Regarding the world population general level of critical mass thinking
By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
On or about June 7, 2009, I decided that writing for those who are not really ready to receive information is not the best way to proceed with future sharing of information pertaining to truth and reality universally accepted in other galaxies but not the Milky Way Galaxy. The human race of those who exist on earth are not ready to know of the truth and observations of their intelligent beings species.
Releasing information in syndicated articles is not assisting at the rate in which the information needs to be shared prior to the changes to occur in 2012.
Based on my time on earth as a human being, I have learned to stay within the confines of what is acceptable as normal.
Based on what is normal now is what is wrong with the way we foresee the future.
As long as I stay in the confines of certain labeled stereotypes providing information only when one desires to pay for this information then it is acceptable.
As a Legal Investigator, I can provide information based on sticking to the facts of the case. This is based on what is required for discovery dealing in legal matters.
As a Business Entrepreneur, as long as I speak about Business and Marketing plans and produce marketing, advertising, public relations, analysis and research on subjects that are already accepted as normal in the mainstream then all is well with those who I involve in my personal business matters.
When speaking of extra terrestrials, spacecraft not of earth origin, if I speak in military terms and accepted chronological order with dates, events, who, what, where, whey, how, how much or in the basic formats for Investigative Reporters then all is well with the document that I produce.
Being considered eccentric is the word attached to thinkers who are sometimes thinkers who are wealthy that put their ideas and thoughts into words for others to peruse. If one is not wealthy and accepted in a certain class in the world then the way others may see a person such as me is crazy.
Regardless of who and how one is portrayed is based on perceptions of the one who is seeing, hearing, reading, and the receiver of the information. This information may or may not be the truth to the receiver but as the sender, creator, of the information, even if one is using a language that one is familiar with such as English the universal language in business, the reality of what is being produced as a product or service can be misunderstood.
If we are individuals are to create our new world for future expectations with the laws of survival and nature involved then we may also want to consider that all that has been taught in the left brain logical way of thinking and point of views as normal may not be that normal.
If one is to grow into understanding the right brain left handed way of thinking in the world then there will have to be some left brain/right hand thinkers who will have to open their minds to accepting that which may not have been thought as normal in prior history of knowledge, information and communications.
We are all basically the same. Why we choose to not converse with others globally with our life experiences and deepest thoughts is due to us choosing to believe that we will not be accepted into the mainstream of general populace critical mass way of thinking.
This leads into the fact that some of us have had off world experiences that others want to know about but, they may not be ready to accept that there really is an off world and another way of perceiving reality.
There are ways to think that probably should not be divulged to those who are not ready to hear. This main theme of websites may seem like reality and on main stream subjects but I suggest that UFO is not a main stream market. I suggest that any website and anyone dealing with UFOs and the topic of extra terrestrials will be considered working in a niche market or interested in a Niche Market.
Niche Markets are becoming of major interest among many large corporations who are investing in websites being built on the Internet such as About us.
There are ways for us to continue sharing information but unless I begin sharing my information in more of a mainstream way and with words chosen to allow others to catch up in the world to simply being one intelligent beings species with a new global community agenda, I might as well be sharing information with a wall.
There is information that can be shared in a very complex way with forward thinkers who know that we have extra terrestrials who come and go from this planet.
There is information that is privileged that I realize now should not be shared with people in general and why so many people want to believe in such movies as Men In Black as realty.
There are those who I have come in contact within my time on earth who have been most generous. There are those who I have come in contact with in my professional life in the military and in government employ who know that I am sharing more than I should with those who do not understand or appreciate what could and should be shared with all beings on earth.
Going about sharing information that others are not ready and willing to accept as truth based on here say evidence can only be done in fiction form.
The truth will someday be disclosed about extra terrestrials and unidentified flying objects. Right now, this has become a rather large niche market for beings who are trying to earn somewhat of a living or part-time income. I will not interfere with this process. This may be what is needed for the entire UFO and Paranormal Community to progress into a full blown money making market. I really do not know that others in the past have become rich.
I can mention names like Whitley Strieber, Stanton T. Friedman, Erich von Daniken, Zechariah Sitchen, and others who have written books that are not accepted in the mainstream as reality. They all had to put up with critics. This is part of being human and living a life that is behind the times.
There will be new authors with new discoveries dealing with the new Anthroponomy.
Maybe some of us seem out of place and not accepted in the niche markets at all.
There will be a time when those who are willing to share some of their own life experiences will be accepted. Until such time as the world decides to accept the fact that we were seeded here and are only those who may have a foothold in more than one world then We all should take time to absorb what we can and keep an open mind regarding our future.
2012 is about opening up our minds to the possibility that we are only using a small portion of our brains.
The world will have to take a giant leap for humankind in order to grasp onto the changes in science that are coming in our future.
We have to accept that most beings are kept in the dark like mushrooms for reason. Change is constant but also sometimes can effect a beings inner thoughts and judgment putting them in a state of shock which shakes their individual foundation on who they are or who they think they are. One movie that did this was called the Matrix. Another was called the Da Vinci Code.
Future information should continue to be shared in movies such as those made by Stephen Spielberg like Close Encounters, and ET. The total world population is seen to have in general an eight grade education level if that according to academic standards. We must continues the basics of education and promoting education throughout the world. The planets level of understanding of space technology and other galaxies with intelligent life forms is beyond the general populace of 6.8 billion people taking or leaving some.
For those who know of M. Knight Shyamalan, he is a forward thinker and uses his imagination but puts his thoughts into creation that others can relate to in the film industry. Therefore, he is accepted in the general populace as a movie writer and producer. I suggest that we as a civilization are not ready to know the truth.
It is this Investigative Reporters findings while keeping with American Culture International Relations standards as an observer while writing on extraordinary topics that those who exist in the niche markets dealing with extra terrestrials and spacecraft not of earth origin are in their own ways of thinking forward not able to handle the truth of other alien civilizations that exist in space.
I am making this report available to the entire public on websites and on blogs. This is in keeping with my own truth of who I am that desires to uphold peace with true morals, dignity, and ethics that are used in all locations in this universe.
It is time to accept the Universal Virtual Citizens in nomenclature only but I feel that I must agree with my colleagues, and my trusted spouse who like me has been off world.
The truth of what we know makes us different but responsible only to those who have the intelligence to know and work among other intelligent beings species that choose to remain secret to the entire human race of beings that presently were born on planet earth.
This is because of their primitive teachings in the world and the way they are taught to believe while using only a small portion of their abilities as ascension sentient intelligent beings species.
This report will be forwarded to those who desire to know. It is my opinion that the world that is presently referred to as earth and Gaia will not be able to make the transition to universal citizens at the point in time that on earth is recorded as December 21, 2012, 11::11 in the 24 hour time slots on planet earth in the Milky Way System.
The Disclosure Project will fail once again with this the Obama Administration. Based on the Findings of Facts in study and participation over the last five years I come to the unfortunate conclusion that I must agree with Agent Thomas R. Morris. The world is not ready to know of other alien civilizations.
Lead Investigator
Theresa J. Thurmond Morris.
TJ MORRIS ACIR #124124038
American Culture International Relations

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