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WVO – WOMEN VETERAN ORGANIZATIONS Administrative Public Relations through Ascension Center Information Resource as an OPEN SOURCE INFORMATION service for WEBMASTERS.
Webmasters Women Veterans Organization manages the ACO and today we shall begin sharing our secretary minutes for 2012 with those who have volunteered their services in the Nation.
We shall welcome All Women Veteran Organizations in the world. We presently share our space with those in the USA and CANADA. Our OUTREACH to the UK is through the Spirit Guides Co.UK at present.
We are in the process of seeing what can be done with Legal Counsel to assist us with our GLOBAL COMMUNITY OUTREACH in our slogan ASCENSION AGE is now! We are also concerned about HUMAN RIGHTS and will be sharing WOMEN’s ISSUES and our American Culture International Relations with ACIR and ACE FOLKLIFE.
We are presently going to plan for our SUMMER Festivals and Flea Markets where we are represented with our PROJECT called “YOUR VOTE COUNTS!” We are Independent Voters and share that we believe everyone should vote for the person and not the party. We however are welcoming all voters with open arms in our WVO which is only one Organization of the ASCENSION CENTER ORGANIZATION.
Our SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY shares their own COUNTRIES and similar interests in their own Niche Genres in their own social media information services and websites.
We are inspired by our creator Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris with health and prosperity for all in the Ascension Age to provide OPEN SOURCE public relations as an effort to show what prior women in the military can do as volunteers to offer contributions to other organizations by participating in FUND RAISING and purchasing books from our ACE FOLKLIFE BOOK CLUB and TIMELY MANOR BOOKs.
We have a slogan which is HEALTH AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL in our GLOBAL TECHTONIC ECONOMICS which involve SUSTAINABILITY through HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS which TJ MORRIS began with her TJ MORRIS PROMOTIONS for American Culture International Relations as TJ Morris tm and ACIR sm.
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Article Details for GLOBAL LOVE DAY SUSTAINABILITY MAY 1, 2012 Ascension Age is now!
Author Theresa Morris
Date 05/01/2012 1:03 PM 1:35 PM
Title GLOBAL LOVE DAY SUSTAINABILITY MAY 1, 2012 Ascension Age is Now!
Full Status Pending
Tags Ascension Age, New Age Expos, Global Love Day, May 1, 2012, Ascension Center, TJ Morris, UK, USA , CA, North America, Free Trade, open source, associations, global, sustainability, trade, social entrepreneurs, organizations, veterans, USA, VFW, women, women, men, USA,ACIR, TJ Morris tm ACIR sm, Companies Public, Angel Investors, Charities, Celebrity Apprentice, The Apprentice. Entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, ACE Folklife, TJ Morris Friends, TJ Morris Publishing, TJ Morris Promos, MAPS, Marketing, Advertising, Publicists, Websites, Information, PR, Social Media
Blurb we are in the process of sharing our connections and our similar interests with others. Please visit our Ascension Center Organization and consider Listing with our ACE Guide and ACIR Directory for the USA products and services non-governmental associations and organizations list. Ascension Age is Now May 1, 2012 : Angel : Ascension : Astrology : Aura : Clairvoyance : Crystal : Development : Fair :Fayre : Festival : Ghost : Healing : Hypnosis : Investigation : Law of Attraction : Mediumship :Paranormal : Physical : Psychic : Psychic Art : Readings : Regression : Reiki : Table Tipping :Tarot : Therapists : Trance Mediumship : Transfiguration : Workshop :
Body Happy Global Love Day May 1, 2012
We as Social Entrepreneurs are Global Ambassadors of Goodwill
We are sharing our Grand Opening of our new introductory compilation of what we shall offer the world in our new Global Strategy Plan of our Ascension Center Organization.
Our new slogan is Ascension Age is now!
This project is headed by TJ Morris Publishing who is the webmaster for Tri-State Women Veterans
TJ Morris is the trade name for Theresa J Thurmond Morris and ACIR is the service mark
TJ Morris ACIR has been actively participating in cyberspace with trademark and servicemark since 2005.
Global Tectonic Economics as Sustainability with Higher Consciousness in the Ascension Center Organization
We share our Grand Opening with all those in the ACE FOLKLIFE SOCIETY around the world who may want to join our Ascension Center Organization about sustainability through higher consciousness.
Our Lightworkers are working to share love and light around the world!
We celebrate our Grand Opening by being Social Entrepreneurs interesting in sharing all world organizations that desire to share in being listed with our Ascension Center Resource Information as ACIR GUIDE.
We also have the ACE FOLKLIFE Guide
And the ACE Directory
We are announcing our American Women Veterans Organization Group as the Volunteers who will become the Administrators and Volunteers in the USA for our Made in the USA Products and services promotion that are to be shared around the world in our attempt to share the Lightworkers and Truthseekers in the Social Media Network.
We are presently launching our Ascension Center Organization to support all those in the world who want to assist us in making Lists and Directories in their states organizations.
It is best to work in states and we are concentrating on the Tri-State Women Veterans for Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky has the Heartland of our Ascension Center Organization, our ACE FOLKLIFE, and American Women Veterans Organization.
The following is from one of our Lightworkers for this Global Love Day – MAY 1
Nisara Chomboon
Many of you are having feelings of great sleepiness that appear early, before dark, only then, if they see no other chance, need to go to sleep, because this feeling is very strong. This is a time when we are working on adjusting their energy fields. This adjustment process is best done while their physical bodies are in a state of deep rest. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you know that it is the turn of being tuned and adjusted.
Everyone, that is, all of our Family of Lightworkers are receiving this personal attention in order to accelerate this process of transformation. Nurture yourself and understand yourself, when that happens because you are not being slothful or lazy, as there simply is part of the process, accept and let it flow. Some of you are feeling uncomfortable in their bodies at certain times of the day: – that, too, will pass.
Listen for signs that they are being data and rest when you feel it necessary.
Establish actions when they are feeling the full force remaining in positive state high thinking. If negative thoughts come to your mind, change immediately to a high thinking. Thus, you are master of your thought patterns.
Your chakras are opening widely, every day; this can sometimes cause them palpitations in this area. If this happens, just relax and rest for a few moments until they pass. There will be continued unexplained pains coming and going away in various parts of your body, it is a sign that adjustments are being made and attunements. It is time to accept what they are coming, but then resist, because of preconceived expectations of how it should be.
Many projects will be placed to be sustained as each one walking through this process. Know that everything will be done again when the weather is right and everything will flow smoothly and with grace and lightness when this happens. You may have noticed that the personal interactions are going through positive changes.
Many people are now voicing their feelings and thoughts with more reality than before. This is a very positive step toward the unity of consciousness. When we succeed in accepting each other without criticism and judgment, this will open a path for communication with more meaning and depth. By adopting this truth each other, this will enable the person without his mask previously used, can shine your light shining for the world. Be proud of who you are. In the entire universe, there is no one like you.
One of a kind and an integral part of the whole. Without you this world in these times now, an important part of the All would be missing.
Practice sustaining love and bless the thoughts, wherever possible through your day. This will help anchor your Christ Self. Identify themselves strongly as possible with the highest attributes of his I honor him and to make it manifest. Where your thoughts are, there will be too. These times require that each of you to do due diligence and My Dear, you all are already doing this.
Beloved, our hearts are full of love as we observe them walking daily with the highest integrity. Know that each of you is surrounded by family and Light and that we walked side by side with you.
Until next week…
I am Hilarion
We share English as our first language, Spanish as our second, and Spanglish as out Third.
Muitos de vocês estão tendo sensações de grande sonolência que aparecem cedo, antes do anoitecer, aí então, se vêem sem outra chance, precisam ir dormir, pois esse sentimento é muito forte. Esse é um período quando nós estamos trabalhando no ajuste de seus campos de energias. Esse processo de ajuste é melhor executado enquanto os seus corpos físicos estão em estado de profundo descanso. Se vocês estão experimentando esses sintomas, então saibam que é a sua vez de estar sendo sintonizado e ajustado.
Cada um, ou seja, todos da nossa Família de Trabalhadores da Luz estão recebendo essa atenção pessoal, a fim de acelerarem esse processo de transformação. Nutram-se e compreendam a si mesmo, quando isso acontecer, pois vocês não estão sendo indolentes ou preguiçosos, já que simplesmente é parte do processo, aceitem e deixem fluir. Alguns de vocês estão sentindo-se desconfortáveis em seus corpos em certos períodos do dia:- isso, também, irá passar.
Escutem aos sinais que lhes estão sendo dados e descansem quando sentirem ser necessário.
Estabeleçam ações quando estão sentindo-se cheios de vigor permanecendo em estado positivo com pensamentos elevados. Se pensamentos negativos chegarem a sua mente, mudem imediatamente para um pensamento elevado. Desse modo, vocês estão sendo mestres de seus padrões de pensamentos.
Os seus chacras estão se abrindo amplamente, a cada dia, isso pode algumas vezes, lhes causar palpitações nessa área. Se isso ocorrer, apenas relaxem e descansem por alguns momentos até que elas passem. Haverão continuadas dores inexplicáveis chegando e indo embora em várias partes de seu corpo, isso é um sinal de que os ajustes e sintonizações estão sendo feitas. É tempo de aceitarem do que eles estão chegando, embora depois resistam, por causa das preconcebidas expectativas de como isso deveria ser.
Muitos projetos irão ser colocados para serem sustentados à medida que cada um caminhar através desse processo. Saibam que tudo será feito de novo quando o tempo estiver certo e tudo irá fluir suavemente e com graça e leveza quando isso acontecer. Vocês devem ter percebido que as interações pessoais estão caminhando através de mudanças positivas.
Muitas pessoas estão agora verbalizando os seus sentimentos e pensamentos com muito mais realidade do que antes. Isso é um passo muito positivo em direção à unidade da consciência. Quando nós conseguirmos nos aceitar mutuamente sem críticas e julgamentos, isso irá abrir um caminho para uma comunicação com mais significado e com mais profundidade. Ao se adotar essa verdade mútua, isso irá possibilitar que a pessoa sem a sua máscara anteriormente usada, possa brilhar irradiando a sua Luz para o Mundo. Orgulhem-se de quem vocês são. No Universo inteiro, não há ninguém exatamente como você.
Você é única e uma parte integral do todo. Sem você nesse Mundo nesses tempos do agora, uma parte importante do Todo estaria faltando.
Pratiquem sustentar o amar e abençoem os pensamentos, sempre que possível através de seu dia. Isso irá ajudar a ancorar o seu Eu Crístico. Identifiquem-se fortemente o quanto for possível com os atributos mais elevados de seu Eu, honrem-no e façam com que isso se manifeste. Onde os seus pensamentos estiverem, ali estarão também. Esses tempos requerem que cada um de vocês faça diligências e Meus Queridos, vocês todos já estão fazendo isso.
Amados, nossos corações estão plenos de Amor à medida que nós lhes observamos andando, diariamente com a mais elevada integridade. Saibam que cada um de vocês é circundado pela Família da Luz e de e que nós caminhamos lado a lado com vocês.
Até a semana que vem…
Eu sou Hilarion
— With Samina Akhtar.
Source: Friends of TJ Morris Publishing
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