Shaman Guides – Avatar Masters – Ascension Center Lightworkers – ET Guides – Angels Notice 9-8-10 on WEB “WE are now calling all levels of essence as beings to materialize their conscious efforts to assist all sentient intelligent beings who exist in their body-mind-spirit vessels, as Merkabahs for the present preexistence of the Ascension Center.” TJ A PROPHETESS AS A STUDENT OF LIFE STORY BY TJ Learning the difference in the various levels of beings in the Omniverse. Some are essence, sparks of light called Star Babies. Some are Star People who from the heavens came we call angels and nephilim such as Metatron and Archangel Gabriel. Some are Sky People those who from this realm and universe came in physical form as Extraterrestrials. While some are Angels and spirits of this universe, and others are from higher realms. There are many masters and mansions we now call dimensions, and planes of the Time Lords and Time Travelers as Avatar Masters. We are doing that which is planned for our future today and always in the expansion. TJ The Supreme Beings may in time allow us to know of their whereabouts. Until then, we must all share in what has been created in the physical presence we share as life on earth. I am called by many names including that of an Oracle such as the one in the movie “Matrix” and also a High Priestess in the Game of Life and on the Tree of Knowledge we use in the Tarot practices of Shaman Masters and Readers. I prefer to be called a mystic or shaman but that is not important. Maybe my stories of which I was told I was the “Keeper of the Flame” and of all the “TARA Empresses who lived before.” Some in other worlds call me Tara and some call me Commander. We are all called many names in other dimensions. To know one’s name is to call forth their presence. We shall teach those who desire to learn the power of being in the other dimensions. “I sometimes wonder about why we are all here in the physical realm. I realize that there are various dimensions and places we call reality and there are others as realms of energy in space. We of the Extraterrestrial Community are here to explore our imaginations inside the matrix, as well as, outside the web. We can all be, do, and have in what we share in abundance. It is time we get back to nature and mysticism of the miracles that we share here called life. Please join me in the future of the Ascension Age. “TJ ASCENSION CENTER ENLIGHTENMENT ACE Metaphysical Institute Art-Culture-Education-Science-Technology-Mysticism – Folklife THERESA MORRIS – EVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS – ‘SPIRIT ‘ MYSTIC JOURNEYS TO 7 HEAVENS Shamanic Journeys – Merkabah – ACE GUIDE NEWS MAGAZINE for Authors, Copywriters, Editors (ACE) – Peer Review Journal of Body-Mind-Spirit Being THERESA MORRIS’S – EVOLVING CONSCIOUS SPIRIT OF 7 HEAVENS – ACE GUIDE SHAMANIC MYSTICS – ASCENSION CENTER ENLIGHTENMENT (ACE) (ACE METAPHYSICAL INSTITUTE APPRENTICE SHAMAN AND ASCENSION CENTER LIGHTWORKER COURSES CREED – MISSION STATEMENT) The Apprentice An apprentice Shaman life is sometimes thrust upon a sentient intelligent being. Sometimes, the essence is allowed to grow according to the natural laws of physical nature inside the microcosm and allowed to become an active participant in the macrocosm of all that is created by the masters or ancestors who have been enlightened before. Some are allowed to proceed on the path of enlightenment at their own pace while others shall stumble over the rocks in the road. The journey is best made while learning in two parts as essence realizing that one belongs in space as a microcosm traveling with other microcosms inside the larger macrocosm of which there are at present the point of origin the spark of essence called inner self as the microcosm. The inner spark is what we call the energy or light. Sometimes, this will be due to their master guides challenging their essence while on earth in a body-mind-spirit chalice or Merkaba. Remember, the life you now lead on earth is for the self and the soul. There is a part of each one of us that strives to return to our soul or to some their Oversoul. I have been asked to assist others who have found themselves in a place where there appears to be no bridge of understanding or caring to get to the other side. I have also been asked to assist those who are the ones who have experienced being an abductee. The best way I can do this for the entire levels of life in the present seven levels of heaven or paradise is to share the work in words. Some of these words will be my own while to others some will be channeled material. I am a practicing Shaman. I am considered a Master Shaman based on my lifetime experiences in what we call time and space-time as the past, present, and future. I am always a student of life among the living. We all are as we pass through this state and stage of the universe on an orb that travels while the universe is expanding inside the various other levels of what we call existence. Our conscious is changing. Our levels of conscious awareness of life and all that this word “life” entails is part of why we are here, who we are, and where we shall be going when we leave earth and this plane of existence. I am also a practicing Mystic who was raised with the disciplines and education in the Christian faith and religion in the Untied United States of America on the North American continent. I am now aware of the 6 million year portion of our North American Continent as what we once called a part of Atlantis on earth. See Craton North American Continent. Together we shall mold that which to a novice will be seen through their guides and teachers. A Master Guide such as me is one who allows others to share in the mystical experiences that would normally be kept secret. Secrets are very powerful and can give energy and strength to the beholder of the magic or magick of the secret. There are various levels of energy and extreme understanding that some will address as wisdom and knowledge while others will only see the levels as nonsense and words in order of messages that have no meaning at all. This is why those who have walked the same path, as we shall in the future also lived in the past and kept these “Shamanic Journeys” inside their own inner worlds. Shamans have inner and outer journeys in this place we call earth. We receive guidance from our spirit guides in both inner and outer worlds. Regardless of the titles we place on each other or the categories we study in anthropology or cosmology, we can establish for ourselves what God means to us as individuals. To some there is both a God and Goddess while some are totally convinced due to their own upbringing in their family, tribe, community, state, country, or planet that there is only one lord and master of their essence, existence, or whereabouts. For some it is simply geographical and others it is all about unity of the spirit with other spirits which are in physical form. There are still those who are of water, liquid, vapor who are the ethereals as opposed to the solids. We on earth tend to be categorized with other humanoids as sentient intelligent beings which are considered both solid and fluid. Therefore we have to learn to think in two parts of our selves, as well as, our minds in side our brains. Then of course there is quantum entanglement and the branes that are the sheets that are seen to exist in-between the multiverse and xenoverse states of being at the present way of being inside the metaverse. The metaverse is seen as all that with the ebb and flow of the matter and antimatter of the multiverse and xenoverse encased inside the omniverse. One may want to look at a photo of the physical makeup of a human being without the skin present to understand all the parts. The omniverse is like our skin which is the largest organ of our own body makeup while on earth. All may soon disappear when we leave our physical body and mind but we take our spirit into that which is energy into the unknown or xenoverse back to the original soul essence that exists elsewhere. Some believe that this is outside of the entire matrix and web. Some believe we rejoin our father God and mother Goddess. Here are some words in our work that may be of assistance to those who desire to join us in the future, in what my spirit guides also called extraterrestrials have offered us to find and use on earth in this journey. TJ. 1. The apprentice novice neophyte shaman shall first learn theory and practice through the messages of the ancestors of earth left in myths and legends. 2. The “Apprentice Shaman” shall learn rituals and techniques of the mentor Shaman Master also known in some work and worlds as the Ascended Master. 3. The apprentice shaman will also be known in and among his/her peers inside the matrix of what we call the microcosm of each body-mind-spirit as the Ascension Center Light Being. 4. The Ascension Center Light Being will also be called to the outside work and world as a “Lightworker”. 5. The apprentice shaman who is also now regarded as a Lightworker shall be raising awareness with the aid and guidance of all higher level guides and masters once they have reached a certain level of being, doing, and having that which is considered the “Holy Spirit” or “Holy Ghost” of which is one part of who we all are as body-mind-spirits. 6. One may call the Christian Mystic’s words of the “Holy Spirit Shaman” by another name as the “Inner Force” or “Higher Power” so not to be caught up in the “Old School” or languages of our ancestors. 7. The Apprentice Shaman Lightworker will agree to experience all that shall be learned through guidance of the Master Shaman and/or Ascended Master by learning all that can be for the good of self and to and for others in the spirit of evocation of meaningful truth as tribal traditions. 8. The Apprentice – Ascension Center Shaman Lightworker will join the tribe of the Shaman practitioners who are only one part of the Ascension Center Metaphysical Institute of Higher Learning of Science and Technology along with the accepted and understood principles and teachings of other artists, creators, educators, and folks. 9. The Lightworker of the Ascension Center as a Shaman Apprentice will learn to cultivate dreams, visions, spirits, and dimensions, in both the inner and outer world the microcosm inside the macrocosm of all 7 levels of being inside the Matrix including the Omniverse. 10. By practicing within a tribe and participating with others, one may learn how to become a Master Shaman Lightworker to assist self and others and mediate effectively between worlds and dimensions, sacred and profound, physical, and ethereal. This is astral and physical. Depending on an essence and the needs of the microcosm to perform and participate and learning their duties while living on earth, there are some who shall find their way into the guidance of the masters of the Ascension Center. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris has been trained her entire earth life to participate in various callings and elections made sure while in earth form we regard as body-mind-spirit to all on earth who remain outside of the understanding of our traditions and principles as Ascension Center Lightworkers. This way of life is a journey of spirits who share in lifetimes of work in the various dimensions we call the 7 levels of heaven… 1. MICROCOSM – ESSENCE-SPIRIT One’s own point of origin as Truth 2. MATRIX -WORLD …One’s own inner and outer geographic location 3. UNIVERSE 4. MULTIVERSE …Includes the Branes 5. METAVERSE …Includes all universes and branes 6. XENOVERSE …Includes all that is inner and outer and the unknown 7. OMNIVERSE …Includes the inner, outer, known, and unknown inside the known expansion 8. ALL – WEB – GOD/GODDESS – OBSERVERS/CREATORS …That which lies outside of the all of the OMNIVERSE “December 26, 2012 a date that will be remembered in Ascension of the Omniverse of what we call the macrocosm. December 21, 2012, a date we have had prepared for us by our ancient ancestors to draw attention to a new time, and a chapter in our tribe as a species.” PLEASE JOIN US IN DOING THE ASCENSION CENTER ENLIGHTENMENT WORK AS A PARTICIPANT IN LIFE WITH US ALL! THANK YOU. EACH IS APPRECIATED AS A SPARK OF LIGHT IN THE WHOLE COSMOS OF THE XENOVERSE AND OMNIVERSE AND WEB. 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Bio Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is an Author/Creator/Entrepreneur (ACE). TJ specializes in paranormal/super natural phenomenon and sustainability. TJ is the founder of the first Ascension Center based on sustainability and whole life living. TJ Shares the body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience and is about the future as a visionary for sustaining life in the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. TJ is now a spiritual adviser with ACE Folklife and Ascension Center Organization at TJ was a professional consultant and expert witness on legal investigations and has prior military and government service in the USA 1980-1993. Professionally she uses her initials TJ, ACE, and ACIR.US. TJ has written several paranormal books including Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond, Alien UFO Story by TJ, Avatar Oracle Xeno Guide, Roswell Connection, Roswell UFO Encounters, UFOS & Extraterrestrials, Uplifting the Soul, Alphaverse and Omegaverse, Spirit Guide, ACE Folklife Guide, and all books are in print available on Barnes & Noble, and TJ shares her life with her husband Thomas R. Morris also an author. TJ Morris is an Ambassador of Goodwill with American Culture International Relations and ACIR. TJ Morris is her trademark ™ ACIR her servicemark (sm) TJ studied arson, fraud, subrogation, forensics, history, psychology and worked as a Legal Investigator for attorneys and a Private Investigator until she was actively recruited by the U.S. Navy and as a General Service investigator Contractor. TJ is now semi-retired and uses a title of writer as far as her Uncle Sam is concerned. TJ has a small woman owned business with websites and shares in editing her friend’s books as a book doctor. TJ is sharing her life as an event planner for sharing the awareness of communication, sustainability, earth and space science, whole life living, and spiritual higher consciousness awakening. TJ has a title of Life Agashan and Avatar Ascension Master. TJ is the Ascension ET Authority and began the Alien ET UFO Community. TJ shares promoting books for her friends and publishers books such as mysteries, paranormal, military intrigue, and now her own series about UFOs and alien civilizations exist. TJ is an advocate for the future Ascension Age. Professional History in corporate international marketing, manufacturing, legal investigations, newspaper columnist, and magazine publisher. TJ lives in Kentucky USA with husband Tom. TJ has been an organizer, speaker, spiritual consultant, producer/song writer with BMI and publisher. TJ spends much of her time assisting others as a consultant in business and with building websites.

TJ’s websites to share with others around the world news and common interests with her friends of Facebook are,,,,,,, TheresaMorris.Net and many others. Theresa J Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris are both names to search for under her book names as author. TJ has been interested in the Alien ET UFO Community all her life with a strong research history in cosmology, metaphysics, ontology, and is founder of the ACE Folklife Historical Society, Ascension, and, in order to assist others adjust to the new awakening and awareness of the Ascension Age as the golden age of Cosmology. TJ is also a natural born leader as a Capricorn with Aquarius rising and promotes health and prosperity and whole life expos, seminars, and her friends and their business interests. TJ attracts others who desire to share similar interests in social networks and is a social entrepreneur. TJ writes her interests including her near death experiences and ET contact friends and their businesses. TJ loves people, places, things, and having a near death experience learned the power of meditation, prayer, astral travel, remote viewing, and other interest in ESP and parapsychology. For all those who believe as she does in Ascension Vertical Lifestyles for body-mind-spirit, TJ has been a Life Coach to those who request her services as a mentor. TJ is a known administrator of the Ascension Center Hawaii and as a creator entrepreneur planner organizer she founded the original Ascension Center Organization and Psychic Network in Hawaii 1990-1993 which was advertised in the Honolulu newspaper and registered in Hawaii. TJ was known as Tara then by her spiritual friends and has worked in seminars psychic fairs, People Synergistically Involved and other motivational seminars and expos in the USA. TJ now works with people who are planning their future preparation and space exploration beyond 2012. TJ is now working on the TAKEN UP 2012 Series of stories to be published as books and owns the copyrights to the stories to be read as chapters on UFO Role Contributor FORMER WEBSITES NOW SEE ASCENSIONCENTER.ORG,,,,,

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