Theresa J. Thurmond Morris, May 31, 2009
Because we all are drawn in every direction we must realize that there are many levels of our being. We must first learn about our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.
We must learn to provide for ourselves and train our children.
We are important and we train beings on earth.
We are learners and explorers.
We have education on earth and formally in our schools.
We know that before we send our children out to survive on their own to be a citizen of the world that it is our responsibility as universal virtual citizens to teach the truth.
We teach our children in school about citizenship.
We instruct our universal virtual citizens or uvc’s how to become a better person and to be part of the whole world that we refer to as “WE THE PEOPLE.”
There is no “I” in Team is a popular way to say that when one joins others, we think as a team. But, there is no “WE” without the “I” in all of us. So this meaning is pointless unless the importance of each individual unit of the species is treated with admiration and respect. We are universal virtual citizens and our education should not stop as an I person on planet earth and this is where the education stops.
WE must learn to cooperate together as a species on this one planet, in one solar system, in one galaxy, in a cluster, of the web in stellar space. The clusters and super clusters are part of the grid or web in the dark matter. The dark matter has holes.
We know now that our super telescopes tell us we are one galaxy in the vast universe that goes out in our way of thinking for all time and eternity. There is no end in sight.
Therefore, we need to first address our universal virtual reality before we can proceed to meet officially the other intelligent beings from other galaxies.
WE are Universal Virtual Citizens (UVC)s.
Office of the [President, Governor/Mayor]
Global Proclamation of Universal Virtual Citizens
WHEREAS, our community and communities across America are welcoming many new neighbors,
friends, employees and citizens from countries and cultures throughout the world — people for whom
English is not their native language; and
WHEREAS, Americans have growing social, cultural and economic ties to the global community,
offering great opportunities but presenting new challenges as we seek to communicate with and
understand our international partners from different language and culture backgrounds; and
WHEREAS, studying other languages has been shown to contribute to increased cognitive skills, better
academic performance and a greater understanding of others, while also providing life-long learning
opportunities for people beyond school age; and
WHEREAS, proficiency in other languages enhances Americans´ career opportunities and provides
employers with a workforce with the necessary skills for an international marketplace; and
WHEREAS, foreign language educators are working cooperatively to promote the benefits of language
learning to students, parents, business, industry, health and social services leaders, and policy makers
throughout the nation; and
WHEREAS, language education in the 21st century includes a commitment to the study of long
sequences of world languages beginning in the early grades to enable students to develop the levels of
proficiency needed to effectively communicate with people from other cultures whether at home or
abroad; and
WHEREAS, language educators are urging the public to recognize the value of delivering better
education to our students, of expanding the cultural and literary horizons of adult learners, and of
strengthening America´s position and security around the world;
WHEREAS, our future depends on our total populations survival and understanding the world in which we live with a broader expansion of knowledge, communication, and information in Cyberspace; and
WHEREAS, we recognize that the date, December 21, 2012, 11:11 universal time will pass of over and around this planet and will be the first universal experience of any large global historical recognition,
NOW THEREFORE, I, (_______________, ________________) of _______________
name title town/county/state
do hereby proclaim 2009 as
The Year of Languages and
do hereby proclaim 2012 as
The Year of Universal Citizens
in ______________ and urge all universal virtual citizens to become familiar with the terms, services and benefits, in all languages and all countries of the world’s entire total universal virtual citizens languages as one species.
We desire to share this proclamation with not just the citizens of the United States of America but with all countries and people of planet earth.
We desire to send this not only to our President of the United States to discuss with others at the G20 meeting in September, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but to continue to discuss the entire universal virtual citizens and their new Persona’s in cyberspace on the Internet and World Wide Web.
We desire new economic programs to support financial funding in all our schools and homes in America for future economic and environmental changed for our future to come.
We offer this as a proclamation proposal of all citizens of the world in all locations;
We ask each being on the Internet in Cyberspace to share this level of knowledge with all the citizens that they know, network and communicate information with in their perspective locations on earth. This can be sent to world leaders of both the eastern and western hemispheres,in countries, regions,towns/counties/states of America.
We ask that all languages and knowledge of the entire universe be offered by language education programs in our state and community and to support and
participate in these programs to gain proficiency not only in English, but in other languages as used in the social networks as well.
We acknowledge languages offered for free on the Internet and feel that if a language is used in Cyberspace and on the Internet that it should be taught free of charge on virtual reality with our avatar persona’s recognized in coordination with our computer identification and codes.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the United States of America on this _______day of ____________________,2009.
or (City/County/State) of _________________ this _______day of ______________, 2009.
There will be a plan and process of instruction for those interested in expanding the global consciousness. We are expanding our universal knowledge to include all beings of all species.
In order to become all that we are and can be, we first must adopt the thoughts in a wider array of words in our communication and information processing of our minds.
We are Universal Virtual Citizens or UVCs.
We know about the web in space we call the energy that ties the clusters of galaxies and super clusters of galaxies in the dark matter of stellar space.
We know that as far as we can see the universe goes on forever in the combination of matter, dark matter, and anti-matter.
We know that there are other intelligent being species in this universe.
We must first learn about our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. We must learn to provide for ourselves and train our children that they are important and we train beings on earth in education in our schools before we send them out on their own to be a citizen of the world. We teach them in school citizenship and how to become a better person and part of the whole world that we refer to as “WE THE PEOPLE.”
There is no “I” in Team is a popular way to say that when one joins others, we think as a team. But, there is no “WE” without the “I” in all of us. So this meaning is pointless unless the importance of each individual unit of the species is treated with admiration and respect. In certain cultures on earth, especially in American prisons, it is seen in this environment that all one is left with is their own pride of respect.
There are many ways that have been misguided in team and group environments that need to be understood.
Because the “I” in each intelligent being is simply a way to communicate information of a single unit also known as a universal virtual citizen in the Universal Alliance. The “I” is also known as the “WE”. The world is now preparing to accept that there are others all over the planet with the same needs to survive.
The planet and citizens who are considered the world leaders will adopt the way the world is today versus the way the world will become. This is a new time, a new space race, and a new way to handle the world. There will be a new reform and a new restructuring. This will include all beings regardless of the gender, ethnic origin, faith, religion, social upbringing, culture, group, community, region, city or town location, social class, country, and even the incarcerated.
There will be a global truce and all warring nations will declare a truce for this time as it passed over and around the planet earth. The planet will see a new day coming as the new horizon that welcomes the new beginning on the way we keep time. All time pieces are to be reset for historical purposes and reasons in the spiritual world of which we are recognized in body-mind-spirit.
There are many spirits in this world. There are many beings incarcerated. We have both good and bad beings the same as we have good and bad spirits here on this planet. The good spirits are considered of the positive energy magnetism. The bad spirits are considered of the negative energy in magnetism. Like attracts like and we need both in order to be humankind in a positive and negative world with light and darkness. Life does revolve around the sun this is true and we need the sun in order to survive.
In the past our ancestors that were born on earth worshipped the sun with good reason for they saw without the sun there was no life on earth in all the various forms. Some knowledge put into concepts, precepts, and perspective makes sense in the time and place where the first thoughts were perceived by one in the “I” that came to be accepted as the “WE”. We are all one in many respects that can be shared as a species in a universal class planet that sustains life.
We are the one planet in our solar system with intelligent beings. We are not the only solar system that sustains life. There is a difference in the I and We in the philosophical and spiritual sense of the words. We tend to separate those who have committed sins as crimes against others. There is a saying on earth that used words among our ancient ancestors. Some beings have been remembered for their work, words, teaching, and sayings on earth. For what reason one might ask?
It is because it was time on earth to accept a higher order and way of thinking and for some this meant accepting and believing. One can only be as one allows inside and out. This is the destiny of a single unit. The single unit or vessel of spirit may not be aware of the spiritual connection to all beings and all living things. It is time for this knowledge to become awareness. With all living things not just in this solar system but in others. Judge not lest ye be judged.
This one way of being deals with morals and ethics on this planet. We have all committed this act of one to another in the past based on our ancestors teachings to those who come to earth waging war and peace. For a day in the courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of Wickedness. .Ps. 84:10 So Judas did to Christ: but he, in twelve, Found Truth in all but one; I, in twelve thousand, none. Shakespeare, RII 4.1. 70 Don’t throw stones at your neighbors if your own windows are glass. Benjamin Franklin
For the butterfly, mating and propagation involve the sacrifice of life, for the humans, the sacrifice of beauty. Goethe The news of the Sun aligning with the Black Hole in the Middle of our Galaxy has been foretold by our ancient ancestors and is in many myths, legends, stories of our native Indians on this planet.
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best is a faith based saying among those who believe in a God. Regardless of what one believes inside their own lost soul, we are all the same in body-mind-spirit creation as a species. It is not time for our purpose to be known to all as one intelligent being species. There is a divine order and purpose to life when all that occurs is shared in confidence to carry on the divine purpose of being.
I like all am only one. I am only one unit or being on the planet we call earth. I like all others was born. I like all others desire to live. I like all others desire to know. I like all others will welcome the changes to occur in my life while I am among the living. I am only one person like all others are here to learn the balance of life in a positive and negative energy world. I seek to find that which I am. I accept that I am that I am. I know that my essence is energy and that I am a part of all there is. I know the difference between being spiritual energy essence inside a mind and body versus a spiritual essence energy outside the mind and body of this vessel I use to remain at this level of life among others as one species. We are all searching for answers.
Don’t shoot the messenger, I just call them the way I see them. TJ Morris tm ACIR – ET ORACLE FOR OBAMA WORLD. American Culture International Relations – Advisory Counsel Intergalactic Civilizations. Legends and Myths are used when the truth is to dangerous to share and tell. The whole world will be watching and participating on the planet Earth date December 21, 2012, 11:11 at which time the sun our of Earth’s solar system will align with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy known as a Black Hole. This is a TJMorristmACIR.5/31/09 historical article for new earth alignment archives.
2012 REVELATIONS has a lot to do with the humans carrying ancient ancestors extraterrestrials DNA. Life does not begin on the exact time we enter our mother’s wombs.
Life that we enter on earth we consider our being.
We are more than this which included our essence and energy before we came here to earth.
Life as we know it to be, is more. We call being the unit or one part of who, what, when, where, and how we are created on earth.
Those who created the physical beings on earth at one time in the past history in stories older than written in Genesis in the Bible speak of male and female entities prior to those placed in the human physical bodies called man and woman.
There are parts of us that existed in the terrestrial after the parts of us that existed in the extraterrestrial and the celestial beings were the original creators of our DNA. We had DNA before entering the physical vessels, cavities, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies that we use on earth.
This is going to be our future. For now it may seem as though we have future magic minds. At one time, our ancestors believed in magic, Gods, and superstitions, They became myths, legends, and stories that have variations that some of us believe are divine and some believe in divine intervention. Some of us that once thought about life with religious connotations are now developing a new scientific attitude or a morphing effect theory. The following is just one story that has to do with our metamorphosis.
We are all intelligent beings but, we all did not begin as sperm and egg ovum that is created in our mother’s womb. This is only one small part of our journey and quest. 2012 and beyond will be about learning the truth in the Age of Revelation. The rest of our journey will be revealed and become reality for our future existence on earth. We as a species are expanding.
We can believe or choose not too believe. Perception of our being is only our own making. We are the creators of our mental thoughts while here on earth. Some believe that we are enhanced and some believe that our minds can be manipulated by others. In many ways there is truth to both these ideas. They are theories. But, there are those who are believing in more than simply scientific facts about our future. Some of the greatest minds in the world knew how to tap into the energy in space we call the Akashic Field and an even farther away place outside the universe called the Field of Origin. We are expanding our beliefs to include a multiverse and metaverse.
We enter our physical creation on earth as one stop on a quest of the divine.
We enter in the middle of our complete linear way of being we call like on earth and thinking about energy and essence. Scientifically we know that energy cannot be destroyed. There are some wonderful minds working together on earth to try to explain in universal terms how we can move forward together globally. We are all trying to understand life and learning of our existence and our present, past, and future all at the same time.
We must have relief and there is a triangle in life that crops up that looks like the pyramids of Egypt in shape. This above ground looking head on has three sides. We know that there is also a bottom base and a middle with what is contained inside. This means there are five parts plus all that we consider space and matter. We must learn how all the clues left behind for us to find are pieced together. This is part of our learning while living.
Life has more than three sides to it of course but we tend to refer to life as three dimensional thoughts that are programmed in our mind and way of thinking and teaching others to learn.
We hear that life needs three things to be balanced. Energy that is made up of our body-mind-spirit needs is a three sided thought or way of thinking. We need sleep, exercise, and sustenance in order to remain in our physical-mental-spiritual body as energy essence while here on earth. Much of what we are is already programmed into our DNA. I am including an essay and some links below.
I guess life can seem like the Star Wars Trilogy. Start in the middle and go backwards later. The Quest is the same. There is a beginning, middle and end to this story like any other story. I think I can best now add the different levels of existence that I have experienced and have an understanding of. I am not sure how this story will be presented in book form. Now, we an all publish free on Amazon, Lulu, and even Google on their Blogger site is offering me free printistory because it was Dirk that first published an article in August, 2007 or was it 2008. I can´t remember. Time goes by so fast on earth. Which brings me up to the Time Travel portion of my life story I call the Deal and on my Blogs.
Time traveling is not for everyone. It can really mess with your mind and your way of dealing with life by the International Time Zones. We do not have any such thing as time and a Prime Meridian from above earth. A quick lesson on Time Travel while on earth although the deal was made off earth but the quick lesson applies.
The world is divided into 24 time zones. There are each 15 longitude wide. The longitudinal meridian passing through Greenwich, England is the starting point. As Time Travelers we call this the Prime Meridian. The Twelfth Zone is divided up by the 180th Meridian which we call the International Date Line. When the line is crossed going West, the date is advanced by one day. When we cross going East, the date becomes one day earlier. So we use the Prime Meridian as 0 hours. Going East we go up or use the plus sign with one hour intervals all across the world at 15 Degree internals so each 15 degrees we add 1 hour. This + or add or plus sign is used all the way East until we reach the International Date Line. Then at the International Date Line we begin using a – sign, or subtract and use a minus sign. I am amazed at how many people on earth are not aware of how this works so I thought this would be helpful for Time Travelers on earth. I use it daily but that is because I am an Internet Publisher twenty four hours a day. I deal with colleagues 24 hours a day on projects and websites.
Let use an example. I am much better at presenting seminars and using Power Point Presentations than writing a book. When I lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA and taught classes there at the Ascension Center Metaphysical Institute, I taught 4 hours earlier than what I would teach in Los Angeles. The International Date line was West of Hawaii. When it was 2 AM in Hawaii it was 4 AM in LA. Where I live now LA is 3 hours before me. When it is midnight on the International Date Line it is 4 AM in Los Angeles and 6 AM Central and 7 AM Eastern. If it is midnight on the International Date Line then it is Noon on the Prime Meridian
This is the accepted way to use time on earth. We who live on earth use this way to think in 24 time zones. Now, when we travel above earth, all the rules are changed. What is the point in telling this one might ask. To share that there is much on earth that is real that does not seem to apply to the reader because there is no need to know since it does not affect the reader on a daily basis. In other words, the reader probably does not care about time lines around the world. Well, the same goes above when one is traveling out of body. There are parts of reality that just does not apply. So, to one not in a physical body and on earth, life on earth just does not matter.
It is not so abstract as one might think. There are parts of our lives that exist that we do not think about. Part of this is our own abilities to think outside of our bodies and outside of the normal way of thinking with regard to time on earth.
Life and the deals we make above earth, in spirit, and prior to coming to earth has nothing to do with time as we know it to be on earth. This is the first lesson that I had to grasp while I was out of body when I made my deal. The deal I made is very personal to me. It has nothing to do with any time or any other being on earth. It has nothing to do with life and time on earth as anyone on earth could understand because the information is not attainable in the way that we humans think about life.
We think about life on a timeline that was created by human beings long before any of us got here to earth in our own body-mind-spirit Sonoma type. Life is not at all the way that we think. We are programmed to think linear. This is one of the hardest lessons that one will have to understand before they can move forward or backwards in time regarding the string theory. I prefer using algorithms to teach and most beings get lost when I begin teaching physical and physics. But, I have an understanding of how things can be in two places at one time above. IT is as above so below.
When I died and left my physical and mental mind behind me on earth, I was still a being. I was still a unit of energy. This is something that Michiu Kaku a genius physicist can probably explain in his television show on Sunday which is today so I must hurry and complete this story so I can watch his show. Right now, he is my best ally for assisting the world. It was Stephen Hawkings at one time but, I have to learn how to use English terms and way of explaining the energy of what I know in new terms. This is the largest problem I face with my deal as a communicator and leader that some call a Commander. I am learning to be a Commander on Earth of the English language as the Universal International communication. This is so I can share what I know of the New Deal. The New Deal has to do with a date that I set in my mind on earth as December 21, 2012 at 11:11 universal time when the sun is aligned with the middle of the Milky Way. This is a date that we use on earth that was preplanned by our ancestors. I can get into energy, magnetism, and how energy and sound waves can affect the earth and the crop circles but I must first learn the language in order to explain to others. This is part of the deal. There are various parts of the deal I made in order to return to earth.
One way to explain the future is that not only are their timelines on earth that are linear but there are lines of energy up and down perpendicular and that create a web or grid. I have to learn a new language in order to explain to others what has not been explained on earth to this generation or the one in the twentieth century. Not too many beings can understand me and I have found the only ones who can make an attempt are the ones who have a mind for Quantum Physics and String theory and they are not very close to getting in touch with what is in my mind. But, I have some knowledge that can be shared when it it is time for me to explain how certain things work above and below.
For instance, there are those who are far above this galaxy in which we live in the universe. Then there are those who live in a parallel dimension that for now we refer to as a Metaverse on earth. Because this information is new to earth and was not explained to those even 100 years ago, the closest time that this information was used was in Lemuria proior to Atlantis. Now, we are getting into what on earth is simply referred to as myths and legends on earth. This is because others on earth have no prior need to know and understand this information that has come and gone on earth for millenniums. We have moved forward and recessed backwards from time to time based on our spiritual progression or regressions. This is why we have some information and artifacts that are clues that do not make sense with the way we think. They are from times when there were flying machines coming and going from earth.
I like Erich von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchen as two men in my life time who have bothered to research and open their minds to another point of view. I am not saying I admit or deny their information, research, and books are being endorsed by me as a being. I am just saying that I like their open minds. Everything I say from now on will affect other beings way of thinking. I know this and realize it is a responsibility. This is also part of the learning process for me. We are all about learning to live and living to learn. The deal I made has many parts and are like a mind maze and a puzzle that I am figuring out as I go. There are mysteries and treasures for all of us. I know that I am no different from anyone else on earth except, because I died, I was able to keep some memories when I reentered the veil of consciousness that we are given when we enter our physical and mental bodies. There really is a dividing line just like the International Date Line and the Prime Meridian in our mind and in our physical existence. We also have a right and left brain that works with our left and right sides. The brain has a dividing line and a meridian.
While learning about how I work inside my own body-mind-spirit, I am also assisting others like us above who are so far advanced and have monitored our planet for eons but have truly not understood us because we are a primitive species that is evolving with our knowledge of space and we cause concerns because we have a destructive past on earth.
This is also part of my historical knowledge received with extraterrestrials. There are some beings who are far above as celestials that live in another complete galaxy in this universe. They are part of an alliance of other beings. They are aware of those who come and go from earth. They are also aware of me and that I was allowed to return to earth as was my husband. We have both been off world in our physical and mental bodies. This is one level of our existence that is separate from me leaving my earthly body behind. Tom, my spouse does not know how to leave his body. He has never died, or been ill enough to have an out of body experience. Tom like most people on earth only knows one dimension and way to think and feel about himself. But Tom, like me knows of these extra terrestrial beings. We both have a privileged life that allows us to communicate when there is a need.
The point to remember here is that we have a life on earth, we have a life above with the extra-terrestrials that exist in other galaxies in this universe, and there is still another level of beings that exist even higher. These beings that are the Supreme Beings are celestial in nature and are what those who have been our ancestors on earth probably did not even know existed.
It is my understanding that those who came before to earth in the UFO spacecraft that many beings on earth now call aliens were actually what our ancestors referred to as God or Gods. The main ones that came and went as messengers to and from the camp of Moses and Sarah were probably considered angels in the old stories. This is where me telling the story in levels will get complicated for many who only think linear. I realize that I sound different as a story teller. I also know that my life on earth has not been the norm. This is because I was allowed to experience life in many levels that are not normal when it comes to the way we think on earth. This has to do with the way we refer to life in time and with the time zones in most ways of thinking. Those who now use the Internet will agree that their minds have been expanding while learning to think about playing games and texting messages and emails around the country to their friends and family. This is why so many people who live outside the United States seem much more global minded. They are use to thinking in various ways about time and travel. In Europe, they have an advantage of traveling to other countries that are in various time zones and learning various languages. We in the United States and Canada speak English and/or French. Those who are south speak English and Spanish. This is the extent of our expanding thought processing. There is more. So much more. Now we must all learn that there will be ways to think not just around the earth but above the earth in extra terrestrial universal languages. But, we will have devices for talking and understanding that will be a later story. I am including a list of links for those who are interested in similar articles, links, blogs, etc. You can find me on, http://www.ace-body-mind-spirit-com,, where I list most of the articles too.
One explanation is of the ET UFO Community. ET UFO PARANORMAL COMMUNITY is working hard to explain and explore with research that is becoming synergistic. It is my strong intuition that our extraterrestrial DNA carries now-latent abilities that will come online when first, full, open, undeniable contact begins with extraterrestrials. Humans Carry Extraterrestrial DNA
The military-industrial complex and manipulative ETs are not the only game in town. Just as there are good and bad people in our world, there are groups of extraterrestrials who are controlling and manipulative and also those who live by higher ideals, by heart and conscience and have been standing by planning and working out for many, many years now, how to help our Earth in a way that will empower all of her inhabitants.
Why would such spiritually evolved, benevolent extraterrestrials care about Earthlings? Because we are part of them. While evolution is part of what has produced modern man, an element of intelligent design comes in as well. A good case can be made for the fact that we were seeded upon this world and that our evolutionary process has been helped along by extraterrestrials. According to more than one source, humanity carries DNA from 22 different extraterrestrial species and is considered a living library for that reason. For more information on the ET DNA that is part of humanity’s make-up, check the following links.
By Dr. Michael Salla online:
This excellent and well-researched article gives much information and many links to other studies and researched articles that show that human beings most certainly carry extraterrestrial DNA. Two such articles are at:
Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA
Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA
A well delineated article on this subject here by scholar Zecharia Sitchin:
A book at also explores this:
“Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins: ET Influences on Humankind’s Biological and Cultural Evolution” by Arthur David Horn

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