JANUARY 10 2010

                             HUMANOID = AN ADJECTIVE MEANING












TYPE X: An event with many components of high-strangeness ingredients, so bizarre in nature that it needs a category of its own and it does not necessary includes the appearance of an entity or humanoid.

Figure 1. Long haired Venusian type.

ENCOUNTERS WITH THE BLOND AND THEIR KIN PART 2, plus current case log, the Pre-Arnold section and of course “The Fringe”.

After a brief ‘hiatus’ the journal is back with up to date case summaries and the long awaited 2nd part of the “Blonds and their kin”.


Around mid-day on January of 2010 the witness was working on a property in Willis, Queensland, Australia, when he saw what he could only describe as ‘another sun’ in the sky. But this sun appeared to be moving slowly towards him. As the sun moved closer to him it changed to a red color. As the object was even closer he could see that it was a beautiful red sphere. It then very quickly came towards him and hovered to an abrupt stop alongside the witness. It was around the size of a house. It had no lights or seams just a perfectly beautiful red sphere.
He felt a calm come over him like never before. Next one side of the sphere began to transform to what he could only describe as a round doorway which extended to the ground. At this point he started feeling dizzy and what happened next surprised him. Two men casually walked out of the round doorway and started heading towards him. His first thought was, this is some government experimental aircraft because they appeared to be wearing a blue uniform like the air force. However as they walked closer, he could see there was something not quite right about them. Firstly they were very tall (about 7 feet tall). And their uniforms were very tight-fitting, as if part of their skin. One had short blond hair and the other short light brown hair. Up close their faces looked almost ‘manicured’. They had bright blue eyes and a warm smile. Then one of them said to him, “do not be afraid, please follow us”. (The old standard request). He wasn’t sure which one of the men said it since neither or their lips moved as he ‘heard’ the request.
At this point the witness knew they were not human. Despite that he followed them into the round door. The doorway was like a lift that elevated them up into the sphere. Inside the sphere the room was lit up and the light seemed to be coming from behind the walls. The walls looked like burnt glass that he could not see through. There was a faint smell of rain in the air, like the smell you get when it first starts raining on hot concrete. The floor also looked like burnt glass.
There were several humanoids in the room, both male and female all wearing the same outfits. The females had very long hair and looked incredibly attractive. There were two standing in front of a panel at the far end of the room, the panel appeared to be molded from part of the wall and had some small lights shining from it. Then there were three more off to the right of the room studying what appeared to be star charts that were somehow projected through the glass wall. There were also two more humanoids standing to the left of the room, facing each other as if they were having a conversation, but without talking (mentally). They all looked a lot like normal people, they were a little taller than most people would be but not enormous. They all looked as they could pass as humans if they wished.
He was then greeted by a female who was holding a uniform laid out in her arms like the one she was wearing. She then asked the witness very politely to remove his clothes and put the uniform on. Normally the witness was a very self conscious person, but for some reason he just felt so calm and suggestible that he would do almost anything. It was like he was on some wonderful drug and every time he did what they asked him he was given more of it. One of the males helped him into the uniform. It was the strangest thing he had ever worn. It was a one-piece suit that went from the toes to the top of his neck with a seam down the side like a magnetic strip. He could only describe the material as like ‘talcum powder’. Once in the uniform it shrunk to fit his body perfectly. The amazing thing about the uniform was that it would automatically protect the weak parts of the body. The male demonstrated this by asking the witness to move his neck from side to side, which he could do easily, he then firmly pushed his head to one side and instantly the material around his neck stiffened and prevented his head from moving. Soon what looked like a bench seat molded out from the glass wall next to him and the female humanoid who gave him the uniform approached him and asked him to sit next to her. He remembers saying something along the lines of “Who are you people? What do you want?
The female humanoid said that her name was “Lisa” (although he doubts it was her real name (me too). And then she told the witness that they were not from this planet that they came from what we would call another galaxy that the human race had yet to discover. And like the earth their planet was the third in distance from their sun. Basically she said they were harvesting people from our planet to colonize other earth-like planets as they find them. People were chosen at random.
The witness was then (telepathically) invited to help on the colonization of the new planets. She said that presently they were discovering about 20 habitable planets per day (our time). However there are many thousands more that are not ready for population yet. The other planets are in what they called a ‘transitional phase’. The alien woman then narrated the following story:

“Many years ago your time, earth was once the planet you know as Mercury and was full of life. As Mercury approached your sun it became uninhabitable, and Venus transformed to become the new Earth. Then as Venus neared the Sun it also became uninhabitable, and the planet you identify as home now, Earth, sprung to life. And in time Earth will also near the Sun and will enter the uninhabitable phase resembling that of Venus and Mercury. While in this phase Mars will slowly begin its new journey closer to your sun, entering the habitable zone and begin springing to life, like Earth once did. Jupiter the gas giant will slowly shrink to a solid hard core and become the new Mars. This will then become the new Earth (and son on). This is a natural process and is happening all over the universe. Understanding this process allows us to efficiently discover new life planets.
However before you accept our invitation we must warn you that the planet we send you to will be virtually bare. But you will not be alone. You will be united with other people from earth and other planets from around the universe that will be placed there with you to breed and live out the remainder of your natural lives. In addition you will be in constant communication with us and we will provide limited tools to help you prepare the planet for your children and future generations. You will not have access to the comforts of home as you know it. We must also caution you to think of your loved ones on planet Earth, who will not be joining you. Unfortunately the dilemma is that if you accept our invitation, back on Earth you will possibly be classified as a missing person and this way is very upsetting to loved ones. Because of this we give you the choice of helping us or returning to Earth. If you choose to return to Earth now you will have no memory of being here with us, this meeting, this craft, everything you see here will cease to exist in your brain.”
The witness then said that he needed time to think this through. She told him he had one day, and during that time they would be collecting more ‘earthlings’ so they will be moving the witness to another sector of the craft. The witness decided to return to earth because of family. He changed back into his clothes and then while standing upright the floor around him slowly began to soften like it was molding around his body and he was sinking into it. He continued sinking until his head was at floor height at which time a male humanoid leaned over and waved a device that looked like an electric razor over his head. Next thing he knew he was outside again standing in the dirt, exactly where he was when he saw the sphere. But something was very wrong. He could remember everything for some reason the ‘mind eraser’ did not work. This really frightened him because he thought that now they will come back for him and he would never see his family again. Then his next memory he was on some sort of stretcher. He was naked and the stretcher felt warm. Three humanoids were moving him down some sort of hallway. The hallway looked like it was made from dark glass and the stretcher appeared to be molded from the left side of the hallway. He couldn’t move his arms and legs and it felt like they were restrained somehow, but there were no straps. They moved him into an oval shaped room. The stretcher then molded into a seat and he found himself sitting upright. The female humanoid (Lisa) entered the room carrying his work clothes. He immediately got changed into them, and as he did she explained that they were unable to safely erase his memory. She said that this happened with some humans and they didn’t know why. She added that because of this they would like to periodically study him in the hope of solving this dilemma. She added, “For now we will take you back to Earth, and with your permission, we would like to organize further tests with you in the future, we can guarantee that you will not be harmed during these tests and in return we will reward you with journeys across the galaxies and to other planets. The witness does not state if he agreed to the ‘deal’ but has stated that he has only released a small amount of information in reference to his experience. (1)

During May of 2010 in the area of Huasco, Alto de Carmen, Zona Norte (Northern Chile) Chile the local police detachment (Carabineros) received a visit from an elderly farmer who reported having been contacted by strange “beings” (not described” who had descended on his lands in a strange flying ‘artifact’. Another local a Mrs. Serena Miranda seeing several “little men with short arms, legs and necks” walking along a field near her isolated rural home. (2)

One night in May 2010 the witness, Charlene was at a house in Stockwell, London, England, with her boyfriend Ben. As she settled down to sleep on the left side of the bed with Ben on her right, she suddenly heard a strange ringing sound in her ears, similar to a tuning fork. This was accompanied by pressure and a tingling sensation at the back of her head. She tried to ignore it and it died back down. Then in the room over on Ben’s side of the bed she suddenly noticed a couple of strange shadow-like figures. They were about 4 feet high and were moving around the room quite fast in a gliding motion. They had a humanoid form but did not look exactly human. One of the figures moved from near the end of the bed towards the door, and seemed to pass right through it. Then another one (or the same one) came back across the room and stood by the bed next to Ben.
Charlene remained staring at the figure. It was at this point that she realized she could not move. Her left hand was draped over Ben. Suddenly she felt a small hand grab her own and start pulling it away from him. The hand felt like that of a child’s but with less soft skin. At this point she became a little disturbed and so started to try and shake off the paralysis. She often did this by wiggling her fingers and toes. Ben felt this movement and it woke him up. He helped Charlene break out of the paralysis. When she looked around the room the beings were no longer there. She stayed up awhile and told Ben about what she had just seen and felt. He said that while he did not see anything, he did feel that there was some kind of presence in the room. (3)

Also one night in May 2010 in the village of Thirsk, Birmingham, England, the witness (apparently involved in other encounters) awoke in the night much like usual, and once more found he could not move. However he then began to lift vertically off the bed and drift across the room in the air. As he went past the base of the bed he saw a shadowy short being below him. He could not make out any details of this being; it just seemed to be watching him as he moved by. He floated towards the open window feet first and his lower legs actually went outside. At this point he blacked out. He then came around and found he was back in his bed. He felt like he had gone somewhere but he could not remember anything else taking place. (4)

One night in late June 2010 in the small town of Oma, Mississippi at a place locally called “the camp” a 115-year old house situated along the Pearl River the witness’s parents were asleep in a room down the hall and he was lying on a bottom bunk in the “kids room”. He had his earphones in his ears, listening to music and his Ipod. The room was dark, but the light in the kitchen was on and the door was open with the foot of the bed facing the door. He had a view out into the hallway, it being partially lit. 
Figure 2. Similar luminous beings.
As he listened to his music he suddenly saw a white figure about six feet tall pass in front of the door. He found that weird, as he knew everyone was asleep. At first he thought someone had broken into the house, and he hadn’t heard it over the music. That frightened him, and he quickly took off his earphones. Upon listening, he heard nothing. Still he sat quietly and as still as possible. And then he saw it again. But it was coming across the same way, almost repetitive. He decided he had to see what it was and shaking, he tip-toed over to the door, looking around he saw nothing. He also searched the rest of the house but found nothing. (5)

One late night in July 2010 in Dudley, England, the witness, Tom, (involved in other encounters) was sitting in his room and kept feeling like something was scurrying all around him. He kept seeing out of the corner of his eye what looked like long black worm-like things darting across the room. He started to get very confused by this and also to feel very intensely that there was something else in the room with him. This combined with recent sightings of a giant craft and white orbs convinced him that something was taking place. He then asked out loud, “Look, if you’re there, can you show me that you’re there and let me know that you’re there?” Nothing else happened at the time and the feeling seemed to die away.
He has no idea why, but for some reason he then turned to the right. He was greeted by the sight of three gray beings standing alongside his bed. They were quite short in height, at most 4 feet. They had large heads with low set black almond-shaped eyes, small nostrils and a mouth that was barely visible. There was a pronounced ridge along the side of the head which gave a clue as to the underlying bone structure. The beings appeared to be naked. Their bodies were slender, with thin elongated arms. Each hand had four elongated fingers. Tom could not really see their lower halves from his viewpoint. The beings were all a medium gray color, with the chest area appearing more blue-gray in color. Their skin appeared smooth and without blemishes. 
The beings were standing quite still, although they certainly looked alive rather than like unmoving mannequins. For some reason he sensed that they were joyful and laughing. This was very unusual as their mouths were barely visible, but this emotion he felt from them directly in his mind. He was not scared by the presence of the beings; he was more intrigued by them. The nearest gray to Tom’s head raised its right hand and moved it towards him. The long pale fingers reminded him of Jack Skellington’s fingers from the Tim Burton movie “The Nightmare before Christmas”.
Tom looked back up into the room and saw something else floating above him. It was a strange black shadowy form, with two outstretched arms and a head shaped similar to a lizard. It appeared to have a tail which tapered off, similar to a classic Halloween ghost. The strange entity began floating down towards him and looked like it was going to enter his chest. This was too much for Tom to cope with and he was unnerved by what was happening. He turned to his left towards Laura (his roommate) who was fast asleep. He went to wake her up to tell her about what was taking place and put his hand on her shoulder. At this moment he sank immediately to sleep. This felt extremely unnatural, like he had been suddenly sedated. His next memory was of waking up in the morning. (6)

On a night in July 2010 at an unspecified location a witness started seeing what looked to be a dark figure that appeared to have on a cloak and a hood. The figure would travel down half the stairway and stop, and then when the witness looked straight at it, the figure would float back up the stairs. The same family reported that on the night of September 22 2010, they were sitting in the living room watching TV when all of a sudden the wife saw a dark shadow that looked to be about 6 feet tall. It appeared to have a cloak with a hood on. The figure then traveled in front of her chair and shot between her husband and her. She looked at her husband and he had seen it too. (7)

For about 3-4 months during the summer of 2010 several residents of Jefferson City and other locations in Missouri reported encountering ‘weird’ men or entities.
The first report was in a Target Store the witness was getting ready to check out and a man walks right by her, like he was on a mission, dressed in an older business suit with sunglasses on. The witness was paying for her items and the stranger was already in line with his item. While she was being waited on, she heard him mumbling to himself with his head down. She couldn’t understand what he was saying, it was not English, but didn’t sound like any other language either. When he paid for his item he told the lady “thank you” in a really deep voice that almost sounded fake.
The items he paid for was of all things, ladies panties. The witness’s daughter and her friend were with her and they saw him too. (Well maybe so far just a weirdo with a lady diaper fetish).
A few weeks later, she started seeing these same types of men around the hotel where she worked in Lake of the Ozarks, about 45 miles from Jefferson City. She noticed the first one when they were busy at the front desk, which is the department she worked with. There was a man talking with another lady she worked with in the same deep voice she heard from the man in Target. She was startled by it and looked at him, he looked back at her with a “How dare you” type of look.
A couple of weeks later she saw the same guy in the hotel coming from the room hall; he came up and asked her about rates. Right when she started to tell him, he kind of cut her off like he wasn’t really interested and walked away. Other employees had also noticed him.
Ever since then, she’d seen similar men in and out of the hotel, and they always give her a dirty look out of the corner of their eye. They all walk the same, like they have something wrong with their joints or something. Some of them appeared to be trying to disguise themselves as “stereotypical tourists.” They are always alone and usually have these certain sunglasses on. She also noticed that she has seen them on a day that something weird or something really bad has happened, including a couple of fatal boat accidents.
One night several guests came up to the witness concerned about a very strange and suspicious man they saw downstairs. They said he was dressed like a tourist and had sunglasses on. This was late night. She immediately called security but they didn’t find anything. A few nights later the witness was at the front desk on a computer doing some work when out of the corner of her eye, she saw a man dressed in layers of clothes and using a cell phone, but not speaking. She suspected he was one of the ‘strangers’ since he did not fit in with the other guests and went right around the corner to get her cellphone to get a picture of him. She walked away for not even five seconds and when she came back he was gone. He was in an area where he could just not leave in that amount of time. (8)

On the night of August 8 2010 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (scene of recent Apocalyptic flooding) a witness was awoken by three creatures in a bright egg-shaped room, with light coming out of the walls, ceiling and floor, with a soft luminous glow. They were speaking to her as she awoke before she opened her eyes, so she might not be afraid. They spoke in gentle penetrating words, “Do not be afraid or scared, we love you and care for you.” They introduced themselves as “One, Two and Three.” One was on her left, Two was behind her head, and Three was standing to her right. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked, yet there was a strange familiarity with them, as if they have known her all her life. She was naked, and felt dazed, even drunk, (she doesn’t drink).
She went to sit up and Two placed its huge hand underneath her neck and back to help support her. They were chatting incessantly using telepathy. She could hear them talking in clicks and pops sort of like crickets chirping but quicker and more complex. They said, “We are looking for signs of tampering on a genetic and physical level.” Three had a device in its hand and beginning at her right toe it brought the hand held device up her right leg about ten cm above her skin. It tilted the screen so that she could see the surface of the device that looked like liquid metal. As she watched the screen she could see beneath her skin. Three flicked through the different resolutions so she could see the bone and muscle tissue, or just the nerves and vascular. The creatures reminded her of ants. They had deep dark eyes and tiny noses and mouths, and their powdery white skin reminded her of shark skin. They were tall, thin, yet strong. She was going to ask where she was when the walls, ceiling and floor changed to match her thoughts just like it was projected somehow from outside the craft and she could see they were high over her suburb and she could see the blue cross on top of the church, up on the hill she lived at the foot of.
She could see all the city lights below twinkling like a million candles. These aliens didn’t have to wake her up and show her this view; frankly she would have preferred they hadn’t. However she knows for sure that these particular aliens would never hurt us. She woke up late for college by almost three hours and could not help but to realize that it had been like no other dream she had ever experienced. (11)

A 47-year old nurse who works at a major medical center in Dallas Texas reported the following incident:
On August 19 2020 around 2:55 am her 58-year old spouse woke up short of breath and his blood pressure was elevated…nothing new for he has been going through some cardiac issues for some time now. Nonetheless, she snuggled up to him, reassured him that he was going to be fine and they fell asleep.
At 5 am she remembers waking up to a strange sound with this green light coming in through the bedroom window. She sat up in bed and reached over to her husband and asked him ‘What the f…is that?  He then jumped out of bed and walked out of the bedroom, she thinks to the living room, but she thinks he opened the back door to take a better look. Then ‘something’ encouraged her to go to the window. She pulled the curtain back to look out and there was a strange short creature/being staring right at her. It was not like the ‘grays’ she often sees in movies and other media. This being had a dark-like skin of sort and large dark eyes. Terrified the witness raised her hand and waved at it, saying “Hi”. It just stared, she then spoke to it and told him that he shouldn’t be here that people/humans would be afraid and might shoot him. All of the sudden, she found herself on a weird contraption sort of caged in, not tied, there were strange noises in her mind and some pain. She could move her arms but not the rest of her body. She then “saw” numerous images racing through her mind. Apparently images of past life events.
Then everything changed, and she heard a horrible high-pitched sound in her head, and a hand is trying to get a hold of her head and something is trying to place an object in the back of her head. And every time the object touched the back on her head, she would hear the high pitched noise and feel pressure in her head. She then awoke lying in her bed in a fetal position scared to death. She didn’t want to move, unsure if she had experienced a bizarre dream or not. At the same time her husband woke up again short of breath and told her that he had experienced a strange ‘dream’ that there had been a presence of two aliens behind him, and that they had been pulling something resembling a fishing line from his abdomen. The main witness reported later having strange dreams about random numbers. (9)

On September 20 2010, in the city of Santa Rosa, La Pampa province Argentina, a woman was visited by a strange being in her home that apparently visited her a few months ago. The intruder left a series of burns on her arms after having made contact with one of her extremities.
The shocking incident was made known to the ‘Centro de Estudios UFO’ as it was in the past, and only a few hours after, a member of the group arrived on the scene to commence his field study, ascertaining that aside from the marks on the experiencer’s face, it was possible to find marks in the backyard that resembled very large feet. The woman was aided by her relatives, who contacted CEUFO.
The outstanding characteristics of the strange being described by the witnesses are the following: a height estimated at 2 meters. Very thin body with long extremities. Gave the impression of being very frail, but was extraordinarily strong on occasions in which physical contact was made. Had no ears. The eye cavity appeared hollow, but the reddish light within them, “as though from a little light” stood out. The nose was imperceptible or else flattened “like an ape’s” and the mouth was almost an imperceptible slit. The witness was shocked by what appeared to be the entity’s suit or skin, which she defined as “wrinkled” or “like fish scales”. Its hands were large, but the most significant aspect was its large, rounded fingers. Regarding feet, which she was able to notice in the latest experience, they were large and as if in “three parts”, although she could not define it as footwear. The color of the skin or suit was dark, either gray or greenish.
The being appeared within the home shortly after 20:15 hours. How it entered is unknown, as the doors were shut. She claims that she felt the sensation that (the entity) was not alone, as it looked and made sounds as though there were something behind it, but she was unable to see if this was the case. The witness reacted saying: “noooo, not again, nooo” and the being took hold of her face in a firm, decisive manner. This resulted in some dark marks on her cheekbones that were visible in photographs. It was thus that she felt the great strength of its extremities.
The protagonist’s son was one of the first to come to her assistance. He says that he heard a strange buzzing sound, similar to a very sharp “beep”. The experience lasted only a few minutes, after which the woman calmed down and retold her experience. (10)

One night around 2330 in late September 2010, in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada the witnesses suddenly heard some loud thumping sounds against the plastic garbage bin and the house. They figure a bear had gotten over their fence again)!). They peeked out of their curtains together and were shocked at what they saw. They saw a creature standing on its hind legs that had dark shaggy fur, but it definitely wasn’t a bear. It looked muscular and skinnier and had a snout like a coyote or wolf. 
It ripped through their garbage—they think for the salmon bones and carcass inside. It was grunting and growling quite a bit. They were completely petrified standing at the window. They wanted to look away but at the same time were morbidly fascinated at what they were looking at. After about a minute or so, the creature ran to the back of their yard and jumped over the fence. The witnesses were convinced they had seen some kind of ‘werewolf’ type creature. (12)

Around midnight one October night in 2010, in Olavarria, Tandil, Argentina two young friends were walking along a road when one of them, Ezequiel, thought he saw a bright light toward the left, up along the ridges. The others were unable to see it. Suddenly about 150 meters away from them, on the ridge of the mountains, they both saw a light which they at first took as a campfire. What caught their attention was that it didn’t cast any light in the surrounding area, because a campfire in the ranges and in the middle of the night should cast light. It was an initial odd observation. A further consideration was that they thought they could see a source of light as though seen through an X-ray—an opaque light, with its luminosity both concentrated and controlled with the same source of light.
Observing this strange phenomena for some 3 or 4 minutes, they got closer an ascertained that the “campfire” was actually humanoid in shape. At that point they got to see the legs, arms, torso and head of a tall, stylized silhouette wearing a luminous suit that blinked intermittently all the time, turning on and off constantly. Coming even closer they noticed that the strange figure’s entire posture and behavior showed that it was intent on finding something on the ground, with its head tilted forward and its body completely rigid, arms outstretched downward along the sides of its torso. It walked in a systematic, “robotic” fashion, taking 3 or 4 steps before spinning on its own axis. It would take three or four steps toward where it had commenced its search. Without question, it was looking for something with a great deal of interest and concentration.
Regarding this being, its “luminous outfit” was worth noting for its strangeness. It looked like a coverall, but form-fitting rather than bulky. It also appeared to have a belt with a light in the middle, and something akin to a “transparent helmet”, fishbowl-type, covered its head. There was a small light in the middle of its face. Its height was more than 1.80m. They used a nearby tree in making this calculation. Minutes later, Ezequiel made a clicking sound and the being instantly turned its head from the location it was staring at. It turned to look at them, observing them. Affected by the creature’s reaction, a shocked Ezequiel began repeating, “It’s not human, It’s not human! its not human!”
They headed back to their cabin in which they were lodging at a running pace. One of the witnesses stayed behind only a few seconds, watching the being face to face. Suddenly the being began to ascend the mountain range, either by levitating or floating, he too broke into a run, following Ezequiel. At a given moment, Ezequiel, utterly shocked by the experience, turned around to say that the creature was following them. However the other witness could not corroborate this since he didn’t turn around. Prior to this encounter, it seemed that everything had become very quiet in their surroundings. No nature sounds, or the sounds of a typical night in the mountains, suck as the crackling of leaves, birds in the treetops, nothing. The wind had died down, no cars went by. It could be said that a very special atmosphere ‘surrounded them’. (13)

On October 3 2010 at 1930 in the town of Willoughby Spit, Virginia, a witness (a civil engineer by trade) had driven to a 7-11 store to purchase a pack of cigarettes. He was waiting in line to pay for his purchase when he noticed what he thought was a very large ‘hornet’ outside. He paid for his purchase and walked to his vehicle. He then looked up and saw a creature with wings standing on hind legs on the roof of the 7-11 store. He said that the creature was “battle ship gray”. The creature then flew towards him when he got into his truck and flew by his window as he was traveling home. He apparently took a video with his cellphone but had been having difficulty downloading it from the phone (no additional is known about the video). When he arrived home he was quite frightened when he heard a “whoosh whoosh” sound. He thought that the creature had followed him home, but didn’t see it. He immediately entered his apartment and did not see the creature again. (14)

During early October 2010 in and around Ongwediva, Namibia, there were stories of unidentified creatures that attacked animals at night. On the early morning of last Friday a puppy that belonged to Lukas Fotolela, a local resident, died after it was savagely mauled by an unknown creature. 
The creature allegedly entered the house through a small gate that was not properly closed.
“I was sleeping with an open window, when I saw a big white animal, with a black or brownish head forcing its way underneath the corrugated iron sheets where the puppies were sleeping. I tried to scare it away by hitting on the window but instead, it jumped towards me, wanting to attack me, but I quickly closed the door,” explained witness, Monica Simon.
According to Simon, the creature looked like a dog, but was bigger than a dog. She explained that the ‘animal’ exuded a very bad strong odor.
“After I closed the window the creature went back to the puppies and killed my favorite puppy. I heard it making sounds as if it was chewing something. I thought it was eating up the puppy but when we woke up the dead dog only had a bit of blood coming from its mouth. I guess it sucked its blood,” said Simon.
The owner of the house, Lukas Fotolela, who worked until late that night came home to find his dog dead. Fotolela said he searched his yard but could not find the animal or its footprints. For years now stories of unknown creatures that kill animals in the north, especially in the Oshana region have been reported. Livestock, especially goats and chickens have reportedly fallen prey to these creatures. They only suck their victim’s blood and eat the fetuses from expecting goats. (15)

On October 19 2010, at 5:25am, at an unspecified location in Indiana, the witness had been having difficulty in sleeping and awoke early realizing he had not taken the trash out to the curb. For some reason he had a really uneasy feeling but ignored it. After taking the trash out, he went to the front porch to smoke a cigarette. As he walked out he stood there and all of a sudden he saw movement out of his peripheral and immediately looked in that direction. He couldn’t believe his eyes as what appeared to be an ‘alien gray’ was trying to sneak across the street unnoticed. The witness walked off the porch to see where the creature had gone but it had vanished. He finished his cigarette and went back inside; he described the figure as a ‘classic gray alien’ 
The skin looked gray and it was not wearing any clothing, it had a very different stride from that of a human. (16)

On November 24 2010, in Brooks, Maine, at 1830 two were testing a new four wheel drive Ford on one of the men’s property. When they got up there they shut off the lights so only the parking lights were on, and the engine was running. Then something caught the eye of one of the men, about 100 yards away. It was somewhat shiny and just the corners were lit up on it. It was a triangle only 100 feet from then hovering 40 feet above the pine trees. The men turned off the engine and parking lights as they something on the ground with a light moving like it was looking for something. It scanned the ground for five minutes then the lights went away, but quickly came back and started to search around again. However this time the lights were brighter and closer.
They sat and watched quietly for another ten minutes. They were frightened since they knew that it was not a helicopter and the object had been ‘dead silent’. The only thing they heard was a low frequency sound. The lights kept getting brighter as if they were getting closer so one of the men suggested they leave the area.
However even after they started the truck and turned around it was still there, searching for something like it did not care that the men were there. It could have been up there for hours after they left, they did not return to find out. (17)

That same night (November 24) around midnight in the Cheboygan Michigan area, two friends had gone out, armed, looking for a spot to set up their binds for the muzzle-loading season when they crossed from a field with tons of deer beddings, then they came to another field with none whatsoever. They continued through this field and came across some a kind of game trail. They decided to venture down this trail into the woods.
They got maybe 300 yards in it and started hearing heavy breathing and snapping sounds in the thick brush to their right. They thought maybe coyotes but they got to a corner and were stopped on their tracks. In front of them, maybe 60 yards away, was something blacker than the woods standing on two feet and standing between 6’8” and 7’4”. They slowly turned away and back tracked. Before they got to the field the same thing was in front of them again. They turned around for a second and then turned back and it was gone. When they got to the field they noticed that there were four or more of these creatures, one on each corner of the field just standing there. They saw one move behind a tree. At this point they were very frightened, they made their way through the field and got to the edge and there was one standing directly in the middle of the trail entering the woods. At this point the witnesses hurried back home and the whole day they felt like they were being watched and stalked.
According to the main witness (a Michigan National guardsman) they had been out every night since then. They have learned not to use lights because it comes closer than 60 yards. The closest it has been to the witness was maybe 25 yards and was moving closer. At that point he shot at it. There were five in total that they saw the first night and after he shot at one, they went out later another night and there were only four and they seemed more aggressive. It seems that they were trying to herd the witnesses into a corner. (Is not clear how many times the witnesses encountered these strange creatures). (18)

On the night of December 4 2010, around 2:10am in Cypress, Texas, the witness suddenly awoke by the covers on the bed being pulled tight around her at all corners of the bed. She couldn’t move, she heard a loud humming noise in the room, so loud that it hurt her ears, and then a bright light came pouring into the room and she lifted her head and screamed for her husband who fell asleep on the couch. She tried to scream as loud as she could but nothing would come out, only a soft whimper. And then a small blue circle of light came out of the ceiling and beamed down to her husband’s side of the bed, while she was still trying to yell for her husband, but still nothing was coming out and she was completely paralyzed. Then all of the sudden the blue light went back up through the ceiling and the covers were loosened. She pulled back the covers and got out of bed to see a red beam of light shoot out of the bedroom window. (20)

In December 8 2010, around midnight in Victoria, Entre Rios Province, Argentina two local natural resources inspectors were patrolling a local ‘camping’ area, something they did every night. On this night the two men were illuminating each side of the road with their search beam when suddenly a bizarre creature appeared standing in front of them. 
The creature stood on its hind legs like a normal human being and stared intently at the two stunned witnesses. Not knowing what to think both men stopped their vehicle and ran out to get a closer look, and perhaps ‘capture’ the strange creature. The creature appeared to walk on its tip toes or claws, and appeared to be dark brown or gray in color, with a hairy body, long dangling arms, and large protruding ears. After a few seconds the creature scurried into the woods and disappeared from sight. Around the same time a group of fishermen in the same area were startled by a similar looking creature. But to date have refused to make an official statement of the event. (19)

On December 23 2010, around 03:00am in the industrial section of Zofri in Iquique Chile a security guard reported was sitting in his post with the lights of his truck illuminating some nearby bins when suddenly his guard ran towards the bins. He quickly followed the dog and at about 30 meters away he saw a strange figure standing on top of one of excavating equipment. As he approached the figure he was suddenly very frightened. The dog was now barking uncontrollably at the creature, which the guard estimated to have been about 1.80m in height, which a head disproportionately small as compared to the rest of the body and a pair of huge ‘gargoyle like’ wings. Suddenly the creature emitted a loud shrieking sound, something the witness had never heard before. Causing the dog to flee in a panic, closely followed by the witness who entered his truck and shone the headlights directly at the creature, once he did this the creature unfolded its wings and flew quickly towards the nearby hills. In a state of shock he was found by a local police patrol (Carabineros) still sitting in his truck. While the police was interrogating the witness they all heard a loud shrieking sound from the nearby hills. This caused the police patrol to summon additional men to the location. According to reports the original witness now lives in a constant state of fear and refuses to go out at night. (21)



Figure 3.  “Nordic” type humanoid or alien

In the last journal I detailed reports of encounters with this type of humanoid or similar all the way to the late 60’s. Contrary to popular belief this type of humanoid report did not completely end and the ‘grays’ did not take over, so to speak. Reports continued well into the new millennium as I will again summarize several interesting incidents. It is also interesting to note that none of the reports involved individuals involved in the so-called ‘Contactee’ conundrum or proponents of the “Space brothers” theory.

Sometime in the year 1970 a man was driving through the Mojave Desert, California just before dawn when he saw a blazing orange sphere pass over his car and land on a sandy plain nearby. The witness pulled over feeling no fear; he then felt an urge to leave the car and began walking towards the object. As he neared the sphere the orange light began to dim. Then a doorway opened at the base of the craft and a six-foot five inch tall human-like figure appeared, he was very well built and moved towards the witness with great agility then stood in front of him. The tall man was silent but placed his hands on the witness shoulders and looked into his eyes for a few moments. The man then walked back to the ship and boarded it. The craft again became fiery orange, lifted up, and silently moved towards the north at terrific speed. (22)

In the evening of August 10 1970 in the small village of Hotaville New Mexico, Titus Lamson, a Traditionalist Hopi, saw a rainbow colored saucer shaped construction moving over the village in a westerly direction. It had “a dome, a round thing, and an aerial” (antenna) on top. It became transparent as he watched it. Inside he could see the back of someone dressed in a gray ‘ski-jump outfit.” The man, who had blond hair reaching to his shoulders, was facing an instrument panel. The craft descended slowly until it nearly touched the ground, and then disappeared over a ridge. Lamson set out to search for it with a flashlight but could not find it. (23)

One late night in 1973 in the town of Divinopolis, Minas Gerais state, Brazil after arguing with family members and his sister’s boyfriend, the witness, Zenon Carlos Rios decided to go up to the terraced rooftop and sleep there for the night. As he lay on the hard concrete, almost at the brink of falling asleep, he suddenly heard a long whistle that startled him awake. He looked up and saw a large blue craft, hovering just 2 meters above him, that seemed to be about to fall on him.
The craft was egg-shaped with blue, black and white lights. There was a huge glass paned window going from one side to the other and inside he could see two human-like figures sitting at a control panel. The two humanoids wore black outfits and have very pale features, and short white curly hair. Zenon was unable to move and as the bottom of the craft seemed to about to strike him, a door opened. Then a powerful blast of air sucked him inside the object. Inside he noticed a strong odor resembling propane gas, he immediately lost consciousness. His next memory was of waking up on the terrace feeling great pain throughout his body. With great difficulty he walked downstairs and was stunned to learn that he had been gone for 3 days. He was unable to recall what happened during those three days. (It is not mentioned if any hypnotic regression was performed on the witness). (24)

On January 8 1974 in Springfield, Ohio, Leaving his job around 3:13am Mr. Justice, age 50, experienced failure of car lights and motor; then multicolored blinking lights descended just yards in front of his car, followed by the appearance of a blinding white oval of light approximately 6 feet in diameter, apparently showing the interior of a UFO. He could see five small occupants within; seated on high backed chairs and wearing bright colored robes and each had long brown hair that reached the floor. They appeared to be 3 to 4 foot tall, and the witness could not recall their facial features. The object brightly illuminated the surroundings and car interior. After 5 minutes, the interior light was extinguished and the object ascended rapidly with another display of colored, flashing lights. A maintenance man on the premises had noticed a failure of his “pager” radio four times between 1900 & 2200, earlier that evening although no UFOs were seen. (25)

In June 6 1974, during the daytime, in Wissant, Pas de Calais, France, a student, D.X., had taken his parents camper out to the Dunes where he could study quietly for his end of term exams. Taking a break from his studies, he strolled along the beach near Cap Blanc Nez. Topping a dune, he was surprised to see, at its base, a cube-shaped object, about 3 meters per side and aluminum in color, sitting on a slender, black tripod-like landing gear. No other features on the object were apparent. The ground at the site was marshy and muddy. Standing next to the object were two human-like beings a little over 4 ft tall, wearing one-piece suits of a shiny, gray-white color, almost a metallic sheen to them; a slight fold or crease ran from the neck to the stomach.
They wore tall narrow helmets on their heads with faceplates that showed about three quarters of their faces. Their eyes were very large, their noses long and thin. Their hands were covered by what appeared to be inflated mittens. The witness did not notice their feet. One was about ten meters to his right, the other to his left. The one on the right circled around the object and had no sooner rejoined the second when a third entity appeared.
He was much taller than the other two, at least two meters in height (6’6), and he came from behind the object, around the left side, and stood near the first two. Unlike the smaller beings, he wore no helmet. His features were human, and he had long blond hair. One of the smaller beings then made sounds coming from deep within his throat, which seemed to have a hypnotic effect upon the witness. At that point, the witness is unable to recall what happened next, as he appears to have “blacked out.” When he came back to his senses, everything had disappeared. He was troubled about not being able to recall what had happened to him. He could find no traces of the object and the three beings at the site. (26) (Indeed a very intriguing, little known case in which two different types of entities appeared to have been ‘operating’ together). We go on to even stranger rendezvous as the decades of the 70’s ended.

Undetermined date in 1976 in the Molebka area, Perm region, Urals, Russia, the 18-year old witness, Vladimir S, after suffering a job-related injury to his back was sent to this region by his family for repose and to seek locals with curative powers which were known to live in the region. His injury required him to walk with a cane. While there he camped, along with several others in a small peninsula by the river Chosovaya.
Immediately he was struck by the apparent complete absence of wildlife in the area, including insects in an area with some trees and plants. One night at the end of his stay in the area Vladimir woke up around 03:00am in order to satisfy a certain physiological need. At about 20 meters from the tent he noticed a luminous egg-shaped object rising out of the river. Stunned, he stood watching as the object hovered in total silence in front of him. The craft was luminous matte yellow in color and apparently translucent which emitted a strong heat that the witness felt engulf his face.
Inside the object stood a humanoid figure about 1.90m in height, with arms tightly held against its body, it had long hair and the witness was unable to see its feet. Suddenly from the top of the object a green beam of light shot out striking the witness full on the face like a photo flash, he was unable to seen anything for several seconds. When he was able to see again he noticed the object flying way into the distance and disappearing from sight. Very soon after this incident the witness allegedly recovered completely from his injuries and did not necessitate a cane to walk ever again. (27)

“No Fear”

Ringwood, Passaic, New Jersey, On February 13 1976 around 2300, the witness was hearing neighborhood dogs barking and howling, looked out her picture window and saw nothing unusual, but her hair stood up on the back of her neck. Looking to the left, she saw by the full moon’s light, 100 ft away, a small figure, about the size of a 10-year old child, dressed in a close fitting one-piece snowsuit of silvery color. The suit had a hood over the head, with lumps at the ears, a dark belt at the waist, and dark boots.
The witness felt convinced that the being was feminine. The face was visible and seemed not to be abnormal, as well as could be discerned at that distance. The witness felt paralyzed, and could not call for her daughter to come and see. She had a mental impression of the words “No fear” repeated 3 times. After perhaps 25 minutes, the figure turned on its heels and walked off into the woods. The witness returned to the house about 10 minutes later, and she told her husband to go out and look for footprints in the freshly fallen snow. He found a set of small footprints leading away from the spot into the woods, but none leading up to it. (28). Perhaps not a “Nordic” or blond type of entity but a small human-type nonetheless which before the advent of the ‘grays’ were frequently reported during close encounters.

North Reddish, Cheshire, England, in August of 1976 around noon three young children were playing on a waste ground just off Longford Road West near an old railway line. They were around a hut which had been constructed for them by a neighbor. The girl, Susan, was tired and thirsty so she went into the hut to make herself and the boys some orange drinks. The boys remained outside playing by some bushes. Suddenly the boys saw a flash of silver pass before their eyes, and heard a crackling noise coming from the directions of the bush. Looking in the direction they saw a strange figure emerge from within the bush. He was wearing a silvery one-piece suit, seemed human in appearance but had a short gray beard and long yellowish hair. The boys stood aghast because he was floating about six inches off the ground. The figure was only visible for a few seconds, and then it just vanished. John, one of the boys, said, “It was like a light-bulb being switched off, one minute he was there, the next he was gone.”
Meanwhile Susan was in the shed totally unaware of all this. As she completed the drinks she heard a strange rustling sound. Looking up out of the window she found herself staring face to face with a strange man who was not more than a few feet away. He was behind the boys, so out of their immediate sight, for they were still looking towards the bush. Susan did not know this man, so she stared back at him.
Then he looked away from her and took a small hand held shovel from the belt he wore around his waist. He proceeded to stoop down and dig up small bits of soil, pouring each shovel full into a see-through kind of plastic bag. There were several of these out around his waistband. By now she was getting frightened, as she had no idea who this man was, or what he was doing—and he did look a little odd. So she yelled out instinctively to the boys. As soon as she did this the man vanished into thin air. When the boys turned around he was not to be seen. In height he was similar to Susan and John’s father (five feet nine inches). His complexion was very pale, and his eyes were long and narrow and slanted a bit “like a cat’s”. The silvery suit was like a track suit and seemed to be elastic at the bottom. There were four or five buttons running down the middle of the chest at the top. The hands were covered with silvery gloves and the footwear consisted of boots with thick black soles on them.
Unafraid the children decided to look to see if they could find him again. They walked forward a few yards towards the fence surrounding the school and in a few moments spotted him again. He was stooped down by the fence, seemingly collecting more samples. He seemed unaware of the children, and continued for a few moments this time although they remained some yards away. Then he disappeared again, only this time John and Susan said he seemed to “go down into the ground and just vanish”. The children now walked towards the spot where he had been and saw an object rising slowly from the ground, apparently within the playground of the school. It was a medium sized object shaped like a gently curved disc with a more or less flat bottom. It was silver but had four dark holes (windows?) at the top in a row, and a couple of dark blotches on the bottom in the middle. It rose slowly and then moved horizontally heading south south east to disappear in the direction of Tennyson Road, still quite low. (29)

In the autumn of 1976 in the city of Helsingborg, Skane, Sweden, around midnight, a local housewife suddenly woke up as her husband remained sleeping next to her. Shen then saw standing next to her bed a man about 1.90m in height. He had light short hair, blue eyes and was very handsome in appearance. He wore a loose fitting silvery coverall. The figure radiated great warmth and kindness and the witness remained calm. The room also became unaccountably hot. After about 3-4 minutes of standing in the room the figure suddenly vanished in plain sight. (30)

1977 was a landmark year as far as the amount of high strange incidents and encounters but the country of Brazil seemed to have been at the forefront of it all.

One late night in August 1977 in the city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sao Paolo state, Brazil, a local teacher was lying on her bed in her bedroom when she noticed through the open window a small luminous sphere hovering above some nearby trees. Suddenly the sphere flew through the window into the bedroom and transformed itself into a human-like figure resembling that of a ‘Roman Soldier’ complete with helmet and a metallic armor-like outfit.
The intruder joined the stunned witness in bed, an opening became visible around the trousers area of the stranger and a thin luminous penis emerged, which easily penetrated the witness who felt extreme pleasure despite the circumstances (!). After, she felt very tired and sleepy; she slept so soundly that she missed her classes the next day. According to the witness (who inexplicably remained a virgin after the encounter) the stranger visited on several occasions with the same results. Her health deteriorated and she became depressed, loosing all interest in her boyfriend. (31)

On afternoon in November 1977 at Baia do Sol, Para state, Brazil, a man was sleeping after lunch when he awoke to see a red light blinking outside his house. Thinking it strange he went to the window. Outside he saw a huge object shaped like a helicopter but without rotors. There were three men inside. They were tall, at least 1.80 meters, with blond hair and blue eyes and were wearing white suits with blue capes. They appeared to be working with instruments resembling computers. When he appeared at the window, he heard one of the men say to the others, “Look at that” and immediately the UFO took off, disappearing behind some trees. (32)

That same November 1977, at night, near the city of Colares, also in the state of Para, Brazil, a pilot was driving near Colares when he spotted a disc landing behind some trees. He was alone on the road, it was completely dark, and he became frightened. Then he saw a man walking toward him. The stranger was tall and had blond hair. He walked close to the car, looked at the driver and looked into his eyes. The driver began to cry and the tall man shook his head, glanced at the license plate, turned and walked back into the forest. Then the disc took off. (33)

Figure 4. Entity reported in Argentina 1978.
1978 likewise was a landmark year as far as close encounters with humanoids and high strangeness events. Many of these events were reported from Italy (which experienced an unprecedented wave of encounters), Argentina and other South American countries. I will summarize some of the most interesting events, concerning ‘Nordic’ type entities and their kin for 1978.

One evening in January of 1978 near the city of Puyehue, Chile, the main witness, known only as ‘Don Gaspar’ and several other men were traveling by minibus (microbus) during a business trip when they noticed a strange light on a nearby clearing on the side of the road. They stopped the bus and Gaspar ran towards the light (shades of Travis Walton). There was a sudden flash and Gaspar stopped on his tracks seemingly reduced to ashes (!). Two figures exited the hovering light and using a device resembling a large aspirator (vacuum cleaner) absorbed what was left of Gaspar into what appeared to be a large aluminum bag (I think this is a unique description in the bizarre annals of Ufology). Somehow in this condition Gaspar was made to understand that he was going to be reconstituted onboard the object. Soon he found himself in a room surrounded by a very white light, brighter on the top and more opaque towards the bottom.
The room resembled a doctor’s examining room with a single bed in the center. Gaspar met several man-like humanoids very similar to humans except for very subtle differences especially in the area of the hands. He was then given a thorough examination that included his heart, head and genitalia. A blond extraterrestrial female was later brought into the room and clearly communicated to Gaspar via telepathy that she wished to mate with him as part of an “experiment”. He was also told that human life span was too short for their purposes. Soon he was returned to his friends, who were sleeping peacefully in the bus and later as he stood around talking with them, his parka and several other of his belongings suddenly burst into flames. Soon after this incident the witness vision improved dramatically and a strange mark appeared on his forehead. (34)

On February 4 1978, at a dam called Dique La Florida y San Luis province, Argentina at around 04:45am, six men, Manuel Alvarez, Pedro Sosa, Regino Pedroni, Genaro Sosa, Jacinto Lucero & Ramon Sosa had gone out fishing near the shore of the lake and while four of them slept two of the men spotted a huge upside down bowl-shaped object emitting a bright fluorescent light descend near them at high speed. It stopped 25 meters from the witnesses and hovered. A hatch opened and a small ladder was lowered to the ground. Soon a very tall human-like figure then exited the object. The figure was wearing a bright silvery scaly outfit and wore mittens on his hands. He also wore a transparent bowl-shaped helmet that covered his head completely. The being had beautiful features and blond hair, he walked towards the witnesses and made a hand gesture, like a greeting, he then walked back and re-entered the object which quickly ascended at high speed towards the northwest. The other four men awakened to see the object flying away. (35)

On a day between April 25 and April 30 1978, in Moscow Russia, the witness, a woman, A.G. was lying on her couch around midnight in her apartment which was located on the fifth floor of a multistoried complex. She had just finished reading a book and was preparing to sleep and had just finished switching off the lamp when she suddenly felt a strong pressure on her body. The pressure was below her waist, worried she looked at the window to her left and was surprised to see a dense curving cloud entering her room through a small opening on the windowpane. She didn’t noticed how two humanoid figures suddenly appeared in her room, since she had been looking at the strange swirling cloud. Both figures were human-like in appearance and very tall, at least 2.6 to 2.8m in height, both were dressed in light colored coveralls, with round, globe-shaped glass like helmets which emitted the same soft light as their clothing.
Both humanoid figures stood very close to her but did not touch her, just stood over her. She heard speech coming from them but she couldn’t understand the language or meaning of the words, she was still hindered by a heaviness that now felt all over her body, she wanted to move was unable to. She then addressed the humanoids, begging them to leave quickly, since the pressure (that she assumed they emitted) was very heavy. In a moment both humanoids vanished, transforming their bodies into a swirling dense cloud which slowly floated out the apartment through a slight opening in the window. A.G. now felt the heaviness gone and stood up, amazed as to what had occurred, she then approached the window and tried to look out, but due to the size of the window she wasn’t able to look out. She felt no fear during the encounter and was amazed that she was not able to move while her brain seemed to still function properly. (36)

For the record, during early 1978 there were numerous reports of encounters with strange entities in and around the Moscow metropolitan area, some of them in the subway system of the city. (Please refer to an updated version of 1978 humanoid reports).

On July 4 1978 near Mt Etna, Catania, Italy between 2230 & 2330 four witnesses, Franco Padellero (aged 27), and Attilio Di Salvatore, (aged 30), both sergeants in the Italian Air Force, Maurizio Esposito (aged 21), an Italian Naval officer, and Signora Antonina Di Pietro, who was a friend of the latter, the men were all off duty and were on vacation by Mount Sona on the slopes of the great volcano Etna, on the island of Sicily.
The first thing they noticed was a triangle of bright red lights in the sky. These three lights seemed to pulsate, growing larger then smaller. Suddenly one of them detached itself and streaked down towards the group. It went out of sight, behind the slope, about 1000 feet away. Deciding to investigate, the group got into Di Salvatore’s car and drove along towards the place where the object had seemed to land. By the side of the road there was a dip and as they rounded a bend they saw a dazzle of bright light coming from the dip. Stopping the car they got out and went over to the edge to look. Sitting by a rocky precipice below them was a classically shaped flying saucer, about 40 ft across. The object had a dome on top what was a brilliant yellow in color. The rest of it was a reddish hue, with red and blue lights on top.
By the side of the craft on the precipice there were five or six beings. These were very tall, and wore black overall-like suits that fitted very tightly. Their features were human and the four witnesses said they looked very beautiful. The hair was a blond color. Two of the beings began to climb the slopes of the precipice towards the witnesses, who by now were rooted to the spot, immobilized by a strange force. The entities were smiling at them and came to within about 15 feet, before one nodded his head towards the saucer and they started to climb down again.
The object had now started to glow with myriad tiny lights of many colors but the yellow, red and blue still predominated. Suddenly a car drove past and all the lights on the object went out. As soon as the car had gone they brightened again. Soon after this the hold on the witnesses was released suddenly. They wasted no time in scrambling back to their car and driving to the hotel as fast as possible. They did not see the UFO depart. For some time afterwards all four felt drained of energy. (37)

On early morning of August 1978 near the village of Larzhanka, Odessa region, Russia, two men, V. T. Poliszhuk and his friend A. I. Yurchenko, both ardent hunters, were hunting waterfowl in a wildlife reservation on the banks of the Danube. After finishing their hunt the satisfied men went with their trophies on the road near the village and waited for a bus to take them to the Izmail Laboratory. The road was strangely deserted. Suddenly both men saw a young woman of amazing beauty on the road. The witnesses could not remember the way she was dressed but very clearly remembered her uncommon beauty and long loose flowing light blond hair. She was at least 2 meters in height.
The woman walked towards the two witnesses as they both stared mesmerized, unable to speak. When she was about 15-20 meters away from the men, the woman stared fixedly at them and something that felt like cold water suddenly splashed on the men’s eyes, everything around them then became cloaked in a misty cloudy shroud. This lasted for more than a minute. When everything cleared and the men were able to see again, the woman was walking away, however she suddenly stopped and looked back at the men and again the milky mist-like substance covered the men’s faces. When the mist vanished, the woman was no longer visible. Near the location of the incident there is a very deep lake called Yalpug. There have been numerous UFO encounters in the area and other humanoid observations of what the locals call the “Cane alien people”. There is also talk about an underground alien base in this area. (38)

Figure 5. Lake Yalpug Ukraine

 On September 13 1978 at night in the town of Blumenau, Santa Catarina state, Brazil, the witness, known as Mrs. Carvalho was traveling in her Chevette in the outskirts of this location at around 60mph. Suddenly the car appeared to loose speed, and then a circular shade seemed to descend above the vehicle and cover it completely. She felt the car rising up very high at high speed. The doors of the vehicle were also opening and closing at high speed, making a loud racket.
At this point Mrs. Carvalho blacked out. Upon waking up she found herself in a semi-circular room, of a yellow subdued color, in front of her stood a very tall man, over 2 meters in height, which called himself “Dagon”.
He spoke without moving his lips and while he communicated, Mrs. Carvalho experiences a bizarre sensation as if she was being “reduced in size”, her clothes seemed to increase in size and her feet appear to float inside her boots. She could not see where her vehicle was, and then everything became hazy. She was found by the Federal police sleeping in her vehicle on the side of the road near Florianopolis. She had no idea how she had arrived at the location. (39) Interesting information as to the name “Dagon” given by this ‘alien’.
Dagon was originally a fertility god, though once these beliefs adapted to Hebrews he evolved into a major northwest Semitic god, reportedly of fish and/or fishing. He was worshipped by the early Amorites and by the inhabitants of the cities of Ebla (modern Tell Mardikh, Syria) and Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra, Syria) (which was an ancient city near the Mediterranean containing a large variety of ancient writings and pagan shrines). He was also a major member, or perhaps head, of the pantheon of the Biblical Philistines.
As the year progressed reports became even stranger (if you believe that) making way to 1979 or the end of the high strangeness decade and the beginning of the 80’s, or perhaps what some have called the dawn of the grays.

Between 7:00am and 8:00 am on the morning of October 15 1978 near the small hamlet of Jaraba, in Zaragoza Spain, a 50year old man was on his way to photograph nests of “Milopas” (a variety of eagles) with his “Canon” camera equipped with a 200mm objective and loaded with Kodachrome film. The continuous cawing of crows could be heard. Suddenly, it all became silent. He goes on walking, and then positions himself between fences near a post for rabbit hunters. He mounts his camera with a tele-objective on the tripod, and focuses on the supposed nest. Surprised by reflections on the view finder, he looks around himself but does not notice anything abnormal. He then starts to hear a weak buzzing which disappears suddenly, and turns once more to focus his camera. After a while, he feels uneasy, with an impression, of “metallic teeth” and the hair at the nape of his neck stands on end. The camera and his watch seem warm, he turns around and sees at a distance of around 20 meters a seemingly ovoid object surrounded by small “antennas,” for which he estimates a diameter of 5 meters by comparison with a Dodge. There were also two “individuals” 1.90m or more in height, wearing blue-gray suits, apparently made of dull plastic and tight belts. They seem to be blond. One of them is bent over a tube, apparently metallic, which enters the ground. The other one carries a box above which a sphere seems to float.
The buzzing sound which had reappeared meanwhile now stops. The tube carrier stands up and makes gestures to the witness, who stands up too and while approaching a bit, feels an impression of heat. Speaking loudly he asks the individuals whether they need help, but hears his own voice “distorted.” A little afraid, he stops and asks them what they are doing. The individual goes on making gestures, and suddenly draws the tube out of the ground, “folds” it and goes to the object with his companion. The buzzing sound now reappears louder and louder, and the witness starts feeling again, more intensely, the “electric” sensation in the nape of his neck and his mouth, as well as vibrations on the ground. He goes back to his camera. The object rises up about two meters, while the sound increases. The witness does not notice any air movement, or any visible thruster, however, from certain angles; he believes he can distinguish three circular spots on the underside of the object. He has time to take 2 or 3 pictures, and then the object rises once more and disappears. The buzzing sound disappears at the same time but the metallic taste in the mouth remains, and will last around 2 days. The witness does not notice traces, except a small funnel shaped hole in the ground, with a diameter of around 20 centimeters. Once developed, the film will appear completely fogged. The witness who to date did not believe in UFOs believes he has just seen one, but decides not to talk about it. (40)
On November 14 1978, one early morning around 05:30am at the small hamlet of Colle del Castello near Donato Di Tagliacozzo, Italy, Giuseppi de Giovanni, aged 51, was tending some cattle and was searching for a cow which had strayed—when suddenly he saw a circular object of an estimated diameter of 5 meters and height of 1.50m. He said it looked like “a brown shoe-polish box,” with some small windows, lying in a field. Di Giovanni approached the strange object and looked inside (presumably through one of the ports) where he saw 6 or 7 “people” of human aspect. They were small, wore green overalls, and were smiling like children. Two of the entities were “women” like dolls. While the women were blondes, the “men” were dark haired and gave the appearance of being much older than the women. The witness was suddenly overtaken by fear and hid himself behind a bush. He rubbed his eyes but the object ‘was still there.” Then he closed his eyes for a minute or so, but when he re-opened them the strange object was gone. (41)
We finish this memorable year of close encounters (433 in my files) with another bizarre encounter from Brazil.

On December 6 1978 at about 2030-2045 at a place called Marimbondo near Fronteira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, watchman Jesus Antunes Moreira was on guard duty inside the security zone of the Marimbondo Hydroelectric plant. He was in the guard house, right on the top of the dam, because it was raining at the time, and he was anxious to keep dry. Suddenly he noticed that something was lighting up the surface of the water of the dam. His curiosity aroused, he stepped out of the guard house and went to see what it could be, and found himself looking at an object which was slightly above the level of the horizon about 200 meters from him, and crossing the Rio Grande (Brazil). It was coming in his direction, and when it got closer, he could make out that it was a spacecraft about five meters wide and three meters high, white in color, and emitting a certain amount of luminosity. It looked as though it was about to land on top of the dam, maybe right by the powerhouse. At first Moreira thought that it was some new type of helicopter, because he knew that the directors of the plant frequently do use helicopters when making their inspections of the dam, but the craft was not making the slightest noise in flight. Getting more and more curious he started walking along on the concreted part of the dam, but the craft went past where he was and then moved to the earthen part of the dam, it was about 1 ½ meters from the foot of it.
He was now able to see that its color was not white, but a light gray. It had a door about two meters high, with a little window in the upper part of it, and it had a sort of platform running right around it. By now he was only about seven meters from him. Then the little window opened, and in it there appeared a face in many respects very like a human face. Then the main door opened, and from it came three beings dressed in blue coveralls with a metallic sheen. They were all very tall—two meters maybe—and with quite long, black, smooth hair. In an absolutely natural sort of fashion, they spoke to him, in some unknown language. He replied, in his confusion, that he would go and get somebody who could speak their language. He was thinking that they could have been foreigners. When he said he would go to one of the telephones that are strung out along the 300 meter wide top of the dam, one of them gestured to him to step back. At this stage he began to become frightened, and he felt for his revolver, which he was wearing over his rain cape with the idea of firing a warning shot should it be necessary. And indeed he did try to shoot, but the revolver jammed and would not fire. At that point one of them went inside the machine and came out with a black box, about the size of a shoe box, and handed it to one of the others who was the one that had the longest hair. He noticed that all of them were wearing rose-colored gloves, which were luminous, like their blue overalls. From then on he was able to understand perfectly what they were saying to him, in Portuguese.
They asked him if he was scared and told him to keep calm, because they said they had no intention of doing him any harm. When he asked them what they wanted, and were they came from, they said they were on a research and study mission and that if he remained calm, he would soon know all about it. His meeting with the ufonauts was broken off when one of them, using a rope with a grab at the end of it, started extracting some stones from the place, whereupon he objected. That was enough for them to put away the box and without the slightest show of dissatisfaction or displeasure re-enter their craft. After the incident Moreira was examined by a company Doctor, Sergio Bandeira, and he passed all the tests successfully. (42)

Figure 6. Humanoids and craft Marimbondo.

We enter now the end of the “high strangeness decade” the year 1979 and bizarre encounters continued unabated.

One evening in early 1979 at a place called Nildottie in South Australia a bizarre event was reported.
The two witnesses, Jack and Don had been experiencing problems with their TV antenna being twisted around. The cause puzzled them. One evening after cooking a meal, the Venetian blinds went up and down. Both went outside to look and were approached by European looking people. They appeared to be wearing woolen jumpers. There were both male and females. A bright light shone on them and both men felt calm. They were then taken over to a mound of gravel adjacent to which a craft was located. The men were taken inside. It was cold and the beings apparently agreed to escort them back to the house to get jumpers. They were not allowed to take food. They then returned to the object and it took off. As it rose they saw the TV antenna on the house below twist around. They could see across the Murray River as they rose up. Don, the younger of the two, was given strange, repetitive tests. Seven hours later they were returned. When a neighbor visited and found them confused, police were called in. The two men were taken to a local hospital. They seemed to be suffering from yellow jaundice and eye problems. Both men passed away within two years of the encounter. (43). (I have asked myself something about this case, “Where the two unfortunate men somehow victims of a dark government experiment?”) The world will never know.

A somewhat crude abduction attempt report was reported one late evening in early January 1979 near the town of Santa Cruz, state of Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil (where else!).
The witness was walking home after dark, when he stopped to light a cigarette and moments later a brightly lit object suddenly descended from the sky and stopped just several meters above his head. It was silent and shaped like a ‘silo’. A door opened and the witness could now see a man and a woman sitting inside on seats. They sat motionless side by side. A light now engulfed the witness and he felt being pulled upwards into the object. He grabbed a small palm tree and wrapped himself around it. He could barely hold on when drops of hot liquid, resembling melted wax began falling on his hands, in a possible attempt to loosen his grip. But the witness would not let go and the beings finally gave up. The door closed and the craft shot up into the sky vanishing at high speed. According to the terrified witness the beings looked like ‘foreigners’ with light-colored hair. (44)

On January 29 1979 in the village of Bissoe, Truro, Cornwall, England, a man and his son were suddenly awakened to find their bedroom brightly lit up. One of the witnesses looked out the window and was amazed to see a bright hovering oval-shaped craft. Inside two human-like figures with long fair wavy hair could be clearly seen. The bright object then glided silently away and then shot away at high speed. (45)

On March 1979 during the afternoon, a very similar case was reported in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. A man and a woman were out chatting by a payphone in broad daylight when they noticed a gray disc shaped object with a dome on top hovering above a local Fish & Chips restaurant. Through a transparent window on the dome they were able to see two man-like figures staring down at them, one had his hands behind his back. Both figures wore ice blue tight fitting suits and had long blond hair. At the same time the witnesses noticed a strange silence in the area. After the incident the woman began to experience different types of psychic phenomena, including seeing an apparition of her deceased husband. (46)

One night in the summer of 1979 near Pinedale, Wyoming, a witness (wishing to remain anonymous) was staying in a cabin in the hills of the Wind River Range, when in a dream-like state he saw a beautiful female being about 8 feet tall. She had all white hair, very large eyes, but perfectly proportionate to her face, with a very glossy look. She wore a dress that was all white and made of some kind of feather-like material. The witness was so awed by her beauty that he actually attempted to flirt with her. He felt compassion and love emanating from her. The day after this ‘encounter’ the witness saw a silver lens-shaped object hovering over the Wind River Range. (47)

A very strange event was reported during the middle of October of 1979 in the town of Urbanizacion Villa Capri, Rio Piedras Puerto. Perhaps not necessarily involving the “blonds” but definitely their “kin”, around 1400 in the afternoon, the witness, a lone housewife, was resting at home when suddenly she heard a loud humming sound and the sound of something falling on the roof. When she looked out the window she felt paralyzed and began hearing a voice in her head telling her “not to be afraid.” Consequently five little men, three foot tall, descended from the roof and began rummaging through the patio terrace. She was able to see some flashing lights in the direction from where they had descended. The beings were described as thin, with child-like bodies, short arms, and wearing tight-fitting one-piece green outfits with yellow hood-like headgear. They wore wide belts around the waist and small yellowish boots. They all had human, but somewhat deformed features. One of them that appeared to have been the leader communicated telepathically with the witness and warned her of coming wars and disasters. They then promptly took their leave. (48)

On December 22 1979 around 1825 in at a location near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the main witness and her brother were driving just north of town on a foggy evening, when they came upon a really heavy fog bank, then entered a dense black cloud, and when they emerged there was not any other traffic around. They had lost about 20 minutes of time. Later under hypnosis they recalled seeing a swirling black cloud and three human-like figures approaching their vehicle, they were very human looking, blond and about five foot ten inches tall. They wore gray green coveralls. They took the main witness apparently into an object, which was green inside; her brother was left in the car. She was later brought back to the car. (49)

On the next issue of ‘The Journal of Humanoid Studies’ Vol. 2 nr 2, will include the third installment of “Encounters with the blond and their kin” we will explore similar encounters as strange or stranger as the ones already presented. Cases reported during the decade of the 80’s will be summarized. The next issue will deal with cases during the decade of the 90’s and finally on the issue after that, we will have the last segment which will deal with similar cases in the new millennium.


In keeping with the ‘Blonds and their kin’ theme I will present 3 cases from 1946 describing similar entities.

Sometime in 1946, (unknown time) in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, a man walking along a country road sighted a huge dome-shaped structure on a field across from him. As he watched, several glass-like doors seemed to open and shut. The witness approached the object and saw several men in silvery suits apparently working around the object. One saw him and was heard to say, “How did he get here”? “His clothes are at least 100 years old”? Two of the men then seized him and dragged him inside the object. He managed to break away and ran through some doors. He ran for a while, turned around and the craft had disappeared. (50)

During 1946 in the Isaklinsk area, Samara region, Russia, according to local villagers, from the nearby forest ravines appeared some strange ‘people’ described as very human-like but wearing strange blue coveralls somehow resembling those worn by sailors. Thus the local residents began to call the strangers “sailors”. Some of these “sailors” even visited the villages in order to barter with the collective farmers for bread and milk. They spoke very bad Russian, mangling the words. The strangers offered strange tiny cigarette lighter-like objects that lit up with a strong flame at the slightest touch, and bottled “sweet” water. There is no record as to what happened with the bartered items and when the “sailors” did stop visiting. (51)

During the summer of 1946 at about 15 minutes after midnight in the fair city of Johannesburg, South Africa, the two witnesses, sisters Vida Goldsworthy and Mrs. Naudwin (first name not provided) had been to the local cinema and on their return decided to take their dog for a walk before retiring to bed. They gained entrance to the waste ground behind their flat by way of an area where a demolished house once stood. They released the dog from the leash and it ran to the waste ground without hesitation while the two women stood on the pavement at the entrance, chatting idly about the movie they had just seen. Suddenly there was a loud thud, as if something had struck the ground somewhere in the darkness before them.
Anxious in case an African had thrown something at their dog, (those were the days) they looked around. It was then that Mrs. Naudwin saw the object and drew her sister’s attention to it as it hovered over the Langum Hotel by only about five feet, being therefore about 50 feet above the ground. Both women were mystified, having never before seen anything remotely similar, considered it was some new kind of military device, which was odd, but not out of place in the post war situation. The thing that hovered partly over the hotel and partly over the roadway behind it (some 200 yards away) was basically rounded. In the same shape of a saucer with a round ball in the center, when first seen the ball was split exactly in two by the central saucer shape. The witnesses were able to obtain a very clear view of the object as it hovered quite silently. Whether or not the “thud” they had heard was connected with the object is not known. In size it was about 25 to 30 feet across and about 15 feet high. The rim was of a brownish color while the center of the saucer was white. The central ball was a bright golden color. Having dismissed it as a military device, the women began to lose interest. They had only watched it for a few seconds but already their gaze began to move away from it. It was then that they noticed that the dog was by their feet and very calm. At this point they heard a clicking noise and immediately following this, the central ball began to drop down through the saucer shape with a noticeable gap, and stopped when it was directly level with the roof of the hotel. There was no visible hole through which the sphere could have passed. The underside of the saucer was clearly seen as the object itself seemed to be tilted slightly away from the women. The ball remained in this detached position for some seconds and then there was a second loud click. The ball now moved upwards through the saucer again, although once more no hole was apparent and finally it detached itself above the saucer. The sphere was then seen to be supported by two dark “metal” pillars. They gave off no light and it was just an impression that they were made of metal, but Vida Goldsworthy clearly recalls seeing the sky between them.
When the sphere was supported above the main body the witnesses became aware that the object was in fact rotating in an anti-clockwise direction. It may well have been doing this throughout the observation. As the ball raised itself above the main body a further dimension was added to the mystery by the appearance of two figures. They had seemingly entered the gap below the sphere during its passage upwards through the main body of the object. These entities were human in appearance and could have passed quite easily for ordinary persons. They were almost exact replicas one of the other. Estimated to be about seven feet tall they had fair European skin coloration. The hair was short, fair and wavy, and the beings were well built. Vida Goldsworthy described them as “very good looking.” The figures were wearing an all white uniform of some type which was gathered in the middle by a brownish belt. There were two pockets at chest height, one on either side of the tunic top, and there were pleats running down the sides. Vida Goldsworthy also feels there was a line of buttons down the middle of the tunic top, but she is not certain of this. There was a stiff “stand up” collar at the neck. The legs were mostly obscured, as also were the sleeves, which throughout the encounter were behind the backs of the entities. By their body angle and their posture the witnesses felt that the entities were standing on a raised surface and leaning against an invisible rail of some kind. There was a distinct impression that the beings were watching the two women throughout this phase, although they were never seen to move. The object and humanoids eventually disappeared from sight behind some buildings and the witnesses returned home. (52)


What follows is one of the most bizarre and high strangeness incidents of that incredible decade of the 70’s. It perhaps embodied that decade of ‘strangeness’ combining both paranormal and Ufological aspects. Like or not many mainstream or ‘nuts and bolts’ Ufologists were beginning to realize that there was definitely something more than what met the eye.

The date was December 11 1975 at around 23:30 at night, the location, Toppenish Ridge, Washington an area known for numerous UFO sightings and other strange events.
Bob Le Duc (other sources give the name Jim Miller, possibly a pseudonym) had dropped off his girlfriend after a party. He turned off U.S. 97 and began the familiar journey home along Pumphouse Road which runs along the northern slopes of Toppenish Ridge. The gravel road was dark, without any streetlights. A mile up the road, Bob was surprised to see in his headlights a roan cow and her two calves’ beelining it toward him. The cow was bawling and looking back over its shoulder, apparently to make sure that one of the calves was following. Something had frightened the animals. Bob slowed his truck to avoid hitting them. Moments later, as he neared the top of a small rise, he saw three figures standing on the left side of the road. He wondered if they were travelers in trouble. The witness reduced his speed, ready to help. Suddenly one of the figures, standing in the ditch on the side of the road, bounded out onto the road in a 15-foot, floating, slow motion stride to a point just past the center of the road.
The figure, apparently a man, was about seven feet tall. He slowly put his arms above his head. An uncomfortable feeling descended over Bob. He decided it was best to continue on. The truck approached within several feet of the figure, and Bob saw that the man was extremely thin and wore tight black clothing with white bands at each wrist and ankle. A white trapezoid, as if an insignia, was on his chest, and black boots or similar footwear was on his feet. The man had a very long face, and a long, pointy nose. The skin on the face was very white, as if covered with flour. The upper lip appeared to be pulled back in a permanent snarl, and fine teeth were visible. The lower lip was either missing or very small. The man’s shoulder length hair was brownish, reddish-blond and very matted and stringy. The fingers on both of the man’s bare hands were long, and the creature grasped something purple in his left hand. The thing had a wire on it, which appeared to run down the creature’s arm. Bob noticed that the other two individuals remained close together at the side of the road. They were wearing the same kind of clothing, complete with white markings.
Completely frightened, Bob swerved around the figure. As he did, the giant turned sideways, never moving his arms nor changing expression. Bob tore off up the road and into the darkness. He had the urge to look into the rearview mirror but was too frightened. He drove as fast as he could. A few moments later, an elongated lighted object appeared behind the truck. It blinked on and off several times. Shortly, the inside of his truck and a 10 foot area round the vehicle were flooded with light as if the dome light had been turned on. The intensity of the illumination masked the instrument panel light and revealed dead insects stuck to the windshield. (If it hadn’t been already weird enough, the situation was soon to get even weirder).
Out of the corner of his eyes, Bob saw a shadow in the seat to his right. He intuitively knew that the figure was that of a close male friend his own age; he recognized the shape of the friend’s head and his familiar coat. As Bob drove madly home, a woman’s voice spoke in his head, “Drive recklessly because they cant afford for them to be the cause of you getting hurt.” Bob’s passenger turned his head and looked at Bob then leaned forward and looked up at the light pouring in through the windshield. He then leaned back, wiped his eyes, leaned forward as if to stand up and vanished. The light disappeared, and a sick feeling came over Bob that someone had died. He reached home and ran inside and awakened his parents, who could see that he was quite frightened. An interesting fact is that Bob learned the morning after he encountered the giants that a friend who resembled the passenger in his car had died the night of the encounter in a violent shooting. (53)
A sort of confirmation to this bizarre incident was reported one evening in March of 1976 also in Toppenish Ridge, Yakima, Washington.
A family was returning to their ranch on the South Harrah Road when they were surprised to see several tall thin longhaired man-like figures chasing some of the cattle down the road. The beings had extremely white or pale features and wore black outfits with white trapezoid emblems on the chest area, and were estimated to have been at least seven foot tall. Frightened, the family quickly drove away from the area. (54)

Part 3 of “Encounters with the Blonde and their kin” will be on the next issue of the Journal of Humanoid Studies.

Any questions or information please contact the author, Albert S Rosales at the following two email addresses:


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