KING OF POP DEAD AT 50 YEARS -MICHAEL JACKSON "THE KING OF POP",,,,, http://www.tjmorrismedia.p>IMICHAEL JACKSON, KING OF POP died June 25, 2009.

Rushed to UCLA Medical Center Hospit l by Fire Dept. Emergency ambulance he was said to have passed due to cardiac arrest.

Michael was at his Bellaire home with his children and the Nanny. The other details will surface later. The three children will probably be looked after by the Nanny and Michael Jackons’ Mother.

There may be enabling going on with over medicating Michael but it is not known that he had a medical condition but it is suspected that being 5’10 only 120 pounds or so that the physical medications to calm him due to past filings and lawsuits which could cause stress for him and many in the past suspected that being that Michael was shy, sensitive, and wanted the world to have peace was a peace lover and could have been deeply affected by the past stress factors.

Michael had been in the spotlight all his life and never had a childhood thus the world he created for children at his home called Neverland.

Michael wanted to be the best father in the world and adored children.
Michael had three children by artificial insemination. The three children Michael, Paris Michael, and Michael II Jackson are all home schooled. The children were Michaels life in his last days although he was preparing a final tour to show the world his children and to call the 50 stop tour his farewell tour which he had planned to be his last at 50 years. Michael for unknown reasons delayed the tour to July 2010, and now it is suspected that he was having health problems that were kept at home. It was a statement to some that the Jackson’s did not air their personal life in public or due to some prior conflicts there had been a family understanding of all the famous Jackson Brothers and sisters, Janet and LaToya to not air their dirty laundry in public.

Germain Jackson has made a statement to the press but it was sketchy so there will be more in the news coverage for the next 24 hours while the world waits for the official autopsy report.

Some history of the KING OF POP will be shared around the world over the next week or month. THRILLER Them and DANCE will always be part of the world as a celebration of the POP KING ICON, as well as, the song WE ARE THE WORLD who Michael sung with many other artists.

The memorabilia of the red leather jacket, glove, white socks, and black shoes will always be his signature look.

Children in the 80’s were dressing up like him and people to this day dress in his black and red leather jackets and studded gloves. The look is now the POP tradition folklore look for the POP KING of the world.

There is no doubt that when one dons a red leather jacket, white studded glove, black tight jeans, white socks, and black tie up shoes that this is the MICHAEL JACKSON POP KING ICON BRAND LOOK!

On August 1994, Jackson and the daughter of the late rock icon Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, were married – and very soon split up. After their 1996 divorce, Jackson married Debbie Rowe, a nurse in the office of one of his doctors. Two children were born to the couple through artificial insemination: son Prince Michael Jackson, in 1997, and daughter Paris Michael Jackson, in 1998. Jackson later had a third child, Prince Michael Jackson II (nicknamed “Blanket”).

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