ACO History prior to Incorporation via LEGAL ZOOM

We train World Leaders in Global Tectonic Economics in Trade and Commerce throughout the world.
We specialize in North America and “MADE IN USA” and “MADE IN AMERICA”, MADE IN CANADA”
Products and Services. We provide a Peer Review Journal for our Social Entrepreneurs and Ambassadors of Goodwill. We are in an Alliance with ACE FOLKLIFE, ASCENSION CENTER ORG. and TJ MORRIS.
This Company was started with the money left to Theresa J Thurmond Morris and the Book and Legacy that her parents both left her. TJ Morris is the trademark from her mother, and ACIR is the servicemark from her father. Theresa was inspired to begin the Ascension Centers in Hawaii and Kentucky, as well as, the ACE FOLKLIFE SOCIETY.
Theresa who now goes by TJ Morris is the owner of the woman small business in KENTUCKY called TJ MORRIS. TJ Morris will have the entire shares of 2012 to be issued to her COMPANY as the OWNERS of ACO CORP which will be a legal C Corporation in the State of KENTUCKY.
The State of Kentucky told Theresa J. Morris they would help her in business when she reached the level of manufacturing her own BRANDS in the state of Kentucky.
Until then, TJ has been recruiting her family to run her own family owned business as ACE FOLKLIFE the BRAND LOGO she created while being the EVENT PLANNER in 2007 for the ACE FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL in Ohio County, Kentucky at the OHIO COUNTY PARK.
TJ was also the first of 2 women who founded BLUEGRASS EVENTS who were both American WOMEN VETERANS.
Since that time, Judy McClure and Theresa Morris had a CHILI COOKOFF in 2003 as BLUEGRASS EVENTS. Theresa paid for the International Organization affiliations. Theresa and Judy married and there husbands health took a downturn which required both women to become caregivers. Theresa began writing in 2000 with her husband, Thomas R. Morris of Horse Branch, and his sister Deborah K. Dockery of Cromwell who now lives in Horse Branch, Kentucky in Tom’s old house. Theresa moved with Tom back to their families old acreage on Carolyn Lane in Beaver Dam, KY 42320.
Theresa then began the local magazine to support BMI, IBMA, and the Bill Monroe Foundation.
Bill Monroe Foundation which was created by fans of the Monroe family in Rosine with the assistance of a Bill Monroe Bluegrass Fan named Dr. Campbell Mercer who moved from out of state with his family to become the President of that organization before it became defunct and renewed due to legal battles of the Monroe Family for rights to the Branding and Franchising of the Bill Monroe Family Legacy.
During April, 2012 while attending a Meeting at the Veteran’s Association in Evansville, Indiana, Theresa was approached by the American Veterans Organization and a University to assist in the future organization for a website for the TRI-State Area organization.
There would be a future for American Women Veterans to participate in similar Charitable Fund Raising Events for the TRI-STATE REGION.
The American Women Veterans Organization has Groups, and Chapters with various names totaling 666 and more so the LIST would take some ORGANIZERS to organize an ANNUAL EVENT.
This could be done through Theresa’s TJ Morris Publishing and her charitable group of Church of Ascension. This would include her hobby and faith in both one project.
The family had a meeting and asked Theresa to allow them to keep the DOMAIN names in their own family with her guidance to sell their BOOKS.
TJ Morris agreed to share in the future Authors-Copywriters-Editors as ACE BOOK CLUB for the FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY!
TJ now will be responsible for promoting not only EVENTS, FLEA MARKETS, and PRODUCE, for the family owned and operated business in Kentucky but the PUBLISHING company as well.
Angela Parrish Cook and Ginger T.F. Parrish Bowers along with William Bowers of CHINO, ARIZONA desire to share in the Co-Creation of Morris PROMOS, and TJ Morris Mktg. and MFG. in the future.
It is now decided that Theresa J. Morris will assist in raising charity funds through her TJ MORRIS and FRIENDS on the Caring Bridge for Shawna Thomas Nunez with her sisters WENDY FINELY of Richmond, Texas, and Brenda C. Thomas of Lubbock, Texas. Brenda is a singer and organizer with her singers in the Sweet Adelines which is a national organization.
Brenda, Wendy, Tish, and TJ are the four surviving daughters of Tess and Charlie Thomas of Houston, Texas.
You have chosen Corporations.
How-to Guides,
Statistics, price comparison tools, expansive library of white papers,
Read the descriptions below and choose the type for which you are applying.
A corporation is a person or group of people who establish a legal entity by filing articles of incorporation with the state’s secretary of state granting it certain legal powers, rights, privileges, and liabilities.
 S Corporation
The income of an S corporation generally is taxed to the shareholders of the corporation rather than to the corporation itself. However, an S corporation may still owe tax on certain income.
 Personal Service Corporation
A personal service corporation involves services in the fields of health, law, engineering, architecture, accounting, actuarial science, performing arts, or consulting.
 Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
A REIT is an investment vehicle established for the benefit of a group of real estate investors.
 Regulated Investment Conduit (RIC)
A RIC is a regulated investment company that applies to any domestic corporation that meets certain criteria.
 Settlement Fund (under IRC Sec 468B)
A settlement fund is established for the principal purpose of settling and paying claims against the electing taxpayer under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 468B.

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