In the World in which we live, we all enjoy entertainment. Some of us “BABYBOOMERS” still love nostalgia and one of my jobs as a Muse and Channel is to share the joys of life as an advocate of the visual and performing arts as a life coach, psychic, and spiritual adviser.
I am also a member of BMI in the music industry and have performed on television and radio myself, I have helped mentor young artists as a performer and a producer. I have written songs in every genre and played the keyboard, trumpet and drums, and am a singer in this lifetime. What I loved about growing up going to school was music, dance, and band along with P.E.
With all of that said as an introduction and qualification for what I am about to announce about NBC and the Voice is that as only one VOTE I am amazed at the talent that both the male and female vocalists coaches have chosen to perform and compete on the new television show called the VOICE on NBC.
It is a television show where artists compete based on their voice only first and the famous talented judges of the show do not see them. One, four, or all of the judges who are facing away from the stage choose them. Once they performers begin to sing, if a vocal coach/famous artist likes their voice well enough to want to mentor them they punch a button and their chairs turn around. It is then up to the singer to choose which vocal coach/famous talent they want to have coach/mentor them for the final live performances where the people vote in America online and with their cell phones.
We have then had each of the four coaches pick eight singers that was narrowed down to four and tonight was the semi finals which narrowed down to two with America and the Celebrity Coach voting.
The talent on this show is amazing. It is a hard decision and America is given a chance to vote online and with their cell phones before 7 a.m. central time tomorrow morning.
I have been watching the show the VOICE since the inception. I really think it is an outstanding concept which is a take off or spin off America’s Got Talent or other similar shows where America votes for talented people.
This can lead to recording contracts for entertainers. This is a wonderful way for all of us to enjoy the fact that we are including the “POWER TO THE PEOPLE” in “SOCIAL NETWORKS”.
I think that we are evolving in a wonderful way to assist in a humanitarian way to discover talent in America. I am all for creating jobs in America and of course want to do my part. I have been in public relations with my efforts as a writer for almost the last ten years since 9-11-01. I got married in 2000, moved to Kentucky with my husband, and accepted my married name as TJ Morris. I am just now beginning this year to build my name into TJ Morris.org.
It has taken me a long time to get organized from my home and to decide now to use the webcam to create my business as a life coach with some help from the TJ Morris & Friends Group I have created known as the Ascension Center Organization and for my social paranormal group called ET Spirit Organization.
I am going to put my recommendations for the women who dominated tonight performance as Beverly, Casey, Dia, and Vicci. I cannot decide which one will win because they are all so good! There are four (4) women all at 18 or older with their own beautiful spirit and sound. I really enjoyed the female goddess vibrations in all four of them. I hope this will encourage everyone to tune into the show and decide for yourselves which woman will win the VOICE. The men are great TOO but I have to go with the women being that I am all about the future Goddess energy!
THE VOICE will be on tomorrow night 7 Central time – my time after the delay from the President Obama Speech.
I hope all my friends will tune in. I will tweet and Facebook a note about the 4 women in order to do some public relations work for the women! Power to the People. Love and Light. TJ

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