1. Redefining of whom we the people are in American on the North American Continent in the world as a nation state called now referred to as the United States of America, which was founded on the following Declaration and Constitution of the United States of America, is hereby recognized as we the American Independents Tea Party The Third Party American Independent Tea Party Declaration Guide is hereby established to maintain order based on our American Forefathers who founded the United States of America. We do not claim either party Democrat of Republican but here by establish ourselves as a bonafide Independent Party and claim our rights to form a recognized party in further Voting Procedures of the United States of America by Acclamation.We do not claim any particular religion or church but remain independent of all religions and institutions leaving the religious preferences up to each individual of our party of the American Independents of the United States.MISSIONWe the people of the American Independent Tea Party establish our party as the Independent Third Party in America based on A Declaration of Independence affirmed July 4, 1776 by our Forefathers on American Soil. We recognize and support our United States flag, which our ancestors protected and were proud to fly in wars fought for our freedom, democracy, and independence in America. We claim the right to use the name America as our own in the new established and recognized Third Organized Party as Independents coming together for one cause to support “We the People of the United States during the 21st Century and beyond.”We claim our allegiance to the United States of America and the American Flag. We celebrate our Independence Day together on July 4th in an annual American Celebration flying our American Flag proudly, reestablish, and define the need to share in the protection of our ethos for our people, land, culture, and hereby claim that we are organized and established using this American Independent Tea Party Guide.We honor our Declaration, Constitution, Flag, Nation, People, Land, and protect Freedom and Democracy for ALL.We also honor America in the growth and Change in the Global Community and the world. We support a Truce and an agreement to suspend hostilities for political purposes and celebrate our holiday of Independence on July 4, and honor our dead who gave their lives for our American Independence.We are the American Independent Tea Party J

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