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to janetlessinRMorningstarGingerPublisher in this Ascension Age is being bombarded with information in this communication cosmology age of enlightenment. We are all sharing the awakened awareness that we are all about sustainability for our planet and our species.

TJ Morris Publishing – Story for the Day on my BLOG Theresa J Thurmond Morris
My daughter who is 44 years old, Angela Dawn Parrish Cook has moved back home with me.
She is starting a new life here in Kentucky. She just told me,
“MY MOM is deep! You’re a deep woman but I believe in you and I have faith in you no matter what.
You are going to be real successful you already are! Never give up Mommy! Never, that’s just the way it is!”
She then said,
“You are loving, and you are there for everybody else and you are sweet, people can’t help but love you. If they don’t then they just don’t know you like I do. You are a sweet giving person and there are haters out there are just confused. They are always jealous, or smarter, or popular, or pretty, or they will help their status. They along time ago saw there is something inside of you special and different and it has been that way ever since! I know and remember because you are my Mommy and it has been that way ever since!”
As anyone can see with her words, I told her,
“Well, can I put that in print on my today blog because you just endorsed me?”
Angela said,
“Well Mom, I don’t want everyone knowing my business but I guess if it’s just this as my MOM.”
SINCE MOTHER’s DAY is coming in MAY, I thought this would be a great way to remind everyone that the females on this planet are special because we all are mothers in one way of another!
Even MOTHER NATURE!              
Love and Light TJ
Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Social Entrepreneur, Ambassador of Goodwill
 PLEASE OPEN THE ENCLOSURE WHICH IS SAFE! – Thank you and Have a Good Life on Earth in the Ascension Age! Love and Light TJ

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