Tectonic Economics – BBC News – Iceland volcano pumps a different ash

BBC News – Iceland volcano pumps a different ash

It is important that we keep up with the Tectonic Plates and our weather this year and the next while we approach December 21, 2012
I shall do what I can to identify change and important impressions that are made on predictions for the future to come while being prepared to watch Mother Nature as she too goes through change!
Our weather has not been the norm where I live in Western Kentucky near the TRI-State borders of Kentucky-Illinois-Missouri.
South is Tennessee out my back door through Bowling Green.
To the North and East of me is Elizabethtown and Louisville.
My area is rural farmland and I am at the highest point of Ohio County and must watch for tornadoes in surrounding areas.
I always do share concern for all humanoids in all parts of this planet.
The Major Plates now on this planet we call the following:
Australia Plate
Arabia Plate
Eurasia Plate
India Plate
Nazca Plate
North America Plate
Nubia Plate
Pacific Plate
Phillipine Plate
Simalia Plate
South America Plate
Scotia Plate
We shall see that out of survival of the species we shall begin to align our business trade and commerce in alignment with Mother Nature for transportation requirements and future global tectonic economics.
Global Tectonic Economics as (GTE) in TRADE will begin to be seen in the way we invest in our Stock Market Trade of public stocks and bonds.
Please share in the research of how we shall all maintain our economic sanctions with the United Nations while learning how to survive based on Mother Nature as air traffic and other transportation may be effected in the future.
It is best to prepare for global trade based on these PLATES!

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