We are involved with Ascension Center Organization.  We have member’s worldwide exploring consciousness, ET disclosure, & unconditional love in life with believing in our liberty.

 We have a passion and a desire to serve humanity as facilitators of awareness sharing information as our attention shifts.

We are also involved in creating conscious music in unison with frequencies to raise vibrations through sound healing. We have a network of Practioners, Lightworkers and Truthseekers.

Constitution and Bylaws of the Ascension Center Organization

Article I

1 This Body shall be called the ACO Convention of Ascension Center Organization.


Article II

1 This Body shall meet annually according to the adjournment, but in case of emergency the President may call a special session with the advice and consent of the Mission Board, of two-thirds of the members of the Board present and voting may call a special session. A Body must be three or more for gathering.

Article III

1 The membership of this Body shall consist of Lightworker Messengers from cooperating affiliated Ascension Centers as follows:

(1)            Two messengers from each centers church (Body) having one hundred members orless, which is in friendly cooperation with this Convention; is in synergy with compassion and is sympathetic with its purposes and work.

(2)            One additional messenger for each such church shall be allowed for each additional one hundred members or for each $100.00 USD contributed to the Centers Cooperative Program for the Annual Convention during the fiscal year preceding the annual meeting, but no churches may be allowed more than ten (10) messengers per 1000 members.

(3)            Lightworker Messenger’s cards will be sent, upon request, to individual churches who meet the above requirements, from the ACO International Convention office in the United States of America.

(4)            A voting Ballot as a member will be issued to each member at the time one registers in their perspective state level directorship as an ACO Church. Each Church can have no more than 10 per state or nation state in the International level of countries for messengers to total 10 per 1000 members. That is 1 per hundred at the international level for organization and administration purposes of accounting on voting ballots annually at the International ACO Convention.

Article V

1 The Body has no jurisdiction over the local churches or the District Associations, and shall exercise no authority over them.

Article VI

1 The Body shall be a medium through which the churches in their sovereign capacity can work together for a common cause such as promoting all non-denominational enterprises which they deem necessary in carrying out the Great Commission of Light Service as Raising Consciousness of body~mind~spirit of humanity for the health and prosperity of all sentient intelligent being species in the world.

Article VII

1. The Mission Board of this body shall consist of members from each cooperating District Association plus eight at-large members from geographical regions of the state. The Mission Board membership from the associations shall consist of one member from each cooperating District Association with a total church membership of two thousand or less, and one more member for each additional two thousand church members, or any major fraction thereof, as reported in the Convention Annual of the preceding year with the first original launch in 2012. Each District Association shall nominate two persons for each membership of the Board of whom one shall be elected. Should any District Association fail to exercise this prerogative, then the Committee on Nominations of the Convention shall make the decision for the nomination.

2.  The eight-at-large members shall be elected from any cooperating affiliated Ascension Center Organization Church hereinafter referred to and called ACO.

3. All members of the Board shall be elected by the ACO for a period of three years, except those who are selected to fill vacancies. Vacancies result from death, resignation, or moving from the district of association. A move of an at-large member does not constitute a need for change in a regional representation. No member shall be eligible for re-election for a one year term after his term has expired except one who has been elected to fill an unexpired term. The Founder is a member for life who is Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris and shall be the deciding vote throughout her term in office as founder in case of the vacancy herein described which she alone can fill until such time there is a replacement.  The founder is the first Founding President of the ACO Convention.

4. The retiring President of the Convention shall be an at-large member of the Mission Board indefinitely or until such time that he/she reports unable for any reason to perform this mission. At that time the one member shall report for one year immediately following this term of office.

5. The President for the Men and Women’s Missionary Union and the President of the Adolescent and Teens Support Group shall serve as ex-officio members of the Board.

6. Three member of the initial Board of the ACO shall constitute a Quorum and from that time forth in growing and in membership there must be two-thirds of the Board Members present at the Annual National and International Conventions.

Article VIII

1. The ACO Mission Board shall have charge of the work of this body between its sessions and shall appoint officers, committees, agents, agencies, organizers that may be required in its world’s mission and work. The mission and board will make recommendations at monthly meetings in keeping with the overall mission quarterly reporting and annually to the state, national, and international Convention. Only the Board of Director may make recommendation to the ACO convention in case of an emergency as the Mission Board is to report back to the Board of Directors of findings and investigations.

2. The ACO Mission Board shall make a report thirty (30) days on the business and marketing plan and ACO Committees formed to meet commitments for the year.  A five year business and marketing plan is to be created by the ACO Mission Board which is to be incorporated in the twenty five year overall international plan for meeting the ACO goals for the future of all humankind.

3. The ACO Board of Directors shall be responsible for seeing that the ACO Mission Board meets its obligation and commitments for the entire ACO Church Body of the membership for making public to all members that which is to be reported at least thirty days prior to the ACO level district, state, regional, national, and international journal as social media marketing management online in cooperation with the various webmasters of each chosen mission. The only exception of not making public the annual plans during the five year to twenty-five year mission for health and prosperity for all humanoid sentient intelligent beings of the species is if an emergency happens and is explained thereafter within a reasonable amount of time but within the same month before the annual convention.

4. No one person can serve at the same time in more than one position such as the Board of Directors, The ACO Mission Board,  Board of Trustees for Finances, or the Directors or Managers of any infrastructure agencies or as an agent of more than one level in the ACO. No one person can serve two positions and must step down serving with the Body from one for a full year before being allowed to run again for office if resigned from office or due to an emergency missing a monthly meeting where another must fill the vacancy. This is set in the constitution to keep order in the cooperative corporation as required by law.

5. Employees if hired for contracting purposes will not be eligible to hold any office of the Board of Directors, ACO Mission Boar, Board of Trustees, or Manager of any agency or institution fostered and supported by the ACO

.ACO Bylaws


  1. Each ACO Session called to order will be opened and closed with by a short prayer and remembrance of our ancestors and the higher power of source whoever each may prepare their higher minds for in registering their birth-life-death process on earth as we are all awake and aware that we are here now. All meetings are then called to order by the President or acting Vice president.
  2. Each member will have a vote in meetings as sessions allow however, visitors are not allowed to vote and must become a member in order for their voices in speech craft to be heard and voice their opinions.
  3. Each member will address the founder and President of each level at the session or meeting.
  4. Each member will listen attentively and not be allowed to fall asleep and will participate with all body~mind~spirit engaged in functioning with all senses as taking action by being alert.
  5. No member shall speak more than twice in a single debate on the same day without a two-thirds majority vote of the Convention.
  6. When a member shall be called to order he/she shall be seated until the President can decide or has determined with the rest of the Board if he/she is in order in the formal meeting for the benefit of all present and residing with their undivided attention as the quorum has been established and called for in order to conduct the official ACO Quorum and Annual Convention.
  7. An appeal may be made in writing to the Board of Directors in any case after the meeting and placed in the ACO Journal with the bases for debate having looked into the debate which was established to be found observed and important to the overall mission of the ACO Convention. That person in indecision and debate may be heard at the Board of Directors meeting with a two-thirds quorum held outside of the annual convention in case of urgency to the overall cause to affect all members of the Body as the Church and Mission.
  8. The President and Founder may be heard at any time in the ACO Convention and ACO Church as the Body. She is the only one who can call to order and overrule those who are out of order when a debate or voices desire to be heard unless she is not present at which time temporarily in her absence the Chair can be taken by one recognizing the Robert Rules of Order by one of the Vice Presidents or in the case of the absence of both Vice Presidents, named by the President at the founding of the ACO of Thomas Ray Morris and Thomas Anthony Sinici, then by some member whom the President may select to run the meeting.
  9. In the election of future officers by ballot, if only one nomination is made and no other person desires to nominate, the secretary may cast the ballot for the Convention. If a nominee does not receive a majority of votes cast on the first ballot, subsequent ballots shall carry the names of those who are included in the top fifty percent of the total votes cast in the previous ballot.
  10. The results of all balloted votes shall be made known to all Lightworker Messengers and Truthseekers and perspective neophyte LMs or TMs. LMs are Lightworker Messengers and TMs are Truthseeker Messengers and titles are voted on at the annual conventions and titles can be taken away by the body of the church based on what is considered unbecoming to that of a member of the church such as murder of another human being or taking life in a harmful way of any living creature. Lightworkers are to be messengers of love, light, and wisdom teachings of the Ascension Center Organization. Truthseekers are to be archivists, researchers, and explorers of all that is for the good of the Body as the Church.
  11. The results of all ballots for the purpose of election of officers, members, and titles shall be made known to all messengers and recorded in the proceedings of the ACO Convention. It is understood that the votes made at the time of the annual convention refer to the election of officers and any other ballot votes required maintaining order in the Convention.
  12. All resolutions and votes, memorials, and all motions except motions related to procedures made for the consideration of the annual Convention shall be presented in writing. All resolutions and memorials shall require for passage the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present and voting.
  13. No new item of miscellaneous business except motions related to procedures may be made for consideration of the annual Convention except for the ACE Folklife Club which is for the preservation of information and archiving purposes of our members for their families and friends while on this planet we call home as earth and Gaia.
  14. We also recognize the Star Nations and Galactic Federation as part of the ACE Folklife Club of Archiving Clubs as members if they so desire to join with their own organization or church in alliance with other Open Minds and Conscious Conferences to be recognized with their own appointed member of 1 voice per 100 members. In order for the Native American Indian Churches to be recognized they must report in writing to the ACE FOLKLIFE CLUB ARCHIVISTS that their voice of organizations and tribes will need to be heard at the next annual convention.  This forever goes to the other Alien ET UFO Community groups such as Mutual UFO Network, International UFO Congress, Open Minds magazine, Fate Magazine, Social Paranormal Magazine, Anew News Magazine, American News Magazine, ET Spirit Magazine, and any and all groups, websites, and members of other associations, groups, clubs, societies who participate in the social media networks online.
  15. All education, classes, workshops, colleges, universities online in webinars, workshops, of an kind that desire to participate with our Lightworker Messengers, and Truthseeker Messengers desiring to have a voice in our ACO with TJ Morris Marketing Media Management as Administrator will have to submit their request in writing and forward the request in writing as in electronic mail and/or snail mail for archiving purposes as we are recognized as archivists.
  16.  ACE Folklife Club is for Authors, Co-creators, Educators, Folklorists, Historians, Visual, and Performing Artists including, Editors, Copywriters, Producers, Graphic illustrators, Videographers, Special Effects artists, and more.
  17. The rules may be altered or amended at any annual meeting by a two thirds vote of the members present as long as the Board of Directors agree and are present.
  18. In case of dissolvement of the ACO the assets will be sold and monies given to the charities such as Red Cross and Saint Jude Hospital.



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