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STS-3 landing at Northrop Strip, White Sands, New Mexico, with two T-38 chase planes observing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Center for Countermeasures logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of Taken

White Sands Missile Range logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
TAKEN UP by TJ – ALIENS & UFOS – A series to become a book and a Part of Us!

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris first shared on… – 1 year 8 months ago


Extraterrestrial Spirit Secrets – A Part of US!

By Theresa J Thurmond Morris


“This is the story of who I see as the ones that keep our secrets. We all have secrets. Some secrets we keep and some secrets are kept from us!” TJ

This is the story that follows the same path as that of the novel by Thomas H. Cook that is based on the series created by Leslie Bohem. This is my story that follows the SCI FI Channel television event, which was produced by Steven Spielberg that captured our hearts about a little girl named Allie. The story of Taken, a Dell Book, published by Dell Publishing, Random House, in New York, New York is a work of fiction, with the names, characters, places, and incidents entirely coincidental. I shall share my story and let the same standard paragraph remain.

This is how many of our secrets in life are shared when the truth is known to be too dangerous to tell. We create stories and some become legends and myths to be passed down through our lives as ancient folklore. When I look back at my life, there is a thread of truth that is always a part of me and I call this my spirit. What this new book is about is how my spirit was joined with another’s, my extraterrestrials spirit.

This is a story about life on earth with extraterrestrials while knowing that alien civilizations exist. I shall share my adventure as a writer in articles to be shared on my websites and with a friend of mine who I have grown fond of named Dirk Vander Ploeg of Canada. Dirk has remained consistent and constant in my life and we now have three years behind us. I first decided to begin sharing a part of me that was so secret that I began with a simple short article and mentioned my knowledge through my knowledge of my husband working at NASA. Therefore, I shall begin this story as a teenager. For those who want to connect the story line of the character Allie to me as Jan and Ginger, simply know that though the names of the characters change the story line is similar and can continue through this story that resembles where Taken – Allie left off in Lubbock, Texas where part of my earth family lives now.

We begin the story where Allie has left Texas in a UFO spacecraft and will return near Los Alamos, and Roswell, New Mexico in the White Sands Missile Range area but placed in the White Sand Dunes of the White Sands National Park where she can easily begin another life with her earth relatives of her royal blood line.

Our Allie is Allyson Janette Clark who will become involved with the Thomas and Morris families while on earth. Allyson will be called Jan by the Thomas family although known as Ginger in high school in Texas for a reason. Through her life she will use many names as a messenger of God as one who is asked to share in both her space family and her earth family. This story is about the secrets that are kept and shared through her life up to the point that she actually becomes a writer for UFO Digest anticipating the year 2012 with her mission almost completed as that called the Ascension Center for enlightenment for the Ascension Age.


A Historical Novelization

By: Theresa J Thurmond Morris

A Series written for a television event or movie with the 2012 awakening in mind



Allyson Janette Clark was awakened from her childhood dreams. She was lying at the top of a white sand dune and looked down below in a hidden trench where she saw a silver boomerang shaped spacecraft. Allie looked around to get a panoramic view of her location. She could see the man she had grown to love as her Dad who could take on the image of a human although she was allowed on the spacecraft to know him as he truly appears.

He had taught her about all that is a part of her in space. Allie was a child conceived in a tunnel of light and on earth is called a star child. She was conceived like all others in space as a star baby. Star babies are also called alien hybrids on earth because they are part alien and part human.

There is a way that Allie’s extraterrestrial family had taught her that humans could be conceived in space in the tunnel of light by earth parents who were star seeded themselves. Allie had learned a lot and knew that she had been in space for a very long time for many earth years but while in space, time does not progress like on earth. While in space, a human will spend one day and yet on earth, it is only one minute or that is how it was explained to her.

Allie had learned what is considered time travel. She had memories of one set of her earth parents who had lived before her time this time and one who had lived afterwards up to the time of 1993. She was told it was best if she come back to the year 1960 this time to assist with the uplifting of humankind and to assist her human half begin to be interested in space and learning to become aware of others that exist in space. Allie agreed and had some memories intact and some, which she agreed, would be veiled or forgotten in a way to allow her to adapt to becoming more like her earth family.

Allie was watching her space friends who were leaving and watching her intently as the ramp at the bottom of the door opening was being retracted. In a way, she hated to see them go but inside she knew they were never far away. All she had to do was think about them and the part of her that was like them would know that she was sending out a beacon of energy like a phone call or what in the future would be anyway. Allie knew a lot about the future and what in space could be used on earth but also knew that change had to be introduced gradually.

Allie was beyond her years in time and she was still a little girl according to the standard of her space family. Therefore, when coming to earth it was still best to be perceived as a young spirit growing up on earth. This was how it always is and not just for her but always for one who decides to take on the challenges of assisting another younger sentient intelligent being species learn to adapt to life on a new planet. Earth was a relatively young planet and the humanoids that were born on earth were all spending time in a world created by them as one critical mass conscious way of thinking about themselves.

While Allie was smart and intelligent about life in space she was on a learning curve while on earth and had to learn about how life and living was conducted. Like everyone else on earth Allie had to learn to adapt with the shadow of the veil left down of her past lives.

Allie knew there was some unity in diversity of the various types of humanoid families in space and that many of their children were now on earth. There seemed to be diversity in their cultures and traditions from space as well as their social and moral teachings. The earth had not reached a system of global governance but Allie was told it would be within her lifetime this time on earth.

Allie was taught that there was no religion on earth that could fulfill everyone’s desires from their home planets in space and that there had been many teachers also known as profits, mystics, sages, shamans, and oracles that have come close to knowing the truth in space above for themselves. Some have even tried to reach out through the centuries to create growth and expansion and some on earth today come close to betterment of the world by accepting that the earth is but one planet and everyone was but one race as a global intelligent being species.

Allie knew that someday she would learn to somehow get more of the information of her space family out to create a type of membership about ascension. Ascension would be the word that everyone could understand about raising awareness and uplifting of virtually every nation, ethnic group, class, profession, and social or economic class. Allie knew she was simply a new and modern messenger sent by God to share the Ascension Center enlightenment of the coming Ascension Age to begin on her birthday December 26, which is considered the day after Christmas in the earth year 2012. She was part of the earth family and the space family and the two would become one.

(To be continued as a series that will become the first in a book.) Love and Light TJ

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Authors – Writers of the Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond Science Fiction Becomes Non Fiction

Independent Women Voters in America in 2012 ~ Vote For Person Not Party!

This is the movement of those who desire jobs in America for Americans. “Made in the USA” for American Citizens is possible. Trade and Commerce for Americans and by Americans may be the cry for Independent Voters.

Plugged into Interenet
By: Independent Woman Voter Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
We will be more about what makes America Great as a Nation State.
Tea Party Original Members were equal to those in retirement of the military, law enforcement officers, volunteer firepersons, EMTs; those who volunteer their time to make small towns and cities great in America.

Independent Tea Party
A new Concept or Speculation on the Tea Party Movement that it has not been revealed in mainstream media.
This is the movement of those who desire jobs in America for Americans. “Made in the USA” for American Citizens is possible. Trade and Commerce for Americans and by Americans may be the cry for Independent Voters.

It may very well be the mechanism to understand UFO technology. All my workings are based within the framework of ancient knowledge, and are model that unifies both of the physical and spiritual realms. Support offered in letting people know of those who desire to work in America would be greatly appreciated. Common Folk are the true working class and the Middle Class of America. However, it is the Tea Party Independents that welcome all classes including the underclass and poverty classes. Mainstream media may support the middle and elite classes with the already created Democrats and Republicans who have their own elite running for office in both parties. Look at the truth and follow the money in these parties. We in the Tea Party Movement do not have a present built up cash cow for our public relations and media campaigns for our Independent Tickets YET!
We the humanoid creatures with strong minds and believe in one vote for one person and not the party are defined as a third party in America.
We are taking our time in each community, and state to form our voting caucus with our own ways of knowledge we can support and vote on in our meetings to be formed in each city and town.
It takes time to begin which is our inception of the Tea Party Gold Movement which is the alternative to what others have portrayed such as Sarah Palin as the Face at Tea Party so called rallies. Sarah Palin is not the face of the “TEA PARTY INDEPENDENTS”
We will wait until right before and after the November elections for the noted outcomes of our noted first year in the mainstream media for the 2012 Presidential elections to see how well each state can organize their own “YOUR VOTE COUNTS – ONE VOTER PER PERSON NOT PARTY”.

We will have to organize each state and have a region rally and then a national rally.

For now, our date is for the 2012 elections with the spotlight on future candidates to come out of the wood work based on prosperity for jobs in America while still supporting the Global Community.

Thus far, there are various smaller green parties, and other future parties that to some might include both Democratic Liberal and Republican Conservative Ideas.

The Main Ideas of a Third Party are wrapped around the Working Middle Class that does not involve the Democratic Platform or the Republican Platforms.

We will be more about what makes America Great as a Nation State.

Tea Party Original Members were equal to those in retirement of the military, law enforcement officers, volunteer firepersons, EMTs; those who volunteer their time to make small towns and cities great in America.


“If the Tea Party is” populist” in nature, as they claim, then the policies they support should demonstrate that populism. If the Tea Party is independent of the Republican Party, then they should field independent candidates in the November general elections to prove their independence. If the Tea Party is not racist, then they should condemn the expression of racism from within their movement every time they occur. If the Tea Party is not an expression of extreme Right Wing sentiments, then they should stop supporting the political agenda of the Far Right.”

“Everywhere under the Tea Party name. Republican and Right Wing operatives claim it is independent of the Republican Party but at the same time strongly oppose real independence. The Republican Party is the Tea Party. The Tea Party is just the most extreme elements of the Republican Party devoted to driving any remaining moderates out of the Republican Party.”

“You cannot support Pat Toomey-Club for Growth economic policies and still claim to be a populist movement. You have to support economic policies that increase the wages of American workers, support government measures to help the unemployed, curtail the ability of corporations to move jobs outside the United States and sell untaxed imports in our country, shift the tax burden back in the direction of corporations and the Super Wealthy instead of putting it on the middle classes and seek to regulate corporate market power to be an economic populist”





WE want to support what is right for all sentient intelligent beings on the planet.

WE in America are going to upgrade our country while desiring to explore space.

WE realize we need a basic foundation for our NEW AMERICAN TEA PARTY while sharing in all ideas to be put on the ballots for votes allowing the majority rule in each city, county, state, before coming to the national level rally for the elected leaders and officials to make known the majority rules of the working class citizens.

Before on earth, there have been those who fought for global norms such as the basics of food, clothing, shelter, education, as basics. Then secondary needs may be transportation and communication devices. Last comes our cultural lifestyles to include whole life living with our leisure, hobbies, and interests in our communities, and societies that support our belief systems and traditions in all our main stream societies that honor our family traditions.

We have a way to honor our global transformation with such organizations as the United Nations Education, Science, and Culture Organization. United Nations will need support from all countries that desire to participate in the global advancements on earth and in space.

Future technologies are important and we realize that change with the new photo image of our universe and the new photo images of our neural net in Neuro-Science are two of the major signs that global change is inevitable!


Those who are considered lower class and poor tend to be those who learn about the adjudication and prison systems. Class and an individual´s occupation in the market place in globalization will reflect on that person´s ability to purchase items in the gold system and credit system used today. Many people are saying that we may soon have a classless society that will have equal life opportunities but this may seem rather Utopian in our belief systems.

Is class defined on earth by wealth, education hereditary, or all three now on earth and on the Internet? Is this what all countries are deciding to reform and restructure in the empirical system as a social science?

Culture includes art, and objects that are material things that each society has in common.

The narrower definition might include the mind and the cultivation of data collection, information communication and awareness skills as a learning society.


The Underclass – those who were considered the ignored and even the untouchables of countries such as India in the former class system. We realize that in the third world countries there were some past ways that no longer serve the global mass population.

The underclass is an age-old problem considered in most all nation states. These beings are outside ordinary society in all areas of the world. These are the people who are becoming superfluous with no education, employment skills, wealth or family property, and can be utilized where production can be done in the cheapest place our country. This is what some corporations have been taking advantage of in this world. We the Global Citizens of Planet Earth need to take responsibility for all sentient intelligent beings including those who are considered outside the social norm!

Journalists in Social Paranormal News


Social Paranormal Change in Globalization by Theresa J Thurmond Morris

Post-war industrialized nation-states with their political power, educational power, and job-creating power, are what we can loosely define as postmodern globalization for our future in the 21st century and beyond on earth. Secondly, patterns of our lifestyles regarding work, occupations, education, domestic and leisure lifestyles have all been transformed with the new electronic communication devices now available to us such as the computer, Internet, and Global Positioning Systems used on our portable cell phones. This is truly the information and communication age of enlightenment that will transform our world into the globalization for the entire civilization on earth. We are becoming one sentient intelligent being species.

Social Networking our Sources of Culture

Culture is being redefined at this very moment in time to include the basics that have been allowed universally in the main categories:

Art, culture, education, science, and technology.

This is not all there are just the five (5) main working groups for the social networks to define their expertise to be grouped in sub-headings.


Culture may be defined as the customs, ideas, values, and ways of doing things in a particular group, community, state, region, country, or society in general in the broadest sense of the term for the word culture as a state of civilization.


Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is an Author/Entrepreneur. TJ specializes in paranormal/super natural phenomenon. TJ was a professional consultant and expert witness on legal investigations and has prior military and government service in the USA 1980-1993. TJ was Founder/CEO of J. B. Cork, Ascension Center, and Psychic Network 1989-1994. TJ is now considered an Ambassador of Goodwill working in American Culture International Relations. TJ ´s training is in business and public security, serving as a private and legal investigator. TJ trained in JAG investigations in US. Navy Civil Service. TJ traveled the world dealing in international exports. TJ obtained CDL 1995. TJ has shared personal experiences as an Alien Contactee Experiencer. TJ had near death and out of body experiences which lead her to study metaphysics becoming a well-known psychic/remote viewer. TJ has worked on special covert cases since 1980. TJ has written An Alien UFO Story, Roswell UFO Encounters, Uplifting the Soul available on TJ is also a syndicated journalist and has other articles on American Chronicle, World Sentinel, American News Magazine, TJ has been a contributor to UFO Digest since Aug. 2007 and her articles are archived here and Email Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris at

We the Global Citizens of Planet Earth need to take responsibility for all sentient intelligent beings including those who are considered outside the social norm!

The Poverty Class

The ways that we share life in particular groups such as the below poverty out of jobs and the poor may be one class. This is not the underclass but, the working class as in farm workers and factory workers may be another class. To some this may include the military and the commercial truck drivers in the blue-collar workers jobs. Some may be surprised that we allow those who protect us and bring our food and home products to our markets in the poverty level income brackets. Not all are. Some make above in the middle class level as wage earners.

The Middle Class

The middle class was once thought of those who wore white shirts or were called the white-collar workers who served in the office jobs as clerks, bank tellers, secretaries, office managers, and other administrative positions up to the top management. “Free Marketers” are the ones considered the “New Right Independents”.

They believe that capitalism should not be hampered by the state. Meaning they are for each person being allowed to earn their own wages as individuals in the global market place. Sociology and Criminology is a major part of the social middle class. Debates about issues that cause crime.

The “Old Print Media” use to be able to control social issues and ideas about crime. This was the past and now we can all care and be aware of our community issues and address our own findings of facts in our Paranormal Social Networks. Policies on policing our social community crisis have become a way for us to share our views on the Internet and many middle class do use the Internet and this class if growing.

However, the larger corporations that require a minimum of three (3) officers and registering with the state in the U.S. are becoming the Global Norm in most all countries due to the International Import and Export Controls around the world. The power that the independent individuals give to those whom they vote into office is now at stake. Democrats may argue that capitalism produces disharmony and ultimately lead to war.

That was the “Old School” way in the western hemisphere.

The Upper Class

& some consider the ELITE

Upper Income was reserved for the upper management positions that have various workers to supervise usually over 30 and depending on how the governments structured the tax brackets based on taxable wages as income that was gross and not net profit brought home to the family for gross wage earners. We may consider the upper class the elite and privileged based on the families they were born into or the amount of income they earn. Many of the rich and famous are considered to be included in the elite upper class. We have created a world of famous people who are acclaimed celebrities in sports, and entertainment. In some cased in business we honor our Fortune 500 wage earners and Entrepreneurs. In academia we honor those who are Nobel Prize winners. In some cases we even honor our world leaders such as the President of the United States of America.

The General Population Wage Earners -“THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT”

The Tea Party movement that many see in the “OLD MEDIA” is not the NEW TEAP PARTY MOVEMENT. Just what appears to be by those who have the money and power to still control the presses!

Alternative Media, websites, blogs, and other forms of communication have taken hold for the “REAL TEA PARTY OF INDEPENDENTS!”/

Those in each state will have to work with a general agenda on the Tea Party Golden Rules.

The ways of the shared working classes are considered what they do as occupation and hobbies according to what can be considered in culture what can be considered income-producing efforts on the wage earners part in most countries. We share much of who we are and what we do on the Internet. Most of us will share our name, age, and occupation or student level of cultural growth. We will also share our hobbies and interests on the internet now on places such as Facebook.

These practices are now in some cases proprietary and in others as long as we are willing to divulge the information are becoming known and kept as information and data collections kept in repositories on electronic servers around the world. Various corporations and other businesses in all countries are willing to pay for this information.

Marketers and salespersons desire the information to target their audience by demographics such as age, profession, and level of income. This is all how the social networking has become so popular and the way that the Internet and World Wide Web has become so popular among those in business who desire to advertise. We have adopted the old media payment for sharing information with the advertisers paying the space to share information and serving as community service information to the public.

The Internet has now found a various ways for us to learn how to adapt and share our sources in the new social networking culture that we can now add to the globalization of marketing on the electronic computers and in the air space with our cell phones and global positioning systems. GPS is now becoming a household word used not only on our computers and cell phones but also in our automobiles and other forms of transportation.

Culture is considered an entire way of life of a society which is ever changing from day to day depending on the individuals who desire to earn a living and are in need of the basics such as food, clothing, shelter, and now entertainment, and communication with others.

We add in transportation, and the fact that we desire to use our televisions, movies, cell phones, and other electronic surveillance and communication for accessing or retrieving information, this also becomes a part of all cultures around the world.

We have added gaming and entertainment on the Internet Highway and how we all can learn to translate each other´s languages. This is also now a part of our globalization and international cultures. We are becoming one world culture as a whole.


Whole Life Experiencers will include knowledge of those who visit earth from time to time. We may begin to accept the world of a word coined by Alfred Weber what is now termed Exopolitics. Some of the Eastern Cultures are trying to project that Western Cultures have turned out to be evil or at the least scientific barbarism and marketing capitalism to all countries.

Cultural traditions and languages is definitely a part of the future and we may want to define one language in the future for all know the Internet. Until then, we will learn to use the translate point and click button or word on our websites. Many of us use Google as a household word for surfing the web for information.

One theme that has needed clarification in the past on earth is the class system and stratification that is in all our popular or mass cultural existences around the planet. It is well noted on earth that people who live alike learn to adapt to common outlooks, similar interests with lifestyle associations.

We will learn that people do seem to fit the old saying of, “Birds of a feather flock together!” This is what has lead sociologists to believe that communities and groups are more important to society than individuals are. Thus, the court system and our justice systems are known for seemingly allowing those of the upper class with money to buy their way out of trouble to do so.

Sir Williman Beveridge (1879-1963) was the creator of the welfare state after the Second World War He was the director of the London School of Economics and the aim was to provide those who through no fault of their own were unemployed, ill, old or poor in education and heredity. This was a social democratic idea but there were some Conservatives that opposed this welfare state and do to some extent now to this day in times of hardship in both the U.K. and the U.S. This welfare state was key to the essential concept that was based on “Citizenship” just like our modern idea of who has common rights and freedoms provided to them by the state. These rights come up due to the economic powers that are in charge of the state, which is the reality of ownership of the jobs, education, and political power given by the people and for the people in each nation state.


We are learning to become more aware of each other and our writing skills. We are becoming communication worthy expressive due to the social networking that is now offered on the Internet and World Wide Web. We are now being told we can drop the www that we use to express websites when doing an inquiry on our search engines. So much is changing in the way we communicate. Twitter and Facebook have surpassed the old question raised among students such as, “Are you on My Space?”

Some of the sources we use are beginning to make us feel like the Sorcerer´s Apprentice that happens to be premiering today. My favorite actor Nicholas Cage just happens to be the Sorcerer for the Disney Movie! Sources are used on the internet in various ways.


PRIMARY SOURCES are the ones we create such as our own interviews, research, observation, laboratory experiments or participating in other justifiable methods we may think of. We may even use surveys and questionnaires in public places such as Malls that cater to retail shoppers and have food courts.


SECONDARY SOURCES are those that already exist such as autobiographies, newspaper reports, photographs, art, images, government statistics, books, magazines, things that are already published and some even regard the Internet Websites as sources these days.

Phenomenologists tend to think that people construct their own meanings of reality.

Sociologists tend to think about mixing approaches and methodologies since various methods may produce different types of results.

We are now looking into the information that in the past was ignored and not accepted into the common folks cultural societies. We are beginning to accept the paranormal and supernatural as the information that was formerly overlooked by those in the upper and middle classes and were thought only to be superstitions of the common folk. We are now awakening to the fact that there are now more common folk than those of the elite and privileged class based on old money and heredity.

This will be agreeable to the ET UFO COMMUNITY who has joined with those for the pursuit of the common interests


The History Channel and Documentary Channel are realizing the potential for sharing in information that was once thought unobtainable or not agreeable to the social normal society. We are now realizing that journalism will take on more topics of conversation than those that were accepted in the basic sciences and art and entertainment.

The world is changing and so are we. We may even learn to accept that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” It may be found out that our ancient ancestors were aware of the Sky People and the Angels that came from Heaven and they were right!

We are adding more information on the Internet as an Open Source with Fair Use for All!

We Give credit to the Following and provide below information for acknowledgement for sourcing on the Internet. Credit is always given when we share information in the Global Community on the Internet!

I personally liked the information provided on the Internet for all and am including the website for others to visit and peruse at their own convenience as I did! See the Diagram below under Exopolitics. I could not do a better job myself so offer this. Why reinvent the wheel!


Wikipedia (until April 2008): Exopolitics, a speculative branch of political science, is the study of possible contact and relations between humanity and extraterrestrial civilizations. (*) Since January 2009, it defines Exopolitics as “the hypothetical study of political relations between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations.”

Michael Salla, founder of the Exopolitics Institute, gives two, complimentary, definitions:

Exopolitics is the study of the key individuals, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life.

Exopolitics is the study of the political implications of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Alfred Webre ´invented´ the word Exopolitics and describes it as “the study of political process and governance in interstellar society.”

(*) Incomprehensibly, between April 2008 and January 2009 the Wikipedia censored articles on Exopolitics. The topic itself had even been removed. As of 10 January 2009 the topic is available again.

More definitions of ´Exopolitics´ can be found at

What is Exopolitics?

So what is Exopolitics? A number of key actors compared notes and came to a consensus on the following definition:

Exopolitics is an interdisciplinary scientific field, with its roots in the political sciences, that focuses on research, education and public policy with regard to the actors, institutions and processes, associated with extraterrestrial life, as well as the wide range of implications this entails through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms.

Some older definitions:

Wikipedia (until April 2008): Exopolitics, a speculative branch of political science, is the study of possible contact and relations between humanity and extraterrestrial civilizations. (*) Since January 2009, it defines Exopolitics as “the hypothetical study of political relations between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations.”

Michael Salla, founder of the Exopolitics Institute, gives two, complimentary, definitions:

Exopolitics is the study of the key individuals, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life.

Exopolitics is the study of the political implications of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Alfred Webre ´invented´ the word Exopolitics and describes it as “the study of political process and governance in interstellar society.”

(*) Incomprehensibly, between April 2008 and January 2009 the Wikipedia censored articles on Exopolitics. The topic itself had even been removed. As of 10 January 2009 the topic is available again.

More definitions of ´Exopolitics´ can be found at

Being a political science, Exopolitics uses the standard methodologies of the political sciences. For these, qualitative approach is needed, rather than a quantitative or quantifiable one. Exopolitics identifies key players (individuals, institutions and other groups), processes, dynamics, and policies. It analyzes behavior and motivations of people, institutions and groups. It also focuses on the purposes and the effectiveness of certain policies, etc., and tries to discover (predictable) patterns.

One of the common tools at our disposal is the usage of typologies. When analyzing the existing literature about extraterrestrials here on Earth, e.g., Michael Salla noticed that the extraterrestrials were described in one of four categories or types. These are:



Manipulators, and


(See Study Paper 1, The Need for Exopolitics: Implications of the Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories for Policy Makers and Global Peace, published online at for more information).


Future articles by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris will be forthcoming on UFO Digest and other Internet website locations. Also, on various topics that can be perused and

Golden Rules of the Tea Party expresses the laws of nature according to ancient philosophy in the language of the common folk. That is the study of folklife to some. Those who desire to work in America. Some do have the engineering and mathematic skills while others are interested in sociology and law enforcement. Many are our military who no other side truly supports when it comes to allowing their salary increases or benefits. This unprecedented material is a masterpiece and I speculate it may very well be the mechanism to understand UFO technology. All my workings are based within the framework of ancient knowledge, and are model that unifies both of the physical and spiritual realms.

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TJ of Ascension Project as ACO Corp a Cooperation of Co-creators in 2012

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From: ACO Corp
American Cooperation Organization Corporation
Theresa J. Morris
President CEO
Re: Executive Summary, Business Plan, and Marketing Plan for your Projects. We can help!
To whom it may concern:

I, Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris was put on this earth to assist with my administrative and organizing skills with others to create a team spirit and esprit de corps as an Ambassador of Goodwill.
I am in the process of recruiting others to my sharing synergy to become C0-creators with me. I prefer those who I can call my friends and understand my heart in love and light.
We share Goodwill Ambassadors around the world who some are also known as Ascension Avatar Masters in the Spiritual Intellectual Community that shares the importance of doing one’s own spiritual work. Therefore we assist others in their own similar interest groups.
Our slogan and mantra is to raise synergy and awareness that we are all here to help others.
Our purpose on earth is to help others here on this planet and if we cannot help we certainly do not hurt others. We assist in creating a solution for our problems on this planet.
We offer Administrative and Executive Management to share in vertical Lifestyles to rise above poverty, depression, and all that is not for the greater good. We are about truth, wisdom and enlightenment and calling our friends to action to assist all communities.
Representing our People Helping People in Community of Practicing Skills.
We share Ascension Center Organization as Administrative Executives Cooperation for Economic Cooperation in the Global Community. We work with many organizations including the American Cooperation Organization, Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation, European Economic Cooperation, and all Economic Corporation Organizations. We are about planning for the future and putting our energy into action together as the global community for sustainability.
To be considered for investments or other business opportunities, please refer to the guidelines below.
Submit an Executive Summary from your business plan that is no longer than five pages. Please do not send an entire business plan upon initial information submission. This Executive Summary should include the following information:
Business and Products
Company’s business
Product or service description
Development schedule
Price point
Historic and projected sizes in dollars
Sales channels
Competitive advantages
Leadership Team
Management background
Board members
Historic and projected P&L
Projected cash flow
Current balance sheet
Projected head count by area (i.e., sales, marketing, engineering, Q&A)
Amounts raised