God and/or Goddess depending on how a sentient intelligent being on earth chooses to believe about one’s creator, source of energy, chosen higher power is still the same thing to those who have a physical mind, body, spirit, and soul.

We the chosen people of planet earth are all here for the same reason, to become ascended. Becoming an ascended being with more than what we arrived with is part of the divine plan. Knowing God/Goddess and our creative powers and spiritual essence as it relates to being a male and female spirit in man and woman physical and mental form.

The soul and source of all that is in relation and in reality to the “God Particle” in stellar space in the galaxy and universe.

We accept politics, science, religion, geographic conditions as understand these things to be in our physical realty on earth.

For some beings on earth today who are still programmed to believe as was taught in the 19th and 20th century on earth, times have changed.

We are all now once species of one intelligent being classification on one planet called Earth or Gaia in the Milky Way Galaxy.

One of my chosen higher purposes to fulfill while here on earth is to provide some clarification and clairvoyance for those who desire to understand more about their part in the Big Picture or as some call it, “The Big Bang.”

There are plenty of human beings on earth spreading their opinions, gospels, scientific and religious formalities and reality of what they perceive to be their truth. Many are guided and some are misguided. This is where the new world’s global community called Ascension is alerting all 6 ½ billion beings and growing to come to terms with their spiritual being awareness.

This new way of being a real person on earth now requires without doubt that all beings regardless of race, color, creed, religion or ethnic origin to be advised that they are required to look not only without in their physical reality but within their own selves.

Searching within the creation of mental and physical bodies that can now be created in various ways, one must understand that which is in the genome and DNA that allows one to be separate and an individual. This is the essence of what is called the spirit that actually allows one to live on earth. Without this essence as part of the physical and mental body, one dies and is separated from earth and all it’s inhabitants.

This is what we are now about sharing called ASCENSION on earth. We are about the future of humankind more formerly known as one of many sentient intelligent being species on earth.

There are many clergy called Leaders of the Church, Pastors, Bishops, Popes, Ministers, Brothers and Sisters, Dalai Lama, Masters, Gurus, Preachers, Teachers and by many other names. These are all well and good for as for as they have brought those on earth to live.

Now, there is a new way to be and live on earth as each individual begins their new path.

The beings on earth who are alive today will embark on a four year quest from 2009 through 2012 to obtain their entry and portal key to Ascension. This quest on earth as a separate individual being and yet a part of the whole entire human race as one species on earth will determine their health, prosperity, and fortitude as divined by that which comes after in another place and reality of life and living as another transcended sentient intelligent being with all the collected memories as gifts and talents learned while on earth.

This is something of an awakening for many human beings that have spirits and yet do not consider their essence as something that is valued inside the mental and physical body.

Besides the standard tasks, goals, and purposes we project on our own reality as individuals, there are greater bonds among human kind to form groups clusters, communities, nation states, and continents that are divided by water. We are instilling in the youth of today that they are also a part of other sentient intelligent beings that live in the oceans and bare their young live.

The fact is there are more than human beings who walk the earth that live on earth and call this planet home. Some are actually living under water which is the larger portion of this planet. How the earth or land beings have come to believe that they are the rulers of all creation including that under the seas and oceans is what has been lost in the translation of humankinds scribed scrolls, manuscripts, texts, and books of authority.

We now call on all the leaders of the world to share in the divine revelation that there are as always those chosen by God to share in divine knowledge and the truth of all there is.

Some have titles and some are considered Guides, Teachers, Masters, and Shaman. We honor all that have come before on earth to preach that which was about the essence of humankind known as the spirit as taught by our forefathers as they knew life to be. There were those who came to earth before who were guided to share knowledge and to feed the spirits of others while on earth in human form. Those of us who feel we were called by God are given a special essence, passion, purpose, and divine blessing and gift as seers.

For those who do not have a direct line and connection to the Creator as the Supreme Beings who have existed throughout time and millenniums on earth as we know it, they will be called the false prophets who served their purpose so that others could make mistakes and learn their way in the dark of confusion on earth. This is now a four year reprieve. Anyone calling themselves a leader, preacher, pastor, minister, Prophet, Pope, or Leader of the Church who has not been called by their creator, higher power and been visited by the Supreme Beings that some once called God, and Goddess, they will pass without knowing their true purpose and meaning of their presence on earth. This not knowing the connection to their God or Goddess energy and sight and manifestation of higher beings will be their undoing on earth. Their taking and understanding of their real true purpose will be made known when the review their whole lives at their passing…

We all will review our time spent on earth in mental and physical body. We will share our dream and awakened states in conscious awareness as we stand before the Supreme Beings. For those who cannot believe these words as the true words and worth of Ascension, may the Supreme Beings have mercy on your spirits and souls. The truth of the next four years will be revealed for those who are to be guided to the divine presence.

November 01, 2008
John Crystal Morris, 108 years and 11 months, IN MEMORY OF

Rev. John Crystal Morris, born November 21, 1899 (1898?)in Piggott, Arkansas, passed away peacefully on Monday, OCTOBER 27, 2008 in Hartford, Kentucky, USA.

It was Senator Jerry Rhoades who nominated John C. Morris to the Kentucky Senate as a Kentucky Colonel at the age of 101. John C. Morris was well known in Kentucky as a centenarian over 100 years another 8 years and 11 months almost to 109, and some such as his grandson believes he would soon be 110.

Rev. John Crystal Morris, 108, of Hartford, passed away, Tuesday, October 27, 2008 at Professional Care Health & Rehab in Hartford. He was born November 21, 1899 in Rector, Arkansas to the late John Benjamin Morris, born Jan 22, 1854 and died 1908 in Boydesville, Ar near Little Rock. John’s mother, Ollie Wade Johnson Morris moved her children to Indiana to be with her family around Rockport and Boonville, Indiana.

John Crystal Morris was a Christian of general Baptist faith and a minister in the Lord´s Army. Mr. Morris was an ordained Minister by two authorities and called by God. Mr. Morris wrote “Something To Think About” for Ohio County Times. He had paper in his type writer at the time of his death & had evening meal just before going home to be with the Lord.

Reverend Morris received awards from the Society of Professional Journalists of Kentucky for his devoted work as a journalist and his articles in newspapers.

John C. Morris also authored three religious books. As a well known artist, he left many fine paintings as John C. Morris, now considered priceless by family members and friends who are fortunate to have a Morris original. John was also known as a good musician and played the piano. John loved the spiritual life and enjoyed the arts and humanities of life. John was a humble person and always had a smile and good words for each person he met.

Thomas R. Morris his grandson, is a well known pen and ink artist, and author of Kentucky who proudly served the Reagan and Bush Administration 1980-1993 before moving home to Kentucky where his father lives, and John C. Morris was laid to rest. John had outlived all his siblings. John was listed in the 1900 Clay County Census in Arkansas as born in 1889 and there was controversy over a transposition from 1898 to 1889. This would make him 109 almost 110 years old. If we take the census to be correct that would make John C. 119 years old and the oldest living person ever recorded.

John C. Morris is listed with his father, John, 46, born Indiana with both parents born in Kentucky on the 1900 census in Clay County, Arkansas. There was a possible transposition in John Crystal Morris’s correct date of birth since born at home. The family accepted 1899 but there was always question as to whether it was 1898. The records show he was born 1889 on the 1910 census with his last birthday showing 6/12.

John C. Morris’ father was John Benjamin was listed as a Farmer, with land acreage in Clay County, Arkansas. John’s mother is listed as Ollie Wade Johnson Morris age 26, on the 1910 census. When her husband died she moved back to Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana. After her husband’s death Ollie became ill and died a short time after she move leaving the five chilrren in a guardianship of Joseph Haines for Crystal, Ellard, Earl, Grace, and Flora Morris on 17th December 1910 who made application to sale his ward’s land in Clay County, Arkansas. The family grew and owned land in IN and Ky. John Morris had Walter Morris buried in Mt. Zion, Cemetary near Rockport, IN.

John C. Morris was listed in the estate of of his father John Benjamin Morris as Crystal, instead of John Crystal. It is suspected that his father being John that John Crystal was called Crystal as a boy with Ellard, Grace, Earl, and Flora Morris, minor heirs of John B. Morris, deceased, and Signed 23rd day of January, 1913. John Benjamin was born Jan 22, 1854 dies 1908 in Ar. His father Benjamin E. Morris was born May 4, 1812 in TN and died July 28, 1895 in IN. Originally from Europe it was told the family could be traced back to Israel through genealogy as told to John C. Morris by a genealogist.

John C. Morris’ father was Benjamin E. Morris who died at age 83 and is buried along with Ollie Wade Johnson Morris buried in Mt. Zion Cemetary near Richland, Indiana under the name of Beng. E. Morris 1812-1895. Benjamin Morris married Priscilla Isbell Morris 1853 and she died age 47 having 5 children with John Benjamin after William Isaace and before Julian Lee Morris.There was Frank Morris 1864, and Sophronia Ellen Morris of the 5 Morris children. John C.’s family was Elead Morris, born Jan. 20, 1902, Adriel Earl Morris, born Nov, 6, 1903, Jessie O Morris born Aug. 13, 1905, Grace Priscilla Morris born Nov 7, 1906 and Ollie Flora Morris born Sept, 26, 1909. Jon’s father John Benjamin had two wives prior to Ollie Wade Marian Palmer Morris and Hanna Linegar Morris also buried in Mt. Zion Cemetary, Spencer County, near Rockport,Indiana.

John C. Morris was preceded in death by his 1st wife, Sarah Chadwell Morris, who died in 1948 & his 2nd wife, Ruby Dockery Morris who died in 1991. Survivors include his (2) sons, Rev. John David Morris in Horse Branch, KY & Thomas Earl Morris in Cromwell, KY. John has 4 daughters, Sue Deom of Hartford, Nell Crask of North Carolina, Margie Barrera of Beumont, TX, Alice Cummings of Hawesville, & 1 step daughter, Jewell Lancaster of Las Vegas, NV.

John left seven generations including 18 grandchildren, 31 great grandchildren, 44 great, great grandchildren, & 7 great, great, great, grandchildren with a history of Morris family throughout the United States and Europe many being educators, public servants and ministers. There are many of John’s grandchildren with artistic abilities in art, music, and writing, as well as, government and public service. John C. Morris has many family members living in Ohio County of Western Kentucky where he is now buried and will long be remembered.

Funeral services were held 1:00PM, Friday, October 31, 2008 at William L. Danks Funeral Home in Beaver Dam, Kentucky with Rev. Earnest “Sonny” Whitely officiating. Burial was held at Old Salem Cemetery, across from Old Salem Church where John David Morris, was pastor, and John C. Morris also preached in Horse Branch, Kentucky. John C. Morris was a Pastor at many churches in Kentucky, and Visitation and Guest Preacher in Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington. Viewing was from 4-8PM, on Thursday by family and friends. John C. Morris lived a Christian life and served God and desired all he knew to be loving Christians. John C. Morris devoted his entire life to serving as a minister of God’s work until his last day. There was a long procession while church bells rang from the churches and sirens sounded in Beaver Dam, Kentucky where most of John’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren now live as adults.

John Crystal Morris is buried in the Old Salem Church Cemetary off the Bill Monroe Blue Moon Highway down the road from Rosine, Kentucky. Rosine is the home of the famous father of Bluegrass Music, Bill Monroe. John C. Morris’ and siblings were born in Indiana across the Kentucky line from Owensboro,KY in Western Kentucky the Audubon Region.

The Morris’s are known for assisting in the War of Independence of America and establishing the United States with many other prestigious America families through the history of America. Faith and leadership have been a part of the Morris family patriot traits since the founding of the United States of America with Governors, Senators, and towns of Morris. John C. Morris’s last painting was of the world with two doves with a ribbon and crest for the Morris family name which he made for the new twenty first century celebration. John C. Morris is now part of the beautiful landscape on a hill surrounded with trees with leaves of many colors. John said “I am on borrowed time and will be ready to go home at last!”

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