TJ Morris tm ACIR sm Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Founder ACE Folklife, ACIR, Ascension Center, ET Radio


 BIO – Intuitive Life Counselor – Avatar Ascension Master


TJ Morris ACIR

TJ Morris aka Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris

Bio of TJ Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris, Theresa J. Morris


Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is an Author/Entrepreneur. TJ specializes in paranormal/super natural phenomenon. TJ was a professional consultant and expert witness on legal investigations and has prior military and government service in the USA 1980-1993. TJ was Founder/CEO of J. B. Cork, Ascension Center, and Psychic Network 1989-1994. TJ is now considered an Ambassador of Goodwill working in American Culture International Relations. TJ ´s training is in business and public security, serving as a private and legal investigator. TJ trained in JAG investigations in U.S. Navy  Civil Service.

TJ traveled the world dealing in international exports. TJ obtained CDL 1995. TJ has shared personal experiences as an Alien Contactee Experiencer. TJ had near death and out of body experiences which lead her to study metaphysics becoming a well-known psychic/remote viewer.

TJ has worked on special covert cases since 1980. TJ has written An Alien UFO Story, Roswell UFO Encounters, Uplifting the Soul available on TJ is also a syndicated journalist and has other articles on American Chronicle, World Sentinel, American News Magazine, TJ has been a contributor to UFO Digest since Aug. 2007. Now Pres.CEO of American News Magazine and ACO Corporation as well as, TJ Morris Publishing and ACE FOLKLIFE

DOB :12-26-51, Monroe, LA 12 Noon

TJ  is a natural born leader which is so noted in astrology as she is a Capricorn with Aquarius rising in her Astrological Chart.

TJ is believes in living a balanced ascension centered enlightened life as a spiritual intellectual and shares her essence and energy and sometimes funding and creations with those who are in alignment with her own endorsements and beliefs as a patron and leader in the discoveries of the future minds of the world.

TJ has been associated with many famous people in her time on earth and began on television at age of 3 years and while in grade school was on TV weekly. She is an extrovert to some and believed to be an introvert to others.

TJ enjoys psychic science and neuro science and shares brain training and spiritual training as part of being a well-balanced humanoid in body-mind-spirit in the birth-life-death experience which is her faith. TJ is not a religious person but is considered an Avatar Ascension Master having master all 33 Ancient Mystery School levels including surviving life after death in this lifetime not only as an experienced believer in reincarnation with this being her ninth and final return to this planet.

TJ believes that alien civilizations exist and says this is her religion if anyone bothers to ask her religion she is a declared Ascension Age Avatar Master Minister of the Shamanic Healing Arts. TJ believes in creative design and reincarnation for the soul. Former Military DOD,USN

Former Investigator, Private, GS, Legal, Investigative Reporter, Author, Entrepreneur, Hostess-Speaker

Toastmaster, Member BMI, Former IBMA, USTA, CMA, ODP EDITOR for the Open Source Project from 1997

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Becoming an ODP Editor

What does an ODP editor do?

How do I become an ODP editor?

Are there requirements for being an editor?

Is there a time commitment for editors?

Can I apply to category that has an editor listed?

Do you have any tips on filling out the “become and editor” application?

Can I have more than one editor account?

What kind of compensation is available to editors?

What does an ODP editor do?

Editors select, evaluate, describe and organize Web sites. They are responsible for reviewing submissions to their categories, and list sites according to prescribed editorial guidelines. Editors join the ODP by applying to edit a category that corresponds to their interests. Generally, new editors apply to edit in small categories at first, and then apply to edit additional areas after they have accumulated a number of edits.

Since this is a community managed project, editors often do a lot of other things in addition to listing web sites. Many technologically savvy editors help to build editing tools and features, and share them with the other editors. Senior editors volunteer to mentor junior editors. Some editors initiate editing projects to improve the overall quality of the directory, and to deal with backlogs of unreviewed submissions. For ODP editors, they sky’s the limit in terms what they can do here. This makes the ODP a particularly fun and interesting place.

How do I become an ODP editor?

To become an editor, you need to fill out an application. Go to the category that interests you, then click on the “become an editor” link at the top.

Your application will be evaluated by one of the community’s senior editors. We receive hundreds of applications, and review each one individually, so don’t worry if it takes several days until you get a response. Please note that we deny applications from time to time, and no application is guaranteed acceptance.

Are there requirements for being an editor?

Everyone is welcome to join the ODP. All you need is an interest or passion and a computer. While there are no specific pre-requisites, we seek people who have a genuine interest in building a directory that is free of commercial interests and favoritism. Fairness and objectivity prevail here. Those who still believe the Web should be free and accessible to all, without bias and unnecessary noise, will most enjoy the ODP experience. Potential editors should demonstrate a keen eye for spotting quality and useful sites, attention to detail, and possess good grammar, spelling and communication skills.

Is there a time commitment for editors?

There is no time requirement. We appreciate any time you can commit to improving and developing the directory. In order to keep the community thriving, editor accounts will expire after 4 months of inactivity. This allows another editor the chance to take over an area where an inactive editor may have left off.

If your account expires, you can request reinstatement.

Can I apply to category that has an editor listed?

Yes. Many categories have one or more editors.

Do you have any tips on filling out the “become and editor” application?

There is no magic formula for creating the perfect application. Your application will be reviewed on a number of unique factors relative to the category in which you applied. In general, applicants should take care to apply to a small, underdeveloped category at first. Generally, applicants who apply for too broad of a category are asked to narrow their focus, and apply for a lower level category.

We view the application as an indication of how you will edit. A thoughtful, well-written application that is free of hype has a far greater chance of getting accepted than one that is sloppy, poorly-written, and full of promotional, subjective language. Finally, be truthful about your affiliations with any Web sites. Webmasters, site owners, and friends and relatives of webmasters and site owners are free to join. However, you should be up front and honest about these affiliations.

Can I have more than one editor account?

No. All editors should have one login and password. Creating multiple logins is considered abuse, and when discovered, all accounts will be removed.

What kind of compensation is available to editors?

The ODP is a non-commercial organization that was established in the spirit of the Open Source movement, which has developed a long list of successful software projects created by uncompensated volunteers. The ODP offers the opportunity for the net-citizens around the world to come together to build an unbiased directory for other net-citizens to freely share and distribute. Therefore, editors are not financially compensated.


One of the unique things about the Open Directory is a community of volunteers who altruistically devote their time and subject expertise to give back to the rest of the Web community. Editors edit for the love and fun of it in the spirit of fostering a free and accessible Web.

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