Alien ET Hybrid TJ Shares in 2012

Mysterious Brains
Primary Focus of our Soul as Immortals. A view of an Alien ET Hybrid Contactee.
By Theresa J Thurmond Morris
I am what is called an alien ET hybrid and an ET Contactee. While sometimes I have my own life to take care of and the immediate needs of my chosen family take precedence there are times I must feed my own soul as an alien ET hybrid contactee. I do this by sharing my thoughts with others on this planet. I have become what is termed a blogger in cyberspace on the web. The web is where we can all meet with various forms of our art, culture, and education. We can discuss what makes us who we are as one of the humanoid sentient intelligent being species.
When I am not plugged in as a writer for UFO Digest I miss the connection. There are so many categories that are now listed on UFO Digest by the owner Dirk Vander Ploeg that I am not sure which topic I should approach. I am interested in all of them. I have a mysterious brain as I am sure everyone who reads the UFO Digest does. I know I am curious about my own mysterious brain and what I am allowed to know and learn while I am here on this planet. Taking responsibility for what we put inside our own containers is very much a choice and our plan for becoming more of who we desire to be. Just like we are becoming that which we eat, and ingest inside our own units as our bodies, we are also consuming that we experience with our bodies and our spirits. I know we are all body-mind-spirits and I enjoy the contact with others on planet earth. The fact that we now have an internet road for our soul’s journeys in cyberspace offers us another way to see and experience each other.
All Mystery History Brain Train with me and my friends in cyberspace. We now desire the entire humanoid sentient intelligent being species to learn how to access the internet and us. The information below will serve as my own personal guideline for now. We change daily and are being bombarded with information from all around us in this place in space we call our home planet.
I have changed as I am sure all of you have changed. I now can separate my many levels of thinking and feelings as emotions are simply the barometers for our existence and how we feel does make an impact on us daily. We must be sure to become aware of what we need for nourishment to provide fuel in our gas tanks so to speak so we can keep our bodies and minds running efficiently. The older we get the more awake and aware we become of our inner needs for nourishment and the right kinds of nourishment. The primary focus or our soul is to sustain our presence in eternity. We do this by learning that which makes us immortals.
TJ Morris Organization as ACO Corp for those interested in the future building with me and other alien ET Hybrids.
We desire to become more than we are at this point in time and space. We are eternal beings and we are proud to be here now in this space among this race or humanoids as a species. We too are humanoids and are considered sentient intelligent beings. Because we have our senses and are learning from all the stimuli that is available to us we all desire to become more focused on what makes us individuals.
We all can take with us in our future soul’s journey that which we learn and desire to become. This is the purpose and our plan as we are sent here to this planet to assist each other. We are all about people helping people as in each other as one humanoid sentient intelligent beings species. Those above we call our guardians are real and have asked some of us to become the students and teachers while we are here on this planet. Some of the choices I have made in my life have been shared in topics and categories which we now use to classify our interests in cyberspace.
Health & Healing
Alternative Education
Peace & Justice Issues
Intergalactic Citizenship
(ET’s, UFO’s, etc.)
Spiritual Transformation
Planetary Transformation
Ecology & Environment
Human Relations
Metaphysics – Esoteric/Exoteric
International Relations (IR)
Universe, Multiverse (Polyverse), Metaverse, Xenoverse, Omniverse, Alphaverse, Omegaverse, Seven Heavens are a part of us all in our reality and virtual reality.
By Theresa J Thurmond Morris for TJ Morris tm ACIR sm an Aco Corp Beginning
“By learning about the brain, we learn that the brain is the root of what allows us to know we are ET spirits. We are considered humanoid sentient intelligent beings. We are all considered one unit of our species. What makes us human?”
We are about the awakening of the expansion in space of our 13 dimensions. Twelve is our Omniversal whole while 13 is the all- encompassing what existed before there was anything except those who are the eternal co-creators.
Humanoid Sentient Intelligent Being Species have an Alliance in space. The Allied Federation has a Supreme High Council. We shall share the levels.
Soul – An immaterial entity said to be animating and vital principle as the operating vital core of our inspiration. Soulful – About being able to express deep feelings.

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