ठेरेसा जे. ठुर्मोंद Morris

Awakening the spiritual you maybe happening at this time on earth. There was always a reason given and a purpose for life on earth. We all have to awaken and realize that not only do we have a spirit that exist and will leave when we do our die as in “death” on earth. We also must realize that there is a lot of living to do and part of this living while we create our “Dash” on earth is that what we do in-between our earth beginning, our date of birth and our end, date of death, is what we create with our own free will.
This has to do with realizing alien UFOs are us and that the Mark of Cain meant something. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Who did Cain take as a wife and where did she come from? The Mark of Cain was not the change in skin color as many CHRISTIANS are lead to believe. The first death on earth occurred when Cain killed his brother Abel. The Cain and Abel story can be found in the Bible although most of the HISTORY has been left out. Didn’t you ever wonder why? I did. So, I asked GOD. I got the answer. The stone was what Cain used and he had no idea about death. Death was not in his vocabulary. The Abel that I know cried out to GOD. How do you think that GOD found out about Cain and what he did. At the time, he was doing the GOD thing and didn’t realize he had to baby-sit his children on earth at the time. GOD has been here prior but you may realize that GOD has other universes to attend too, and other matters.
God is the word we use on earth to describe the power of all that is and all that will be. God is the word that one race of people called the JEWS began recording their history on earth. There may have been other races on earth such as the MUSLIMS. There may have been other races such as the ARIANS. The Book of Jubilees is not the only record that was kept prior to the BIBLE. There was history prior to the BIBLE. There was HISTORY prior to this EARTH. There was HISTORY of BEINGS prior to this GALAXY. Some of us have lived before and some of us have returned based on assignment given by GOD.
The GOD and GODDESS that I know about are who I consider my parents above this universe. They live so far out of this universe that it takes more than light years to cross from one universe to another therefore the use of wormholes were created. One might find that worm holes and black holes are useful. Those of you that are into that level of interests may want to go back in some of my writings in physics and see where I explained that black holes are the windows to the universe. That was quoted in other places and websites.
The reason was that it was such a profound statement that it stood out among scholars. Also, I began years prior let’s say the 1960’s around my NASA days, when I began speaking of stellar travel and wormholes to my husband and his NASA engineer friends. That is also on record here and there in print. One can find these morsels or treasures if one is in the know and has the desire to be persistent in searching. That is why the new Internet Highway is so great as is the world wide web. I once in the 90’s filed the assumed name in Honolulu, Hawaii as the World Information Network (WIN) and was told that I was too soon, that I had to wait until Windows 95 was presented to the world that I was too early. There were some calls to me on landlines and letters written to me before the Internet but some people were using fax machines back then. The reason that I mention the past on earth within this time range is that this was before the turn of the century and I was here. But, I have also been around other turn of the centuries. I believe this because my God has shared this information with me.
I have experienced death and dying before. I have experienced this before this life, and I have experiences in this lifetime. I had to learn the difference in conscious and unconscious at an early age and we are talking the second and third grade of school. My records on earth can prove this. I also had all my blood taken out of my body and cleaned and put back again with a machine in 1958 although the machine had to be sent for as there was not one in my town. I learned a lesson that life was short and that their were higher intelligent beings that could assist those who were conscious of them and our mission on earth. My conscious and unconscious was where I learned to store some memories while on earth. After dying with Hepatitis and coming back due to the transfusion, some people say I simply had a near death experience. The catholic hospital that I was in at the time had a priest and sisters visit me. They were not sure that this was a miracle at a time and didn’t know whether they could record this about me. I remember very well which people were in my reality and which ones were spirits not on earth. This is when I began understanding the difference between those beings on earth, those from afar that were simply holograms, and those who were able to come and go as aliens in UFOS.
It took me a full six months before I could actually walk that summer and eat and take care of myself. It was a long process. I used to pass out from being anemic during that summer and told no one. The reason I told no one is that when I got better, I was promised a vacation to Carlsbad Caverns with my Grandmother, Uncle, and Aunt. When I went to White Sands, New Mexico, I saw my first real alien UFO. I also got to meet others who were again different from those on earth, those as spirits or angels, and I knew that these were like the aliens that others talked about in flying saucers. But, I learned that they were simply beings and intelligent beings as a species. I learned about the many levels or what I now know is a Hierarchy. I learned that there were those who really assisted us in awareness, communication, and education called knowledge. I learned that we could all get along better with each other regardless of color and size. This was important to me as I had overheard our housekeeper, Alice Taylor, speak of her family and being poor and how being black was not the same as me being white. That always bothered me when we went shopping and she could not drink out of the same water fountain. I made a scene in A & P once because Alice was thirsty and the black water fountain was not working only the white water fountain worked. I made such a scene that the Manager came over and asked my mother to leave. So, I learned about standing up for what was not right in the world.
Alice Taylor was an important teacher to me because she was like our mother, when our earth mother worked. Alice taught me that she was a different color than me because of what Cain did to Abel. I listened to the story and believed with all my hear and might that everything she said was the gospel truth. She was the one who was raising me besides my family and grandmother and during the summer, she spent time with me because she read the Bible every day. She prayed for us “chillens” and that we were of the Lord. I of course went to church like all white Anglo Saxon southern children did. I learned in Bible school all about the Bible and God. I would talk about seeing angels and how they were my friends. No one ever questioned this and many of my Sunday School teachers would let me tell my story about Hepatitis and seeing angels in the Baptist Sunday School classes. I got to be heard and that was when I realized that many of my friends did not have these type of experiences. I wanted to also share my experiences in White Sands, New Mexico but, I had already been warned by my Grandmother not to talk about aliens, and UFOs, and my trip to my Uncle’s as he worked at Los Alamos and that was a secret.
I decided at nine years old to be a writer because I asked my school teacher how I could help others. We had written out letter to the president of the United States and the making a difference on earth was taught to me in many ways. I was learning from many different people or beings on many different levels how to be me, and how to be a good influence with others and on earth.
Now, you may be asking why a fifty-six year old, white haired woman would bother to share her experiences at the age of nine. I actually had my first experience with aliens and UFOS at the age of four. I know the time because my sister Brenda had been born and was about six months old. I am three and a half years older than she. During my life, the time and place I lived was never important and was never explained to me why I lied a certain way or why I lied a certain place. But, my mind recorded the incidents and I can see the visions of where I was and now, I know that these visions were benchmarks of my dash.
All the automobiles had dash boards. I realized at an early age that I was simply looking out my dash board. I was looking out of my vessel like an automobile that travels. I learned that cars were an important part of my life. I learned that the alien UFOS were like cars. The UFOS could take people places that cars could not. How else would a nine year old feel about aliens and UFOS at that time on earth? I learned that the secret UFOS were special and that only my uncle and people very far away got to use these UFOS. They were for the people who could come and go in my life as television pictures and visions in my head.
I like TV and I liked cars. I figured that the beings and the UFOS must be in the Bible because that is where Alice always got all her knowledge. I wanted to read the Bible. The Bible was a real thick book and had big words that I could read but I could not understand. My mother got me many books on the Bible stories with pictures. I learned about the Tower of Babel, and many other wonderful stories of the past history on earth. I learned that books were my friends. We moved more than twice in my young life. Two times were across the street from a library and I could walk. How is that for a universal alignment. I was so happy and my mother loved to read and always had many books. I learned about other books besides the Bible and my School Books. This was a great time in my life.
I read every book I could on every subject. I would exhaust the librarians.
I had a great life with many ups and downs and when I became a woman, I had three daughters with what was called the Lamaze natural birth technique. I had a fourth daughter caesarean because I had placenta previa and lost almost all the blood in my body. I had died again, and the experience was enlightening to say the least. I spent many days in intensive care unit coming and going from my body. My mother sat with me for three days before she was asked if she wanted to go view the baby. I was so ill my mother forgot that she had a new granddaughter.
My mother had stopped going to church and began sharing her ideas about religions were manmade. I listened because I had left my body again and I saw a bright light but there were people talking and what many would describe as Angels on the other side of what I knew to be reality on earth. I never smoke or drank or put things in my body that would hurt my dashboard. I did learn to drink coffee and eat chocolate but, that was all that I was told could hurt me and that was the caffeine in these things. I was an American and we like our coffee and chocolate. I learned that people who hurt their body would hurt their health. I would ask god about that and I would get an answer back.
I learned that when I died that it seemed to make the voice of God closer and easier to hear. I soon realized that death was considered seeing the light and that other people were writing books about their experiences. I was asked to write a book about my own experiences. I never did. I felt that I was not ready to write a book and was too busy. There was always this feeling eating at me. I had said I would be a writer in the third and fourth grade and made a little story book with my face and my best friend’s Karen Bryan on the front. I still have that in my baby book that is also fifty-six years.
My life story has not been written yet with all my experiences of life, dying, near death experiences, aliens, angels, UFOS, and my spiritual experiences. I figured everyone had a dashboard the same as I and each person had what is called freewill. I made a deal with GOD the last time I died. I am not telling what I agreed to because it is a secret. But, I will tell you that it had something to do with awakening the spirit in everyone besides me. Also, my secret mission on earth has something to do with intelligent beings and their spacecraft not of earth origin or alien UFOS as they are better known.
I will tell you that part of my calling on earth has to do with raising awareness, consciousness, and education levels and I call this ACE. I can tell you that I have been guided or taught to work with higher supreme beings and the allied council who governs earth and that they have shown me the Ascension Center Estate (ACE) and a space port for where spacecraft. This all has to do with awakening the spiritual you, alien UFOS, and the Mark of Cain. God did not kill Cain and he will not kill us. There is a lot more to this story that is now being written on earth for our progeny to find after we are gone. If you want to know more please join our new nonprofit organization called ACE Folklife nonprofit which is set up in The United States as a literary faith based organization. Basically we encourage awareness, communication, and education through spiritual periodicals, trade books, spoken audio, magazines, and music. Note that I did not say religious but spiritual. Big difference between religious and spiritual. I am about God, the creator, spirit, and the essence of our lives and that which looks out over the dashboard between life and the death experience on earth. Will you join me in learning about our future?

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