परनोर्मल बी तज ठुर्मोंद Morris

http://www.theresamorris.com, http://www.acefolklife.com,
TJ Morris ACIR
Freelance Writer
Business Information Consultant
ACIR Investigative Reporter
Intel Security Analysis Consultant
Assured Confidential Investigative Reports -International Relations
Global Consciousness Science
American Culture Inter government issues
Psychic Intuitive Science Consultant
Field Research Investigative Analyst
Fire, Arson, Fraud, Subrogation, 1978-
ACIR, 1968-1985, Private & Legal Investigator,1979-1985 U.S. Military service 1985-1993, GS PI Contractor, Personnel Information Security 1987-
JB CORP CEO 1989-1994, OTR CDL 1995-2002 Freelance Writer 2000-present
American Culture International Relations
Entrepreneur, world traveler, paranormal investigator, intuitive science, copywriter, contractor,
Syndicated Columnist 2007.
Website Publisher, Editor

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