ACIR – ACE GUIDE of the Ascension Center Enlightenment Magazine.
A work in progress for all the ACE Lightworkers who share in the website articles and blogs.
We are putting great efforts into sharing all of the Ancient Mystery Schools with all the updates regarding the mystical, magical, metaphysical, and occult wisdom lacking in many of the past disciplines taught on earth.
Many people could not read and write throughout the past centuries. This allowed for much confusion.
We hope that the world will desire to share health and prosperity for all.
This is our goal as Ascension Beings who are centered, well rounded, and grounded in education for earth.
THE ASCENSION CENTER – ACE GUIDE – EDUCATION and SELF-HELP Books and publishing for those who desire to know more about the future of humankind on earth. Many who desire to study ascension are about the future inspiration for all. Ascension Beings desire health and prosperity for all.
The Ascension Center ACE GUIDE FOR 2012 will include education in these areas.
The Truth is the Matrix we create in our minds which is housed in side our brains. We are about to enter a time when Brain Mapping for Computers will become part of our lives in this lifetime on earth.
Earth is the present world we call home. We are about to share a virtual reality level with everyone that at present we call the Akashic Field where the Theory of Everything is housed.
One might reference the Theory of Everything as the entire memories of all essences that exist in this time and space. We call this a space-time continuum anomaly in some worlds. There can be distortions and those are negative thoughts that serve no purpose and others are what we now recognize will cause what we term at present as Alzheimer’s or a disease of a type of atrophy of the brain where our minds are stored.
We shall all learn about the future and how our essence is touched by the humanity in us all. We are all a part of the larger picture we call the universal matrix that creates our universal order with laws of the chaos in our universal prime directives here in this place we call space.
There are others who are Time Travelers who have come to earth as Ascension Centered Enlightened Avatar Ascended Master Guides.
We shall learn about the course of the involvement with other spirits who have their memories intact from various other universal forums and levels and dimensions.
The mind is where we presently consider our memories, and emotions that we call thoughts. We will now learn about theoretical particle physics in the matrix and we shall offer those of the humanoid kind peace.
We offer peace of the mind through accessing the brains of all humankind that are coming to earth for education, exploration, research, and for growth.
Here are some of what we shall offer in words through the energy that is now being exposed in what humankind calls the “Great Awakening through Unity – Ascension Age”.
Memories & Future Computer Brain Mapping
Memories & Future Computer Brain Mapping will be how we are to comply with our idea of eternal living in the forever of energy, as our thoughts are to be stored to save us!
We shall have to now address faith in humanity and allow science to produce the thoughts that we once considered philosophy, which was the creation of science in the first place.
We shall have to unlearn some of our past and learn to know what is important to humanity and the future our memories as humankind a species of earth as part of the matrix of our own minds which we create as part of our world in our own universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. Omnipresence is the omnipotent thought of our “ALL” as the entire creation that houses our outermost thoughts, which we conceive as the higher power or our conceptualized power given to the creator or our God.
We who are of the Intelligent Design Mode of thought processing believe there has always been an Omnipotent beginning outside our own omnipresence in time. Time Travelers are now considered those who are like me with memories of reincarnated being as Soul Ascension Masters and Avatar Master Guides. It is an old concept of the Alien Ancient Mystery Schools that have come full circle to be awakened and made aware one more time in this universe. We are creating our own eternity for all soul’s survival as essence in the all or the beginning for everyone in everything.
We are going to search for the Theory of Everything in the New Ascension Age Movement to begin officially as a date we set ourselves as December 21, 2012 at a time of 11:11.
We create therefore we exist in eternal mystical wonder of our own soul’s progression throughout the Omniverse. In the beginning was the word and the word was without form.
“I think, therefore I am.” —René Descartes, 17th-century philosopher
“I have learned that my thoughts travel with me in all forms of existence.” TJ Morris – ET Contactee.
Our soul exudes energy eternal and reaches out to each of us through our individual Central Nervous System therefore our essence is Ascension Center Enlightenment Causal Reality while we are here in physical body-mind-spirit form. I shall be sharing my thoughts as energy in words on the Internet for others to find as they reach a level of understanding of how we shall all be connected and yet separate in our gathering as bonding and categorizing our other worldly thoughts in bulk. TJ
By learning about the brain, we learn that the brain is the root of
What makes us human?
Mapping the millions of miles of neuronal “wires” in the brain could help researchers understand how those neurons give rise to intelligence, personality and memory,
says Sebastian Seung,
Professor of Computational Neuroscience at MIT.
We begin learning the fundamental principles of brain structure and function as students of life here on this planet. Students will better understand how they respond to and interact with their environment and how scientific research contributes to better health while we are here on earth. We are all here to learn and to shape the thoughts as memories, which we shall take with us to the next level of our energy existence.
I prefer to believe that we are all here to learn, explore, and to grow our energy into that of offering more to the various levels in the matrix of our energy, which is the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. While I am here as a student of life, I shall be glad to share what I learn with others who desire to have a friendly Guide.
Either by learning how individual behaviors can alter the function of the brain positively or negatively, students will be better prepared to prevent neurological trauma. I have decided to share what I can while I am in school learning myself of the words and thoughts behind the education process, which is offered at the college and university levels for all students.
I shall have to use my brain which is where I shall house or keep all my thoughts to become memories that I can access later whether in or out of my present physical body structure. I learned that I could leave my body when I had a near death experience.
Excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters are the very molecules responsible for producing a specific motor response to a sensory input. I am learning how our energy shall be compared to that which goes on forever as what we call the eternity. I realize from my experiences that we do not cease to exist when our bodies die. This is something that science and theology shall be addressing in etymology the origin and study of words and etiology the study of causes, reasons, and origins…
I personally am interested in all of the words we create on this planet and the meaning behind them, as well as, the origins. I shall also be interested in all people, places, and things, which makes it very hard to focus on only one subject for degree purposes. The mind that I have is always interested in everything around me and what makes us human and endearing to others as a species.
I have been asked if I believe that my prior alien contact or extraterrestrial contact is due to my prior belief system as a Christian. Since I am a student of all religions in this world, I would like to think that my interest in theology and philosophy has meaning and a purpose but I cannot answer that question.
I only know that I am as interested in the mind and brain and how it receives, assimilates, and stores energy as the next person in the studies of the brain and computers. I want to know how we shall interact with computers on earth because where I have experiences and memories as a time traveler or a soul who wonders in other dimensions, I often wonder how people will accept the computers that I have learned to know and have grown to love.
Something to Form a Base of Operations for Further Study———–
Neurotransmitters bind to the receptors, the charge across the postsynaptic membrane changes, and if the change is great enough, it triggers a nerve impulse. The new nerve impulse then travels along the postsynaptic cell.
Scientists have discovered a large number of neurotransmitters. Some are excitatory—they cause the postsynaptic neuron to become more likely to initiate a nerve impulse.
Some neurotransmitters are inhibitory that cause the postsynaptic neuron to become less likely to generate a nerve impulse.
Neurotransmitters are important to our nervous system.
An electrical impulse is generated when a stimulus such as sensory input that causes a rapid change in electrical charge in one part of a neuron’s membrane. This electrical impulse is one unit of neural information. An electrical impulse flowing along the length of a neuron is called a nerve impulse.
Nerve impulses proceed in just one direction within a neuron—from the dendrites, through the cell body and axon, to the axon terminals and neurons produce nerve impulses in an all-or-nothing way.
Neurons receive information from cells, and then transmit this information to other cells. The transmission of information between cells of the body and neurons enables us to react to changes in our internal and external environments. Neurons have a cell body, which contains a nucleus that directs the cell’s activities.
Specialized extensions called dendrites bring information into the cell body. Other extensions at the opposite end of the neuron are called axons. These carry information away from the cell body. Information leaves a neuron through axon terminals, the endpoints of the axon. Bundles of axons are called nerves.
The nervous system includes three general types of neurons: sensory neurons, interneurons, and motor neurons. Sensory neurons are specialized to detect stimuli from the environment, such as light, sound, taste, or pressure.
Detection of a stimulus triggers the sensory neuron to transmit a message to the central nervous system. There the message is relayed to interneurons that integrate the information and generate instructions about how to respond.
Instructions are sent back to the peripheral nervous system as messages along motor neurons. The motor neurons then stimulate muscles to contract or relax to make the appropriate responses. They also stimulate glands to release hormones.
Environmental and genetic factors influence the onset, severity, and progression of many neurological diseases.
“Instead of specifying the details of how the computer does something, you give it an example of what you want it to do and an algorithm that tries to figure out how to do what you want,” says Jain. After the computer is trained on the human tracings, it is applied to electron micrographs that have not been traced by humans. This new technique represents the first time that computers have been effectively taught to segment any kind of images, not just neurons.
Jain and Turaga have also invented new ways of evaluating how well the computer imitates humans at the task of tracing. Those measures are crucial for machine learning because the computer, just like students in a class, will not learn the desired task well unless the “exam” properly measures performance.
Comparing connectomes as human development unfolds could also be informative, since much human behavior is learned, not encoded in the genome. “Compared to an adult, a baby doesn’t know how to do very much. The brain is slowly refined and becomes more powerful, and the thing that’s refined is the wiring diagram,” says Jain.
Many of the research teams that have begun working on neuron-to-neuron connectome diagrams are starting with small pieces of the whole. These teams include a group at Harvard that is focusing on the human hippocampus, a brain region involved in memory and learning. Other groups are starting with brain diagrams for smaller animals such as mice and zebra fish.
However, only a handful of labs around the world are working on the connectome right now, Jain and Turaga expect that to change as tools for diagramming the brain improve. “It’s a common pattern in neuroscience:
A few people will come up with new technology and pioneer some applications, and then everybody else will start to adopt it,” says Jain.
Casey Kazan via MIT News Office
Scientific researchers need to examine these disorders thoroughly in order to develop effective treatments and cures.
We shall be sharing more information in the future on all that we as students and teachers will find to write about for others to find on the Internet. I would be very much interested in others in the Alien ET UFO Community pursuing information to assist in the future with operating our minds together in unison with how we see synergy and how we shall all interact in the future with computers and other bio energy systems. I shall return to school myself to learn the ways of this world and those who are considered the most intelligent of our species here and who shall gain knowledge together in the next twenty earth years. I would like to continue sharing on the
Internet as a writer.
Here are some terms those who desire to follow my quest or inner path may want to share. We will all welcome new terms as we create them.
We shall learn to consider Quantum Jumping and Remote Viewing as simple ways of being in the future on this planet, as we understand more about Quantum Physics and Theoretical Science and Particle Physics.
In the meantime, let’s all start on the same page with the following terms to use in our future articles and essays on our future with the Andromeda Galaxy Chronicles of Theoretical Stories of the Mind as we learn to Brain Train our Minds as our scientists learn to map our brains to be shared in the future of computers.
We are all going to learn how to be eternal in energy that matters because mind over matter means – minds matter! TJ Thurmond Morris
Alzheimer’s disease: A progressive, neurodegenerative disease characterized by loss of function and death of nerve cells in several areas of the brain. This leads to loss of cognitive functions such as memory and language.
Animal model: A laboratory animal used in research that simulates processes comparable to those that occur in humans.
Axon: A long, branching outgrowth of a neuron that carries information, in the form of a nerve impulse, away from the cell body of the neuron.
Each neuron has one axon, which can be over a foot long.
A neuron delivers information to other cells through the axon terminals at the end of its axon.
Brain: The center of thought and emotion in the central nervous system. The brain is responsible for the coordination and control of body activities and the interpretation of information from inside and outside the body.
Cell body: In neurons, the main part of the cell around the nucleus excluding long processes such as axons and dendrites.
Central nervous system (CNS): One of the two major divisions of the nervous system. The CNS consists of the brain and spinal cord.
Cognitive function: The mental process of knowing, thinking, learning, and judging.
Dendrite: A branching outgrowth of a neuron that carries information, in the form of a nerve impulse, into the cell body of the neuron. Each nerve usually has many dendrites.
Glial cells (glia): Specialized cells that surround neurons. They provide mechanical and physical support to neurons and electrical insulation between neurons.
Interneuron: A type of neuron that connects only with other neurons and thus delivers information only between neurons.
Involuntary response: A nervous system response, such as a reflex, that is not under the control of the brain, and thus does not involve choice.
Learning: The acquisition of knowledge or skill. It occurs in, and may lead to changes in, the brain.
Motor neuron: A neuron that delivers information from a sensory neuron or interneuron to muscles or glands in the body in order to produce a response.
Motor output:
The body’s response to motor information delivered through motor neurons.
The insulating sheath that surrounds axons.
Nerve: A bundle of neurons bound together by a protective sheath of connective tissue.
Nerve impulse: Information in the form of an electrochemical signal that travels through a neuron in response to a stimulus.
Nervous system: The entire, integrated system of nerve tissue in the body. It is composed of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and glia. The human nervous system can be subdivided into the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS).
Neural pathway: An interconnected set of neurons that delivers information (in the form of a nerve impulse) related to a body function.
Neural signaling: The delivery of information through a neural pathway.
Neuron: A specialized cell that delivers information within the body.
Paralysis: Loss or impairment of motor function due to damage of the nervous system by injury or disease. Paralysis below the waist only is referred to as paraplegia; complete paralysis below the neck is referred to as quadriplegia.
Peripheral nervous system (PNS): One of the two major divisions of the nervous system. Nerves in the PNS connect the central nervous system (CNS) with sensory organs, other organs, muscles, blood vessels, and glands.
Plasticity: The ability of the brain to change through the formation or strengthening of connections between neurons in the brain.
Positron emission tomography
(PET): A technique for imaging the brain in action. PET images show active regions in the brain.
Postsynaptic cell: A neuron that receives a nerve impulse across a synapse.
Presynaptic cell: A neuron that sends a nerve impulse across a synapse. Reflex: A type of involuntary response. Sensory input: Information received by the body through sensory organs, such as the eyes, ears, nose, and skin.
Sensory neuron: A neuron that delivers sensory information from the sensory organs to interneurons or motor neurons.
Spinal cord: The part of the central nervous system that is located inside the vertebral column. Neurons in the spinal cord connect neurons in the brain to neurons in the body.
Stimulus: Any information coming into the body that is capable of generating a nerve impulse.
The space separating the axon terminals of a neuron from the dendrites of the next neuron in a neural pathway.
Traumatic brain injury (TBI): Injuries to the brain caused by physical trauma to the head.
I would like to invite everyone into my world of learning as a Time Traveler in this Space Time Continuum we all share with others in our Omniverse. I sometime am at a loss for words to compare as a model in this universe with other lifetimes, which I have experienced. There are ways we can all find out about our past lives in what we consider as reincarnation of our parts that we encounter as our essence as part of our soul.
Do not confuse entomology the study of insects with Etymology the study of world history. We will assist many teachers with the topics for those who desire to visit Hawaii, and learn of Lemuria and Atlantis. The New Age of Revealing and Revelation is considered the years of 2010 through 2012.
2013 begins the ASCENSION AGE. David Wilcock will be speaking at a seminar in Hawaii in February. Michael Salla is also in Hawaii.
The topics discussed are a compilation, formulation of the Ancient Mystery Schools adapted to modern day words, and etymology will be a part of the future changes in the WEB and the MATRIX. Some now refer to the Critical Mass Consciousness and how everyone that is entitled to know of the God Particles in everyone and everything affects the Akashic Field. This is now being revealed to Quantum Scientists and those who are working with the Hadron Collider. There are new findings for Astronomers and new telescopes creating new awareness for us all. It is truly an age of revealing. Bodies There have been recent attempts at creating groups and associations for seminars in California and in other places around the world including Hawaii.
Honolulu is the home to the original Ascension Center and is considered the Heart of Lemuria. Many of the Hawaiian Hunas know this and feel the Hawaiian Chain of islands are cresting or sitting upon where Lemuria once resided.
If anyone has ever been to Hawaii and toured the islands where there are both whales and dolphins that live there, one can know it is truly touched and blessed.
Gil Grissom on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV show is an entomologist, who is played by actor William Petersen.
Similarly, entomologist Jack Hodgins of Bones, portrayed by TJ Thyne, helps his team by analyzing insects (such as Hydrotaea) and “particulates” near to or attached to decomposed victims, often identifying the precise location a murder originally occurred; he is also an expert in botany and mineralogy.
In Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, The Hound of the Baskervilles, the villain is a naturalist who collects butterflies, making him an “evil” entomologist.
There are numerous science fiction books, which have plots based on humans becoming smaller and having to deal with insects at their level.
Some examples are The Insect Warriors by Rex Dean Levie, Atta by Francis Rufus Bellamy, Bug Park by James P. Hogan, The Micronauts series by Gordon Williams, and The Forgotten Planet by Murray Leinster. The Forgotten Planets plot is twisted in that the insects are the size of men (or larger) on a planet “seeded” to prepare it for human habitation. Robert Asprin wrote The Bug Wars, a novel about war between reptiles and insects on an interplanetary scale.
We are going into what are called precession years. This will include
The new discoveries of old and ancient information through science,
Technology and discoveries of future inventions.
It is our desire to share in the awareness of ascension cultural
Education. We plan to do this via the Internet or World Wide Web.
There is so much changing now that we should be involved with art,
Culture, education, science, technology, and the religions of
Humankind on earth.
We are going through global change and will need everyone to improve
Innovations and involvement.
The Large Hadron Collider is the picture of the 21st century that will
Lead the way into our new discoveries of the weak and strong nuclear
Forces in the universe. This will deal with the global environment,
International world governmental changes and future discoveries on
Earth. Some may include the knowledge of reverse engineering from
Extraterrestrial technology.
We are doing this internationally now as we can see due to the recent
Earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010. We cannot change history but
We can learn from our mistakes.
The Red Cross is the one organization that we can count on in the world.
The United Nations is also one organization along with UNESCO for education.
We will need more involvement during these years that will involve
The OLYMPIC TEAMS to inspire us and to share hope.
There are new words on websites springing up daily in the world. The new buzzwords with the new marketing and media online have not been able to keep up with all the new words. We will need a new Global Lexicon and WORLD WIDE DICTIONARY.
We will need improvements in our Lexicography skills. There are now new
Improvements in our entertainment media. We have seen some innovations that we have enjoyed with computer graphics and simulations in a lifelike film called Avatar. We will desire more movies such as Avatar and maybe Steven Spielberg could make a Close Encounters II or the Fourth Kind has been made so maybe Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. This new 3D movie was a wonderful contribution to the 21st
During the past in American when we were at war and/or in a recession
We used the theater and movies to inspire us to a better way of life
With movie stars on the big silver screen who had a life we could only
Dream about and desire, which inspired hope for the future.
We have always enjoyed our movies and these can now be seen in various
Ways on television via satellite, internet computers, and yet, we
Still want to go share in a social event with our friends and families
In theaters in America. This has been engraved as part of our American
The Ascension Center Education will be a part of the future and is
Concentrating on the time prior to the date of December 21, 2012,
11:11 AM as the sun passes over our part of the world. The light will
Restore parts of our DNA that have been lacking and those born after
This time on earth will be the new human beings with knowledge
Abilities that include the future in 3D and Virtual Imaging in the
Many call this Ascension Age, which is called that for the awareness the time on earth, brings about the truth as it is restored in correcting history with our past knowledge clarified with the assistance of avatar oracles.
The topics shared in a guide we will be sharing in the new World
Information Network (WIN) to inspire Social Entrepreneurs of the
Future on the Internet. We are a Global Community that is rebuilding
Ourselves through new information, knowledge, reconstruction, and
Imagining ourselves in the future. This projection and new telepathic
Waves we use to connect to the Akashic Field of Everything in the
Universe will be not only felt but also discovered to be a real energy in
The smallest forms of matter and antimatter in science.
Some of the topics below are what many people are now interested in as
We create new scripts for our enjoyment and entertainment social media
Networks. We will all become students as seekers and teachers as seers
Around the world. Global Community Culture is dealing with art,
Culture, education, science, technology, social entrepreneurs, and
Creating new professions and careers for the future of our children.
The following is in no specific order as we are still compiling topics and subjects for Neophytes from our Ascension Center Authority though December 21, 2012 T. 11:11 DEADLINE – ASCENSION CENTER AVATAR GUIDE FOR LIGHT WORKERS IN THE ASCENSION AGE
Vertebral column: The series of bones that extend from the skull to the tailbone. It provides support and forms a flexible, protective case for the spinal cord. The bones of the vertebral column are called vertebrae.
Voluntary response: A nervous system response that is under control of the brain, and thus involves choice.
These words I am sharing because they are coming up in my present life and how I shall continue to learn about myself in relation to others and how we use our minds inside our brains.
Brain Training is a major part of the Ascension Center Enlightenment (ACE)
Categories of learning for future technology and advancement with interacting with computers such as human anatomy and flight Simulations in the future advancement of our humankind in space.
Part of my mission on earth is revealed to me in time as I grow and learn how I can be of service to the human population that now exists and will be changing over the course of the next 24 months.
We are all in a state of flux and change while we enter a new phase of our existence in this universe.
Many of us feel the outward and inward pull of our energy from others as we learn to exert more energy in thoughts. We will now be learning about brain mapping and how we may become eternal in state of mind for the future of our own humankind in this universe and in other dimensions. We should all continue education and I suggest that all those in the “Baby Boomer Category” to return to education for formal training for those who are not presently pursuing a profession to assist those on earth. We were the generation that was to change the world and so be it!
Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Author/Entrepreneur consultant includes paranormal experiences that include Extraterrestrials, OBE, NDE, ECE, and TJ is a well-known professional psychic medium since 1990. Read Roswell Co
ASCENSION AGE begins on DECEMBER 21, 2012 T. 11:11
The most dramatic changes are being revealed now in articles on Social Paranormal Network Guide at
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Creed, Jesus, Dogma, Catholicism, Reformation, Present
Jewish Creed, Ethics, Talmud, Mysticism
History, Origin, Mohammedan Mysticism,
Basic Modes between humankind & Deities
Preanimistic Theory
Theory of Original Monotheism
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Celts & Slavs
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Star gates
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Zechariah Sitchen
We will also add our TJ Morris & Friends websites, RSS, and links.
American Culture International Relations
Timely Manor Books
TJ Morris Publishing
TJ Morris tm ACIR sm
Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Author
There are levels of time and there are levels and dimensions. There are levels of existence and there are ways that the universe flows inside the matrix that we call the metaverse.
There is the multiverse, which flows all over, and around the universe and all those that are stuck like flies to fly paper but we call these sheets branes in the metaverse.
Therefore, if we know that the world is only one planet in a solar system, inside a galaxy among billions of others inside a universe. What makes us think that there are not many other universes inside the metaverse surrounded by matter and anti-matter of the nuclear space dust type that is all around us in the xenoverse inside the omniverse?
Now, if we have all this going on inside the real omniverse there still has to be an observer to know all of this. If God and Goddesses are outside looking in then who created them?
There has to be time travel as we know it outside of the matrix and if this is, true then each web must be in another dimension of time and there probably are many other webs.
Michio Kaku has been on television and trying to explain to people that there are other parallel universes. Whether anyone is listening or watching is another matter. I happened to see an episode or two. However, then it seemed like the same thing repeatedly and I have not had time to watch the show in a long time. Therefore, I have no idea if he was passed where he was going with his quantum entanglement or passed the string theory.
Anyway, Tom and I have experienced what could be considered other dimensions. One time while Tom was back in the day and had some experiences like outside of what is called a UFO, he spoke about the room that was outside of GUS, the UFO that is kept underground from the public. Outside was simply the world or the one that we all see and know. However, when Tom went into a room that could not possible be there because he knew he was standing at the door and could see the outside wall, he knew that there were no extra rooms. However, when he went to the wall there was a room. It opened up. Tom could not believe it. He asked me “Where did the room come from?” I told him, “It’s got to be another dimension that we ordinarily cannot see while we are here on this planet.” He looked like DATA on Star Trek for a second or two and shifted his head like Data does and said, “MAY BE.” That was all that was said about it for year’s one earth.
We have since had other experiences and there are plenty of others but this will serve DIRK now to get this forum started, and my back is tired from sitting in this executive high back chair at my computer. One thing about being on GUS is that the seats conform to your body. These old earth chairs are hard on my back. Oh and another thing what’s up with this world having all these computers that are not controlled by humans?
I had the hardest time conforming to this time on earth. We had to adjust this time around to not being able to create the proper request on earth. It is like the Command Ship on Star Trek in our normal existence. Here I see some computers work on trucks by voice commands and other computers do not have voice command. Shouldn’t this world become accustomed to accuracy and a constant with public computers? I do not understand when I cannot go up to a computer and talk to it. There are some places on earth we can use voice commands and other places that will not respond. How is a normal human being supposed to know the difference? In this world we need to become united as to what we shall teach all those who shall come after the Indigo children for they will be coming to earth expecting more.
SO where do the babies come from and are they in another dimension before they are given units. Body-mind-spirit vessels? This is also all part of the time travel journals. I guess that Dirk will finally make a book out of each forum.
I for one will address the fact that there are many levels and dimensions in the metaverse and that the fact that other universes exist is a mute point. TJ
Time Travel is relative to the experiencer. However, what if real humans in various levels of existence right now are also experiencing time travel, today, in this reality?
A very sensitive topic to some. There are various ways to think of time travel and the dimensions. There are now 13 dimensions.
We think of this working world as three-dimensional. We also recognize first and second dimensional thinking. We will now learn to incorporate fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh. Twelfth dimension is reserved for the Supreme Beings. We are not able to fathom the thirteenth dimension, which is outside of the omniverses.
We presently use the matrix inside the web of the universe, multiverse (polyverse), metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. This is as far as we have been able to lay claim to our work and worlds in words at this time one earth in reality and virtual reality. We are learning how to expand the awareness with the shift and uplift in the ascension center enlightenment or ACE project on earth.
We are all working with various others in the Akashic Field and we are striving to share that which we will one day describe as more than simply a theory of everything.
Do we who are the inquiring minds of the critical mass conscious in the traditional way of thinking as the general mass populace really want to know? I was called on the telephone in this reality from a girl who said she was in New Jersey and wanted to get back to her period. She explained to me that she was not from here. She was serious as a heart attack as we say on this plane of existence. I talked to here a bit to make sure she was not delusional or suffering some psychotic episode of which I would need to assist her and realized she seemed quite sane but had an episode here on earth.
IT is a long story and one that should not be told but anyway, I referred her to my husband and gave her his cell phone number. Tom is a realist to the point that one would never care to really join in a conversation with him about anything paranormal. He can make you feel like an idiot. So, he told me do not have people like that call me again.
She was nuts. I told him, “Well, I didn’t know what to do for her because she sounded very serious to me. She wanted to get back to where her boyfriend was and admitted that everything was all wrong in the world here in this reality. She did not make me think she was working for a TV station or writing a book. She was telling me she worked in New Jersey at a convenient store and went into the details and seemed quite sane.”
Now why would I share that with my husband if I did not believe her or with the world on this time travel forum if I did not believe her? Actually, everyone with me here would probably want to know the whole story before they concluded. Well, this is what this forum is about. Sharing your time while here on earth.
In my minds eye, or way of thinking, we are all time travelers. We are given so much time and even those who are religious fanatics have to admit that while we are here it tells us in the Bible that none of us know when we shall pass on from here nor will we know the time of our death. We shall not know when Christ returns, and we shall not know how to read the times of the end of the world. Therefore, this tells us that there is something to time even when the Bible was written and later translated by others.
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