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Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
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Print Article Theresa J. Thurmond Morris November 30, 1999 Stranger than fiction we are changing as we accept our destiny. (Here´s your answer Blossom Goodchild) We can all experience what I experienced. The future is about something wonderful happening and living to tell about it to others on earth.”You are dealing with the paranormal and we don´t do that at this hospital,” said, Tabitha, an RN. “You spent too much time at AREA 51.” Said, Dr. Michael.I spent October 14, 2008 in the hospital. One day only after being abducted again. This time, I had no memory of how I got to the hospital but, I do remember being taken into the light and the person in gold. When mixing an ET UFO experience with that of GOD and Taken up in a white light and seeing a golden image is paranormal. The experience was meant to be paranormal in nature and death and out of body all in one.I never liked the word abducted and believed I was a Contactee. Sometimes, I have full memory and sometimes I do not. This time I do not have the in physical body details but, I do have a strong memory of what happened when I was with God. I was taken as in the television show “TAKEN.” I can tell you that I have had many experiences and just when I was getting comfortable that I would not have any more in this lifetime, I left my body. I say, “I saw the light, again. No one will believe me so I might as well share all the memories that will take a lot of writing. These topics we think are separate in the Bible are not. The stories are all true and Jesus was taken as in Ascension. Now, I have confirmation of what the work and word Ascension really means.I spoke with God and a beautiful lady again!” What happens to all of us before we were born on earth is not a common topic of conversation. I know I can do anything I set my mind and spirit too on earth. The Being in gold was God and Goddess. They are us. It is hard to explain. I am not sure how the prophets shared their stories but it is not easy to write one’s thoughts and experiences on paper. Maybe these are simply stories and my own perceptions to many who did not experience what I did. This is okay for me and I do hope that others will experience what I have. It was glorious and I am amazed to say the least. I was in utter amazement and my mind is altered and changed with so much knowledge I do not know where to begin. This is a blessing of kindness from God. I spoke with the lady in charge of the High Council and I spoke with Gus, the artificial intelligence creation on the UFO that was left in Roswell. I simply needed to be reminded of who I am on earth and I needed an update on my mission. There is more, lots more but, it will have to wait. I am not sure anyone will care or believe me this time. But, I know what happened and that is my experience. It’s paranormal. We are all paranormal and trans gender in our minds. I learned much about those who look human as Nordics, and why the Grays gave up their human appearance to pursue technology. I was taught so much and I could not deal with the truth before today. I am changed and for the better. I am more aware and know I am okay and fine on earth. There are so many EBEs who are far more advanced than our species on earth.I wanted to ask about other races on earth before we were seeded as white skins on earth. I now know there were people on this planet prior to those who built the pyramids. There were no burial chambers found in the three pyramids of Giza and for good reason. The three that are famous near the Sphynx were the ones built with the guidance of the extra terrestrials or God as we call these intelligent beings. The stories of Abraham, Cain, and Abel all come from the same old stories as those that later followed by Mohamed. I learned that Mohamed and the black asteroid stone comes much later in history than our ancestors seeding this planet. The black stone is simply a part of a black stone from space. But, if one thinks about all the religions on earth, they are all based on God, or a higher power, a Divine Guide from the sky or Heaven. The people that were here prior to the ETs seeding earth may have come from evolution and the water. There may be more answers than what we suppose in science.Why all the fighting about the details? There are male and female above who can share their knowledge with whom they choose. Science and Spiritual Intellectual knowledge can work together as can all religions and cultures and traditions of faith. They are simply acting out their forefathers beliefs based on their geographical location and choices performed through time as traditions and cultures. I was told we are all part of the same creation and were seeded here by God and Goddess and they are extra terrestrials who work to guide and guard all galaxies.Others can contradict me and that is fine with me but, I got the “WORD” from a Higher Source and I totally believe that God has a co-creator in Heaven the same as we do on earth. Why not? We are created the same as those in Heaven which is taught by most all religions created on earth. Science is good and can be proven. The creator God is like the manifestation of the God particle in both dark matter and light matter with all knowledge as one. The fact that I had a paranormal experience and that their is mental life after death for me means that there is immortal life for all after death on earth.
There are changes occurring and the world must now be a global community. The message is that we are from space and are to share this planet as one species. The lady in charge gave me information and it was Gus who guided me back to earth after seeing the white light and soaring out of my body and back again. Gus the space ship or flying saucer brought me back to earth. It’s rather complicated for those who have not experienced the paranormal or alternate universes. One might say there are other dimensions that we simply all do not understand. There will be changes occurring in science and education. I hope to be a futurist writer and a part of the changes coming to earth prior to Dec. 21, 2012. 2013 will be a fun year for all of us who believe in the paranormal realm of existence. Although, I personally believe in EBEs and UFOs, I speak from experience and do not expect others to believe as I do.I know this was divine guidance to our creators we call Gods and Goddesses. I also know that I was called by “God” and that I was not possessed by a demon spirit as on the television show “Angel.” I actually left my body as in the movie “Ghost.” There really is life after death or consciousness outside of the physical body and earth realm of consciousness. I saw another universe forming and another galaxy of stars. I want to write my experience in detail and will have a follow up story for those interested in paranormal and life after death. This is called a Near Death Experience I am told since I go 60/40 and up to 159/93. I go all over the place after an Abduction and my temperature drops from 98.6 to 96/3 or about. My pulse was 130 over 100 and I was light headed and phasing in and out of consciousness. I told the doctor and nurses I left my body and had an Out of Body experience and they had no comment.The doctor said he knew everything about me. He said he read my file but did not say which file. He also told me he was cleared with Interpol. He was speaking the truth about Area 51 and didn’t know it. If he did then he was also telling the truth about being with Grumman and having a Tops Secret (TS) clearance to see me. He told me some things that I am not at liberty to share with the general public but some things he told me he was not authorized to tell. He did tell me I was back and that he knows of my experience and Montauk Point on Long Island, New York and White Sands, New Mexico. I really need to work on reverse engineering for this planet’s contractors but which one has the real project I am not sure of at this point.In the past, 1958 I had an Out of Body at age 8 years old and they called in the catholic nuns and priests. The second time, 1974, no priests were called but I stayed in ICU and had a placenta prevea and spent days in ICU with my heart stopping and starting over and over again. My mother would scream each time my heart monitor would stop. I spent 21 days in and out of consciousness that time. I can tell others that one´s hearing is very much “On” while unconscious though we may not remember everything, we know when people are talking. This was my third time and I hope final, in 2008. Next time, I want to go or leave on Gus my personal UFO with Tom, my colleague and spouse who has the ability to fly a UFO the same as I do.For those who follow life and stories in History, I am told that I share the memories and past lives with Sothis and Tara. That is all I can share about my past lives.I began the Ascension Center in Hawaii, the UFO Association, the Roswell Connection, Ascension Beings, and EBEs. I am the founder of the Ace Folklife Nonprofit, Inc. and I own a small business called American Culture International Relations and ACIR.I was told after a battery of various tests that I was okay. I was sent home on October 15, 2008. I saw many doctors and will protect their privacy by not including them in this article. I have many follow ups and know that these doctors will probably not write papers for research based on my experiences.My neurologist doctor was Hindi Thank God. I asked him if he was Hindi and he said, “How do you know so much about me.” I then asked him, “Do you believe in past lives?” He exclaimed, “Of course I do.” That made me feel better. Here are the tests that were given to me and the order in which they were given.IV and Six vials of blood with a follow up of five, total 11Chest X-rayCat ScanUltra Sound – Carotid Arteries both left and right in NeckMRI – BrainEEGPsychiatric EvaluationI saw two emergency room doctors. I then saw two specialist, one a neurologist, and one from the heart institute. My truth is from my personal experiences and I share that others may desire to research the paranormal and the future of science and technology with Quantum Physics.Be advised that there is more to life than what is presently seen and understood. There is a new world coming and not everyone will want to stay or go.


PARANORMAL ET UFO contact on communication, creation, and crop circles are tools of our awareness. Taboo are the darker fringes of society that deal with spirits yet, most cultures, religions, and traditions have these areas. Halloween and witches create fear of the unknown or do they? Are cultural traditions activating taboos or innovative science?
We can focus on existence for our family, culture, world, and ourselves. We are here to learn and explore life on earth. Trust and fear are as opposite as cause and effect.
As our basic growth, requirements are met, i.e. food, clothing, shelter, contact, we can search for deeper meaning in knowledge and wisdom. Spiritual Intellectuals and Science are no longer at odds.
Trust in science and fear of the unknown are two sides of the same coin. The secrets that were kept for the prophets and visionaries are being found. This is a time of revealing and the generation gaps are closing globally. Science need not be in fear of religion but should embrace it for the cultures, societies, and traditions created on earth. We learn from our adaptability and mistakes. Anthropology ,Archeology, Astrophysics, History and Science are as important as Computers, technology, and math as algorithms. Quantum Physics is now the cutting edge with the God Particle and the Large Hadron Collider. We are all important. We are all part of the one of this world, galaxy, and universe.
Anyone human will fight for survival. Communication is sometimes not an option when we are alone. Male and female are up for the task of existing on earth. Living is usually preferred over death. It is time to complete the full circle of understanding once again.
Therefore, priorities were sorted for us before we came to earth. First was the right to life. The second was the will to survive. The third is choice to live and find one’s back to the creators. Evidence comes in time to each living spiritual soul. Some receive guidance and wisdom and some must work for knowledge. Part of the spiritual growth in life is considered suffering among some religions. Those thoughts are manmade. We are spirits.

There is so much to understand about truth of life on earth. Being human and grasping what is beyond human understanding is always a part of our reality. There are many who are here to guide us while here on earth. We must search and research for there is more to life always than is being revealed. We all must look for what we cannot see or feel with out six senses. If there are those who live in large concrete cities, take the time to visit the woods, and watch butterflies and birds.
As an extraterrestrial unidentified flying object contactee, I recently had another death and returning experience where physical and mental bodies are concerned on earth. Some call this NDE and others OBE. Regardless, I had to learn about being alien hybrid. I think and have become aware of creation. Now, I am better about what others call the future, I am a visionary.
I am better and have a greater respect for all creatures and intelligent beings on earth, including spirits that have lost their way into the light, the tunnel, and their way thru the maze back to the creators. The God particle has both dark and light matter. We avoid the black holes but use the wormholes for travel in space.
The meaning of science and religion are only tools the same as all other subjects in the academic world of education.
Discovering through creation while all matter is formed, and grouped into various forms is part of life and death. Some spirits have not found their way to the light because they are lost. They choose to hover around what is known on earth after physical death has occurred. Energy inside all of us never ceases to exist.
Assistance for all both military and civilian of earth’s total population of the present 6.5 billion and rising is required. We shall assist by offering our energy without interfering with the younger total population of earth. We will deal with those who offer their services based on their military training and their communication training. We will ask librarians to be directors of online information for those wanting to search the Internet. We have decided to use some basic earth ways of creating, thinking, and doing.
People on earth who are considered my contacts and my readers and peers are those who are already in tune to being ascension beings. These include those who desire to work in the future Ascension Center Space Port. A spaceport as the Ascension Center is the controversy it would cause among the government and media. This would stir energy and create a need for explanation before it was time.
Military and civilian alike are tuning into our ET UFO Goodwill Ambassadors. Those who are accustomed to working in the program of the mind only know one way to think and this is called linear. We are here to assist. We are aware of the Large Hadron Collider and are going to continue assisting and observing. We choose to not interfere and are simply observing and at times communicating.
Those born after the earth year 1947 were incorporated into a new program for contact. For those who have followed their lifetime energy and focus on flying saucers and nuclear power, these beings will be more perplexed as to why they did not see the whole picture as it progressed. Some believe they are channeling information but they have their own mental filters. This is not the only way that our ET UFO friends think. They organize thoughts communicate and write the way we do on earth in some ways but in others, they are not emotional. They have worked for thousands of years to train their beings to not focus on emotions. This does not exclude the intellectual and spiritual portions of the sentient intelligent beings. They can reach their feelings but choose not too. The ones who are the leaders can explain that later.
To those colleagues of mine on earth who consider themselves in line with extra terrestrial ways of thinking pardon my dry order of forming thoughts and paragraphs with the simple gray matter and the way that the typical ordinary human minds work.
To those who are just now joining me in my communication of ET UFO information on the many levels that are required on earth and to those who have created their own following of people who desire to know and understand the future, be patient.
While desiring to assist in the overall goodwill awareness on earth of the extraterrestrials, and unidentified flying objects, which are simply spacecraft, we are also asserting ideas of creation with those of crop circles to infuse a form of creation and connection among all beings on earth.
Symbols have been a way to relate in pictographs. Contacts were chosen to spread the word. There are others more intelligent, come, and go in ET UFO flying saucers or spacecrafts. We do not understand why this simple procedure of connection is so hard for some on earth to grasp in this time on earth. This is simply a cultural art form that has been used in the past on earth. For awareness and awakening the human spirit.
Thought time in the past, many oral traditions were forgotten until there were crop circle symbols sent after the “hunters and gatherers” were divided under Abraham. This we have learned is still part of an internal strife caused in the world.
Because we choose physical or mental force, we simply check in with our chosen beings. We from time to time give a small nudge of influence in a positive direction. We allow freewill to superimpose our suggestions. We offer suggestions during the sleep portion of life on earth. There are parallel worlds and other dimensions to be explored.
This is sometimes played out in the dream portion of ones thought process while on earth. This can be found in symbols and in words used in prior history of earths tribes on earth. At present there are many whom human beings on earth of many faiths and religions create. Some of these have been misguided through time on earth.
Now is a time of revealing and the purpose is to shed as much light on this topic of communication and awareness as can be performed in one life time on earth. This time, we will hope that the man and woman we have chosen will learn to exist with the understanding that the military defense of the planet is required as well as the civilian communication of awareness is required in order to survive the future together as one.
This should be obvious with the two chosen sides of the brain one male and one female. All humans are created the same with 2 sides of existence 1 part man and 1 part woman in symbols this is displayed as 50% male and 50% female creation matter We are all paranormal and transgender or asexual in chemical energy, space, and mind. We experience much as cause and affect, and activity on earth while alive. The five levels are alpha, beta, theta, gamma, and delta in the human existence.
We have so much to explore and to capture in our own personal memories to take with us when we lave earth at some point as spirits. Personal experiences will be reviewed after leaving earth.
Concentrate on healing the separations of all beings on earth while creating a future in space. There is knowledge in the future in the form of wormhole travel to other galaxies. Remember we have guides and guardians above who have allowed us our freedom of will and freedom to choose in our own minds. Nothing or no one can take away our freedom of our mental body from our mind.
Even when in bondage in prison, there is no reason to panic or live in fear. Conquer the mind that is part of the mental body housed in the physical body while on earth. Enlightenment comes from within the spirit of compassion and wisdom.
We are alive on earth to learn from our experiences and to gather our experiences to create memories to use in our next lives back either on earth or in space. Many mansions hath our creators in Heaven and space. Stretch your mind around that which has been not proved in the past. Each of us is required to have sensations and is exposed to others who are like us.
Do the right thing and discover your part while here on earth. There have been evil beings who were misguided souls while here on earth. They will return for the lessons not learned in this lifetime. There are many things that are seemingly mystical, and magical. There is a reason for this practice of the human mind.
Other worlds will vary the lessons not learned on earth. The creators will simply return many to earth. Some believe in religions and they are all one part of the whole.
We all manifest light and dark or some call this good and evil. Regardless, there is a dichotomy and we must all do out part to create the best in compassion and wisdom while here on earth. We are here to be a part of the best and the creation for the future of all human intelligent beings who visit this planet. Those who do not participate in the creation and manifestation process for good will is dealt with in a way that most will not want to endure after leaving earth. This requires change after watching our life played our before our eyes while on earth. Then there is a consensus taken by higher intelligent beings.

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