American Chronicle | Taking Stock in the Global Community GDP by TJ

American Chronicle | Taking Stock in the Global Community GDP by TJ

Alien Intelligent Beings, UFO’s
A Spiritual Awakening
Thank you to all my fans and readers for being there to assist me in the Ascension Center Education Path. Thank you to all my friends and family who have endured the many years on earth in physical form. Thank you to all those people who read my articles that wanted me to write more and encouraged me.
Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris
Theresa TJ (TARA) Thurmond Morris is a known
Author/Journalist and advocate of truth regarding aliens and UFOs.
Theresa has been a professional investigator and psychic most her life. Also an
Ontologist, advisor, consultant, and intuitive reader. Theresa is a contractor and freelance writer, consultant, producer, Lecturer.
Theresa is the President of Ace Folklife Nonprofit Corporation (KY 2007). Theresa is the former president of Civitan Nonprofit Corporation (KY 2005).Theresa has been a practicing Ontologist and in Para-psychology since founding the Ascension Center and acting as President CEO, (HI 1993). Professionally became a psychic in Honolulu, Hawaii along with Psychic Network, Inc., a Spiritual World Network, and World Information Network, which included people synergistically involved (PSI) of which she graduated all courses.
Theresa is also a graduate of other secondary professional courses in the Para-psychology and paranormal fields dealing in science, Akashic field and Ufology. Theresa began teaching classes, groups, seminars, and eventually was a co-producer and psychic lecturer at the Eco-Expo in 1993 in LA, CA and again in Whole Life Expos in LA, and San Francisco. Theresa appeared as a special guest at the Whole Life Expo in New York NY in 1993. Theresa has a background in investigations, private, legal, and professional holding a certificate from Illinois Academy of Business and Public Security and actually spent 1980 trough 1994 in investigations and worked in government service obtaining an honorable discharge 1993.
Theresa’s official formal identity as an investigator was made known while forming her own business in Birmingham, AL (AL 1980), called Assured Confidential Investigative Reports (ACIR). The acronym she has always used since establishing her connections in the security, investigative field while working and attending college. Theresa has worked with many entrepreneurs all over America and Canada. Theresa now works on a contract basis only as a freelance writer/journalist, and part-time copywriter for website initiators concentrating on entrepreneurial web presence and offering production coordination while placing emphasis on niche markets. Theresa is presently the producer, publisher of various websites since 2000. Theresa is an author in the paranormal and spiritual genres as a parapsychologist with forensics and investigations background. TJ also writes mysteries, crime, and romance.
Theresa has published many websites and articles that have been published worldwide on other websites for syndication. Theresa has been on television and radio shows throughout her lifetime. Theresa sees herself as a journalist, historian, researcher and registers as a writer with the government. Anthropology and Folklife are the present fields of study academically although Theresa’s major is criminal justice and psychology.
Theresa is best known in the spiritual, metaphysical, world and prefers to be called an Ontologist although her friends refer to her as a shaman, seer, oracle, and psychic. Although Theresa prefers to keep an eclectic point of view in her own life, she is still considered a professional Ontologist, which is one who studies the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being. Many refer to her simply as a Folklorist. Theresa is always a motivator and promoter of the Ascension Center Educational (ACE) Folklife Project.

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