Destiny Matrix

WE will need to assist those who are already working in Quantum Mechanics from the old guys ways and add BPP!
Per Darpa and NSA updates that are so far behind times that there is no way to assist hits on cathcing up!
Therefore, I shall find those Qunatum Physicists who are available to write papers once I explain some of the basics in space time per experiences in real life time. TJ
Historical Document | Date Posted: May 5, 2009. The Department of Defense defines cyberspace as “a global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processes and controllers.”1
The uniqueness of cyberspace can best be described by three attributes: volume, speed, and convergence,
Historical Document | Date Posted: May 5, 2009

Destiny Matrix

by Richard Stallman
Can technical writers earn money by writing free documentation for free software? We seriously hope so, and that is the reason for the GNU Free Documentation License.
The GFDL is meant as a way to enlist commercial publishers in funding free documentation without surrendering any vital liberty. The “cover text” feature, and certain other aspects of the license that deal with covers, title page, history, and endorsements, are included to make the license appealing to commercial publishers for books whose authors are paid. To improve the appeal, I consulted specifically with staff of publishing companies, as well as lawyers, free documentation writers, and the community at large, in writing the GFDL.
At least two commercial publishers of software manuals have told me they are interested in using this license. The future is never a sure thing, but the GFDL looks like it has a good chance to succeed in shaping a social system where commercial publishers pay people to write commercial free manuals for free software.Cyrellys Geibhendach

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Cyrellys Geibhendach is an author, facilitator, exopolitical mediator, retired professional construction consultant, and current Administrator for Compass Morainn: An Association of Exopolitical Mediators, Compass Morainn Journal, and Compass Morainn Members Forum. She is also a contributing author with Theresa J. Thurmond Morris, and UFO Digest. She is an active member of Open Minds Forum and a supporter of Oathkeepers. Her personal blogs include An Explosion of Fish, and Exopolitics: Manifesting A New Paradigm. She currently lives and works in Montana with her family. Cyrellys can be contacted at Facebook, or via email.


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