Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond


The Alien ET UFO Community is strategically planning how to balance the future with our peers. UFO Digest has been publishing articles by TJ Thurmond Morris since Aug 7, 2007. TJ’s a contributor as an author entrepreneur and has shared in social media on the internet in cyberspace since. TJ is now going to share in the grounding and balancing of all her past shares with the UFO and MUFON readers of interest. We are going to share in the three (3) main areas of TJ’s life in order to focus on the energy as essence that will be passed down to her children on earth. For now, TJ has the TJ,, and all of these will now be managed in a business administration atmosphere as the ACO Corp as a C Corporation in Kentucky, USA where TJ lives in Beaver Dam.

ACE FOLKLIFE in America and Ascension Center Org now ACO Corp, A C Corporation of Kentucky USA

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS on earth and in space for the sustainability of our planet and species.

We all have to start planting seeds so we can reap our harvest in our eternal soul’s progression.

Ascension Age now is a project that has begun. TJ Thurmond Morris founder of Ascension Center for the future of 2012 & beyond is now working in what she termed Global Tectonic Economics with Tech Connect. Tech Connect is one of the many small companies which offer services to all those who are a member of ACE Folklife, Ascension,, and

The New corporation began by Theresa J. Morris is to begin organizing business ventures into a holding company for administration of Business Internet Solutions Services for various small businesses, associations, organizations, and social media friends of TJ’s.

TJ’s daughter Ginger T. Parrish Bowers is an author and minister of the Ascension Center Organization and presently resides in Florida, USA. The spiritual aspects of the corporation as a faith based organization will be about assisting the younger generations of the Indigo children who are the children of the Baby Boomers. TJ is a baby boomer with many ties and interests in various social media niche genres including the ACE as authors, copywriter, and editors established in the USA and Canada.

ACE FOLKLIFE is about emphasizing the interests in art, culture, education, of all that the UNESCO is involved in around the world. The main theme for the entire global community now reflects the categories in cyberspace of art, culture, education, science, technology, folklife, and history.

We at ACO Corp will be assisting everyone in our new community of practice skills as COPS.

We specialize in whole life living Life Coaching as Lightworkers and Truthseekers for faith, hope, charity, and the greatest is love for our fellow humankind. We are about sustainability through higher consciousness. We share the awakened awareness of health and prosperity for ALL!

We inside our own spiritual soul self-know that we feel as though we are the center of our own universe of which we try to control. When one let’s go and let’s god then we are turning over our power to a higher control and we allow the force to work through us.

This can be a deep spiritual awakening or re-awakening to the opening up of all our chakras which are the portals to our kundalini energy that drives our spiritual force up and down out spine.

We shall desire to elect team leaders on earth who come to terms with their balance in their lives of positive and negative and allow the flow of energy of the higher power to lead them and their crews while on earth.

World Information Network as WIN to assist all our Future Teams in our ACO Corp for our all companies organizing in the Ascension Age with Global Tectonic Economics.

Web Design

Web Hosting

IT Services

IT Training


Sales & Marketing

Call Centers

Direct Mail

Email Marketing

Online Marketing

PR Agencies

Printing Services

Promotional Items

Trade Show Displays

Shipping & Fulfillment



Business Plans


Incorporation Services

What Makes Your Small Business Stand out One of the best things smaller businesses offer customers is a personal touch? Knowing your clients and their tastes and needs is a big part of what keeps them coming back. Whether you make designer cakes or install high-end electronics, treating your customers as individuals is one of the 5 Best States for Start-Ups.

Start-ups and small businesses are the lifeblood of America

In 2009, there were no fewer than 50 million businesses with fewer than 20 employees, providing over 189,500,000 jobs, and paying out a mind-boggling $6 billion in payroll.  In 2011, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, nearly $3 billion in venture capital was seeded across the United States.

Guides & Articles

Greening Your Supply Chain

Saving money by saving resources is now more than a fad for small businesses, it’s a necessity. But beyond the basics of switching to LED light bulbs and printing on both sides of the paper, there’s a world of more efficient ways to improve the bottom line by greening your supply chain.

Branding for Success

Branding — a hot business buzzword in the '90s — has come front and center again. As the economy emerges from the recession, now is the time to look at your branding and to try to get noticed and gain market share. Every business can benefit from branding, right down to the independent owner Helping Businesses Make Informed Purchasing Decisions

Utilize three primary resources to help them through all stages of their buying process.

We support others with third party companies with our information resource to assist in PR for getting the word out to all our women veteran organizations with TJ Morris ACIR. THE LESSON FOR TJ ON EARTH SHE SHARED WITH HER ALIEN ET UFO COMMUNITY ON UFO DIGEST

Sharing the Alien ET UFO Experience as the Inner Awakening Crew

Take control of your inner spirit and awaken the conscious mind to the observer inside that is connected to all things, all people, all places, and all things. The younger generation who came after Star Trek and Star Wars call this the Force.

Engage your awakened observer inside and write a book! We are all the authors of our own life stories. We are the creator, writer, designer, choreographer, actor, and director. We do it all as the observer while we are spirits inside the body. We are all consciousness inside the unity consciousness that is the balance of essence energy inside that which was created in the beginning that has always been. We allow those who came before us as our ancestors who may choose to guide us. We are to believe that there are some bad demons in this world that can enter one’s own body-mind-spirit and act out their emotions if one allows this to happen.

Teach yourself and analyze everything you do from with inside as an observer.

Awaken to the greater possibility that we are all something greater both inside our own body-mind-spirit of which we call the mental-emotional-physical-spiritual (MEPS). We are also a neurological being with a physiology that requires us to feed our energy so that our physical will not starve to death and die.

We also are to feed ourselves spiritually and to grow our spirits from the basic new soul and re-birth to that of attaining a higher level in this lifetime and the one to come.

We are all a soul having the use of a body-mind-spirit that is sharing the birth-life-death experience with outer selves on the same planet. We shall honor the golden rule and know that we treat others the way we desire to be treated. We know that Newton’s Third Law of Motion is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We can go anywhere we want inside our minds to paint our thoughts. We have an inner thought process where we can use thoughts to create visions. We are the observer of the pictures we create in our minds. We are not our minds we are spirit. We are spiritual beings. We are sentient intelligent humanoid beings.

We are all a part of the sea of souls and we must learn to go with the flow. We experience waves in motion and sometimes we calm our waters and there is no breeze when we are being still just to know. We learn to let go and let God. God and Goddess are in us all and the inner awakened awareness of their presence during our meditation and yoga can allow us to hear the divine guidance. We all have guides and our inner messenger may be our own observer or our higher consciousness.

We are deeper than our own conscious. We are deeper than our own thought process when we can hear ourselves think and then we try to say what we should be doing and we hear another voice speak to us like the still small inner voice we know that our minds are trying to tell us what to do. We need to use this type of awakened awareness and learn to say STOP when we are overcome with thoughts and emotions and feel anxiety and fear coming upon us.

We can know that S is for Stop. T is for Take3 deep breaths and smile in all parts of one’s own body energy which will assist our nervous and immune system and laugh at our situation when appropriate.

We can share O is for Observe. Observe the situation we are in and our surroundings and the sensations we are experiencing or enduring.

We can then say P as in Proceed with kindness and compassion and persevere with love in our hearts and have an open mind and heart to what we are experiencing in the now.

We can calm ourselves and others around us simply by thinking the opposite of whatever we feel as anger, anxiety, confusion, or fear that is causing the problem.

Self-image is what you think of you. Image is what others perceive of you. We may or may not agree with another’s perception of what we are projecting but what other’s think and perceive is not something we are here to control and it is not our business to care about what others think of us when we are in a peaceful loving knowing and understanding place going about our own business.

We know that we are the observer here as an explorer to find out who we are, why we are here, and where we go when we leave this existence. We know that Karma is the Echo of what energy we put out to others. We expand our positive energy consciousness and when we allow ourselves to feel fear we contract and feel negative energy consciousness.

Spiritual Advisers and mentors are simply guides forging a path and leaving a trail for others to find if they use their freewill and free choice to do so. No one can make another do anything unless they want too at the mind and spirit level.

We are trained on earth to take ownership of our own actions and learn to not react unless it is a natural response to danger that crosses our path that is life threatening then we may react to the situation of which may be called death.Back cover19

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