ACO is the acronym for my community of practice called The Ascension Center. This is my Membership Association for all my friends who want to know me as an author and social entrepreneur.

TJ Morris PUBLISHING is was I call my company in this Cyberspace Virtual Reality of which we are all Co-Creators.“We offer you impartial holistic health resources — both alternative and traditional —that help you become more active and confident in your health decisions. Self Help Classes and Videos. Training the Trainers of our Webinars practices to assist all those online who are interesting in our community of practice with similar interests in fellowship of our community organizations. We share in a social networking environment with TJ Morris and Friends in the body-mind-spirit ascension age through the Ascension Center Organization.”

For those of you who don’t know me, my christian name given me at birth by my earth parents is Theresa Janette Thurmond.

I am a participant in this “GAME OF LIFE” which consists of “BODY-MIND-SPIRIT” having the “BIRTH-LIFE-DEATH” experience. WE call this the “ESSENCE-SOUL-SPIRIT” existence in the “ALPHAVERSE-OMEGAVERSE-OMNIVERSE”.

We together share the entire “ALL IN EVERYTHING”. Those of us who are created earlier than others in the “ALPHAVERSE-OMEGAVERSE-OMNIVERSE” are the “ORIGINAL CREATORS CHILDREN”.

The oldest of the Original Creators Children are who operate the ACO. We are those who are called the “ASCENSION CENTER ORGANIZERS” for the “OVERSOUL”.

We share the Change in Nature of the PSYCHE. WE are the essence of the psyche. We are always present at the cusp of a breakthrough.

We are now present to catalyze pressurization of Global Consciousness revealing apocalypse.
We are now present in the “COMING SELF CONFIDENCE” or CFC.
We are they who are the Guides for the Lightworkers and Truthseeker.
We are assisting all of parents children in taking responsibility for their “Planet Knowledge of Natural Thought”.

We are working in the Akashic Field also known as the Unified Field to assist all our younger children to abandon the old paradigm in order to step up a level in humanoid sentient intelligent being consciousness.

THE OLD WORLD PARADIGM was created by those who came to earth.
This worked on this working planet like this. One would get ahead on earth with their basics of Food-Clothing-Shelter and their EGO/ID would allow for learning by what we call “TRIAL AND ERROR”.

In this particular phase of the YUGAS each individual was allowed to learn the lessons on earth through trials. Each person was allowed to use their power of freewill. Each being we call a person.

The Freewill was each beings free agency to do what thou wilt which was the whole of the law.
We then instructed to all beings to do what thou wilt and harm none.
Then those of many generations of beings coming to earth began taking out more worth than they were putting into this world. That had made a reign of what we call time as statistics in time and space of which we evolved our children’s trial and error methods. We wanted our children to learn to become leaders of the various Co-Creations in the Omniverse.

We shared various working class worlds as terra formed planets. We trained our children to terra form worlds and taught their elder spiritual essence guides who are now called angels and aliens to watch over the children in nature.

The economic enterprises were marked in time by what we called yugas and centuries as marks in time. We used time in space to mark the place and existence in time.

This allowed for what our children called Economic Enterprise in Social Enterprise and Social Equity. This would in the later centuries on earth amplify financial success in the commerce trade of what we call

We would guide and subsidize our messengers to assist the angels and aliens to watch over and guide each planet.

We had the Lightworkers and Truthseekers train the trainers of all planets in all galaxies, universes, multiverses, metaverses, xenoverse, and omniverse.

Overtime among our older children their came to be rivalry in the social equity for their children of planets.

There came to be known what they called “REAL ESTATE ECONOMY” in unusual property around the Xenoverse which was the UNKNOWN of the OMNIVERSE.

This caused our children to began sharing in the SUSTAINABILITY in order to generate revenue infrastructure.

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