NEW BLOGS BY Theresa J. Thurmond Morris pka TJ MORRIS

Born Theresa Janette Thurmond married Thomas Morris. Both artists and writers.

I have recently added new blogs and my favorite blogs have to do with the paranormal and supernatural. I like to write about topics that I am interested in. I get alot of emails from people
who want to share their stories but, do not necessarily want to be published.
Invesitgative Reporter is still intact.
Integrity is important in this business as a writer and even more importantly as an Investigative Reporter.
Basically, I am a writer. I also promote others. I an an Event Producer and coordinate volunteers.
We are all simply sharing our hobbies and interests together as a network. Please look for my blogs and stories online. I have seven (7) websites which keep me busy!
I really do read all my email sent to
Feel free to write.

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