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Theresa J Thurmond Morris

Friday, June 19, 2009
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My life is more than what it appears and we do not go back in time which defies all laws of science that we know of. This is proven because the extraterrestrials told us that we cannot go back. But, we can retain memories just like our dreams.

This makes us appear as true Ascended Masters, Avatars, and Reincarnates. Then we can know that we can do what we may refer to as Time Travel through Worm Holes in Space and also, do what some can read as our thoughts, some can use Remote viewing, or Scrying, and this has been taught since before Nostradamus. Although he learned the techniques and used them writing almanacs and being paid to do future predictions or what we now call psychic readings or premonitions. The future can be changed. Some of us simply have learned the esoteric occult wisdom that was kept from the general populace in secrets, Gnostic Wisdom, and even Solomon and Jesus knew of these practices. The Kaballah, Torah, Tarot meaning with Metatron and the Tree of life with our lines and circles of energy prepare us for the many stages and archetypes that we have created for our civilization to live by and through for the majority in time as we know it to be on earth. There are so many disciplines. We teach ways to assist in dealing with the two drives in this life. One is freewill or free choice and the other is sexual need and desire. We describe these two powerful drives of want and need in this life as our driving forces. Food, clothing, shelter, and procreation while allowing for our free will and free choice is the best way to describe the basics of life. Now, we will prepare to share the future and a higher consciousness. This does not require an altered state but we are growing and learning of the virtual reality state of mind inside Cyberspace with out computers and technology.

The Secret Journal will reveal some secrets but not all. I have been sharing various memories as they come up for me since the 60th anniversary of Roswell, New Mexico. There are reasons for the disclosure now. There are no coincidences in life. I believe that there is more to life to know than we are sharing. I suggest to everyone that research is important. There are clues of what I share.

The governments in this world knows more but only certain people who have access. Those who are not in the loop will not know anymore than John Q. public. This is due to no need to know and compartmentalized security. What I share can be proved but, those who are aware of my truth are protecting what they term national security and what cannot be controlled. We know that beings come and go but there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop this from happening. We are all part of a grander scheme and design of life.

I have decided to list the many times that I have had secret encounters with aliens, ETs, and UFOS. I can say is the best I can recall at this time before I die or become so old I cannot remember. So, while the memory is still intact with probably most memories that were not blinked out or wiped out by those who are considered aliens. But know this, there are beings like me that are to share certain memories and knowledge.

There are more than one type of alien. Just like humans on earth, there are positive and negative or so it would seem using the human mind. We must learn the difference. I did, and am learning that Contactees are usually not Abductees and vice versa. They are visited by in the religious and superstitious ways of thinking are visited by what was once termed angels and demons. Clues that the ETs have always been around can be found throughout recorded history on earth.

Some extraterrestrials are considered friendly. Some aliens are considered tormenting. Sounds just like people who are born on earth. The alien agenda is complicated. There are various reasons for the contact and the abductions. There are what is termed good and bad aliens taken from a human point of view because life existence on earth is not fully been made aware. Not yet anyway but this will change over the next fifty years. There are some who are ahead of the curve and if they have the real spiritual interest of growth to assist humankind, then I know that they will find the truth. Those with other intentions will not find the truth and will be taken down the path of illusions.

First, there was the memory of the past lives that I know are intact of my aliens, ETs, and UFOs. I remember watching my friends when they would check in on me while Mother thought I was taking a nap. I can still remember watching them out my window leave and it would upset me. I was given my bottle and I still do not know how they could fill it up again when it was empty but they did.

Second, is the time when I was allowed to go on a ride on a spacecraft, my friend Gus. They picked me up when I was playing outside. Mother sometimes would not know when I was gone. I could be gone days in another place but it was only minutes according to time on earth. There were only a few minutes that they could not replace here when taken up.

Third, there were the times after I contracted Hepatitis A and was so ill I almost died. I had to have a complete blood transfusion and would come and go out of my body. They would visit me and sometimes I would be left alone for hours in my red hammock outside. There were several times during that summer that they came and went and the sun would be blinding and the clouds would shield their spacecrafts but I knew what was going on and sometimes they allowed me to remember them leaving.

Fourth, was the time in White Sands, New Mexico when I was with my cousins. We were playing on the high sand mounds and got away from the adults who were sitting at the cement tables with the picnic lunch. We watched the UFO fly overhead and we watched the UFO land. Then I cannot remember my two cousins going in but I know I did. Then we were all put to sleep on the sand dune top when the adults came looking for us close to dusk. I tried to tell my Grandmother for the second time in my life but she did not believe me. I tried once before when she found me in the field when I was about 4 years old. I know I was very mature and intelligent for my age but I always did what I could to appear average. Therefore, I never mentioned the experience again until I met Sally Hester in Roswell, New Mexico.

Fifth, was in Long Island, New York about 1969. That information had to do with translation telepathically and learning to work with doctors who wanted to study me. I got very sick. I do not want to talk about Montauk Point. It makes me very ill feeling.

Sixth, I had several sightings in Birmingham, Alabama with my four daughters while we traveled in our Volkswagen Bus. Once one of their girl friends saw the UFOS with us. That girl never forgot that experience. Nevertheless, we never talked about it. Later as my daughters were adults, the girl had come to visit and they mentioned the sighting. Otherwise, the girls never talked about the sightings. They always knew that the UFOS were attracted to their mother. That was not a popular thing for girls with friends.

Seventh, I was in Rochester, New York and this time the bright light that turned into a silver oval flying disk had changed. This time, my four daughters and I were in the parking lot at dusk when three orbs of glowing red light appeared in the sky. Many people came out at Pond View Heights Apartments to watch these. I called these into the 911 Emergency Numbers but the woman said no one else had reported them and she was not either. The reason these made me call the sighting in was that all my neighbors and children were all standing hypnotized and I was the only one that could move. The three red lights were one and after a long while, two cam out of the one. This was something that I have to see and everyone was talking about seeing them at the same time and was going to get neighbors in the beginning of the sighting. However, after they all looked up and stood there for a while, I went into the apartment to call. This was about 1983 before there were cell phones or at least before, we were allowed to have them. I went in and when everyone came in as I asked have they gone they simply said “Who?” I said the UFOs. My daughters and my fiancé looked at me as if I was nutty. I learned then that these things could wipe one’s memory out if they wanted too. How I do not know.

Eighth, was when I moved back to Houston, Texas to get my old job back as a Legal Investigator. I had worked for attorneys in Rochester but my senior partner retired. So I wanted to go back to work for my old boss in Houston. I was going to a movie one night and was having a debate over whether UFOS existed before going into the building. Then I got a weird feeling and knew they were communicating with me. They had done this before. I knew they were coming. One flew right over our heads and came at us like a bright white light and no sound. It was only about two stories up and we got a good look from underneath. This began a long string of sightings in Houston, Texas. I went to get my hands tattooed with the three light patterns so I would never forget what I saw. I still have the three dots in a triangle form on both hands today. They are brown and look like freckles. One was in red and one was in blue so I could remember the colors of lights with no sound from underneath.

Ninth, were several sightings in Great Lakes, Illinois while I was at Naval Health Sciences Education and Training Command. There were several sightings and some others have to see them too. I do not know if they remember or not. However, I know there were many people who wanted to engage in talking about them and I would not. I kept my mouth shut. However, I did get to know the son of one of the speechwriters for President Ronald Reagan at the time. He was interested and spoke of the President being interested.

Tenth, was in California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and around military bases about 1987 through 1994. I went from Edwards Air Force Base down to San Diego. Saw UFOS all along the Highway that follows along the coast usually at night but had some day sightings.

Eleventh, were many sightings in Hawaii. They came and went in the ocean and into the old volcano sites. This time was part of my training in metaphysical and with Star Gate.
Honolulu and the island sightings in and out of the Volcano areas and ocean and the 7 years 1988-1994 will take some explaining. Much growth in the spiritual-metaphysical community happened here with the Ascension Center – Ancient Mystery School Opening.

Twelfth, was traveling from California in my Cadillac across country to training at Fort Hood, Texas. I spoke with Indians and saw sightings and we discussed the Kachina Dancers and Dolls. The Indian culture really helped me to feel okay with their ways.

Thirteenth, was a rash of sightings from 1994 with Extra-terrestrials and UFOS through 2002 when I was driving a big truck commercially using my commercial driver’s license.

Fourteenth, was the rash of visitations when I purchased my home and began my own business again from 2002 to the present.

FIFTEENTH, 2007. I finally made another 911 call one night when the dogs were barking. Tom was on the road as a truck driver and I was alone. I went out and saw the black triangle with the three red lights. I knew they were back. This time I became scared for the first time. I realized that these might not be the ones I knew. The good feeling I had from my people was not there. This felt like another type that came to abduct me. I worked for the government for years and know that we have more technological advancements than most people can imagine. But there was no reason and no motive to have our earth man made spacecraft approaching someone like me. I had seen photos of the greys and knew in my training that there were over 57 types. I also had training in real time and as what some call not in this 3D world.

SIXTEENTH, There is training that cannot be defined in the way we think here on earth. There is so much of life that we cannot even begin to explore until we pass various levels of understanding while living on earth.

Some were friendly and did as they were instructed. Some were rebel renegades. This is about awareness and disclosure, and not panic. I am learning all the various ways that people can use fear and illusion on this planet we call home and earth.

We all may feel safe in our homes at night. Some of us may know the truth of what is our truth based on our own experiences. Some of us may want to share and think positive about our experiences while others may want to hold onto their fears and misunderstandings. They are all thoughts created in our own minds than no other being controls. The telepathy is only good within about 6 feet as far as a range that works between the greys or Gray Beings that we call aliens on earth.

That which we decide to share will assist us in preparing for our future. We are to prepare for future earth. There are reasons that beings come and go from earth and why some beings keep this from going public.

There is a debate going on now as to whether the human species on earth is ready to know more about all life as certain beings know it to exist. Whether we will be ready to accept more as a global community for the good of our universal future remains entirely up to us all as one species.

Whether those above will share more than what they are sharing with those they have chosen is only known by the Supreme High Council.

SEVENTEENTH, Meeting the Supreme High Council – Lady and her Assistant. 2004 – This will take some in depth writing and careful word choices. This was in reality when she came to earth to meet me. I had to be looked at apparently by she and in person. I had to be told who she was and I was introduced and felt the telepathic communication for the first time. I knew it in my own head, my own consciousness, and even sometimes when my children and I would begin talking or singing at the same time.

EIGHTEENTH. There are many who define our lives with us. There are those who are of a way that others have always known of as knowing. All can know, but we have found through history of time that we use on earth that only a few are put here with certain DNA enhancement to serve in the positions of Oracles or those who are the mouthpiece in contact with the higher order or vibration, or higher dimensions in space. This is what gives people who were spiritual as Monks in Nostradamus time to teach him the holy divine oracle ways of the Ancient Mystery Agashan Masters. One was of scrying in a brass bowl of water and waving his wand over the water and making the ripples and taking Nostradamus into his trance like state and in to an Out of Body state. When he came to he would find without remembering having channeled 4 quatrains. This is one of the ways those of us desiring this level of consciousness train ourselves. The other sis looking into our magic mirror and seeing everything in reverse as he did with the Queens children of 7 who 3 died becoming 4. There are stories like this throughout time and how we learned in the Ancient Mystery Schools to train our brains and to utilize our energy in the same fashion of creation and energy through the met verses.

Nineteenth. 2012 and Beyond. There is a twenty year period that we will have 20 years of rebuilding.
The pole shift may occur that is when the earth’s crust rotates around our core and this happens every 18,600 years or so. There are many signs of the times in this age of revelation. This will need to be explained to draw all the prophetic knowledge into the various languages into one. I can do this in book form with the explanations. Explaining the Age of Revealing and the Ancient and Future Mystery Schools as one dealing with parallel multiverses is where the future will take science and us.
Please visit http://www.socialparanormal.com.

TWENTIETH – 1995 to the present – Story of meeting the commander. I have a learning curve from the time I had memories of assisting when I would be called by the High Council above to do the world. I was lead all along on a path that allowed me my freewill to chose on the every day decisions but, in my freewill, I had come so close to death and leaving the world that I had memories of being in Heaven on October 13, 2008 and out of my body. I had no control over my body and my legs seemed not to work while lying in the Emergency Room in Owensboro Hospital. I had the 14 minutes in Heaven or so it would appear I was not in my physical body. My body was here but my spirit was not. Each time this occurred in my life, My spouse would take me to the hospital which ever was closest at the time. My blood pressure would be very low or high and I would feel light headed and I would tell Tom most times that I had the feeling of leaving my body. This leaving the body only happens every few years. I saw a movie once starring Charlize Theron with black hair. The part she played is as close to the part that was my reality. Able to leave one’s body on earth and report into a higher council or to the Supreme Council. I totally believe that they can pull one’s spirit up when it is time to leave earth. This will lead us into the twenty first century.

The real deal becomes obvious when I am doing what I was chosen to do. They told me to use the computer. The details were spelled out to spend at least 2 hours a day on computer. This is now how they can obtain the transmissions as fast as I can obtain them. Yes, obtain them as in channeling direct information.

That was once what I was doing learning in the Church on earth called the Latter Day Saints who believe in aliens, UFOS, and the worlds that exist above. They know the truth and use to key code in one’s mind to believe in a spirit called Jesus Christ. Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to one if the person ask for the truth to be revealed.

The Jesus that I know has been with me all my life and is a part of me. I would relate this too the feeling in my hear or chest. There is also a Holy Spirit in the pit of my stomach that can be felt. There is an inbred system called the nervous system. This system can be felt through out the whole physical and mental unit which without a physical outer shell looks like an alien. I am referring to the brain and the spinal cord. It is now that I desire to learn more about sharing the way that our brain and the thoughts work. Scientists have announced they can see thoughts and memories firing now on something that was in the new scientists. I want to research this now because I must learn as I go too. All the answers were not revealed.

The truth comes as the need presents itself. I will continues that in another story. THE SECRETS OF 2012 AND TIME SPACE CONTINNUUM.

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The New York Times reported on June 9 that Blair issued a directive in May announcing his intention to handpick every overseas senior intelligence officer. Panetta responded, staking out the exclusive and historic province of the CIA to install station chiefs. The disagreement quickly hit fever pitch, and senior administration officials have now been summoned to mediate a truce.

As a fundamental matter, the law specifically prohibits the director of national intelligence from concurrently serving as the director of the CIA. While this distinction may seem academic, it underscores a clear congressional intent to differentiate intelligence gathering from intelligence coordination. In other words, the business of spying must reside within the CIA and intelligence gathering entities.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence was created to “oversee the coordination of the relationships between elements of the intelligence community and the intelligence or security services of foreign governments.” According to the law, the position is one designed to harmonize—not disrupt—the interrelationship of various intelligence agencies.

The CIA director, on the other hand, “shall coordinate the relationships between elements of the intelligence community and the intelligence or security services of foreign governments . . . on all matters involving intelligence related to the national security or involving intelligence acquired through clandestine means.”

The distinction couldn’t be more apparent. Director Blair is charged with the administrative oversight of the intelligence community. Director Panetta is charged with the active “command and control” of the CIA’s foreign intelligence officers.

Director Blair’s strategic office must resist the urge to assert command and control of the intelligence community in violation of both the letter and spirit of the law that created it. But that could be a tall order for a man who’s earned his stripes—and his stars—by demonstrating those skills through years of naval command.

The challenges are there for Director Panetta too—from the burden of reinvigorating an agency hard hit in a current climate of congressional accusation to working within a legal framework that potentially buffers his direct access to the president. Panetta’s strengths—the ability to direct the traffic of government at both the Office and Management and Budget and as White House chief of staff—are naturally predisposed to coordination and administration.

In this instance, the Obama administration has selected two outstanding and experienced leaders to serve America’s national security interests. If internal conflicts now threaten the effective coordination of these interests, the president may need to intervene personally and reorganize his national security team. Perhaps Panetta, with his vast administrative and political experience, is better suited as DNI while Blair, with his extensive background as a commander, would thrive at the CIA.

Such organizational shakeups and senior-level swaps within an administration are common in presidential history. Indeed, they are often a sign of good and efficient management skills that ensure the nation’s top leaders are assigned the most suitable roles.

With two wars to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with too many terrorist cells preparing for new attacks on the United States and our allies, the Obama administration must take every effort to prevent the type of stovepiping that undercut our strategic defenses, damaged the morale of frontline agents, and exposed the nation to the nefarious acts of 19 terrorists armed with box cutters and a few weeks of domestic flight school.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009
YouTube – psychetruth’s Channel
YouTube – psychetruth’s Channel
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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Official Trailer 4 [HD]

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Apple – QuickTime – Download
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Edit Page ‹ UFO Information For Human Rights (UFOIHR ) — WordPress
Edit Page ‹ UFO Information For Human Rights (UFOIHR ) — WordPress
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