Robert F. Beck
PHONE: 01483 829685 email : robert.beck@ntlworld.com
President Obama 17/01/09
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500, United States
Dear Mr. President,
I am a dissident physicist with knowledge beyond mainstream science that you can confirm or deny via President Putin (hopefully) or other sources you know you can depend upon in Russia.
Confirming this knowledge can negate the most likely threat to your own life, and widen your options on some very difficult issues.
Firstly, you need to confirm that Valery Uvarov is the government appointed head of UFO research in Russia and authenticate that this is the same man claiming such role in a video interview with Project Camelot (Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy).
Once this is confirmed you should be able to discuss with President Putin and other World leaders, an announcement very early in your presidency that will thwart those opposed to your energy policies. I am assuming that you know or can soon discover that many ex military (especially Bob Dean) and others in the US confirm what Valery Uvarov says in general about advanced beings’ role in the solar system and human affairs.
You then need to understand that Valery Uvarov not only confirms what I say about changing Earth orbit via its rate of spin, he says it has happened before. My suggestion for achieving this may be how the “Guardians” did it, but I do have experimental evidence to suggest that they may know an easier way. Either way, it has to be achieved slowly, and time is running out (as you may know or will soon learn).
Whether or not this is achievable (or even the wisest course of action – I have limited information), I can tell you that technologies are possible that can save many lives and significantly reduce the suffering in the case of various future scenarios. Once the whole World knows that the options on available technologies are bound to be greater than most had assumed, there will be no point in the continued denial of things such as water powered cars (the key to economic recovery in the west).
I can explain why the low energy dissociation of water at very specific frequencies is possible, and how this is related to both anti-gravity and cold fusion. Brief confirmation that I understand anti-gravity, and a suggestion for the wording of your announcement, is in the attached copy of an email to my MP about my own sighting of a possible UFO, and my ability to link related observations with the wind turbine incident in Lincolnshire.
As you may realize from information on my website, I was hugely relieved when you were elected, and extremely concerned about Gordon Brown’s decision on Heathrow expansion. Your scientific advisers (or Al Gore) need to look at my analysis of a paper demonstrating that reduced light caused by vapor trails significantly reduces uptake of CO2 via photosynthesis. Click on the link to my Comprehensive Statement. Also click on the link to my second paper for a full scientific verification of anti-gravity.
Yours sincerely,
Robert F. Beck

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