UFO Digest Articles by TJ Thurmond Morris

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I would like to share my thoughts and reasons about it with you but it would take too long.  May I ask you if when you write you are channeling someone? Sometimes I feel as if you are.  What do believe about those who claim to be psychic and tell your “future”? Is this for real, is it wrong (I don’t have that gift myself)? I just wonder. Those are the two things I wanted to ask you.  I would also like to tell you that I had what I believe to be an Out of Body experience once, several years ago. I was lying in bed resting one summer afternoon and just before I thought I was going to sleep all at once I found myself sitting in the middle of a field of some sort. I remember it was a gorgeous day and the sky was as clear blue as it could possibly be. I was looking at the sky when I saw what looked like a very tiny cloud far, far away. It began to take the shape of a small ball and began to move towards me. As it moved towards me faster the ball turned into what looked like a beautiful irradecent pearl and then as it moved even faster out of the pearl was Jesus Christ in a brilliantly white gown with His arms out-streached. I remember my heart began to pound like never before, or since, and then I jumped up off of my bed with sweat beading up all over me. That was that, I haven’t had such an experience since. What do you think?
Well if you never get to read this or respond I will understand.
God Bless you TJ,

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