Women Veteran Organizations Volunteer in 2012 for ACO

Please share this with all our volunteers that desire to participate in our TRI-STATE area of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. We will have TJ Morris as our Speaker about becoming Webmasters. Theresa J. Morris, USNR-R will be our Women Veteran Organization President for our group training and managing our WEBPAGE. One Theresa trains another to assist us on all the Common Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. we will ask our various webmasters if they need assistance to share in Public Service Announcements as Ad Copy or in need of content from our Authors, Copywriters, and Editors as ACE FOLKLIFE Society and ACE CLUB both Private Clubs at the present time for various niche genres.

WVO are being asked to volunteer their services to the Global Community in the sharing in helping the homeless and jobless in AMERICA. We will be sharing as a Clearing House for all those who can supply assistance to various groups including the Women Veterans of America who are homeless and jobless.

We recognize that many of our members have PTSD and we are preparing special meetings to assist with DEPRESSION and ANXIETY as well.

Our SPIRIT GUIDES offer holistic ezines for the Body-Mind-Spirit having the Birth-Life-Death Experience.

TJ Morris Publishing Network has authors, writers, columnists, freelance writers, teachers, and trainers as Guides available to all of us whether a former Women Veteran which she is. TJ received her Honorable Discharge on 4-29-93.

Founder: TJ Thurmond Morris
May, 2012
ACO-WVO Contract Consultant
TJ Morris D&B#124124038
TJ Morris tm ACIR sm
American Culture International Relations Ambassadors of Goodwill – Global Tectonic Economics
Administrative Commander – TJ Morris tm ACIR sm ACO Corp Administrative Control USA – ACO-WVO Control (ADCON).
Direction or exercise of authority over subordinate or other
Organizations in respect to administration and support, including organization of Service forces, control of North American organizations for all branches of the military who have served past and present with a friendship of caring in our Community of Practice Skills also known as COPS in USA.
Resources and equipment, personnel management, unit logistics, individual and unit training, readiness,
Mobilization, demobilization, discipline, and other matters not included in the operational missions of the
Subordinate or other organizations. (JP 1-02)

Gmail – Website Pricing – WebsiteForge – Call Me – tjmorrispublishing@gmail.com:

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