There are growing concerns about what will happen regarding human rights and religious freedoms on earth after the change and the new golden era for human kind on earth.
The new golden era of human kind of intelligent beings on earth after December 21, 2012 is the new hot topic for concern.
Please take the time to share your comments with me before I begin a new article for print to be seen on the Internet.
Thank you all.
By: TJ Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
I have been asked to provide answers to 20 questions on earth by one woman who has been asked by spirit if she is ready. Ready for her mission on earth to assist others on earth in finding and sharing the truth. Of this reason, I am obliged to share with her my pondering upon the open door or loggia of my part and the role I play on earth at this time and dispensation. I cannot give any truth any more simpler than in the English language which I foresee being a universal language on earth. In stellar space among other intelligent beings not of earth origin there is a translator that can be worn on one’s clothing to assist in understanding words of the species that still speak in words. For those who are more evolved simple telepathic thoughts are used to communicate. There is much to share in this lifetime on earth. I will do my best to dispel any myths and legends that have been placed prior to me being here on earth. There are many.
There are many that were forged in the time of the first and second meetings in Constantinople and with and among beings in the time of one Constantine one earth. There was a problem then with many languages which were to confuse and confound the unintelligible masses of the people of earth born. Hopefully there will be more than Latin, Roman, Greek, Coptic, German, French, Spanish, Hindi, Farsi, Turkish, and English translations. It is my hope and desire that the recipient one Theresa and Teresa will share this information with all countries on earth being more than 170 countries and this will be safely accepted in 120 countries including, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States by way of the Internet.
I’ve known all my life that I was an intelligent being. I learned at about the age of four that I was of essence and existence or spiritual and physical, or hybrid spirit and human body. It means that I am born on earth in a physical body but that my spirit will return as in what is termed on earth as in ascension, to another place.
We are not just from another planet, or place, or galaxy, but have always been. There are mental and physical places that intelligent beings refer to as their space travel and/or spacecraft. I always have contact with my eternal family of what some term space family. There are many ways to communicate with those in space. While on earth, one must use the ways that have been provided in physical form such as; telepathy, prayer, meditation, computers, Internet, and sometimes in person.
The whole truth is what is asked of me at this time on earth as a physical and spiritual entity on intelligent human being. One must be a whole being, and open minded to receive the truth. We are here on earth to learn how to evolve, and there are truths involving eternal evolution that has been lost with reincarnation.
The reason the truth is important is because that is how we become one with our creator. Alien Hybrids are simply words that refer to those who know of their spiritual essence and their physical existence. By other beings sharing their knowledge and communicating their understanding by being open minded to change and the new golden era of communication, we shall forge ahead in a great leap of faith to become one of the many species on intelligent beings in this universe.
We are waking up to the fact that human beings have been kept from the whole truth. The spacecraft not of earth’s origin are simply vehicles that are manned by intelligent beings. They are now being seen to lessen the panic of people on earth . The UFOs have always come and gone from this planet in this galaxy. The government has never had control over the Supreme Beings or the intelligent beings in space. There have been teachers on earth that have done their best to explain about life and reincarnation which has been left out of the teachings in words that have been lost.
Alien technology has always been important. There are many of us who have always been open to alien technology. There are certain people who are sent here on a mission to share their knowledge of the creator.
There are many people who act in fear for their lives and operate in a programmed way by church and state. This is not the way of the intelligent beings who desire to follow the rule of the Supreme Beings.
I encourage all people of earth to search always for the truth of as above so below. There are many truths on earth in the lost times of the ancients and they are in many languages such as the Logia.
There are great master teachers who have come to earth in the past and sometimes as who do the people say that I am and this was to mean, who do people think I am as a being returned from the past with a prior life on earth! This should make one think that there must have been a past live such as Elijah and Elisha. Issa, Isha, and TJ as in the Talmud Jmanuel. There are many Tibetan Monks, who know how the many religions on earth are contrived and are complimentary. To those on earth, regardless of how where you were born, what your past cultural beliefs may be, remember that we are all created in our creator’s images both male and female as is every living intelligent being and life form.
There is much truth yet to be shared in the near future and I will do my best to share what I know prior to the earth date of December 21, 2012, as was promised in my lifetime.
I myself on earth do not know everything as there is no intelligent being on earth who knows everything. I am simply here to fulfill my mission and I will pass as all others in a whirlwind of spirit and shall ascend.

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