Discussion By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
There is much needed information to practice what others have been taught on earth in the past by some of the greatest teachers such as Solomon, Jesus, Merlin, and other Metaphysicians.
There is much on earth that we are sharing regarding a portal in time to open on December 21, 2012 11:11 universal time. The pole shift may only be 7-15 m and it may not. We know we are to expect a shift change. We are preparing our Light Workers now.
Supernatural, paranormal, and metaphysical are words that we can use to describe that which we do not fully understand in our reality. Magnetism and how it works is used in every day life. Metaphysicians of the ACIR have been chosen. TJ MORRIS began the symbol, logo icon at the inception in the last century in 1989-1994 over a 5 year period. This began after the 11:11 series which began between 1943-1983 over a 40 year period.
We allowed an open rift in time to occur with the assistance of the extraterrestrials.
This wile be a combination of interests as we all will feel a heightened response in our Kundalini of the chakras as they align which does effect our pineal gland on these topics.
This is why we have asked other students, lecturers, authors of the Ascension Masters to assist. We are they who have been considered Avatars of the Alchemy Shaman Process.
The details of our future engagements will be that our clients, students, customers, graduates of the Ascension Center Enlightenment Classes will be involved in sharing the information. We will need to make sure that the basics of the Ascension Ancient Mystery Schools taught in the 20th Century are understood. These include the ancient mystery schools that were opened in Honolulu, Hawaii and are listed in the first guidebook for teachers of the Metaphysical Institutes in the World Wide Information Network.
For those who are not familiar with some of the Ascension Ancient Mystery School Students they are presently listed with Theresa J. Morris, as David Walker, Ian Stone, Dr. Laura Sturgis, Cynthia Chu, and Dr. William Lester. Only those who ACE, TJ MORRIS, tm ACIR, has endorsed to instruct the classes are recognized by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris. The basics of alchemy, shamanism, metaphysics, include the ancient ancestors way of instruction using the pineal gland portion of the brain as it relates to the chakras as the Kundalini rises to become all in one creating the 7 effect of what was once termed in ancient mystery schools as aligning ones spirit to speak with the Gods. Basic Channeling is also taught but the higher self is mainly reported through the subconscious for ones own knowledge and can and should be recorded as one would with a psychic medium. Remote viewers are also aware of the training through military trainings seminars. Remote Viewing is similar and close but not spot on or on target.
The planet has magnetism and we would not exist without magnetism. Science has proven magnetism in ways that are now understood and recorded in words and numbers. Prior to what we now call science magnetism was still in existence. The magnetism law of the humankind species has also always been in existence but not readily understood or explained by scientist or clergy.
Magnetism is the way to understand how we can open the entire world up to conscious awareness increasing intelligence. Three are terms used in the world by extraterrestrials the ascension sentient intelligent being species. Scientists and Clergy will want to share earthly explanations.
The information is prevalent and obvious to many who are educated and have been privileged to study in the schools on earth. There are also libraries that house many of the greatest recorded history on earth. There have been libraries that were thousands of years old that haven been destroyed but some information survived.
There are many great teachers and philosophers. Some have passed and left the earth plane existence but energy cannot be destroyed and is essence. There are those on earth that believe the good can remain intact through magnetism as essence and choose to remain essence plasma.
The negative essence must also exist and can be repelling. There is a need for both and the universe is created with both positive and negative forces. The law of nature and the law of gravity are accepted as logical and reality on earth.
There are people in the ET UFO Community that are realizing that in order to share the future of extra terrestrial enlightenment and illumination in the space renaissance that we will need to share similar goals. There are ways and means to accomplish positive lifestyles preferred as Folk History and Folk Life. This is also in some circles what we now refer to as Anthroponomy, the study of being and how it relates to the environment.
There are many who are aware of the awakening of the Age of Revealing. This was promised to many spiritual intellectuals who now consider themselves light workers.
The light workers who were chosen prior to coming to earth as essence were given a task of raising conscious awareness of all on earth so that we may use the ascension process with the pineal gland. We have 5 levels of our brain. The 7 are to explain what we can accomplish using our senses in extra sensory perception and time travel.
This lecture and seminar outline is copyrighted with the trademark of Ascension Center Education, and service mark of Theresa J. Thurmond Morris, al l rights reserved. These are covered in the ACE Guide, the handbook for Universal Virtual Citizens (UVCs).
The following achievement assessment has been prepared for the Light workers who are chosen to be Reverends in the Ascension Center Education Not for profit Organization. All rights are reserved by TJMorris and TJTM tm. There is a guide used in ACE of the Ascension Center Education information that was prepared by the Founder while in Honolulu, Hawaii and Roswell, New Mexico creating the Ascension Center Education anchors and portals. For Earth Metaphysical Science courses to be used at future Ascension Center Education Metaphysical Institutes throughout the global community.
By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris, Ascension Center Founder, 1968.
ACIR Ancient Mystery Schools. – Pineal Gland ( The Pine Cone in Ancient History)
Negative publicity attracts complaints. Negativism will destroy anything good Thoughts when mixed with emotions forms a magnetic force. Think positive and abundance will increase
Whatsoever is of good report, think on these things Commitment always finds a way for success, be committed to our cause Magnetism is the power of attracting. Attracting is an irresistible force, a captivating energy.
Attract information based on empowerment. An event can be a magnetic force for marketing and promotion of anyone, anyplace, anything, anytime.
What you wear can be a magnet. Mass times velocity equals momentum. M X V = MV Thoughts times emotions equals magnetic force. T X E = MF Positive Thoughts Increase Thinking is a matter of choice Ten (10) spies shut down a nation. The Force of a Magnet can be increased. “Great Minds Encounter violent opposition from mediocre people.”
Albert Einstein To make and atom positive you decrease the negative electrons. Induce magnetism Learn to think in terms of others, wants, needs, and desires. Increase thinkers. There will always be enough. Giving puts one in touch with a mysterious force called the law of attraction.
Giving creates a magnetic force. Let go of fear. Fear will pass. Let go and let God. Doubt never accomplished anything. Where you place your attention accomplishes anything When fear arrives in thoughts, use the fear to switch to good. Say “Switch” as a trigger for the mind and practice this technique. Glorious spirit overcomes fear. Fear has to be managed.
Be aware and pro-active. Know there are higher forms of power and organizations. Be a Spiritual Educator and Life Trainer. Be awakening of others through involvement which is synergy. Events and results equal outcome. E + R = O If O is not liked change R and do not blame E.
Determine how people feel not think. Shifts do occur. Law of Vacuum. One can not replace a negative without a positive to take the place. LOVE equation is the Law of Vacuum Equality. Imagine reality. Reality will change to match the image and creates Perception Shift.
Perception can and will shift if one imagines the reality of it. Benjamin Franklin was also committed to a higher level of consciousness. You too can make a difference in the world through creativity by first imagining the perception and achievement. Improve by rehearsing you brain.
Come to learn the synergy effect and meetings of like minds. Visualize and Reinforce goals. Brainstorm separately and together. Opinionated people breed separation. Planets instead of Universes. Single and whole makes a universe. Plan growth, expansion, and investment and income follows. Investment and Income is the result of success. One must demonstrate commitment on self actualization.
Self discipline brings order to chaos in all beings and all things. Commit to right choices. No expectations except those desired through choice. Do not expect difficult challenges and meet them head on. Reward for supporters of success is illumination as light overcomes dark. Vision is limited by ones own illumination process.
Life is a process. On 05/08/09 7:46 PM, Dennis Sulz, author/photographer, wrote: ——————– Very nice article. I have created an aura by using such principals and beliefs. Keep up the teachings. ( To be Continued)

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