By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
The truth that I know can be debated I know and expect. I cannot tell why that we are all under different assumptions based on what the extra biological entities mean to others on earth but, I can tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.
I know that I have much to tell that can be used in various debates on earth in the ET UFO Paranormal Community.
This is so controversial that I am not even sure I should write it. 
It is not the world, the global community, or the government and Majority 12 yes, Majority and not the Majestic 12. My code name is MAJIC. Ring any bells. I am also code named KEEPER. So, that lets some know that I know what I am speaking of. Maybe there are more than 38 clearance levels above TOP SECRET in the military. Maybe there are not. I am no longer in that loop and have been out since April 29, 1993 exactly eight years after I signed my contract with the United States Navy. So that lets those in charge that do care about what I know is not a matter of national security. 
But, what I know I can swear to before Congress as part of the Disclosure Advocates of the truth based on my experiences which is the truth.
I have all the statements made by John Lear and others on my website ET UFO NEWS. I can safely say that I was sent this information that is on the Internet and has been for years and is well known in the ET UFO Community.
There are those that do want to know the truth and there are various layers of truth and untruths that I would call propaganda on both sides of the ET UFO debate about aliens or extra terrestrials. I usually do not share much but, things are not always as they seem. I had no reason to lie and I do not make any monetary funds for me, my family, or the non-profit organizations that I am affiliated with. I am doing my writing of the past because of my morals, integrity, and what I believe to be the way life should be shared on earth. I am an ascension sentient intelligent being who shares this galaxy and universe with some very caring intelligent beings on this planet and in space.
They greys that I know of are those who are fragile and caring. They are much more intelligent with regard to what we know about education, science, technology and even our own species.
People can say I am brainwashed but I was willing to open my life, mind, and way of thinking so I could assist others who are terribly bothered about knowing the truth. This is why now I am at a crossroads in life. I know that I will need to support myself in the future and could make money with books telling people what they want to hear. 
I could share in the stories of the ET UFO Community about the praying mantis type aliens and the reptilians or I can share what I know to be the truth. The truth is much harder to believe because of all the years of propaganda about sharing in the fear of the unknown aliens. There are plenty of stories that add up to the history and I will neither admit or deny what has already been put into to words or print. I will leave all the past words to be read by other for there is nothing I can do to change those words and stories.
But, right is right and there are some of us at levels of life that have worked with beings and lived with beings in the military on earth and as civilians who are contractors that do know some of the truth but not all the truth. Everyone has ideas but no one being knows the whole story and history of the many extraterrestrials not even me. I have been allowed to know certain beings.
One group of these beings are the bi-peddle sentient intelligent beings that on earth we in the ET UFO Community call the greys. They stand about 36 to 45 inches usually under five feet according to English language in feet and not millimeters. I have not held a yard stick up to one but I can say between three and five feet on the average. They have skin that is a grayish tent and have a head with eyes, ears, small nose, and mouth. There arms appear somewhat longer because they are so short when a human compares them to us. One might say they compare to the little people of earth.
They greys have been known to pick up people but they return them to earth usually with no memory of being taken. The ones they observe are usually with a disease that can be cured and those that have these diseases are put into remission or given medicine that work for them. They are not hostile. They are more fragile than we humans of earth.
They work with over 20 types of beings in this galaxy. We have knowledge on earth of over 20 types that are dead and kept on earth. There are many, many more that are alive that those in government are not aware of. 
There are stories of the Nordics who come and go that work with the greys on the ships above in our galaxy. They are allies not enemies. The greys work for the Intelligent Beings on the major city that is a spacecraft but it is so huge and was built in space that we on earth would call it a city in space.
I can neither admit or deny any truth about the world governments building moon bases. I cannot either admit or deny that NASA is owned by our government or that it is simply a civilian corporation. I have not done an investigation on the organization but even if I did a paper trail investigation, this does not mean the actual holding company is the true company or government that actually controls those who are said to work for NASA. I do not put out information I personally have knowledge of. I know that my first husband (deceased) did work for NASA and that I have lived off the monetary gain that he made while supporting me and my children in the lat 60’s and early 70’s during the Apollo mission and when man first walked on the moon which was as far as I believe was a true space mission. If I did a real investigation, I would want to be paid for my time and then I would only submit that the Findings of Facts were to the best of my knowledge and end my Investigative Report based on an Opinion last paragraph the same way I use to complete my Judge Advocate General (JAG) investigations or Inspector General (IG) investigations. This will let those who are my peers and colleagues know in the government that I only submit with course, scope, and facts in my technical writing of Investigative Reports. 
As far as sharing the energy of the Disclosure Advocacy, I do so willingly because I am one who believes there is a level of knowledge that should be known and accepted by the general critical mass populace in this world of which is made up of a species of intelligent beings. We may be a young species but there are some of us that have been allowed to experience certain levels of being and knowledge that allows us to excel in areas of life that we could not without the extraterrestrials assistance. Those that I am familiar with are caring individuals with various levels of responsibility while here.
They should not have to fear for their lives on earth while all they have ever done is come and go with a desire to assist the species that we as humans are all a part of. It is ignorance that keeps us in fear of the unknown and I truly believe that there are certain past beings who were involved in the cover up based on their own self image and self control with others based on greed.
This may or may not be those who at one time were working with the Majority Twelve, the government, and I believe Herbert Hoover was only one being that wanted to control others with what he could obtain based on their personal lifestyles while having some questionable lifestyle eccentric ways of his own.
If there is still evil forces on earth then they are human being creations that are used with propaganda and fear used as control techniques with propaganda.
There are many beings who are writers such as myself that are to become writers of history of the future and will rewrite the history of the past civilizations with revisions and corrections.
In the future, as we go forth in space technology, we should all remember that there may be intelligent beings that are much older as intelligent beings that could at one time one earth been considered Supreme Beings, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Messengers of God, Prophets, and Church, and religious world leaders. This includes those of all faiths and not just some.
If anyone ever believed that there is more to life than what is seen and understood on earth by people of faith or people of science, then one’s own mind should allow them to open that part of their minds that can certainly understand that if there are good and bad people on earth, then there are certainly good and bad people in space.
I have know beings on earth that are good but have made bad choices on earth. I also believe that there are those who are bad beings that have made good choices on earth and have become leaders of greed that control others.
This can apply in other worlds but remember that some of those worlds may be our ancestors who have always been guiding some of us on earth to share the truth of what is real to them in their world and in their galaxy. 
There is information that we can all accept as truth or lies. There is truth that we can accept about other species and other intelligent beings. I can share my truth that what I know is real in this life as much as the next. I can assure those who want to know the truth that there are many of us who have been exposed to the truth and reality that many of our elected leaders on earth have not been briefed about for they in the past had no reason to know the truth.
When Congress and the President of the United States is allowed to know of the truth about other intelligent beings that exist as off worlders in space above earth then we all can rest assured that some of the ones who are out in space to protect our species and this planet will be more at ease about allowing more of us know the truth about what we can expect in the future for our species.
We have been dangerous and killed the greys that have visited this planet in the past. If one knew that they were only trying to assist a younger species stay alive even though a primitive hostile species, we can understand why at the present time, they choose to stay hidden and not made known to the general populace on earth. This can change when we change our ways of gender bashing our own kind. There are other bi-peddle species in space. Some may be hostile I am told by those who have guided me on earth and have been friendly to me and my spouse. We were treated with respect and decency. As a matter of fact we were treated well and when I visited England Spain, and Portugal I was treated about the same as by these aliens above earth. The ones that look like us are the one’s who are in charge above. 
The real Majority Twelve is above in another Galaxy and that is the truth!    

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