Alien ET UFO Community Omniverse Creation Story of Atlantis & MU -Ankh Key to Universe View Edit Submitted by Theresa J. Thur… on Thu, 04/26/2012 – 11:29 Ascension Center Organization is hereby established officially on Planet Earth of the Planetarians. Gaia other Earth after the original creation from MARS in the zone for the Ancient Astronaut s the Founders for the Ancestor Day to be established on ALL WORLD calendars. The Ascension ET Authority. History of the Beginning of MU and Atlantis is hereby transmitted to send to be referenced and recorded throughout time by all storyteller shaman as the messengers of the “Keeper of the Flame!” Share this among all those who are the ACE FOLKLIFE, ASCENSION CENTER, and of the ALIEN ET UFO COMMUNITY. We ask all those of the Art, Culture, Education as ACE spiritual beings to share this with all that have a need to know. We now share that the Ascension Center is about the future of all body-mind-spirits having the birth-life-death experience on the planet that was created and terra-formed by their Ancient Astronaut Ascension Masters. Atlantis & MU TJ Known as the “Keeper of the Flame” By: Theresa J Thurmond Morris ALIEN ET UFO COMMUNITY CODE KEY TO ETHEREAL ETHICS THE ANKH SYMBOL Share in the past lives on earth by those who from the heavens came about the Omniverse. The ALPHA MALES and OMEGA FEMALES The Co-Creators who have always been have created an Ascension Authority. There is a Family Creation known as a Hierarchy in the created Omniverse. These are the Supreme Beings based on the fact that they are the first created souls who became perfected over time by the essence that was created to enforce the spirit that is placed into all living things. These Super Supreme Beings are who are called the deities and the children of the first God and Goddess who have always been that first created their first Co-creation the Omniverse. The Children of these first Super-Supreme Beings are Essence in the Ethereal Realm. They are all those who are the oldest souls who were placed inside the Omniverse. Their children are then those who rebelled against their original Father and Mother in the Omniverse and their children as Angels were sent into the unknown realm created by their parents. This unknown realm is now called the Xenoverse. Those who were sent into the unknown were now treated as children and were taught to learn about the Ethereal Ethics through statistics called Trial and Error of the Essence and were given the Free Will. These Ethereal Beings would never be given a physical body-mind-spirit of their own but could be called to serve as messengers as those who would guide those in the future Metaverse. The Metaverse was then created for their children who were the Great-Grandchildren of the original God and Goddess as the “I AM” and “ALL I AM”. The “I AM” was the original words that came to be by the recognition of the “ALL I AM” as the Original Soul Mate in the Essence creating harmony and balance in the created Chaos. This was the history of the Elders passed down through lineage of the ancient ancestors. All the Great-Grandchildren were of good spirit and cherished those who were above in the highest realms outside the created Omniverse. They were guided with life wisdom. These children of the Metaverse were subservient in nature and were allowed to become the creators to the multiverses with the assistance of their parents and those who are the ANCESTORS Angelic Ethereal Essence. The Life Wisdom throught the Eons created time in space and space-time became the new place in space to become awakened and aware of the knowing. Those who became the Co-creators with the Angels of Both the Dark of the Unknown and the Light of the Known were now challenged to change Xenoverse inside the Omniverse with the knowing.. These Co-creators needed their own creations and thereby became responsible for all their own Ethereal Ethics to share the companionship of the knowing to become the wisdom and understanding of all those who came to be separated in the light and the dark realms that were separated due to the disobedience due to their own young souls essence. Growth in the knowing was needed and time in space was established for the dimensions that would become the realms as levels of knowing to be called enlightenment. The Ethereal Ethics Creators were now those who created the Ascension ET Authority of the Multiverse.The Multiverse would now be the realm of all dimensions and the place to separate the knowing of those children who came before who were disobedient children. The Ascension ET Authority would be responsible now for all that would be created in the future that could be seen as co-creations in the form of other Multiverses with the physical creations of universes. Chaos of the Above Omniverse would now become a place of balance of both the dark and the light with the “ALL KNOWING” and the “ALL SEEING”. Those who were ethereal essence were inspired by their ancestors and their ancient elders who were the founding Fathers and Mothers of all the various universes which would now become the home of all their own children who would now due to the Ethereal Ethics that they learned through divine wisdom. The ALL KNOWING EYE was established and the Ethereal Ethics would now always be remembered in the symbol as the Key to the Kingdoms of all those places in spaces of the Ethereal Supreme Beings to be recorded throughout time. This is where the children learned to listen to the divine wisdom of their elders. These Children became the “Keepers of the Flame” as the Keepers of the Kingdoms of the Ancient Ones of the Ethereal Ethics to be placed in physical form as the symbol of the ones who would ruler and govern to keep balance in the hierarchy of the family of the Ethereal Essence of the Original Souls Creations. The Ankh was the Key to all the Realms including the Essence of the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical of the new children of all the realms as levels in the dimensions of both space and time. New Laws could now be established to create the rules to be learned from the ancient elders who chose to teach with the rules of their ancestors and to include all senses in all realms of the ethereal. The elder’s children of the Multiverse would now begin sharing how to create universes and all those spirits of the essence who was those who would inherit the golden spiritual twin essence of the original created soul. These children would be the creators of the new sea of souls in each created universe and the first for their children was called Mu. Atlantis was created by the … » Add new comment More Articles by Author ET UFO Community Preservation Alien Vampire Empire Wars Earth’s Destiny Beyond 2012 Global Contrast For 2012 Exopolitics Of The Future Alien ET Recap on Mu, Pangaea and Atlantis – Life Memories & History See All Articles About Theresa J. Thurmond Morris Bio Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is an Author/Creator/Entrepreneur (ACE). TJ specializes in paranormal/super natural phenomenon and sustainability. TJ is the founder of the first Ascension Center based on sustainability and whole life living. TJ Shares the body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience and is about the future as a visionary for sustaining life in the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. TJ is now a spiritual adviser with ACE Folklife and Ascension Center Organization at TJ was a professional consultant and expert witness on legal investigations and has prior military and government service in the USA 1980-1993. Professionally she uses her initials TJ, ACE, and ACIR.US. TJ has written several paranormal books including Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond, Alien UFO Story by TJ, Avatar Oracle Xeno Guide, Roswell Connection, Roswell UFO Encounters, UFOS & Extraterrestrials, Uplifting the Soul, Alphaverse and Omegaverse, Spirit Guide, ACE Folklife Guide, and all books are in print available on Barnes & Noble, and TJ shares her life with her husband Thomas R. Morris also an author. TJ Morris is an Ambassador of Goodwill with American Culture International Relations and ACIR. TJ Morris is her trademark ™ ACIR her servicemark (sm) TJ studied arson, fraud, subrogation, forensics, history, psychology and worked as a Legal Investigator for attorneys and a Private Investigator until she was actively recruited by the U.S. Navy and as a General Service investigator Contractor. TJ is now semi-retired and uses a the title of writer as far as her Uncle Sam is concerned. TJ has a small woman owned business with websites and shares in editing her friends books as a book doctor. TJ is sharing her life as an event planner for sharing the awareness of communication, sustainability, earth and space science, whole life living, and spiritual higher consciousness awakening. TJ has a title of Life Agashan and Avatar Ascension Master. TJ is the Ascension ET Authority and began the Alien ET UFO Community. TJ shares promoting books for her friends and publishers books such as mysteries, paranormal, military intrigue, and now her own series about ufos and alien civilizations exist. TJ is an advocate for the future Ascension Age. Professional History in corporate international marketing, manufacturing,legal investigations, newspaper columnist, and magazine publisher. TJ lives in Kentucky USA with husband Tom. TJ has been an organizer, speaker, spiritual consultant, producer/song writer with BMI and publisher. TJ spends much of her time assisting others as a consultant in business and with building websites. TJ’s websites to share with others around the world news and common interests with her friends of Facebook are,,,,,,, TheresaMorris.Net and many others. Theresa J Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris are both names to search for under her book names as author. TJ has been interested in the Alien ET UFO Community all her life with a strong research history in cosmology,metaphysics, ontology, and is founder of the ACE Folklife Historical Society, Ascension, and, in order to assist others adjust to the new awakening and awareness of the Ascension Age as the golden age of Cosmology. TJ is also a natural born leader as a Capricorn with Aquarius rising and promotes health and prosperity and whole life expos, seminars, and her friends and their business interests. TJ attracts others who desire to share similar interests in social networks and is a social entrepreneur. TJ writes her interests including her near death experiences and ET contact friends and their businesses. TJ loves people, places, things, and having a near death experience learned the power of meditation, prayer, astral travel, remote viewing, and other interest in ESP and parapsychology. For all those who believe as she does in Ascension Vertical Lifestyles for body-mind-spirit, TJ has been a Life Coach to those who request her services as a mentor. TJ is a known administrator of the Ascension Center Hawaii and as a creator entrepreneur planner organizer she founded the original Ascension Center Organization and Psychic Network in Hawaii 1990-1993 which was advertised in the Honolulu newspaper and registered in Hawaii. TJ was known as Tara then by her spiritual friends and has worked in seminars psychic fairs, People Synergistically Involved and other motivational seminars and expos in the USA. TJ now works with people who are planning their future preparation and space exploration beyond 2012. TJ is now working on the TAKEN UP 2012 Series of stories to be published as books and owns the copyrights to the stories to be read as chapters on UFO Role Contributor

MR. LASH. He shares his views and for some this is what they need to understand much of how we can relate to each other during this time of transition.

Some will want to join me on that of the ASCENSION !

We have joined forces with those of the SPIRIT!

Therefore those who are looking for some spiritual guidance and understanding in rather general language may be able to relate to our SOCIAL NETWORKS and EMAGAZINES.







TJ share her organization for those who want the plain vanilla wrapping on the basics in life.

Love and Light

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris
aka TJ

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What is an Extra-Terrestrial Social Paranormal Time Traveler?

By: TJTM aka Theresa and TJ Thurmond Morris

I have recently been asked how to become a paranormal writer.
There are many topics that are considered metaphysical and paranormal.

For many of us who have studied the occult and metaphysical, we simply chose a path with special interests.

Some paths for a paranormal writer are as follows:

By Category
Paranormal Basics
Ghosts and Hauntings
Weird Creatures / Monsters
Time and Dimension Travel
Earth Mysteries
Human Mysteries
Life After Death/Reincarnation
Lost Worlds & Ancient History
Science & High Tech for Visionaries
Ouija Board and Divination
Planetary / Moon Anomalies
Prophets and Prophecies
Psychic Phenomena
Religious Mysteries/Miracles
Tarot Readings/The Old Path
Witchcraft and Spells
What is a journal?
Your journal is for writing and sharing stories, photos, videos, and more with others.
What is a profile?
A collection of goodies about yourself. Express yourself with userpics, interests, a bio, and more!
What is a Friends Page?
It lets you read the latest from friends’ journals and favorite web feeds all in one place.
What is a community?
Discussion groups built around every topic imaginable. From music to ninjas, there’s something here for you.

Some of us began studying meditation and the Eastern philosophies.

Some of us chose to adopt the Western Ways and combine them like Yin and Yang of all energy. Some of us actually like to use Feng Sui.

Some of us have studied Magick Without Tears by Aleister Crowley and many others who were once trying to understand life while on earth and how life was involved with the Akashic Field.

We are all beings and all books. We are all things of the Web.

This may or may not have anything to do with why some of us are those who have paranormal experiences and why some of us have extraterrestrial experiences or have had abduction experiences.

Some of us have actually had physical reality experiences in the human realty with our conscious physical beings being part of the experiments of extra terrestrials.

I for one have been involved with both the Nordics and the Grays as have many beings who I know who have pleasant experiences. We also are aware that there are many who have been abducted and had unpleasant experiences. We believe that this is not appropriate behavior by others who are considered certain types of grays who are also intelligent beings who visit earth from other galaxies.

It has come to my attention that some beings who have had these unpleasant experiences need to realize that there are those of us on earth who exist that have had real pleasant personal experiences. These are not just in dreams, and out of body but actual physical real life experiences with extraterrestrials that are not known as common beings on earth. They come to this planet in what is referred to as spacecraft that some call UFOS.

There has always been some of us that can seem weird to say the least because we are open minded and are not closed into the box of only three dimensions. This will be explained through out the world as time passes on earth.

We are presently working with those who desire to raise the consciousness and vibrations of all that is in the Magnetic Field or the Glue that holds all Metaverses together in order to assist in controlling what we now refer to as the chaos of the Quantum Entanglement. We are striving to share in energy that is presently formed in sound waves that are referred to as communication on earth. Some call these alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta waves that are all around in all thinking in all things at all times. This energy cannot be destroyed and is the constant flow in flux.

We do not want to lose those who can follow the past Theory of Relativity and the Dark and Black Holes that are presently becoming known and are studied throughout the new universe. We are they that choose to open all possibilities of time travel through the worm holes in stellar space for all beings that are presently residing on earth. This will happen in time.

We are all part of the all being and the all eternal throughout time in the infinity of space-time continuum in the Metaverses. We are presently formed in that which cannot be destroyed as energy while on earth in all forms. Be patient and be hopeful and desire health and prosperity for all living and created in your world which is also our world as well.

Writing magical and mysterious is being a Social Paranormalist. There isn’t much that has changed about the intelligent being species throughout recorded time on planet earth other than the magical and mysterious that is now referred to as part of the social paranormal of the 21st Century.

We are they that create stars in the total darkness of the space-time continuum. We are they who are the sparks of life that thrive beneath what is now termed the 46 pair of chromosomes in the DNA that make up the physical being that is the vessel for the spirit and silver chord that reaches out to the Mother and Father Soul of Creation.

We are about the Creationist of All Energy as the God Particle. We are the Hope and Inspiration of every aspiring young Artist who is learning to be more than their present minds in time can imagine. We are the imagination and the still small voice inside every man, woman, and child no matter where they may be and no matter what physical vessel they may possess.

We are they who are about showing those who visit earth in the physical, mental, and spiritual life form that they can find their way back home after achieving their time on earth to achieve perfection as was meant to BE and find PURPOSE in life on earth.

We are they that are the nonconformist attitude and the futurists in consciousness that is considered living in the mind while on earth in the physical and mental bodies.

We are spirit that comes and goes from the many and all that is one in the metaverses that achieves what is considered the “All that has Always Been.”

We are they that honor the Yin and Yang, the Alpha and the Omega of all creations. We are they that are in tune with the Mother Nature and Father Time that is all that is wrapped up in form of material and matter that is considered what can be known on earth as energy and mass.

We are the all-inspiring stories of religions and governments that have done the ruling of the organizing of the chaos in the time dimensions that have come and gone through the billions of years in the time space continuum that is recognized by all consciousness of all super intelligent Supreme Beings.

We are they that honor both our Father and Mother Creators of the All.

We are they that has been forever and will be from to time that humankind may set foot on planet earth as beings that were formed to become the first 46 pairs of Chromosomes that were matched from the perfection of what was all life forms in all 46 other metaverses in the Quantum Entanglement of the Source. We are they that give life to the meaning of spiritual being.

We are they that bring the light to darkness and the antimatter to the matter. There is nothing in the dark and light that does not exist in the energy that is all there is without our presence for we are those who create that which is now called the 46 pairs of chromosomes which make up that which is truly the all knowing and all being as social paranormal genome creations.

We are the luminosity in the mind when one cannot see, hear, touch, taste, smell or feel with the inner knowing and the outer being. The emotions that are thought to be formed while on earth are nothing but weather barometers for the human mind.

We are they that will fill in the blanks about the genetic engineering or the genetic codes that was once unknown. We are they who assist in the genomes, which is the pairing of the chromosomes.

We are they in every color spectrum that is the foundation of all light fractals. We are both the Genie and the Genius in all life forms that are considered as those of the intelligent being species.

We are in all living beings, all Gentiles, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, Buddhists, and all other religious and cultural euphemisms and tags, words, categories that are sprouted as thoughts to germinate while there are still those living and being on earth. We are they that teach the world of Gerontology.
We are they that in some worlds are the Vapor Spirits that are the intelligence inside all material matter and antimatter. We are the Quantum Gestures in all words that are formed as the “Great I AM and the ALL:”
We are the Guardian Spirit that is also known as the Social Paranormalist also known as Extraterrestrial Beings and to some Angels of the Most High.

We are they that give meaning to the word God and YHWH, BUDDHA, and all that is considered Sacred Secrets of the Highest Sanctity of what is considered the All Mighty whether God or Goddess we are they. We are all are known inside All as ONE. This is why we can form communication to form what was in the beginning as “THE WORD” and the WORD was without FORM.

Feel Free to share your articles with the world and we shall post them for you if you so desire on the following websites to increase traffic to your own personal websites or blogs as long as they are dealing with the Ascension Age Paranormal topics which we specialize in. Yours trusting truth. In love and light.  TJ

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Thank you.
Theresa J. Morris

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What if the extraterrestrials are planning explanations for our civilization coming forth in 2012?

 Are we ready?

Alien ET UFO Paranormal Social and Spiritual implications are being shared with some of the top names that influence others in this world through the television and internet.

We are all here on earth to experience life in various levels and layers. We are sharing our many layers or dimensions of life and how we think about our world now in passing and on our paths.

 We can choose our destiny. We can define our wills. We can make our own choices in our minds. We are the controllers of our own future separate and together.

I have shared in the past names of people I have enjoyed following on earth such as  Erich von Daniken, Zechariah Sitchen, Gene Roddenberry, Steven Hawking, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Michio Kaku, Wayne Dyer, Zig Zigler, Napoleon Hill, and Deepak Chopra and even J.K. Rowling. There are many more but these people will recognize. The women are too numerous to mention but Eleanor Roosevelt must be the first woman other than my mother and Grandmother. My great-grandmother was a school teacher and ruled the roost so to speak when I was growing up.

My interest in the humanoid species as a whole stems part from my past memories of life as a reincarnated soul. That will be hard for many to believe. I am not sure I do. The reason being I am only human with alien ET UFO paranormal contactee memories while I was alive and dead. This makes me more curious than most about life and what it all means to be alive and a part of this world.

I am also a know spiritual advisor that last century people called a psychic life coach or Guide. Now, I choose to write my thoughts to reach more people with my advice of better living for those who desire to maintain spiritual whole life living while here on earth.

We are now in the process of sharing how thoughts about how the past was in relation to our sky people visitors.

We are going to go through various levels of changing opinions or what we accept in our overall understanding of who we are and where we come from.

There are many who want to believe that we all came from the ooze of the 4.5 billion years and counting that it took to form creations from the forming of earth.

There are others like us in the alien ET UFO Paranormal Scientific Spiritual Community who believe we did not simple evolve out of the oceans but were brought here by others in the Omniverse.

The old argument of the 20th century was based on Evolutionists versus Creationists.

I believe we come from space and therefore am considered a creationist although I do understand some things evolve and change as the entire Omniverse is still expanding.

We will have to learn what we mean by various words in the future. This is why it is so important that we become open minded and all learn, to communicate, and educate ourselves. We must all promote awareness to others for their own learning process. We are all here to grow and to share our experiences. There is a method to the seeming madness on this planet.

I am still learning about earth and the inhabitants myself. What makes me extraordinary is my past experiences in life and how I filter the energy that makes up my memories. I know that I shall leave this planet in the future and will take my recorded memories with me. We are all the authors of our own souls memories. My mother has this last week reminded me that we are all the authors of our own life stories. My mother is now 78 years old and has found out she has cancer and has been very ill due to chemotherapy. It is a tough time for her. My husband’s father died before Christmas 2010. We are facing the loss of our biological creators on earth and we know this is hard to face emotionally.

We must all learn to face hardships in life and the loss of our loved ones. This is part of our life on earth and part of the educational part we shall take with us when we expire, pass one, die here in this level of life.

I now believe it is up to all who can face death, dying, and misery, on earth to assist others who will also face what we if given a choice would not want to deal with in this life.

Death, dying, misery, and pain are all part of life on earth. We must learn about all four areas while we learn their opposites  of life, living, happiness, and health. Health and prosperity for all is a goal for us to achieve while here on earth.

We can ask our leaders in the elite classes and elected officials as our leaders to share in their awareness of life. We can ask them to not hoard but share their abundance so as to teach those how best to make this world a better place for all and not just some.

We have various levels and stages in life. Those who work with me now in this world are about sharing energy in words and light.

We are about becoming better communicators.

It is our job to combine our energy in all the various ways we have segregated our thoughts into the support and endorsements of the levels of understanding as creationists.

Ancient Alien Theorists Can Prevent Misery. 2011 Trend Watching Report in Sustainability. We can all share our energy as synergy in sustainability on this planet while looking forward to our future in space.

For those who are in the working class on earth who are just becoming aware of the future including alien ET UFOs we will discuss the one on one basics in our regular weekly articles, This is more about the overall analysis in our present psyche.

Misery loves company and we must do our part to come up with the remedies for misery. One has to be concerned for our global community regarding sustainability.

We must do our part to preserve our planet and our required need for food, clean air, and energy consumption. In addition, we need to all learn to recycle and to clean up our communities. Some city planners are now working with the local government to share in the leadership to get more old time hard work into the action and follow through and not just the paper work.

The past was about pushing paper and creating more brainpower to come up with teams as task force to come up with solutions. 2011 is about putting those teams to work in the field.

We are now doing more on computers and will learn to become a paperless society. In addition, we are going to need more programs to keep from sharing bad energy and bad products such as cocaine, meth, and harmful agents to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We are all here for a purpose and we come in similar humanoid unit containers or vessels,

It is time we all support those in our local communities in awareness programs about what is expected of families and those who desire to bring children into this world. It is not only a village but also an entire global community project.

For now in the alien ET UFO Paranormal Community, we are learning to share our energy through synergy by sharing our interests in the social networking communities online.

We may not yet feel comfortable in our work environment we created in our glass towers where we still pass paperwork and enter data on our computers.  We will need delicate cooperation in this area not only with our governments but also with our civilian corporations.

Many corporations look to the future for their own sustainability.

The humanoid global population will sustain the corporations. The corporations can maintain the global population by supplying jobs and careers for the human population.

We will all need to learn to work together. The “Too Big to Fail” energy is now a part of our global awareness. We now see that our corporations with monopolies in certain areas of commerce are not good. We have learned where our glass ceilings can be broken in many ways.

If we are to continue to support this world with a monetary credit system based on the value of bimetals and energy sources, then we must all work to understand the sensitive inner workings of how all our continents, nation states, and smaller territories on the land of this planet work.

We must all share in learning how much of one thing is enough based on a population of 7 billion. This is the new and present figure for maintaining this planet while we all work to put our humanoid sentient intelligent being species in space.

We are now aware that we are in the millennium that will take us to the future of exploring terra forming in space. We are now working on space stations in order to learn how to maintain more than satellites in our orbit. In the future, there will be intelligent scientists and astronauts with careers for maintaining space communities including the agriculture of growing food in space.

We are going to need more people working on the more pressing issues in this world to sustain a better way of life for the entire human race.

We as one humanoid sentient intelligent being species must now realize that education is important but so is follow through for making sure all our  people are plugged into the action part of being human.

It is no longer just about thinking and managing the areas of the world that have not come up to our standards but playing a major role in straightening out the areas of the world with our training.

We do not only want to feed the entire world but show the entire world how to maintain and sustain.

We are now about the shift and uplift from the “Be, Do, Have” principal of sustainability. We must now educate ourselves as to how we are to make sure that people in their respective small families and communities can maintain their sustenance while living in a clean environment.

We need to supply food, water, clothing, and shelter to the poorer areas of the world so we can make sure they can have enough energy to support their community action program for making their world a better and cleaner place to live.

Join our present connection to the Omniverse. I am one who has already died, and came back from the other side. This means that I know there is another side unlike most of the population of earth.

There are plenty of UFO sightings around the world now and this is on the increase. People are just naturally looking up at the sky now. In addition, we have more people talking about this once taboo subject. People are sharing their UFO sightings and the energy is catching on so that other people are also looking for unidentified flying objects above. We now how UFO videos that can be seen on Utube on the Internet.

We have media that has been sharing more of what was once forbidden to speak of in the print media such as newspapers and magazines. We have more radio shows and television documentaries talking about aliens, UFOs, and our ancient history.

We are beginning to understand that our past was written without the whole story or gathering of complete facts available on earth.

We now have more graduates from college with interest in assisting us all know more about our past and our future. We have those who were inspired by the Indiana Jones stories. If I had to pick two in the entertainment industry that have done more for the future it would have to be George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

George Lucas with Star Wars and Steven Spielberg with Close Encounters. The twentieth century was important as our year of opening our eyes to the future of “What If”. What if others visited us from space? We cannot forget the first Star Trek Series by Gene Roddenberry. The future will always be grateful to these three men and we should, as the Baby Boomer Generation make sure we share our appreciation of these three men with our grandchildren. Those who are now involved in science be it in astrophysics, astronomy, engineering, archaeology, or any other future observations and positions created to reach space will have to remember these people interested in science fiction. Please read the 4 page letter from Gene Roddenberry on Desilu Productions Letterhead.Transcript: Source P.Evans & Below noted. TJ

Desilu Productions Inc.

February 12, 1965

Mr. Alden Schwimmer
Ashley-Famous Agency
9255 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles 69, California

Dear Alden:

Have just talked to Oscar Katz in New York about present indefinite sales status of STAR TREK. I felt that all sides had been heard from but me and I owed it to Oscar that he understand my feelings clearly. And of course I want you to be in on any such conversation, so therefore am repeating it here in this letter and sending a copy to Ted in NYC.

First, about the STAR TREK pilot itself. Whether or not this was the right story for a sale, it was definitely a right one for ironing out successfully a thousand how, when and whats of television science fiction. It did that job superbly and has us firmly in position to be the first who has ever successfully made TV series science fiction a mass audience level and yet with a chance for quality and network prestige too.

We have an opportunity, like “Gulliver’s Travels” of a century or more ago, to combine spectable-excitement for a mass group along with meaningful drama and something of substance and pride.

This particular story, whatever its other merits, was an ideal vehicle for proving this point to ourselves. And if the network wants to be partners in such ventures as these, they have to share some of the pain, responsibility and risk of this type of planning. Or they can have copies of other shows, or parallels, breaking no new ground, without any pain or risk at all. I’m quite willing, and I think capable, of giving it to them either way. In a sense, this has been sort of a test for me whether any brave statements I’ve heard are true.

Now, about the length of the pilot, etc. I agree it should be shorter and should be paced differently. It’s my fault that it wasn’t since I let myself be swayed by an arbitrary delivery date and did not take a day off and then look freshly at the whole picture before it went to negative cutting. This will not happen again. In future, of the two risks, I will risk violating contract provisions rather than sending out product readied only through weeks of sixteen hour a day fatigue. Where the agency can help here is early in the planning of a pilot, leaning hard on the network in those primary stages where they waste three, four and five weeks getting back to you with approvals on this and that. This plays a very large part in ending up with production dates which are bound to create problems.

Let me say about the foregoing, I was under no undue pressure from either Katz or Solow. Unlike most studio executives, they stayed off my back, contented themselves with merely pointing out the obvious contract delivery dates. Solow, whom I worked with most directly and intimately, was enormously helpful. One of the most pleasant and talented men I have ever had the pleasure to work with in this business.

Now, summarizing attitude on the pilot, I think even as it now stands, certainly with many things I’d still like to do with it, it is a good quality product.

For those at NBC who honestly do not like it, do not understand or dig it, do not believe it has audience potential, no complaints from me if they turn thumbs down. I have learned to applaud people who make decisions. But I have no respect or tolerance for those who say things like “If it were just a couple minutes shorter…”, or “Yes, but if it were not so cerebral…”, and such garbage. And I respectfully suggest to you as sale representatives for this product that tolerating or compromising with this kind of thinking could only lead to us making a bad show out of what could have been good. In other words, am wide open to criticism and suggestions but not from those who think answers lie in things like giving somewhat aboard a dog, or adding a cute eleven-year-old boy to the crew.

I’m not saying anyone has suggested the above. Or that you would stand still for it. But having been around television for some time, I do know that shows sometimes reach frantic sales moments in which things like that have been known to happen. And it’s only fair to let you know I’m not that anxious to sell the show.

Which, I guess, is my central point. There seems to be a popular delusion that networks do people a favor by buying shows. I happen to think the truth is somewhat nearer the other direction — that a man who creates a format and offers integrity and a large hunk of his life in producing it, offers much more than networks or advertisers can give in return. Therefore, it logically follows, that side has a right to some terms too.

Mine have not changed. And no matter how difficult or tenuous any negotiation for sale may become, they will not change.

a. We must have an adequate budget to do a show of this type.

b. We must have a time slot which gives us a chance, otherwise the labor involved is foolish and meaningless.

c. Network must give early notification that they are buying the show, or at minimum an early story order so scripts can be put into work.

d. Network must agree that any notifications of pickup or cancellation must be made early, or additional story orders must be made early enough to permit proper continuation of schedules.

Without the above, a sale would be completely meaningless for me. Have no desire to risk heart attack or ulcers without at least a fighting chance to make entertainment I can be proud of. If terms should turn out different, I will cooperate with all involved to find a producer who feels otherwise.

Incidentally, I’ve told both Oscar and Herb Solow I’ve had it with the audience testing thing. The fact that there was this enormous twenty point different between the two STAR TREK tests so far certainly must indicate to any sensible man these people are capable of gross error. And since they are obviously capable of this, I insist that this final test be run in number one position so it is at least a fair comparison with the last test. And no amount of statistical rationalization will budge me from this position. It’s make or break with me, Alden. If they are going to use these tests (and we both know they give great weight to them despite anything they say), then they’ve got to at least give us the benefit of an even chance.

Although I’ve been nervous about STAR TREK for this couple of weeks of decision, actually it’s been a good thing for me. Like a fever reaching a crisis point and then breaking. For the first time I think I see our particular and peculiar medium exactly for what it is. It has been and can be very good — and if someone proves to me they want me to try for that level, I gladly will. On the other hand, without that proof, I intend to aim for safe copies and parallels of existing successes — settle for doing it just two or three percent better than the next guy so that job and profits are always there, and I eat dinner every night at 6:00 p.m. with the children and have two days at home out of every seven to play horseshoes and putter in the garden. And do everything possible to move on into another medium.

Sorry, didn’t mean to make this an epic poem. Maybe it’s just catharsis. But I think it’s more.


(Signed, ‘Gene R’)

Gene Roddenberry


cc: T. Ashley-New York

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Gene Roddenberry defends the rejected pilot for Star Trek in this unearthed letter
After the first pilot for Star Trek was on the verge being rejected by NBC, Gene Roddenberry sent this impassioned letter to his agent on February 12, 1965. It’s a fascinating snapshot of Roddenberry with his back against the wall.
The second pilot for Star Trek — “Where No Man Has Gone Before” — would eventually be picked up by the network, but this is nonetheless an intriguing artifact from an almost Trek-less world.
[P. Evans via Letters of Note. Thanks Lawdog!]

link directly to this page: more: #generoddenberry, #startrek, #letters,#television, #history, #thecage

PARANORMAL WRITERS LIST Best Magical and Paranormal Fantasy Series and Authors Best Magical and Paranormal Fantasy Series and Authors
A Tribute to Gene Roddenberry Fans of Star Trek
And George Lucas “May the Force be with you!”

1. J.R. Ward

2. Kelley Armstrong

Lynsay Sands

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Has several entwined series.

Christene Feehan
For both her vampires and her witches.

Charlaine Harris

Laurell K. Hamilton
We have Laurell to thank for Anita and Merry. Both are top

Jim Butcher

Lynn Veihl  Darkyn series

Katie MacAlister
A little laughter with your vampires, ghosts, demons

J K Rowling

Kim Harrison
Stephanie Meyer

Lori Handeland

Alyssa Day

Shelly Laurenston

Stephan King

Marjorie M. Liu

Patricia Briggs

Lilith Saintcrow

Mary Janice Davidson

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

I have been asked to share my point of view of communication persuasion as an Ace Folklife Society and Ascension Center Organization writer. I have returned to academia to sharpen my tools in writing and reasoning. I hope to sharpen my understanding of how life on earth has been presented to academia.

My prior interests in life have been geared toward metaphysical.

Alien ET UFO Paranormal Community Awareness Hints by TJ

I have been asked what a certain question. “What can I do to help earth?” I had people on earth who helped shape my awareness.

I am a paranormal writer that received emails in the alien ET paranormal community. I write because it is a passion of mine.

For those on earth with an angel-entrepreneurial eye, one can see that my topics in articles flow in the path of my interest and inspiration. Whether this is surface research of my own finds, or purely inspiration guidance I cannot tell. I only know that I am an artist and scientist both at heart.

A mass media consideration versus face-to-face information for internalization is now a major part of our daily lives. Facebook is a success on this planet and many wonder where we will go with the future. I am asked to continue sharing my views and opinions.

I am also a spiritualist shaman with desires of becoming a writer historian someday that did make a difference during my time on earth. For now, those who have known me since the 80’s and 90’s of the last century have seen the world change based on the topics and ideas I have shared in my inner spiritual circles, in my expos and fairs, and in my websites. I now hope to share more in my articles and books.

 People want to refer to my experiences and me and simply mirror them back onto themselves and the world in which we all live and create together. Sure, life can be about my experiences and me but life also needs to be about others and how they all experience their lives and the world. We are all important and I hope to use the archetypes in my characters to reflect our views and past to remake a beautiful future for the human race.

We are all to enjoy what energy we can share among others while here on this planet. We might as well make the most of it. Love and Light TJ.


Ancient history is future’s past and critical mass consciousness today is changing. We are all changing. We may all be the same species but we definitely are all appearing different as individuals. 

We can agree that we are either male of female and some of us are born both. Some of us may feel we are to experience life on earth as a feminine spirit in a male body or vice versa. Some of us may feel that we arrived in the wrong physical body and choose to make some changes. 

There are going to be many changes in the near future.

Some deal with our DNA and changes in the God particle in us all. This is going to be felt in various ways since science can now prove there is an energy flowing in all things in and out of us all.

New Solar System findings in our galaxy and universe changing our critical mass consciousness and who we are as spiritual beings sharing humanity as one species may be what we are here to discover in each other and ourselves.

We are changing and knowledge, wisdom, and being more aware of our environment and ourselves has never been more obvious than today. We study our ancient history and how it effects our future’s past.

This is how we change our critical mass consciousness.

History is being written now on the Internet for our future children to understand as awareness.
We are sharing in the awareness of things past and things to come.

We realize now that some of our history is outdated and we can reconstruct that which was at one time thought to be the truth. Truth is always reshaping its power of persuasion as knowledge.

We believe in more than tangible and intangible evidence which fires the synapses of our brains into becoming more than the total substance of our belief systems.

This new God particle theory of the world in science has a way of dealing with our spirituality and our humanity.

This is good news for the critical mass changes for the state of our economy. We may have watchers from above that can change our overall belief system in our future.

The United Nations we have learned to count on since it’s inception.  Will the UN actually be able to assist with information in the future on the extraterrestrial visitation acceptance around the world?

Here is just one of the ways that our UN is helping with WHO and UNICEF.

New York, Dec 21 2010 6:10PM
Faced with a marked decrease in exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia, the United Nations has teamed up with Government and religious leaders to promote a practice that is proven to protect newborns and infants from disease, illness and impaired development.

As Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country commemorates national Mothers’ Day this week, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu leaders pledged at a conference led by the Ministries of Health and Religious Affairs to develop an action plan with their clerics to spread key information about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months.

“Religious leaders have the power to persuade their followers about the importance of breastfeeding, a simple life-saving practice that is referred to in all the Holy Scripts including the Quran, the Bible, the Vedas and the Tripitaka,” UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative Angela Kearney <“”>said.

“The health of the nation is dependent upon a shared vision and shared action that can only come through practical partnerships… Every religion accepts a responsibility to guide its followers, to show wisdom and foresight in enabling people to make the right choices in life. Today, we are focusing on a critical health issue, where our collective voices can offer life-saving guidance to families.”

Rates of exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia have fallen from 40 per cent in 2002, with less than one-third of infants now being breastfed in line with global standards in the first six months of life. Data also shows that nearly one in every five Indonesian children under the age of five is underweight, and many children suffer from other nutrition-related problems such as stunting.

Promoting improved nutrition practices are therefore seen as essential to tackling these alarming child development indicators.

The UN World Health Organization (WHO) stresses “with full confidence that breastfeeding reduces child mortality and has health benefits that extend into adulthood,” recommending exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, followed by continued breastfeeding with appropriate complementary foods for up to two years or beyond.

WHO underscores that as the natural first food for babies, breast milk provides all the energy and nutrients an infant needs for the first months of life, up to half or more of a child’s nutritional needs during the second half of the first year, and up to one-third during the second year of life.

Exclusive breastfeeding promotes sensory and cognitive development, protects against infectious and chronic diseases, reduces infant mortality due to common childhood illnesses such as diarrhea or pneumonia, and helps for a quicker recovery during illness.

It contributes to the health and well-being of mothers; it helps to space children, reduces the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer, increases family and national resources, is a secure way of feeding and is safe for the environment.

UNICEF and WHO recommend the start of breastfeeding within the first hour of life; exclusive breastfeeding – that is, without any additional food or drink, not even water – for the first six months; breastfeeding on demand – that is, as often as the child wants, day and night – and no use of bottles or pacifiers.
Dec 21 2010 6:10PM
for more details go to UN News Centre at VS ET aka Reptilians versus ET Angels

Is there cause for us to become alarmed when we hear the word “ALIEN”?
Is there cause of our concerns when we hear the word “ET”?

These are questions I am asking others and myself these days. Reason being, I am doing an internal search for emotions that deal with both. The Good as ET and the Bad as Alien.

There is an ET-UFO Community on earth.

There is also an ANCIENT ALIEN Community on earth.

I am exploring the inner being and the outer mind of my own world.

Various parts of all of us create our own world in which we live.

We can learn from our experiences and associations while we are in body-mind-spirit on this planet.

Some of us have learned through our existence on this planet that we must learn to survive the best way we know how.

Some of us have learned to do as we are told and to fit into what the parameters are or at least what is expected in today’s society of what is considered “NORMAL”.

All sentient intelligent beings on this planet are considered humanoids based on our physical design. There is a long drawn out scientific description but this is not the place to go into the deeper meanings of what makes up our creative designs from our DNA, GENOME, and procreation efforts as a male and female.

However, this may be a good time on earth to consider there are various other types of humanoid species that do not fit in with the rest of us humanoids that could be considered “NORDICS”, or humanoid favoring those who look human like. We tend to type ourselves on earth in the past as only one type.

We in the past on earth have been allowed, guided, instructed, or programmed if you will to fight and even create religious wars over our simple belief systems.

Some of these if not all of these wars have been fought over religions and land. We have had wars that were about what we in our tribes thought were worth fighting over for sustenance and survival. These wars were about survival of our species or so we thought at the time.

Now days we are aware that we were all comparing apples to apples or our own kind as humanoids to other humanoids. Sure, we may have had various skin and hair colors, and maybe even different opinions as to what God and/or Goddess to worship.

However, we feel that many of us in the millions and even billions of our 6.8 billion and counting are now above all this infighting among our own species.

World POP Clock Projection
According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of the World, projected to 11/12/10 at 18:13 UTC (EST+5) is


It is now time to adjust our clocks and our International Programs to the truth!


There has been a war going on among the 400,000 and counting species in the Omniverse and it is time we accept that ALIENS vs. ET.

I am living proof that we can all become aware of the truth if we search out and explore our own domains.


I do not share this lightly. I share this because many of us on earth are aware that there are many who come and go from and to this planet.

Many more of us are willing to share what we know. It is time for the entire world to know what we know. It is time we begin to prepare for our future!

Our future is about the Ascension Age, which involves becoming aware, that Alien Civilizations Exist!

We should all be counting our days until the date of Dec. 21, 2012 T.11:11.

We should all be looking up on this date and time as it crosses over our own unit we call a humanoid body-mind-spirit.

Some of us may come and some of us may go. Some of us may have our eyes and minds opened to the possibility that we are to all become one humanoid species that may be fighting for the right to exist on our planet in space!



A path less traveled but worth the trip! Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

Copyright Page
Roswell Connection
First Edition
First published by TJTM tm ACIR sm.1998-2006
Kentucky, USA
Printed in the United States of America
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TJ MORRIS Applicable content copyright 2006 ~ 2066by TJ Morris tm ACIR sm, Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Author, Copyright Holder. All rights reserved.
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To My Readers
After finally reading the Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J. Corso (Ret.) with William J. Birnes, I decided to redo my book Roswell Connection.
There are some good points that Corso made that I would like to clarify or add some of my own information too.
Plus regardless of the cover story that was presented to the public what Corso does mention in his book, those that have never been in the military that had anything to do with the past knows about the cover up stories. The ones who believe the cover stories are doing exactly that. TJ

“I have little patience with scientists who take a board of wood, look for the thinnest part, and drill a great number of holes where drilling is easy.”
Albert Einstein (quoted by Phillip Frank in “Einstein’s Philosophy of Science.” – Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 21, No. 3, July 1949)
The Roswell Connection is about the future and the past of Roswell, New Mexico is most famous happening.
The Roswell Connection is about the time of July 4, 1947. This is also the year that the Central Intelligence Agency was officially formed.
There is a correlation here that all those in intelligence that have jobs should be thankful for. Accepting the truth and not the cover-up stories is important to us all. The Central Intelligence Agency is based on those who are willing to learn the truth.
This is a public relations effort on my part to assist everyone in knowing the truth because it is time to know the truth and get on with our lives in the 21st Century.
My story updated now in 2010 to be appreciated I hope in 2012.
It is now almost April 2010, and I would like the truth to be known and accepted prior to July 4, 2010 about the Roswell story.
The story that I tell is the truth for those who desire to know the truth. There are many ways we can define truth. One is to obtain if from the facts that we gather in a linear time line with the rest of the world based on the past.
There is another way in which is from above that is vertical and is a divine direct way from the source. Some of us have forgotten that we have an inner being that is who we truly are as human beings. The inner being can share an outer knowing with each of us as individuals.
I have recently been inspired to rewrite the book called the Roswell Connection which was once printed in it’s entirety on the Internet. I have since erased this by mistake when I allowed my Roswell Connection website time to elapse on the name.
I was inspired to write this book based on more than three people who believed in me. So thank you readers and fans of the ET UFO NEWS, the Social Paranormal Network (SPN), the Roswell Connection, and UFO Association of which I started as websites on line in the early 2000 prior to 2010. Thank you all my friends on Facebook.
First was Sally Hester of Roswell, New Mexico. Sally was a volunteer I met with Glenn Dennis at the Roswell Museum. It was just getting in the books for the Learning Resource Center.
I had wanted to be a part of the fifty (50) and sixty (60) Roswell Celebration in Roswell. My then significant other Thomas R. Morris was not in favor of my choice of places to visit at the time and discouraged me. I succumbed to his power of suggestion to not visit and participate in the annual celebration in Roswell, New Mexico.
However, I did persuade him since we both became over the road truck drivers to allow me to visit in 1998. This was when I first met Sally and Glenn Dennis ?at the Roswell Museum and Resource Center.  

I believe the way it was described or was soon to be was Roswell International UFO Museum and Research Center.
The second was Glenn Dennis who was one of the founders of the Roswell UFO Museum along with Walter Haut and another gentleman that I will fill in here later.

On July 8th, the Roswell newspaper published a Front Page Article – taken from the official press release written by Lt. Walter Haut of the RAAF 509th acting under orders of Col. William Blanchard – reading
     “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region”

The International UFO Museum & Research Center opened in Roswell in 1991, founded by former Lt Walter Haut and Glenn Dennis. Due to the Roswell stories very popular appeal that finally took hold within about the first seven (7) years financial success was finally achieved. Then the Museum being a non-profit has an adjoining gift shop. There is a popular version of the story. The Gift shop sells the newspapers as souvenirs. (Photos Below)

The history of the Roswell UFO Museum is a story all to it’s own that should be told and probably has in books since 1991.

The Third was Stanton T. Friedman, an author/lecturer and well-known UFOlogist. Stan sent me is book Top Secret/Majic on March 22, 2006 from a Convention he was doing at the time. I was able to speak with him on the telephone along with my now husband Thomas R. Morris.
The International UFO Museum & Research Center opened in Roswell in 1991, founded by former Lt Walter Haut (above) and Glenn Dennis (below). Today the IUFOMRC receives over 200,000 visitors annually, offering a certain version of the Roswell story, to great popular appeal and financial success. While the Museum is non-profit, the adjoining gift shop – required to go through to exit – is not. The Roswell Museum Version of the Story is the most popular version of the story according to those who celebrate the Roswell Festival annually in Roswell, New Mexico on July 4th Weekend yearly.

Thomas R. Morris and Theresa J. Thurmond Thomas were married after five (5) long years together researching the Roswell Connection.
Tom and I were married in March 2000 in Hartford, Ohio County, Kentucky, where his family had called home most all of their lives.
Tom was born on May 16, 1959 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, USA.
My family was from Calloway County, Kentucky on my mother’s side back five (5) generations which I did not discover until moving here. I felt a strange feeling of being home. I had been born in Monroe,
Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, USA December 26, 1951.
My husband and I love our lives and are thankful to our parents for having us. I am thankful To God and the Supreme Beings for having us too!
I am thankful for my earth family and friends for sharing life this time around with me. Love and Light.

WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL by TJ Thurmond Morris
When I was a little girl, I didn’t know that I was different from most people on earth. I thought about what I was told to think about. I did as I was told and I was considered a very good girl and was happy to please.
There was not much to do as a child except follow those who were considered the adults in my life. I had a mother and father, two grandmothers, and I do remember my paternal grandfather and I loved him very much.
One day he passed away and it was hard on my father and I wanted to see him and being only three years old it was never explained to me other than he went to Heaven. The rest of my life was spent looking for heaven on earth.
There is much in life I cannot explain and there is much I wonder about in this world and want to know so I keep searching for he answers to my questions. I have most of my childhood memories and experiences in tact as an adult. I can remember back when I was two years old and my mother can too. There must be a reason since we both became writers. I asked her to confirm about her childhood memories just last week on our emails on AOL. She said she still remembers and is writing down some of her stories as a child and also some recipes. I hope she will finish her books. I told her about and that I would be glad to assist her. She is so independent though.  Mother told me to take care of my books and she would take care of her own books.
I am Theresa aka Tara Rose of Sally Hester‘s story at the Roswell Museum. I am a woman who is a contactee of extraterrestrials.
The Roswell Encounters book was prepared by me but the first part was provided by Sally Hester as her story working at the Roswell Museum. She had originally included Glenn Dennis and Walter Haut’s story but due to some differences between them and the Roswell Museum and the lady who was running the museum, Sally quit working there as did Walter Haut. I believe Glenn left too though I never confirmed this with Sally. Now years later, it seems like only yesterday that I was in Glenn’s office at the Roswell Museum. But, I will let you read Sally’s story in the Roswell Encounter Book on
I have a long story to tell and it will have to be in my secret journals due to the profession I chose as a Legal, Private, and Government Investigator. (Not anymore – TJ 2010)
Now, I offer a brief sketch in books as my higher consciousness, God, the Supreme Beings and the Allied Council will allow. This is my story which is only one of many I foresee that I shall share and divine in the future. TJ
You share your story and testimony with those that do believe or at least want to hear and move on down your spiritual path toward enlightenment in this lifetime.
 There will be rocks in the road on the path in this lifetime and others.


“I would not interfere with any creed of yours or want to appear that I have all the cures. There is so much to know, and so many things are true. The way my feet must go may not be the best for you. And so I give this spark of what is light and right to me. To guide you through the dark but not tell you what to see.” TJ


There is much that we will learn about ourselves in the 12st Century.
The longer I wait to write this book, the more that happens to make me want to put it off. I believe this is a part of all of us and it is called procrastination.
On the other hand, there is something inside of me that never changes and that is the desire to get this book written. It has been inside of me all my life. I believe that it is part of my world’s soul. It is part of everyone alive today and all those who have lived in the past. Why this book is important is that it will also be a part of eveyr life in the future on earth and in space.
There is a new way to live on earth and it is the 21st Century that will provide us with a new awareness of seeking the truth.
I am a spiritual person. I believe we all have a body-mins-spirit that has an inner being and an outer knowing. I believe that there is a higher consciousness that we are given that has a connection back to our point of origin to our soul.
To each his own and to thine own self be true. This is the way it should be since we will each answer to our own make when the time comes. I was raised a Christian in America, I guess in this time I should still say North America and/or the United States of America. Times are chaging so fast that I am sure the world is feeling it too.
I am feeling the change in all things that are alive and well on planet earth today. This is why I believe we are all connected in more ways than one. I believe that there is truth in all things that matter and all is matter or anti-matter.
If you mind then I matter. If you don’t mind then I am anti-matter. Its deep I know. There are many great minds on earth that wonder about the future. Many are called scientists and some are simply plain folks that are autodidact or self taught.
It is my hopes that because we are all one in some realms of this world that this book will open channels for others to find this book and to share it with others as we all embark on our quest to find out that about the world and other worlds.
We all know in some part of or inner being and spirits that we have a soul and a point of origin that we feel and it is not on earth.
I believe we are all headed in the direction outwards as we expand through our lives. I also feel that there is a thread of truth that reaches all the way back to our souls where they are created with all the many spiritual beings that we become. I believe in past lives and reincarnation. I do not believe that we will regress backwards but that as we progress as living people, places, and things, that we become more and expand outwards to become more than we have been prior.
My philosophy in life is that we are all important and here to become more than we are at present. We are all expanding with the universe in the Metaverse.
This is our job and out purpose to expand and to become more. It is said that the source, God, the Higher Power, Our overall creator desired to create us in the beginning for his and her fellowship. Some will debate that the first being was androgynous.
I have no memory of being only one with myself but I do have memories of being either male or female in past lives.  I will leave my world soul portion of my story at that. I believe we are all both male and female now and will be forever more as we all expand with the world soul that will always expand in this universe which is only one in the Metaverse of many.
I am grateful to all our ancestors who came before and took the time to write their own stories. It is my divine hope and wish that everyone that reads my books will expand outward and will begin their journey on their spiritual path.
Awakening the spirit to the soul’s progression and expansion is why we are part of this world and this gives us meaning to the word “LIVE!” TJ

Col. Philip J. Corso’s Book
The Day After Roswell
“It is now the 21st Century. It is not how I expected it to be.” Theresa J Thurmond Morris.
Colonel J Philip Corso served Senator Strom Thurmond and Senator James Eastland as a staff member where I specialized in National Security.
It was said that Senator Strom Thurmond was interested in his reports and I know this for a fact because we discussed this topic on telephone.
After joining the Army in 1942, Corso served in Army Intelligence in Europe.
In 1945, Corso arranged for the safe passage of 10,000 Jewish World War II refugees out of Rome to the British Mandate of Palestine.
During the Korean War (1950-1953), Corso performed intelligence duties under General Douglas Macarthur as Chief of the Special Projects branch of the Intelligence Division, Far East Command. One of his primary duties was to keep track of enemy prisoner of war (POW) camps in North Korea.
Corso was in charge of investigating the estimated number of U.S. and other United Nations POWs held at each camp and their treatment. At later hearings of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, Corso provided testimony that many hundreds of American POW’s were abandoned at these camps. Corso was on the staff of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council for four years (1953-1957).
In 1961, he became Chief of the Pentagon’s Foreign Technology desk in Army Research and Development, working under Lt. Gen. Arthur Trudeau.
When he left military intelligence in 1963, Corso became a key aide to Senator Strom Thurmond.
In 1964, Corso was assigned to Warren Commission member Senator Richard Russell Jr. as an investigator into the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Colonel Philip J. Corso after retirement worked in private sector businesses as a consultant and contracts administrator. He appeared on PRIME TIME LIVE as the expert Commentator on Cold War U2 flights over Russia.
Philip J. Corso saw an alien space pilot of the Roswell Crashed UFO. There were two that night.
Corso is on the right in top photo and 2nd from the left in the bottom photo. TJ
After joining the Army in 1942, Corso served in Army Intelligence in Europe.
In 1945, Corso arranged for the safe passage of 10,000 Jewish World War II refugees out of Rome to the British Mandate of Palestine.
During the Korean War (1950-1953), Corso performed intelligence duties under General Douglas MacArthur as Chief of the Special Projects branch of the Intelligence Division, Far East Command. One of his primary duties was to keep track of enemy prisoner of war (POW) camps in North Korea.
Corso was in charge of investigating the estimated number of U.S. and other United Nations POWs held at each camp and their treatment. At later hearings of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, Corso provided testimony that many hundreds of American POW’s were abandoned at these camps Corso was on the staff of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council for four years (1953-1957)
In 1961, he became Chief of the Pentagon’s Foreign Technology desk in Army Research and Development, working under Lt. Gen. Arthur Trudeau.
Colonel Philip J. Corso now retired had left the military intelligence in 1963. Col.  Corso (Ret.) became a key aide to Senator Strom Thurmond.
In 1964, Corso was assigned to Warren Commission member Senator Richard Russell Jr. as an investigator into the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
  Please read his book THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL. Its good reading and historical. I have a few minor details to add.
(But first I want to add some background to this story. This is my story so others can read it and take what they want and leave the rest. Please read on and there will be other books I suggest by some amazing UFOlogists and Researchers. Some are even speakers and authors. I shall suggest those whom I am familiar with or that I have found their names in my memory banks along the trail.
For those who are UFO hounds and History buffs, you can share this information if you desire. This is my path and I have no reason to believe that everyone will believe as I do. This is a matter of experience and opinion of my perception of how life actually is to me. Each person has to make up their own minds as to how the truth became fact or vice versa in their own lives.
I was born in the last week of 1951. I saw Sputnik fly over in the front of our home with my mother, father, and sister and brother with our neighbors standing outside too. We were all excited and I was told to always remember this historic occasion. I do remember to this day. I also remember putting my hand up over my eyes as it must have been a bright sunny day although I tend to remember it was in the evening. But, I have
a movie playing in my head that reminds me of that day.
I wonder how many other people have movies or certain scenes that play in their heads as they think. I haven’t really gone around asking others about their movies in their heads but I would like to imagine that I am not the only one. There are just some things that in the 20th century we didn’t go around asking other people.
As I recall the 20th century of which this book is about, we were all rather secluded from each other as communities, towns, and states go in the United States. We sure were not thinking about the other countries, at least not the common folk like me.
We were taught Geography in grade school and history and that was about the basics on a state map. We looked at the world on a globe in the rooms but we didn’t discuss the global community as we do today in the year 2010.
We sure didn’t discuss UFOS!
This is where this story picks up speed from the beginning of my life in 1951.
When I was born in 1951 the Korean War had just ended. My parents were young and married right out of high school which was rather a custom in those days. My parents graduated and were married. I was born within 11 months of their marriage. That was the custom then.
I remember that my mother like all the women in the neighborhood wore long dresses right above their ankles. The women in the Ouchita Lions Year Book of 1949 through 1951 were all wearing long skirts with bobby socks and saddle oxfords or penny loafers. That was the popular way to dress then. They wore sweaters and would tie a scarf around their necks. The boys well they wore funny designs on their shirts and some also wore bobby socks saddle oxfords and penny loafers or black slip ons or tie ons shoes. They were fun loving kids and were the parents of all the Baby Boomer Generation of which I am one.
Back when I was born, I don’t remember talk of UFOS or Roswell.
I can’t really remember when I learned about Roswell, New Mexico but I know when I wanted to go there and had a premonition about it before I had the knowledge about it. This is the way my mind has always worked. Now, I understand that it is natural on the Roswell UFO or Gus as Tom and I call him. Gus is the UFO’s nickname. That is short for Galaxy Universal Shuttle.
I do remember though a different time in this life when I went on my first ride on a UFO. I don’t know if it was GUS or not. Gus is the UFO that sits hidden in the underground mountains in New Mexico. There are stories that he is in a place called Dulce, New Mexico. I am not sure about that because I was never told about the location above the ground.
Now, this is going to sound really weird to everyone, and does to me too!
But, the truth is, that GUS can see all of us. Gus has all types of abilities that we on earth never thought possible in the 20th Century.
This is another reason I am writing this book, to set the track record straight. Now, I am not going to have a way to prove this because the ones in charge of GUS right now are the Department of Defense in the Pentagon where the military of the United States has various offices of the many branches of the military for national security. The Pentagon is the most important building in Washington, D.C. next to the White House. Then the others are all important too but no need to go into that listing now. I just wanted to point out right away who the authority is over keeping Gus locked up from the public.
This book is one that needs to be shared and there will be many in the military that have no need to know about the truth in the past anyway.
It is the U.S. Army that recovered Gus from the desert. The U.S. Army has been in charge since. That is why he is hidden now. No President has ever allowed the truth about Gus to be known due to all the “Old Guys” that are still alive in the Military and more especially the U.S. Army. The United States Air Force wants to control the skies and this has to do with National Security too! There are many things that can be understood that I do not have to write in this book about the military side of the story because it has already been written by a man named Colonel Philip J. Corso (Ret.) with William J. Birnes in the book called THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL.
“If you are a skeptic, Corso’s claims may make you reconsider your position.” – Mark Graham, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
I also hope to make you reconsider your position on being a skeptic on the Roswell
Encounters and Crash of a real alien UFO.
Famous Roswell Daily Record Newspaper.?
Col Philip Corso and his sketch of what he saw in a coffin in blue liquid substance that had been preserved and was seen at Fort Riley, Kansas at the U.S. Army base. The alien extra biological intelligence was to be shipped to Dayton, Ohio.


As an intelligent officer Corso was a Lieutenant Colonel or what we called a Light Colonel – Colonel Corso was put in charge of heading up the Foreign technology desk of the U.S. Army Research and Development (R & D) Department of the Pentagon. He was very fond of his Commanding Officer, Lieutenant General Arthur Trudeau.
Part of his duty as he wore many hats was Intelligence Officer and Adviser to General Trudeau. Because of the fact that Colonel Corso was chosen in the larger picture by some unknown guiding force to be the one to actually view and touch an alien EBE and later to become the recipient of the crashed UFO that I will share some information about, I feel that even though posthumously that he should get his just rewards as so do many men in uniform once they are dead one earth.
At the time of the crash which was supposedly caused by lightning, although hard to swallow since the craft was extraterrestrials and not of earth origin, we must share what we do know.
There were some people who saw the blips at the 509th on Radar as early as July 1, 1947. They didn’t know what they were but they knew what they were not. The radar at the White Sands Guided-Missile Testing Facility had also seen these blips. Corso reports that the Nuclear-Testing Facility in Alamogordo also saw these blips on radar. I quote, “The blips would appear at one corner of the screen and dart across at seemingly impossible speeds for aircraft, only to disappear off another corner. Then they’d start up again. No earthly craft could have maneuvered at such speeds and changed direction so sharply. It was a signature no one could identify.”
Or so the stories go back then. Corso states that it was fifty years ago in his book The Day After Roswell.
I know what happened and that there were four aliens. Two from one UFO or alien spacecraft as pilots and two from the other intact. The intact was set down and left in order to monitor the earth along with four others on all the five (5) major continents of this world.
The one intact was to be found by them U.S. Army this was why all the blips on screens prior and the sightings by Kenneth Arnold or so it is assumed.
We may want to struggle through all the former stories that have been told and listed in this book before we all jump to the same conclusion.
This Roswell Connection is about my story and adding more information.
My story will be all through this book. There is a reason that I desire to share the story the way I do. It is because so many people know the story in their own way. Some people have already decided what the real story is back then. Others, well, the jury is still out on the fine details because most of us were not there. The few witnesses that were there that are still alive to day were teenagers and only know what they saw or remembered back then. They are doing their best to write their own books and making their stories known and I will certainly praise them for that. Jesse Marcel Jr. is one that I know Stanton T. Friedman himself told me about Jesse Marcel’s book. Stan knew in 2006 that I was writing my own and almost completed it then. Stan said he would write the Forward for me. I sent him the story but he was busy and I never sent him a final copy. This is where this book will pick up the slack.

Kenneth Arnold, 32 years old, was flying his single engine plane, at approximately 9,500 feet. On June 24, 1947, while flying near Mt. Rainer in his small single engine plane supposedly looking for a Marine Corps transport plane that had went down.  Arnold that he claimed to have seen nine unusual objects flying in the skies. When he landed at Pendleton, Oregon, there were reporters waiting for him.
Kenneth Arnold reported he saw UFOs on several other occasions afterwards, as well.
After the UFO sighting, Arnold became a minor celebrity, and for about a decade thereafter, he was somewhat involved in interviewing other UFO witnesses or contactees (notably, he investigated the claims of Samuel Eaton Thompson, one of the first contactees).
Arnold wrote a book and several magazine articles about his UFO sighting and his subsequent research.
Kenneth Arnold was born in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, but grew up in Scobey, Montana. He attended the University of Minnesota. Arnold began Great Western Fire Control Supply in Boise, Idaho in 1940, a company that sold and installed fire suppression systems, a job that took him around the Pacific Northwest.
June 24, 1947, he was returning home from a business trip when he made a detour into the Yakima, Washington area to help in an aerial search for a missing C-46 marine transport plane that was believed to have gone down in the area.
 It is reported that around 3:00 P.M. he was flying at about 9,500 feet, near Mount Rainier, when a flash of light caught his eye.
Kenneth Arnold said he turned toward the flashing light that was like a blue and white Flash and saw a procession of nine very strange objects flying from north to south in front of his plane. Bill Bequette a reporter had been writing down what Kenneth Arnold was saying and he heard the word like a “Saucer” and the word stuck in the newspapers. They were flat and rather heel-shaped; more boomer rang shape and silver. The spacecraft moved erratically, like a “saucer would if you skipped it across water.” You can see Arnold’s drawing of what he saw here. Arnold estimated their size at about two-thirds that of a DC-4, and he calculated their speed at over 1500 mph by timing their travel between two mountain peaks of known distance.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer Newspaper headlines were “Mystery Disks Hurtling Across the Sky.” When he arrived at Yakima, Washington, Arnold told several other pilots about his sighting. The consensus among them was that it was some type of military “secret weapon”. However, Arnold would later find that the U.S. military was as mystified by the objects as he was.
In Pendleton, Oregon, Arnold went to make a report to the FBI, but the local office was closed, so he talked to the editor of the East Oregonian newspaper instead and it was the editor who put the story on the newswires. Because of Arnold’s background and reliability as a witness, the story got wide circulation.
The June sighting and the notoriety from the newspapers and the wire that amazed the public. That was not to be the end of Arnold’s association with UFOs. On July 5th, 1947, Arnold was introduced to Captain E. J. Smith, who, along with his co-pilot and a stewardess, had seen a formation of UFOs over Emmett, Idaho. They hit it off well and became good friends.  In mid-July, Arnold received a letter from Raymond Palmer. Raymond was the editor of the pulp magazine Amazing Stories. Arnold didn’t know who Palmer was, since he didn’t read the pulps. Palmer wanted Arnold to write down his experiences for publication in the magazine and he offered to pay. Arnold didn’t particularly care about the money and sent Palmer a copy of what he had already told the newspapers and the Army Air Corps.
Kenneth Arnold was regarded as a skilled and experienced pilot, with over 9,000 total flying hours, almost half of which were devoted to Search and Rescue Mercy Flyer efforts. He was an avid swimmer and diver — and good enough at the latter to try out for the U.S. Diving team. Arnold and his wife Doris had four daughters.
By the 1960s, Arnold had little to do with UFOs. He appeared at a 1977 convention hosted by Fate to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the “birth” of the modern UFO age. Kenneth Arnold had said, “I thought it wouldn’t be long before one of these things in every garage.”  He ran unsuccessfully for Lieutenant Governor of Idaho in 1962.
Kenneth Arnold died in 1984.
1951 –
Colonel Gordon Cooper of Mercury 7 Crew astronauts reported to have chased a UFO when he was a fighter pilot in Germany.
“I believe that the extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are her eon earth.” Col. Gordon L. Cooper – Astronaut. FYI –
 Jerome Clark, The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial. Visible Ink, 1998. ISBN 1-57859-029-9
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Corso, Col Philiip (Ret)etal, THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL, 1997,Pocket Books, ISBN 0-671-01756-X



“General Ramey allowed some members of the press in to take a picture of the stuff. They took one picture of me on the floor holding up some of the less-interesting metallic debris. The press was allowed to photograph this, but were not allowed far enough into the room to touch it. The stuff in that photo was pieces of the actual stuff we found. It was not a staged photo. Later, they cleared out our wreckage and substituted some of their own. They allowed more photos. Those photos were taken while the actual wreckage was already on its way to Wright Field. I was not in these. I believe these were taken with the general and one of his aids.”
“The newsmen saw very little of the real material, very small portion of it. And none of the really important things like these members that had these hieroglyphics on them. They (the newsmen) wanted me to tell them about it and I couldn’t say anything. And when the General came in, he told me not to say anything that he would handle it.”

“The many rumors regarding the flying disk became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eight Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc through the co-operation of one of the local ranchers and the Sheriff’s Office of Chaves county.
“The flying object landed on a ranch near Roswell sometime last week. Not having phone facilities, the rancher stored the disc until such time as he was able to contact the Sheriff’s office, who in turn notified Major Jesse A. Marcel, of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence office.
“Action was immediately taken and the disc was picked up at the rancher’s home. It was inspected at the Roswell Army Air Field and subsequently loaned by Major Marcel to higher headquarters.”
(San Francisco Chronicle – July 9, 1947)
According to Lt. Walter Haut, the man who wrote the press release, he stopped at the office of the Roswell Daily Report to give them the press release, and the differences between the San Francisco Chronicle version and the RDR version probably stem from questions that Haut answered to the local writer who knew Haut. It was said that as it was always in the past that there was friction between the small towns near the air bases back then. Having worked for the military, I know that now they prefer all press to go through the Public Relations Officer.
Given to the Roswell Museum is the below Affidavit from Walter Haut.
My name is Walter Haut.
My address is: [——-BLACKED OUT——-]
I am retired.
In July 1947, I was stationed at the Roswell Army Air base, serving as the base Public Information Officer. At approximately 9:30 AM on July 8, I received a call from Col. William Blanchard, the base commander, who said he had in his possession a flying saucer or parts thereof. He said it came from a ranch northwest of Roswell, and that the base Intelligence Officer, Major Jesse Marcel, was going to fly the material to Fort Worth.
Col. Blanchard told me to write a news release about the operation and to deliver it to both newspapers and the two radio stations in Roswell. He felt that he wanted the local media to have the first opportunity to have the story. I went first to KGFL, then to KSWS, then to the *Daily Record* and finally to the *Morning Dispatch*.
The next day, I read in the newspaper that General Roger Ramey in Fort Worth has said the object was a weather balloon.
I believe Col. Blanchard saw the material, because he sounded positive about what the material was. There is no chance that he would have mistaken it for a weather balloon. Neither is there any chance that Major Marcel would have been mistaken.
In 1980, Jesse Marcel told me that the material photographed in Gen. Ramey’s office was not the material he had recovered.
I am convinced that the material recovered was some type of craft from outer space.
I have not been paid nor given anything of value to make this statement, and it is the truth to the best of my recollection.
/s/ Walter G. Haut
Signature witnessed by: 5-14-93 Max Littell. /s/ (Date)
“According to information released by the department, over authority of Maj. J. A. Marcel, intelligence officer, the disk was recovered on a ranch in the Roswell vicinity, after an unidentified rancher had notified Sheriff Geo. Wilcox here, that he had found the instrument on his premises.”
Glenn Dennis made the first claim of alien bodies for the Roswell crash on Aug. 5, 1989 in an interview with Stanton T. Friedman then Nuclear Physicist and Ufologist, it was first made public in mid-1991 in the Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt book “UFO Crash At Roswell.”
According to Dennis, a nurse friend from the RAAFB Hospital told him that she had participated in the autopsy of three strange alien creatures, and she gave him sketches of the creatures after getting a “sacred oath” from him to keep it secret. Immediately afterwards, according to Dennis, his nurse friend was transferred to England and his letter to her was returned marked “Deceased.” Glenn claimed he had heard later that she had been killed in a military plane crash.  Glenn also told me this same story in 1998 while I was with Sally Hester in the Roswell Museum. Glenn Dennis has since written his story and I have seen it in print when Sally Hester sent me a copy.
It was Glenn that told me that Stanton Friedman and a friend had just left Roswell and I had just missed them. Glenn suggested that I speak to Stanton about all that I knew about Roswell and the crash. Sally tells her story best about that day in Glenn’s office. Her story is in the other book called Roswell Encounters that is now available through
On Feb 21, 1978, Stanton Friedman was in Baton Rouge, La after giving a lecture on UFOs and interviewed a man over the phone that said that he had handled the wreckage of a crashed spaceship. Stan admitted this to me himself on March 22, 2006.
 Stan Friedman did a story See Page 12, Crash at Corona. Jesse Marcel was then creating interest on his own with his reports of the past. Stan was most interested in his report. Stan has since been in touch with Jesse Marcel Jr. while doing the convention in Roswell together.
In the Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt book “UFO Crash At Roswell”, this was when it was reported that Glenn Dennis made the claim of the alien bodies taken from the Roswell Crash. This was reported Aug. 5, 1989 and made public 1991. Although it was Feb 10, 1979, when William Moore found the clippings of the story that Jesse Marcel had referred too. Stanton T.  Friedman and William Moore decided to investigate further when they were investigating the story for themselves. – Crash at Corona by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner, Paragon House, New York, 1992

– The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt, M. Evans and Company, Inc., New York, 1994
– A History of UFO Crashes by Kevin Randle, Avon Books, New York, 1995.

Roswell Daily Chronicle, July 9, 1947
Report made in Interview of Mac Brazel.
W.W. Brazel, 48, Lincoln county rancher living 30 miles south east of Corona, today told his story of finding what the army at first described as a flying disk, but the publicity which attended his find caused him to add that if he ever found anything short of a bomb he sure wasn’t going to say anything about it.
Brazel was brought here late yesterday by W.E. Whitmore, of radio station KGFL, had his picture taken and gave an interview to the Record and Jason Kellahin, sent here from the Albuquerque bureau of the Associated Press to cover the story.
The picture he posed for was sent out over the AP telephoto wire sending machine specially set up in the Record office by R. D. Adair, AP wire chief sent here for the sole purpose of getting out the picture and that of sheriff George Wilcox, to whom Brazel originally gave the information of his find.
Brazel related that on June 14 he and 8-year-old son, Vernon were about 7 or 8 miles from the ranch house of the J.B. Foster ranch, which he operates, when they came upon a large area of bright wreckage made up on rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks.
At the time Brazel was in a hurry to get his round made and he did not pay much attention to it. But he did remark about what he had seen and on July 4 he, his wife, Vernon, and a daughter Betty, age 14, went back to the spot and gathered up quite a bit of the debris.
The next day he first heard about the flying disks, and he wondered if what he had found might be the remnants of one of these.
Monday he came to town to sell some wool and while here he went to see Sheriff George Wilcox and “whispered kinda confidential like” that he might have found a flying disk.
Wilcox got in touch with the Roswell Army Air Field and Maj. Jesse A. Marcel and a man in plain clothes accompanied him home, where they picked up the rest of the pieces of the “disk” and went to his home to try to reconstruct it. According to Brazel they simply could not reconstruct it at all. They tried to make a kite out of it, but could not do that and could not find any way to put it back together so that it would fit.
Then Major Marcel brought it to Roswell and that was the last he heard of it until the story broke that he had found a flying disk. Brazel said that he did not see it fall from the sky and did not see it before it was torn up, so he did not know the size or shape it might have been, but he thought it might have been about as large as a table top. The balloon which held it up, if that was how it worked, must have been about 12 feet long, he felt, measuring the distance by the size of the room in which he sat. The rubber was smoky gray in color and scattered over an area about 200 yards in diameter. When the debris was gathered up the tinfoil, paper, tape, and sticks made a bundle about three feet long and 7 or 8 inches thick, while the rubber made a bundle about 18 or 20 inches long and about 8 inches thick. In all, he estimated, the entire lot would have weighed maybe five pounds. There was no sign of any metal in the area which might have been used for an engine and no sign of any propellers of any kind, although at least one paper fin had been glued onto some of the tinfoil.
There were no words to be found anywhere on the instrument, although there were letters on some of the parts. Considerable scotch tape and some tape with flowers printed upon it had been used in the construction. No strings or wire were to be found but there were some eyelets in the paper to indicate that some sort of attachment may have been used.  Brazel said that he had previously found two weather balloons on the ranch, but that what he found this time did not in any way resemble either of these.
“I am sure what I found was not any weather observation balloon,” he said. “But if I find anything else besides a bomb they are going to have a hard time getting me to say anything about it.”

I know that the Roswell UFO’s existed. One in pieces and one intact.
Stanton Friedman, Timothy Good, William Moore, Kevin Randle, Donald Schmitt, and Robert Todd have put countless hours into the Roswell Story.
I do not want to take away from their efforts but would like to enhance their lives and praise them for all their diligent efforts. They have all been persistent as UFOLOGISTS and RESEARCHERS searching for facts.
Of Stories




For All our Friends Everywhere but especially in Roswell, New Mexico and out in Stellar Space of the Metaverse.
Approval of all participants given. Some wanted to remain anonymous. Others gave permission to use their information for publication and distribution.
—– Original Message —–

From: Stanton T. Friedman


To: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2006

I and most others in ufology have very serious problems with the Adamski story. Venus is not a good place for people. Over 600 degrees, sulfuric acid in the sky etc….



Dear Stan:

I know that Adamski was doing the best he could at the time with what human information he could share. I know what he meant. Back then, the farthest most people could fathom in their lifetimes was simply the planets that were in their own solar system. I am sure that he was visited. I can tell from some of the descriptions he used. But, I also know the truth! There are others who need to know the truth and sometimes, part of the truth in the terminology that others on earth can understand is better than no truth at all! This was how the Bible was written. Some truth and some in words of those who were trying to interpret the story as they saw fit to explain in words of the time.

Regardless, Sally Hester is a good woman and a good spirit. She donated her time to the UFO Museum. She never was paid and did it out of the goodwill of her heart because she loved Glenn Dennis and Walter Haut the founders.  I too love these men. For this reason, I shall comply and meet her request as far as assisting her in explaining to others her story.

I shall when it is time, take the story to those who desire to know the truth!

In the mean time, I will send this story to Dirk Vander Ploeg at UFO Digest. Thank you for all the great phone landline conversations and your time. We shall meet again someday here or there.
Sally’s Story is the memories of her times at the Roswell Museum and Research Center where I met her in 1998. WE began a book then between Sally and she called me ROSE. TJ MORRIS ACIR


 Sally Hester


This book is dedicated to all readers who are the real seekers of the truth. I hope that what I have written will further your search.

To my husband, Marv Hester, who has been a source of encouragement on this my journey into truth and enlightenment.

To my friend T. J. Morris, without her mentoring and encouragement this book would never have been written.


Many people who visit the museum want to know if the Roswell Incident was covered up by the Unites States Government, why doesn’t the military come forward with the truth. “BILL”, U.S. Air Force, retired, whose story is related in another part of this book, answered this for me. When he tried to tell me some of the story, he kept repeating that he couldn’t tell me this or that.

I asked him why, and he said that he had signed too many papers, and if he told what he knew, the government would take away his retirement, fine him $10,000, and put him is Leavenworth prison for 20 years! I think anyone living on retirement would agree to keep quiet under these circumstances.

Then the question becomes, “If people are seeing these ships and are also being abducted, why don’t we read more about it in the newspapers or see it on TV?”

Budd Hopkins answers this in his book, WITNESSED, ON PAGE 431 “… civilian witnesses can also be kept quiet. The fear of ridicule combined with the threat of social ostracism and job loss is an almost foolproof way to keep witnesses from talking.

For example, in at least three cases I am aware of, police officers have been fired for taking UFO reports seriously, and I have worked with one highly experiences pilot for a major airline who lost his job in similar circumstances. Without suggesting that there are any exceptions, one well-known debunker has publicly libeled the sometimes-traumatized people who report abduction experiences as nothing more than “little nobodies trying to get on TV”.

A Review of my Volunteer
Work at the Roswell Museum

A widely watched 1996 PBS science program dealing with UFO abduction phenomena presented an array of ill-informed “experts” who implied that ANYONE reporting such an experience is either mentally ill or unable to tell fantasy from reality. Sadly, in our easily frightened culture, this kind of intimidation and character assassination-in-advance really works.”

I believe that most people who have had a sighting or an experience would love to tell their stories; however, they don’t want to be ridiculed as a “crackpot” or “crazy”.

Many of these people talk to me at the museum because they feel safe in the environment of the museum where their stories are listened to with interest and understanding. Some people come to the museum out of curiosity.

Many are skeptics who will never have their minds changed because there is never enough proof for them. Often they come in with an open mind, and leave a believer.

January 2003
For example, I spoke with a man from Washington State in January 2003.

A friend had told him to come to come to the UFO museum and he would become a believer, and he did.

February 2003
On February 7, 2003, the A & E Channel aired the show “Other Worlds”, which revealed the following historical encounters with extraterrestrial

20,000 years ago the first UFO report was recorded as cave art in France

5,000 years ago, UFO reports were recorded on clay tablets in Sumer.

3,500 years ago, Tutmose III of Egypt saw fiery circles in the sky

In 329 BC, Alexander the Great saw gleaming silver shields in the sky, which swooped down on his soldiers.

Seven years later, a spacecraft shot a beam of light and destroyed a city wall to help him.

In 1997, CNN conducted a survey showed four out of five Americans believed in UFOs and four out of five thought the U.S. government was hiding information about UFOs.

A Roper Report reflected that two percent of Americans   (three million people) have had contact with UFOs. There have been 13,000 reported sightings since 1991.

 (History Channel, January 2003).

In this same program it was stated,
“The Freedom of Information Act opened files showing that government procedures were put in place to ridicule and discredit anyone coming forward with a sighting or abduction report.”
Note: (I have some personal knowledge to support this information.)

In 1960, my husband, his first wife, and two small boys were traveling a deserted, two lane highway in Nebraska. The children were asleep in the back seat, and it was approximately 9:00 P.M. All of a sudden, the car was flooded with the brightest white light imaginable. It seemed to be on the top of the car.

There was no noise or any malfunction of the automobile. The light stayed on for about 15 seconds and then winked out.

My husband and his wife immediately made a pact not to tell anyone about this experience because of a recent story in the newspaper about a salesman for Swift Packing Company.

This man had reported that he had been taken aboard a UFO. He drew pictures of a cigar shaped craft and big-eyed aliens. He also reported being given a physical examination. The next thing he knew, he was back in his car. The authorities conducted some psychological tests and confined this man to a state mental hospital!

This story convinced my husband that even though his story was only the sighting of a brilliant light, they should not tell anyone about it.

He told me this story after our marriage in 1985, and he still got gooseflesh while telling me. He said it made him uneasy to talk about it even after all those years.

 I wonder how many more Americans could tell similar stories if they could overcome the fear instilled by our government and society in general.

Lou Zinsstag writes in her book with Timothy Good, GEORGE ADAMSKI; THE UNTOLD STORY

 “The elusiveness of the space people seems to serve well those who wish to frighten people away from coming into contact with our visitors.

What better means could be found to achieve this aim than to disavow the presence of those who not only have human appearance, but are also of friendly disposition?

What better than to put the emphasis on those contact stories more likely to unnerve the witness…the many official denials greatly helped to create an atmosphere of ridicule which in consequence led to the establishment of the loudest scoffer as the smartest guy…this method of disclaiming by ridicule has been accompanied by another one: a campaign to create fear around every contact story, putting all the emphasis on encounters with monsters and robots.

This trend is helped enormously by the film industry.”
Sally Hester


In 1998 the museum received from Frank Sabo and George Fawcett a donation of books, UFO reports (investigated by George Fawcett for the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON,) videos and other memorabilia which had been collected over a period of 50 years.

This donation was valued at $250,000. As a result of this donation, a library and research center was added to the museum.

I volunteered to help enter the books into the computer system.

As a result, I found the three books written by George Adamski. I read all of them. Later, I decided to write this book and include a review of the information I had discovered.

I believed that since these books were written in the 1950’s many people, like me had never heard of George Adamski, and that he had revealed important information. In his first book,

FLYING SAUCERS HAVE LANDED, co-authored with Desmond Leslie, he tells of seeing his first spaceship on October 9, 1946, during a meteor shower. He describes it as a gigantic dirigible. He thought it might be something the government had developed. However, the next day there was a report on a San Diego radio station that many people had seen a large cigar-shaped spaceship hovered over San Diego during the meteor shower.

Later, in August, 1947, he and several other people counted 184 spacecraft in groups of 32 fly by. Another person reported that he had counted 204 objects. In 1949, he had a conversation with four men who had come to the Palomar Gardens Cafe.

Two of them were of the Point Loma Navy Electronics Laboratory near San Diego and the other two were from Pasadena. One wore an officer’s uniform. They asked George Adamski to try and get a photograph of the flying saucers.

He embarked on the project with enthusiasm. He had a camera, which used glass plates, and he could attach this to his six-inch telescope. He succeeded in getting two photos, which he passed on the government.

In 1949, Adamski began giving lectures on flying saucers at various service clubs. Sometimes he was given five or ten dollars and a time or two he received twenty-five; however, this money wasn’t even enough to meet his expenses.

An article was published in FATE magazine, which did help him financially and resulted in many requests for his photographs. These photographs were examined and found to be authentic; however, many people accused him of faking the photos.
He reported that out of 700 tries, he had only gotten 18 good photos. Still there were many people saying that he was making this entire up.

They later denied that he had given them any photos. On March 21, 1950, George Adamski gave a lecture on flying saucers to the Everyman’s Club in La Mesa, California. This was reported in the San Diego Journal, and the newspaper asked the Navy Laboratory about these pictures. They were advised that no pictures had been sent to them. This was a lesson to Mr. Adamski. He never sent them any more of his pictures!

(Zinsstag) On November 20, 1952, at 12:30 P.M., George Adamski first made contact with a man from another world.

This took place 10.2 miles from Desert Center, California, toward Parker, Arizona.

  The following people witnessed the landing of the Scout spaceship, and Adamski communicating to the pilot: Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bailey, Dr. and Mrs. George H. Williamson, both coupled from Arizona, Mrs. Alice K. Wells, owner of Palomar Garden and the cafe there, and Mrs. Lucy McGinnis, secretary to George Adamski. (Zinsstag)

Many people couldn’t believe his story because the space people had appeared to an ordinary person and not some high-ranking government official. (Zinsstag/Good)

This meeting of Adamski and the spaceman was conducted in metal telepathy and sign language. After the spacecraft and left, plaster of Paris casts there made of his footprints, which were left in the damp sand.

In July 1955, Adamski wrote: “It is not the people who are afraid of flying saucers but all indications show that the money-pots of the world are. For, just think of the effect once the propulsion of these ships becomes known a power as free to everyone as the air we breathe! What would happen to those who control the monetary system of the world?” (Zinsstag/Good)


 A Johannesburg engineer, Basil van den Berg, who invented a motor using them, later, interpreted these footprint symbols. He worked ten years on this project. The engine seemed to be alive because it contained magnets. He said he had solved the problem of canceling the earth’s gravity, and had invented two different electric motors. Adamski advised him to patent everything and to make 10 copies of his blueprints and send them to 10 different parts of the world. This he did not do.

  In April 1962, he published his findings in a South African newspaper in which he stated that aircraft using his invention would no longer require fuel. Van den Berg also claimed that when he encountered a problem, that late at night a man from Venus would help him. After publishing the information about his invention, nobody ever heard from Van Den Berg again. In 1981 Timothy Good visited South Africa and tracked him to a suburb but was unable to meet him. (Zinsstag/Good)

After the publication of his first book, Adamski was offered bribes of $25,000 and later $35,000 not to publish his book, INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS. When he refused his life was threatened. (Zinsstag/Good)

This does not see like a large sum of money to us in 2003, however, at that time it was considered large bucks!


                     BY George Adamski

In his second book, INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, George Adamski had a meeting with a Master, a person of great age and wisdom.
He was told that in their travels, they had learned that the systems they had visited were made up of twelve planets revolving around a central sun, just as ours does. He further stated that on his planet and other planets within that system, man had grown and developed to a point inconceivable to the people of Earth.
This advancement was credited to the fact that the Universal Laws and the laws of The Supreme Intelligence were adhered to.
Our world is not the lowest in development. There are many worlds with higher and lower development. In our system there are propel traveling freely through space, but not people of Earth. They are willing to help us learn how to travel as they do.
He seemed to be saying that people of Earth, when ready, could advance to a planet of higher development. He further said that they would gladly give us this knowledge except that we have not learned to live in peace and brotherhood with one another for the welfare of all men alike.
He also said that if the knowledge to build their type of spaceship was known on Earth, we would mount guns on them and set out to conquer and take possession of other worlds. Earthmen will not be allowed on other worlds until they learn the lessons of living in peace.
The exploding of atomic bombs is a threat not only to Earth, but other worlds. That is why the message of peace is so urgent. The people of Earth talk of living the Creator’s laws, now it is time to live these laws. This was the end of the Master’s lesson.
The space people told Adamski that many of them were on earth living and working side by side with Earth people. They return home and relate their knowledge. They have a history of Earth dating back seventy-eight million years!
During a later meeting with two spacemen at a cafe, Adamski was told that in a meeting among their teachers of wisdom, it was decided to send selfish troublemakers to earth.
These were space people from inside and outside of their system. Because of universal laws, they could not destroy or confine them, and since they were all of an arrogant nature and could not live and work in harmony, they would be exiled and forced to work together.
This is the original source of the “twelve tribes”. The misfits were gathered in ships from many planets and transported to Earth without any equipment or tools. These were the Biblical “fallen angels”. It was hoped that this exile would bring them back into the fold of the Creator. The space people continued to visit Earth and provide help to the exiles when they would allow it; however, they soon developed into nations. The space people further stated that they are ever on the alert for distress calls from Earthlings because we are all brothers.

During another meeting with a Master, Adamski was told that many on Earth have advanced to other planets by rebirth. Some, though few, have been taken direct as told in the Bible.
Death takes place on other planets, but they are not mourned. This leaving only means a change from one condition to another. It is no more than moving from one house to another. Earthman’s concept of the Universe is not conceived as a Universe without limits.

The Universe is as vast as eternity. Man is not a temporary manifestation, but an eternal manifestation. Man should always live in the present. People on Venus dress much as people on Earth. Life on Venus, though peaceful, is never boring. There are always challenges. All service is considered meaningful. Venusians are not jealous or fearful of one another.
Never a moment passes, even in sleep, that they are unaware of the Divine Presence.
When Earth’s people have learned that they are not the body of the house, but rather the occupant, then they can build houses anywhere for they have become the masters of the elements instead of being mastered by them.

This was the end of the Master’s lesson.

Adamski claimed his space brothers were from Venus, Mars, and Saturn. (It could have been galaxies as Theresa J. Thurmond Morris recommends in her books)

In February, 1958, he said he had met people from Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus. He also said that all the other planets were inhibited to varying degrees, including three awaiting discovery beyond Pluto. (Zinsstag/Good)
Inside a Saturn mother ship, George Adamski was told by a “Master” of one of great years and understanding, “Never cease to point out to them, my son, that all are brothers and sisters regardless of where they have been born, or have chosen to live.
Nationality or the color of one’s skin, are but incidental since the body is no more than a temporary dwelling.

These change in the eternity of time. In the infinite progress of all life, each eventually will know all states “My son, do not be discouraged if you meet with ridicule and disbelief on your Earth.
With the understanding we have given, you will know why it cannot be otherwise. Tell your brothers and sisters what you have learned. There are many with open hears and minds, and these will grow in numbers… Now that we have been together in this way, you can the more easily at all time make contact from your mind to ours. Remember always that space is no barrier.”
After this encounter, Adamski was resolved to live each moment as it comes, serving the One Intelligence as he was intended to do and for the purpose he was created.

There were several newspaper accounts of flying saucer encounters in 1952-53. Here are two of them that Adamski asked the space brothers about.


Scoutmaster Recounts Knockout By Saucer, West Palm Beach, Fla., 23 August (1952) (UP): The Air Force said Saturday it has received a report from the only man in the world to claim he has had his hair singed by a “flying saucer”.

The story was told by Scoutmaster J. D. (Sonny) Des Vergers is receiving ‘further study from a scientific viewpoint at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio’, said an Air Force intelligence officer who did not wish his name disclosed.
De Vergers, an ex-marine who served three years in the Pacific, said he was siding in an automobile last Tuesday night with three scouts on the edge of the Florida Everglades when he saw ‘flashing lights’.
He walked through the brush with a machete and flashlight, leaving the scouts in the car and telling them to call police if he was not back in ten minutes.
What he saw, he said, was an object ‘large enough for six or eight men to stand in. It was about ten feet high in the center, about thirty feet in diameter and shaped like a half rubber ball, tapering down to a three-foot thickness on the side. There was a phosphorous effect around the side.’
“I believe I was under and near it for about three minutes,’ the thirty-year-old hardware clerk said. ‘It was only ten feet from the ground. It made a hissing sound like a tire going down.”
 Des Verges said, “They (apparently meaning those in the object) shot a flare at him that seemed to ‘float slowly at my face’. “
He said, “The hair on his arms was singed off and three holes about one-eighth of an inch in diameter were burned in his scout cap.”
 The scoutmaster said,
“I then blacked out and when I awoke I had no sense of feeling and even now I have a tingling like when your foot loses circulation and goes to sleep.”

 By the time he came to, Deputy Sheriff Mott Partin, summoned by the three youngsters, had arrived.
 Partin said, “Des Verges ‘looked like a wild man’ when he came out of the brush.”
Partin examined the ground where the object was supposed to have landed but could find no tracks, not even those of Des Vergers on the wet ground. When Partin and local officers were asked what they thought of Des Vergers’ story, few would comment other than,
“‘I just don’t know’”.
(From the Arizona Republic: Phoenix, AZ)

When Adamski asked the spacemen about the above happening, they told him they would never knowingly harm anyone. That what had actually happened was that the man became frightened and started hacking at their spacecraft with his machete.

He came too close to the power that operates the craft and got burned. Another story that appeared in the papers occurred in Brush Creek, California, and Tuesday, June 25, 1953.
It concerns two miners who claim to have been harassed by broad shouldered midgets from a flying saucer at their mountain diggings. They claimed that twice a saucer had landed, and a little man got out and scooped up a pail of water.
Adamski asked the spacemen if this really happened.

He was told that it had happened, but these little spacemen were not of their group. They also stated that these contacts have occurred in almost every nation of the world, but that Adamski’s reports were the first reported that had reached great numbers of people.
Another story Adamski asked about was that of Capt. Mantell who had met his death chasing a large craft. They replied:
  “That was an accident which we regretted deeply. The ship he was pursuing was a large one. Members of the crew had noticed Capt. Mantell coming toward them and knew that his interest was sincere, not belligerent. They slowed down their craft and attempted to contact him through his instruments. They were fully aware of the power radiating from their ship and thought it would halt his approach without injury to him. But as he came closer, the wing of his plane cut through this power, allowing a suction to take place which pulled the entire plane into it, causing an immediate disintegration of both the plane and his body.”
 They went on to state,
“That had his plane been round, as there ships were, this would not have happened. The military did find debris that fell to earth.”
 They further stated:
“You will lose many, many men flying this kind of ship, and especially your jet planes, for they are in danger not only from the radius of our power, but they can enter natural magnetic currents that would twist and destroy them. There are too many points sticking out from the bodies of your planes, for once the power hits any one of them, the ship is doomed.”

The problem was apparently overcome because Lou Zinsstag quotes in her book with Timothy Good:
Adamski tells the story of an American plane which was sucked into a large, cigar-shaped space ship. The pilot was shown around the ship. The spacemen said they were from around Venus and spoke perfect English and told him they were observing Earth in increasing numbers and pointed out their concern about atomic bombs. They stated that they would not allow Earth to be destroyed because this would disturb magnetic fields and perhaps destroy their own planet.
After about two hours, the pilot asked for some kind of written evidence to explain his absence and the fact that he had burned no fuel.
They spent half-an-hour writing a one-page letter filled with circles smaller than a penny. Each circle was filled with lines, dots, and dashes, which contained a whole sentence.
The pilot was told to deliver the letter to someone in the Pentagon. The pilot did take the letter to the Pentagon and asked for four copies.
One for President Eisenhower, one for Pope Pius XII, one for George Adamski, and one for himself.
  The Pentagon knew a woman living in Australia who came to Washington and translated the letter in the presence of witnesses.

                           By: George Adamski

In his third and final book,
FLYING SAUCER FAREWELL, George Adamski writes,
“Visits from spacecraft to our Earth during the past several centuries might be compared to ocean-liner visits to some far out-of-the-way island which is visited perhaps once or twice a year to leave supplies and pick up merchandise of the natives. Occasionally some of their people wish to remain on Earth to become better acquainted with our people and their ways…this practice continues today, with many governments having records of identification for these interplanetary visitors.”
Adamski goes on to explain that according to the spacemen, we are using a mathematical system based on 10 whereas they use a system based on 9. He also explains that there are 12 planets in our solar system, and perhaps one day, we will discover them.
He gives a lengthy explanation of the propulsion system of their crafts. I wonder if anyone is paying attention, or are we so arrogant that we will continue to believe that our math and astronomy know it all? In this same book, Adamski tells of beginning his world tour in January 1959.
He lectured in the following places:
Hawaii, New Zealand (very well received and spent six weeks lecturing all over the country), Australia, England, he had a royal interview with Queen Juliana of the Netherlands on May 18, 1959, (at her request)/
In Switzerland on May 23, (student protest was staged to interrupt lecture), then on to London.
In these lectures, George Adamski exposed the fallacies of mysticism and psychic phenomena as far as contact with the space people was concerned.
These lectures were attracting large numbers of people. The “Silence Group” was trying to discredit him by having someone at the lecture attempt to discredit him buy linking him with mystic hucksters. He firmly believed that this type of contact with the space people could not happen. There was a plot in Sydney, Australia, to get him into trouble with the government. In Australia, one must have a permit to lecture whether he is paid or not. Adamski was told he didn’t need a permit. He refused to lecture without one.
A permit was finally secured. Then he could not show his film of the saucers without an additional permit, which was also secured. This was just the beginning of harassment; however, not in Australia. The rest of that tour was very well received, and the media articles were favorable.
There were also spacecraft sightings while he was in this country. The space brothers were helping in their own way to increase his credibility. In Karachi, Pakistan, one of the airport officials told him:
“Some day, through the efforts of our neighbors from other planets, India and Pakistan will become as brother in one big family.”
 (We are still waiting for this to happen!)
“On one or two occasions in the past 12 years, some government officials and religious leaders have dined with the Visitors…they look no different from Earthmen. I received this information from a high government official who was present at the time.”
He also indicated that more than one government of the world had had similar experiences. Self-opinionated men, heads of masses, are willing to sacrifice those they represent in order to prove their opinions and keep their positions.
  The world at present is being fed indigestible food by politicians and religious leaders, and is being made sick. That is why the men who know the truth cannot or will not speak.
Those two forces now would discredit any truth spoken.
The public has been schooled to accept official opinions as facts.

As I write this book in 2003, much to my sadness, things have not changed!  When Adamski reached London, he appeared on BBC television to debate a British astronomer, Patrick Moore.
With a viewing audience of nine million, he was able to refute the astronomer’s efforts to disqualify his knowledge of astronomy. The astronomer, who worked for the BBC was given a two months leave of absence as a result of this program.
Adamski states,
“I regretted this turn of events for him. At the same time, I realize that if it had not been for the assistance from my space friends, Moore could have massacred me before the public. It took more than terrestrial knowledge to see through the methods, which were used in his attempt to discredit me. If I had not been advised by the space people during my trip, I would have easily succumbed.”
In England his passport was stamped “Tourist” which meant that he could do no work. Again, he inquired about a permit for his lecture. Again, he was told he did not need one. However, he insisted on a written permit.
A compromise was worked out whereby Adamski was allowed to answer questions, but not give his lecture. This meeting lasted two hours.
Later, a permit was issued which was good for all of the British Isles. When Adamski boarded a train to go to his next lecture at Weston Super-Mare, there was a man in his compartment.
He was a spaceman working as a scientist on projects for the British government. There are space people working for every government in the world, helping Earth’s people to reach out into space to realize our destiny.
On May 18, 1959, Adamski had an interview with Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. It was supposed to last 45 minutes but extended to two hours.
The press was critical that the Queen would give an audience to a commoner, and when Adamski refused to answer their questions, they made stories up! The day after this interview, BBC radio reported a Russian scientist had stated that the moon was not made up of volcanic dust, but granite formations similar to Earth.
He also reported that there were many green spots, which appeared to be vegetation on the backside of the moon.
Adamski had observed these things when the spacemen took him around the moon and he wondered if a Russian had been granted a similar trip or if the information had been gained from the Russian moon shot that went into orbit around the sun. “Zurich, financial center of the world, is the international headquarters for the “Silence Group”.
The invisible reins of financial influence extend from Zurich to puppet organizations in every nation! Has it ever occurred to the reader that every nation is financially linked to the Bank of Switzerland, in the country which has enjoyed complete neutrality during every world conflict?” “Geneva is a gigantic chessboard where nations of the world are played one against the other, according to the dictates of what the Swiss themselves term;
“The Colossal Financiers”. All of this is accomplished under the cloak of neutrality, in Switzerland, where wars are not permitted to happen!”
Adamski had alerted too many people to the truth on his world tour. Overlords and dictators cannot allow people to seek the truth; because then they become uncontrollable. The “Silence Group” had not succeeded in discrediting him because of the assistance of his space brothers.
Adamski was told by an information officer of the U. S. Air Force that if it had not been for the mystic and occult overtones given to the space people, that the government could have made public the facts about UFOs long ago.
At the end of his world tour, these were Adamski’s thoughts: “Many times since then I have reviewed the events of those six months. I believe the truth was brought to many people of the world, as requested by our space brothers.
Yet, to this day I am deeply concerned that the “Silence Group” and other selfish interests might continue to hinder our progress.” “One thing is certain: the most powerful instrument in the hands of the “Silence Groups” is public apathy!
The man who does not care that friendly humans exist on other planets around us, is most easily misled by the selfish interests, and unwittingly serves as a tool for the “Silence Group”.
Too, those who resent expenditures of public funds for outer space research, preferring vast sums for destructive purposes, are, knowingly or otherwise, contributing to the total destruction of life on this planet.”

As I write this book in 2003, America is reeling from the impact of the shuttle Columbia disaster, and we are at war against the evil dictator, Saddam Hussein in Iraq. When will the apathy come to an end and understanding begins? We must provide the funding of space exploration must become a priority for America.

  “In November, 1959, the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation announced that its scientists had developed a device which produced high voltage electricity from the radiant energy of a sunbeam. The firm said its device could produce extremely high voltages to provide power for propelling space ships.”
A prominent physicist, Dr. Y. C. Lee, announced several months earlier that, “An electrical propulsion could speed Earthmen through space at velocities eventually reaching there million miles per hour.”

What has happened to these inventions? Why are we still propelling men and women into space with conventional rockets? These inventions were announced almost 50 years ago. Where is the progress? Is the “Silence Group” still holding us hostage? Must it always be about money and greed, and not about the progress and well being of the population? Must it always be “He who has the gold makes the rules?”


While Adamski was on his world tour in Switzerland, Lou Zinsstag acted as guide and interpreter for him. He told her the following story, which is included in her book.
“The American Explorer failed several times, until at long last it took up its prescribed orbit around the Earth.
Before this happened, I was invited to the place where the space capsule was being built, and was allowed to take a close look at the precious sphere, and into the interior in which precious instruments had been fitted.”
“I was asked what in my opinion, could account for the failures. I soon found out, and told the engineers to construct a second wall around the entire sphere, thus creating a positive field to counteract the field outside the sphere. In this way the instruments would be kept from exploding by neutralizing the inside. This second wall should possibly be constructed of gold, I told them. The advice was followed and Explorer II will become a success. Of course, I had received this information from the space brothers.”

Another story Adamski told Zinsstag was about a visit to the White House. “He told me that he had been entrusted with a written invitation for President Kennedy to visit one of the space peoples’ huge mother ships at a secret airbase in Desert Hot Springs, California, for a few days.
In order to keep this visit absolutely secret, Adamski was to take the invitation direct to the White House through a side door. Still flowing with excitement and smiling happily, he explained how the row of cars in which his taxi was traveling had to stop because of a red light just in front of this particular door where a man he knew – a spaceman, he said – was standing ready to let him in.
Adamski later learned that Kennedy had spent several hours at the airbase after having canceled an important trip to New York, and that he had had a long talk with the ship’s crew, but that he had not been invited for a flight.


About the time I began volunteering at the museum, the gift shop was selling copies of a newspaper. In it was related a story purported to be told by the attorney for John Connelly, former governor of Texas at the time of the Kennedy assassination.

You may remember that he was riding in the car with Kennedy in Dallas.
The story goes that Kennedy had just handed Connelly some 5 x 7 cards on which his speech was written and asked him to read them. In the speech, Kennedy was going to reveal the presence of UFOs and space people.
After Kennedy was killed, Connelly told his attorney that the cards were in a safety deposit box to be revealed only after he himself had died.
I find this story very interesting. Was this the reason Kennedy was killed? I asked in the gift shop is the paper was still available, and was told that copies were no longer available.
I am very sorry that I did not purchase one, but at the time I never thought that I would be writing a book.
  Then I have the Rose Story.  This is by Theresa (Tara) Rose, Thurmond Morris.
When I was a little girl, I didn’t know that I was different from most people on earth. I thought about what I was told to think about. I did as I was told and I was considered a very good girl and was happy to please. There was not much to do as a child except follow those who were considered the adults in my life. I had a mother and father, two grandmothers, and I do remember my paternal grandfather and I loved him very much. One day he passed away and it was hard on my father and I wanted to see him and being only three years old it was never explained to me other than he went to Heaven. The rest of my life was spent looking for heaven on earth. I have many stories and this is one I share with Sally Hester for a part in her book.

There is much in life I cannot explain and there is much I wonder about in this world and want to know so I keep searching for he answers to my questions. I am Tara Rose, the woman who is a contactee of extraterrestrials. I have a long story to tell and it will have to be in my secret journals due to the profession I chose as a Legal, Private, and Government Investigator.


Theresa J. Thurmond Morris?

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August 30, 2008

ET UFO contact on communication, creation, and crop circles are only the tools of our awareness. We can focus on existence for ourselves, our family, our culture, and our world. Being in the world and not of it is hard when one knows about space and beings.

As our basic growth requirements are met with food, clothing, and shelter, and then we can search for deeper meaning about life on earth. Hard to think about space, world peace when one is worried about the basics needed to live. Americans have these problems just like those in other countries. America has some soul searching to do. Fix America then the world.

First comes survival for our own existence. Anyone that is human will fight for survival. Communication is sometimes not an option when we are alone. Therefore our priorities were sorted for us before we came to earth. First was the right to life. The second was the will to survive. The third is choice to live and survive.

There is much to understand about truth and life on earth. Being human and grasping what is beyond human understanding is always a part of our reality. Think about it.

That which we do not know is what we as sentient human intelligent beings seek.

As an extraterrestrial unidentified flying object Contactee, I often wonder what all of this energy and matter means?

I have my own truth and information on creation, crop circles, and communication.

Why do so many on earth not share in the memories of knowing their past and why do they not see the extra terrestrials or UFOS? These are important questions to me.

Since I was born, I have known that extra terrestrials were part of my life. I knew that when my parents explained the past and read story books to me of those who lived in the past were like me. I also knew when they showed me pictures what they meant to me in my mind. I was told what they represented to the adults who were my parents, family and teachers. I knew that God and Jesus were from above and that they could come and go in human bodies the same as I could. But, I also knew that they used UFOS.

I also learned through time spent on earth in the United States of America that sharing what one knows could be very dangerous to one’s health, meaning, and purpose on earth.

There were educators, and guides sent to assist me while I am here on earth. There are also agents of the higher order that visit earth and me. This was explained to me and I learned to keep secrets until it was time to share my truth.

This truth of ET UFO Contact and why I write is what I am willing to share now as my focus in search of the truth. I am an Explorer, Investigator, Researcher, and Writer. These are career paths I chose for me in order to appease my curiosity about life on earth and in space. To me, one is as equal to my energy spent searching for the truth as the other. In other words, my time on earth is to learn about life on earth and in space. The meaning of science and religion are only tools the same as all other subjects in the academic world of education.

What is so hard for me to grasp about being on earth is why people do not organize themselves for the good of all humankind and share energy and truth for all seekers.

Life on earth does not have to be so hard. There are many with wealth and means who should be sharing with all others on earth. This planet was not meant to serve any purpose but to be a home of sentient intelligent beings that would someday evolve into those who could share in the discovery and creations in other galaxies and universes.

This is creation that is discovering through creation while all matter is formed, and grouped into various forms to discover and rediscover.

What does being on earth as a sentient intelligent being mean? There must be a reason we are here? Why do we have a mind if we are not supposed to use it? Curiosity is what seems to move the energy inside of me.

Because there is a need for focus we must create a bond of goodwill among those in space and those on earth, certain beings will be chosen to act as Goodwill Ambassadors with those who are already chosen and willing.

We are asked to assist both the military side and the civilian side on earth’s total population of the present 6.5 billion and rising. We shall assist by offering our energy without interfering with the younger total population of earth. We will deal with those who offer their services based on their military training and their communication training. We will ask for librarians to be directors of online information.

We will have think tanks that have been created that provided the framework for the first scientists of White Sands, Chicago, and Long Island. This former beginning by Oppenheimer and Teller were what future scientists would build upon. They would see problems and solutions in the infrastructure and learn to work together for the good of all.

We have decided to use some basic earth ways of creating, thinking, and doing. People on earth whether civilian or military connected are requesting that my challenge on the ground to change the way we think be explained in broader detail.

People on earth who are considered my contacts and my readers and peers are those who are already in tune to being ascension beings. These include those who desire to work in the future Ascension Center Space Port.

The reason that we have not in the past announced to the world of a space port as the Ascension Center is because of the controversy it would cause among the government and media. This would stir energy and create a need for explanation before it was time.

Military and civilian alike are tuning into our ET UFO Goodwill Ambassadors. Those who are accustomed to working in the program of the mind only know one way to think and this is called linear. We are going to ask those who are familiar with Oppenheimer, Teller, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower to be patient. We heard your concerns and are aware of the Physicists and Scientists of earth.

We are here to assist. We are aware of the Large Hadron Collider and are going to continue assisting and observing in small ways that most on earth are not aware of.

We choose to not interfere and are simply observing and at times communicating.

Be careful to search for the truth for we teach all are one of the many. E Pluribus Unum is no mistake having assisted all earth with the forming of the United State of America as the melting pot for all cultures of earth into one democracy.

The time on earth involving nuclear energy ion and the hydrogen bomb has now brought humans forward. There will now be a race by the earth year 2020 for earth to mine the moon for resources such as Helium Three.

The space resources will now be a concern for earth as it relates to the general local planets and moons in the galaxy that we monitor from the entire universe. We are all a part of the whole Meta universe and will continue to monitor. Certain beings in the past who were contacted were considered oracles and prophets.

Many beings were skeptical and jealous of these beings. We are hoping that these emotions have evolved. Faith, hope, charity, and love are still good attributes to adhere too on earth. But then those are spiritual attributes and the intellectual attributes of creation, thinking, and inventing, are all part of the spiritual and intellectual mind.

Those born after the earth year 1947 were incorporated into a new program for contact. For those who have followed their lifetime energy and focus on flying saucers and nuclear power, these beings will be more perplexed as to why they did not see the whole picture as it progressed. Of course there was ET UFO communication. A form of communication has never ceased among certain sects or tribes of humans.

Unfortunately to some, many were not activate, tuned in, or were capable of finding the link to the source or focus. We are about to change our communication focus. We would like to invite all beings to an ascension process of being including spiritual and intellectual thinking. Sharing in awareness of the future for earth and inhabitants.

There are certain beings on earth that are our friends. Some believe they are channeling information but they have their own mental filters. This is not the only way that our ET UFO friends think. They organize thoughts communicate and write the way we do on earth in some ways but in others, they are not emotional. They have worked for thousands of years to train their beings to not focus on emotions. This does not exclude the intellectual and spiritual portions of the sentient intelligent beings.

To those colleagues of mine on earth who consider themselves in line with extra terrestrial ways of thinking pardon my dry order of forming thoughts and paragraphs with the simple gray matter and the way that the typical ordinary human minds work.

We can step down the information we are receiving as channeled for the good of all involved. To those who are just now joining me in my communication of ET UFO information on the many levels that are required on earth and to those who have created their own following of people who desire to know and understand the future, be patient.

There are many levels of our assistance and we are creating many levels for those who are just now tuning into our ET UFO sightings and contact. We are not including those who discuss abductions at this time, for reasons that will be understood at a later date. We will continue information in articles shorter for those who are taking charge of assisting those of the Ascension Center Goodwill Ambassadors. For now, we are going to prepare cultural awareness. U.S. /NATO action and the United Nations is part of our overall active awareness project.

While desiring to assist in the overall goodwill awareness on earth of the extraterrestrials, and unidentified flying objects which are simply spacecraft, we are also asserting ideas of creation with those of crop circles to infuse a form of creation and connection among all beings on earth.

These symbols have always been a way that those on earth in the past were able to relate in pictographs and contacts were chosen and were able to spread the word that there are others of their kind that are more intelligent and come and go in spacecraft. We do not understand why this simple procedure of connection is so hard for some on earth to grasp in this time on earth. This is simply a cultural art form that has been used in the past on earth. For awareness and awakening the human spirit.

There are many tribes on earth in various locations on earth who do not communicate. This was always our way of allowing connection and awareness without interfering in the primitive evolution of a species. We are now offering information to those who are in tune or are actually improved with a deoxyribonucleic acid that was infused after receiving the human body on earth.

We chose one male and one female and both are aware of their involvement and why we made contact with them. They both in turn will share what we communicate. The male is in charge of the overall military energy on earth, and the female with the overall communication energy on earth. We have always been in contact. It is up to the individuals we choose to decide how to interact with us, as well as, others on earth.

There are other beings that learn and duplicate others efforts which is a “copycat” and programmed effect on earth.

We have learned through time with younger humanoid species there is no “cookie cutter” way of doing things with humans born on earth. Thought time in the past, many oral traditions were forgotten until there were crop circle symbols sent after the “hunters and gatherers” were divided under Abraham. This we have learned is still part of an internal strife caused in the world.

There were times that beings of earth would fight over land to raise cattle or to plant seeds. We planned tribes to assist at various times that have since learned to write down some symbols and learned to communicate in writing. There was life before Abraham, and who are termed Adam and Eve in the Jewish traditions of the gentiles.

This information was called the church and sacrificial ways were taught in order to assist with memory codes for the young human species.

Because we choose to not use physical or mental force we simply check in with our chosen beings and watch from above. We also may from time to time give a small nudge of influence in a positive direction. We allow freewill to superimpose our suggestions. We offer suggestions during the sleep portion of life on earth.

This is sometimes played out in the dream portion of one’s thought process while on earth. This can be found in symbols and in words used in prior history of earth’s tribes on earth. At present there are many who are of many faiths and religions created by human beings on earth. Some of these have been misguided through time on earth.

Now is a time of revealing and the purpose is to shed as much light on this topic of communication and awareness as can be performed in one life time on earth. This time, we will hope that the man and woman we have chosen will learn to exist with the understanding that the military defense of the planet is required as well as the civilian communication of awareness is required in order to survive the future together as one. This should be obvious with the two chosen sides of the brain one male and one female.

 All humans are created the same with two sides of existence one part man and one part woman in symbols this is displayed as 50% male and 50% female creation matter. This is by choice for all beings created on earth as equal parts of their creator. The future will explain how the world interacts in the galaxy and with other galaxies in the universe which interacts with other universes.

There is always more.
Keep searching, exploring, and creating while we assist in teaching, instructing, and forming awareness with younger species which someday we hope that the human beings born on earth will be able to participate in through time. For now, concentrate on healing the separations of all beings on earth while creating a future in space. There is knowledge in the future in the form of wormhole travel to other galaxies.

(ACE) TJ Morris Project





Written for Sally Hester of Roswell, New Mexico
While she worked at the Roswell Museum.
By Theresa J Morris




“Mirrors, who invented these things anyway, look at my tan lines; I have to get to the tanning spa as soon as possible.”
Tara wrapped the bath sheet around her shapely hourglass figure and tucked a corner of her towel in-between her 38D trophies.
She was proud of her figure, real and no plastic inserts, long shapely legs, tan, and blonde hair. Men hated fake anything.
She didn’t like using wigs in her investigations. She didn’t like fake fingernails or eyelashes. She would occasionally get acrylic nails to strengthen her own long nails. The phone was ringing and Tara hurried around the queen size bed and sat eloquently down. She juggled the towel on her wet hair as she answered the phone.
“Hello.” There was no sound on the other end only a sound of open line.

“Hello, is anyone there? I’m going to hang up now.”
A man with uncertainty in his voice said very slowly,
“Is this Tara Rose Thomas?”
“Yes it is, who’s calling please?” she answered with considerable concern.
No one knew where she was and she hadn’t told anyone. Tara had just gotten divorced and wasn’t ready to date. Men were the last things on her mind and she hadn’t had anyone ask for her phone number.
“Tara Rose, Brass Monkey. I would like to talk to you about a job. A company that you have worked for before has a job that is tailor made for you.”
Tara was curious by nature but her survival instincts were kicking in. She didn’t say anything and there was a long pause. The man on the phone continued.
“I would like to talk to you in person and not on the phone if I could. Will you meet me downstairs in the lounge for a drink in about an hour?”
“I don’t think so, I don’t drink, good-bye.”
“Wait, please Tara, I must talk to you, and it’s from someone very important.” He had desperation in his voice and Tara was kind at heart and knew that desperate feeling herself. Tara asked,
“How do I know you won’t hurt me or kidnap me?” She was saying the words but she was a good judge of character and she didn’t need a lie detector to tell when someone was lying to her. Besides he had used the code words Tara Rose and Brass Monkey. I always told the government to use my middle name when contacting me.
She had powerful extra sensory perception (ESP) powers and was one of the best empathic intuitive readers the government had ever had working for them.
This wasn’t a publicly recognized and accepted known position and the government labeled her with some other low paying government title and salary for this incredible special talent.

“If I wanted to do that I would already have tried. I wouldn’t be calling you to alert you now would I? Besides I’m asking to meet in a public place and there will be other people in the lounge. I won’t harm you; I am here to help you. Are you familiar with the lounge downstairs?”
Now Tara was really curious about this new job the government had for her. She wasn’t usually approached in such a clandestine way so she knew it must be a covert case. She was a private investigator now and this would have to be on contract. She just couldn’t make enough working directly for the government and she had been spoiled making big money working as a Legal Investigator for rich
Attorneys in Houston, Texas.
She wanted to do something different. Tara had applied to the U.S. Treasury department and made the flight to Washington, D.C. for the polygraph, physical, and psychological exam. Tara was told she was on a waiting list since she passed the tests but they never called. Tara decided to stop wasting their time and hers and would simply work for herself by contractual agreement for others.
The polygraph was very interesting being that they had her read cards and the examiner had his hands on the inside of her thighs to register a response. Tara had been polygraphed by her father’s company before in Houston so, she knew from her past experience that polygraphs did not include fondling, at least the normal job polygraphs. The government was very thorough and took every precaution in their background checks.
Tara was just an investigator right out of college when she learned that the government was good at finding out who people were in their past. Investigators such as the men in black suits had come to check out one of her professors who turned out to be involved in some type of espionage. Tara was processed before the 911 protocols were put into place. Tara’s background was criminal justice and forensics from University of Alabama in Birmingham.

She was trained in arson, fraud, and subrogation and was used on many of the FBI procedures when some of the agents would teach courses at the Birmingham Fire College while Tara attended college.
She had worked for herself, and called her business, Confidential Assured Investigative Reports. She began some of her training in Houston, Texas with well-known attorneys and Percy Foreman once took her up to Dick and Frank DeGuerin’s office to explain to them that she had been working for him for many years. She was a fan of Red Adair’s and had done some background checks in arson for him.
Red Adair was so well known in fire fighting that a movie had been made about him. Percy Foreman was her mentor and had been the father she never had. Tara’s mother and father had divorced when she was only ten years old.
While Tara would ride as a girl in the Herman Park Alameda Stables she had met a famous horsewoman named Joan Robinson Hill who befriended her.
This meeting was a monumental one that would change her life forever. Tara was allowed to hang out with Joan in Houston until Joan died. There was a movie made about Dr. John Hill famous plastic surgeon and Farah Fawcett played Joan. Tara’s skin was tan year round and most people would notice her high cheekbones. She was tall and though she was dark haired as a young girl she kept her hair light blonde after that movie.
Tara felt close to Dr. John Hill and Joan and that time of her life made her want to be a great Investigator. Tara could still turn heads as a blonde or brunette. She was striking when she walked into a room, especially, when she was wearing black. Black was her favorite color and red her second choice.

She enjoyed wearing jackets to hide her weapon and belts would show off her small waistline of her hourglass figure. Belts had many purposes, and could break the long lines of her tall muscular physique. She wasn’t slim or fat. She was just right. That came from the workouts at the gyms and the aerobic classes. She had learned martial arts during high school and her first boyfriend had his on dojo.
That made all the lessons for her black belt free for the taking. She traveled a lot on cases so didn’t have much time to spend working out. Anymore she knew some things had to give and it was usually her time spent in the gym. One thing she really hated missing was her time to study the occult metaphysical and paranormal.
She enjoyed classes and her yoga and meditation classes were important to her psychic abilities. Each part of her had to be disciplined in order to keep her sharp and at her best for her chosen profession. Tara as her final act in her dressing put her gun in her left boot and one in her waist bag.
She was ready for the unexpected. Tara could now find out about her next assignment since she was ready to make the money and had been vacationing long enough. She needed a break after her divorce. Now she would be all about her profession only! Make money getting the bad guys!



Tara took the elevator down to the lobby. She carefully looked around as she walked through the lobby to the lounge. No one suspicious looking. She entered the lounge and scanned the room. Lounges, bars, clubs and the like just weren’t her forte. She wasn’t comfortable around drinking establishments, alcohol, or people who consumed alcohol.
She knew that dulled their senses and changed their perceptions of life. This was where she had to be for now so took a seat at the bar. There was a female bartenders talking to one of the customers at the bar. Tara and the man had at least six bar stools between them. There were two men at one of the pool tables close to the rear of the lounge. The lounge was empty other than these three customers.
The two at the pool table were absorbed in their pool game and the man and woman bartender were at the bar in a deep conversation. The bartender came over to ask Tara what she was drinking. She asked for a coke and told her she was meeting a business partner there.
Tara told the bartender so she would knew why she was there alone. It seemed more natural for her to be sitting at the bar alone. A woman at a bar alone could be a professional call girl and Tara had busted a few.
Tara didn’t want to give that impression and have the local police escorting her out later.
It was a common hazard of bars everywhere including Hawaii. She always tried to think of everything that could go wrong. She was aware of the conversation that the man at the other end of the bar was having with the bartender so she went to the back wall and played some songs on the juke box. The men stopped their pool game as she walked back to the jukebox.

Tara thought this was rude to just stop and stare. Men were so uncouth and obvious. She was not going to ever be emotionally involved with a man again. Ever! Tara said to herself, why did I ever think I wanted to get married in the first place? As she sat down at the bar she noticed a man coming in the door. He sat down beside her and ordered a beer. After the bartender delivered it he spoke to Tara.
“I see you made it. Why don’t we move to a table?” Tara said,
“I’d rather be close to the door thank you very much.” He could tell that Tara still had her guard up. “Tara, I appreciate you meeting me here. I was told you might be difficult. I need to know if you will help us.” He paused to give Tara a chance to answer.
“That all depends on what it is. You said it was for the government. Brass Monkey. What branch?” She wanted answers.
“Tara, I know you have questions but I really can’t tell you much until you agree to help us. This is classified information. You understand? You will have to agree to take the job before I can divulge any of the information. This is a covert Top Secret case. ”
“Now this is getting us nowhere then isn’t it? I can’t agree until I know what I am to do and you can’t tell me what the government wants me to do until I agree to do it. How can we possibly work out an arrangement? You called me remember now you have to do the work.”
“Tara, I know you are the best at what you do and you are who they want on this very sensitive case.” Tara liked what she heard so far and said,
“I was specifically asked for and just exactly what is it that I do best?”
He could answer that,
“Find out information.”
Tara thought about it for a few minutes and got off the barstool like she was going to leave. She looked back and said,

“What if I agree to do this, what then, can you show me some identification?”
The man said,
“Tara I don’t have any identification other than my driver’s license you know they don’t supply us with much but a code word. I can show you that if you want. They didn’t supply you any identification either. I can tell you it is someone you have worked for before.”
Tara looked puzzled, and said
“The Navy?” The man answered,
“The Navy, No not the Navy. Whom did you work for before that?”
She said,
“Attorneys in Houston.” He was getting perturbed now.
“Come on Tara who have you worked for before that is part of the government?”
She answered,
“No one that I know of?”
“Come on Tara they said you were good but this is ridiculous.”
Tara was raising her voice,
“I’ll say and we are wasting a lot of time, why don’t you just tell me who it is?”
“I can’t you know that.”
 Tara said,
“I flew to Washington to the CIA but they never called me back. They said they bought my contract from the Navy.”
He said get over here and keeps your voice low.
“You aren’t supposed to say things like that. I can’t even say things like that and I’m on payroll.”
Tara knew it must be the Central Intelligence Agency but they sure had a strange way of contacting her. Fortunately she remembered the password. They said when she left with her vouchers paid that someone would contact her in ten years. She remembers saying in ten years I will be lucky to still be alive.

“I finally get a job offer from the government and it’s

 A black operation?”
He answered,
“Yes, and I am to answer all of your questions though they didn’t tell me much. Will you do it?”
Tara knew he was telling the truth. She always wanted a real sanctioned job with the government but the men in black was not the ones she had in mind. Now she needed the money since her lousy GS13 former husband basically blackmailed her out of what money she had in a corporation.
“Sure, why not. Let me see you identification and then you can fill me in.”
The man showed her his driver’s license and said,
“Look I am just the messenger. You know this is fake identification? You know how they do things better than I do. I was told to get the message to you and I had better be successful or else. I don’t approve of all their ways and means but I know t hey scared me. I had never been told or else before. Now here’s what I was told to fill you on that we know. You will be going after a man who was one of our best agents. This man has some information due to all the cases he worked on for our government. He was one of our best government agents if not the best and has apparently left the agency. I don’t know the reason, they didn’t tell me. They want you to find out why he left. Find out what he knows. Find out how he feels about the government. We want to keep him and see that he retires in our employ. This apparently is the only thing keeping him alive.”
Tara was a listening but was waiting for the rest of the brief.
“That’s it. That’s all they told you? They are going to kill him but they are scared he will release the classified information if they do? Well, if they kill their own I’m not

sure I want to work for them.”
He continued,
“They don’t want to kill him they want to save him. Sanitizing him would be last resort. They told me you were very good at finding out information and that if you wanted

to prove to them how good you really are now is your chance. They need to know what he has and if he would really use it.”
Tara thought for a minute.
“Why me, and what do you mean they want me to find him. Don’t they know where he is and what he has?” He was as in the dark as Tara,
“Apparently they know approximately where he is at all times but he is a very private man. He was one of the best we have ever had and is very secretive. No one can get close to him. They have tried. They have sent their best men and a few women who got nothing. Couldn’t get close for any reason. It will have to appear as an inside job even to get close. ”
Now Tara had a funny feeling in her gut,
“What do you mean they have tried? Has he killed anyone before?”
Now the man was uncomfortable and was showing it,
“Yes, Tara, he was in the U.S. Army and stationed in Europe overseas. He has killed a lot of men in the line of duty and some agents in self-defense.”
Tara had to ask,
“Just how many men has he killed?” The man paused a moment and said,
“On record he has over a hundred and fifty confirmed kills on the records and approximately five hundred unconfirmed but that is on the record only. The agents we sent tried to gain the information forcibly and well, they failed. He has worked for the agency over thirteen years as well and is one of the best if not the best they have ever had working for them.

He was a shooter for the government and
never missed a target. He has one hundred per cent success rate and is said to be a man who cannot die. He has a reputation for being the best at disguises too. He can be anyone. Don’t ever underestimate this target. I mean agent.”
Tara was becoming interested now but didn’t speak for a few moments.
 She finally said,
“Why do they want me?” He was growing tired, “Tara, I was told you are the best at what you do and can somehow get men to tell you things that no other agent can. I was told you have a perfect success rate too. They seem to think you are the one that can get close to this guy and they need you help, will you do it. The computer matched you with this agent as a great match for uh, intimacy. ”
Tara was still thinking,
“Am I supposed to believe that the government needs to know what this former agent has with regard to classified information and is sending me to find this out?” He felt like she was finally getting the idea,
“Yes, Tara, that is why I am here talking to you now, to get you to agree to this, answer any questions you may have and convince you to meet this guy. Tara wills you do this, your government needs you?”
Tara wanted to help and said,
 “What happens to me if I fail, will they sanitize me too?” “Tara, you won’t fail. This is what you do. Besides haven’t you wanted your own contract to prove yourself? This isn’t the FBI or the Department of Defense. This is the real thing. Come one this is what you have trained for and worked all these years in government service. From what I was told you two are a perfect match according to the computer and we just hope you both will be working for Uncle Sam when this is all over. This agent has some friends in Russia who were agents during the cold war.”

Tara was in deep thought.
“If this guy is as good as you say he is and doesn’t want to work for us anymore then I will do it. Yes I will do it.” The man took a deep breath and exhaled.
“Good, now we will arrange for you to meet him just remember his name is John, John Harris.” Tara asked, “What does he look like, how old is he, is he married, does he have any children?” The bartenders came down to
ask if they wanted another drink. They waited for a few minutes while she filled their drinks and gave them a bowl of nuts. Tara went and put more money in the jukebox for ten more songs. When she came back to the bar the man asked again to move to a table. They moved to the closest table to the door and sat down. Tara was thinking now about whom this man was and why had he left government service. She asked,
“Does the government know why he quit? He did quit right?” The man turned toward Tara and set his beer down after almost finishing his second glass.
He said,
“Well, that’s my limit for the day. No more for me. Tara, this will not be easy for you. This man was married on paper only to an older woman with no children. He has no family life to speak of according to him. The agency told him to stay married on paper because the Pentecostal he was married to was quite a handful. I know you have been around killers before and that is another reason you were chosen. This is a dangerous mission. The man is considered a Rogue. He is uncontrollable. He was one of our fair-haired children and became disenchanted and now just wants us to leave him alone.”
Tara wondered about why this agent became disenchanted with the men in black.

“I wander if they really have one of those flash light flicker things that make you forget?”
There must be a darn good reason and she was going to find out what it was. Well, enough of the small talk, Tara thought. I’m going to do it so gain control of this situation and get on with the rest of your life.
“OK, I’ll do it, so where do I sign up? Is there a file on this agent? Do I get a briefing on this guy, and where do I meet him?” The man was hesitant again to speak,
“Tara, I’m afraid we can’t waste any time on this mission. This man is in route to El Paso, Texas for an assignment with the U.S. Army as we speak. We have it all
arranged and will tell you all about it in transit. We need you now, today. We have your uniforms, papers, nameplates, everything you will need for this mission all-waiting for you. Everything is just waiting for you to give us the go ahead. There is a van waiting outside. You know the type white van, dark windows. All your gear has been packed and stowed. We just need you to say you’ll do it and gather your personal gear and we will check you out here. We will brief you in transit to the airport.” Tara was almost breathless.
She only had one other time when they came to get her the same day and she found herself headed for South Africa that time. “Tara, let’s go we have not time to waste.
“Now, we need to get going. We want you to meet this guy at the airport in El Paso. It is all arranged. Let’s get out of here. “
Tara left with this man who had the CIA password given her and she felt like this was the biggest day of her life. The man took her outside to a white van and they were off to the Honolulu airport to catch a plane to El Paso, Texas. The U.S. Army had regular flights from Fort Shafter in Honolulu, Hawaii to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. As the van driver approached the airport sign on the freeway. The man was briefing Tara.

“You will be Sara Bolton. He is presently assigned the name Tom Bradley. You of course know his real name is John Harris and that he is our best agent. The U.S. Army has assigned him a special mission. He has also been assigned the name John Harris. But, as you know we can all play that game so you have an assigned name Sarah Bolton. Remember Sara like Tara except with an S.
We thought that would be easy for you on your first alias assignment. Usually the computer picks the names. We, the government want to get the information first. We need you to do your best in retrieving the information for us first. The U.S. Army is assigned the security of this classified mission around Fort Bliss, White Sands, and New Mexico.
You go onto a Top Secret location from there. We cannot tell you what we do not know. There are some parts of your assignment you will find out later from the Commander assigned to the Top Secret base. We are not allowed to know all the details.
We will get you there in uniform and as far as anyone will know, you are a Specialist 4 in the U.S. Army. You have joint training. The new security officer will be traveling on the same plane.
He knows nothing about you except what you hand him in these orders along with your medicals. We took the liberty of picking up your navy files here at Pearl Harbor. Your orders now show you’re past clearances with the navy and that you last renewed a contract with the army. You were a clerk in S2 division.
You can read your new bio in the in the air. Colonel Johnson is your new Security Officer and we fixed it where he is being assigned the same day that you and John will arrive at Fort Bliss.
He knows nothing about John or Tom and he will know nothing of you except what you tell him or we allow him to know in your background as Sara Bolton. This won’t be too hard for you because of all your military training and cross training. Good luck and it was a pleasure meeting you.

 Your code word will stay the same. Brass Monkey if we have to contact you again. Someone will find you just as I did. We will be watching and listening from above. NSA is working on this one with us, as it is national security. Are you ready?”



El Paso Airport, El Paso, Texas

Tara Thomas now known as Spec 4 Sara Bolton arrived in the El Paso terminal and went to the baggage claim to get her bags. Tara wondered which of these men in uniform was her target. His name would be on his uniform. Look for Bradley. Ah, there he is and a fine specimen of a man in uniform too! He was right across the belt from her. How convenient. Had he placed himself there after he spotted her first? Agent John Harris now known as Staff Sergeant Tom Bradley was already grabbing his gear off of the belt and noticed Tara’s tall shapely figure in uniform. Sara was trying to grab her bag but kept missing her large black travel case on wheels that she was told to do.
Do they know this guy will help her? Well, they said they would arrange them to meet. How nice. He apparently has a history of helping damsels in distress. Sergeant Bradley saw her bag that she tried so desperately to grab. Sara’s bag passed in front of him and he gestures to her across the belt and she nods yes. He grabs Sara’s bag for her. He walks around toward Sara and asks,
“Is this you bag?” She smiles shyly nodding yes as she noticed his dark and mysterious deep eyes. The eyes any woman would want to get lost in. He was very handsome and his eyes were that of a magician’s. They were deep hypnotic trance like with dark eyebrows to match. His voice was deep and hypnotic in tone as well. He was everything that Tara now Sara had ever hoped for in one man. Tall, dark, handsome and an agent. She always did love a man in uniform.
She tried to speak but was breath taken. This was definitely going to be the hardest case she had ever been assigned. She had to pull herself together and quick. She reminded herself this was just a case, a job.

She had to recite in her mind; you are on a case, meet the guy, get him to like and trust you. Find out what classified information he knows and why he doesn’t want to work for the CIA any longer.
So this is a challenge. He is good looking and charming. You’ve been around a lot of good looking charming men. Get a grip girl. Remember no more men. This guy’s your case. You are an agent, a darned good one at that, don’t lose control now.
“What brings you to the desert Spec 4?”
Agent Harris looked dead into Tara’s eyes without blinking. He kept his magnetic hold on her eyes like a cat playing with a mouse. He was good with women and he knew it. It showed in his confident stare. Tara could feel his virile masculinity yet knew he was just having fun. She glanced down at her uniform and said,
“Oh, I’ve been assigned here, well not here but somewhere near here.”
“Really, well we have something in common, I‘ve just been assigned here too. My name is Tom, what’s yours? Tara was amazed at this man’s smoothness and considered him a real operator already. That computer really knew how to match up people. Tara finally spoke up though caught a little off guard while she was thinking to herself. She used it to her advantage to appear shy though she is very outgoing.
“My, my name is Sara, Sara Bolton.”
John smiled at Tara as if he almost knew she was lying about her name. She now wished she had seen a picture of this man before so she would have prepared herself for his extremely good looks. He also displayed an inner knowing that Tara had not ever seen in anyone else. It was more than confidence.
She couldn’t quite put her finger on this feeling she had. She had never felt this before. She just stood there staring back trying to catch his eyes again. There was a deep desire to feel that magnetic hold he had given her when he first laid eyes on her.

  She felt a yearning inside from deep down that she had never felt before.
 It was very strong a yearning.
“ So, we’ll you have dinner with me later on, we are going to be stationed here right, might as well get to know each other?” Sarah was delighted and speechless.
Before she had an opportunity to respond they were interrupted by the van driver,
“Excuse me Sergeant, are you Sergeant Bradley?” Sergeant Bradley turned slowly toward the van driver with disgust in his voice for being interrupted,
“Yes.” The van driver explained,
“The van is outside Sergeant and Specialist Bolton you will be on the same van.”
They grabbed their bags and followed the van driver to the van. They were already two people arranging to be together this was not as hard a job as she thought it might be. She was going to like this assignment. Now she realized she had mixed emotions in less than five minutes of meeting this character.
This man was definitely a womanizer or at least a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s what she would tell herself to protect herself from her true feelings. That would be her weapon. She would say this is a job and this guy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There were two people loading their gear in the back of the van.
One was a Colonel in dress uniform and one was another Specialist 4 female wearing the same uniform that Tara had been issued. Tara had changed into uniform in the ladies room at the airport, before boarding the plane. The van driver shut the back door and said,
“Everyone in the back of the Van,”
As the Colonel started to open the passenger door to climb in the front passenger seat, the van driver says,
“Sorry Sir, no one is allowed in the front seat.” The colonel opened the side door of the van and went to the bench seat behind the driver. The other female Spec 4 got in and sat next to him.

 Sergeant Bradley held out his hand to help Sara in and said,
“After you my dear.” The Colonel gave the Sergeant a hard look as the Sergeant smiled back. Sergeant Bradley got in last to sit next to Sara on the rear van bench. Sergeant Bradley shut the door and banged on the metal wall petition between him and the driver. Sergeant Bradley said,
“What’s with the wall, are they afraid we will hijack the van or something?”
About that time the speaker came on and the driver spoke to the passengers,
“This is going to be a long ride, get comfortable because this is a non-stop ride to the desert.”
The windows were tinted so dark that the inside of the van was dark to w here the passengers couldn’t see well. The van was dark as it was nighttime and the sun was bright overhead. No one introduced himself or herself as all the military personnel aboard was trained in covert operations and was trained not to discuss any part of past present or future assignments with anyone.
They each settled into their own space and leaned against the seats and walls and fell asleep. Tara found herself wanting to lean on Agent Harris’s big strong arm rested on the back of the bench seat but she was in uniform and had to act like the proper military person she was to be. After all, she was not only on a case and mission but assigned as a Spec 4 in the U.S. Army and should conduct herself as such. Besides that this was a Top Secret mission at a Top Secret Base so there was going to be a lot of red tape and a lot of protocol to follow. She had to remember her basic training and try to appear as professional as possible all the while her heart was already aching for a man’s touch.
Not just any man’s but that of these Agents.
Tara sat there wandering what she had gotten herself into. She knew she was good and also she was strong. But just how good and strong was she. Nothing had ever rocked

her boat. Especially a man. Now she had to deal with
 feelings never felt before. She had had an occasional twinge when she was engaged a couple of times before but had always managed to break off the engagement. Usually her job and travel got in the way.
Now she was sitting there thinking about all the possibilities of this case and was she truly going to be able to find out why this man didn’t want to work for the CIA any longer. She was definitely curious about the whole situation. If she could just maintain control and figure out a plan.
After all, there were no plans laid out for her. She had to make a game plan as she went. In the past, that was what she was good at doing, adapt and overcome. She was afraid she might have just met her match! When the van pulled off the asphalt road onto a gravel road in the middle of the desert Sergeant Bradley woke up startled. No one else seemed to be bothered by the sudden turn onto gravel. Peering through a small hole in the petition between the passengers and the driver, Bradley saw they were going across the desert where there was no road. Knocking on the wall vigorously with his fist, yelled at the driver,
“Hey, What are you doing, where are you taking us?”
The Colonel looked through the hole and said.
“Stop this van.” The Colonel was barking a direct order. The van driver was a soldier. He turned on the speaker and said,
“Calm down, we are going to our next point. There isn’t anything to be alarmed about. I make this run twice a week. Just sit back and relax we still have another forty-five minutes or so, and it’s going to be a rough ride.”
The Colonel looked at Bradley and Bradley shrugged his shoulders and went and sat back down. The two specialists looked alarmed now but weren’t talking. The van tossed back and forth and eventually pulled up in front of a one-room shack in the middle of the desert. The driver opening the side door said,

“Well you’re here. Get out and get your bags, they’ll come and pick you up in a little bit.”
Bradley standing outside the van said,
“Just what in the hell do you mean someone will come pick us up. Where in the hell are we?”
The van driver said,
“Sorry Sergeant can’t tell you that. All I am supposed to do is bring you here and drop you off.” The Colonel spoke up and said,
“You mean to tell us you are fixing to drive off and leave us here in the middle of the desert with no transportation at this old shack that’s fixing to fall down?” The van driver smiled and responded,
“It looks rough but its in pretty good shape inside there is soda and candy machine inside and its air conditioned.”
They looked around at the heat coming off the desert sand and looked at the sun, which was high overhead. The four military in transit just grabbed their bags and took their plight in stride. This was a strange assignment from the beginning for all four they just had not compared notes.
They all went inside as the van driver left a trail of dust behind them. There was one room with a door leading to a single lavatory. There were a couple military vinyl chairs and a couch. There was a table and four wooden chairs a candy machine, a soda machine, a sink and the one bathroom with a closing door.
They all found a place to sit their bags and got a soda and sat around the table. Looking at each other for a long time, Bradley finally broke the uneasy silence.
“Well, where did you come from, I mean where were you when you got this new assignment?” Bradley was addressing Sara. Sara looked shyly at the Colonel and the other Spec 4.

“I joined the navy to become a corpsman. I had worked as a secretary for attorneys as a civilian so was used in the JAG office as a clerk. I wasn’t happy in the legal field

and saw no future in it. So, I decided to cross over to the Army and be all that I could be! I joined the Army when I renewed my contract.” Sara looked around to see if anyone was listening.
“So, I got a lot to learn about army protocol and when to salute the officers. I was stationed briefly at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado and got some training in the army at Fort Hood and they sent me to Fort Shafter, in Hawaii as a you, guessed it a clerk. At least now I was cleared to work in S2 division. What about you?” she asked Bradley.
Bradley was not normally a talker especially to people he didn’t know but didn’t feel this could hurt being that they were all on the way to somewhere of military importance.
“Well, you don’t have to worry I will be around to help you with that. I spent most my tour of duty in Germany but was stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen when I got this assignment, how bout you Colonel?”
The Colonel was also hesitant to give out any information but figured that that little bit of information couldn’t hurt anything.
“I just left Oklahoma where I was attending training in Security.” The Colonel continued,
“How about you Spec 4 Martin?”
The other Spec 4 was a female small but forward in her gestures and personality as most redheads that Tara had known in the past. She seemed to be in control of her emotions but it seemed force as if she was really a blonde needing a brunette interpreter,
“I have been working for several years in Washington D.C. in the pentagon. I guess that’s what qualified me for this secret mission.”
“Well, aren’t we an interesting bunch,” Bradley

stated with sarcastic interest in his tone.
“We’ll just have to see if we are to all work on the same project wherever it is we are going in this desert. They are sure taking enough precautions to make sure we don’t
know where we are. This must be some Top Secret base. I wasn’t informed about all of this secrecy were any of you?”
No one said anything for fear they were being recorded. They talked about the army and noted they were all in army uniforms. Each wasn’t volunteering much information at all. The little shack could be monitored and bugged for sound although there were no apparent signs of equipment about the room. None that was apparent or obvious anyway. Each had a particular assignment and they were all told they were to treat this assignment at a secret clearance level.
They all understood this to be on a
need to know basis, which had not been established with each other as of yet. One could feel the distrust in the room and the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Bradley of course being the outgoing Sergeant felt it was his duty to get to know the ladies.
The Colonel wasn’t much for socializing. He could tell form the uniforms they were both Spec 4, which meant they probably had at least two years in the service. Sergeant Bradley noticed that he seemed more interested in the redhead so he would do all he could to encourage him to stay that way.
He didn’t want any distractions from Sara. He figured she was just what he needed on this what seemed to be a boring stay of an assignment. They each had a copy of their exact orders but none were divulging their whereabouts or any information off of their orders. It became quiet in an uncomfortable way and Tara drifted off to her own thoughts.

All of a sudden Tara’s mind drifted off to somewhere that seemed urgent. Sally her friend in Roswell. What would Sally do when she would try to reach Tara about the manuscript ready for publishing? Had Tara approved what she was going to write in her book to let the public know what she knew?
Rose was what Sally called Tara.
Tara visited the Roswell museum one day and had on a tee shirt with a Rose on it from her past days as a singer in a band. Tara had a photographic memory and started seeing part of Sally’s book in her own mind’s eye. Sally was Tara’s closest friend and they had shared many deep secrets and suspicions through the years.
Now Tara was on another mission and would not be able to be located for quite awhile. She wasn’t allowed to tell anyone where she was going not her family and certainly not her friends who lived in Roswell, New Mexico.
Sally Hester the instant woman who was like her sister or mother in Roswell had asked to include Rose’s past private discussions in a book. Also, Sally her friend had asked if she would assist her in getting it published.
Since Tara knew more about the government and official things than she did. Sally and her husband Marvin were retired and spent a lot of time traveling in their motor home.
Sally felt that since she met Tara that a lot of what she suspected to be the truth wile working at Roswell UFO Museum was actually true. Tara would neither, confirm nor deny what she knew to be the truth. But, Sally had done a pretty food job at keeping notes of her conversations with Tara.
This was now a concern for Tara and she hoped that being so close to Roswell, New Mexico wouldn’t be a problem for her with her assignment. Tara had never lived on a base before and wasn’t sure of the seriousness of what was shared and what was not.
Tara was not one to be paranoid but just the same, she would have to get in touch with Sally and tell her she would have to sit on her manuscript promotions until she

 was off of this assignment. Now that would be impossible. Tara had no idea when she would be allowed to surface again.
Sally was accustomed to Tara disappearing for weeks
and sometimes months at a time. Tara was never allowed to reveal where she was going or what she was doing. That was how it was for most people in the military with clearances. The mission was too sensitive to even let on to parents or children much less friends. Sally’s book came clearer from a far off place in Tara’s mind. She began reading as if for the first time. Just like the manuscript was right in front of her.



Sally’s Manuscript

Rose had set up a meeting with some friends who wanted to see a UFO. One of the men was named Alan. He said in order to fully believe in UFO’s he needed to see one. After seeing one in person, he became really enthused about his UFO experience, but his wife became very jealous of Rose who was actually Tara to her other world family.
Her interest in him was platonic and not sexual, but his wife thought she was trying to take him away from her! After Rose came into their lives, their business prospered so this was a learning experience for everyone involved.
About this time, Rose was able to do amazing things like miracles, but the people who didn’t believe were scared and starting to harbor resentments. She began Psychic Network in an effort to keep the new age network from going astray.
This later went national with Dionne Warwick but Rose was not involved at that time. She was in a major loop of New Age in America and the World! She was starting to teach classes about the other world. Her first six-week classes went well, and it was time to begin the next lessons. She was getting government interest, and the men in black began showing up at her readings in the Aloha Mall. She realized they were aware of her psychic abilities as they watched her do public readiness or people. She got a little worried to say the least!
She realized that too many people were pulling at her energy, and she was not able to fight off all of the negativism by her self.
It was becoming hard for her to stay grounded, and she was starting to perform other than human feats, in

Public and she knew better! She would be locked up, sacrificed, or put away in this life, as we know it! What she had wanted to create for spiritual good was now becoming commercial. Her life seemed totally out of control Rose had some other business ventures going at this time. She was being pulled in too many directions trying to keep everyone happy.
Her job was demanding more of her time. She decided to sign over all of her rights to her business to other partners, move back to the mainland, and divorce her greedy husband! She believed in her heart that she had to change her life, and that was when she decided to concentrate on meeting the Commander.
She had told many of her friends that she would one day meet her other half. Now she would begin searching for the Commander of her ship. She knew that she had seen him in her dreams while in the Navy, and she had received automatic writing from him in 1987, when she was trying to write books.
Rose wanted back on her spiritual path. She had learned that there was more to life than money and fame. While she was in boot camp, Rose had seen the Commander in her mind’s eye. He had come to her in an awakened dream.  The only thing she could compare this to be a movie called DUNE.
There he was in her mind’s eye. Even though she knew he existed on earth she couldn’t reach him. She had to find him!
Rose had learned about him when she had been on the space ship at the age of three. She knew they had been together in that world on a ship as adults, yet here on earth, it seemed they were children.
How could this be? It was some type of memory that she had, and she also knew that the Commander was younger than herself.
It was like he was one of her brothers who shared similar beliefs about UFO’s, yet she knew he was not her

brother. She had to find this person that she knew was in the Army and yet she was in the Navy. What a dilemma! She had received computer and thought transmissions from him in the past, but he didn’t know who she was. This was a new spiritual adventure that was in her head! Again she feared that she was losing it, but she knew in her heart that she really wasn’t. She wondered how she could know all these things so vividly.
Rose was concerned about what would happen to her. After all, Shirley McLaine had come out of the closet about her beliefs in her book, OUT ON A LIMB, and the world had made fun of her. TAKEN was an awakening to a lot of people but no one wanted to discuss the real possibilities of being taken for real.
Rose also known as Tara began again with what she knew. She had been taken on board a ship at the age of three and had been dropped off in a field after being taken for her first learning experience. She had died and had seen “The Light” when she was in second grade.
 She knew that they had saved her when she had hepatitis and again when her fourth child was born.
They had visited her again and brought her to White Sands to meet her uncle who worked at Los Alamos and White Sands, and she knew that somehow she would meet the Commander, but how? She would just have to rely on faith and them from the other world, her real world.
All of a sudden Tara felt herself knocked back into the present and she had to regroup her thinking processes. Tara was jolted back into reality by a van door slamming shut. Tara thought to her self, well I can’t be worried about that now, I have bigger fish to fry.
Sally’s story will just have to wait until I get off of this investigation. She will understand when I tell her what happened on my way back from Hawaii. Our secret ride is here. There wasn’t much time to finish their last sips of soda when they heard another van arrive. Bradley went to the door and opened it as he said,

 “Ladies your carriage awaits.”



Two big Army MPs in desert uniforms stepped out of the long black military van. The driver got out of the van and went toward the bags piled next to the door of the shack. One went to the shack and opened the door. He then walked over past Sergeant Bradley to the Colonel and said, Colonel Johnson,
“I’m Sergeant Green. We are here to get you and your party and take them to the White Sands Facility Sir. Will you and the others follow me Sir?” The Colonel said, “OK everyone let’s load up.” The girls were the first ones out the door and then the Colonel. The Sergeant closed the door as he noticed the other MP loading the last bag into the van.
The Sergeant MP who came into the shack was holding the door open to the back of the van for everyone to load. The Colonel standing at the door as the girls got into the van said,
“Sergeant, it looks like we all ride in the back again.” The MP said,
“Yes Sir, that’s standard procedure whether officer or enlisted around here Sir. We have our own security rules we have to follow. This is a secure base.”

There were two bench seats in the back. The rear doors were shut after their bags were loaded. The MP that loaded the bags got in the driver’s seat. The big MP in charge got in and sat on a bench seat facing the others. There was a metal wall between the driver’s seat and the backbench seat facing the passengers. The MP closed the van door as Sergeant Bradley climbed inside the van. The MP in charge said,
“Sorry for the cloak and dagger but this is the way we

have to do it. The ride will be about two hours. The White Sands Facilities are similar to any other secure base you may be familiar with other than the exception that you will be inside a mountain. We have lighting that will help you to adjust to being underground. You will get use to it. We have theatres, restaurants, bowling alleys, snack bars, a PX, and a great gym. I spend a lot of time at the gym.”
He took a minute to glance at the girl’s faces as he spoke about being at the gym. Bradley noticed he had an ego and apparently loved the women the same as he did.
“All in all it’s a pretty good assignment. If you were not already cleared for this facility, you would not have made it this far. Now, can I see each of your ID cards please? It’s standard security procedure.”
The marine reached for the Colonel’s first. Then the Sergeants and the two Spec fours. Then he said,
“Very well then, they all seem to be in order. Just hang on to your orders and medical records until you get inside. We will take you to processing and then orientation will begin the following morning at 0800 after chow. I have been here a year and just extended for another year. Each assignment here for MPs pulling security is one year but you can extend two times each for one year. I wasn’t briefed on how long each of your stay will be. Anyway, I make this trip twice a week so I can tell you that you may as well get some shuteye. I’ll wake you all up when we arrive.”
The Colonel looked at the Sergeant and said,
“Might as well take a power nap huh Sergeant?” he girls were already grabbing their pillows off the bags in the back and resting there heads on the sides of the vans.
The Sergeant was wandering why he was sitting on the front bench with the Colonel and the girls both in the back. He decided that it was for the best with the big MP riding along as chaperone.
They all got comfortable and all went to sleep for the whole two hours. The van was cool in spite of 106 degree Fahrenheit weather in the White Sands desert. The Sergeant awakened first as the sound of the van hitting the

road changed to a tunnel sound as it entered the mountain. The Sergeant nudged the Colonel and then turned and touched Sara’s leg.
He patted her leg softly and said,
“Sarah, we’re here. Wake up Doll.” Bonnie woke up first, softly smiled at the Sergeant, and then cracked a great big smile at the Colonel as he looked back and smiled slightly. The Colonel was more than interested in Bonnie and the Sergeant made sure that he feasted his eyes on Sarah. The MP interrupted their starring glances back as he said,
“We will be coming up to the entrance momentarily. This underground facility has been under construction since the 1940’s.”
The van came to an abrupt stop throwing the girls forward. They girls brushed their hair down and donned their covers, as did the Sergeant and Colonel for disembarking the van and entering the underground facility.
The MP driver opened the side door. The big MP in charge got out first and the Colonel and the Sergeant sat still while he let the girls get out first. Then the Sergeant got out and the marine shut the door. The driver was already taking their bags out of the rear doors of the van. The all looked up and overhead about the same time to notice a big painted sign on the underground wall.
Just over the doors was a sign that read:

The MP in charge said in a loud voice so all could hear,
“Please standby for just a few moments while I check into security.”
There were carts sitting next to the double glass doors under the big arched sign. The MP driver was steadily loading their bags on an oversized double golf cart. The four wheel opened cart had two bench seats and a large luggage area on the rear. This cart could carry a driver, front passenger and then four more people and their luggage. These carts were electric and the mode of transportation used all over the underground facility.

Bonnie spoke first after the silence of sleep wore off all the passengers,
“Hey look, just like they have at the casinos in Vegas.”
Sarah looked at Sergeant Bradley with curiosity. The Colonel walked over to the cart and next to Spec 4 Butler.
They began talking very low while Sergeant Bradley spoke to Sarah.
“Well, what do you think? Did you know that we were going to be stationed underground in this mountain?” Sarah looked surprised and said,
“No, did you know? I have heard of them around Missouri and in Pennsylvania but not in Texas.”
Just then the big MP Sergeant came back out and said,
“OK, if you will all just step inside we will get you checked in and assign your rooms. We need to give you new identification cards that will be temporaries for the common areas until your job titles are assigned after orientation. You will have to wait until after orientation in the morning to phone your families. You will have to go to the phone rooms near the dining facilities. First come is first served for outside lines that go to Fort Bliss first for clearance.”
They each went to a desk where a Buck Sergeant sat and issued photo ID badges with name, bar code and strip on the back that matched their military ID cards they each gave him as they stood one at a time in front of the desk for their new photos. They were all use to this and time went by fast. The big MP in charge went over to another desk where a female in MP uniform was located. She addressed the big MP in charge,
“Did you have any trouble with this new green bunch Sarge?” He answered with a casual smile,
“Not a whimper they’re good soldiers and did what they were told. Are we still on for tonight?”
 The female MP said,
“You bet for racquetball only Sarge.” She looked at
Sarah who was taking in everything she said. The big MP said,
“I will bet you I win again though and guess what I am betting for.”
Then she looked at Sergeant Bradley. Sarah immediately did not like the way she smiled at the Sergeant. She knew from her animal instinct that the Sergeant had a way with women. The Sergeant smiled back and then in an uncomfortable glance looked back at Sarah and raised his eyebrows and said,
“I think she likes me.”
After everyone received their photo identification cards, the van driver and the MP Sergeant escorted them to the cart. The MP driver said,
  “All aboard going to quarters. All a board.”
This time the Colonel sat in front and Spec 4 Butler climbed up front next to him. Sergeant Bradley looked at Sarah and said,
“After you my Dear.”
Sarah climbed in and crossed over behind the Colonel who sat behind the driver. The MP Sergeant climbed in the front and Sergeant Bradley climbed in next to Sarah and behind Bonnie Butler. The big MP Sergeant began his tour;
“OK if everyone is ready we will begin our short tour of the facility before dropping you off at your rooms.”

The MP driver started the cart and they went down a long wide corridor the ceilings were about twenty five feet in height and there were steel beams and rock showing overhead with lights hanging down from the beans in the ceiling. MP spoke,
“The large areas are made for easy access in the corridors for passing carts and they also serve to keep the claustrophobia down of our guests. This facility was started in 1939 just before World War II. It was created for underground storage of food and medical supplies. In 1947, it was re-designated as a research facility. This facility is

still under construction and is not expected to be finished until 2017. That is if they do not decide to expand at that time. Originally, there were only three levels and now there are over forty-six.
There are seventeen restaurants, four theatres, two bowling alleys, and thirty snack bars. Four dining facilities, a large PX, a commissary, and individual rooms and studio apartments serving as officers and enlisted quarters. There is a phone connected in each room that has to go through the switchboard.
You can reach your friends on the phone in your room but cannot call directly outside the facility. Before you try to call outside on the payphones you need to know that they are redirected back to Fort Bliss and that is where we asked you to tell your family you are stationed.
One again, I will remind you this is a Secret underground facility and you are not even allowed to discuss the location or existence of this facility. This place doesn’t exist above grounds and you probably have seen mention of places like this in movies.
We’d like to keep it that way. We will discredit anyone who tries to prove otherwise. Or, you may find yourself below ground for the rest of your life. That is why we had the type of shack out in the desert and then the reconnection to the van that brought you here.

 This will keep anyone from tracking your whereabouts, if we were being followed. Of course, we have motion detectors around the facility in and around this mountain. One your inside it is impossible to escape.
Now, we do not want you to feel uncomfortable and understand that your position here is an honorable and trustworthy one.
Only the most trusted individuals are allowed to work in this facility and their backgrounds are looked into thoroughly.
Now, back to the phone centers, you will be briefed in orientation and until then, we asked that you refrain from calling until you are given a code and proper procedures. You will need a pass code to dial.
Each of you will be assigned a separate calling identification card.
The new identification cards you have received will act as temporaries and will be swiped with higher clearances as your need to know requires it. This identification card will get you to the levels above this level and will not allow you to go below this level.
The upper levels you have access to are coded blue. The access levels below this general zero level is red. Only after you have received your orientation, job code and description, and level of clearance will you be allowed to enter the Red Levels.
I strongly suggest you forget the Red Levels and The Black Levels unless you are issued a passkey.
We will explain the passkeys and elevator floors that  exist during and/or after your orientation and briefing.
Just relax in your rooms and enjoy your evening meal.
Get familiar with our facilities that you have access to for pleasure, entertainment, exercise, and dining.
We are somewhat relaxed here and are allowed to wear our street clothes while on off duty time here.

We like to think of this as our home away form home. The sooner you become comfortable with your surroundings the better off you will adjust to your new environment. Try to not think about being inside the mountain.”
The driver stopped in front of a room door in a long corridor. The MP Sergeant spoke to the Colonel,
“This is your room Colonel Sir. If you need anything just pick up your phone and hit zero for operator. An MP escorts you until you are properly secured in briefing and orientation in the morning. A van driver will pick you up at 1800 hours for dinner.”
The driver unloaded the Colonel’s bags out of the back of the cart and carried them to his room. The MP said,
“Just swipe you new ID card through your room lock sir, it works just like a hotel security system. I am sure you are familiar with this security system. The door will only open with your card Sir. See you again for chow Sir.”
The driver got back in the cart and drove down the corridor to the next door on the other side of the hallway. The Gunny said,
“This will be your room Spec 4 Bolton and Spec 4 Butler. The enlisted double up down here when they are single.
Sergeant Bradley you will be just across the hall in E6 quarters but will bunk alone due to your sensitive job assignment. We take every precaution for your protection
and ours here at the facility. You will meet with the General with Colonel Bradley in the A.M.
But in case there is a question I will go ahead and tell you, we reassign on the same levels that we vacate according to time in duty status here. It is easier that way. The soldiers assigned here usually come in about four at a time. We feel this gives them a companion or two to feel comfortable with at least in the beginning. It gets pretty lonely feeling here if you let it get to you. We try to think of everything.
We have psychologist on staff for counseling if needed.”

The driver got out and carried the bags to the girl’s room. Bonnie looked at Sara as if for the first time as if to say in her thoughts, we are in this together. Sergeant Bradley looked at Sarah as she got off the cart,
“Well dear, it looks as if we will be having dinner together after all. We may become quite a close couple according to that briefing form the Sarge?” Sarah said rather shyly in front of the Gunny,
“Yes, it looks that way. By the way Sergeant, Do we have to wear this uniform or can we change into civilian clothes for dinner?”
The MP Sergeant replied,
“No, you only wear your uniform while you are on duty and now is your off time until tomorrow for breakfast at 0700 and then we will take you directly to orientation. Be in your civvies tonight and we will be back about 1800 after we pick up the Colonel.
Now, all four of you will dine together tonight at least until after orientation then you can do as you please. Back at 1800 then. Sergeant, you are right here across the hall. Just swipe your card same as the Colonel. All of you have access only to your own rooms at the present time and the dining facility.”
The MPs got in the cart and left them standing in the hall. Sergeant Bradley took control of the situation fast. “Well, ladies allow me. Sarge set his bags down and walked over to the girls. Sarge took the card out of Sarah’s hand and unlocked their door. Ladies after you.
Sarah replied,
“Oh no Sarge not that fast. We will see you at dinner.”
The girls hurried putting their bags inside and Sarah sort of flirtingly closed the door. As she closed the door she said,
“OK Sarge I admit you have gotten your foot in the door.” Sarge acted like he was tipping his hat to her and said,

“Well then, I will let you ladies get comfortable in your new home, until we dine together then. Meet you back here at 1800. Sara this will be our first official date. Don’t be late.”
Sarge walked back over and went into his own room only after watching Tara close the door shut and he heard it lock.



Sara looked around and gave a deep sigh for her new roommate to hear,
“Home Sweet Home.” She began toward a bed and noticed that her new roommate had chosen the bed closest to the bathroom and farthest from the door. That was usually the bed that Tara would take but she wouldn’t make a fuss just now.
Bonnie Butler was much younger and impressionable than Tara and she needed to start on a good foot. She may need Bonnie’s confidence later on. Tara began putting up here gear when Bonnie yelled form the bathroom.
“Uh. I’m not very good with remembering people I just met, what’s your name again?” Tara, not thinking yelled, back,
“Tara Thomas”
 then immediately realized her mistake.
Bonnie came out of the bathroom with a towel on her head. Bonnie said,
“What did you say, I had to wet my hair it’s so curly that if I don’t wet it and blow it dry it will look terrible for the Colonel to see at dinner.” Tara breathed a sigh of relief, and said,
“I said Sara, Sara Bolton. You can call me Sara if I can call you Bonnie?” Bonnie giggled like a little girl and said,
“Okay. We can be great roommates just like in college. I was studying to be a nurse when I just out of the clear blue decided to join the air force when a girlfriend of mine asked me to join with her. So, I did it. I wasn’t making the best grades in the calculus courses I had to take and figured I probably wouldn’t make the grades anyhow. What made you join the Navy?”
Tara asked,

“What made you say the navy?”
 Bonnie looked at Sara a little puzzled.
“Because you told us at the shack, remember? I may not be good with names but I have learned to listen when I think it’s important. You told us you were navy and crossed over to army, remember?” Tara said,
“Oh yea, I forgot. I had started daydreaming afterwards and don’t really remember what we talked about. Oh well it’s not important now is it?” Tara always felt she was different and sometimes when she daydreamed she felt as if she entered another world completely.
Tara was also one to roam in her dreams. She was sure that we left our bodies when we dreamed and so she had a power animal, a black cougar. She felt she could see through this animal’s eye when she dreamed. But, she wouldn’t share this type of belief with Bonnie. Bonnie just didn’t seem like the type that venture out of the box in thoughts.
Bonnie was quite the young lady and was apparently from an affluent family just had missed getting her degree in college from having poor math skills. Tara could relate since she was never good with algebra or calculus and just barely got by from friends assisting her.
Tara was better with languages and people. Tara’s people skills had been what made her career and reputation as a great Investigator. Her mind wandered over to what her new bow was doing across the hall.
  Sergeant Bradley was across the hall unpacking his suitcase. He got his nine-millimeter and shoulder holster out and put it where he could reach it easily. He carried his nine-millimeter to the bathroom with him where he showered and shaved.
He put on some cologne not the most expensive but one that would be right for his first date. The sweet sexy smell of Jovan Musk would do. He had plenty of cologne that was very expensive but none worked as well as the sweet smell of mush.

This was the one scent that most women would always ask him about.
He was accustomed to attracting women and what cologne he was wearing was a great ice breaker in the clubs.
He wasn’t a real Casanova due to his job had him traveling but he could get information out of the best agents.
He wasn’t usually one to wear scents in his profession. The smells would give away his location to his enemies.
He already was known to smoke Viceroys. He was the cheap American version of James Bond and wasn’t one to flaunt Marlboros in a black bow tie and tuxedo. He did like to gamble in Monte Carlo and was an expert twenty-one player.
He considered himself above average as Americans go but felt that all men who wore a turban and wore a dress were his enemies.
He had been written up for two medals of Honor twice overseas for Desert Storm bravery. He had saved a child Princess in a firefight, and the other was for carrying a soldier over twenty-five back after a firefight even though he was dead at the scene in the desert.
The special operations unit he commanded wasn’t suppose to be in those coordinates where they were sent and Sergeant Tom Bradley wasn’t going to leave the dead behind although those were his orders. He always had hip pocket orders with the President of the United States signature to guard him against anyone threatening him.
He was a man’s man and loved the ladies. He just kept his true feelings for the opposite sex in check due to his chosen profession and assignments as a paid assassin for the United States. Working directly for the President was an honor not bestowed on just anyone.

Most shooters for the government who were hand picked for their sanctioned assignments. Tom had worked for the

government since he first went into the military. He happened to be in the right place at the right time when he killed a man that was working for a known International arms dealer.
Tom solved the case that had been opened for over twenty years. Some of the best men had been killed and Tom was the one who made America earn the respect in the world of international terrorism. He just got tired of killing one day and turned in his weapons and walked away.
Bradley knew the agency still wanted him back but Tom had decided he wanted to stay with the army. Now the Men in Black wanted him back due to all the millions that had been put into his 24 schools of training. But the main reason was all the Top Secret CIA missions he had performed for the President.
Tara was back in her room wondering about her new assignment. What type of assignment they really wanted him for was none of Tara’s business? Tara just wanted to be able to testify that he could be trusted with physical evidence for the government and not testify against her beloved country.
Tom apparently didn’t want to work for the Men In Black and this made them concerned. At least while working for the U.S. Army, he knew when his next paycheck would arrive and he didn’t have to wander who the people really were that were signing his pay check when he got it.
Tara was really getting confused about this case.
She already had a feeling she was in over her head on this one. Tara was thinking about Tom and now Tom was thinking about Tara. This was going to be an interesting game of cat and mouse.
Tom was thinking to himself that he was now at a Top Secret underground facility and his orders were simply to find the weapons systems on a foreign aircraft that had been captured. Tom would be pro active.

Tom wonders about what Tara’s assignment would be. Would he be assigned an assistant? He always had someone before in all his special assignments. There was always a woman assigned to his files and as a transcriber.
  What were the original offers that were going to be assigned to both of them? Would Tara be wondering about his orders too? Tom was sure into this new woman in his life.
When it came to the original orders that were assigned to them, Tom and Tara were both pro military.
Sergeant Bradley was in his civilian clothes commonly called civvies among the enlisted. He picked up the phone by the bed and called Colonel Steve Johnson.



“Colonel Johnson, Sir, are you ready to pick up the ladies for dinner at 1800 hours?”
The Colonel replied,
“Well, you figured out how to use these dang blasted phones. The first thing I’m going to do as the new Security Officer of this command is make it easier to call from room to room. I was going to call that little red head that came with us to the facility. Do you think that would be too forward? We will be in our civilian clothes so our rank shouldn’t matter to personnel that don’t know who I am or that I am their new security officer.”
Tom thought for a minute. This is a perfect time for a set up with this new officer of position. Blackmail would be easy. But that wasn’t his style. He would tell the Colonel what he wanted to hear. Play the game and try to become friends. He may need the friendship later and the security officer is a powerful position at any installation military or civilian. The Colonel said,
“Sarge you there, do you know if she is married or not? Did they say anything to you about either of them being married?” Tom answered slowly,
“No Sir, are you married?” The Colonel answered a little perturbed.
“No, I’m divorced as of twenty years and I haven’t been attracted to anyone like this little Philly for sometime. I figure we are out here in the desert all alone and I may need some comforting.” Tom was thinking the same thing. “You’re a man after my own heart sir. I will find out if she is married from Sara sir. In the meantime, you just take your time and enjoy the presence of these fine ladies at dinner tonight. I will be sure to sit with Sara and you keep the redhead’s attention.”

“Bonnie, her name is Bonnie.” The Colonel still sounded perturbed. Tom had to nip this in the bud. Colonel let’s get
something straight, I am a man and so are you. We both have our own interest to look after. Why don’t I watch your back and you watch mine.”
Tom was beginning to wonder about this guy.
“After all, we know more about each other than anyone else here at this establishment. Besides this is going to be a lonely place and we may need a friend. A male friend if you know what I mean. I am not one to be close to anyone but Sir, I feel I can trust you. Is it a deal?”
The Colonel relaxed and finally let out a forced laugh.
“Ok Sergeant you got a deal. Call me Steve and I will call you Tom around the ladies anyway. You know of course in uniform its military protocol.”
“Of course Sir. I wanted an excuse to call Sara anyway so I will call her right now and see what I can find out without Bonnie listening. I’ll tell you later what I find out.”
Tom hung up the phone and called Sara and Bonnie.
Sara was closest to the phone and said,
“I wander who that could be?” Bonnie let out a schoolgirl giggle.
“Spec 4 Bolton may I help you Sir or Mam?” Tom replied on his deepest voice,
“Well, you certainly can beautiful.” Tara was already interested and attracted to Tom’s commanding low sexy voice.
“Are you expecting any male company for dinner?” Tara thought how she would answer that.
“Well, Bonnie is looking forward to having dinner with the Colonel and was fixing her hair for the occasion.” Tom asked in a nice forward way,
“Say, can you ask her if she is married for me?” Tara said,
“Who wants to know?” Tom said,

“Actually I’m asking for the Colonel. He is divorced and is hoping that Bonnie is single too.” Tara was obliging this time and asked Bonnie,
“Are you single Bonnie?” Bonnie immediately piped out,
“Yes, Very!” Tom could hear her in the background. Tara asked,
“Does that answer your question?” He said,
“I guess so but what about you single or divorced are I hope?” Tara said rather shyly,
“Yes, I am divorced and plan on staying that way for a very long time.” Tom took this as a challenge.
“Well, I will have to work on that attitude young lady. I am a man who is very interested in you as a woman and not in uniform!” Tara was flattered that her trap was already set.
This would be an easy assignment she thought to herself.
“Well, then, we will meet you outside our doors in ten minutes, are you guys ready?” Tom said,
“Yep, I just talked to the Colonel and he is ready. He will be happy to know Bonnie is available for the night. Oh by the way, I am very glad there is no red tape involved with you too. Can’t wait to see your pretty smile again.” Tara said,
“Thanks, I’m rather intrigued by you as well.” Tara hung up and Tom called to tell the colonel the good news. “Well Colonel this is Sarge.” Colonel Steve Johnson said,
“Please call me Steve when you don’t have to call me Colonel.”
“OK, Steve, it turns out your little red headed philly is single. SO you ready to go do our thing with the ladies? Let’s not talk shop. Let’s find out what we can about the girls and dazzle them with our bull shit?”

The colonel laughed and was finally acting like a real guy and not an officer of the United States Army Tom was thinking to himself as the Colonel spoke,
“Okay then, Tom that’s a deal. No Colonel or Sarge tonight, just plain old Steve and Tom then.” Tom laughed and said,
“That’s the spirit Colonel, and I mean Steve.
Are you ready? I will walk over and get the girls. Meet you after the Gunny picks you up since he will pick up an officer first.”
 Colonel said,
“That’s a big ten four then. Knock em’ dead or better yet dazzle ‘em with B.S.”



Tom went over and knocked on Tara and Bonnie’s door, yelling,
“Ladies you ready? Sara heard the knock and yell, “Just a minute please.” Tara was knocking on the bathroom door for Bonnie.
“Bonnie, are you ready the Sarge is here?” Bonnie was just putting on her last top glaze of lip-gloss. Bonnie opened the door patting her hair in place and asked,
“How do I look?” Tara was surprised at the slinky emerald satin dress that Bonnie had brought for formal occasions. Tara didn’t know what to say. Tara had on black tight fitting velvet pants with a conservative turtleneck with black boots. Tara with her big breasts still looked inviting in her black tight fitting turtleneck sweater. Tara said,
“Well, Bonnie, I am informal and you look quite formal and uh, dressed for the kill!”
Bonnie giggled and said,
“Thanks, I want to make a good first impression on the Colonel.” Tara said,
“Oh I think you already did that. Remember the telephone call we got from Tom was only to inquire about you and whether you were available. You may have your hands full tonight!”
Bonnie looked one more time in the mirror before exiting the bathroom and heading for the door. She walked over to her bed and grabbed a cashmere button down sweater to go over her sleeveless dress. Tara went over to her jewelry box and grabbed a diamond necklace with a big ruby in the middle of the heart pendent. That’s the best she could do under the circumstances to dress up for the occasion. Tara opened the door and there was Tom looking very handsome.

Tom had hair that shined in the light so black she wandered if he colored it. He had on a jacket made of soft
pigskin leather though brown to match his boots he had pulled on his shirt was black as was his jeans. He wore a western belt buckle that said,
Tara said,
“Well, I like your belt buckle, are you a native Texan?”
“Nope. I was born in Indiana but I am a proud soldier Mam! Shall we wait outside for our ride?” Bonnie walked out last closing the door behind her, and then she said,
“Oh Darn, I forgot my pass key.” Tara said,
“Don’t worry I have mine. Here you can go back in and get yours.” Bonnie quickly said,
“That’s OK Sara; I probably won’t need it tonight anyway if all goes according to my plan.”
Tom made a gentle gesture with a nod of his head and a cute wink to Sara.
Tara had to remember Sara with an S and not a T she thought to herself. Remember Tara not Sara. NO, Sara and not Tara.
Tara was thinking to herself,
“I have just got to get another profession. My mind wanders too much to be a good Investigator still doing covert ops.”
Tom had to make a comment to Sara,
“Well, you look lovelier than when I last saw you in uniform my Dear.” Tara said,
“Well I love a man in uniform buy I guess I will just have to settle for you in your civvies.” Tom said,
“Well thank you Mam, I’ll think of something good to say to you too the next time I see you!”
Sara laughed as she gently nudged Bonnie to move on out of the doorway. The cart with the Colonel was just arriving right on schedule at 1801 one minute after 6 PM.

The Colonel got out of the front seat next to the MP and took Bonnie’s arm and directed her to the second bench
seat behind the MP. Tom helped Sara into the cart in the back seat and whispered,
“I can’t wait to get you alone!”
 Tara sort of smiled, knowingly.
The dining room was on one floor above so they went flying down the corridor to the elevator and went one flight up before debarking the elevator. Tom squeezed a warm hug with his arms around Sara as the Colonel was lightly touching the back of the bench seat around Bonnie.
The Colonel was being a gentleman and Tom wasn’t wasting any time. He had to cross that touch thresh hold. Now, he could feel Sara’s body heat pressing back against him as if she approved of the closeness. Tom smiled and said nothing as they went down the corridor toward the double doors where a sign over the door said,
The MP let his passengers out in front of the door and said,
“Wait here while I park the cart and I will show you where to go check in your chow card. The officers have to pay a surcharge Colonel just likes out side facilities. Enlisted and NCOs are free with chow card.”
Tom could tell the Colonel was more at ease with Bonnie and that Sara was more at ease with him. After going through the buffet line they all four sat at a table for four. The MP came up to the Colonel and said,
“Colonel I will be sitting with my group on duty and will check back with you in about an hour. Take your time Sir. It being your first night and all we won’t be too hard on you. Tomorrow will be a big day. The troops will learn now that the new Security Officer is here, Sir.”
The Colonel said,
“Oh yes of course, we will be ready in one hour to go back to our barracks, I mean our living quarters.”
“Yes Sir. Unless some unforeseen circumstance arises.” The Colonel said,
“You’re dismissed soldier.”

 The Colonel went to sit down following the girls and Tom. They chit chatted and made small talk since the room was full of enlisted and officers both all in their civilian attire other than the MPs on duty.
Bonnie was having trouble from the on lookers being that she was in a green shiny dress instead of green uniform or casual civvies.
Tara ignored the stares at Bonnie and directed her stares toward Tom. The Colonel didn’t seem to notice the stares at Bonnie since Bonnie was all he cold concentrate on.
He wanted to be sure and scores with Bonnie tonight before some younger guy had a chance. Bonnie seemed about twenty five and the Colonel was pushing forty.
After chow was over and the MP approached the Colonel for approval, the MP went to get the cart.
They all boarded and once again Tom put his arm around Sara in the back seat as the Colonel was hugging Bonnie close to him this time.
The Colonel and Bonnie were making time in whispers that only they could hear. The pass had been made and Bonnie caught the pass that was obvious, or vice versa. Tom and Sara could tell that they were in some heavy lust.
Tara tried to act embarrassed and disapproving but this was exactly what she had in mind herself and hoped that Tom did too.
As the cart approached the Colonel’s door, the Colonel said,
“I would like all of you to come in for a toast of our arrival today together.” Tom looked at Steve for a minute and then the MP Sergeant,
“Oh Yes Sir, Sergeant. I will escort the ladies back to their quarters when the Colonel dismissed us. Is that Okay with you girls?” Bonnie quickly said,

“Fine with me, how about you Sara?” Bonnie was already nodding yes for Sara so the MP would leave. Tara looked at the MP, and said,
“Of course whatever the Colonel wants to do is fine with me!” They exited the cart and went inside the Colonel’s room after the Colonel opened the door. Bonnie first and Tara and Tom followed. The Colonel said come in and sits down for a while I’ll make us some coffee. Bonnie wasted no time with her advances. As the Colonel walked toward the kitchen after gesturing to the sofa and chairs he headed toward the kitchenette. Bonnie followed eagerly afterwards saying,
“I will help Steve with the coffee. Be back in a jiffy.” Tom motioned for Sara to sit down on the sofa. That only left two chairs for the Colonel and Bonnie. The rooms were all the same which struck odd to Sara.
Most all bases had better officer quarters than enlisted. Maybe, it was different in the mountain since everyone was the same, buried underground.
Each room had two double beds, a sofa area with two chairs and lamp tables and lamps, television with VCR. They each had a kitchenette with a small bar to sit with two bar chairs. All rooms must be the same and were comfortable enough.
They had no closet in the walls but had a bathroom and a closet attached next to the small bathroom with tub and shower as one. It was like many motels on the mainland or upon surface since she thought to herself,
“I am not in Hawaii anymore; this is in the middle of the desert in Texas or maybe Mexico.” Sara felt the tension between the Colonel standing in the middle of the room watching Bonnie the whole time. Sara said,
“Well. We came to El Paso went to an army base and from there was driven by van to the desert left at a shack, and then driven again out to a mountain and none has yet talk about odd this assignment really is.”

“Maybe this is a good time to bring it up Sara.”  The Colonel said to Sara but was watching Bonnie.
The Colonel was more at ease with Bonnie now and Tom could hear her giggling in the kitchen while the Colonel was watching her while trying to pay attention to Tom and Sara although not really fooling Tom or Sara.
Tom thought he would break the silence between him and Sara. It was getting uncomfortable and Sara had seemed to drift off again. She had a habit of doing that. He would make note of her daydreaming, as it could be a problem during lovemaking. Tom said,
“So, Sara now that we have our first chance alone I’d like to ask you something rather personal.”
Sara was brought back into the present by his voice.
“What, I’m sorry Tom. I was just thinking how odd it is to be assigned out in the desert in the middle of a mountain underground. I am getting nervous about our assignments. I know we are not supposed to think about it.”
Tom said,
“I noticed.”
 But, he said it in a disturbed way. Sara said,
“I’m sorry. I must have missed something.” Tom gently took her face and turned it toward his. He wasn’t about to discuss business while he had a pretty woman near.
“Tara may I kiss you and make it better?”
Before she had a chance to answer he gently pecked her on the lips to see if he would get a response.
Sara just sat there with her lips pursed in the air and her eyes closed. Tom said, “Well, that was nice. Isn’t that better.”
Tom kissed her again only this time he moved in closer for a longer kiss.
Then they were interrupted with Bonnie coming back in the room.
Bonnie was carrying a tray with cups and spoons with sugar and cream from the kitchen and was watching what she was doing so didn’t’ catch the kiss happening at that very moment she entered the room.

 Bonnie said,
“Here we are nice and comfy with coffee among friends. Steve is watching the coffee right now; I will just sit this down and go get napkins. I forgot them.” As she sat down the tray on the table near by, as there was no coffee table, Tom had moved away from Sara. Sara was gazing in amusement at Bonnie who had noticed they were kissing. Tara then spoke this time.
“Well, now that we have that out of the way, how was it?” Tom waited a few minutes and said,
“Was it good for you?”
They both laughed and about that time Steve and Bonnie came back in the room. Bonnie poured the coffee and served as hostess serving Steve first.
Steve fixed his coffee with two sugars and cream and sat in a chair adjacent to the couch.
Bonnie took her cup and went to sit on the arm of the chair next to Steve. It was low enough and covered that she could balance herself. It was obvious to Steve that Bonnie wanted to be close to him.
Steve said,
“Here Bonnie, let me move over to the end of the bed would that be all right.” Bonnie said,
“Of course I will move with you if you don’t mind. We can let these two love birds have some space.”
 The Colonel said,
“Yes, of course. We can all take some time to visit over here on the bed. Not much room in this small place. ”
The couch and chair slightly faced the end of the bed so they were all four facing each other now.
Tom and Sara on the couch and Steve and Bonnie on the bed.
After the coffee had been drunk and small talk had been made, Sara was noticing Bonnie putting her hand on the Colonel’s knee and whispering in his ear.
Sara broke silence once again as she maneuvered out from under Toms embrace.

  “Doesn’t anyone feel rather claustrophobic other than me in this underground mountain?”
Bonnie was ignoring Sara and concentrating n the Colonel’s answer to her whispered question. Tom noticed that they were distracted and said,
“Well, Sara now that you mention it, I was thinking it was quite cozy myself. I am looking forward to spending more time alone with you. To get to know you better of course. I promise I will keep your mind off of the underground location. I hope you will allow me to keep your mind off of the uncomfortable surroundings. Why don’t we go to your room or mine and leave these lovebirds alone. It’s apparent that Bonnie is staying here for the night”
Tom was of course remembering that Bonnie had left her key in the room on purpose he thought due to her comments earlier. Sara took the hint.
“Well, I guess we will call it a night. Good night Colonel.” The Colonel looked up from the bed briefly and said,
“Oh Right. Tom you can let yourself out, I think Bonnie and I have a lot left we would like to discuss.” Tom said,
“Right, Colonel, I mean Steve. See you at 0700 in the chow hall for breakfast then.” Tom opened the door for Sara and he followed her out grabbing her hand as she seemed to be making time heading down the hall.
“Hey woman, not so fast. I’m not going to let you get away from me that easy. Seriously, let’s go back to the room and talk for a while. The nights still young it’s only 2100, uh 9 PM?”
Sara was of course already enchanted with Tom and wanted to spend some time to find out about him too. After all, that was why she was here. Sara didn’t take long to think of a cute remark.
“I think you just want to get me alone to see how much of a woman I really am out of uniform?”

Tom said,
“The thought did cross my mind.”
 They both hurried their pace to their rooms and Tom followed Tara toward her room like there was no question that he would enter this time.
Tom took the pass key out of Tara’s hands and opened the door. Tom reached for Tara’s hand and went in and slowly pulled her behind him. He closed the door and then grabbed her close.
He didn’t kiss her. He just held her in a bear hug and looked right into her eyes and said,
“Now, who exactly are you and who sent you here?” Tara was caught off guard and didn’t know what to do. She was telling inner self don’t panic. Tara looked sheepish, and said,
“I’m Sara Bolton and the U.S. Army sent me here on a Top Secret project and I’m sorry I can’t tell you anymore than that because I don’t know myself.”
Tom looked deeper in her eyes as if he could read her soul. Tara just stood there afraid to move. She didn’t know if her next move would be her last.
Then as suddenly as he had grabbed her he forced a hard passionate kiss on her lips. Tara was stunned once again. Then she kissed him back.
Tom allowed himself to be taken in by this Sara or whoever she was. He was a doubting Thomas anyway. But, this time, he like whom they sent to play with his affections. This was the part he enjoyed about his life and job. Tom decided that he was no match for her so would play along. After all, it had been awhile since he allowed himself to be seduced. Tom finally let go of Tara who he was calling Sara for the time being.
“So, Sara if that’s what you prefer to be called for the time being? “Why the innocent act?”
Tara said,
“I don’t know what you mean?”

Tom said,
“I can tell that you are forcing that innocent shy act on me and I’m not buying it. You are as horny as I am.” Tara moved toward the bed and sat down out of real exhaustion after that bear hug.
“Well, I guess I am woman enough to admit it has been awhile. I have been through a rough divorce and have been alone for over ten months now and without. I didn’t want another man, ever!”
 Tom said,
“Well, now we are getting somewhere, finally the girl can speak truth.”
 Tara had to remember to use Sara.
“Look my name is Sarah Bolton and I will let you read my files if you want?”
Tom didn’t hesitate,
“I want!”
Tara got up to get her orders in the plan brown envelope and left her physical on her bed stand. Tom sat down in the chair next to the round table. He began reading. He took a few minutes so Tara said,
“Mind if I go to the bathroom and freshen up?”
 Tom said,
“No go ahead. No funny business leave your weapon out here.”
 Tara said,
“Listen, I don’t know who you think I am but I don’t carry a weapon of any kind.”
Tom slightly glanced at her and motioned to her to go on to the bathroom.
Tara went into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Tara was really impressed with her new assignment but knew he was wise to her already.
How could he be she began thinking to herself,
“No one has told him. I am the only one that can reveal this to him. Remember no one knows. Now, you have to convince yourself that you are simply Sara Bolton.

 Ok your grandmother’s names were Sara so that won’t be hard to pull off. The only way he will catch you up is with the army protocol and you know you were in the navy so that would be understandable. Just treat him for now the way you would treat any man you are interested in and that you are still simply working for the army. That’s it. Just be you. Isn’t that what they said you were good at? Be yourself. Just play this guy the way you would play a man that you were interested in. Do the right thing and for God’s sake be Sara!”

Sara relieved herself and took a quick whore bath and sprayed some Jovan body spray. That was her favorite and she thought she had noticed Jovan on Tom or John or whoever he was.
“Yes, John Harris, the only thing that could give away was if she called him by his real name Sergeant John Harris or Agent Harris or John. He was Tom. Doubting Thomas was a fitting name she thought. Remember and commit it to memory he is doubting Thomas. Tom Bradley.”
Tara took a deep breath and said in a low whisper aloud, “And now Ladies and Gentlemen above, meet Sarah Bolton. It is time for the real Sarah Bolton to meet the real Tom Bradley. This should be interesting” Sarah was speaking into the mirror now.
“These two real people will create their own reality show! That’s right! I’m a real player in a reality show and am playing a horny girl that wants to make love! That should be convincing enough and real too!”
Sarah looked at herself one more time to make sure everything was in place.
Sarah opened the door for the first time as Sarah Bolton who was meeting for the first time Sergeant Tom Bradley.

Sarah had put on a black negligee she had hung on
the back of the door before she left for dinner. After Bonnie had walked out of the bathroom of course. Sarah said, “Now, where were we?” Tom looked up and back down at the file and back up again at Sarah. He was obvious torn in between where his interests lie in the file or in the girl. Sarah was now playing the role of her life.
“Now if you are threw reading about me maybe you would like to meet the real me?”
Tom was sure she was a plant but at this point he didn’t care. He had read her file and it was convincing enough. He could quiz her on who she was supposed to be impersonating later. For now, he wanted to feel the real thing.
Tom looked as Sara walked over to the bed and turned her double bed down. She lay out over the bed and motioned for him to join her.
Tom without a word turned the bright light off overhead leaving only a small lamp on next to the bed. Sarah was gong to be the aggressor and Tom was glad to oblige.
Tom lay on top of Sara and then kissed her on the lips this time gently. Sara pulled him down over her and this time she held her arms around him as she kissed him back. He had already taken his coat off before he sat down to read the file.
Now he was grasping for his shirt and Sara decided to help him. The minute that Tom had his shirt off he moved into place on top of her big breast.
Their skin touched and a magnetic force seemed to pull them closer and closer.
They hardly had time to breath when a force so strong came over both of them that their hair was starting to stand up on their heads.
Static electricity was taking over and there pheromone levels were rising in both of them at the same time.

The force of a lust never felt before had caught them both off guard and their bodies were heating and rising up and down in a heaving motion.
Tom’s arms forced away just long enough to grab Sara’s buttocks.
Sarah at the same time wrapped her legs around his waist and they were in the deepest hold and kiss with a feeling of plain raw ecstasy that could be felt in a human’s body.
Sara and Tom were in the exact moment at the same time and neither had felt this before with anyone.
They were still wearing their bottom clothing and it didn’t seem to matter. The feeling of being close and penetrated was there.
This was a first time for both of them.
This feeling of being totally out of control was more than either cold take.
They both were heaving up and down and yet stuck together like two dogs in heat.
Hunching uncontrollably Tom finally gave a loud burst of energy out his mouth at the same time that Sara did and this burst of energy pushed their juices in and out of their body at exactly the same time for what seemed to be eternity yet was only a few short four seconds and bursts of semen.
The magnetic force and hold on their bodies finally let go and Tom was able to fall over onto the bed and he lay next to Sara panting.
Sara and Tom both lay their panting out loud as if they were just thrown out of a speeding car.
They were both trying to catch their breaths and at the same time figure out in their own minds what had just happened.
Neither of them had ever experienced a force so strong. Finally after a few moments, Tom was first to speak and said,
“Was it good for you?” Sara was then able to let out a short laugh and sound of exhilaration.

“What just happened?” Sara lay there waiting for an answer. Tom finally said,
“I was just about to ask you the same thing.” They both lay there for a few minutes gathering their breath. Finally after a few moments the energy in the room that was spinning about seemed to stop. There was a vortex of some strange energy coming from somewhere that was very unnatural. Something magical appeared as a haze.
Sara said,
“Do you feel lightheaded?” Tom said,
“Yes, and dizzy too!” There was a silence for a few moments. Tom and Sara weren’t touching each other yet lay very close to each other scared to touch for fear it may happen again. Sara said,
“What do you think made us like that?”
Tom said,
“Like what?” Sara said,
“You know, like dogs in heat?” Tom said,
“I don’t know about you but I guess I haven’t come in awhile how about you?”
Sara said,
“Well, I haven’t either but there is some other explanation besides that one. There has to be. I saw a type of haze spinning energy or something. I saw it appear with us”
 Tom turned over putting his hands carefully behind his head so not to touch her and said,
“I don’t know about you but for pure scientific reasons I am willing to go another round with our clothes off if you are?” Sara thought for a minute.
“Do you think it’s because we are underground and are somehow affected by minerals in this mountain?” Tom looked in her eyes and could see she was dead serious. Tom said,
“Well, anything is possible I guess, has this ever happened to you?”

 Sara immediately responded,
“No never. Have you ever done it like that so forceful or magnetic?”
 Tom looked back at Sara and said,
“No. Not really. I am not sure what is going on but I have to admit it is great. Sweetheart this was definitely my first time like that so I guess you could call me a virgin!” Sara laughed out loud and said,
“I doubt that you are a virgin maybe the first time like that maybe?”
Tom looked at her and said,
“Seriously, what do you think just happened to us? Was this lust or some other force taking over? Didn’t you feel like you were being controlled?”
Sara thought for a moment,
“Yes, I mean No; I mean well, I wanted too. It was a good feeling but I did feel an outside force as if we were in a vacuum or something.”
Tom said,
“Well, I don’t know about you but I’m ready for another chance to ride that wave?”
Sara thought for a moment,
“Tom, maybe it’s because we just met, Maybe we should wait awhile, get to know each other better?”
Tom said,
“Not on your life!”
Tom stood up and took off his pants and socks this time. He helped Sara off with her nightie and laid back down on her.
This time they kissed and cold feel the heat rising but not so fast this time.
This time their toes wrapped around each other and they could feel each other caressing their calves and thighs. The kiss was soft this time and gentle.
Then it happened.
A kiss that got the pheromones rising once again. Sara could only think about the plants in kirlean photography.

Just as that thought cleared Sara’s mind, another wave of energy took over.
It was better than the first. This time she could actually feel the static electricity on her breast from Tom’s hairy chest.
She could feel his hair on his legs standing straight out.
Then she opened her eyes and could see that the hair on his head was standing up on end and she felt a static electricity buzz in her own hair like static electricity.
Then the force that pulled them together seemed to force their bodies together so forcefully that their belly buttons were touching each other’s and formed suction at the indenture where they were attached.
The magnetic electrical centrifugal force was real enough but they were not sure what was causing it. It seemed to be with them as something that they were causing.
Tom was trying to gain control of his arms once again and was able to find his way to force penetration

between Sara’s legs.
Once again just like the first time the energy was causing them to arch their backs in unison and to push forward and backwards their pelvises in perfect timing.
A strong steady motion occurred as Sara raised her legs up around Tom’s waist.
She was going to hold on for all it was worth and enjoy the ride.
Tom was pushing with his pelvis region up and down and grinding his thighs onto hers as he cold feel himself gaining a sweat and dripping onto Sara’s stomach.
This time they had experience at riding the wave. They were both challenging themselves to make it lasts as long as they can.
Then they could feel their foreheads moving toward each other during their kiss.

Their heads were turned slightly for their kissing embrace to hold them tightly together.
The energy was rising above their thighs now into their groin area and attaching to the energy they felt in their naval areas.
Then this heat and suction that had them rising up and down was coming to a plateau. All of a sudden it was as if both their minds eye opened at the same time.
They could think and see together at the same time. They somehow could communicate. Sara spoke first to Tom by using telepathy.
“Do you feel that?” Tom replied with his thoughts. “Yes, But we are kissing and making love how can this be happening?” Sara answered,
“This must be what happens when two people are perfect or at least are made for each other.” Tom said,
“I don’t care what it is but if this is heaven then what a way to go.”
  Sara was fixing to come and she knew it and Tom could read her mind.
Tom said to her telepathically,
“Easy, not yet easy let’s see what we can do with this new found energy we share.” Tom slowed down his groin and pelvis thrusts a little but that was only making Sara feel more enchanted and she said,
“I can’t, I can’t wait.”
  Sara was the first to push out and Tom joined her in unison once again they were jolting in energy thrusts forward.
Tom came inside Sara. Sara was coming all over Tom’s long hard body. They sank once again onto the bed barely able to gasp a fresh breath. It was a few minutes before they spoke about it. This time Sara spoke aloud first,
“Well, Doctor what do you think?”
Tom took a few minutes to speak and said,
“Elementary my Dear Watson, elementary.”

Sara laughed at his pun and Tom sort of laughed at the way Sara laughed.
Tom said,
“I’m glad I can make you laugh at such a sensitive moment.”
 Sara then said in her defense.
“I’m sorry but I am so full of energy and excitement I just don’t know what to say.”
 Tom said,
“Well, I understand and think that we may have just hit upon a rare find on earth. I don’t know what to call it but I don’t want to share it do you?”
 Sara rolled over toward him and said,
“Actually, No, let’s just keep this little happening to ourselves shall we?”
 This time Tom pulled the cover up over Sara and got up to get dressed. Tom said,
“Look Sara I can’t explain our love making episode but it’s something real and I think we need to do it as much as we can, what do you think?”
 Sara, said,
“I loved the feeling and am trying to figure out what just happened. I haven’t ever had this happen before ever, Honest.”
Tom was putting on his pants and socks and shoes now, and headed toward his shirt lying on the floor.
“Look this will take some time to figure out and right now it’s getting late somehow we have lost three hours of time. Look at the clock.”
Sara looked and it was fifteen after midnight.
“Wow, where did the time go so fast, it took us only a moment to do this twice or so it seemed.” Sara looked puzzled at Tom.
Tom answered,
“I don’t know Honey but I have to get some sleep I am exhausted aren’t you?”

Sara thought for a minute and she did feel like she had just run about five miles or more. Sara said,
“Yes this does take its toll on the energy and body.” Tom said,
“Look you stay in bed and I will let myself out. We will be picked up at 0700 for breakfast remembers; I will see you in the morning. Set your clock for 0600 and don’t be late, that’s an order.”
 Sara looked at Tom as he headed toward the door.
“Yes Sir, I will be ready for breakfast and I won’t be late.”
Tom through Sara a kiss across the room and Sara acted like she caught it.
This touching thing was going to be interesting and worth investigating.
Tom left and Sara heard the door lock.
Sara leaned over turned the lamp out and lay in the dark wondering what just happened as she entered dream world with a pleasant smile on her face.

Chapter 9


Job Assignments

Tom and Colonel Johnson were already in the cart waiting on the girls. Bonnie had gotten up early to sneak back and shower and get dressed in her room. Bonnie didn’t know about Sara and Tom and Sara wasn’t telling her either. Sara was in the shower already when Bonnie came in yelling at Sara,
“Hurry Sara. We don’t want to be late and I still have to shower and blow dries my hair!” Sara turned off the shower and got out wrapping a towel around her while she was still wet. She opened the door.
“Well, I see you made it back finally!” Bonnie said, “I will tell you all about it later just let me shower, we are in a hurry.”
Sara let Bonnie undress and get in the shower pronto. Then Sara went to get dressed. She had laid out her uniform for the day and got dressed very quickly.
Bonnie followed and opened the door.
There in the cart was Tom and the Colonel waiting with the MP.
The MP spoke first,
“The Colonel insisted we wait. We have lost fifteen minutes of our chow time. Let’s go soldiers!”
They got in the cart and Tom smiled at Sara and Bonnie smiled at the Colonel.
They were all in uniform today and there was a more formal air that would have to remain through the day, at least until they got back to their rooms and were on their own time.
Breakfast was hurried and only knowing glances exchanged and a few whispered comments was all they had time for before heading to orientation.
This left both new couples in apprehensive positions.

They would just have to wait until later to discuss their previous night. Business first and why they were here at this facility.
The MP motioned for the Colonel to gather his group and head for the cart.
The MP met them at the door and everyone boarded in their usual positions and not much was said on the way to the elevator but a few knowing glances.
The MP drove the car onto the elevator and took his passengers one floor up. Sara is keeping track of her location all the while trying not to stare at her new lover. Ground Zero was where their quarters were located and the dining facility was located one floor up Blue Level One.
The Orientation and offices must be above that on Blue Level Two.
Everyone was asked to debark in front of two double doors that apparently were where he or she would receive their orientation.
It was Monday and now 0800.
The Sergeant was first to open the door and said, “Colonel, and troops after you.”
 The girls followed the Colonel in and Bonnie sat next to him and then Sara and the Sergeant. The room was empty. The room became dark and a film began on the big screen. Tom whispered to Sara,
“Our first movie together.”
 Sara kept starring toward the screen. The film was about the Warsaw weapons and then a general briefing on security clearances.
The film finally skipped to the more interesting part about the history of the facility and simply repeated what was already told to them by the MP.

The film began a review of the facility. Their quarter, dining facilities, theatres, bowling alleys, dining facilities and basic knowledge was given of the facility.
Then just toward the end came the part about the Blue levels below Ground Zero.
There was a very severe punishment and no reprimands given for being found wandering in the halls or trying to spy on anyone or anything in the mountain.
The General in charge was now on screen and giving his speech about the severity of keeping this mountain facility Top Secret and National Security was the main concern.
No one was allowed to leave until their weekend passes were approved and at that time they would go to Fort Bliss first and then be allowed to leave from there.
It was very obvious that they were going to be assigned important Top Secret positions today.
The lights came back on and an MP opened the door and said,
“Colonel, would you bring your group and follow me Sir?”
The MP went to the cart and took all four to an office down another corridor and it seemed they were going around in circles inside the mountain before they finally reached an office.
They were stopped at an office again with double doors.
The Colonel stepped out first and the girls and the Sergeant followed.
This time they were taken into an office past a clerk sitting at a desk outside what appeared to be the man in charge’s office.
They were taken to a conference room and the MP said,
“Please remain seated until the General enters the room.”

The colonel sat near the end of the conference table and then Sergeant Bradley sat across form him. Bonnie left a few chairs between her and the Colonel and Sarah left a few chairs between the Sergeant and where she sat across
from Bonnie.
Everyone remained quiet as they waited for the General to enter.
The door opened and several people in uniforms and in white research coats came in and sat down at the opposite end.
Then the General came in.
Everyone stood up and came to attention. The General said,
“Be seated. At ease. This is an informal briefing but pay close attention please.” The General sat down at the head of the large conference table.
“First, I’d like to welcome the newcomers to this facility. We are glad to welcome all of you into our family here. This facility is like no other in that it houses some of the best kept secrets in the world.
We take extra precautions to make sure that the outside world doesn’t know of its existence. This is a world inside a world and yet we are worlds apart.
The people in this room all work on a secret project inside this mountain. This project has been ongoing since 1947.
Each of you newcomers is a specialist in your field. This is why you have been asked to come to work at this facility.
Colonel Johnson, you are an expert in Security and we need a new Security Officer. Sergeant Bradley, you are a specialist in finding weapons systems and we need your expertise.
Specialist Five Bolton. Yes Spec Five because we need a Spec 5 in this position you have been upgraded as of this meeting as has Specialist Butler.

You both will be taken to a room to transcribe all the tapes that Colonel Johnson and Sergeant Bradley will be creating.
It’s been forty years since we first began this Top Secret project and each of you have signed a blanket secrecy agreement not to divulge anything you see here in the mountain.
When you were checked in you were given identification cards last night. These will now be upgraded with your security levels. Sergeant Green will pass those out to you now.”
Sara looked and standing at the door was Sergeant Green. He had slipped in while the General was speaking. He apparently had gone down to get the new identification cards while they were being briefed.
“Now, everyone in this room will be working together.
We all know each other and this is why these people are here.
We all recognize each other from the beginning of when each are assigned to this Top Secret Project. There are hundreds of people assigned in this mountain but most do not have access to this level of security or certain floors. Starting on the left I want everyone to introduce your name and you position here on this project. There are several in lab coats who are scientist from other countries.”
Everyone went around the table introducing themselves as ordered.  Then it was time for the General to speak once again. The General then said,
“Sergeant Bradley now has number one priority over this project and Colonel Johnson will assist him. Sergeant Bradley will be heading up this project in the months to come and he has the highest clearance in this room to gain access to anything he needs.”
The General looked for a response from Sergeant Tom Bradley but noticed there was none. He continued.
“Sergeant Bradley and Colonel Johnson will answer directly to no other and me.

 Sergeant Butler you now are working directly for Colonel Johnson and Sergeant Bolton, you are now working directly for Staff Sergeant Bradley.
You are both to make sure that all there needs are met while here. Also, that all the information that is discovered is to be recorded.
We have plenty of ways to copy the tapes on the area with regard to video but no sound recording. The Security areas are only video monitoring but not sound.”
The General took a minute to let this sink in for everyone.
The General then continued as he looked around the room,
“This is where you two come in. Please make sure that all voices are transcribed and annotated with who says what. Your recording equipment will be brought directly to me.
 I mean all the future Top Secret Conversations here will be transcribed from the microphones these men will be wearing.
You will finds that your positions here are guaranteed as long as you get everything during working hours recorded and transcribed and given directly to me. This information is Top Secret and is understood that you all are now a part of our team. ”
Sarah looked at Tom and Bonnie was looking rather lost while Colonel Johnson had an approving sign on his face while he was giving an approving nod. General continued,
“Now we are going to tell Sergeant Bradley and our new team members everything we know about the aircraft.
“Staff Sergeant Boyd, why don’t’ you start.”
  “Yes Sir.”
 A tall man about six feet stood up with sandy hair, clean shaven, with a long face and a nasal sound to his voice.

“The aircraft went down in 1947 along with another which we only have parts of in pieces. Parts were taken to Fort Worth, Texas and Dayton, Ohio to be studied. This facility was begun in May 1950.
It was not until August 1955 until this facility was completed enough to move the aircraft from Area 51 in Nevada to this White Sands facility.
We only know from the pieces aircraft that exploded that the material cannot be penetrated by anything we have on earth today.
We believe that one was purposely crashed for us to find, and the other was to take the inhabitants back to wherever they came from back in 1947.
We don’t know what caused the second ship to crash. It came down several miles from the first one that apparently imploded into pieces.
A rancher near Roswell, New Mexico found the first pieces. You all may have heard parts of this story in the outside world.
That part we cleverly covered up with disinformation about a weather balloon. The army was in charge of this project form the beginning and remains so with the exception of the scientists and others from other countries who have been cleared at Top Secret to work here.”
The General spoke up,
“Thank you Boyd, that about covers the briefing and the rest of the people in this room all will be working in the area that contains the aircraft. You will get to know all of them in time.
There are only a select few who have ever worked in the direct facility of the aircraft. The computer in Washington has chosen all four of you and no one has ever questioned why another is here.
We all work together and we each have a separate job to do. With that said, let’s get onto Black Level where your new assignments will begin.

Everyone will be escorted down together in the back elevator. We have more than one that goes down. The MP will show you how to swipe your identification cards if you have trouble. Just report to the nearest MP and you will be assisted.
In the meantime, let’s head on down to the aircraft. This is your team Sergeant Bradley and you will be in charge when I am not around is that clear to everyone?” There was an immediate,
“Yes Sir”
by the whole room.
Everyone boarded carts and the General took the new four assigned personnel with him in his own car driven by one MP. There were about five carts in all following the General’s.
The General motioned forward and on to the elevator down to red level one. Each cart waited until the General went down first.
There were double elevators going down and as the doors opened nothing could be seen but a wall and the cart had to stop and the General spoke,
“We will have to walk form here.” The four of them went with the General and followed him to a personnel elevator.
The General swiped his card and they rode the elevator down to the 18th floor where the General again took out his identification card and swiped it in a slot so the elevator door would open.
The Colonel and Tom followed the General and the girls followed in the rear. They walked down a long winding corridor to where a man in a lab coat greeted the General.
“General, we are ready to begin when you are Sir.” The General said,
“Well let’s get to it then.”

The lab technician said something into what appeared to be a small walkie Talkie as if he was speaking to someone at control.
The General then addresses the new team,
And says,
“Please follow me.”
Two huge steel doors open in front of the General and the group waits silently for them to open. There in front of them was a huge airplane hangar room with high ceilings. As the doors slowly opened, the scene was unbelievable to anyone viewing it for the first time. There were ceilings at least fifty feet high and lights set up everywhere that appeared to shine brighter than fluorescent but different than any that Sara had ever seen before.
There was a large two-story building to the left of the entrance with windows wide and open out to view what was obviously the aircraft.
The General watched as everyone went to their respective stations.
There were technicians bustling around and it was obvious that all the head personnel were with the General in the meeting.
Only a few was left behind that had to stay to man the project.
Sara thought to herself in a low whisper aloud without noticing her own voice,
 “Oh My god, this is like my dreams. I have been here before in my dreams. This is Gus. It is real. I knew it. It was all from my childhood. But, I remember now. Parts anyway.”
Sergeant Tom Bradley was looking around and glanced at Sara holding back from the group.
Then the General said,
“Sergeant if you will be so kind as to begin you tour of the aircraft for weapon systems? The Colonel will go with you. Colonel it is your job to keep this aircraft and everything here protected.

Sergeant Bradley you are here to find the weapon systems. Bolton and Butler you are here to assist the Colonel and the Sergeant and to make sure that all their needs are met while working on this project. We know this aircraft has a hull that cannot be penetrated. We’ve been trying since 1947.”
The General walked over to a table where there were pieces a metal looking alloy. Picking up a small piece he crumpled it up in his hands. When he laid it out on the table the crumpled up alloy flattened out smooth again. The Colonel’s eyes got big. He took a moment to glance at Tom and Bonnie.
Sara was still looking at the table in disbelief.
The Colonel said,
“Excuse me Sir, but what country assembled this aircraft?”
“Colonel, what you are looking at is not of this world.”
The Colonel’s eyebrows raised and the Colonel looked at Tom.
Tom looked shocked at the Colonel and then Sara.
“We don’t know much. I will tell you what we know in a nutshell so you can grasp the gravity of the situation you are faced with here Sergeant Bradley. The aircraft is estimated to travel up to 1800 miles an hour or faster. The scientists here have been working on this aircraft and estimate that this spacecraft will fly out of the earth’s atmosphere without damaging the aircraft. We believe that this aircraft only had two inhabitants flying this aircraft.” Tom asked,
“How do we know this Sir?”
 The General began walking toward the craft,
“Tom I will let you see that for yourself! Colonel I want you to join Tom in this first preview. The aircrafts power source is believed to be exhausted. We found the doors open with the occupants deceased. That’s all I can tell you.”

The General stopped at the foot of the ramp leading to the door of the aircraft.
“Gentlemen please board the craft and look for yourselves.”
The General motioned for the girls to go up to the control room to be fitted with their equipment.
“Lieutenant please escort our Specialists to the control monitoring room upstairs.”
There was a man in a lab coat that had been staying behind the General for sometime. He motioned and the girls followed his lead. Then they were met by another lab coat technician at the stairway up that was in grey paint. Everything was shiny grey and was in a type of no dust magnetic field. Now Tara was beginning to feel different.
The girls were escorted by a technician waiting at the bottom of the ramp, up to the main control room. Sara was looking over her shoulder as Tom and the Colonel were approaching the runway to the aircraft.
Tom was looking straight ahead and the Colonel had a reluctant look on his face and was hesitating to follow. Both Tom and Steve walked slowly toward the open door not knowing what they would find inside the aircraft. Sara and Bonnie were taken into the communication room where they had never seen so much high tech equipment in one place.
  The girls just stood around and were allowed to watch out the big picture window as they could see the oval silver aircraft sitting in place with big huge clamps holding it in place. There was a long desk cabinet that wrapped around the room with computers and monitoring devices all around. The technician motioned for the two Specialists to be seated. Not much was said. It seemed that everyone was told to not speak or only as little as possible. Tara realized that there were many unspoken understood commands already in place around this area with this UFO.
It was easier to grasp the size of this aircraft from up above. Sara was getting a headache and had a slight buzz in her head.

She wasn’t sure if it from al she had seen and was having trouble believed it or if she was catching a head cold. She whispered to Bonnie,
“Does your head hurt?” Bonnie looked over at Sara and said,
“No does yours, I am having trouble believing what I am seeing though.” A technician looked at them and the girls understood they weren’t to even whisper at this time. They watched from the side of the window in silence. There was a speaker outside the room and the General had a microphone. He was speaking to Tom.
“Tom can you hear me?”
  Tom was waiting at the top of the ramp for the Colonel who was walking stiff legged up the ramp.
“Come on Colonel, this thing has been here forty years. There isn’t anything going to hurt you.”
“I will take my time if you don’t mind. This isn’t just any aircraft.”
Tom laughed and went in and found a chair to sit down. Then finally the Colonel walked in and sat down in a seat next to Tom.
Tom looked at the Colonel waiting for him to sit down then said,
“Let’s see what this thing is made of.”
The Colonel was already close to panic and said,
“No Tom. Uh, Tom don’t touch anything, please. We don’t know what this thing will do. Didn’t you hear what the General said, this isn’t of this world, and we have no idea what it will do.”
 Tom said,
“Oh come on Colonel, relax. This is what we are here to do remember?”
The Colonel said,
“You are here to do; I am just supposed to keep it secure.”
 Tom looked down at the console in front of him where there were two indentions for hands less one finger the small finger.
There were places in front of the Colonel as well Tom said out loud,
“That’s funny, the little finger is missing.”
Tom put his hand in the indention putting his third finger and little finger in the same indention. Nothing happened.
  Then Tom put his other hand in the other indention and the lights came on.
The Colonel started to get up and Tom grabbed his arm. “Stop Colonel. We have to figure this thing out. Now put your hands in the indentions, Sir.”
 The Colonel said,
“Something is happening.”
  Bradley put the Colonels hands in the indentions as the Colonel looked on helplessly as if shock was setting into his body.
Slowly the illumination got brighter and the chairs began moving The Colonel said,
“The chairs are moving”
Tom said,
“Don’t let go maintain Colonel don’t move your hands.”
“Oh I can’t. I can’t move my hands. I‘m scared stiff.”
 The Colonel was panic-stricken.
The chairs turned until they were back to back and the consoles were in front of them.
Tom said,
“It’s Okay Colonel. Just be still and remain calm and let’s see what happens next.”
The Colonel said,
“Well, at this point, that’s not a problem. I think my body is in shock.”
The consoles were lighting up and there were windows all around that weren’t there before where they could see out all away around them. Somehow they could see out as plain as day and yet none could see in.
There were people outside running all over and then Tom noticed that the door was closing.

The ramp slowly contracted and a door came down. As the door closed it cut the cables to the lights that techs had set up inside the aircraft. The door was now closed.

Pandemonium was now the order of business outside the ship. The lighting was dim inside the ship but it was easy to see that the Colonel was on the brink of full shock. The Colonel was trying to speak,
“Sergeant, they said it was deactivated forty years ago.” Tom said,
“Well Colonel it looks as if it has been reactivated. When Tom had said the word reactivated the monitors that looked like televisions or computer screen came on inside the ship.
The Colonel started swearing at the top of his lungs,
“Sergeant stop touching buttons. You have to be doing something to power up this ship. We could wind up on the moon if you aren’t careful. Now shut this thing down, I want out of here now! That’s an order!”
Tom said,
“I don’t know if I can Sir. I really don’t know what I’ve done. Now let s see if we can undo what we’ve done. Put your hands in the console.”
The Colonel yelled back,
“I have not moved them, I can’t.”
Tom tried to look over the back of the chair but it was too high. The seats fit them exactly.
Tom then said,
The console dimmed, the screens went away and everything became invisible.
The chairs rotated back to their original positions the door opened and the ramp came back down.
There were small lights at their feet and soft lights along the lamp to illuminate the ramp out.
All the time the chairs were moving the Colonel was fighting with the console to remove his hands.

The instant the Colonel’s hands were free he made a mad rush for the and breathing very hard he was running down the ramp and outside he went as fast as his legs could carry him.

Chapter 10


Tom walked nonchalantly out the door and down the ramp.
There was already a cart there to meet with hem with the General sitting in the passenger seat with a look of total disbelief.
There were technicians all around and scientists in lab coats all stopping where they were to just look in disbelief.
None knew what to do next. Another cart arrived for the Colonel with a medic on board. The colonel was hyperventilating so the cart hurried him away.
The General said to Tom in a total sound of amazement and disbelief,
“Well, I’ll be damned. What in God’s name happened in there? Our lines were cut so we couldn’t help you.”
The General looked around at all the personnel standing around looking. There were over twenty people all looking at Tom for an answer.
 Tom finally spoke up.
 “I don’t know what happened Sir. It did it all on it’s on. All we did is sit down and put our hands on the console.”
The General looked around at al the personnel waiting for an explanation. It was apparent they weren’t getting one today from Tom.
The General motioned for Tom to get on the cart. “We better go back to my office and discuss what just happened.”
 The general and Tom went to the elevator alone and the General put in his card to open and then to close the doors. They went up to where a cart and MPs were waiting for the elevator with the General and Tom to arrive.

They boarded the cart and went to an office that Tom had not previously been in before. He was alone with the General and the clerk stood as they passed in front of him to go into the General’s private office. The General motioned to the two overstuffed leather chairs and a sofa. The general said,
“Care to join me in a drink?”
 Tom said,
“No Sir I’m good.”
The General said,
  “I figured you needed one after that little event. Would you like a cigar?”
Tom replied,
“No Sir, but I would like to light up a cigarette if you don’t mind?”
The General said,
  “Please by all means, be my guest!”
The General got his drink and lit up a cigar and said,
“Tom I’d like you to just call me by my name Paul and for easiness I will just call you Tom.”
Tom looked at the General and said,
“Yes Sir.”
 The General exhaled his cigar after lighting it and sat down across from Tom.
“Now, Tom what just happened on that UFO?”
Tom exhaled his Viceroy cigarette and said,
“Well Sir, I mean Paul, we just sat down in the two chairs at the console and I told the Colonel to put his hands in the indentures and I did the same thing. The lights came on and we could see out all around us. We could see the technicians running away from the aircraft. The ramp came up and the door came down. The lights coming on were all that happened other than we could see the consoles light up and the consoles turned like desks towards us locking us in place.
We couldn’t move our hands. I said the words, reactivate to the Colonel while we were talking and I guess that’s what did it. It must work on voice command. The Colonel was panicking and wanted out so I said the word deactivate and everything went back as it was and the lights went off and the door opened and the ramp came back down.
That’s all I can tell you. Nothing else happened.”
The General thought for a minute and took a couple of puffs on his cigar and took a swig of his drink then said, “Well Tom, I want you to know that you have done more in the last few minutes than anyone has been able to do in this century with that thing.”
The General took a puff on his cigar and a drink of his Scotch.
“I want you and Colonel Johnson to keep working on this aircraft and find out what makes it tick. Find the weapon systems and find out all you can. This is the biggest break since we’ve had this UFO; I mean craft from another world. Do you understand?”
Tom said,
“Yes Sir but one thing Sir, I, mean Paul.”
The General said,
“Yes what is that?”
 Tom continued,
“I don’t think you can get Colonel Johnson back on that thing. His nerves are shot. He is a good man don’t get me wrong but he is a bit high strung if you know what I mean and he may be good in security but General, I mean Paul, this isn’t an ordinary assignment by any means!”
The General sat chewing on the end of his cigar for a moment, then said,
“The Colonel came with high marks and highly recommended for this Top Secret mission. I can deal with him on the security issues later then. If not Colonel then who will help you?”
Tom thought for a minute and then said,
“Why not the assistant you already assigned me, Sergeant Bolton?”
 The General looked surprised and said,

“But she is a woman. What makes you think she will handle it any better than Colonel Johnson will?”
Tom looked at the General and said,
“I really don’t know General. I spent some time with her and we have a rather odd connection already. Something like ESP. I just have a hunch that she is the right person for the job. I had dinner with her last night Sir and I feel that she has a special talent for handling her emotions.” The General thought about what Tom was saying and blew out a couple of puffs on his cigar. He finished his drink and then said,
“Okay then. As long as you put in a special request for Sergeant Bolton I can handle the red tape. You are now the man in charge of that UFO I mean foreign spacecraft. They want us to address if as a Spacecraft not of earth origin but I still call it a UFO.
Everything that goes on here is under my command anyway. Besides, I shouldn’t get any resistance from the Pentagon once they read my report. So you both are here for the duration of this project then. You are committing Sergeant Bolton to a future that will require her to work on this project underground with you for the duration.
I cannot tell you how long the Pentagon will want to keep you both here. The Colonel will still be in charge of security and for securing the aircraft and all personnel under me.
Sergeant Bolton has already seen what happened and will have her own response to the situation. Tell you what. Why don’t you brief her on your decision tonight alone and I will meet with you both in the morning say 0800 here in my office In the mean time I will run the idea by Colonel Johnson and see if he is receptive to giving up his position as your right hand Commander!”
Tom laughed and the General had a knowing smile on his face as he puffed on his cigar and took another drink to finish his Johnny Walker Black Label scotch from his private stock.
 Tom looked grateful and said,

“That will be great Sir. I will be more than happy to tell Sergeant Bolton of my decision and I believe she will be honored to accept the position as my assistant, I mean my assistant on board the ship or right hand Commander as you call it Sir.” The General stood up and said,
“Very well then, Sergeant Bolton will have a chance to keep records first hand then instead of from the control room on a handset. That should give her a boost up in life. Although no one on the outside world will ever know about this. We are truly world’s apart form the outside Sergeant you understand?”
Tom said,
“Yes Sir, I believe we will be a good team for you Sir!”
The General walked Tom to the door and said,
“Go ahead and take the rest of the day off. You’ve earned it. I will look after the Colonel and Sergeant Butler and you look after Sergeant Bolton. What’s her first name?”
 Tom smiled and said,
“Sara Sir.”
The General said,
“Okay then you have your orders then. You are in charge of this mission for me. It takes the pressure off of me and your Colonel then. Tell Sara I will meet with her and you in the morning here in my office. I want to get to know her on a first name basis. I want to be able to read you both clearly without all the red tape. We three will make sure all the proper records are kept on our progress with the UFO damn it, I mean spacecraft.
I have to stop calling it that. I am not supposed to allow that term because we can all slip. Bu Damn it all. I don’t allow anyone to refer to it by that but I am finding out I am slipping myself. I guess that episode sort of stirred up my emotions to see the blasted think doing something in person.”

 Tom consoled the General,
“I totally understand Sir and aircraft is the word! So am I dismissed back to my quarters?”
 The General patted Tom on the back as he opened the door for him,
“I am really impressed with your demeanor and calmness about this entire Sergeant. We will have to make sure you are Staff Sergeant or better for doing this fine service for your country soldier.”
Tom said,
“Thank you Sir. I have my pilot’s license and to tell you the truth I felt at home in there.”
 The General was very happy and was glad Tom was happy.
“Yes Tom and I will send Sara back to her quarters and you can meet her there if that’s Okay with you?”
Tom said,
“That’s fine Sir. I will discuss what I would like her to assist me with since she wasn’t on board today if that’s Okay with you Sir.”
 The General piped out before leaving his office,
“Any other time I would deny that request but we now have a situation that has to be controlled among the three of us only is that understood?”
 Tom said,
“Yes Sir, until 0800 then Sir.”
The General said,
“That’s fine then I know how to write up the new special orders and we are all set for a new project date beginning tomorrow at 0800 with you and uh, Sara.”
 The General spoke next to the MP waiting outside his door. “Take Sergeant Bradley back to his quarters and find Sergeant Bolton and tell her she has the rest of the day off to have an informal meeting with Sergeant Bradley in private. Is that clear?”
The MP spoke up,
“Yes Sir, perfectly clear.”

The general said,
“Good then you’re all dismissed. Oh, I want them back here in my office immediately after breakfast. Make sure they have an early breakfast together then bring them here immediately. We have a big day ahead of us. You can bring them personally.”
The General went back in his office to finish his cigar and to get on with his report. Tom left with the MP and was looking forward to meeting with Sara in private. Tom was hoping that she would be excited about him recommending her for the job.
It only seemed natural after what they had experienced between them the night before.
Tom thought maybe she would agree that they already had set up an interesting telepathic connection that might come in handy with the aircraft.
Tom thought to himself, we are definitely getting ready for another world. Tom said in a whisper to himself,
“Well, it is now time to face Sara and see how she reacted to the UFO experience.”
Couldn’t have been any worse than Colonel Johnson Tom thought to himself. Tom headed back to his quarters and began thinking internally,
“There must be a way to approach this out of this world experience with a logical of this world mind set. There has to be some logical explanation.
This could be a test to see how we react to this situation. The army has been known to do a lot of weird things that they called experiments such as the Philadelphia experiment.
Maybe this was one of those types of test to see if we go crazy. Tom thought deeper to himself, but why all this trouble and look at all the people that are involved. Tom thought, the aircraft looked real enough and he had heard about the UFO crash at Roswell and had seen a movie once about it. This seems too surreal to be real.”

Tom had so many questions himself that it would be nice to have someone like Sara to share his thoughts and ideas.
Tom finally reached his room and decided to go over to Sara’s room to see if she had made it back. Tom knocked and to his surprise she was back and so was Bonnie. Tom said,
“May I come in?”
Sara just opened the door and looked as if she was in shock.
Bonnie was lying down with a washcloth over her eyes.
Sara whispered,
“Bonnie is sleeping; maybe we should go to your room if you don’t mind?”
Tom opened the door and motioned out the door with his hand.
Sara went to get her passkey in her purse and then decided to take her whole purse.
Tom and Sara walked down the hall and over to his room without saying a word.
Tom opened his door and Sara quietly walked over to the sofa and sat down.
Tom wasn’t sure what to say. He finally asked,
“Would you like a diet Pepsi or coffee?”
 Sara said,
“Coffee would be nice if you don’t mind making it?” Tom said,
“No not at all. Won’t take a minute. Make yourself at home.”
Sara set her purse down on the end table and just sat there thinking. Tom returned announcing,
“The coffee is brewing, hope you like Maxwell House. It’s all I buy?”
Sarah replied,
“No, that is what I prefer. I buy Maxwell House too, all the time.”

Tom sat next to Sara and grabbed her hand. Sara jerked her hand back.
Tom said,
“Woe girl. Remember me, the guy that you made love too?”
Sara looked at him and tears began to run down her eyes. She began crying and Tom was at a loss for words so just leaned forward and let her cry on his shoulder.
Tom was for once in his life completely as a loss for words. Tom was lost and confused when it came to women and their emotions. His mother and father never shared their emotions with their children and Tom was never close to his wife. She was more of a convenience on paper for his profession.

Sara finally stopped crying and Tom got up and got a tissue and wiped her eyes.
Sara’s mascara made her eyes black as she rubber them and Tom couldn’t help but laugh.
Sara said,
“Why are you laughing at a time like this?”
Tom replied,
  “I’m sorry but you look like a raccoon with those black eyes. It’s your mascara running.”
 Sara said,
“Oh, excuse me for a moment; may I borrow your bathroom?”
Tom said,
“Sure Sweetie you know where it is, I’ll get our coffee, you drink it black?”
Sara said,
“With cream.”
Sara got up and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror and to wipe her face. She washed her face and came back and sat down. Tom brought the coffee and said, “Here’s the cream knock yourself out.”
 Sara fixed her coffee took a sip and said,
“Thank you. I needed that.”

Tom said,
“Are you Okay now?”
Sara replied,
“I guess so. I am so happy and confused at the same time.”
 Tom said,
  “Happy, I thought you were upset or scared or something. Why did you pull away your hand when I went to hold it?”
Sara looked around the room since she was visiting for the first time then replied,
“I guess I felt like I really didn’t know you, I feel like I really don’t know anything anymore.

I mean this was a day shared with people but it doesn’t seem real.”
Tom didn’t know what to say and took a sip of his coffee as he listened intently. Tom knew being a good listener was what his old girlfriend a psychologist had told him was the best remedy for when women were upset.
“I have had dreams about that ship or UFO all my life and now to know it’s real, I am happy and well, I can’t explain all these mixed emotions I’m having.”
Tom thought for a moment before reacting,
“You mean you have had dreams about that ship, or you mean one just like it, or dreams in general about UFOs?”
  Sara was having rough time thinking and answering this question.
“Well, I guess I mean that ship. I have always had dreams for as along as I can remember since I was a little girl. Once, my Grandmother and Aunt and Uncle brought me to White Sands to stay on an Indian Reservation and I was brought to the place where my Uncle worked.
He was real important and my cousins who were his children said he worked on UFOs.

I just took it as the truth and we went and played in the white sand dunes. I wasn’t sure if I dreamed it or actually saw it but I have memories of watching that ship fly overhead and land n the white sand in front of me. From there I don’t know what happened.
The three of us woke up on the hill close to the ship and it was gone. I tried to tell my grandmother and she just told me that we left the adults and went to play in the sand dunes and they cold see us playing and let us play all day but I must have fallen asleep and dreamed it while laying on the sand dunes.
So, I knew it was real in my mind but all these years I just went along with my Grandmother’s explanation that I had dreamed the UFO. Now, I am not so sure. I know that we are out north of El Paso and they took us for hours out in the desert that looked to me it could be close to White Sands but who knows for sure.
This place would be hard to find in the desert. Now, I am thinking that all my life I have been a part of something but it feels surreal. I can’t decide how to feel. I am not sure of what is real and what is not.”
She finally looked at Tom in such an honest way that Tom thought to himself now what do I say. Tom took another sip of his coffee and set his cup down. Tom took Sara’s hand and this time she didn’t resist.
“Sara, I believe you and I know this must be hard for you but we need to figure this out together. Maybe there is a reason you were chosen for this job, I mean in the mountain, here with me.”
Sara looked rather sheepishly, and started to say something and thought it better not to, not yet.
 Sara said,
“You really believe me that I may have really saw a UFO and was not dreaming it?”
Tom touched her face and lifted her head to look into her eyes as he answered her,

“Yes, Sweetie, I know you did because I have seen one too!”
Tom gently kissed her lips and Sara grabbed him in a strong passionate hug and kissed him back in gratitude. Tom could hardly breathe. Tom finally pulled away and put his hands on her arms.
“Wow, you are really strong girl!” Sara looked at Tom and laughed,
“That’s what my mother always said when I hugged her strong! I guess I just really appreciate you saying that, like you believe in me and I’m not crazy!”
Tom looked at Sara and said,
“Sweetie if you are crazy then I’m right there with you. I know this is hard for you but do you realize that we experienced that UFO together today in this mountain?” Sara replies,
“Yes, but I was in a control room behind glass and you actually went in it. What happened in there, what was it like?”
Tom let her hand go and reached for his coffee and took a sip of his coffee very slowly as he was thinking to himself.

Tom gathered his breath so he could answer.
“Well, not much happened, there were two chairs and me and the Colonel sat down. Then the consoles turned and the door closed and the consoles came on and we could see everyone outside running and trying to get away from the sparking big black cables. Someone finally turned off the power to the cables and then the Colonel started to panic. He thought we were going to take off for the moon. I figured out that the ship was on auto pilot and I said to deactivate out loud and everything just stopped and the door opened and then we left the ship.”

Sara sat hanging on his every word then said,
“I wish I could have been there with you!”
Tom looked at her and said,
“Funny you should say that because after our little ESP experience together, I was thinking the very same thing.”
Sarah was now excited,
“Really, you really mean that. You aren’t just making it up. You really thought of me in there. I was thinking of your and that I wanted to be there too. Could you read my thoughts or thinking what I was? Do you think it is this magnetic energy in this mountain or something we have?”
  “Well how about joining me tomorrow and we can find out together?”
 Sara looked at him and her eyes got bigger and she sat straight up in excitement,
“What! Do you think I could, I mean, would the General allow me to go inside with you?”
Tom sat back and put his arm around Sara as a father would do and squeezed her to him,
“I have already asked the General if you could go with me tomorrow and he said, yes!”
Sara jumped up and was so excited she bounced around the room like a little girl.
 Sara said,
“Oh my God, Oh my God, I can’t believe this, this is really happening, I’m talking to a guy that is saying I can go on a UFO with him, oh my God!”
Tom was watching Sara react and then said,
“Wow, I didn’t know you could be so, so excited!” Sara sat back down next to him and said,
“Tell me what the General said, please Tom, I mean Sergeant, I mean Tom, oh you know what I mean, See even this whole new friendship or lover thing is confusing. I just mean there are so many feelings and so much happening now that is new and different just being in this mountain was an experience and meeting you,

and then seeing the UFO, I mean it’s more than a person can take or absorb at one time.”
Tom laughed and said,
“You are right about that, I feel the same way but I tell you I’m hungry, can you just decide to let all this sink in while we go eat?”
Sara replied,
“Sure, why not. I guess I’m hungry. I have been so overwhelmed I haven’t even noticed the time. Tom answered,
“Well, its 1230 and maybe the food will help us adjust to all of this new information. This coffee isn’t enough. I drink coffee all day anyway but I could use something else. Do you mind if we go on to the Dining here or if you want we can venture out to the mall and see what they have in this place besides the mess hall?”
Sara thought for a minute,
“Whatever you want to do, I don’t really care. I just need to have you take the lead because my head is really swirling.”
 Tom said,
“Ok it’s the mall then and we can see what else this place has to offer. I have a feeling we will be here a long time.”
 Sara looked at Tom and kissed him in a thankful way.
“I am so glad you are hearing. I mean that. I am so glad I met you and that we well, bonded. I feel so lucky and I am so glad I came on this mission; I mean was assigned to this job. I, well, you know what I mean don’t you. I mean I can’t believe I am here and actually experiencing this for real.
I have always believed in UFO’s and other worlds, and well that we weren’t the only ones in this universe but I never thought I would never see real proof in this lifetime. I was always a believer but couldn’t share my thoughts and feelings because when I did my Mom would say there was no such thing as UFOs and would tell me I was a dreamer.”

Tom said,
“Well, let’s not talk about that around people, let’s just go eat and take a breather and we can come back here to talk afterwards if you want?”
Sara said,
“Oh yes, please. Let’s go eat and then come back here. I’ll try to settle down and keep my composure although it will be really hard since I know I am going on a real UFO tomorrow”
 Tom said,
“Is that a deal then, we go eat and come back here to talk about this Top Secret mission as you call it?”
Sara laughed in excitement and said,
“It’s a deal; let me grab my purse while you call security for our ride. I will go freshen up then we can go exploring our new home and the shops.”
Tom called security then lit a cigarette and waited on Sara to come out of the bathroom. He also needed to freshen up before leaving. Security knocked and Tom opened the door. Sara said,
“Let me get our map we may need it.”
 Sara grabbed the map and her purse then locked the door behind them on his on room.
Tom said,
“So what will it be my lady, it will have to be something we can find in the underground city. Have you ever been there?”
Sara looked at Tom to see if he was being serious and said, “No, never, have you?”
Tom said,
“No, my Dear we will have the pleasure of experiencing this also for the first time together.”
They boarded the cart that took them down the long hall and to the elevator where they went up to Level Two the recreation area.

There they disembarked and saw the signs pointing different directions. They were both amazed at how huge the place was. It was like being in the Casinos around the country such as in St. Louis or Las Vegas inside the buildings but down malls that had inside lighting.
There were areas like the French Quarters with building facings resembling those in New Orleans. There were areas that resembled New York and St. Louis.
There were signs toward the bowling alley, video games, theatres, and the fast food area, which had Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell and others. This had been covered in their briefing but it was nothing like seeing it with your own eyes.
Tom and Sara began on a nice leisurely walk about the underground city. Tom said,
“This is going to be nice isn’t it? We will have to finish the next three days in what is called processing and orientation before we get to move up to our own rooms. Now that you are an NCO we will both be on the same floor. It’s my understanding that the officers have two floors, the Non-commissioned officers have two floors and the enlisted have four floors of nothing but apartments. The General explained a lot to me but one thing I will have later is my own cart since I’ve been assigned a special assignment. That will be convenient for us. I won’t have to call security. Well, do you see an area you think you would like to try?”

 Sara was looking around as they walked and said,
“Well, anything is Okay with me. My head is still spinning and so is my stomach now thinking of all the food here. We can go Dutch.”
Tom said,
“That’s mighty nice of you my Dear but I invited you so this is on me, so name your poison.”
Sara said,
“Do you like spaghetti?”
 Tom said,
“Sure but I can fix that for you if you want to go to the Commissary, it’s on the same floor.”

Sara said,
“Let’s do that sometime but for now let’s eat here and avoid the cleanup in the room. Okay?”
Tom was happy to hear that and said,
“Well, let’s step in here.”
Tom led the way and they went into an Italian restaurant and looked at the menus. They both decided on spaghetti with French toast.
“Did you know there are over 50,000 troops in this mountain not counting the support personnel?”
Sara looked rather shocked,
“No, I didn’t know. I guess I have been so in awe of this place I missed that part in orientation. I remember that security has the whole Forth floor and that the phones and electronics are on the Third floor. What I find interesting is that all the rooms are bugged and the whole place has security cameras. Did you here the part where if anyone caught in a restricted area without clearance and authorization will never see the light of day?”
 Tom laughed,
“That caught my attention too. The General said there are even places that he isn’t authorized to go. This is needed to know basis and clearance for levels. Of course the common areas are what we have a map for levels Ground
Zero, One and Two. The permanent quarters are above Level 3 and Level 4 and also in Levels 5 through 18.
 I would like to take you up to the observation deck sometime. We will still be in the mountain but the shudders open and we can see the stars.”
Sara looked at Tom and said,
“Tom, How romantic.”
 Tom said,
“Huh, oh uh. Yes my Dear, I guess that is romantic.” They both laughed and then their meals were served.

“Well, we will have our own quarters assigned and our own quarters or apartment up around level fifteen after we are finished with the five day standard processing. I think we are getting a crash course but we still have to keep with the administrative procedures of the standard protocol. We came in with the new Security Officer and also on a special mission so everything isn’t exactly as the regular enlisted has it when they come in. I have a feeling we are getting the red carpet treatment from the General.” Sara had cut her spaghetti and noticed Tom used the Spoon and fork technique her mother had taught her.
“Tom you eat spaghetti just like mother used to make me with a spoon and fork. I cut mine up because it is less messy. I’ve always been a messy eater. Those three-minute meals in boot camp were really hard on me. I was always making a mess. I thought I would warn you.”
Tom looked at Sara, who had meat sauce on her face and laughingly said,
“I see what you mean. Wipe your face.”
 Sara became embarrassed and wiped her face with the napkin.
“Guess you need to know that I am not perfect and am somewhat of a mess.”
 Tom laughed again and said,
“Well, Sweetie, after what I have already experienced with you I can overlook the mess!”
 Sara looked surprised that he would bring up the subject in public.
Sara looked sweetly at Tom and smiled a genuine smile for the first time.
Tom thought to himself,
“I can see that this ice queen is finally starting to melt. Maybe I can think of some more romantic things to entice this woman into doing my bidding. Actually I think I like her more than I should. She seems genuine enough and yet I can’t wait to see her in that UFO. “

Sara began watching Tom as he was in deep thought as he ate his spaghetti.
“What you thinking about? Now you look like you are guilty of what I am accused of all the time, daydreaming or letting your mind wander.”
Tom said,
“Oh I was just thinking about tomorrow but we can’t talk about that here. Remember the walls have eyes. I am not so sure they don’t have ears. But, maybe not. I guess we are all pretty secure down here underground. The General said, the security only monitored the video and not the sound. But, maybe not in the common areas. Maybe the secured areas where we are with that uh spacecraft really does have to be recorded. Well, enough shop talk.” Tom looked like he was switching gears in his own mind for the night.
  “Let’s tour the area here on Level Two for the rest of the evening then we can get a good night sleep since we have a 0800 meeting with the General. Until we get our meetings over with the General will have to escort us to the uh, I mean underground.”
  Tom thought better than to say UFO or Red Level so not to arouse suspicion by the others sitting around them. Tom realized that being around Sara was disarming. He had not been the super spy or gallant James Bond agent that he had always been in the past. Tom let out a sound like he was laughing at himself.
Sara had to know and said,
“Now what are you thinking about?”

Sara was more than curious about Tom and his ways would take some getting use to.
Tom answered,
“Oh I was just thinking about how different I am with you than how I normally am and found it amusing.” Sara didn’t know how to take that,
“What do you mean different, you mean that you are not being yourself around me?”
Tom was being obvious,
“No, actually I mean that I like myself better and I like being with you. I feel like I can trust you and for the first time in a long time I feel good about being alive. I feel like you are the first person I am sharing experiences with that are well, good. I do not have to kill anyone to stay alive and yet am still employed by the government. It’s nice just to sit down and have a regular conversation with someone. I haven’t done this well, in years!”
Sara now was surprised that Tom was already opening up to her.
“Well, Tom, I feel the same way. I haven’t always made the best choices when it comes to the opposite sex or partners and now, well, I can’t explained what happened between us but it was very bonding. I haven’t ever had this feeling before. It’s not normal.”
Tom looked at Sara and raised his eyebrows,
“I think I know what you mean not normal. But, in a good way not normal, right?”
Sara laughed and said,
“Yes, in a good way not normal. That’s the best way to describe what’s happened to us. I guess this whole new experience is sort of in a surreal setting. That could have a lot to do with it you know. After all this isn’t the normal environment for most people who have met and well, you know.”

Tom looked at Sara and this time stared in her eyes. Sara remembered the first time she saw that look in El Paso. Sara let out a sigh and said,
“I love it when you do that.”
Tom said,
“Do what?”
Sara was smiling and a little embarrassed and tried to stare back,
“Look into my eyes!”
 Tom smiled and they looked like they were ready for another night in bed.
 Tom said,
“Well, Sweetie lets get out of here before you talk me into another night like we had last time. You and I need to save our strength for our new assignment!”
Sara said,
“I guess you are right, we will have plenty of time to visit and we are here on a special assignment. Isn’t it great?”
Tom paid the bill and they walked around Level Two and shared the usual small talk about the shops and took the cart back down to their own rooms.
Tom gently kissed Sara and said,
“See you in the morning. I will call security for a cart to be here for breakfast. See you at 0700.”
Sara walked into her room and Bonnie was gone. She grabbed a shower and thought about Tom in the shower. She thought to herself that cold showers weren’t a replacement for sex. Sara turned the shower to hot and let it hit her back. Sara was just letting her body soak in the heat and the feelings of what had all happened in the past couple of days. Time was moving fast and was going to go even faster after tomorrow. She knew her life would change tomorrow. She would have to deal with all the old feelings from when she was a girl and also her dreams. There was no going back.

Sara thought to herself,
“I actually saw a real UFO today. This means that there are others out there for real. Just like in Taken. The difference is that that was a SCI FI event and a television show. This is real and I am in it.
 It is funny that I have always believed in UFO’s and when I was in the seventh grade I had my first real discussion with the science teacher when I told her that there were twelve planets and not nine.
She was upset and made me speak of what I knew to be the truth in front of the whole class. I remember leaving in an upset mood because she wouldn’t believe me. She said until I could prove it not to bring up the matter again that I had to accept there were only nine. I felt angry and right at the same time for the first time. It was an enlightening moment in my life that I will never forget. Why did I believe that I was right?
I somehow deep inside just knew the truth. Now, I know the truth that there are really UFO’s and that means there must be people or beings that fly them. Now, I may learn of who I really am and where I come from for real.
I never believed my parents were my real parents and that some how just like the little girl in Taken that I was always different. I could do things different and kept my powers to myself. Well, other than the psychic readings I did with Tarot and crystal ball scrying. These were just tools to get me to go to that special place in my mind.”
Tara got out of the shower but was still thinking to herself, as she got ready for bed.
“I have to say my prayers. I have a lot to be thankful to God for and also Godmother, and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior of earth, and the angels and guides, and the prophets who has gone before. Prophets who have gone before.
I wander why I think that. I wander if I really know things that others don’t for a reason. I could always feel an earthquake coming but I never knew how I knew this. I am so different.

Plus, now look at this fine position I am in and yet it was me taking an investigation to find out what Tom or John or whoever he is really knows.
Now this is going to complicate things because there is a branch of the government that put me in this position with the Pentagon and the U.S. Army. Someone is pulling my chain and that would be the government but it must be the men in black.
I am going to have the experience of my life and have to figure out how much I am suppose to tell the government. How am I supposed to run all the intelligence arms including the army?
What about the National Security Agency that the contact mentioned. He was obviously with some arm of the government that was working with the NSA. So, the plot thickens but I am not Sherlock Holmes or even Watson. Well, that was a story and this is real. Here we go again around in circles. There has got to be a way to distinguish fact from fiction and yet be covert and still be real. This is like a game inside a game and now the truth is surfacing.
The truth about what is real for the whole world and I me. This is almost too much for me. But, I can’t let it get to me. I will just have to think of a way to be me and yet do the job as Sara. I am actually starting to like the name Sara better than my own. That’s probably because Tom calls me Sara.
I really have deep feelings for Tom and I can’t understand why so quick. I wander if he is having the same problem I am having with having a bond with some one. He basically voiced it today at lunch.
I better get some sleep.
 Enough thinking for tonight. I will wear my brain out inside all of these puzzles inside puzzles. I will just have to go with the experience and see what God has in store.”
Sara said a short prayer and recited God thank you for all you have given me on earth.

“Thank you for all the opportunities and experiences on earth that I know I can bring home again when I join you once more. Thank you for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and thank you for the Holy host and Heavenly Mother. I appreciate this opportunity to assist my country and you God. Please guide me and show me the way that you will have me go. I want to please you and to not let my government down. God, can you please let Tom or John Harris is really in love with me and to only share the truth of what you will reveal to both of us tomorrow? If it be thy will, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

Chapter 11


Tom was ready as usual in his uniform and knocking on Sara’s door at 0700.
Sara answered and said,
“Good Morning Tom. Bonnie is with the Colonel I guess because she never came in last night. I went to bed early like we agreed. Did you?”
Tom was all smiles and excited Sara could tell,
“Actually yes, right after my cold shower. Ready to eat fast so we can meet with the General at 0800. I don’t want us to be late our first workday together. The cart is waiting.”
Tom and Sara got out of the cart at the mess hall and hurriedly ate breakfast. The cart took them to the General’s office. The secretary announced to the General that they had arrived. The General opened his door and shook Tom’s hand.
“Well Tom I see you made it with our new NCO I mean Sarah. Sarah it’s nice to see you again. I am looking forward to seeing how you and Tom work together. Come on in and have a seat.”
The General shut the door and sat behind his big executive wood desk.
“Well, have a seat. I will make this brief. Sara you are going to now be working with Tom here on the aircraft that you saw yesterday. How do you feel about that?”
 Sara was surprised that he had jumped right into the conversation about the UFO and said,
“Actually General I can’t wait. I am very proud and honored that you have chosen me to assist Tom, I mean Staff Sergeant Bradley.”
 The General sat back in his chair as he grabbed his first cigar of the morning.
“Please Sara, May I call you Sara, feel free to call

Tom by his name as I do when we aren’t in a crowd or in front of others. The main reason you are chosen is because you have a pleasant demeanor and Tom here has suggested you for the position. Did Tom tell you this?”
Sara looked rather shyly at the General and then smiled at Tom.
“No Sir, I mean Yes Sir, You may call me Sarah. Sergeant, I mean Tom didn’t tell me that he actually officially recommended me for this job. He just said I could go with him today.”
The General twirled his cigar and raised his eyebrows at Tom.
“I see, well then let me lay this job out for you. You will be working directly for me and Tom will be your immediate Superior is that clear?”
Sara was more than ready to accept this position, “Yes Sir, I understand.”
 The General continued,
“Further more this is a Top Secret assignment and you are cleared for Secret or you would not have been allowed to come here. I also know that you have worked for the Judge Advocate General and the JAG office at Great Lakes Naval Service School Command. This tells me you know how to handle secrecy and can be trusted in very delicate situations.
I took the liberty of calling the command and spoke with the Commanding Officer there. He remembered you and spoke highly of you. So, this job is to be treated just like your naval investigative services and the Federal Bureau and NIS cases is that clear. Actually I have already assigned your clearance level needed to work here when you came no board.
But, it never hurts to do some first hand checking. I like to feel I know my team personally. All our calls go through Fort Bliss and no one knows of our secure lines here. But, we want you to know that you may be here for quite a while on this mission.

So no phone calls will be allowed out after today for you or Tom.”
Sara looked very seriously at the General and said,
“Yes Sir. I did work on NIS and FBI cases but didn’t know you could find that out. I have no problem with no phone calls home.”
The General said,
“Young Lady, I can find out anything I need to know about you when it comes to clearances in this secret facility. This is a practice here with our security clearances through the Office of Personnel Management and of course the U.S. Army. Now you and Tom both come highly recommended and have both served in divisions requiring at least a secret clearance.
You both know the language and of course the proper procedures for handling classified information. I understand you are actually a qualified classifier of information and so I will need you to assign all of this a Top Secret Classification on all information you and the Sergeant find out in the course of this investigation is that understood?”
Sara spoke up,
“Yes Sir, I totally understand the seriousness of this assignment and that I am to classify all information. But Sir, how will I do this? I have only classified for the United States Navy and only picked up documents and messages already classified as Top Secret for the army.”
“Just make sure everything that you experience is recorded and written down in your daily reports. These reports you can use a handheld tape recorder to be kept with you and the Sergeant at all times. Well these are complicated and not used in the field by most agents as of yet.
We have the latest high tech gadgets we own in here.  You will both have a voice activated recorder with you while on duty aboard the aircraft and while serving under me is that clear. You will probably get use to them and hardly notice them.

We will mike you up or the technicians will. We are going to use some remotes since the wires were cut yesterday on that uh spacecraft. And another thing, please refer to this project with us only and to no one else. We do not call this spacecraft a UFO is that understood?”
Sara looked at Tom and said,
“Yes Sir, but you mean strictly while we are on duty and not on our on time right?”
The General looked at Tom and said,
“Yes that’s right; whatever you and Tom want to do after hours is your own business. Security has you at Secret and Top Secret is needed but I am taking personal responsibility for you now on this project.
Everything you do I sign off on before it leaves this Command. All orders of yours come directly from me. All comes back so you answer directly to me and do exactly what I say.
I see you both have had Royal Top Secret but you still have to go through the regular channels for in processing.
Even though you had Royal Top Secret at other Commands and Sara as a GS 5 in the Navy she had a demotion of one rank recently when she enlisted in the U.S. Army.
But, to reenlist in the Army on this special project she is now TDY to us here. We have reinstated her GS5 or now E-5 but now you are an E7.
I have taken the liberty to order up your clearance file that I have assigned your interim Top Secret since I am the Commanding Officer.
Royal Top Secret gets your identification cards and retina scans but not any faster than regular processing here through security.
But, it helps. You should have them back by Friday. It usually takes at least twenty four hours to get into the system these days. We can’t by pass this so I am signing for you both on emergency interim since this is a special mission.

I need to get you started and oriented into our program since this is a highly irregular situation. Tom says that this requires two people to activate the aircraft. Until you get your ID cards with retina scan I will escort you down to the ship.
You may have watched the elevator floor numbers but we go below to Black Level 4. Without these cards you can only get there with me today and tomorrow so watch how I use my card and the equipment that scans my eye. It’s a simple process and you can’t go below without doing it so don’t forget or you may find yourself on your knees in front of the MP’s is that understood?”
Tom said yes sir then looked at Sara who immediately said “Yes sir.”
The General got on his intercom to his secretary outside his office and said,
“We will be leaving now so call Security for my cart.” The General didn’t give him time to answer.
He got up and put out his cigar and said,
“Good luck to both of you and do your best. We will equip you with your handheld recorders when we get downstairs. Security has the orders for both of you and will bring them to me and you will sign for these on Level 4. They will not leave Level 4.
They will be turned into Security each day as you leave. If you forget, Security will remind you. Let’s go and I mean sincerely, good luck on this new joint venture together. I am looking forward to making advances in leaps and bounds now that I have the right personnel for the job.”
 Sara looked at Tom and started to say something but Tom gave her the eye not too. Sara began thinking to herself, “How does he know we are right for the job?”
 Tom looked at Sara and acted as if he was answering her. Sara lost concentration but could tell Tom was answering her.

The secretary buzzed the intercom and told the General that Security was waiting. The General said,
“We are ready for our first test so let’s proceed.”
 Tom and Sara got up to follow the General out the door. The Sergeant looked over at Sara with anticipation. Sara began feeling exhilarated and thought to herself,
“I haven’t been this excited since riding my first roller coaster at Six Flags no better yet jumping out of an airplane.”
Security took them down the hall and to the elevator. Then they got off a floor just like the last time and crossed over to a personnel elevator and they went together down to Black Level 4.
The General used his identification card, swiped it and then put his eye up to the scanner.
Tom and Sara both watched the General.
They had both used this type of security scanner before.
But, the General apparently wasn’t aware that they had both done this type of procedure before.
Sara and Tom know that each other had been in the Pentagon on certain floors and with certain personnel in Area 51 and around Hangar 18 which supposedly didn’t exist in the outside world.
Sara and Tom had been in very compartmentalized need to know Top Secret investigations.
Not a word had been shared in the halls and in the elevators.
Not even the General murmured a word. He pointed out the Security cameras.
Finally the doors opened and they walked out the door and to the wall again and followed the General out over where he met the same technician or Engineer that they had both met in the meeting the day before.
The man in the white lab coat said,
“Everything is ready General shall we proceed.”

The General took a long pause and looked around as if checking to make sure that everyone was in place and that everyone was on post and in standby position.
Sara thought how much the big room looked like the set in the Steven Spielberg movie Close Encounters.
The only thing that was missing was the sound machine that piped in the sounds with colors. The aircraft was ahead of her and she walked two steps to the left of Tom and behind him.
The General was leading the way. Both Tom and Sara had on their army uniforms and noticed that most all were civilians in lab coats except for security, which was manned and posted at the door behind them.
Sara took a look up to see if she could see Bonnie and the Colonel. She didn’t spot them.
Sara couldn’t help but wander what happened to them and really had not had a chance to ask Tom and knew it was none of her business so she couldn’t ask the General.
That was the way it was in these types of facilities. Asking questions about personnel was not smart unless she was on an official investigation. Then Sara remembered.
“I am on an official investigation but I am the only one in this room that knows this.” Sara was now aware of the General and Tom. This was her focus as she listened intently.
The General said,
“I will be waiting out here for you.”
The General motioned for Security to bring the voice activated recorders that were in a belt like Sara had seen at Mc Donald’s and Burger King on the outside window personnel.
The battery packs were on inside the black mesh belts. The headphone was light as a feather and the General asked them to put on the headsets and test them. They worked fine.

Sara said,
“General can you here me? Tom can you here me” Tom looked at Sara and the General and motioned with thumbs up then said,
“Can you here me General? Sara are you reading me?”
Sara said,
“Yes, I hear you loud and clear.”
 The General said,
“Great, these will work fine. These will record and do the work they are voice activated so all you have to do is wear them and everything else is working fine and like I said they are voice activated. Tom looked at Sara and said, “Any doubts if so tell us now?”
 The General looked at Sara. Sara looked at the aircraft then Tom and then the General.
“None what so ever. Let’s do it!”
 The General said,
“Alright everyone this is a GO. Proceed. Begin recording now.”
 The General and the security MP’s left Sara and Tom to walk toward the aircraft ramp. Tom went first and looked back after two steps at Sara.
 He spoke,
“Sara stay with me. Follow me and do exactly as I say.”
Sara said,
“Yes Sir.”
 Sara knew they were being recorded now and all of this was official. There was an air of excitement, anticipation, and one of importance. Now it began to hit Sara. All of a sudden Sara looked up and stopped in her tracks to take it all in.
There is was the silver looking alien UFO or aircraft and she thought it looks bigger at the beginning of this ramp. Sara said it’s about the size of a doublewide trailer.

It’s actually what the stealth was modeled after.
Tom was walking up the ramp and said,
“Sara take notice of the outside wings as you go inside“
Tom disappeared inside the doorway and Sara was two steps away from the door and stopped for a brief moment to notice the design and contour of how the ship was shaped at the outside at the wing.
Then she walked into the doorway and stood. Sara though to herself,
“This is just like I have seen in my dreams.”
 Tom was seated in the Commander seat and Sara was thinking to herself,
“I usually sit there but I guess I am now the Co- Commander.”
 Tom looked quite suddenly at Sara without saying a word and thought out loud in his head.
“I heard that.”
 Sara looked astonished at him and noticed his mouth wasn’t moving. Sara stood frozen. Tom thought out loud again.
“Come inside Sara.”
 Sara spoke out loud,
 “Can you hear me?”
 This time Tom said out loud for the recorder,
 “Yes I can her you.”
Tom motioned for Sara to sit in the other seat.
There were only two seats.
As Sara began to sit down she noticed as she slowly sat down that the seat seemed to conform to her every move.
This was comfortable and then Sara said to herself.
“Home at last.”
Tom looked at Sara and Sara immediately knew he could here her thoughts.
This was just like when they had made love two nights before.

Tom was not shocked and much to Sara’s surprise she wasn’t surprised at all.
Tom said, out loud,
“Okay. All systems are go. General, everything is going fine. We are in the aircraft and are seated. We will now see what happens. Remember what happened the first time with the Colonel. I will now proceed with the same commands I used yesterday.”
Tom said to Sara out loud for the General to hear and so his voice is recorded.
“Sara, do exactly as I say and we should be Okay. I will give some voice commands and I want you to now say with me activate.”
Sara shook her head then said,
“Yes Sir, Commander.”
 Tom looked surprised and Sara smiled. Tom could see that Sara was right at home and was perfectly at ease in this aircraft.
Tom thought to himself,
 “It looks as if you have been here before.”
 Sara returned the thought,
“Tom I truly believe I have.”
 Tom thought so Sarah could understand without saying aloud.
“Well for me this will take some getting use to. I have to learn to differentiate when I am thinking out loud and you hear me and when I speak for the recorder.”
Then Tom said for the benefit of the General and the team,
“Let’s say activate.”
 As soon as he said the word,
Sara was already saying it with him,
The chairs conformed to their bodies like they were made for them, the lights were coming on as the ramp began coming up all in perfect timing.

In awe they both watched as all happened as the door began to close the lights and console came on and the windows that were not there before were now open.
Sara noticed that her hands went into place and she then knew she had flown this ship before and thought aloud,
“Nice to see you again GUS.”
Tom heard her thoughts and said GUS. Then to Tom’s surprise the aircraft spoke.
“It’s nice to see you again too Commander. Will you now be Commander, Commander?
Tom looked at Sara and Sara looked at Tom as they turned and then they were sliding from back to back to side to side and the seats were as comfortable as a glove on a hand.
Tom was handling his experience fine. Tom was steadily trying to take in all the information and hears the General saying on the headphone.
“What’s happening, what’s happening in there?” Then the headphones went dead. There was no response and the General thought he had lost his personnel.

Tom and Sara were locked inside the UFO and there was no earthly possible way to retrieve them by the Men in Black or the U.S. Army now.
This was a situation that no arm of the government could explain since this underground facility and UFO didn’t really exist. There was a lot of the government that wasn’t shared except among the personnel who were kept under secrecy.

Chapter 12


“Commander what is your command?”
Tom looked at Sara and neither knew what the answer should be.
Tom spoke first.
“Sara are you familiar with this aircraft at all?”
Sara looked at Tom.
“Tom, I am feeling like I have been here before in my dreams but quite honestly, I am at a loss for words. Do you know how to make the door open again?”
“I did last time, all I said was de-activate and the thing just reversed motion. But this time it is communicating with me or you or us.”
The aircraft spoke again.
“Commander, will that be Co-Commander now in the command seats. What is your command, Commander or Co-Commander?”
 Tom said,
“Can you tell us who you are?”
“I am the spacecraft Commander.”
 Tom looked at Sara.
 “Who created you then?”
 The aircraft said,
 “The creators.”

Chapter 13 – Two weeks in 14 minutes outside of earth’s atmosphere




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Gil Grissom on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV show is an entomologist, who is played by actor William Petersen.

Similarly, entomologist Jack Hodgins of Bones, portrayed by TJ Thyne, helps his team by analyzing insects (such as Hydrotaea) and “particulates” near to or attached to decomposed victims, often identifying the precise location a murder originally occurred; he is also an expert in botany and mineralogy.

In Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, The Hound of the Baskervilles, the villain is a naturalist who collects butterflies, making him an “evil” entomologist.

There are numerous science fiction books, which have plots based on humans becoming smaller and having to deal with insects at their level.

Some examples are The Insect Warriors by Rex Dean Levie, Atta by Francis Rufus Bellamy, Bug Park by James P. Hogan, The Micronauts series by Gordon Williams, and The Forgotten Planet by Murray Leinster. The Forgotten Planets plot is twisted in that the insects are the size of men (or larger) on a planet “seeded” to prepare it for human habitation. Robert Asprin wrote The Bug Wars, a novel about war between reptiles and insects on an interplanetary scale.

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International world governmental changes and future discoveries on

Earth. Some may include the knowledge of reverse engineering from

Extraterrestrial technology.

We are doing this internationally now as we can see due to the recent

Earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010. We cannot change history but

We can learn from our mistakes.

The Red Cross is the one organization that we can count on in the world.

The United Nations is also one organization along with UNESCO for education.

We will need more involvement during these years that will involve

The OLYMPIC TEAMS to inspire us and to share hope.

There are new words on websites springing up daily in the world. The new buzzwords with the new marketing and media online have not been able to keep up with all the new words. We will need a new Global Lexicon and WORLD WIDE DICTIONARY.

We will need improvements in our Lexicography skills. There are now new

Improvements in our entertainment media. We have seen some innovations that we have enjoyed with computer graphics and simulations in a lifelike film called Avatar. We will desire more movies such as Avatar and maybe Steven Spielberg could make a Close Encounters II or the Fourth Kind has been made so maybe Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. This new 3D movie was a wonderful contribution to the 21st


During the past in American when we were at war and/or in a recession

We used the theater and movies to inspire us to a better way of life

With movie stars on the big silver screen who had a life we could only

Dream about and desire, which inspired hope for the future.

We have always enjoyed our movies and these can now be seen in various

Ways on television via satellite, internet computers, and yet, we

Still want to go share in a social event with our friends and families

In theaters in America. This has been engraved as part of our American


The Ascension Center Education will be a part of the future and is

Concentrating on the time prior to the date of December 21, 2012,

11:11 AM as the sun passes over our part of the world. The light will

Restore parts of our DNA that have been lacking and those born after

This time on earth will be the new human beings with knowledge

Abilities that include the future in 3D and Virtual Imaging in the


Many call this Ascension Age, which is called that for the awareness the time on earth, brings about the truth as it is restored in correcting history with our past knowledge clarified with the assistance of avatar oracles.

The topics shared in a guide we will be sharing in the new World

Information Network (WIN) to inspire Social Entrepreneurs of the

Future on the Internet. We are a Global Community that is rebuilding

Ourselves through new information, knowledge, reconstruction, and

Imagining ourselves in the future. This projection and new telepathic

Waves we use to connect to the Akashic Field of Everything in the

Universe will be not only felt but also discovered to be a real energy in

The smallest forms of matter and antimatter in science.

Some of the topics below are what many people are now interested in as

We create new scripts for our enjoyment and entertainment social media

Networks. We will all become students as seekers and teachers as seers

Around the world. Global Community Culture is dealing with art,

Culture, education, science, technology, social entrepreneurs, and

creating new professions and careers for the future of our children.

The following is in no specific order as we are still compiling topics and subjects for Neophytes from our Ascension Center Authority though December 21, 2012 T. 11:11 DEADLINE – ASCENSION CENTER AVATAR GUIDE FOR LIGHT WORKERS IN THE ASCENSION AGE

ASCENSION AGE begins on DECEMBER 21, 2012 T. 11:11

The most dramatic changes are being revealed now in articles on Social Paranormal Network Guide at



Ascension Cultural Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR)













Alien Contact

Alien Technology


Amen Unity

Amnesty-Human Rights

Ancient Cultures


Religions and Paths to Salvation













Pole Shifts

Near Earth Objects

Planet Nibiru






Ascension DNA Code Activation

Ascension Consciousness Awakening

Ascension Body -Mind-Spirit Activism

AUTHORS/Web Publishers



Light workers

Star Babies

Star People



Area 51

Dulce Base


All New Mexico Bases



Pine Gap




Johnson Manned Spacecraft Center

Cape Canaveral






Internet Use


Building a Website

Starting a Business

Social Networks





Ancient & Present


Ghost Hunters


Psychic Mediums



Spirit Guides


ET Disclosure Project



Government Cover Ups

Conspiracy Theories



Levitation of Spirit

Mental Telepathy

Migrations of Birds


Psi miracles

Spirits of electricity

God Particle


Time Displacement


Organized divination


Extraterrestrial Education

Extraterrestrial Intelligent Beings

Extra biological Beings (EBENS)




Futurists Theories




New Age Culture






Hollow Earth Society

Mayan Calendar




Hollow Earth


New World Order


Ghosts Energy Apparitions

Ascension Channels

Shroud of Turin



Origin of Religions



Thinking of primitive people


History, Gods, Pharaohs, Priests, Monuments

Ideas of Death & Last Judgment



Creed, Jesus, Dogma, Catholicism, Reformation, Present


Jewish Creed, Ethics, Talmud, Mysticism


History, Origin, Mohammedan Mysticism,


Basic Modes between humankind & Deities



Preanimistic Theory

Theory of Original Monotheism

Magic & Religion

Celts & Slavs






Japanese Buddhism




Extinct Religions

Teutonic Gods

Ideas of Death

Magic of Runes

Biblical Revelations


All isms











Star gates

Time Travel


Zechariah Sitchen










The Ascension Center ACE GUIDE OF ETIOLOGY, ETHNOLOGY, ETHOS, ENTOMOLOGY, ETYMOLOGY. Do not confuse entomology the study of insects with Etymology the study of word history. We will assist many teachers with the topics for those who desire to visit Hawaii, and learn of Lemuria and Atlantis. The New Age of Revealing and Revelation is considered the years of 2012 thru 2012. 2013 begins the ASCENSION AGE. David Wilcock will be speaking at a seminar in Hawaii in February. Michael Salla is also in Hawaii.

The topics discussed are a compilation, formulation of the Ancient Mystery Schools adapted to modern day words, and etymology will be a part of the future changes in the WEB and the MATRIX. Some now refer to the Critical Mass Consciousness and how everyone that is entitled to know of the God Particles in everyone and everything affects the Akashic Field. This is now being revealed to Quantum Scientists and those who are working with the Hadron Collider. There are new findings for Astronomers and new telescopes creating new awareness for us all. It is truly an age of revealing.

This is the latest topics for the ACE GUIDE to be published for release 2013. Ascension Beings are about health and prosperity for all. We are Social Entrepreneurs sharing innovation and inspiration in the Global Community.

Zero Point Energy
In a quantum mechanical system such as the particle in a box or the quantum harmonic oscillator, the lowest possible energy is called the zero-point energy. According to classical physics, the kinetic energy of a particle in a box or the kinetic energy of the harmonic oscillator may be zero if the velocity is zero. Quantum mechanics with its uncertainty principle implies that if the velocity is measured with certainty to be exactly zero, the uncertainty of the position must be infinite. This either violates the condition that the particle remain in the box, or it brings a new potential energy in the case of the harmonic oscillator. To avoid this paradox, quantum mechanics dictates that the minimal velocity is never equal to zero, and hence the minimal energy is never equal to zero.
Does electromagnetic zero-point energy exist, and if so, are there any practical applications and does it have any connection with dark energy? The theoretical basis for electromagnetic zero-point energy is clear.
According to Sciama (1991):
Even in its ground state, a quantum system possesses fluctuations and an associated zero-point energy, since otherwise the uncertainty principle would be violated. In particular the vacuum state of a quantum field has these properties. For example, the electric and magnetic fields in the electromagnetic vacuum are fluctuating quantities.
The Casimir Effect is an example of a one-loop effect in quantum electrodynamics that can be simply explained by the zero-point energy. It is precisely localizable differences in the zero-point energy that may prove to be of some practical use and that may be the basis of dark energy phenomena. Moreover it has also been found that asymmetries in the zero-point field that appear upon acceleration may be associated with certain properties of inertia, gravitation and the principle of equivalence Haisch, Rueda and Puthoff (1994); Rueda and Haisch (1998); Rueda and Haisch (2005)
Lastly, insights may be offered on certain quantum properties (Compton wavelength, de Broglie wavelength, spin) and on mass-energy equivalence (E=mc2) if it proves to be the case that zero-point fluctuations interact with matter in a phenomenon identified by Erwin Schrödinger known as zitterbewegung (Haisch and Rueda 2000; Haisch, Rueda and Dobyns 2001; Nickisch and Mollere 2002).
As intriguing as these latter possibilities are, the first order of business is to unambiguously detect and measure zero-point energy. While a Casimir experiment such as that of Forward (1984) can in principle measure energy that may be attributed to the existence of real zero-point energy, there are alternative explanations involving source-source quantum interactions in place of real zero-point energy (see Milonni 1994). To move beyond this ambiguity of interpretation experiments that will test for the reality of measurable zero-point energy will need to be devised.
Cultural References
In the Justice League Episode, ‘Hereafter’, Vandal Savage had taken over the world and invented a Zero Point Generator in the boredom of immortality which was used to power a time machine to transport Superman back to the present.
In the movie ‘The Incredibles’, the villain Syndrome uses a ray that can immobilize an opponent, suspending him in mid-air. Director Brad Bird, speaking in a DVD commentary, says that in searching for a name for the device (or at least a better one than “the Immobi-ray”), he came across and used a reference to “zero-point energy”, which Syndrome himself uses to describe his weapon. (Of course, this is simply a cool name rather than a practical application at this time!)
In the computer game Half-Life 2, one of the weapons used by the player is the “Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator”, better known by its nickname the “Gravity Gun”. It allows the user to pick up and launch any medium-sized objects, and was used to market the game’s detailed physics engine.
The television show Stargate SG-1 and the spinoff, Stargate Atlantis also makes references to zero-point energy in the form of Zero Point Modules or ZPMs. These ZPMs extract energy from small artificially-created subspaces are used to power the technology of the Ancients, such as the energy shield which protects the city of Atlantis and powering the Stargate with sufficient power to allow travel to the Pegasus Galaxy. The Ancients also attempted to extract zero-point energy directly from their own universe in Project Arcturus.
Another television series called ZERO.POINT is in development that centers around the machinations of a quantum physicist searching for zero-point energy technology and a drifter who wanders in perfect synchronicity.
In Marvel Comic’s “Ultimate Secret” issue one, the disguised Captain Mahr-vell has helped humans develop a star drive based on ZPE. He offhandedly remarks that quantum wave fluctuations were discovered to cause inertia, which is the SED Hypothesis (covered here).
In the second season of the television series ‘Alias’, Sydney Bristow is tasked to retrieve a music box that supposedly contains a formula for zero-point energy.
In ‘3001: The Final Odyssey,’ by Arthur C. Clarke humanity is tapping zero point energy (or vacuum energy as it’s called in the book). Human astronomers observed an explosion of a far-away star, and on further investigation found that the detonation started at one of the planets which destabilized the star itself. This event gives the characters nightmares, as it was assumed that some alien race was using zero-point energy and lost control.
ZPE is also a potential energy source of interest to independent researchers outside of mainstream research entities, such as the late Eugene Mallove, and figures into discussions on radio programs such as Coast to Coast AM.
Reference: Wikipedia


We enjoy sharing our articles we find elsewhere and we should also share our own personal views and opinions for others to gain insight.


Mysticism is not the same as what we commonly call the occult.  Occult is the word we use for unknown wisdom or beyond ordinary understanding. 2. Secret; known only to the initiated. 3. Dealing with the supernatural or magical; the occult sciences. Something occult or supernatural such as the Bible Codes.

There are all types of mystics including Jews and Christians. Various Faiths have had their own great philosophers and etymologists that are considered holy beings and those who study the “World” and the “word” – whatever that may be!

To obviate is to meet and clear away, as difficulties; make unnecessary. This is  a short article to share in the future with others who are authors interested in the social paranormal network as we go forth sharing our own opinions and views of  those on earth who have came before.

This is all we do since we are left here to explore.


We will include sharing instruction with other writers who desire to participate on Social and

This new way of sharing our stories shall increase awareness and insight into others opinions and views of the following:


St. John of the Cross
St. Teresa of Avila

Buddhists Texts
The Upanishads

Arthur Koestler
Dionysius The Areopagite
Farid Al-Din Attar
Jalal Al-Din Rumi
Jan Van Ruysbroeck
Meister Eckhart
Professor D. T. Suzuki

Mystical Writings of the World
And The Teachings of the Mystics, Selections from the Great Mystics and Mystical Writings of the World.

Jewish Mysticism

What is called Jewish Mysticism by the major authorities on the subject does not in a general way conform to the pattern of mysticism as unfolded in most books.
“If this research of the Torah Codes is born out, behold this is
the greatest discovery of three hundred years of scientific research.”
Professor Robert I. Aumann, famous mathematician and Nobel Prize award, member of the
National Academy of Science of America

The Torah Codes, popularly known as Bible Codes, show us that the Torah has some commentary on events that happen in our living history. These events are hidden with in the text and we have extracted many of the events contained in them. It is remarkable that a text over 3300 years old contains events that happen thousands of years later. This has caused significant controversy and as a result there are many bible code skeptics.

Who is behind the codes? Where do they come from and what do the all mean? This is for you to work out on an individual basis. This site provides the evidence you now decide what it all means to you.

Meister Eckhart: A Modern Translation, translated by R. B. Blakney, New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1941, p.xxiv


The Awakening of Faith is a way of life for those who desire to know more of the Ascension Center. We call this a way of enlightenment.

Meister Eckhart one of the Great Mystics written about lived in Germany (1260-1328) and was considered one of the well known Christian Mystics.

More later. Ran out of time. TJ



  8. Then you may be someone who is supposed to be sharing in the world with the ET UFO COMMUNITY at the PARACON!

The new one forming is for all those who feel like they want to share what they know, feel, of need with others.
The new PARACON is about the paranormal, supernatural interests in the change of human consciousness and the contacts and feelings that some are experiencing.
ACE FOLKLIFE is simply two words that came together as a FORCE on earth.
It is derived from the ASCENSION CENTER EDUCATIOn and the need for work in anthropology, folklife and folklore coming together to be understood and shared.
ACE FOLKLIFE EXPO is the new name of a “GATHERING” for all beings that have something to share, care about, and to make others aware.
Many people like those in the movie “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS”

have been struck with this feeling of energy inside that some call spirit!

Some call this feeling an awareness like in religion what is termed the “HOLY SPIRIT”/ Some choose to ignore this feeling entirely.

There are some who feel drawn to a “GATHERING PLACE” and to be with others.

This feeling is what gives us our “Roots back to the ones who came before.”

Some of us have chosen to not believe in the old religions of our ancestors and some still do. The world is changing. There is a RIFT among us and it is growing.

How will this change affect the world in which we live?

This is what so many of us are asking ourselves now on earth!

The ET UFO COMMUNICATION EXPO GATHERING is something that cannot be stopped.

There are groups happening all over the Internet and the Facebook is linking people of like interests and hobbies.

This global phenomena made available due to the worlds connection via the Computers and Internet and now cell phones is allowing us to know information faster in a timely manner.

Many of us want to be a part of the FUTURE and use science and technological advancements.

Some of us are mroe hesitant and are holding back doe to fear and preconceived notions.

This is what so many people are beginning to debate over and we will soon have more people as of 2011 with 7 Billion in the population and growing.

There may be a HARVESTING OF SOULS happening soon since we will be approaching the point where our ANCESTORS come and harvest us and take some of us off to another world to populate it as the terra forming is complete.

WE will have to make it on our own! Some will go and some will stay! This has always been the plan that has been taught in our many ideas stories, and folkore.

Some want a FULL DISCLOSURE of the truth about the ALINES, ETS, and UFOS.

The truth is we have always known the plan and the coming and going of these beings who come in various forms. We are young and sensitive.

There are various groups and troops above that send out their military teams.

Some are watchers and some are protectors. How do we know which ones will simply use us as they have done in the past and those who want to assist us progress in either this life or another?

The prior ancestors who lived on earth have left us clues before they simply vanished. Others who were lfet behind tried to leave clues for their progeny to find.

We are just now waking up out of the illusion we created fore ourselves in the Industrial Evolution of the 20th Century.

Some of us are called together as the COMMON FOLKS!

We are the ones’ who have been called to a place with a higer purpose to get to know each other and to make a HUMAN BOND and CONNECTION so that if the INTERNET and POWER is cut off, we can find each other in the various parts of the world here or the NEXT ONE!

first introduction to this new way of being and calling to a higher purpose to share with others is first being lightly presented as a “GATHERING” so that we can be
looked at and studied for our talents and interests.

We are asked to come and to play a role in life while we are still able to in human form.

We are called the people of earth with a desire to communicate and gather at a public exposition.

We will all have to get ourselves to this place on our own!

This may cost us and once we are all gathered we will decide how to proceed from here to there.

Some of us each have a piece to the puzzle. Some of us have something to offer in the next world that may not resemble any talents, professions, jobs, or knowledge now on earth.

Earth ways may not be important to those who will someday may be asked to participate on earth or above earth.

We will simply have to share in a GATHERING and figure out what each part of the PUZZLE in us has to do with the other parts that others hold!


WE WILL GATHER THE SOULS in an old sharing of the spirit ways taught to us by our ancient ancestors at a festival but this time – due to prior bad weather outside, we will meet for the first time on the inside!

We have been called to meet at a venue: GRAND RESORT HOTEL & CONVENTION CENTER.

DATE: OCT 23-25, 2009 FRI-SAT-SUN. WE WILL MEET AGAIN on the 3rd weekend each year up to the 2012 OLYMPICS. If all goes well for us on earth on DECEMBER 21, 2012, 11:11 then we will meet again in 2013.


We will take it upon ourselves to get enough people interested in sharing the LIGHTS on earth to share in the new way of being on earth with “HEALTH AND PROSPERITY” for all on earth as taught to us by our ancient ancestors who shared their extraterretrials beliefs of others who came from space.

Some were thought of as GODS.


We know who we are. No one has to tell us. We have an INNER KNOWING!

Many are called but few are chosen!

If you are meant to be a part of the future PUZZLE either on this world or another, please bring your ideas, collectibles, and information to a town hall forum meeting that will be held all day SATURDAY 10-10 and SUNDAY 10-6. We will

all have an informal MEET AND GREET on FRIDAY beginning at 6 PM in the ATRIUM of the GRAND RESORT HOTEL and CONVENTION CENTER to simply have an informal gathering and SIGN IN!

We will then all decide if we want to help each other.


We will then ask some to join the AMERICAN FOLKLORE SOCIETY, and some to join the CIVITAN CLUB if they want. No pressure just information available if they need to atten meetings monthly.

Otherwise, we will meet back ANNUALLY! – If people want to stay in touch on the Internet and share books, tapes, videos, and a FACEBOOK FRIEND, then they can do so with me TJ MORRIS tm ACIR sm =

I am coming to perform the charity work I do once a year – annually. This one time public appearance is out of commitment to the passion and desires I feel to come to terms with the fact that we are people who need people in a TRIBE or VILLAGE.

I am going to participate with those who share kindred spirit. I have a soul group like everyone else. I am not sure who will be attending this ET UFO COMMUNICATION EXPO GATHERING at this time.

I like surprises! Some may have met me before, and most will never have met me!

That is the fun of a NEW EXPOSITION.

We will be asked to share in a club of our own choice. We have created many groups on the Internet and some of us have websites and some have BLOGS.

Many are writers and have BOOKS. We are all about COMMUNICATION!

What is funny is that none of us can be sure that we are not controlled by those above!

Be they Aliens or Angels we can tell not. We can only share in our 15 minutes of FAME as a SPEAKER in the FORUM TOWN HALL and we will give everyone who comes a change to introduce themselves, and we will have some speakers who are professionals. Some will be Motivational Speakers and Authors.

But, most will be “COMMON FOLK” – I am a Public Folklorist that is drawn to the ASCENSION CENTER LOGO, and ENERGY.

The folklore is simply a pigeon hole for me to put all my varied interest and I am an ECLECTIC CREATURE.

Let this serve notice that there is more news out there for all to find. The truth is out there! I have been writing since I began the TREASURE HUNT 2 years ago on my websites. Some call me the Blue Fairy. Others call me the ORACLE. Some simply prefer to call me TARA. Some in Japan call me Green Tara. But my Christian name as an Ambassador of Goodwill for the USA is

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris
I will be your Hostess at the
1371 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN USA
Call and Book Reservations under the discount of ACE FOLKLIFE as a perspective member for the fundraiser and future ET UFO COMMUNICATION GATHERING.

GROUP SALES MANAGER – GARY BOLIN is expecting your call!



By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris


वूमेन अरे उनिवेर्सल वर्चुअल सिटिज़न्स विथ ह्यूमन RIGHTS

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Theresa J Thurmond Morris

Friday, June 19, 2009
Digg / TJMorristm

Flag of the United States city of Roswell, New…Image via Wikipedia


My life is more than what it appears and we do not go back in time which defies all laws of science that we know of. This is proven because the extraterrestrials told us that we cannot go back. But, we can retain memories just like our dreams.

This makes us appear as true Ascended Masters, Avatars, and Reincarnates. Then we can know that we can do what we may refer to as Time Travel through Worm Holes in Space and also, do what some can read as our thoughts, some can use Remote viewing, or Scrying, and this has been taught since before Nostradamus. Although he learned the techniques and used them writing almanacs and being paid to do future predictions or what we now call psychic readings or premonitions. The future can be changed. Some of us simply have learned the esoteric occult wisdom that was kept from the general populace in secrets, Gnostic Wisdom, and even Solomon and Jesus knew of these practices. The Kaballah, Torah, Tarot meaning with Metatron and the Tree of life with our lines and circles of energy prepare us for the many stages and archetypes that we have created for our civilization to live by and through for the majority in time as we know it to be on earth. There are so many disciplines. We teach ways to assist in dealing with the two drives in this life. One is freewill or free choice and the other is sexual need and desire. We describe these two powerful drives of want and need in this life as our driving forces. Food, clothing, shelter, and procreation while allowing for our free will and free choice is the best way to describe the basics of life. Now, we will prepare to share the future and a higher consciousness. This does not require an altered state but we are growing and learning of the virtual reality state of mind inside Cyberspace with out computers and technology.

The Secret Journal will reveal some secrets but not all. I have been sharing various memories as they come up for me since the 60th anniversary of Roswell, New Mexico. There are reasons for the disclosure now. There are no coincidences in life. I believe that there is more to life to know than we are sharing. I suggest to everyone that research is important. There are clues of what I share.

The governments in this world knows more but only certain people who have access. Those who are not in the loop will not know anymore than John Q. public. This is due to no need to know and compartmentalized security. What I share can be proved but, those who are aware of my truth are protecting what they term national security and what cannot be controlled. We know that beings come and go but there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop this from happening. We are all part of a grander scheme and design of life.

I have decided to list the many times that I have had secret encounters with aliens, ETs, and UFOS. I can say is the best I can recall at this time before I die or become so old I cannot remember. So, while the memory is still intact with probably most memories that were not blinked out or wiped out by those who are considered aliens. But know this, there are beings like me that are to share certain memories and knowledge.

There are more than one type of alien. Just like humans on earth, there are positive and negative or so it would seem using the human mind. We must learn the difference. I did, and am learning that Contactees are usually not Abductees and vice versa. They are visited by in the religious and superstitious ways of thinking are visited by what was once termed angels and demons. Clues that the ETs have always been around can be found throughout recorded history on earth.

Some extraterrestrials are considered friendly. Some aliens are considered tormenting. Sounds just like people who are born on earth. The alien agenda is complicated. There are various reasons for the contact and the abductions. There are what is termed good and bad aliens taken from a human point of view because life existence on earth is not fully been made aware. Not yet anyway but this will change over the next fifty years. There are some who are ahead of the curve and if they have the real spiritual interest of growth to assist humankind, then I know that they will find the truth. Those with other intentions will not find the truth and will be taken down the path of illusions.

First, there was the memory of the past lives that I know are intact of my aliens, ETs, and UFOs. I remember watching my friends when they would check in on me while Mother thought I was taking a nap. I can still remember watching them out my window leave and it would upset me. I was given my bottle and I still do not know how they could fill it up again when it was empty but they did.

Second, is the time when I was allowed to go on a ride on a spacecraft, my friend Gus. They picked me up when I was playing outside. Mother sometimes would not know when I was gone. I could be gone days in another place but it was only minutes according to time on earth. There were only a few minutes that they could not replace here when taken up.

Third, there were the times after I contracted Hepatitis A and was so ill I almost died. I had to have a complete blood transfusion and would come and go out of my body. They would visit me and sometimes I would be left alone for hours in my red hammock outside. There were several times during that summer that they came and went and the sun would be blinding and the clouds would shield their spacecrafts but I knew what was going on and sometimes they allowed me to remember them leaving.

Fourth, was the time in White Sands, New Mexico when I was with my cousins. We were playing on the high sand mounds and got away from the adults who were sitting at the cement tables with the picnic lunch. We watched the UFO fly overhead and we watched the UFO land. Then I cannot remember my two cousins going in but I know I did. Then we were all put to sleep on the sand dune top when the adults came looking for us close to dusk. I tried to tell my Grandmother for the second time in my life but she did not believe me. I tried once before when she found me in the field when I was about 4 years old. I know I was very mature and intelligent for my age but I always did what I could to appear average. Therefore, I never mentioned the experience again until I met Sally Hester in Roswell, New Mexico.

Fifth, was in Long Island, New York about 1969. That information had to do with translation telepathically and learning to work with doctors who wanted to study me. I got very sick. I do not want to talk about Montauk Point. It makes me very ill feeling.

Sixth, I had several sightings in Birmingham, Alabama with my four daughters while we traveled in our Volkswagen Bus. Once one of their girl friends saw the UFOS with us. That girl never forgot that experience. Nevertheless, we never talked about it. Later as my daughters were adults, the girl had come to visit and they mentioned the sighting. Otherwise, the girls never talked about the sightings. They always knew that the UFOS were attracted to their mother. That was not a popular thing for girls with friends.

Seventh, I was in Rochester, New York and this time the bright light that turned into a silver oval flying disk had changed. This time, my four daughters and I were in the parking lot at dusk when three orbs of glowing red light appeared in the sky. Many people came out at Pond View Heights Apartments to watch these. I called these into the 911 Emergency Numbers but the woman said no one else had reported them and she was not either. The reason these made me call the sighting in was that all my neighbors and children were all standing hypnotized and I was the only one that could move. The three red lights were one and after a long while, two cam out of the one. This was something that I have to see and everyone was talking about seeing them at the same time and was going to get neighbors in the beginning of the sighting. However, after they all looked up and stood there for a while, I went into the apartment to call. This was about 1983 before there were cell phones or at least before, we were allowed to have them. I went in and when everyone came in as I asked have they gone they simply said “Who?” I said the UFOs. My daughters and my fiancé looked at me as if I was nutty. I learned then that these things could wipe one’s memory out if they wanted too. How I do not know.

Eighth, was when I moved back to Houston, Texas to get my old job back as a Legal Investigator. I had worked for attorneys in Rochester but my senior partner retired. So I wanted to go back to work for my old boss in Houston. I was going to a movie one night and was having a debate over whether UFOS existed before going into the building. Then I got a weird feeling and knew they were communicating with me. They had done this before. I knew they were coming. One flew right over our heads and came at us like a bright white light and no sound. It was only about two stories up and we got a good look from underneath. This began a long string of sightings in Houston, Texas. I went to get my hands tattooed with the three light patterns so I would never forget what I saw. I still have the three dots in a triangle form on both hands today. They are brown and look like freckles. One was in red and one was in blue so I could remember the colors of lights with no sound from underneath.

Ninth, were several sightings in Great Lakes, Illinois while I was at Naval Health Sciences Education and Training Command. There were several sightings and some others have to see them too. I do not know if they remember or not. However, I know there were many people who wanted to engage in talking about them and I would not. I kept my mouth shut. However, I did get to know the son of one of the speechwriters for President Ronald Reagan at the time. He was interested and spoke of the President being interested.

Tenth, was in California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and around military bases about 1987 through 1994. I went from Edwards Air Force Base down to San Diego. Saw UFOS all along the Highway that follows along the coast usually at night but had some day sightings.

Eleventh, were many sightings in Hawaii. They came and went in the ocean and into the old volcano sites. This time was part of my training in metaphysical and with Star Gate.
Honolulu and the island sightings in and out of the Volcano areas and ocean and the 7 years 1988-1994 will take some explaining. Much growth in the spiritual-metaphysical community happened here with the Ascension Center – Ancient Mystery School Opening.

Twelfth, was traveling from California in my Cadillac across country to training at Fort Hood, Texas. I spoke with Indians and saw sightings and we discussed the Kachina Dancers and Dolls. The Indian culture really helped me to feel okay with their ways.

Thirteenth, was a rash of sightings from 1994 with Extra-terrestrials and UFOS through 2002 when I was driving a big truck commercially using my commercial driver’s license.

Fourteenth, was the rash of visitations when I purchased my home and began my own business again from 2002 to the present.

FIFTEENTH, 2007. I finally made another 911 call one night when the dogs were barking. Tom was on the road as a truck driver and I was alone. I went out and saw the black triangle with the three red lights. I knew they were back. This time I became scared for the first time. I realized that these might not be the ones I knew. The good feeling I had from my people was not there. This felt like another type that came to abduct me. I worked for the government for years and know that we have more technological advancements than most people can imagine. But there was no reason and no motive to have our earth man made spacecraft approaching someone like me. I had seen photos of the greys and knew in my training that there were over 57 types. I also had training in real time and as what some call not in this 3D world.

SIXTEENTH, There is training that cannot be defined in the way we think here on earth. There is so much of life that we cannot even begin to explore until we pass various levels of understanding while living on earth.

Some were friendly and did as they were instructed. Some were rebel renegades. This is about awareness and disclosure, and not panic. I am learning all the various ways that people can use fear and illusion on this planet we call home and earth.

We all may feel safe in our homes at night. Some of us may know the truth of what is our truth based on our own experiences. Some of us may want to share and think positive about our experiences while others may want to hold onto their fears and misunderstandings. They are all thoughts created in our own minds than no other being controls. The telepathy is only good within about 6 feet as far as a range that works between the greys or Gray Beings that we call aliens on earth.

That which we decide to share will assist us in preparing for our future. We are to prepare for future earth. There are reasons that beings come and go from earth and why some beings keep this from going public.

There is a debate going on now as to whether the human species on earth is ready to know more about all life as certain beings know it to exist. Whether we will be ready to accept more as a global community for the good of our universal future remains entirely up to us all as one species.

Whether those above will share more than what they are sharing with those they have chosen is only known by the Supreme High Council.

SEVENTEENTH, Meeting the Supreme High Council – Lady and her Assistant. 2004 – This will take some in depth writing and careful word choices. This was in reality when she came to earth to meet me. I had to be looked at apparently by she and in person. I had to be told who she was and I was introduced and felt the telepathic communication for the first time. I knew it in my own head, my own consciousness, and even sometimes when my children and I would begin talking or singing at the same time.

EIGHTEENTH. There are many who define our lives with us. There are those who are of a way that others have always known of as knowing. All can know, but we have found through history of time that we use on earth that only a few are put here with certain DNA enhancement to serve in the positions of Oracles or those who are the mouthpiece in contact with the higher order or vibration, or higher dimensions in space. This is what gives people who were spiritual as Monks in Nostradamus time to teach him the holy divine oracle ways of the Ancient Mystery Agashan Masters. One was of scrying in a brass bowl of water and waving his wand over the water and making the ripples and taking Nostradamus into his trance like state and in to an Out of Body state. When he came to he would find without remembering having channeled 4 quatrains. This is one of the ways those of us desiring this level of consciousness train ourselves. The other sis looking into our magic mirror and seeing everything in reverse as he did with the Queens children of 7 who 3 died becoming 4. There are stories like this throughout time and how we learned in the Ancient Mystery Schools to train our brains and to utilize our energy in the same fashion of creation and energy through the met verses.

Nineteenth. 2012 and Beyond. There is a twenty year period that we will have 20 years of rebuilding.
The pole shift may occur that is when the earth’s crust rotates around our core and this happens every 18,600 years or so. There are many signs of the times in this age of revelation. This will need to be explained to draw all the prophetic knowledge into the various languages into one. I can do this in book form with the explanations. Explaining the Age of Revealing and the Ancient and Future Mystery Schools as one dealing with parallel multiverses is where the future will take science and us.
Please visit

TWENTIETH – 1995 to the present – Story of meeting the commander. I have a learning curve from the time I had memories of assisting when I would be called by the High Council above to do the world. I was lead all along on a path that allowed me my freewill to chose on the every day decisions but, in my freewill, I had come so close to death and leaving the world that I had memories of being in Heaven on October 13, 2008 and out of my body. I had no control over my body and my legs seemed not to work while lying in the Emergency Room in Owensboro Hospital. I had the 14 minutes in Heaven or so it would appear I was not in my physical body. My body was here but my spirit was not. Each time this occurred in my life, My spouse would take me to the hospital which ever was closest at the time. My blood pressure would be very low or high and I would feel light headed and I would tell Tom most times that I had the feeling of leaving my body. This leaving the body only happens every few years. I saw a movie once starring Charlize Theron with black hair. The part she played is as close to the part that was my reality. Able to leave one’s body on earth and report into a higher council or to the Supreme Council. I totally believe that they can pull one’s spirit up when it is time to leave earth. This will lead us into the twenty first century.

The real deal becomes obvious when I am doing what I was chosen to do. They told me to use the computer. The details were spelled out to spend at least 2 hours a day on computer. This is now how they can obtain the transmissions as fast as I can obtain them. Yes, obtain them as in channeling direct information.

That was once what I was doing learning in the Church on earth called the Latter Day Saints who believe in aliens, UFOS, and the worlds that exist above. They know the truth and use to key code in one’s mind to believe in a spirit called Jesus Christ. Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to one if the person ask for the truth to be revealed.

The Jesus that I know has been with me all my life and is a part of me. I would relate this too the feeling in my hear or chest. There is also a Holy Spirit in the pit of my stomach that can be felt. There is an inbred system called the nervous system. This system can be felt through out the whole physical and mental unit which without a physical outer shell looks like an alien. I am referring to the brain and the spinal cord. It is now that I desire to learn more about sharing the way that our brain and the thoughts work. Scientists have announced they can see thoughts and memories firing now on something that was in the new scientists. I want to research this now because I must learn as I go too. All the answers were not revealed.

The truth comes as the need presents itself. I will continues that in another story. THE SECRETS OF 2012 AND TIME SPACE CONTINNUUM.

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पीपुल रीड थेरेसा मौरिस एंड TJ मोर्रिक असीर USA

Cover of “Thomas Jefferson”Cover of Thomas Jefferson

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Regrettably, the internecine turf wars that formerly compromised our intelligence community show signs of new life. This time around, the conflict involves Adm. Dennis Blair, President Obama’s national intelligence director and a highly-decorated Pacific fleet commander, and Leon Panetta, a seasoned and immensely competent Washington insider who now leads the Central Intelligence Agency.

The New York Times reported on June 9 that Blair issued a directive in May announcing his intention to handpick every overseas senior intelligence officer. Panetta responded, staking out the exclusive and historic province of the CIA to install station chiefs. The disagreement quickly hit fever pitch, and senior administration officials have now been summoned to mediate a truce.

As a fundamental matter, the law specifically prohibits the director of national intelligence from concurrently serving as the director of the CIA. While this distinction may seem academic, it underscores a clear congressional intent to differentiate intelligence gathering from intelligence coordination. In other words, the business of spying must reside within the CIA and intelligence gathering entities.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence was created to “oversee the coordination of the relationships between elements of the intelligence community and the intelligence or security services of foreign governments.” According to the law, the position is one designed to harmonize—not disrupt—the interrelationship of various intelligence agencies.

The CIA director, on the other hand, “shall coordinate the relationships between elements of the intelligence community and the intelligence or security services of foreign governments . . . on all matters involving intelligence related to the national security or involving intelligence acquired through clandestine means.”

The distinction couldn’t be more apparent. Director Blair is charged with the administrative oversight of the intelligence community. Director Panetta is charged with the active “command and control” of the CIA’s foreign intelligence officers.

Director Blair’s strategic office must resist the urge to assert command and control of the intelligence community in violation of both the letter and spirit of the law that created it. But that could be a tall order for a man who’s earned his stripes—and his stars—by demonstrating those skills through years of naval command.

The challenges are there for Director Panetta too—from the burden of reinvigorating an agency hard hit in a current climate of congressional accusation to working within a legal framework that potentially buffers his direct access to the president. Panetta’s strengths—the ability to direct the traffic of government at both the Office and Management and Budget and as White House chief of staff—are naturally predisposed to coordination and administration.

In this instance, the Obama administration has selected two outstanding and experienced leaders to serve America’s national security interests. If internal conflicts now threaten the effective coordination of these interests, the president may need to intervene personally and reorganize his national security team. Perhaps Panetta, with his vast administrative and political experience, is better suited as DNI while Blair, with his extensive background as a commander, would thrive at the CIA.

Such organizational shakeups and senior-level swaps within an administration are common in presidential history. Indeed, they are often a sign of good and efficient management skills that ensure the nation’s top leaders are assigned the most suitable roles.

With two wars to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with too many terrorist cells preparing for new attacks on the United States and our allies, the Obama administration must take every effort to prevent the type of stovepiping that undercut our strategic defenses, damaged the morale of frontline agents, and exposed the nation to the nefarious acts of 19 terrorists armed with box cutters and a few weeks of domestic flight school.

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Obama’s Stalling Enriches Iran’s Threat

By Jamie M. Fly

While the president fiddles, the ayatollah burns the midnight oil on nukes.

As protests rage on the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities, President Obama, desperate to preserve the engagement strategy he laid out during his campaign, has chosen to respond cautiously, stating that he is “deeply troubled” but that he intends to “pursue a tough, direct dialogue between our two countries.” It is worth reviewing how President Obama got himself into this conundrum.
Obama’s Class War: The Rich Trump Healthcare

By James P. Pinkerton

The Wall Street bailouts have left no money for healthcare reform.

For the first time, Congressional Republicans are thinking that maybe they can beat back Obamacare, after all. Concerns about the deficit and debt are rising, and startled Democrats are being forced to pay close attention to surging popular anxiety. So what happened? How did Obama take his mandate for healthcare action and fritter it away–in less than five months?
CIA’s Panetta and DNI Blair Should Swap Jobs

By Darrell Issa

Each man is better suited to the other’s role.

Regrettably, the internecine turf wars that formerly compromised our intelligence community show signs of new life. This time around, the conflict involves Adm. Dennis Blair, President Obama’s national intelligence director and a highly-decorated Pacific fleet commander, and Leon Panetta, a seasoned and immensely competent Washington insider who now leads the Central Intelligence Agency.
Thomas Jefferson St.

Library of Congress Gets a Digital Facelift

The day of the call slip is drawing to an end.
White Working-Class Voters Can’t Save the GOP

Just ask President Obama.
The Democrats’ Lobbyist Money Problem

Bad, bad, unacceptable lobbyist money! Give it to us in the morning.
House GOP Doesn’t Support the Troops

They voted for the money before voting against it.
Peace In Iran Seems Unlikely

If only Obama would call the Iranian election what it is: a sham.
Twittering Is Not Reporting, Even in Iran

The revolution may be Twitterized, but it’s not clear that’s a good thing.
Density + Diversity = Democrats

The suburbs and the exurbs are the ball game, and the Democrats are winning.
John Ensign, Sex and Marriage Hypocrite

Against gay marriage, undermining his own marriage.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009
YouTube – psychetruth’s Channel
YouTube – psychetruth’s Channel
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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Official Trailer 4 [HD]

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Apple – QuickTime – Download
Apple – QuickTime – Download
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Edit Page ‹ UFO Information For Human Rights (UFOIHR ) — WordPress
Edit Page ‹ UFO Information For Human Rights (UFOIHR ) — WordPress
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