TIME TRAVELER – Part Seven – TAKEN UP Series
By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Oh what a web we we’ve when first we decide to deceive. There is no course but recourse when one is a Time Traveler. For those who are just entering life with a right brain instead of a left brain, there are many parts of life and being that may not make a lot of sense causing confusion.
Part of this confusion is because of what we are taught to believe as education in the world of academics in school. One may study the important subjects in order to have what the world once called the basics as reading, writing, and arithmetic. The needs of a human being in education has changed and those who once had a level of education equal to what is termed a PhD. will need some updating.
As a matter of fact, life experiences can mean more than what was once termed a sheep skin. Many old terms of the last century are not known by university graduates of 2009. This is the twenty first century and the age of information and communication at a world level via computers. There is so much information that once can access at their fingertips that once a child of the age of twelve entering puberty when they think they know better than adults what is good for them probably will know better than their parents what is good for them.
This is how much the world has changed. Those of us who are not attending a college, university, or education on the Internet may want too. This is the time on earth of revealing the truth about all that once was held as fact in arts and sciences. There are many books that were written in academia that are not only outdated and outmoded but by the time they are approved as texts for schools the information is already outdated. This is because new information is being discovered and coming into reality faster than can be realized and utilized on earth.
Time Travel is recognized as a reality now in this world and specially among those with alien like qualities. The alien like qualities will be in a series of time travel articles we will create in space to explain the future and the past. We will obtain some answers to our questions about life in general and how we can travel in space.
First, we have to educate the general public on what has been going on in space and on earth and how the information that was once kept as secret will now become transparent during the disclosure portion of the advancement of information. We will need time and patience. All in good time will others know what only some know.
There was once a rift in space time that was opened for a forty year period when a wormhole was utilized in space. This wormhole was opened prior to the knowledge that such a word or thought existed in the minds of beings who lived on earth.
The time travel that we now can relate too because of powerful beings that are of another place in space are those that some now refer to as the guardians.
There are tales in certain niche social networks that speak of time travel in more ways than one as a reality. This statement can be threaded by doing one’s own research on the many articles and now videos on You Tube and on UFOstream.com.
Being that I have had many life experiences in more ways than one that I am now presently living, there are things I know that can be compared to a remote viewer in some instances and as a reincarnate avatar being in other circles or niche networks.
Time Travel is not a joking matter any longer since we can compare this to virtual reality and also wormhole travel which is the next phase of our reality on earth.
We are modifying our way of thinking in the main stream new media to center around the present and the future as we also examine our ancient past history.
This will all be a part of the present future, and future perfect tense in the English language of which we will use as the universal language on this planet for time travelers. There are many languages on this planet and all will be used and recognized but many are being phased out with one world language in demand.
Time travel will become a part of reality and virtual reality with the introduction in our fun games that children now play using computers, Xbox, Nintendo Wi, the Cube, and future gaming to hold our interest in coming years 2010 and beyond.
Time Travel will become a way of all who think about combining the knowledge and history of the past with what they presently hold in check in their small individual units that we refer to as a brain and mind. The future can be altered based on a combination of what we know about our past while pursuing the present and leaning toward focus on the future.
We once only taught our children in schools the left brain logic as what was needed to survive in the world specially in a cosmopolitan international city. Now, since the computer age and business and social networking came into being, there is a whole new reality that exist inside the Internet that some call a virtual reality mix of energy.
Just as we use television and movies to escape our reality, we are now using gaming, and the Internet to escape our present and our past. We have learned to become more than ourselves in emails, Ims, and chat rooms on the Internet. The Internet Highway is becoming clouded and confusing with beings who are actually truthful about who they are in three dimensional world when off the Internet.
But, there are also that enjoy being someone other than themselves and make up complete fictional personas as their Internet character and personality. This way of being someone other than one’s own self on the Internet has become a way to grow and expand one’s own consciousness and behavior patterns.
The fact that there are some who are simply being truthful are those who are mainly using the Internet in their every day business ventures and dealings with others in a business and social environment. But, what about those who are being other than for purposes that are not business at all.
There will need to be some changes made on various channels of energy direction.
There will now be a Cyber Space Security that will have to maintain law and order in not only Three Dimensional Reality work and world where we all exist in the reality of real time versus all of the new beings that exist as other beings on the Internet on the Internet Highway in Virtual Reality Time.
Time will now change in many ways. This is something that has been considered and been a subject of those who are entrepreneurs in gaming and computer programming for many years. The information, communication, and technology age is still being defined.
It is stated that we will still use our 24 hours on earth that our schedules are based upon that include the rising and setting of the sun. We now gauge our lives based on the accepted daily work week in all countries in both eastern and western hemispheres. There may be some small changes but basically all changes will now include education in universities, colleges, and education on line from computers at home or other places wherever an enrolled student may be at the time that one opens a classroom environment for study and lectures on the Internet. There will be courses online now more than ever before.
There will now be no reason for a student in Indonesia to not talk to another student in China, Australia, or the United States of America. There will be students who can meet and greet on the Internet with students all over the world. This is happening now through gaming on the Internet on a daily basis.
The Internet has opened the world up to many possibilities. Time travel will be a part of life that can be seen in gaming on line with games now that are used to go back into the ancient past or move forward into the future. This is while we all realize that we still have a real world in a three dimensional sense or way of thinking.
Time travel will now have to be discussed as a way to discover the past in virtual reality on line on the Internet. It already is with some gaming programs. The virtual reality large gaming corporations have programmers thinking and inventing all the time. Nintendo is coming up with all types of new scenarios as is Microsoft and other large corporations. Time travel will become part of the new way of thinking for children that are born into this world. Those of the last century really had no idea of the impact that computers would have on the world that will become more focused on the future in the twenty-first century.
Life is now not just about the past, and the present, but much more so about the focus on the future. Time for many may seem to have speeded up and that is because it has in more ways than one.
Time travel will not only be important in gaming on the Internet and to new programmers and software but there will be a new time travel in news and in space.
NASA will be desiring more capital to take our words of time travel to heart in space. Our desires to travel in space is going to become a reality more so than those of the past century ever imagined. We are told that governments on this planet have so many inventions to exist in the future already created and kept as secrets from the public that we can not even imagine what the future holds in store.
Humanity is actually getting ready to travel in space and in space-time.
This will require more forward thinkers to be educated in science and as engineers. We will need new thinkers that can address time travel with both sides of their brain and not just living in the left brain logical work and world that was created in the past by those of the old industrial and mechanical world way of thinking.
We now need new thinkers and believers in the imagination and innovative ways of the future. Time travel will be about being able to think outside the box, and outside of the physical reality. This means that the future of earth will have to be able to think what it feels like to time travel outside of one’s own mental and physical body.
We are preparing all living beings for the global community future that will consist not only of a three dimensional reality but one that exists forever in virtual reality.
The Matrix Web that we are creating in space is one that will become just as the physical reality we now see in space as a web with clusters and super clusters with galaxies that can be seen with our super telescopes. We can see that life in the universe is expanding outward and away from our planet that is held in space by a force that is controlled.
Time travel is going to be about breaking out of the forces, controls, and magnetism that is seen in space. We will learn about the elements in space. We will learn about black holes, dark matter, antimatter, and best of all we will learn about wormholes.
It will be with wormholes that we learn to travel through time in space. This new term is actually an old term that will be revise and restructured with many deeper meanings while we dig for answers to our questions about life beyond the confines of our own life and plane tin space.
Time travel will be something that we will all be able to participate in various levels in the game of life in 3D reality we call life on earth, and other dimensions of life that we may enter into in the World Wide Web on the Internet.
Time travel will also become known as a language with different compartments and levels of a language of space-time travel.
Time Travel as I know it is what will be interesting to readers who follow the ET UFO NEWS.com. There are ways to explain the past, present, and future as a remote viewer and one who has had extraterrestrial contact. There are reasons that some of us are who we are and can share information with certain others that understand because they have had similar experiences and are more accepting of the truth of another time traveler. First things first. We must first get everyone caught up as a critical mass consciousness way of thinking. We cannot jump to level 2 until everyone understands what is expected of the intelligent being species at level 1. There are many levels above and below to be explained before we can get to the beyond the beyond of the past, present, and future and other dimensions as well. (To be continued.)


  1. Concerning your comment about the need for a World Language. I think that the choice, realistically, for the future global language lies between English and Esperanto rather than an untried project.It's unfortunate, however, that only a few people know that Esperanto has become a living language.After a short period of 121 years Esperanto is now in the top 100 languages, out of 6,800 worldwide, according to the CIA factbook. It is the 17th most used language in Wikipedia, and in use by Skype, Firefox and Facebook. Native Esperanto speakers,(people who have used the language from birth), include George Soros, World Chess Champion Susan Polgar, Ulrich Brandenberg the new German Ambassador to NATO and Nobel Laureate Daniel Bovet.Further arguments can be seen at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU Professor Piron was a translator with the United Nations in Geneva.A glimpse of Esperanto can be seen at http://www.lernu.net

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