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Ascension Immortality Never Stops Photo
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Book By Tess Thomas, Good Old Days in Louisiana
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TJ MORRIS Ascended Master
TJ Morris Aug 2011
TJ Thurmond Morris, 2010
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Call Today: (855) 814-4631
Or: (270) 256-8230
Beaver Dam, Kentucky 42320-9766
ACO Corp a C Corporation in Kentucky, USA , ACE Folklife Society A Social Media Community of Practice Skills (COPS) sponsoring
Hours of Operation: Monday–Saturday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m. CST
Proudly Serving: United States and Canada
TJ Morris tm ACIR sm Design, Market, Manufacturing, Import, Export Cork, Cotton, Leather, Paper Products, and Business Computer Internet Consultants
Internet Services
Marketing Services
Editing Services
Publishing Services
Spiritual Advice

Business Internet, Marketing, & Publishing Services located in Beaver Dam, Kentucky

TJ Morris Publishing of Beaver Dam, Kentucky, is a diverse agency offering marketing services and publishing services throughout the United States and Canada.
The Morris Difference
We have been called social entrepreneurs and cutting edge visionaries, and have helped numerous artists and writers with publishing and editing services—we can help you too.
Since 1978, we have honed our craft and expanded our knowledge of the world and how to succeed in the realm of creativity. Let us apply our knowledge to you and your project.

Our Specialties Include:
• Marketing Services
• Spiritual Advice
• Business Internet Services
•Branding/Company Recognition

• Editing and Publishing Services
ACE Folklife Society of Authors, Copywriters, Editors
Ascension Center Organization
Spiritual Intellectuals
Ohio County Kentucky Network at
Contact us in Beaver Dam, Kentucky, for more information regarding our publishing services.

Website Building for Small Business Owners and Community Organizations. ANEW NEWS MAGAZINE, Spiritual Health & Wellness Being

Contact Us Today:

Phone number


We share Daily messages on our Blog by TJ of Ascension for Spiritual Health and Well Being in the Ascension Age.

TJ Morris Publishing trains webmasters in the global community. A division of ACO Corp a Corporation of KY USA 42320.

Topics and Categories
ACE FOLKLIFE in North America
Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Pres. CEO Aco Corp
Founder Ascension, ACE Folklife
Author/Entrepreneur, Investigative Reporter Journalist, American News Magazine, American Chronicle, World Sentinel, Social Paranormal News, Ace Journal-Body-Mind-Spirit, and syndicated online media press journalist. Former government service, consultant contractor specializing in metaphysical, paranormal phenomena, esoteric psychology, xenopolitics, American Culture International Relations
Favored Famous Quotes of TJ
“Blessed are those who share the spirit of many friends in this working world.” TJ
A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17
Love and Light Eternal – Your wealth is where your friends are. Plautus
I desire so to conduct the affairs of this administration that is at the end – I have lost every other friend on earth, I shall at least have one friend left, and that friend shall be inside of me. – Abraham Lincoln You can subscribe to the news forums here. Each of these special forums gets frequent updates about important topics, and like any of our other forums, allows a lively discussion on the posted materials.
Featured articles by TJ Thurmond Morris.
Channelings and telepathic transmissions
Information received from other dimensions or spaces by the way of telepathy and channels
Healing Revolution
Healing through natural methods and particularly energy.
Economy, society and monetary system in scientific discoveries related to New Age
Changes and developments in our galactic in regards to
2012 Earth’s Ascension and Events
Articles and news in regard to global UFO’s and Galactic Federation known as Ascension Age. UFO sightings, messages from ET’s and interplanetary announcements.
Culture and Earth History: Ancient knowledge about our past and earth history.
Energies of universe and human consciousness
All about energies and influences caused by moving planets and stars and dates of such. Places on earth of specific energy portals and vortexes. Human consciousness and how it is connected to energies of the universe.
Free Energy developments
Current knowledge about free energy and human accomplishments in terms of its implementation, also those not accepted by current science.

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