ACIR – ACO Corp A C Corporation of Kentucky USA -Publications


Founder: TJ Thurmond Morris

May, 2012

ACO-WVO Contract Consultant

TJ Morris D&B#124124038

Administrative Commander – TJ Morris tm ACIR sm ACO Corp Administrative Control USA – ACO-WVO Control (ADCON).

Direction or exercise of authority over subordinate or other

Organizations in respect to administration and support, including organization of Service forces, control of North American organizations for all branches of the military who have served past and present with a friendship of caring in our Community of Practice Skills also known as COPS in USA.

Resources and equipment, personnel management, unit logistics, individual and unit training, readiness,

Mobilization, demobilization, discipline, and other matters not included in the operational missions of the

Subordinate or other organizations. (JP 1-02)

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I appreciate life with deep thoughts, prayer, meditation. I then allow for my own exploration in cyberspace. There are times when I need reflection and going inside to that part of me that is the true source that is the universal soul in us all as the  "IAM". I love my family and my 2 dogs. There are times in my life that are deeply inspiring and when I am my "OFF-TIME" is when I have the most "ON-TIME".

I am just now plugging into the future while living as an American Woman in this Ascension Age. I feel I have a purpose on this planet and sharing my experiences as a writer gives me meaning and I share what I care about in an awakened awareness state of being.

Being here now is the Ascension Age. We now on earth in May, 2012 are all waking up to the way life should be thought of as our own experience to grow in faith, hope, charity, love, and peace…

Thank you for asking since we all do work on this working class planet. I know that we are all the author's of our own life's story and many of us are realizing the synergy in us all knowing we are friends. Love and Light is the two working words in this world I like most sharing with others.

Love and Light

TJ of Ascension 

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