Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris
Andromeda Galaxy M31
Born on Earth December 26, 1951
“Keeper Of The Flame”
Lemuria & Atlantis Oracle
Scribe for 21st Century
“Cradle of New Civilization”
December 21, 2012 – New Cycle
THERESA JANETTE -9 “TJ” As Foretold in the Sanskrit of Old Earth
Father & Mother of Heaven Have Mercy on the Souls of ALL that are given “TJ” to command while on planet Earth. There is so many galaxies to explore and those chosen will be needed to supply the assistance for future spiritual explorations. “TJ” is the collector of souls for future propogation for “Mother Goddess – We do not speak her name” Our future’s are foretold in the Book of Old. The new Writer of the formation of worlds to come! “TJ” Mother Theresa, Sara of Sothis, Mother of God and GODDESS whom we all cherish and accept as the first and last in the cycle and circle of creation.

Manifestation is being taught on Planet Gaia or Earth.

There is time to instruct those who have teachers and guides present above who allow the title of love on earth with those who are open to receive the blessings divine of all the souls chosen to interact in the universe with others for the creation of all future galaxies expanding all universes. From one into another. Write these things and share with those who are accepted as those who have the chosen qualities of faith, hope, charity, and love in their spiritual essence that may exit and come with those who shall serve in the light of those who are readily accepted in the presence of our creators.

Teach all those who desire to know the truth of creation former and most prevalent among all new spiral galaxies and the creations of essence and spirit that returns back to the common soul of all that are our beings as one in the eternal abyss of all that is known, and all that has always been.

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