American Chronicle | Alien ET Contactee TJ Shares the Death of her Parents prior to 2012

I want to be remembered as the founder of the Ascension Center in 1990 which was the coming age and era of the Eco-businesses. Think Green and Think Global!American Chronicle | Alien ET Contactee TJ Shares the Death of her Parents prior to 2012

Life tuned in as an Alien ET Hybrid!
Life isn’t always just love and light although I wish it was. Life hurts sometimes. The ups and downs make us who we are in this lifetime.
I remember life when it was better than this day. Life has been hard this week. I couldn’t go to sleep all night. I knew something was wrong. I could feel it.
My father died this morning of a heart attack. He wasn’t expected to die but did at 79 years of age. He was having trouble with his back and was in a rehabilitation home for it. But wasn’t expected to die.
His wife Louise who was my stepmother called my brother Charles Hughston Thurmond. He called Wendy Gayle Finley on the phone and told her about 1:30 PM when he was on his way home from work. She called my sister Brenda Thomas in Lubbock, Texas who called me about an hour ago. I called my daughter Stephanie Parrish and asked her to call her sisters.
The four daughters were sealed to me and my father per his wishes and desires when we were all practicing Latter Day Saints. We lived a good life then and life seemed hard financially then. I went on to change life after that in the 80’s. My life got busy as did all my children and we all went our own ways being busy. I miss my DAD. Funny how he died the same year my mother did. Mother got cancer of the lungs and then a tumor in the brain. She just decided the day she would have my sisters administer her the drops that would put her to sleep on May 4, 2011. My father Nathaniel Burton Thurmond passed away today on December 9, 2011. Louise is on the way to the funeral home to make the arrangements and she was going to go ahead and have it as soon as possible. We weren’t close after mother divorced Daddy and we quit going to church after awhile. I kept going and my husband in the U.S. Navy joined the ward in Waukegan, Il before we moved to Honolulu where we were divorced.
This is all the dark part of my life that would not be entered into the book I am writing because it is the incidentals that happen in life which we had lived with knowing that divorces happen and emotional bonds are broken among the biological parents. The children build up resentment and time goes by and things happen that we call life and trying to survive.
My oldest daughter said that she always means to call me but time gets away from her so we speak maybe every five years or so. She and my second daughter haven’t spoken to me since Kali Mariah Smith was born in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Kali is now five years and just visited me here in Kentucky for Thanksgiving. I have twelve grandchildren and I don’t really know any of them due to the way our family all spread out around the country due to jobs and careers. There were six children of our original family by Dad. My youngest half sister came along in Houston once mother remarried. My life is not so different than many families who have encountered family troubles and divorce.
It hurts even when one hasn’t been a part of their father’s life as an adult. I passed through and saw Dad and Louise a couple of times while I was driving a truck coast to coast and south to north and back again for US Xpress and Covenant Transport. Dad saw me and we had our photo taken. Life got away from us and DAD didn’t want a computer in his home. My sister Wendy said just now on the phone, “You know how Dad was old-fashioned.”
Why I bothered to write this to my friends on UFO Digest is because there has been some sad times going on lately and I felt this happening to me and I could not do anything to prevent it coming.
We who are in tune with the energy that is all around us can read the signs. We all can and Tom and I was up all night long for the first time.
Also, yesterday all my websites were shutdown all at once by Bluehost without notice to me. They say I had outgrown their server and needed to go to a dedicated or virtual server. So, I went back to Godaddy, for some, I opened a new larger account with Net Solutions and also one for TJ Morris Publishing on I had been up all night compressing all my files for the 21 websites I own and just finished this afternoon when I got the call from my sister a little before 4 PM. The time was messed up in my life and also my husbands. He is sleeping now in his large overstuffed chair which is a part of our wrap around couch here in the living room where I am typing. I guess one might say that I needed to vent since I am so emotionally drained knowing that something was headed my way.
Two nights ago I was up at 4 A.M. because of 3 earthquakes and volcanoes. I can’t remember now which it was or if it was both. I just know I couldn’t sleep and told my husband something was wrong. I figured it was the earth. It could have been the world’s energy preparing me for today.
Then last night I looked at the phone and saw my sisters name on my husbands cell phone and she never calls. She informed me to day that she did not but there was the name Brenda on his cell and I knew it was bad news. A thought came into my head about 11 PM that it was bad news in the family and it must be DAD. Since we never talk about DAD or too DAD it was hard to believe that three of his daughters were all upset and not sleeping. Wendy and Brenda had a bad night too. Brenda has had pneumonia since Nov. 17, and I was in the hospital the 3 days before Thanksgiving and the Friday before that for tests. I was told I had mini strokes from time to time since my tests are all okay. I was told that the nuclear tests done on me about my heart and the three walls that were supposedly bad were a false positive once they went up my right arm with a heart cath. That was no fun and to me it seemed traumatic.
I liken it to the primitive ways we have on this planet when it comes to the medical field and our equipment. Our doctors all rely on tests more than anything since we have to find the cause of our discomfort and pain.
This time, there is no place to see the pain on the MRI or CT scan and xrays or EEGs but the pain is there never the less.
I have learned about being human and I have learned that we can experience a very deep emotional pain that has nothing to do with showing up on tests, machines, and computers. This is the reason we need to be more about listening to others and not only settling for what we believe may show up in tests.
There is a message here that is about knowing that one has lived before, died, and will live again. Knowing the truth about one’s own spirit and accepting this lifetime and what it may teach us doesn’t make life any less difficult.
I have many layers in my mind and many memories and many memories of lifetimes in the past on this planet and on others. This is the stuff people want me to write about not this real life stuff that hurts so much. But this is life and I am living it the same as everyone else on this planet.
The only difference is that I know I have been monitored by those above all my life we call aliens, angels, and extraterrestrials or ET.
I know this and have experienced this in my reality on this planet. I have had dreams about the other galaxies in this universe and I have also had UFO sightings.
I have been aware of life with extraterrestrials for as long as I can remember well to the age I was in a crib watching them watch me. I lived a rather normal life with hopes of being more by searching for answers about why we are here, what we are to do while we are here, and where we go when we leave this planet. I thought about these ET or aliens not from this planet for as long as I knew they came and visited me in person.
There were many times I spoke to them as an adult. As a child I did but it was in what we called prayers. I miss life on the other planet and in another galaxy. I miss my life in space as a commander of a huge fleet that is all about security of this planet and the human intelligent being species. I trained for this position my whole life and learned to be okay with people who are not from this planet and only come to visits from time to time. I don’t know if my mother and father thought they were aliens but I know my father wasn’t afraid to speak of it but my mother was a total nonbeliever in UFOS. That was very much the way she reminded me she didn’t believe.
She did know she had psychic abilities she couldn’t explain. She never tried because most women her age were all about simply getting married and having children. She did work and learned to type and became a secretary. She actually went to college and business school to learn shorthand. I miss that life I had as a kid. I miss the parades and all the horses in the parade with the American flags held high. I miss the days that we enjoyed all the Christmas lights and going to see Santa every year at Howard Griffins in Monroe, Louisiana.
This is for my Father and my Mother now who both left this planet this year. Dad left today the old fashioned way with a heart attack. Mom has been gone and I miss her now more than ever. The pain is hard to deal with and hold back.
So, to all those who don’t believe in alien ET and UFOS I hope you find it in your body and mind to allow your heart to find the little kid in you that you felt when you were young. That little kid is still there and just as we are all born we will all die and we will all live again even if only in spirit and memories that we take with us when we die.
I hope that all my friends in the Alien ET UFO Community will spend their time this holiday season remembering all the good times and letting go of all the bad in the past!
We can learn from our past mistakes and our past miseries. Let’s learn to heal ourselves and each other and do what we all can to make this world a better place for you and me and the entire human race. Oh, I miss Michael Jackson too! I truly do. There is a part of him inside us all who heard his music and the song, “WE ARE THE WORLD!”
Our children may never know what it was like before computers, electronic gaming, and smart phones. But, those of us who do can still remember playing outside and some of us were Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Superman, and Wonder Woman and some of us were later the “Trekkies” of Star Trek and dreamed of being Luke Skywalker of Star Wars.
It is the movies that move us into experiencing life
together with what is created we can all share if we want
to see a movie either on the big screen or now we can rent
a DVD or download it on our computers, phones, tablets, or other devices. We can download that music that moved us to laughing or tears. We can relate to the words that the songwriters share with us on the radio and what music we were moved to feel emotions when we first fell in love.
We can even share the memories of the words we read and some of us can even remember where we were when Kennedy was shot or even Reagan. We can remember where we were when the Twin Towers went down on September 11, and some of us can even remember where we were on the 50th and 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident of the July 4th weekend in 1947 when a certain crash of a UFO happened and the news media of the time caught wind of it. We are all about to change again and I thank those above for allowing me to know my parents and all of you at this time on earth through the Akashic field in space and in cyberspace. You may know me and you may not but know that I can feel you in the connection to the field of everything. We all can if we put our mind to it!
Keep safe and happy, and I hope with all my heart guided passion that we all have a Happy New Year for this time of year brings in the new year we have all been waiting for to change the world and time with anew era. A new era in time that will fix many of our old errors in time in the last 2600 years or so. This is truly the end of an era for me and everyone else on this planet. We welcome 2012. We share the new beginning of the Ascension Age 12-21-12.
It is now time for us all to expect a time when some of us will be leaving just like my parents did this year. My children will miss me but we have been a part for so many years due to my eight years in the military and then working over the road that they didn’t really get to see me much unless I was passing through their states of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. My four daughters were all born in Texas and I was born in Louisiana. I will always be a southern woman at heart in many ways that I cannot explain except to say that I was born in Dixie and made it to the West Monroe High School where we were the Rebels. There was a time on earth when flying the Flag of the South we called Dixie was not politically incorrect. There was a time when my family had trunks of southern confederate money. I still remember my Dad and all the times he collected money and now I know that if he still had it my brother will inherit that collection. But, I also know at this time that my brother was close to my DAD through all these years and he and my DAD put my two brothers to rest and it was the hardest thing they both have done in this life. It is so hard losing a loved one and specially a loved one such as a sibling or parent. If you have family then be grateful and give them a phone call and tell them how much you have enjoyed knowing them in this life. It is never expected that we will die unexpectedly but none of us are promised tomorrow.
Remember now always that I was one who told the truth about those above and my experiences were real and there are people like me who were born to be here while these beings came and went of their own choosing to allow us to gradually get use to sharing what will come to be known in our future as the same knowledge that we could relate too in our past. That we are never alone!
So until I can be moved spiritually to write more on the “TAKEN UP” series about my real time experiences on earth and my astral travel time in spirit please know that I am mourning the loss of my parents this year but also know that this too will pass and I shall be looking forward to meeting you in the future!
Yes there really are ETs and there really are divine supreme beings that have always been. Why they choose to allow freewill and choice to us all as a learning curve for our spirit has to do with our own soul’s progression that takes time.
Be happy about knowing that they have made arrangements with some of us to enter into the time we call precession and also a time we call the Ascension Age which is the Golden Age of Cosmology and in a manner of speaking about old-time words Anthroposophy!
I want to be remembered as the founder of the Ascension Center in 1990 which was the coming age and era of the Eco-businesses. Think Green and Think Global!
Love and Light to you all and may God and god Mother of the holy divine be with you all now in spirit and in your prayers and meditations. Sharing the miracles of their energy and generosity in this holiday spirit is in our culture.Remember the plan always was and always will be “HEALTH AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL!”

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