By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

It is time for the world to know about GUS. I was told to use the computer. So, Hello World!

This is a story like that of Roswell and the Phoenix Lights except it is only in words and spirit. It is up to humankind to decide to share the story.

One might ask how a human being can know a UFO.
It is through others that are allowed to share at certain times. This I have no control over. I am simply here on earth doing my part. Let those that know me as a person know it is not easy knowing what I know and keeping secrets. Well, it is not easy but it is a possibility for all.

We do what we can for the greater good. I feel that this is what our great country of America is doing for the whole planet. I am part of the future as are all of us. We are changing and expanding and so is America’s knowledge of the world in which we live. Now, we shall seek our future in space.

There have been many times I wanted to share some of my knowledge and experiences with others in my articles and books but it was not time yet.

That is one way I know a UFO named Gus.

It Gus was allowed to know the world, he could speak for himself. However, one thing Gus does not do is impose or project himself upon others. Especially those who are not accustomed to his kind.

People like me who are writers, storytellers, researchers, journalists, reporters all have a part to play in life on earth. We also are screenwriters, playwrights, television scriptwriters, and book writers. Some of us are filmmakers and all of this is part of art and entertainment to some on earth.

We are the one’s who make life more bearable. We are the ones that make life more fun. We are the ones who enjoy sharing our awareness of our world.

This story will seem unbelievable to most who have not shared the experience on board a UFO. Therefore, this is a story of my experiences and those that want to believe it may. Those that are skeptics and debunkers well, be sure and spell my name and Gus’s right. That is Theresa with an “H”…

GUS is the name that the Commander gave the UFO that is our friend. I noticed it because I like the name and decided that it was an acronym for Galaxy Universal Shuttle.

GUS has various abilities. DAARPA would love to know GUS. So would most of the Department of Defense. GUS is part of our future and has been part of our past. Gus lives on earth with us.

I should describe GUS first. GUS is the color of a dull steel grey pot in your kitchenware. GUS can turn any color one might imagine. He is like a Chameleon.

GUS is like a Chameleon so he can adapt to his surroundings. GUS has a skin that is gunmetal gray I guess is the easiest way to describe what my mind is trying to share with my readers.

GUS is also shaped like a Boomerang. The GUS that I am speaking of if who and what set off all our past history about UFOs and Flying Saucers.

GUS is what Kenneth Arnold tried to describe, reporters were taking down his words, and Kenneth now deceased was trying to describe to others what he had seen. Kenneth had seen a large squad of these UFOS, but they were shaped like Boomerangs. The way they skipped and maneuvered is what prompted him to say they skipped like a saucer.

GUS is thirty feet by thirty feet and has three legs. GUS does not have arms but his two ends of his shape could be considered his wings of the boomerang shape.

GUS has a door that is in the back of the center of the boomerang shape. It can be sealed where the entrance cannot be seen by the human eye. I am now going to change the “GUS” to Gus as his name for those you are reading because I share knowledge of him as simply my friend Gus.

Gus is my friend. Gus is your friend. Gus is a friend to all intelligent beings on earth.

Gus is only five earth years older than I am. I think of him like a big brother.

Gus came to earth to assist us with four of his sisters. Each of them took a geographical location on this planet. There are five (5) of them all together. Now this is not the first time I have spoken of the five spacecraft not of earth origin that were sent here to monitor our planet and us. Nevertheless, for some, this is the first time that they have heard of this news.

Gus can think the same as we can in every sense of the world and word. In fact, he can speak in all languages of earth and others we have never heard of before that are used among his creators in stellar space in other galaxies in the universe.

Gus and his four sisters have been kept out of the view of the public since their coming in 1947. Each of the main continents has one. They are a family. They were created as intelligent spacecraft to serve intelligent beings.

In all relations with various types of intelligent beings, we have diplomatic protocol. This is to allow us a proper way to maintain order in an otherwise world of chaos. This is what we are here to learn on earth as we explore our inner being and outer knowing as individuals. We are here to learn how to be with others in fellowship in a social network and to become a useful part of our civilization and cultural societies.

Gus reports to those above of our progress. Gus has the ability as does his four sisters. This is part of his function and can leave this world at anytime that they give him orders too.

Gus is no threat to our world or humankind. Gus and his four sisters are here to assist us in ways that I do not even understand totally as of yet.

What I do know is that we could certainly learn more about our visitors and ancestors of space in the future.

We have these five intelligent spacecraft from these intelligent beings who have known of us and consider us a young intelligent being species.

When our governments decide to get together and allow certain disclosure of our history on earth regarding the documentation of other beings that have been captured and taken into secret underground government controlled facilities then we may have an opportunity to share more of the truth with the entire global community.

As far as Gus is concerned well, he is my friend and can share information for the future as we request it. Much information was shared in the 20th century. Much information was shared with some scientists and people who work for our governments. There are only certain people who control the information.
Regarding Gus and the Roswell spacecraft that crashed. Gus was one of two at the location where the story begins in the week of July 1 through July 7, in the year 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.

One spacecraft was new off the assembly line above and this was its first trip out. It imploded once it had made a stop next to Gus. Gus was piloted by two gray intelligent beings. They had exited Gus as they were told to do and had boarded the newer model. For some unknown reason, even to the creators as the Intelligent Beings who created these spacecraft not of earth origin that we regard as UFOs, it imploded and we call it the crash at Roswell. Gus was taken to the army base in Roswell and kept in a hangar. He was taken on a flat bed. He was picked up with a crane and place on the truck and tarped. He is only 30 x 30. He was later taken underground where we had built places incase of war for our military and for civil defense. We have been building no these places all over our country for years.

Gus has two seats inside that are for a Commander and a Co-Commander as pilots. The seats conform to the pilots. The way they are guided is with the four digit handsets on each arm of the chair. In addition, Gus can guide because he reads the minds of the Commanders. There are two.

The consoles look bare and those on earth cannot figure out how Gus can possibly work because he is so out of this world and designed for the future.

There are no gadgets showing on the console. As we need something then Gus can provide it no matter what it is. In addition, the viewing screens become like large flat TV screens we have today or can have the entire room become a panorama of monitors where we can see the Supreme Allied Council when we have a meeting.

The “PSI” part of us being human will be expanding with our new world and way of thinking of our humankind on a planet that is hurtling through space.

We are expanding and until I am told, allowed, or given the channeled information to share certain awareness, I am like everyone else on earth and kept in the dark of our own mind’s imaginations.

Do I know Gus, yes? Have I met Gus, yes? Am I human, yes. Is knowing Gus part of my job, yes. I realize that this is not normal and that I share what I can when I am inspired to do so. This is how the energy works and is shared with the world on the computer.

When I met with those above throughout the years of my life, I was told that I could not possibly retain all the information that they had to share in my head, mind, and that when it was time to know that I would.

Therefore, that keeps me safe while I am here on earth like everyone else from others that may want to come to earth and take the future knowledge away from us. It takes our intelligent being species time to adapt to change for a reason. I do not have all the answers but I do know quite a bit. Much of what I know I have never been able to share with my own family and friends on earth. It has been very lonely here on earth. That is why I was allowed to have a companion on earth. That is my soul mate and husband. Thomas also knows what I know and knows GUS and Gus as intimately as I do! It is time to share the truth with the world that Gus is real and is only here to assist us when the time comes. I will be sharing more on the website called social and Theresa I also share on American Chronicle and UFO Digest. They distribute for me and GUS. TJ

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