he had studied. It was beautiful tropical land with huge plains. Its plains and valleys were covered in rich grazing grass and cultivated fields, whilst the low rolling hill-lands were verdant with luxuriant growths of verdant tropical vegetation. “No mountains or mountain ranges stretched themselves through this earthly paradise to give an irregular, jagged, yet soft and graceful skyline. Mountains had not yet been forced up from the bowels of the earth.” Here I find myself more than a little perplexed, since Churchward has already spoken of the Pacific Islands as being part of this continent, and the South Sea Islands as already being extant!

But let us continue to follow his idyllic description a little further: “The great rich land was intersected and watered by many broad, slow-running streams and rivers, which wound their sinuous ways in fantastic curves and bends around the wooded hills and through fertile plains. Luxuriant vegetation covered the whole land with a soft, pleasing, restful mantle of green. Bright and fragrant flowers on tree and shrub added color and finish to the landscape. Tall fronded palms fringed the ocean’s shores and lined the banks of the rivers for many miles inland…”He goes on in his prosy style to remark upon “feathery ferns” and “shallow lakes bejewelled with sacred lotus flowers in emerald green settings” and of “gaudy-winged butterflies” and “tiny hummingbirds … glistening like living jewels in the rays of the sun”.

However, he eventually waxes less poetic, and gets down to cases regarding the lifeforms of Mu. He goes on to tell us that mighty mastodons and elephants roamed the primeval forests of Mu, and that the human population of the continent was 64,000,000 people (or roughly the current population of the Philippines). There was a great network of broad, smooth roads running in all directions, laid with smooth stones, so perfectly matched that no grass could grow between them! (Shades of the masonry of the Mayans!) The population was made up of ten tribes or peoples, each distinct from the others, but all under one, single government. Could these have been different racial groups? If so how can we split the basic three into ten? Five races are about as many as one can reasonably go, without getting into purely national groupings! However, these were apparently all of one nation. The only other meaning could be similar to that which applied to the twelve tribes of Israel, but in what way were these Muvians distinct from each other? Surely this must imply color or racially physical differences?

The Empire of The Sun

However, to move on. They evidently had an emperor who bore the title of “Ra Mu” and the term “Ra” also represented their common Deity, an unseen God, whose name (like the Hebrews) they were not allowed to speak, except through a symbol. This symbol was “Ra The Sun” which represented the Deity’s attributes. As their High Priest as well as their Emperor, Ra Mu was the human representative of their Deity in all religious matters. However, everyone understood that Ra Mu was not to be worshipped, as he was only a figurehead — perhaps as Christ is a “figurehead” for Jahweh? The people of Mu were highly civilized and intellectual. “There was no savagery on the face of the earth, nor had there ever been”. They were completely united under the sole sovereignty of their motherland — Mu, “The Empire of The Sun” and its laws and regulations.

Churchward goes on to mention that the white people were the dominant group on Mu, and in all probability, represented the priestly and patrician class of its population. “Besides these”, he goes on to say, rather enigmatically, that “there were people of other races — people with yellow, brown or black skins. They, however, did not dominate.” This he culled from the Lhasa Record, among many others. According to these ancient manuscripts, the Muvians were great navigators and sailed all over the world — much as the Atlanteans are purported to have done, being also a great maritime nation. They were also reputed to have been great builders, too — another thing they had in common with the Atlanteans! (One is compelled to wonder whether these two groups, the Muvians and the Atlanteans were very closely related, or even simply “two sides of the same coin”, as it were!)

The Lhasa Record also mentions that there were seven principal cities, which were the seats of religion, science and learning in Mu, scattered across the three lands (or ridges?). This relates very closely to the seven Rishi cities of the subsequent Rama Empire which ruled India, and must obviously have been the original paradigm for that powerful nation, who were said to have come from Mu. It’s interesting to contemplate the close similarity between “Ra Mu’ and “Rama”, and, of course, the connection of the Sun-god name, Ra, both in Mu and later in Egypt, needs little or no explanation! So it is evident that Mu must have had great colonial as well as commercial interests around much of the ancient world. In fact, the Lhasa and other records are reported to state, categorically, that Muvian colonies had been set up in all parts of the world. (I believe, as I’ve mentioned previously, that the Atlanteans themselves came from Mu to begin with, and were probably originally a colony of that nation until they seceded from this “Empire of The Sun”! Surely, there are just too many similarities and parallels between the two nations for it to have possibly been otherwise!)

From what can be gleaned from these records and Churchward’s interpretation of events, it would seem that there were various exoduses of large groups of people of different races from Mu, during its long duration, and before its final destruction. As I have mentioned in another article, a large contingent of the black population are said to have left Mu to seek a new homeland for themselves in Africa, and it appears that they travelled there by way of the then Amazonian Sea, which once filled the huge basin that is today the area occupied by the Amazon jungle. Apparently this must have been prior to the upthrusting of the Andes — an event that took place in the time of the forebears of the Mayans and Incas — as a canal led from the western coast of Peru into this inland sea, which was partly open to the Atlantic on its eastern side.

This isn’t so unreasonable to accept, when one considers that Lake Titicaca, which is now 13,000 feet above sea-level, has the remnants of a man-made canal-sea-way running out of its western side, which once connected directly into the Pacific — at sea-level! The uplifting of the mountain chains was by no means confined to pre-human geological eras!

No doubt there were many other exoduses of groups of people, who for one reason or another, elected to set up their own separate nations elsewhere on the earth, outside of the jurisdiction of the Empire of The Sun. There are always dissidents and malcontents in even the best-run countries, as well as people of a pioneering and independent spirit.

It was probably such a group who settled in the northern part of America and became the forerunners of the Red Men. (I personally agree with Churchward, when he comments that too many scientists have vastly overrated the Bering Land Bridge and an alleged mass-migration of Mongoloids into America, via the Aleutians and Alaska! With him, I also believe that the indigenous natives of America were never Mongols!)

The Destruction of Mu

The final destruction of Mu came with disastrous suddenness. Although there had been a danger-signal of sorts a couple of centuries earlier, in the southern region, when a great earthquake struck without warning, accompanied by volcanic outbursts (explosions of subterranean gas-chambers?) and huge tidal waves. The people eventually recovered from the shock and had rebuilt the ruined cities and resumed their trade.

This time, however, it was the real thing. According to the ancient Troano Manuscript, the entire continent (or all three sectors of it) was suddenly shaken by mighty earthquakes, and “rolled and heaved like the ocean’s waves. The land trembled and shook like the leaves of a tree in a storm. Temples and palaces came crashing to the ground and monuments and statues were overturned. The cities became heaps of ruins….” It then goes on to recount how the land rose and fell, quivered and shook, and that “the fires of the underneath” * burst forth, piercing the clouds in roaring flames, three miles in diameter! (* No doubt Churchward’s much scorned “gas-chambers”. GF)

Then follows a general description of the sheer living hell that Mu became, under a thick pall of black smoke, with enormous tidal waves rolling in across the plains, destroying everything before them. The agonized cries of the people filled the air as the red sun sank angrily below the dark horizon. “Mu, save us!” During that hideous night, which was rent by huge lightning flashes and thunderous roarings, the doomed land sank into a great abyss of fire. “Flames shot up around and enveloped her”……”Mu and sixty-four million people were sacrificed”!


“As Mu sank into the gulf of fire”, says Churchward, “another force claimed her — fifty million square miles of water. From all sides huge waves or walls of water came rolling in over her. They met where once was the center of the land (or lands?). Here they seethed and boiled. In this manner was the continent of Mu destroyed. For nearly 13,000 years, the destruction of this great civilization cast a heavy pall of darkness over the greater part of the earth….”

Churchward then goes on to explain how, after the cataclysm, ridges and points of land here and there, remained protruding out of the water, and these were thus made into islands, which were very jagged and broken by the volcanic activity beneath them. All of them were covered by such people as had escaped the sinking of Mu, which was now a seething and steaming bed of muddy water all around them. The waters gradually settled and became calm and “rested as if satisfied by their grim work of destruction, and this is the Pacific Ocean. Was ever a name more ironically applied to anything on earth?”

Descent Into Savagery

Then follows a woeful description of the pitiful plight of these survivors, who had been left destitute of all their shelter, clothing, tools — and, above all else — of food. It was amid this dreadful scene of steaming waters and clouds of drifting ash and smoke, that most of them perished, and those few who remained took their first step backward into the dark depths of savagery as they finally found themselves having to resort to cannibalism in order to survive!

This was but the beginning of a deep descent into the lowest state of humanity, which was to remain a traditional way of life in the Pacific region for thousands of years to come. Cannibalism was still rife in many of the Pacific islands, even during my own lifetime in the early to mid-1900’s!

The Legacy of Mu

However, although Mu herself was no more, her splendid civilization continued on for several generations in her colonies, before eventually fading away due to lack of cohesive central support from the vanished motherland. No doubt, we owe much of our modern civilization today, to that ancient Motherland in the Pacific Ocean, by way of the various great civilizations which she spawned first in Atlantis, then India, the Americas, China, Egypt, and finally, in Greece and Rome.

It would seem that many of the inventions and skills that were common to the Muvians and Atlanteans, are now simply being re-discovered by modern man, who probably still has a great deal yet to re-learn — if indeed he is willing to also learn from the mistakes of the past, and thus avoid having to repeat them!

Of course, Churchward had much more to say about Mu, but I think this potted version of his findings should be sufficient for the purposes of this particular thesis. However, one can’t help but pause and wonder what Churchward would have made of those gigantic, stepped underwater monuments of Yonaguni! Now let us move on to consider other interesting speculations on the origins and history of our human species!


Lemuria was an alleged “lost continent” that supposedly lay between the east coast of Africa and the south west of India. It was so named by the English zoologist, Philip L. Sclater, as a possible home of the alleged “Missing Link” between humans and the anthropoid apes. It was believed that Africa and India had, at one time in the distant past, been linked to each other and to Madagascar and South East Asia. This was by some sort of “land-bridge”, a now-sunken isthmus which permitted the pro-simians (lemurs, bush-babies, pottos and lorises) to migrate freely between the two lands. (Lemurs, it should be added, are a species of small, agile, arboreal mammals, somewhere between monkeys and squirrels, although they are actually closely related to the former and are officially classified as primates.)

The Continent That Never Was?

During the 1860’s, pro-Darwinian zoologists believed that such an isthmus or land-bridge could account for the strange isolation of the pro-simians in these widely-separated locations. Further scientific interest was aroused in the 1870’s when a German scientist, Ernst Haekel proposed that this same missing continent might also have been the true origin of humanity. Sadly, before the real truth of the situation had been discovered — that Africa and India had once been joined together, before splitting apart, and thus allowing India to move northward by continental drift — various leading occultists had seized upon this idea of Lemuria being the origin of the first men, and had developed some weird and wonderful ideas of how humans had developed.

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the famous psychic and occultist, who founded the Theosophical Society, claimed to have had contact through psychic means with the Brotherhood of Mahatmas (a group of ethereal beings who purported to run the world from their Tibetan headquarters), and that, among other amazing things, they had revealed the true emergence of life on the earth. Without going into the subject too deeply, she was told that there are seven “Root Races” of beings destined to occupy the earth, and that we present-day humans are the Fifth such Race. After us, there are still two more yet to come. Apparently, the Sixth will evolve out of us and go back to occupy Lemuria, then the Seventh and final Root Race will leave this planet altogether and start over again upon the planet Mercury! (All I’ll say about that is “Good luck to them, and I hope they remember to take their fireproof underwear!”)

To complicate matters even further, each Root Race is said to be composed of seven Sub-Races — the descendants of a Sub-Race of the Fourth Race (who were fully-human Atlanteans) are alleged to be the Australian Aborigines, the Papuans and the Hottentots! 

According to the fanciful Madame Blavatsky, some Lemurians had four arms, whilst others had “eyes” in the backs of their heads which gave them “psychic vision”. These curious creatures also communicated by telepathy and could move mountains by sheer will-power alone — despite the fact that they possessed no regular brains, as we understand them! The whole thing sounds like such a farrago of utter nonsense that it’s hard to believe anyone could possibly subscribe to such a wild concept. And yet, strange as it may seem, she seems to have attracted quite a large following around the world!

Whilst I would dearly love to expand further upon this weird cult, I must keep this account on a fairly basic level, and say that Lemuria is supposed to have occupied nearly the entire Southern Hemisphere, extending from the foothills of the Himalayas almost to the shores of Antarctica, as well as up most of the central Atlantic! Madame Blavatsky died in 1891, and her successor, Annie Besant, continued her work and wrote extensively about Lemuria and its curious inhabitants, as also did another leading British theosophist, W. Scott-Elliot.

He managed to fill out the Lemurian concept considerably with the help of the ethereal ‘Theosophic Masters’ in Tibet, and wrote a definitive book, “The Story of Atlantis and The Lost Lemuria” which was published in 1896, and illustrated with six world-maps which showed its stages of development, supplied by the Tibetan Mahatma Masters. I won’t even attempt to describe his work here, or that of Madame Blatavsky:”The Secret Doctrine”, which was published in 1888, and is still to be found by diligent seekers! Scott-Elliot’s fantastic book reads like super-science-fiction — which it probably is — but it certainly makes for entertaining reading! I can only recommend that readers find it for themselves, and make up their own minds! (The first few chapters should suffice to convince most readers!)

On a slightly more modern note, still other new and fantastic details have been revealed. On May 22nd, 1932, a reporter named Edward Lanser, of the “Los Angeles Times”, claimed to have spied upon a settlement of Lemurians whom he discovered living on the slopes of Mount Shasta, in northern California! His attention had first been drawn to them whilst on board the night train from California to Oregon, when he noticed some strange coloured lights up on Mount Shasta as they passed by it. The conductor told Lanser that it was “Just them Lemurians holding some ceremony”. This intrigued him sufficiently to compel him to explore the mountain to find these strange beings, whom he’d been told were the last descendants of the first inhabitants of the earth!

In the small town of Weed, close to the mountain, Lanser learned that the Lemurians held their ceremonies both in day-time and night-time, but no one had ever been able to penetrate the colony’s sacred precincts. However, there was one local “scientist” who had found out more about the Lemurians than anyone else, and constantly watched them from his private mountain-top observatory by means of a high-powered astronomical telescope. This was Professor Edgar Larkin, a local celebrity. He said he had observed a splendid temple in the midst of their secret hideout, carved out of marble and onyx, which rivalled even the great Mayan temples of Yucatan. The locals, although scared of trespassing on the Lemurians’ obviously sacred territory, claimed that they seemed a friendly and peaceable community, who were simply endeavoring to live the same lifestyle as their forebears had, before their homeland sank under the ocean.

In his newspaper articles, Lanser reported that the local villagers had often met these Lemurians, and had described them as being “tall, barefoot, noble-looking men, with close-cropped hair and dressed in spotless white robes”. They were well liked in the village as they purchased large amounts of sulphur, salt and lard, paying handsomely for these goods with large nuggets of gold which they mined within Mount Shasta.

Was it all a Hoax?

The biggest mystery concerning this curious “Lemurian” community was how they had gone undetected for so long. Lanser explained this in his amazing account. He stated that they possessed the secret powers of the Tibetan Masters, which allowed them to surround their hamlet with an invisible protective boundary to keep out intruders. (Possibly some form of deflector beam.) He also stated that their knowledge of science was far greater than that of ordinary humans, and although they (or perhaps their ancestors?) had lived in America — which they called “Gustama” — for several hundreds of thousands of years, they still remembered their original homeland in the strange ceremonies which they held on the mountain’s slopes. However, those people who had hitherto set some credence in Lanser’s reports were sadly disappointed.


Other investigators were totally unable to find any trace of the strange enclave and its equally strange occupants, who either existed only in Lanser’s mind, or were rendered invisible by their mentors in Tibet! As for the eminent Professor Larkin, he turned out to be a local dabbler in the occult, whose duties were simply to let visitors to his “observatory” study the stars through a comparatively small telescope. Perhaps luckily for him, he died years before Lanser’s article was published, so was spared the indignity of becoming a public laughing-stock!


However, Mount Shasta had already figured large in occult debate well prior to Lanser’s entering the scene. One Frederick S. Oliver published an occult story in 1894, entitled “A Dweller On Two Planets”, using the pen-name of “Phylos The Tibetan” in which he, as the narrator, encounters one of the Masters (a Chinese sage named Quong) on the same mountain, where a community of spiritual sages preserved all the ancient wisdom of their forefathers. He was accepted into their group, and they then took him, in his spirit-body, on a visit to the planet Venus. (Knowing the infernal conditions prevalent on Venus as we now do, he probably thought he was in Hell!) His mentors also taught him to recall all his previous incarnations — which included a life upon Atlantis.


But Then Again . . .


Despite these apparently “linked works of fiction” — one presumes that Lanser had read Oliver’s old book — perhaps one shouldn’t be overly hasty to dismiss the entire Lemurian concept as pure fantasy, either. Harking back to our previous mention of Scott-Elliot and his fanciful book, I find that there seems to be a fine golden thread of possible truth running through the generally weird material it contains.


For example, he makes mention of beings from the early planet Venus (presumably prior to it being knocked out of its old orbit between Mars and Jupiter — as I have discussed elsewhere), who strangely enough, were called “Lords of The Flame”, (and this, remember, was written long before Venus’ present semi-molten state was ever known to astronomers and cosmologists!).


These Venusians had long ago already developed a highly-advanced civilization upon their planet, and they were able to teach the Lemurians how to attain immortality through repeated incarnations.


(I should perhaps also mention that these same so-called Venusians could well have been the “Astridians” whom I have postulated as the small humanoid inhabitants of the “fifth planet”, which orbited where the asteroid-belt now lies (and which I now believe really was Venus), in my first scenario for an alternative birth-planet to Mars of our human species.)


Back to Atlantis!


Later on in his book, Scott-Elliot mentions how the continent of Lemuria began to break up and sink into the ocean bed — apart, that is, from that single portion which extended into the North Atlantic. Two large adjacent pieces of this peninsula still remained after the rest of Lemuria had vanished, and these became the so-called “continent” of Atlantis. (However, we are not told how they reached into the central Atlantic from the Indian Ocean!) These became the home of the first sub-Race of the Fourth Root Race, known as the Atlanteans, who, according to the book, later became the forerunners of the Cro-Magnon white race that occupied Europe and Northern Asia! Next came the Tlavatlis, who occupied an Atlantean colony that is now called Mexico. The third sub-Race was the Toltecs, who brought Atlantis into its “Golden Age”, which lasted for 100,000 years!


A Curious Twist of Irony


Thus Scott-Elliot’s story takes a very interesting turn, and develops in a now-familiar fashion, relating the demise of the two joint islands which formed Atlantis, ending in the final sinking of the last remaining, smaller island, Poseidonis, in the year 9564 BC, and which is told of in Plato’s story! One ironic twist in this story concerns the larger portion of Atlantis, Daitya, which prior to its submergence, was occupied by another sub-race of Atlanteans, who were sorcerers, and were called the Semites. Just before Daitya sank under the waves, a large group of these Semites moved into central Asia, where they then evolved into the Aryans, the Fifth “Root Race”, to which we now reportedly belong! One cannot help but wonder what Adolf Hitler’s reaction would have been, had he read this of this amazing “evolution” of his proposed “Aryan Master Race” out of the Nazis’ so-called sub-human “Untermenschen” — the Hebrews! We can only assume that neither Hitler nor Himmler read Scott-Elliot’s intriguing book!


More Support for Atlantis!


Scott-Elliot also mentioned many of the achievements of the Atlanteans in his book, which tend to reinforce what I have already discovered about these amazing people. Apart from domesticating “leopard-like animals” (possibly South American jaguars, or perhaps African cheetahs?) and developing the banana plant, they were also great alchemists and manufactured rare and precious metals in vast amounts. Their scientists invented gas-bombs (as well as atomic devices, as we saw earlier), and they also created aircraft which were propelled by the so-called “Vril” force (much sought after by Hitler’s weapon-scientists during world War II, in their quest for new secret weapons). This “vril” force was mentally-directed energy that was first assumed to have originated in the fevered mind of some Victorian Novelist, but now appears to have been an actual, mentally-produced power, akin to that same psychokinesis believed to have been used to raise huge blocks of masonry in ancient building works!


At any rate, as we have seen elsewhere, their aircraft were capable of vertical take-off and hovering, rather like jump-jets of today, and, if Scott-Elliot is to be believed, they could fly at a speed of around 100 mph, up to a thousand feet in altitude! (Although, given all their other remarkably advanced technological powers, I am somewhat surprised that the Atlanteans should have been so greatly inhibited in both speed and height with their aircraft!)


Steiner’s Atlanteans


There was one other controversial writer on Lemuria and Atlantis, who also gives highly-detailed accounts of both continents. This was an Austrian ex-theosophist, named Rudolph Steiner. He broke away from the Theosophists in 1907, and formed his own separate cult, the Anthroposophical Society. His book, “Cosmic Memory: Atlantis and Lemuria”, was published in 1923, and is apparently still in print and available through Rudolph Steiner Publications, which also publishes other classics on Atlantis, such as those of Ignatius Donelly and Le Plongeon.


Steiner’s view of Lemuria and Atlantis is alleged to stem from the “Akasha Chronicle” which is a spiritual record of the past, apparently available only to true psychic initiates. However, from all accounts, much of his concept has seemingly been culled from Madame Blavatsky’s original Theosophic writings. He describes the Lemurians as simple-minded, but possessing enormous will-power which enabled them to raise and manipulate great weights, a faculty which they seemingly passed on to the Atlanteans. They also had souls, which their predecessors apparently didn’t have, and they had begun to develop some form of rudimentary speech. I’ll skip over their other biological and rather fantastic sexual and reproductive development, as this isn’t of any particular relevance to this study, and, to my mind, ruins an otherwise entertaining yarn!


Steiner goes on to claim that both the Lemurians and Atlanteans did not possess the ability to reason, but that they had excellent memories, and were educated in such a fashion as to be able to hold (like a computer) a vast store of mental images and data in their minds, and thus (again in the manner of the modern computer), they were able to solve problems by recalled precedents. However, new and unprecedented situations left them greatly bemused, since they simply “did not compute”! They apparently also possessed certain “magical word” powers of command, which they could employ to heal the sick or tame wild animals. This, of course, smacks very much of Jesus Christ, and I think Steiner might have been attempting to endow these people with Godlike powers beyond their station! He, too, like Scott-Elliot (from whom he clearly also borrowed as freely as from Madame Blavatsky), spoke of the Atlantean Semites evolving into the Aryan race, and acquiring, along the way, the ability to reason and develop consciences, and to refine these qualities up to our modern, human standard.


A Load of Nonsense, or a Grain of Truth?


It would be very easy to toss out all of these concepts as the ramblings of tortured minds, and dismiss their authors as demented cranks and lunatics, but I suppose the same could be (and has been) said of the world’s religions — especially of Christianity, since many of the world’s most skeptical people are of the white race, which largely chose Christianity above the other major religions. However, when one thinks of the vast multitude of people in the world who are entirely convinced of the existence of supernatural beings, with powers and forces that supervene those of nature, one has to ponder whether we really know enough about such unseen spiritual and psychic powers to be able to rule it all out as impossible! I feel one must keep an open mind on this.


Every day, we hear of amazing events and occurrences which seem to fly in the face of logic and common sense. Things that simply cannot be explained by any rational means. Thus I believe that one needs to maintain an open mind about such things, and hope that one day, the real truth of such phenomena might be made clear to us. I certainly tend to believe personally that there is more to our universe and ourselves than we are currently aware of. Perhaps there is another dimension of mind and self which we have largely lost the ability to tap into — rather like that elusive “fifth dimension” of physics which plagued Albert Einstein? Maybe this is what we call “spirituality”? At the risk of sounding repetitive, I can only quote again those famous words of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy!”


What then, are we to believe regarding the lost continent of Lemuria, and all its totally outlandish Root Races and so forth? Is it all just a lot of balderdash produced by warped minds and fobbed on to a gullible public for the notoriety and aggrandizement of people like Blavatsky and her followers and imitators, such as Scott-Elliot, Steiner, etc? Or might there be a grain of truth in it all?


Conclusions on Lemuria


Certainly, the famous occultists seem to comfortably accept that there was a large continent where Lemuria is purported to have been, and many ancient maps of the world showed a large continent in the Southern Hemisphere, long before the Theosophists got hold of the notion. This was the famous “Terra Australis Incognita” (Unknown Southern Land) which the geographers of bygone times believed to exist in order to “balance up” the globe. Many students think this was Australia, but alas, according to Captain James Cook, Australia, although as large as the USA, just wasn’t big enough to fill the bill, and he could find no other continent that did. Ironically, Cook sailed right around the Antarctic ice-shelf without realizing it concealed a gigantic land-mass! (Although, in my humble opinion, had he actually discovered it, the Antarctic continent might well have proved to be precisely the Terra Australis Incognita he was looking for!)


It’s also interesting to note that Lemuria was (and still is) frequently regarded as interchangeable with Mu, and we have read how Atlantis appears to have been considered to be an offshoot of Lemuria, so it does seem to have its place in the general scheme of things pertaining to “Lost Continents”. Even the famous clairvoyant seer, Edgar Cayce, appears to have acknowledged Lemuria, but as “The Land of Mu”, rather than as any Indian Oceanic continent. He seems to have disagreed greatly with the Theosophic standpoint regarding Lemuria in all aspects, including their descriptions of the evolution of humans from jelly-like creatures! Though I must say that, in my opinion, there is really little to choose between either party, since they all drew their knowledge and information from occult, spiritual sources!


Casting The Final Vote


I suppose that, if I had to make a casting vote for or against the existence of such a vanished continent as Lemuria, I think I would have to vote against it ever having existed — at least in the form described by the Theosophists — and with the weird inhabitants it’s alleged to have had. Perhaps there was an isthmus or continent there once, which might conceivably linger in racial memory, but if so, it was probably India itself, in its original situation as a separating portion of ancient Pangaea or Gondwanaland, when ocean-floor rifting and crustal expansion of the planet began to separate the continents from each other.


We really have no true idea if mankind had, or had not yet appeared upon this planet at that far-off epoch, whether by Divine Fiat or by colonization from Mars. Every new hypothesis that comes along seems to push back the antiquity of our species by more millions of years. So only a brash fool with the arrogant self-assuredness of a Darwin or a Wallace would be so presumptuous as to state categorically that we couldn’t have been around in those early days! Thus, sadly, however much I would have wished to have believed it otherwise, I have to confess that I believe that “Lemuria” was simply another name for Mu!


Hyperborea And Ultima Thule


Most of our quest for ancient civilizations has thus far been focused largely upon the Pacific region and the Southern Hemisphere. Now I think we should perhaps consider a couple of legendary lands which have been perpetuated in the folk history of the Scandinavian and Germanic peoples, even though these legends owe some of their origins to the ancient Greeks and the Aryans of Central Asia. Two major mystic and magical lands spring to mind here: Hyperborea and Ultima Thule — which both feature greatly in Nordic mythology, besides having, from all accounts, actually existed somewhere within the Arctic regions of the world in ancient times! However, before we go in search of concrete evidence, let’s consider some of the legendary background for both of these places — which might well have been one and the same!



The first mention we find of the Hyperboreans, is in the mythology of ancient Greece, before the time of Homer. However, Herodotus mentions them as being part of the legendary Theban epic, and being in some way connected with the cult of Apollo, the sun god, and that their homeland was in a paradise-like country “beyond the North Wind”, which indicates a region that may now lie within the Arctic Circle, or certainly in the far North Atlantic! The Hyperborians, according to this same source, were alleged to live for a thousand years, but they had a tradition that any who tired of such a long life could end it in a ritual suicide ceremony, whereby the person involved was decked with floral garlands and allowed to jump off a high pinnacle into the sea!

Other legends seem to indicate that it was “that happy land lying to the west, towards the setting sun”, The Garden of the Hesperides, where trees bore golden fruit; the Elysian Fields or even the Happy Isles! Generally, it is believed to have been a veritable paradise on earth, and may have been an island lying somewhere between the Azores and Iceland, which, like Atlantis, sank beneath the waves after some great catastrophe. There are some scholars who directly connect the two, and claim that Hyperborea was, in fact, the lost continent of Atlantis!

My own view, after scanning some of the mythology surrounding Hyperborea and Thule, is that it’s possible that they could have been the same place. It really all depends upon how far back the original legends go. If they are traceable to the time of the establishment of the Egyptian nation, since they figure in the Theban epic, then it is possible that they go far back in time to the period prior to the last polar shift. In which case, much of the land that now lies within the Arctic Circle was then warm to temperate country, richly carpeted with grasslands and forests, and all of Nature’s bounty, both vegetable and animal.

It’s even possible that we need look no farther than the British Isles, since these would have been well to the “far northwest” of both Egypt and Greece! (We have to avoid the pitfall of allowing our northern European or American concept of the “northwest” to cloud our geographic thinking!) However, at that distant point in time, both Britain and Ireland would have been the most northwesterly part of the European land mass, since, because much of the world’s ocean water was locked up in ice, the English Channel and the North Sea were both dry land then. However, there seems to be a distinct hint in the legends that both Hyperborea and Ultima Thule were always islands, so perhaps this would tend to rule out Britain and Ireland.

My first conclusion is that both were actually the same place, with Greenland as Ultima Thule and Iceland as Thule. Although they are connected geologically, under the ocean, Ultima Thule and Thule seem to be separated in mythology into two distinct islands, and, since the name “Ultima” Thule implies “furthest away”, then Thule must have been closer to Europe than it. The obvious candidate for Thule then, must be Iceland. According to Pytheas, a famous Greek navigator of the 4th century BC, Thule was a six day sea voyage north of Britain, though whether by sail or by oar power isn’t stated, but it seems to set the location of Thule as modern Iceland. Common sense would then suggest that Ultima Thule had to be Greenland. However, what if both were once united in one unsubmerged land mass — the continent of Hyperborea?

The Arctic Homeland: Hyperborea

To discover more about the mythos surrounding Hyperborea, we must look to the works of various older authorities on such somewhat esoteric mysteries. Jean-Sylvain Bailly (1736-1793), who was an astronomer and a mystic, comments that: “It is a very remarkable thing that enlightenment appears to have come from the North, against the common prejudice that the earth was enlightened, as it was populated, from the South….” He then goes on to point out that, according to all the legends and ancient wisdom, “as humanity began to reconstitute itself after the Noahic Deluge, the purest stream of civilization descended from Northern Asia into India, which to this day carries evidence of having the most ancient astronomical system on earth”. He continues on to point out that, in most of the ancient mythologies of the world, there appears to be a race memory of a racial origin in the far North and a subsequent gradual migration southward.

Another great scientific mind of the same era, the Comte de Buffon, placed the first civilizations in northern and central Asia, east of the Caspian Sea, but he seemed to be in general agreement with Bailly about a northern origin for mankind, rather than a Middle Eastern or Southern one. Rev. Dr. W.F. Warren, who was president of Boston University and belonged to several learned societies, revived the polar origin theory for mankind in a book published in 1885: “Paradise Found”, of which the thesis was “That the cradle of the human race … was situated at the North Pole, in a country submerged at the time of the Deluge.”

His theory compared very well with all the relevant sciences and comparative mythology — especially that of Germany. Warren was a Christian and an avowed anti-Darwinist, and he utterly rejected the concept of man having evolved from the ape, through a period of primitive savagery. He believed that the earliest men were the noblest and the longest-lived, “and it was only after the Deluge, that humanity began to take on the feeble lineaments of ourselves.” At least, in his work he reveals some amazing insight into what could have caused the Deluge, through God’s Hand, by pointing out that, after the survivors of the polar flood settled in their north Asian exile, “they found the skies (or heavens) tilted in respect to the way they had known them: the North Star was no longer overhead”, and he mentions that “they perfectly understood why this was so” … “but their rude descendants, unfavoured with the treasures of antediluvian science, and born only to a savage, nomadic life … might easily have forgotten the explanation” — which was that, “instead of the human horizon, it was the earth that had shifted”! Here, at long last, we get the first oblique mention of a polar shift!

Support from India

Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920), a renowned pioneer protagonist of Indian Independence at the turn of the century, was also a scholar in astronomy and Vedic antiquities, who among other feats, was able to place the oldest Indian Vedic civilization at around 4500 BC.

Tilak was jailed by the British for his anti-British writings for several years, and this time he put to good use in studying the Veda scripts, in relation to known astronomical and geological events. He published his findings in a work: “The Arctic Home of The Vedas”, in 1903. In this he stated that, according to his readings of the Vedas, the original Arctic home of humanity was destroyed around 10,000-8,000 BC by the last Ice Age, and that from 8,000-3000 BC, was the Age of Wandering, before the Vedic people finally settled in India between 5,000-3000 BC. By then, he went on to add, they had already begun to forget their Arctic origins, and their traditions had begun to go rapidly downhill.

As we have seen in earlier accounts, his timing of this cataclysm fits in very closely with what we know of the destruction of Atlantis and Mu, so we can attribute it to the same cause — a sudden polar shift, resulting in both tidal waves and tectonic upheavals followed by a very rapid relocation of the polar ice caps: the so-called “Ice Age”. So, we have the destruction of Mu, dated very approximately at 12,000 years ago, that of Atlantis around 10-12,000 years ago, and, according to best estimates, the destruction of Hyperborea also at around the same time-frame of 10-12,000 years ago. Could this then, also be the time of the Biblical “Flood”?

As far as I’m able to determine by reading sundry authorities, this would seem to be the case. So it’s up to my readers to resolve for themselves whether this is a pure coincidental matter, or whether God chose to bring about the cleansing of an evil and disobedient world by means of a purely natural catastrophic event — which would seem to be a perfectly logical thing to do if One were the Supreme Intellect, who created the entire Universe along purely logical lines!

Land of The Midnight Sun

Ancient Indian texts seem to point most clearly to the fact that the Arctic region was the “realm of the ancient gods” since they specifically mention that it is where the sun rises and sets only once a year — which demonstrates that the writers had a clear knowledge of the astronomical situation at the North Pole. Of course, they were quite right, since the sun only appears above the horizon for six months of the year, and is below it for the remaining six months! The question here is “How did those ancient Indians know this?”

The obvious answer is because it was recorded in the Vedic Hymns, which speak of “The Dawn of Many Days” and “The Thirty Dawn Sisters Circling Like A Wheel”. When applied to the Pole, these terms make good sense, since the sun takes exactly a month to actually appear above the horizon after the four month night. I say four month rather than six here, because the sun also takes a further month each year, to set. So, adopting for a moment the ancient world calendar of ten months, there’s a polar twilight of one month, followed by a night of four months. Then a dawn of one month, followed by a day of four months! The Vedas are thus correct in every detail regarding the polar night and day, even though written thousands of years ago! Obviously, these ancient forebears of the Indian people, the Aryans, knew this from first hand experience!

The oldest Vedic year had only two principal divisions, which were called devas and pitras; names which correlated with the “Day of The Gods” and the “Night of The Gods”. This, curiously enough, is very reminiscent of another dramatic piece of Germanic Aryan mythology — “Gottdammerung” — “The Twilight of The Gods” — which is a strangely apt connection with the Vedic-Aryan Polar Year!

The Advent of The Big Freeze

We learn from the Zoroastrian scholar, H. S. Spencer’s “Aryan Ecliptic Cycle”(1965) that the “Aryan ecliptic cycle” ran from approximately 25,500 BC to 300 BC, from their residence in the polar homeland during the “Interglacial Age” (or “Inter Pole Shifts Age”, depending on one’s persuasion!), to their being compelled to leave it because of the presence, firstly, of giant reptiles (dinosaurs!), and then the advent of intense cold and snow. (It’s important to bear in mind that the same effect would be taking place at the South Pole, also.) The Big Freeze occurred about 10-12,000 BC — and was just one of several natural cataclysms of that period which destroyed Atlantis, Lemuria (Mu), and the Gobi Sea (now the Gobi Desert) — and also resulted in the flooding of the Mediterranean Basin, as well as creating the Triton Sea in North Africa! From the now untenable Pole, the migrating Aryans had to fight their way south against not only the forces of nature, but also against the indigenous Asian tribes, including suffering a term of enslavement by the Turanians (the Turks).


Religious Influences of the Aryans

However, by 8,500 BC they ruled their own empire in Bactria, where they continued to worship their god, Mazda, whom they had apparently held as their chief deity among several, for at least 19,000 years BC! It was Zoroaster (or Zarathustra) who introduced Mazdan monotheism around 7100 BC. The Persian Aryans stayed true to their faith, but the Indian branch of the Aryans joined in the local polytheism, only changing over to Hinduism when they believed Zarathustra had been reincarnated as Krishna around 4000 BC.

It is also interesting to note that (according to Spencer) the European Aryans accepted this same reincarnated spirit of Krishna (or Chrishna) as Jesus Christ! The religious influence of these Aryans was to have a great impact upon all the surrounding religions in promoting the supremacy of a Male concept of God over the Female, which had hitherto dominated Egypt, Babylon, Sumeria, and the Semites, who had all previously worshipped predominantly female maternal goddesses.

Atlantis and Thule

As we have gleaned thus far from Plato’s Discourses, Atlantis was thought to have arisen in the middle of the Atlantic, opposite the Pillars of Hercules — The Straits of Gibraltar. And so it was always believed for centuries, until this was challenged in the 18th century by Olaf Rudbeck, who claimed the lost kingdom as having been his native land of Sweden! This started a new trend of thought among the scholars, and Bailly, (whom we met earlier) became convinced that Atlantis had been much further north than had hitherto been supposed, and suggested either Spitzbergen, Greenland or Nova Zemlya as possible sites.

Rudbeck rationalized that, because the rotary movement of the planet close to the poles was so much less, the atmosphere might well have been less agitated, thus making it in reality a place of eternal spring. Through this idea, he identified his Altlanteans as actually being the legendary Hyperboreans, living in their golden “Garden of the Hesperides” close to the North Pole!

A Place of Perpetual Spring near The Pole?

Despite the original report by the Greek, Pytheas, around 300 BC, that he had reached a sea of ice just one day north of Thule — which he evidently thought was in fact, Iceland, he was disbelieved, and the myth still persisted that a warm polar sea existed around the Pole, with a very clement land environment surrounding it. Even Columbus believed it and sailed 300 miles north beyond Iceland before reaching ice-bound waters. Most of his critics discredited this feat, as they believed the northern Atlantic to be impassable. (However, it was Columbus’ feat which caused later explorers to search those same northerly Arctic oceans for the legendary North West Passage into the Pacific!) However, I fear that I’m digressing!

Atlantean Nazis?

It was the Roman historian, Tacitus, who started the Germanic people believing that they were the descendants of these Atlantean-Hyperborean Aryans from the North Pole. He had already remarked that he could hardly believe people would choose to live in such a rigorous climate as that of Germany, let alone anywhere further north, but it was he who later agreed with those who believed the Germans to be a pure race, who had never intermarried with any other, and that this was shown by their distinct familial likeness, both physically and in character, even though they were a numerous race. They all had stern blue eyes, fair to ruddy hair and large, strong physiques.

It was this Nordic Aryan, tall, blond image, projected by Tacitus, that was later to become the racial ideal of the Hitlerian Nazis — despite Hitler himself and many of his Nazi colleagues, being short and dark-haired, and typically Southern European in general appearance!

This led to the concept of a Nazi Thule, the three god-fathers of which were Von List, Von Liebenfels, and Von Sebottendorff. All three were mere pretenders to grandeur and had added the nobly-suggestive “Von” to their plain family names. This in itself was a classical symptom of the “Master-Race” delusion, as they all firmly believed themselves to be of this chosen aristocratic Aryan race.

I could pursue this Nazi-Aryan association and their Thule Society at great length, but, although it may be of great significance in terms of racial distinction and discrimination — as witnessed by their subsequent anti-Semitism — it has relatively little to do with the actual racial origins of mankind as a whole. The Nazi attempt at world domination is now relegated to the political history of the world, which is not the province of this work. Readers wishing to learn more about the Nazi-Thule mythos should read Joscelyn Godwin’s absorbing book: “Arktos — The Polar Myth”.

However, in that same book, Godwin does unearth many interesting points regarding the Boreal Race, whether they were Altlanteans or whatever. He says that two major and distinct streams issued forth from these people during their migrations, one from north to south, and the other, at a later time, from west to east.

These Hyperboreans took with them the same spirit, bloodline and system of communication, symbolic, written or spoken, first to North America, and then to Northern Eurasia. Tens of thousands of years later, a second wave of Hyperborean migrants appear “to have thrust as far south as Central America, and to have settled principally in a vanished land situated in the Atlantic region, founding there a centre in the image of the polar one”. “In this regard,” he continues, quoting Evola, “one should properly speak of a “Nordic-Atlantic” race and civilization”.

Decline and Fall

“In Evola’s view”, says Godwin, “the latter, Atlantean stream, became polluted with telluric (earthy) and demonic elements from the even more ancient Lemurians, (the Muvians) whose distant descendants survive in the dark races. From this blending came the cults of the Mother and of the Earth, which would forever remain in opposition to the original cult of the Sun, preserving the purer Nordic stream.”

We have already seen how the Atlanteans were far more concerned with aggression and sorcery than those nations they tried to dominate, so they do not really deserve to be compared with the still-pure Nordic Aryans. However, as history shows, even the most pure and racially-clean nations eventually succumb to their own glory and go into moral decline. As, much later on, would also the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans.

What Became of Hyperborea?

One would imagine that after the Hyperborean region became a frozen waste of ice and snow that it would cease to feature in world mythology, except perhaps as a fondly-remembered homeland in the race-memory of the Aryans and perhaps the Atlanteans. However, this would be far from the case! As mentioned earlier, that first group of Hyperboreans who migrated to Atlantis were very much given to sorcery and conquest, whilst those who went to Asia, retained much of their pure character.

Could this signify a division of the Hyperboreans into two moral factions? Those who chose the Left-Hand Path and those who preferred to follow the Right? Perhaps this might account for the first contingent (the Atlanteans) leaving Thule so much earlier than those who became the Aryans.

Obviously, if there was a gap of thousands of years between the two groups leaving the Pole, it seems to infer that perhaps the first group were expelled from their homeland by the rest of the inhabitants. Clearly, the second, Aryan group only left because of the ice cataclysm which overtook their homeland and did not initially seek anything other than a place to live in peace. This would seem to indicate that they were of quite a different and more peaceable nature to their Atlantean cousins. Maybe, in this expulsion of the first group from this “Garden of The Hesperides” we are seeing some sort of parallel to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the “Garden of Eden”?

Shambhala, Agartha, and “The Hole at The Pole”

That there was some further mystery related to the Boreal region, is indicated in the myth of Shambhala, which is supposed to have emanated from the early lamas of Tibet. It is thought to have been an ancient realm once located somewhere in Asia — possibly in the Gobi — when what is now an arid desert was still the Gobi Sea. It was thought to have been an island realm, called the “Sacred Island” which, in many respects, seems to have been strangely similar to Thule or Hyperborea.

The mystery deepens when we learn that its inhabitants were the last survivors of the “White Island” which had perished long ages earlier! According to Madame Blavatsky, the inhabitants were descended from her Lemurians, but, since this information was alleged to be from a Theosophist, spiritual origin, we might be wiser in concluding that they were more likely to have been from Hyperboria-Thule!


From some of the accounts available, Shambhala appears to have been a centre of spiritual enlightenment, very reminiscent of James Hilton’s “Shangri-La”, but others say that it was a centre of occult power and arcane teaching. Its leader was thought variously to be either an evil, tyrannical Sorcerer-King or a God-like “Lord of The World”. We seem to be left with a choice as to which story we prefer to follow, and evidently which Path one desires to follow, too. The evil Left, or the good Right!

Apparently there were two factions (as in Hyperborea), one of which followed the Golden Sun, and the other the Black Sun. (The “Black Sun”, incidentally, was as prominent an emblem of the Nazi mythos as was the Swastika!) According to Jean-Claude Frére, author of “Nazisme et Sociétiés Secretès”, the people of Hyperborea, after migrating to the Gobi Desert over 6000 years ago, founded a new center, which they named Agartha. It became a great centre of world learning, and people flocked there from all over the world to enjoy its culture and civilization.

However, a huge catastrophe supervened, and the earth’s surface was devastated, but the realm of Agartha somehow survived, under the earth. The legend continues to relate that, as with the original Hyperboreans, the Aryans now split into two factions: one group heading northwest, hoping to return to their lost Hyperborea, and the second going south, where they founded a new secret centre under the Himalayas.

Jean-Claude Frére concludes: The sons of the Outer Intellegences split into two groups, one following the “Right Hand Path” under the “Wheel of The Golden Sun”, the other the “Left Hand Path” under the “Wheel of the Black Sun”. The first preserved the centre of Agartha, that undefined place of contemplation, of the Good, and of the Vril force. The second supposedly created a new place of initiation at Shambhala, the city of violence in command of the elements and human masses, hastening the arrival of the “charnel-house of time.”

The Aryan Swastika

In this connection of Right and Left Hand Paths, it’s interesting to note that the swastika, which is a true Aryan symbol and represents a “square wheel”, has a duality in its symbolism. The right-handed swastika represents the “Wheel of the Golden Sun” and the Right Hand path of Good, whereas the opposite applies to the left-handed swastika. Hitler chose the right-handed swastika as the emblem of his Nazi Party because it was the Aryan symbol of power and good fortune. The left-handed, and far more appropriate one, he rejected fearing it might bring him evil and misfortune! That he was in error on both counts, is a matter of history!

Asgaard- Agartha

“Asgaard” in Norse mythology, is the Home of the Gods — rather like Olympus is to the Greeks, and strangely, a French student of Indian mythology, named Louis Jacolliot, tells us in one of his books on the subject, “Le Fils de Dieu” (“The Sons of God”), how local Brahmin priests in Villenoor told him the story of a place called “Asgartha”. It was known as the “City of The Sun”, and was the ancient seat of Brahmatma. It appeared to date back to 13,000 BC, and Jacolliot claimed it was there long before the advent of the Aryans. He completely discredited the Aryans, saying that they were merely a break-away caste of Brahmins. In 10,000 BC, these “Aryan Brahmins” rebelled against their priestly masters and took over Agartha, forging an alliance with the other priests, who under their leadership became a warrior caste, instead.

Later, in 5,000 BC, two Norse brothers, Ioda and Skandah, who invaded Hindustan from the Himalaya region, finally destroyed Agartha, before being driven away by the Brahmin warrior-priests. These two continued northward, back to their homeland, the land of the Norsemen. Here they became immortalized as “Odin” and “Scandinavia”. The Norse remembered the story so well, that when they set off to pillage Rome, they cried: “We go to sack Asgaard, the City of The Sun!” Thus the legend of Agartha was born, and it continued to crop up in legends always connected with the Aryans, the Brahmahatma, and various mysterious Mahatmas — including those who communicated with Madame Blavatsky and her Theosophists!

Beneath the Earth’s Surface!

Eventually, another French mystic investigator, Saint-Yves d’Alveydre, in 1886 revealed in his book, “Mission of India”, that Agartha is a hidden land beneath the surface of the earth, ruled over by a black sovereign Pontiff, called the Brahmatma. He goes on to say that the realm was shifted underground around 3,200 BC, at the beginning of the Kali Yuga (or Golden Age) and that Agartha has known technology such as artificial lighting, mechanised transport, and even air-travel, far in advance of our own modern technology, for millennia! Periodically, Agartha sends emissaries to the upper world, about which it keeps astonishingly well informed. Agartha also has huge libraries which enshrine the whole wisdom of the ages, engraved in stone. Many great secrets lie there, regarding many esoteric and spiritual subjects, including amazing skills and abilities long forgotten by those who dwell on the surface.

Fiction, Fantasy or Fact?

His book, which reads like pure science-fantasy, bears a great resemblance to Bulwer-Lytton’s book “The Coming Race”, which also tells of an underground world of high tech beings possessed of that mysterious “Vril” force, so keenly sought by the Nazis in World War II, and who will one day emerge from their subterranean realm to take over the surface! Saint-Yves insists that such a day really is coming, and that we will be totally defenseless against these super-beings, who will become the true world-rulers. Nor is he the only one to insist that this is true! Many other authors, mystics and investigators have attempted to solve this whole mystery, with varying degrees of success or failure. However, most generally agree that Agharta and Shambhala seem to be closely connected, either as being one and the same place, or as two totally opposed realms, one of light and goodness the other of darkness and evil.

The Holes at the Poles

However, it is only comparatively recently that they have again captured public attention through the alleged NASA photographs of the so-called “Hole at the Pole”, which seem to lend some positive evidence to what had been suspected for centuries. Namely, that there has always been a hole or “portal” at either pole giving access to an inner Earth, somewhat akin to Rice-Burroughs famous “Pellucidar”, but with a highly advanced people and technology, instead of the wild, prehistoric surroundings, savages and animals with which Burroughs furnished his subterranean world!

Scholars have written about these polar holes for centuries, and it would take several pages to go through their theories and notions, so I will avoid retelling the many legends of these “entrances to the underworld”. Some suggested giant maelstroms, down which careless sailors could be swept. Others spoke of them as the portals of Hell itself. Yet others went so far as to describe fantastic voyages, whereby sailors entered at one pole and emerged safely at the other, after sailing an internal ocean and seeing a whole new world within, lit by a central sun! Science fiction is no new thing! However, to return to our subject. Let us consider some of the more modern views on this fascinating concept.

Inversed Earth Cosmogony

In 1926, a young New England student, named Amadeo Giannini, had an “epiphanous experience” during which he was taken upon an angelically-conducted tour of a land beyond the polar regions, and shown the great, magical secret of the earth. That instead of us being dwellers upon the outside shell of the globe, we are in fact, living inside it! The stars of the interior sky are actually simply distorted visions of the underside of the heavenly sky, although the sun actually exists in the centre of the earth — though he does not present a coherent account of why (or how) it sets at night, or rises in the morning.

Giannini’s cosmology is, to say the least, unique, in that he is able to shift the inner earth’s shape to suit every difficulty he encounters. Sometimes it seems flat, and at others it is tire-shaped, like a doughnut! Often his picture is of an infinite flattened disc with the earth surrounded by a polar-style ice barrier. Above, below and beyond all this disc-world the heavens extend into infinity. He even supported his wild fantasies with the discovery of land beyond the South Pole by Sir George Wilkin’s 1928 expedition, and also with Rear-Admiral Richard Byrd’s polar fights in 1947. Then, later still, he alleged that the U.S. expedition of 1956 had flown over 2000 miles beyond the South Pole! Naturally, Giannini’s ideas were ridiculed, although he did attract a lot of keen attention from the “flying saucer” fraternity.

There have been several other claimants to “indisputable knowledge” of the existence of these polar holes, and some have even heard first-hand accounts of trips in flying saucers into their depths! However, here we are entering into another realm altogether, as there are those “UFOlogists” who believe that “flying saucers” are not from outer space at all, but are actually “Vimana” craft sent from the Inner Earth, to keep watch upon our outer surface activities! But who can really say if this is true or not?

The King of The World

Whilst this entire business of Shambala and/or Agharta might appear to be merely a fantasy, there are many who believe that they really exist, either as an underground realm, or as a lost city, hidden away somewhere in the Himalayas. It is also called “Paradesa”, the University of Esoteric Knowledge, and a large number of travelers and mystics claim to have visited the city over the past century, in search of spiritual and occult enlightenment. The leader of the Aghartans is claimed to be “The King Of The World”, the Metatron and the “High Lord of Agharta”, and, according to Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver (who wrote the “Shaver Mysteries”, published in “Amazing Stories” in the 1940s), this “King Metatron” is said to be a Venusian, who came here thousands of years ago from the planet Venus (which was then orbiting between Mars and Jupiter) to instruct and guide our then dawn-age humanity. Despite his enormous age, he still appears as a youthful and very well-developed athletic man!

However, despite this seemingly altruistic desire to help humanity, there are other accounts which say that Agharta is really a center for evil occult forces bent upon our destruction, and Metatron is identified with Seth, the Egyptian god of the Underworld and Evil, who is, in fact, none other than Satan. (The name “Satan” was originally derived from “Seth.”) It would seem curiously appropriate that, if this were so, this Satanic entity should hail from a planet which now so closely resembles the real Hell that Venus has now become!

Also if this person were Satan, his incalculable age yet continuing youth would also be accounted for — just as would his title of “Prince of This World”, since Satan is thus styled by no less an authority than Jesus Christ, in the New Testament of the Christian Bible! There is some additional support for this concept in the earlier comment that Venus was also referred to as Lucifer, The Morning Star. “Lucifer” is, of course, the original Archangelic name for Satan!

The Switched Swastika?

Thus we are faced with the possibility that the alleged Right Hand Path / Left Hand Path positions as they relate to Agharta and Shambhala, respectively, might well have been deliberately switched, and that the opposite may be the truth. This could also apply to the direction of “rotation” of the swastika, to right or left, since, when we compare a swastika with a spiral galaxy — with regard to its “arms” and direction of rotation — the swastika emblem of the Nazis then becomes a left-handed one! The Aryan symbol of Evil and Misfortune!

Oddly enough, and whilst we are discussing all these curious coincidences, it is worth remembering that Hell was always believed, even when I was a youngster, to be a huge underworld region deep inside our own earth! Modern Christian thinking has since come up with the concept of a Planet Heaven and a Planet Hell, but perhaps the old beliefs might very well have had some reasonable foundation in fact, if such an evil inner realm of Agharta does actually exist?

Nicholas Roerich

Before I close this section, I should perhaps make mention of Nicholas Roerich, who was a famous Russian explorer, artist and mystic, who traversed these mysterious regions during the 1920s and 30s in search of adventure and enlightenment. Roerich was particularly interested in the lost realm of Shambhala, about which he later wrote a book, entitled simply enough “Shambhala”, published in 1930, along with “Himalayas: Abode of Light” and “Heart of Asia”, among others. At one time, Roerich had possession of a “magical stone from another world” which was known as the Chintamani Stone.

According to David Hatcher Childress, it was purported in ancient Asian chronicles to have come from the Sirius star system, and is said it been given to Tazlavoo, the one-time Emperor of Atlantis, by an angelic messenger from the skies. Legend has it that this same stone was sent to King Solomon in Israel, from Tibet via a Vimana airship (one of which he was also believed to have personally owned!). The stone, which is said to have had magical properties, is believed to have been Moldavite, a magnetic meteoric stone which is sold in many crystal shops, and is thought to have fallen in a shower of meteors some 15 million years ago. (The great sacred black stone inside the Kabah at Mecca, which all Muslims venerate, is also a large fragment of meteorite, and could well be of the same Moldavite stone).

Roerich wrote of Shambhala in his book that: “Shambhala itself is the Holy Place, where the earthly world links with the higher states of consciousness … many speculations have been made about the location of the earthly Shambhala. Certain indications put this place in the extreme North, explaining that the rays of the Aurora Borealis are the rays of Shambhala … but this is incorrect. Shambhala is only north in relation to India, being perhaps on the Pamir, in Turkestan, or in the Central Gobi….” He associates it with the underground city of “Agharti” and with the “White Island”, and that its “Splendid Valley” is reached via subterranean tunnels and passages from the Himalayas. He further adds that “the underground caverns of Central Asia are inhabited to this day by the people called the Agharti, or Chud, and that when the time of purification comes, say the legends, they will emerge in their glory”.

The Religion of Shambhala

If one can properly describe it as a religion, according to Roerich, that of Shambhala is of Fire. He relates it to the old cults of Fire and Sun, and the Swastika is its emblem, found carved or painted everywhere. He definitively associates it with the Aryan Race. However, it was not only confined to Buddhist temples. He found it also connected to Bön-Po — a pre-Buddhist Black Faith “which reveres some mysterious gods of the Swastika.” He said that they drew the symbol counter-clockwise or left-handed — which, as we’ve seen, was the version chosen by the Nazis! (There seems to be some confirmation here that “Bön-Po” was adopted by the Aghartis.)

Flying Saucers and Atomic Power


It was on August 5th, 1927, that Roerich and his party had a typical UFO sighting, 20 years before Kenneth Arnold saw his in 1947. “We saw, in a direction from north to south, something big and shiny reflecting the sun, like a huge oval moving at great speed. Crossing our camp, this thing changed in its direction from south to south west. And we saw how it disappeared in the intense blue sky. We even had time to take our field glasses and saw quite distinctly an oval form with a shiny surface, one side of which was brilliant from the sun.”

“The King of the World”

According to a lama who was travelling with Roerich’s group, this was a good omen — “a very good sign” he said. “We are protected. Rigden-Jyepo himself is looking after us!” He was referring to the prophesied “Lord of Shambhala’s New Era” . The “Ruler of The World”, “Maitreya”, the “Last Avatar of the Kali Yuga”, who was to herald in a New Age — somewhat similar to the manner in which Christ is to bring in the new Millennium of Peace upon the earth. However, there is reference to an esoteric college of astrology, which was to be established in Urga (Ulan Bator, Mongolia) “as a centre from which comes the impulse for the imminent renewal of humanity, and to a Lord, King or Ruler of the World who is neither Christ nor Lucifer”. Could this perhaps imply the “Beast 666” of St. John’s Revelation in the Christian Bible?

It’s perhaps of some passing interest to note that, in the early 1980s, a full-page advertisement appeared in all of the world’s leading daily newspapers announcing the imminent revelation of the “Maitreya”, who, it promised, would appear to everyone in the world simultaneously, whether by direct sight or by television. I personally still have a copy of this advertisement somewhere in my files! (But, as I write this, almost twenty years later, he still hasn’t put in an appearance!)

Vril Power

Roerich’s wife, Helena, herself a mystic, wrote in her own book, “Agni Yoga” about the Agni or Fire of Shambhala, and how it will be used in the New Age, describing it as “the great eternal energy, this fine imponderable matter which is scattered everywhere and which is within our use at any moment”. Roerich himself said of this same power in the 1940s: “energies of cosmic fire will approach the earth and create many new conditions of life”.

Joscelyn Godwin comments in his intriguing book, “Arktos, The Polar Myth”, “This could be a definition of Bulwer-Lytton’s Vril force…..if Nicholas Roerich, the indefatigable worker for world peace, had known the form in which Agni would be compelled to manifest in 1945, he might have been more cautious in recommending it….” It seems patently clear that this Agni fire, or “Vril force”, (which appear to be the same thing) could only have been what we nowadays describe as atomic energy.

So is it any great wonder then that the Nazis sought after it so eagerly during the Second World War? The repercussions of such a discovery upon Britain and America don’t require much imagination, especially with Nazi V2 rockets being already developed and available to deliver “Agni -Vril” atomic bombs upon London and New York!

Whence the “Hollow Earth” Theory, Anyhow?

It was Sir Edmund Halley, the 17th century astronomer who discovered Halley’s Comet, who first suggested a hollow earth. His idea was that it comprised three concentric spheres, each of which supported life and that had at their center a white-hot shining core. He ascribed the shifting of the earth’s magnetic poles to their movements one within another. This might sound rather a crackpot notion, until one considers that other reputable scientists have deduced that “polar wander” could be caused by slippage of the mesosphere within the lithosphere, or the slippage of the latter over the former, as hypothesized by eminent people like Wegener and Hapgood.

A theological dabbler in science, Thomas Burnet, in his book “Sacred Theory of the Earth”, proposed that all the waters of the oceans came out of a hole at the North Pole, but only in accordance with Divine Will, as and when required for Deluges and suchlike Heaven-sent catastrophes, but not as a continuous, self-sustained process of replenishment of the seas.

Alexander Colcott of Bristol subscribed somewhat to Burnet’s idea, in 1768, but he chose to posit a hollow sphere, with an inner surface covered by a vast ocean. In his view, the biblical Flood was caused when this ocean welled up to the outer surface through a polar gap or portal.

However, none of these scientific thinkers envisaged a hollow earth that had fertile landmasses and a central sun, which could be the habitation of human and animal life. Nor did they conceive of any connection between holes at both ends of the earth. (Perhaps this was because the South Polar landmass still remained to be discovered.) The exposition of such possibilities was left, as I have mentioned earlier, to the writers of popular fantasy-fiction, from the 17th century to the present day.

Particularly, writers of the so-called Romantic Era, like Edgar Allen Poe, with his great story, “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”, and Bulwer-Lytton’s “The Coming Race”, not to mention Jules Verne’s immortal classics: “Voyage To The Centre Of The Earth” and “The Sphinx of the Ice”, John Uri Lloyd’s “Etidorhpa” and Willis Emerson’s “The Smoky God”. Plus, of course, the unrivalled Edgar Rice Burroughs series of adventure tales of “Pellucidar — The Earth’s Core”, mentioned at the beginning of this chapter.


It’s tempting to continue delving into this fascinating concept of a hollow earth, but there are other intriguing areas yet to be covered, so I must reluctantly leave the subject at this point, and let my readers decide for themselves as to the likelihood or otherwise of such a possibility. However, let us keep reasonably open minds as to the existence of underground realms and cities such as Agharta and Shambala. Let us not forget that there are modern “underground realms” and “cities” today, in both the United States and Russia. Huge hollowed-out mountains, (such as the NORAD Defense Command headquarters in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs) which quite literally contain great technological cities inside them — and provide an ideal, natural protection against nuclear attack — especially for Top-Brass Military and Government VIPs!

Future Explorations and Discoveries

According to all the legends, myths and reports which abound today, and are constantly being substantiated by evidences of their actual existence, there are still a great many as-yet unexplored mysteries hidden beneath the Himalayas and the Andes, and other places — especially those beneath the Giza plateau which may, hopefully — if common sense prevails — be unearthed and revealed within our present generation!

We can only hope that the spirit of adventure and the quest for relics and evidences of such ancient fabled civilizations continues to be fostered among modern archaeological explorers as well as it was during the last two centuries. We can but hope that governments and business corporations continue to work together in a spirit of cooperation in sponsoring such investigations, as they have in the past.

Alas, at the time I write, this spirit is sadly lacking in some areas. This is notably so with the Egyptian Department of Antiquities. They are currently rejecting proper scientific investigation of possible world-shaking secrets hidden under the Sphinx and inside the Great Pyramid. Whilst this obdurate refusal is their sovereign national right, we can but hope for a speedy resolution of this ridiculously petty, bureaucratic impasse!

Surely such world-encompassing mysteries, possible clues to ancient technologies, and other great secrets that may lie awaiting discovery are of great interest to the whole world and might well benefit all mankind, rather than satisfy the bureaucratic veto-power of a minor Government department! Particularly that of a government whose national income depends so very heavily upon international interest in its antiquities from both scientific and tourist standpoints!

However, I feel sure that there will be many more fantastic finds in the future that will tell us a great deal more about Humanity’s past than we know even today. All that is required is the willingness and dedication of those intrepid and daring scholars who are prepared to commit their lives — and even to risk them if need be — to searching out the secrets that still lie concealed upon — and within — the crust of our planet, as well as upon those other enigmatic and mysterious planets which are our close neighbors in space!

Long live the spirit of “Indiana Jones” — and may there be many more great explorers and seekers after truth of such adventurous and learned ilk yet to follow! The End

© Gerry Forster 2001




It is often said that something may survive of a person after his death, if that person was an artist and put a little of himself into his work.  It is perhaps in the same way that a sort of cutting taken from one person and grafted onto the heart of another continues to carry on its existence even when the person from whom it has been detached has perished.


Marcel Proust (from À La Recherche du Temps Perdu, Remembrance of Things Past)



I want to be thoroughly used up when I die … Life is no frail candle to me.  It’s a sort of splendid torch which I’ve got to hold up for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to the future generations.


George Bernard Shaw



I often think that people we have loved and who have loved us, not only make us more human but they become a part of us.  We carry them around all the time, whether we see them or not and, in some ways, we are the sum total of those who have loved us and those we have loved.


Unknown author



He is lucky who, in the full tide of life, has experienced a measure of the active environment that he most desires.  In these days of upheaval and violent change, when the basic values of today are the vain and shattered dreams of tomorrow, there is much to be said for a philosophy which aims at living a full life while the opportunity offers.  There are few treasures of more lasting worth than the experience of a way of life that is, in itself, wholly satisfying.  Such, after all, are the only possessions of which no fate, no cosmic catastrophe, can deprive us; nothing can alter the fact if, for one moment in eternity, we have really lived.


Eric Shipton, mountaineer



We bereaved are not alone, we belong to the biggest company in all the world, the company of those who have known suffering.  When it seems that our sorrows are too great to be borne let us think of the great family of the heavy-hearted into which our grieving has given us entrance and, inevitably, we feel about us their arms, their sympathy, their understanding.


Helen Keller



I come, my brother, to these sad rites, to perform the last obsequies and speak in vain to your silent ashes; for fate has snatched, even thee, away from me.  Alas! My brother, so cruelly torn from me, accept at least these funeral gifts, much beloved with a brother’s tears, which, by ancestral custom, have been laid here as offerings to the dead; and for ever, brother, hail and farewell.





Become accustomed to the idea that death is nothing to us.  For all good and evil consists in sensation, but death is deprivation of sensation.  And therefore a right understanding that death is nothing to us makes the mortality of life enjoyable, not because it adds to it an infinite span of time, but because it takes away the craving for immortality.  For there is nothing terrible in life for the man who has truly comprehended that there is nothing terrible in not living.





Mortal man, you have been a citizen in this great City; what does it matter to you whether for five or fifty years?  For what is according to its law is equal for every man.  Why is it hard, then, if Nature who brought you in, and no despot or unjust judge, sends you out of the City – as thought the master of the show, who engaged an actor, were to dismiss him from the stage?  “But I have not spoken my five acts, only three.”  “What you say is true, but in life three acts are the whole play”. For He determines the perfect whole, the cause yesterday of your composition, today of your dissolution; you are the cause of neither.  Leave the stage, therefore, and be reconciled, for He also who lets his servant depart is reconciled.


Marcus Aurelius



If I can choose between a death of torture and one that is simple and easy, why should I not select the latter?  As I choose the ship in which I sail and the house which I inhabit, so will I choose the death by which I leave life.


Seneca (on suicide)



If I had my life to live over, I’d try to make more mistakes next time.  I would relax.  I would limber up.  I would be sillier that I have been this trip.  I know of very few things I would take seriously.  I would be crazier.  I would be less hygienic.  I would climb more mountains, swim more rivers and watch more sunsets.  I would eat more ice cream and less beans.  I would have more actual troubles and fewer imaginary ones.  You see, I am one of those people who live sensibly and sanely, hour after hour, day after day.  Oh, I have had my moments, and, if I had it to do over again, I’d have more of them.  In fact, I’d try to have nothing else.  Just moments, one after another, instead of living so many years ahead each day.  I have been one of those people who never go anywhere without a thermometer, a hot-water bottle, a gargle, a raincoat and a parachute.  If I had to do it all over again, I would go places and do things and travel lighter than I have.  If I had my life to live over, I would start barefooted earlier in the Spring and stay that way later in the Fall.  I would pay hooky more, I wouldn’t make such good grades except by accident.  I would ride on more merry-go-rounds.  I’d pick more daisies.


Nadine Stair



Suppose, after all, that death does end all? Next to eternal joy, next to being forever with those we love and those who have loved us – next to that, is to be wrapped in the dreamless drapery of eternal peace. Next to eternal life is eternal sleep. Upon the shadowy shore of death, the sea of troubles casts no waves. Eyes that have been curtained by dark will never know again the burning touch of tears. Lips touched by eternal silence will never speak again the broken words of grief. Hearts of dust do not break. The dead do not weep. Within the tomb, no veiled and weeping sorrow sits, and in the rayless gloom is crouched no shuddering fear. I had rather think of those I have loved and lost as having returned to earth, as having become part of the elemental world; I would rather think of them as gurgling in the stream, floating in the clouds, bursting in light upon the shores of other worlds; I would rather think of them as the last visions of forgotten night, than to have even the faintest fear that their naked souls have been clutched by an orthodox god.


Robert Ingersoll



An individual human existence should be like a river – small at first, narrowly contained within its banks, and rushing passionately past boulders and over waterfalls. Gradually the river grows wider, the banks recede, the waters flow more quietly, and – in the end – without any visible break, they become merged in the sea, and painlessly lose their individual being. The man or woman who, in old age, can see his or her life in this way, will not suffer from the fear of death, since the things they care for will continue.


Bertrand Russell



However far back you go in your memory, it is always in some external active manifestation of yourself that you come across your identity – in the work of your hands, in your family, in other people….. this is what you are. This is what your consciousness has breathed and lived on, and enjoyed throughout your life….. your immortality, your life in others. And what now? What does it matter to you if, later on, it is called to your memory? This will be you – the real you – that enters the future and becomes part of it.


Boris Pasternack



We should not speak of our love in the past tense. Love is a thing that does not fade in a faithful heart. It does not go into the past unless we betray our love. We must keep our love alive in a new situation, but as actively and creatively and more so, more often, than when the person was with us. Our love cannot be dead because a person has died. If that is true, our life must be a continuation of theirs, with all its significance. We must reflect on all that was beauty and nobility in that person and make sure those around us and our surroundings do not lose anything through the death. This applies to all families and friends, as well as the immediate bereaved, so that the seed that has fallen into the earth may give a hundred fold harvest in the hearts and lives of others.


Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh



Death can cast us down for more than the necessary period of mourning. It can blight our days….. and yet it can enrich us. We can live for those who have gone. We can pack into our lives that extra time the dead have given us. For they have given us time: the expanded moment that comes when we realise that, for us, the blood still moves; the world is still there to be explored and made over; that, for now, this minute, this hour, this day, we are free of pain and hunger; that though we still mourn in the deepest part of our being, death has liberated us, has made us see the transitory nature of everything; and life, being transitory, is thus infinitely more precious; commanding more attention than ever we gave it when we went on our way, still unthinking children, before death opened our minds, sharpened our eyes; and set us free…


Christopher Leach



No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.


John Donne



Life is the gathering of waves to a head; at death they break into a million fragments. Each one of these fragments, however, is absorbed at once into the sea of life and helps to form a later generation, which comes rolling on, until it too breaks.


Samuel Butler



The death of each of us is in the order of things: it follows life as surely as night follows day. We can take the Tree of Life as a symbol. The human race is the trunk and the branches of the tree, and individual men and women are the leaves, which appear one season, flourish for a summer, and then die. One day we will all be torn off by a storm or simply decay and fall and become part of the earth about its roots. While we live we are conscious of the tree’s flowing sap and steadfast strength. Deep down in our consciousness is the consciousness of a collective life, a life of which we are all part and to which we all make minute but unique contributions. When we die and fall the tree remains, nourished to some degree by our manifestation of life. Millions of leaves have preceded us and millions will follow us, but the tree itself grows and endures.


Herbert Read



Those who live nobly, even if in their day they live obscurely, need not fear that they have lived in vain. Something radiates from their lives, some light that shows the way to their family, friends and neighbours, perhaps to long future ages.


Bertrand Russell



In the presence of death, we must continue to sing the song of life. We must be able to accept death and go from its presence better able to bear our burdens and to lighten the load of others. Out of our sorrows should come understanding. Through our sorrows, we join with all those before us who have had to suffer and all of those who will yet have to do so. Let us not be gripped by the fear of death. If another day be added to our lives, let us joyfully receive it, but let us not anxiously depend on our tomorrows. Though we grieve the deaths of our loved ones, we accept them and hold on to our memories as precious gifts. Let us make the best of our loved ones while they are with us, and let us not bury our love with death.


Roman philosopher Seneca



Let us be contented with what has happened to us and thankful for all we have been spared. Let us accept the natural order in which we move. Let us reconcile ourselves to the mysterious rhythm of our destinies such as they must be in this world of space and time. Let us treasure our joys but not bewail our sorrows. The glory of light cannot exist without its shadows. Life is a whole and good and ill must be accepted together. The journey has been enjoyable and well worth making – once.


Sir Winston Churchill (from ‘Thoughts and Adventures’)



Wheresoever your life shall end, it is then complete. The value of life is not in its duration, but rather in its use. Some have lived long, even if it were only for a short while. So make the most of your life while you still have it. Whether you have lived enough depends on yourself, not on the number of your years. Leave this world as you entered here. The same passage which you first made from death to life, without fuss and without fear, take it again from life to death. Your death is in the order of things: it belongs to the life of the world.





I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.


Jack London



We are one people, one community and the death of one is the concern of all. In the face of death man can achieve grandeur, but if he turns his back on death he remains a child, clinging to a land of make believe. For death is not the ending of the pattern of life’s unwinding but a necessary interruption. Through the painful work of grieving we rediscover the past and weave it afresh into a new reality. Our aim cannot be to cancel out the past, to try to forget, but to ensure that the strength and meaning which gave beauty to the old pattern is remembered and re-interpreted in the pattern now emerging. Every man must die but the world is permanently changed by each man’s existence…


Colin Murray Parkes



Let children walk with nature, let them see the beautiful blendings and communions of death and life, their joyous inseparable unity, as taught in woods and meadows, plains and mountains and streams….and they will learn that death is stingless indeed, and as beautiful as life, and that the grave has no victory, for it never fights. All is divine harmony.


John Muir



When loved ones die, you have to live on their behalf.  See things as though with their eyes. Remember how they used to say things, and use those words oneself. Be thankful that you can do things that they cannot, and also feel the sadness of it.


Louis de Berniéres (from ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’)



In my view death is simply one of the many kinds of tragedy that human beings encounter, yet unique because it is inevitable and universal. So let us not attempt to mask the tragic aspects of death, but not be preoccupied with it, nor allow it, on account of heart-ache and crisis it causes, to overshadow the other phases of human life. Let us look death in the face with honesty, with dignity and with calmness, recognising that some unhappiness is inherent in human experience, but that together we have the resources to come to terms with this fact.


Corliss Lamont



So when death comes for me I shall meet it with a cheerful mind. Since no harm comes to the elements when they continuously change from one to the other, why should I be afraid about the change and dissolution of my own elements? For this is the way of Nature and nothing is evil which comes from Nature.


Marcus Aurelius



Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, margarita in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ~ WOO HOO what a ride!”


author unknown



Some people are bound to die young. By dying young a person stays young for ever in peoples’ memories. If they burn brightly before they die, their light shines for all time.


Alexander Solznenitsyn





Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.. As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.


Max Ehrmann





Tread gently on anyone who looks at you sideways. Have lots of long lie-ins. Wear sturdy socks, learn to grow out of medium underwear and, if you must lie about your age, do it in the other direction: tell people you’re ninety-seven and they’ll think you look ***ing great. Try to catch a trout and experience the glorious feeling of letting it go and seeing it swimming away. Never eat food that comes in a bucket. If you don’t know how to meditate at least try to spend some time every day just sitting. Boo joggers. Don’t work out, work in. Play the banjo. Sleep with somebody you like. Eat plenty of Liquorice Allsorts. Try to live in a place you like. Marry somebody you like. Try to do a job you like. Never turn down an opportunity to shout, ‘**** them all!’ at the top of your voice. Avoid bigots of all descriptions. Let your own bed become to you what the Pole Star was to sailors of old…look forward to it. Don’t wear tight underwear on aeroplanes. Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares!… He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes. Clean your teeth and keep the company of people who will tell you when there’s spinach on them. Avoid people who say they know the answer. Keep the company of people who are trying to understand the question. Don’t pat animals with sneaky eyes. If you haven’t heard a good rumour by 11.00am, start one. Learn to feel sorry for music because, although it is the international language, it has no swearwords (if you don’t count Wagner, which in my opinion is one long one and should be avoided at all cost). If you write a book, be sure it has exactly seventy-six ‘****’s’ in it. Send Hieronymus Bosch prints to elderly relatives for Christmas. Avoid giving LSD to guide dogs. Don’t be talked into wearing a uniform. Salute nobody. Never run with scissors or other pointy objects. Campaign against blue Smarties. Above all, go to Glasgow at least once in your life and have a roll and square sliced sausage and a cup of tea. When you feel the tea coursing over your spice-singed tongue, you’ll know what I mean when I say: ‘It’s good to be alive!’


Billy Connolly



Our Parents cast long shadows over our lives.  When we grow up we imagine that we can walk into the sun, free of them.  We don’t realize until it’s too late that we have no choice in the matter, they’re always ahead of us. We carry them within us all our lives, in the shape of our faces, the way we walk, the sound of our voice, our skin, our hair, our hands, our heart. We try much our lives to separate ourselves from them and only when they are dead do we find we are indivisible. We grow to expect that our parents, like the weather, will always be with us. Then they go, leaving a mark like a hand print on glass or a soft kiss on a rainy day, and with their deaths we are no longer children.


Author unknown



Death is nothing at all. It does not count. I have only slipped away into the next room. Nothing has happened. Everything remains exactly as it was. I am I and you are you, and the old life we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still. Call me by the old familiar name. Speak of me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone. Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was…..All is well.


Henry Scott Holland



We VOTE in NOVEMBER in USA ~ American Politics PARTIES?

We as Americans can vote however with the Electoral VOTES which need to be done away with, We should renegotiate how we in this world can count OUR VOTE without the ELECTORAL VOTES! EACH PERSON MUST COUNT!



The Development of Political Parties

The United States has a two-party system. The existence of only two dominant parties stems largely from election rules that provide for single-member districts and winner-take-all elections. Each “district” can have only one winner in any election, the person who receives the most votes. So no matter how popular a third party, it will not win a single seat in any legislature until it becomes powerful enough in a single district to take an election. By contrast, many democracies have proportional representation, in which officials are elected based on the percentage of votes their parties receive, and more than two dominant parties. If a party wins 10 percent of the vote in an election where 100 seats are at stake, it gets to have 10 of the seats. In a multiparty system, parties may form a coalition, an alliance between parties, to pool their votes if there is agreement on a major issue. Proportional representation encourages the formation of parties that are based on narrowly defined interests.

The Electoral College is also a factor in sustaining the two-party system. Even if the popular vote in a state is very close, the winner gets all of the state’s electoral votes. This arrangement makes it extremely difficult for a third party to win. In the 1992 presidential election, Ross Perot captured almost 20 percent of the popular vote across the country but did not receive a single electoral vote.


The Federalists and the Democratic Republicans

Although the Constitution does not provide for political parties, two factions quickly emerged. One group, led by John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, favored business development, a strong national government, and a loose interpretation of the Constitution. The followers of Thomas Jefferson, known as Democratic Republicans, called for a society based on small farms, a relatively weak central government, and a strict interpretation of the Constitution.


The election of 1800 had constitutional implications. The Democratic Republicans chose Jefferson for president and Aaron Burr for vice president. The party’s electors split their ballots for both men, resulting in a tie that was resolved in the House of Representatives. The Twelfth Amendment (1804), which required electors to vote separately for president and vice president, recognized that political parties would nominate one candidate for each office.


Jacksonian Democrats and the Whigs

During the 1820s, with the country expanding and many states dropping their property qualifications for voting, the size of the electorate grew. Andrew Jackson took advantage of this change, and from his election in 1828, the Democrats represented an alliance of small farmers, Westerners, and “mechanics,” the term used for the working class. The Whig Party (1834) supported business, a national bank, and a strong central government. When the Whigs broke up in the 1850s, they were replaced by the Republican Party.


This period saw important changes in how political parties operate. In the presidential election of 1832, candidates were chosen through a national convention of representatives from the states’ parties, and a party platform, a statement of the party’s beliefs and goals, was issued.


Democrats and Republicans

The Civil War split the political parties in several ways. The Republican Party’s strength lay in the North; Abraham Lincoln did not receive a single electoral vote from a Southern state in 1860. The Democrats in the North divided into War Democrats, who supported the war effort but claimed the Republicans were doing a poor job of leading the Union, and the Peace Democrats, or Copperheads, who opposed the war and were suspected of disloyalty to the Union. To win the election of 1864, the Republicans reorganized themselves as the Union party to attract votes from the War Democrats and nominated War Democrat Andrew Johnson for vice president. When Lincoln was assassinated, Democrat Johnson became president.


Following the Civil War, Republicans moved quickly to consolidate their control of the United States government. They quickly added a series of Western states to the Union, states that they expected would remain firm in their support for Republicans. They also set up (often corrupt) governments in the South that would regulate state elections in a manner beneficial to the party. Their record was mixed. The Democrats and Republicans alternated control of Congress, but only two Democratic presidents — Grover Cleveland (1884–1888, 1892–1896) and Woodrow Wilson (1912–1920) — were elected up to 1932. The Republican Party’s pro-business positions played well in the industrial North and Midwest, while the Democrats held the “solid South.” The large number of immigrants who came to the United States, together with the growing industrial workforce, laid the basis for strong, largely Democratic political machines in New York, Chicago, and other large cities.


The New Deal coalition and Republican resurgence

The Great Depression brought about a major shift in political party allegiance. African-American voters, who had traditionally supported the Republicans since Reconstruction, now joined the unemployed, the immigrants and their descendants, the liberal intellectuals, and the South in backing Franklin Roosevelt. The Democratic Party’s New Deal coalition redefined the role of the federal government as an active agent in promoting the general welfare. The Democrats dominated national politics for the next 20 years. Roosevelt’s New Deal was followed by Harry Truman’s Fair Deal; Republican Dwight Eisenhower (1952–1960) found it impossible to dismantle the New Deal agencies that had become an integral part of American society.


Democratic dominance collapsed in the 1960s. Young radicals turned away from liberalism in response to the Vietnam War, while moderate Democrats increasingly blamed their party for the rise of lawlessness that had accompanied liberal social change during the decade — especially the explosion of urban rioting that devastated American cities starting in 1964. From the 1968 election of Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory, only one Democrat attained the White House: Jimmy Carter, whose term spanned 1976 to 1980. This succession of Republicans was due in part to the party’s Southern strategy, which began to bring Southern states into the Republican column in presidential elections. Not until 1994 were Republicans able to consolidate their power by capturing control of Congress, the first time they had held both the House and the Senate in almost half a century. The Republicans continued to dominate Congress, albeit often with slim majorities, until 2006; opposition to the war in Iraq and Bush’s declining popularity returned the Democrats to power in the midterm elections.


How can we be in love and light without recognizing the art form who spoke these words to be written down for us all for then and now and in the future? TJ

We now walk in light as those in body~mind~spirit knowing we are to become that which we are knowing experiencing the birth~life~death Experience.  Who does believe that they can change this spiritual journey? We are all one in the same when it comes to the knowing of our FATE and DESTINY as ASCENSION BEINGS. This is the way, the truth, and the light so help us God/Goddess.

Those who believe as TJ will know that the future of all is based on the past of who we have become now in the knowing of the love and light in us all. TJ Morris ET



We are a nonprofit faith bases spiritual community called Ascension Center Organization and our belief system is in faith, hope, prosperity for all with love and light of the Christ Consciousness and we believed Jesus was a master who walked on earth in the flesh and ascended to show us all, and to save us all because he was the son of God who came to allow us to ascend into higher levels spiritually. We walk in faith as spirits for we were sometimes in darkness but now we are light in the Lord: walk as children of the Light: (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) Providing what is acceptable unto the Lord and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of the darkness but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever does make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

Ephesians Chapter 5 8-14

ACO Topics & Caqtegories For Members Speakers Engagements for 2013 & Beyond


Holotropic Breathwork





Ancient & Present


Ghost Hunters


Psychic Mediums



Spirit Guides


ET Disclosure Project



Government Cover Ups

Conspiracy Theories



Levitation of Spirit

Mental Telepathy

Migrations of Birds


Psi miracles

Spirits of electricity

God Particle


Time Displacement


Organized divination


Extraterrestrial Education

Extraterrestrial Intelligent Beings

Extra biological Beings (EBENS)




Futurists Theories




New Age Culture






Hollow Earth Society

Mayan Calendar




Hollow Earth


New World Order


Ghosts Energy Apparitions

Ascension Channels

Shroud of Turin



Origin of Religions



Thinking of primitive people


History, Gods, Pharaohs, Priests, Monuments

Ideas of Death & Last Judgment



Creed, Jesus, Dogma, Catholicism, Reformation, Present


Jewish Creed, Ethics, Talmud, Mysticism


History, Origin, Mohammedan Mysticism,


Basic Modes between humankind & Deities



Preanimistic Theory

Theory of Original Monotheism

Magic & Religion

Celts & Slavs






Japanese Buddhism




Extinct Religions

Teutonic Gods

Ideas of Death

Magic of Runes

Biblical Revelations


All isms











Star gates

Time Travel


Zechariah Sitchin










Futurist Politics in World

Building a Website

Starting a Business

Social Networks


USA  Politics of Lightworkers


We will also add our TJ Morris & Friends websites, RSS, and links.


American Culture International Relations

Timely Manor Books

TJ Morris Publishing

TJ Morris tm ACIR sm

Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Author


We are involved with Ascension Center Organization.  We have member’s worldwide exploring consciousness, ET disclosure, & unconditional love in life with believing in our liberty.

 We have a passion and a desire to serve humanity as facilitators of awareness sharing information as our attention shifts.

We are also involved in creating conscious music in unison with frequencies to raise vibrations through sound healing. We have a network of Practioners, Lightworkers and Truthseekers.

Constitution and Bylaws of the Ascension Center Organization

Article I

1 This Body shall be called the ACO Convention of Ascension Center Organization.


Article II

1 This Body shall meet annually according to the adjournment, but in case of emergency the President may call a special session with the advice and consent of the Mission Board, of two-thirds of the members of the Board present and voting may call a special session. A Body must be three or more for gathering.

Article III

1 The membership of this Body shall consist of Lightworker Messengers from cooperating affiliated Ascension Centers as follows:

(1)            Two messengers from each centers church (Body) having one hundred members orless, which is in friendly cooperation with this Convention; is in synergy with compassion and is sympathetic with its purposes and work.

(2)            One additional messenger for each such church shall be allowed for each additional one hundred members or for each $100.00 USD contributed to the Centers Cooperative Program for the Annual Convention during the fiscal year preceding the annual meeting, but no churches may be allowed more than ten (10) messengers per 1000 members.

(3)            Lightworker Messenger’s cards will be sent, upon request, to individual churches who meet the above requirements, from the ACO International Convention office in the United States of America.

(4)            A voting Ballot as a member will be issued to each member at the time one registers in their perspective state level directorship as an ACO Church. Each Church can have no more than 10 per state or nation state in the International level of countries for messengers to total 10 per 1000 members. That is 1 per hundred at the international level for organization and administration purposes of accounting on voting ballots annually at the International ACO Convention.

Article V

1 The Body has no jurisdiction over the local churches or the District Associations, and shall exercise no authority over them.

Article VI

1 The Body shall be a medium through which the churches in their sovereign capacity can work together for a common cause such as promoting all non-denominational enterprises which they deem necessary in carrying out the Great Commission of Light Service as Raising Consciousness of body~mind~spirit of humanity for the health and prosperity of all sentient intelligent being species in the world.

Article VII

1. The Mission Board of this body shall consist of members from each cooperating District Association plus eight at-large members from geographical regions of the state. The Mission Board membership from the associations shall consist of one member from each cooperating District Association with a total church membership of two thousand or less, and one more member for each additional two thousand church members, or any major fraction thereof, as reported in the Convention Annual of the preceding year with the first original launch in 2012. Each District Association shall nominate two persons for each membership of the Board of whom one shall be elected. Should any District Association fail to exercise this prerogative, then the Committee on Nominations of the Convention shall make the decision for the nomination.

2.  The eight-at-large members shall be elected from any cooperating affiliated Ascension Center Organization Church hereinafter referred to and called ACO.

3. All members of the Board shall be elected by the ACO for a period of three years, except those who are selected to fill vacancies. Vacancies result from death, resignation, or moving from the district of association. A move of an at-large member does not constitute a need for change in a regional representation. No member shall be eligible for re-election for a one year term after his term has expired except one who has been elected to fill an unexpired term. The Founder is a member for life who is Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris and shall be the deciding vote throughout her term in office as founder in case of the vacancy herein described which she alone can fill until such time there is a replacement.  The founder is the first Founding President of the ACO Convention.

4. The retiring President of the Convention shall be an at-large member of the Mission Board indefinitely or until such time that he/she reports unable for any reason to perform this mission. At that time the one member shall report for one year immediately following this term of office.

5. The President for the Men and Women’s Missionary Union and the President of the Adolescent and Teens Support Group shall serve as ex-officio members of the Board.

6. Three member of the initial Board of the ACO shall constitute a Quorum and from that time forth in growing and in membership there must be two-thirds of the Board Members present at the Annual National and International Conventions.

Article VIII

1. The ACO Mission Board shall have charge of the work of this body between its sessions and shall appoint officers, committees, agents, agencies, organizers that may be required in its world’s mission and work. The mission and board will make recommendations at monthly meetings in keeping with the overall mission quarterly reporting and annually to the state, national, and international Convention. Only the Board of Director may make recommendation to the ACO convention in case of an emergency as the Mission Board is to report back to the Board of Directors of findings and investigations.

2. The ACO Mission Board shall make a report thirty (30) days on the business and marketing plan and ACO Committees formed to meet commitments for the year.  A five year business and marketing plan is to be created by the ACO Mission Board which is to be incorporated in the twenty five year overall international plan for meeting the ACO goals for the future of all humankind.

3. The ACO Board of Directors shall be responsible for seeing that the ACO Mission Board meets its obligation and commitments for the entire ACO Church Body of the membership for making public to all members that which is to be reported at least thirty days prior to the ACO level district, state, regional, national, and international journal as social media marketing management online in cooperation with the various webmasters of each chosen mission. The only exception of not making public the annual plans during the five year to twenty-five year mission for health and prosperity for all humanoid sentient intelligent beings of the species is if an emergency happens and is explained thereafter within a reasonable amount of time but within the same month before the annual convention.

4. No one person can serve at the same time in more than one position such as the Board of Directors, The ACO Mission Board,  Board of Trustees for Finances, or the Directors or Managers of any infrastructure agencies or as an agent of more than one level in the ACO. No one person can serve two positions and must step down serving with the Body from one for a full year before being allowed to run again for office if resigned from office or due to an emergency missing a monthly meeting where another must fill the vacancy. This is set in the constitution to keep order in the cooperative corporation as required by law.

5. Employees if hired for contracting purposes will not be eligible to hold any office of the Board of Directors, ACO Mission Boar, Board of Trustees, or Manager of any agency or institution fostered and supported by the ACO

.ACO Bylaws


  1. Each ACO Session called to order will be opened and closed with by a short prayer and remembrance of our ancestors and the higher power of source whoever each may prepare their higher minds for in registering their birth-life-death process on earth as we are all awake and aware that we are here now. All meetings are then called to order by the President or acting Vice president.
  2. Each member will have a vote in meetings as sessions allow however, visitors are not allowed to vote and must become a member in order for their voices in speech craft to be heard and voice their opinions.
  3. Each member will address the founder and President of each level at the session or meeting.
  4. Each member will listen attentively and not be allowed to fall asleep and will participate with all body~mind~spirit engaged in functioning with all senses as taking action by being alert.
  5. No member shall speak more than twice in a single debate on the same day without a two-thirds majority vote of the Convention.
  6. When a member shall be called to order he/she shall be seated until the President can decide or has determined with the rest of the Board if he/she is in order in the formal meeting for the benefit of all present and residing with their undivided attention as the quorum has been established and called for in order to conduct the official ACO Quorum and Annual Convention.
  7. An appeal may be made in writing to the Board of Directors in any case after the meeting and placed in the ACO Journal with the bases for debate having looked into the debate which was established to be found observed and important to the overall mission of the ACO Convention. That person in indecision and debate may be heard at the Board of Directors meeting with a two-thirds quorum held outside of the annual convention in case of urgency to the overall cause to affect all members of the Body as the Church and Mission.
  8. The President and Founder may be heard at any time in the ACO Convention and ACO Church as the Body. She is the only one who can call to order and overrule those who are out of order when a debate or voices desire to be heard unless she is not present at which time temporarily in her absence the Chair can be taken by one recognizing the Robert Rules of Order by one of the Vice Presidents or in the case of the absence of both Vice Presidents, named by the President at the founding of the ACO of Thomas Ray Morris and Thomas Anthony Sinici, then by some member whom the President may select to run the meeting.
  9. In the election of future officers by ballot, if only one nomination is made and no other person desires to nominate, the secretary may cast the ballot for the Convention. If a nominee does not receive a majority of votes cast on the first ballot, subsequent ballots shall carry the names of those who are included in the top fifty percent of the total votes cast in the previous ballot.
  10. The results of all balloted votes shall be made known to all Lightworker Messengers and Truthseekers and perspective neophyte LMs or TMs. LMs are Lightworker Messengers and TMs are Truthseeker Messengers and titles are voted on at the annual conventions and titles can be taken away by the body of the church based on what is considered unbecoming to that of a member of the church such as murder of another human being or taking life in a harmful way of any living creature. Lightworkers are to be messengers of love, light, and wisdom teachings of the Ascension Center Organization. Truthseekers are to be archivists, researchers, and explorers of all that is for the good of the Body as the Church.
  11. The results of all ballots for the purpose of election of officers, members, and titles shall be made known to all messengers and recorded in the proceedings of the ACO Convention. It is understood that the votes made at the time of the annual convention refer to the election of officers and any other ballot votes required maintaining order in the Convention.
  12. All resolutions and votes, memorials, and all motions except motions related to procedures made for the consideration of the annual Convention shall be presented in writing. All resolutions and memorials shall require for passage the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present and voting.
  13. No new item of miscellaneous business except motions related to procedures may be made for consideration of the annual Convention except for the ACE Folklife Club which is for the preservation of information and archiving purposes of our members for their families and friends while on this planet we call home as earth and Gaia.
  14. We also recognize the Star Nations and Galactic Federation as part of the ACE Folklife Club of Archiving Clubs as members if they so desire to join with their own organization or church in alliance with other Open Minds and Conscious Conferences to be recognized with their own appointed member of 1 voice per 100 members. In order for the Native American Indian Churches to be recognized they must report in writing to the ACE FOLKLIFE CLUB ARCHIVISTS that their voice of organizations and tribes will need to be heard at the next annual convention.  This forever goes to the other Alien ET UFO Community groups such as Mutual UFO Network, International UFO Congress, Open Minds magazine, Fate Magazine, Social Paranormal Magazine, Anew News Magazine, American News Magazine, ET Spirit Magazine, and any and all groups, websites, and members of other associations, groups, clubs, societies who participate in the social media networks online.
  15. All education, classes, workshops, colleges, universities online in webinars, workshops, of an kind that desire to participate with our Lightworker Messengers, and Truthseeker Messengers desiring to have a voice in our ACO with TJ Morris Marketing Media Management as Administrator will have to submit their request in writing and forward the request in writing as in electronic mail and/or snail mail for archiving purposes as we are recognized as archivists.
  16.  ACE Folklife Club is for Authors, Co-creators, Educators, Folklorists, Historians, Visual, and Performing Artists including, Editors, Copywriters, Producers, Graphic illustrators, Videographers, Special Effects artists, and more.
  17. The rules may be altered or amended at any annual meeting by a two thirds vote of the members present as long as the Board of Directors agree and are present.
  18. In case of dissolvement of the ACO the assets will be sold and monies given to the charities such as Red Cross and Saint Jude Hospital.



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English: receiving from Judge his certificate ...

English: receiving from Judge his certificate of American citizenship. Deutsch: erhält von Richter Phillip Forman seine Bescheinigung über die amerikanische Staatsbürgerschaft. Português: recebendo do juiz seu certificado de cidadão americano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - MARCH 19:  Members of the ...

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – MARCH 19: Members of the press look at documents on display as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem launches the all-new, expanded Albert Einstein Archives on March 19, 2012 in Jerusalem, Israel. The project which was started in early 2011 and was a joint venture with the University’s partner organisation Californian based Einstein Papers Project, is now ready for its launch which will include a new website with a catalog which will be updated in real time. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)


Bible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

BIO 120 Lab Spinal Cord 040

BIO 120 Lab Spinal Cord 040 (Photo credit: djneight)

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - MARCH 19:  Original docume...

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – MARCH 19: Original documents are seen on display as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem launches the all-new, expanded Albert Einstein Archives on March 19, 2012 in Jerusalem, Israel. The project which was started in early 2011 and was a joint venture with the University’s partner organisation Californian based Einstein Papers Project, is now ready for its launch which will include a new website with a catalog which will be updated in real time. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d...

English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d’Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Evolution of Consciousness in the Alien ET UFO Community

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By TJ Morris – 6 min 47 sec ago
Alien ET Hybrid UFO Community - Now What?

We are in special times when the veil is the thinnest and this means something to all of us in the communication of cosmology. We are now sharing the smallest and the most expanded as largest thoughts we can muster and placing new words as our work in this world. We in the Alien ET Hybrid UFO Community are accepting most crop circles as ET Energy and part of our evolution.

We will be expanding to whole brain thinking and sharing our eternal energy as our immortal essences that will ascend as into vertical instead of only linear thinking of which we have been guilty of in the past due to our three dimensional way of thinking and seeing.

We now know that there is much in the visual spectrum and sound spectrum that is maybe now seen or heard.

We may even begin to accept that intuition is as Albert Einstein explained coming from somewhere which he knew not! Albert Einstein was a great thinker and he actually was nudged into sharing the future.

We had alien ET Hybrids to assist him and actually assist him in his meditational thoughts while thinking on things. This will all come out in due time. We are going to learn about our alien ET Hybrid beings who are just as humanoid as the rest of us born on earth. They just come into being with their futures filled with memories of their past lives and how to access their memories of a higher level of being.
Some call this a meditational place in space we can learn to track in our fMRI machines in the medical field of study of the mind inside the brain which encases our neuro system with our spinal chord. We are the alien ET inside the physical form which allows us all to look exactly the same when one sees the brain attached to the nervous system inside the spinal chord. This is who we are as Alien ET actually. A Skull and Spine which is part of the body left behind when we ascend.

We may lose our limbs during life however the last part of us to go in our brain. Our nervous system can even quit working and sending us signals but we cannot live without our brain or can we? Are we also our hearts?

Research in the past lives of our world say we can live without our hearts as long as we have a replacement of some type to pump our blood. We also need oxygen to our brain so how much of all this physical apparatus do we really need to survive? Does our brains keep working? This is something that science hopes to prove that we are more than the total sum of our parts while exercising our freewill to freeze our brains in the future.

Cryogenics for the rich is already taking place for those who can afford to freeze their brains for future discoveries in medical science. Where does that leave the rest of us?

We are going to learn how to ascend as immortals!

To the World who has recently been introduced to our Alien ET UFO Community we have ET all around us at all times. This is now common knowledge which we call spirit. Our ancestors knew the truth. We have to teach our young ones that birth-life-death is part of the body-mind-spirit, emotional-mental-physical-spiritual acceptance of our entire humanoid sentient intelligent being society

We are they who are approaching the future with those who are our truth seekers in spacetime. We have come upon a time set forth by our forefathers as our ancestors who many of us regard our creators and our alien ancestors as Alien Astronauts. We will be defining more of our findings of fact in the past as our original history.

In order to confirm what many of us already know we are planning to meet each other in the future.

Thank you for the interest in what we are presently working together to share in the future of 2012!

We will be sharing the various thoughts which have occurred to us while we share our intentions on this planet. The Intentions are being made known around the world in writing, in photos, and videos in the world wide web of the Internet. We share the Web which is embracing our entire planet overhead in signals. Sound waves and particles are where most of us realize that we exist as immortals.

We are they who are encased inside our own vessels which we use to make use of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well- being while we realize we are all immortal energy essence that we share as synergy.

We have reached the 90% of humanoids that believe in heaven on earth or heaven of the cosmos above our planet. Some believe in something where our spirits will be guided back to our souls. Some believe we are all born with a soul connection which is our inner spirit that returns to where the original soul is located.

Those of us in the Alien ET UFO Community are working on our soul purpose while we say we are spiritual and not religious. There is even a place to register one’s own choice as spiritual and not religious on the internet on most websites and browsers connected to the Internet.

Religions and Science are intertwined in the academic world but not in the spiritual work of the past. This has changed now and we welcome the past as simply history that was recorded. We plan on now changing how the history for our children who have a natural born gift to accept computers and how they work is rewarded.

We are welcoming all the new spirits coming to earth and if one cares to examine history even in the languages of the old archives, codices, codex’s, books, and famous religious scriptures such as the Bible and Koran both of the old Adamic faiths one will see a correlation to the ancient Sumerian scripts which also date back to the stories that were orally shared of those who from the heavens came.

We now share that those who from the heavens came were our ancestors who allowed for this level of growth as a community and society of spirits to be involved in various locations on one planet to eventually grow and expand to find one another. This has been done before throughout time.

When we reach the Seven (7) billion mark we usually are allowed to progress to the next level in communication and cosmology with our computers used in space or the cosmos.
We will now learn about various dimensions in space and what we now call spacetime as something that will need a further breakdown with dark matter and light matter of the ancient past that comes to earth in what we now call light-years. There is still much to know and as we go forward in the future we shall learn of the ancients who are traveling in space to protect those who are young spirits.

Many are newly created and are only serving their first lives out here on this planet while some of the ancients have visited as avatars to serve as guides. We all have a Spiritual Guide and a Guardian Angel.

There are two at all times whom we can converse with who will watch over our eternal progression while in the form we call humanoids. This is something that we will now learn to discover inside our brains as whole brains instead of using left and right brain thinking only.

There are some new Robotoids coming in the future that will allow us to know more, do more, have more, but mainly have time to discover what else we can create in our minds that will also need to be maintained once created for the future of humankind in space.
We have needs of food, water, clothing, and shelter, and then a need to provide health, and prosperity for self and others.
We are going to learn to take care of the complete humanoid sentient intelligent being society so we can progress to the next levels in space and learn to travel while in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual form we call humanity as a collective and social gathering on this planet.
The Alien ET UFO Community has various topics of communication. The main concern is how to continue to share the awakened awareness of our future potentiality as humanoid sentient intelligent beings.

We have shared that there are many people on earth who care considered “Alien ET Hybrids” and consider themselves such. It is time to awaken those who know what they should be concentrating on in this lifetime with their own life purpose as a mission of energy as essence on earth.

We all have a soul purpose and it is up to each of us to discover our purpose for being here in this time in this place we call a planet. The Ascension Age is simply a way to describe this time when we are raising our awareness of our soul’s purpose for being on this planet while observing our ancient past while advancing our present into the future.

We will learn about the branes in space, the dimensions in space and all around us on this planet.

We are learning of the various realms, and levels where all these dimensions may be accessed when we become immortal once again as in out of body while traveling together in space. Time to learn to be more open to those around us who use their abilities to raise consciousness of who we are as thoughts.

Thoughts have energy and essence to become material and perform actions in this world we now call the Alien ET UFO Community and the Space Project of Humanity.

We will ascend in one form or another!

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